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A Multi-Animator Project (occasionally known as a Reanimation Project, or simply as animation collabs) is a type of Fan Animation (MAPs can be original but they're usually based on existing media) that follows the general formula of multiple animators animating one project. A frequent target is re-animating an episode of a show or creating an Animated Music Video.

A multi-animator reanimation by definition is a collaborative effort between animators, where one animator does a variable amount of the scene, and the next animator picks up from there in a different art style (some of which have a serious tone, while some go in the complete opposite direction). It's a simple way of showcasing talent, for better or for worse, and the result is usually a very diabolical kind of insanity.

Reanimation is a relatively new trend, which has quickly become a tradition, recognized by both fans of the work being reanimated, and interested newcomers, due to the subtle humor derived from each animator's invocation of specific art styles, and the effort it took to make.

By nature, a sub-trope of Fan Animation. Its sister trope is the Shot for Shot Remake. Often crosses over with the Affectionate Parody as well. Art Shift is in full effect due to many animators with their artistic styles.

Not to be confused with literal cartographic maps, and definitely not to be confused with Minor-Attracted People (the latter long being a point of frustration with MAP participants).

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  • Homestuck has had [S] Make Her Pay, [S] Game Over, [S] Jade: Enter and [S] Collide reanimated by fans. [S] Make Her Pay is Here, [S] Game Over is Here, [S] Jade: Enter is Here, and [S] Collide is Here.

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