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Fanime (a portmanteau of "fan" and "anime") is a relatively new genre of Web Animation that has recently started to gain popularity on YouTube. Most of the cartoons have an animesque art style, hence the name, and are often inspired by pre-existing anime, the most popular of which being Magical Girl shows such as Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew. This is probably due to the fact that most fanime makers are girls. Unlike most web cartoons, fanimes are usually made using MS Paint or Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker instead of Adobe Flash and are usually drawn by one person. Another form of fanime is trace-over fanime, which is re-colored and re-drawn animation of an actual show, which is not as common as it is often criticized for involving pretty much stealing a whole bunch of a crew's art.


Expect Sturgeon's Law to be in full effect whenever you go to one of the communities.

Do not confuse with the yearly anime convention of the same name.



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