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The Warriors fandom is the main source of MAPs on YouTube, with either most MAPs being Warriors-based or the artist otherwise being a Warriors fan-artist.

  • Always Gold is a MAP about Gray Wing and Clear Sky's relationship, set to "Always Gold" by Radical Face.
  • Buy The Stars is an Ivypool and Hollyleaf MAP set to the song "Buy The Stars" by Marina & the Diamonds.
  • Cabinet Man [COMPLETE Evil!Spottedleaf MAP] is a MAP based off of the idea of "What If? Spottedleaf was evil?". In it, Spottedleaf is displeased with being a StarClan cat so she acts as a Spirit Advisor and manipulates the living cats for her own gain.
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  • Cat Tales is a MAP about three forbidden relationships - Graystripe/Silverstream, Feathertail/Crowfeather, and Bluestar/Oakheart - set to AmaLee's English cover of "Fake Wings" from .hack//Sign.
  • Centuries is a MAP about the Clan founders set to "Centuries" by Fallout Boy, using the character designs from "Always Gold".
  • Cinderpelt - Blame is a Cinderpelt and Cinderheart MAP set to "Blame" by Air Traffic Controller.
  • Closer| Scourge AMV MAP is set to "Closer" by Paulina Andreeva. It chronicles a deceased Scourge looking back at his life, from a wide-eyed and innocent pet kitten to the Ax-Crazy rouge he became.
  • Echo is an artsy Hollyleaf MAP set to an "Echo" cover by Juby Phonic.
  • Everything Moves is a MAP about Sol's story arc set to Bronze Radio Return's "Everything Moves".
  • Fell In Love With A Girl | COMPLETE Alternative MothPool MAP, set to "Fell It Love With A Girl" by The White Stripes is a Mothwing/Leafpool video with an alternative fashion twist. It's set in an Alternate Universe where Leafpool fell for Mothwing, not Crowfeather. Mothwing is also transgender and a mother to the Three.
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  • Five Bells is a MAP set to Coco and the Butterfields' song of the same name, about Squirrelflight and Bramblestar's relationship.
  • The Five Giants is an MAP set to "Masterpiece Theatre III" by Marianas Trench. Fittingly for the song - a medley of others on the album - the MAP contains scenes from across the entire series, grouping them by Clan.
  • Hide is a Nightcloud MAP set to "Hide" by Little May.
  • I Can't Decide is a Mapleshade MAP set to Scissor Sisters' "I Can't Decide".
  • I'm Not Ready is a heartbreaking MAP from Swiftpaw's point of view, set to Sanders Bohlke's "The Weight Of Us".
  • King & Lionheart is a MAP about Squirrelflight's life, set to "King and Lionheart" by Of Monsters and Men.
  • Lady Stardust - COMPLETE 2-week MothPool Warriors MAP is a Leafpool/Mothwing MAP set to Lisa Miskovsky's "Lady Stardust".
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  • As the name implies Lullaby for a Warrior is a Warriors parody of the Friendship is Magic fan-song "Lullaby for a Princess". The MAP is about Snowfur and her sister Bluestar. The song was rewritten to fit the characters.
  • Man on the Moon is a MAP set to Zella Day's song of the same name. It features Jayfeather drifting through the Clans' history in his dreams.
  • Mirror Mirror - Bluestar's Story is a Bluestar MAP set to "Mirror Mirror" from RWBY.
  • Patchwork Staccato is a MAP set to an English cover of "Patchwork Staccato" by Toa feat. Hatsune Miku. It pieces together a compelling story (which was likely unintentional by the authors) of Dappletail's life from her brief appearances in the books.
  • Rasputin is a MAP about Tigerstar, set to the disco hit "Rasputin" by Boney M.
  • Ready As I'll Ever Be is a popular MAP set to a song from Tangled: The Series. It's a cinematic-esque MAP that takes place in the fourth arc.
  • Rewrite The Stars || COMPLETE Mothwing & Leafpool PMV MAP is a Leafpool/Mothwing video set to a cover of "Rewrite the Stars". It's in an Alternate Universe where Mothwing and Leafpool are in a Secret Relationship.
  • A Sadness Runs Through Him COMPLETE Snowtuft Warriors AU Map is a MAP set to The Hoosiers' song "A Sadness Runs Through Him". It's based on the theory that Snowkit survived and grew up into Snowtuft.
  • Somewhere Out There is an MAP about Twigkit and Violetkit missing each other, using a cover of "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail.
  • Take a Hint is a MAP focusing on Sleekwhisker, using the song of the same name from Victorious.
  • Tree's Dead Hearts is a spiritual sequel to the "Unravel" MAP, using the same character designs and color scheme, and covering the last half of A Vision of Shadows, whereas Unravel covered the first half. It uses a cover of Stars' "Dead Hearts".
  • Unravel is an animesque MAP focusing on Needletail, set to AmaLee's cover of "Unravel" from Tokyo Ghoul.
  • The Valley is a 3-hour PMV MAP with a sepia tone and nostalgic feel, set to "The Valley" by the Oh Hellos.
  • Video Killed the Radio Star -- Glam-Rock Themed Tigerstar MAP is a cracky 1980s-themed Tigerstar MAP where every cat dresses like it's The '80s, complete with '80s Hair, and the blood is bright pink. It's set to "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles.
  • Wanderer is a MAP about Moth Flight's life, set to "Wanderer" by Mogli.
  • Wolf is a MAP about Leafpool and Crowfeather's forbidden relationship, set to "Wolf" by First Aid Kit.
  • You is a MAP set to "You" by Keaton Henson.

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