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*Logo subject to change whenever the creator gets bored with the opening Title Sequence.
Mew Crystal Power... ACTIVATE!

Tokyo Crystal Mew is a fanime created by YouTube user "Mojocrystaltokyo" AKA Kisaka AKA Elena Hull. It is a Fan Film and unofficial sequel for the anime series Tokyo Mew Mew.

The plot is centered around Toya Aoyama, the daughter of Masaya and Ichigo, and her best friend Mina Shirogane, the daughter of Ryou and Minto. Shortly after being attacked by a monster, they learn from Ryou's cousin, Yuko Shirogane, that they have the right DNA to be Mew Mews and recruits them into participating in "Mew Project 2.0", which has been created to fight off an alien force known as the Seekon Anima, as Mew Cherry and Mew Blueberry, respectively. Eventually, they meet 8 other Mew Mews, some of whom are also daughters of the original team members.

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This fanime contains examples of (most of the tropes listed on the Tokyo Mew Mew page also apply.):

  • Child Prodigy: Chi and Cookie. Both of them are elementary school aged (7 and 10 years old, respectively), yet go to Toya and Mina's high school. (Chi had some help from her parents too.)
  • Omake: "Toya The Mew Mew", a series of (near) stick figure shorts supposedly created by Toya (whose personality has been flanderized to make her more annoying and stupid) after getting a hold of the creator's computer.
  • Pet the Dog: According to the creator, Chi dresses like a cat in order to honor her dead kitten.
  • The Remake: In between making new episodes, the creator is also going back and redoing older episodes. The difference between the two versions of the 1st episode is... staggering.
  • Re Write: Large chunks of the original 1st episode's plot were changed when it was remade. In the original 1st episode, Yuko's name was Saki, Toya's parents had already told her that they were superheroes, Toya and Mina just stumbled into Crystal Café one day after school instead of being attacked by an enemy, "Mew Project 2.0" was the "Crystal Mew Project", and the girls didn't need to be injected with animal DNA and had simply inherited their mothers' powers. (Though the latter still seems to be true and is the reason why both of them are infused with cat DNA.)
  • Tsundere: Cookie, whose personality is either "bubbly and sweet" or "snarky and confrontational" depending on the situation.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: According to the creator, Mystica, one of the Mews, went back into the past to avoid the future getting destroyed by an enemy. Upon going back into the past, she met and fell in love with her current husband, and became pregnant with Cookie. It turns out Mystica had been harboring an alien entity who became attached to Cookie during the pregnancy, resulting in "Evil Cookie".


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