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Fanime (a portmanteau of “fan” and “anime”) is a type of Web Animation typically created by young amateur artists that originated on YouTube around 2006, a year after the site's launch. The definition of fanime has become increasingly nebulous over time.

In the past, many fanime were animesque cartoons based on pre-existing anime, especially Tokyo Mew Mew and other Magical Girl shows. Tracing was also common. Instead of using animation software, creators would usually draw frames in MS Paint or Photoshop and composite them in Windows Movie Maker.

Over time, creators began to create their own original works, and the fanime creators of today make up a diverse community who create typically original works covering a wide range of genres and styles. There is no standard animation program, and it’s still common to use a combination of art program and video editing software to animate.

As fanime was predominately created by very young artists inexperienced in animation in the beginning, it gained a reputation for being bad. This drew trolls in who contribute ingenuine works to the community, attempting to poke fun or replicate the So Bad, It's Good effect. Following the mainstream popularity of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls, this type of fanime dominated the community for a long time, but creators attempting to create genuine shows still remain and the community has grown increasingly talented and creative throughout the years.

Not to be confused with the yearly anime convention of the same name.