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Aventia is a shonen fanime created by LFZ Productions. Taking cues from Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Avatar: The Last Airbender, amongst many more, the series revolves around a group of teenagers who were thrown into an alternate dimension somehow, and they are then given awesome powers after breaking mythical crystals. With great power at their disposal, they are on a mission to explore the world of Aventia to find a way home.


Originally intended as a reboot of the 2016 fanime Quest Of Bluefire, also created by LFZ Productions, it was spun off into it's own, independent series as the two were way too different to be the same series. Whereas Quest of Bluefire series revolved around Firesoul creatures, humanoid beings with blue, green, pink, or purple skin, while Aventia revolves around human characters who were banished off Earth and sent to another dimension.
So they're humanized now....


Tropes that Aventia provides an example of:

  • 2DVisuals3DEffects: Sometimes, realistic looking effects that are used to bring the fire and wind attacks to life are pre-existing and green-screened into the series.
  • Adapted Out: In the original Quest of Bluefire, the lead character was a teenage prince of a powerful nation. In Aventia, his counterpart is just a normal teenager who seemingly had a normal life prior to being blasted into another world. As well as this, there is no longer a green character on the team.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: In the original series, Pinkfire and Purplefire had purple and blue hair respectively. Aventia's human takes on these characters has them with pink and purple hair to match their color coding.
  • Adaptation Species Change: The original Quest of Bluefire revolved around the Firesouls, anthropomorphic beings that were literally made of fire. However, Aventia changes them to human versions.
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  • Adventure-Friendly World: The series takes place in a wide world full of floating islands and fantasy creatures, something that wouldn't feel out of place in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
  • Animation Bump: As episode 0 was a test run for things, it has a very overly saturated and flat look compared to episode 1 onwards, which has a cuter, brighter appearance.
  • Animesque: The series feels like a combination of Western and Japanese animation styles.
  • Alternate Universe: The creator confirmed that Aventia and Quest of Bluefire do not occur in the same universe and that both incarnations of the characters exist independently of one another.
  • An Axe to Grind: Episode 1's villain Brody utilizes an Axe.
  • The Artifact: The Firesouls from the original series do not seem to exist in this series and were replaced with the human lead cast. However, the 3 leads for the most part seem to carry on bits and pieces of their original counterparts. This really mainly applies to Billie, as the other two have changed way more compared to him.
  • Badass Crew: Billie, Ace, Hanako, and Darkdawn.
  • Big Anime Eyes: With it's somewhat odd Powerpuff Girls looking eyes, the series was considered somewhat creepy early on with how the eyes were huge, though they were shrunken slightly later on.
  • Blow You Away: Ace's Wind God's Crystal allows him to create and blast wind towards his enemies, as well as to help launch him and the other team members forward.
  • Composite Character: While Ace is mainly based off of Purplefire from Quest of Bluefire, he has some of Greenfire's personality in him, so Greenfire was not entirely forgotten.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Billie and Hanako. Nuff said.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Billie
  • Limited Animation: This is taken advantage of a lot.
  • Magical Girl: Hanako. As opposed to being a sorceress like her counterpart from Quest of Bluefire, she was designed with a gothic lolita aesthetic instead.

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