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"I'm afraid we have another assignment for you already. Your target is the leader of the National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond. He is a grave threat to the truce between the East and the West. Your mission is to get close to him and probe into any seditious activities. In order to do so... you will marry and have a child."
Twilight's mission briefing

SPY×FAMILY (pronounced simply "Spy Family") is an ongoing, biweekly manga written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo, which began serialization in the online magazine Shonen Jump + in March 2019. It can be legally read in English online at Manga Plus. As of August 2019, due to Viz Media licensing the title, this is now only true of the first three and most recent three chapters. All chapters are now available on the Shonen Jump app, available in countries such as Canada, Ireland, UK, and the United States. Viz began releasing the physical volumes in June 2020.

The countries of Westalis and Ostania are locked in a cold war rife with espionage and assassination. After flawlessly completing yet another mission, Westalis's top agent, the master spy known only as <Twilight>, has been tasked with investigating the activities of Donovan Desmond, leader of Ostania's far-right National Unity Party. The problem is that Desmond is a social hermit and only ever makes public appearances at his sons' school functions. Thus Twilight has been ordered to get close to Desmond... by getting married and having a child. Oh, and he has seven days to find that family.


Assuming the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger, Twilight recruits Anya, an orphan girl who wants a loving family (and some entertainment), and Yor Briar, an Ostanian civil servant who needs a husband to avoid drawing attention in the heavily suspicious Ostanian society, to play the part of his daughter and wife. Making things more complicated, however, is that Anya and Yor are keeping secrets of their own: Anya escaped from a lab that gave her telepathic powers and Yor is an infamous Professional Killer code named Thorn Princess, who needs a husband to avoid societal scrutiny in socially-conservative Ostania from possibly interfering in her work.

Thus begins Loid, Anya, and Yor's attempts to pretend to be the best family they can, all while hiding their secret identities from the others... and trying to ignore the growing signs that they're not just pretending.


Family Portrait, a Japanese novel written by Aya Yajima with illustrations by Endo, featuring four original stories about the cast, was released in July 2021. An official fanbook, Eyes Only, was released in May 2022.

A stage musical was announced in April 2022 for a run in March 2023.

Also has a split two-cour Animated Adaptation by WIT Studio and CloverWorks. The show began airing on TV Tokyo in Japan, as well as streaming on Crunchyroll in most regions, on April 9th, 2022. An English dub of the anime began streaming on Crunchyroll one week later, on April 16th, 2022.

SPY×FAMILY provides examples of:

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    Tropes #–C 
  • Adaptation Amalgamation: There are a few episodes which consist of multiple chapters of the manga, though they are often in order, there are some that are made of main and side chapters that are volumes apart:
    • Episode 10 has The Teaser be mostly an expansion of Short Mission 4 (Volume 6) while the rest of the episode is an expansion of Mission 15 (Volume 3).
    • Most of Episode 12 is an expansion of Extra Mission 1 (Volume 2), but the cap-off of the episode adapts Short Mission 1 (Volume 4), using Anya getting her stuffed penguin in the former as a link to her playing pretend-spy with the plush in the latter.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Every so often, instead of adapting multiple chapters per episode, or a single extra-length chapter, the anime adapts a single normal-length chapter while filling in the run time - sometimes with stuff that was inferred and/or offscreen, and other times with anime exclusive elements that fits in with the original content.
    • Episode 3 expands upon the events of Mission 3. Whereas the manga started with Yor already present at the Forger household, the anime showcases her arrival, Anya giving her an extended tour, along with more of the unpacking/settling in efforts. During the family's outing to familiarize themselves with the upper class lifestyle, an original addition is Anya drawing scribbles about her family's occupations (and being worried when they see this, thinking it'll tell them that she knows they're a spy/assassin) while resting from the museum showcase. There's also an added trip to the tailor shop, allowing Yor to procure several outfits that would help her better fit in for the upcoming Eden interviews, along with a photography studio to make the Forger family portrait (which was first mentioned at the end of Mission 5).
    • Episode 5 extends the events of Mission 6. A scene of the Forgers walking to Eden Academy and coming across multiple ill omens on the way is added, and the castle event that was Anya's present for passing is heavily expanded: a plane ride to the castle is added beforehand, and much more pretend-drama is made of Loid trying to rescue Anya before he gets to the "final battle", including a bit more action with his "fight" against a drunk Yor before ending the game. The castle itself is also mentioned to have specifically been converted into a theme park based exactly on the "Spy Wars" show, with Loid fighting the other WISE agents acting as Franky's grunts.
    • As mentioned under Adaptation Amalgamation, Episode 10 adds to Mission 15. In the manga, Yor's training of Anya for the dodgeball game was only inferred, but here we see Anya learning strength, stamina, and other kinds of physical training from her mother. Similarly, Damian and his friends are shown having trained themselves to take on Bill Watkins, spending several attempts (in vain) to take him out before he takes them out. Additionally, we get a little more insight into Bill Watkins himself, showcasing a little of how he trains, and that he looks up to his father who is stated to be a command major in the army.
  • An Aesop: Chapter 63 has one about being wary of news, when shady news of an Ostanian opera singer comes out in right-wing sponsored gossip magazines and with women who say they were paid to give certain statements, and the rebuttal hides the fact he did actually have several mistresses. Sometimes, magazines have their own political agendas and sources for such can be questionable.
  • All for Nothing:
    • Almost all the students partaking in the dodgeball game in Mission 15 are doing so to earn themselves a Stella Star, a merit needed for students to become prestigious Imperial Scholars at the school. However, it turns out said Stars aren't given out in daily P.E. activities so everyone's efforts ended up being pointless.
    • In one story arc, Twilight and Nightfall team up to win a tennis tournament in order to obtain a painting which leads to the Zacharis Dossier, a secret document believed to be able to "reignite the flames of war" should it go public. Turns out that it's actually a collection of theater starlet photos, which his wife disapproved of. In other words, the "flames of war" it would reignite aren't between the East and West, but in his family.
    • Short Mission 9 features Loid and Franky becoming amateur animators as they make an episode of Bondman in the hope of using it to help teach Anya things to apply to her school work that the existing episodes do not. The great effort crashes and burns when Anya finds the resulting episode to be the opposite of entertaining.
  • Alliterative Family:
    • Yor and her brother Yuri.
    • Donovan Desmond and his sons Demetrius and Damian.
    • Cavi Campbell and his children Carrol and Kim.
  • Alliterative Name: A common theme for characters:
    • Henry Henderson, one of the Housemasters at the school.
    • Donovan Desmond and his sons Demetrius and Damian.
    • Anya's friend Becky Blackbell.
    • Keith Keplernote 
    • Fiona Frost, WISE agent Nightfall's civilian name.
    • Damian's friends Ewen Egeburg and Emile Elman, as well as their classmate, George Glooman.
    • Cavi Campbell and his children Carrol and Kim.
    • Sylvia Sherwood, Twilight's handler.
    • Matthew McMahon, Yor's manager in Garden.
    • Franky Franklin, the given alias of a friend of Twilight's.
    • Since Bill is short for William, Bill Watkins is William Watkins.
    • Gerald Gorey, chief medical officer at Twilight and Nightfall's hospital.
  • Alone Among Families: The group picture in episode 6 (an adaptation of Mission 7 and 8) has Damian be standing alone while the other children are with their families.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: In Mission 29 Yor, in her imagination, claims she and Anya will tell Loid they went to a Tomato Festival as to why Anya is covered in blood. One might think the Tomato Festival is just an excuse that Yor came up with, but there really is a Tomato Festival in Spain where thousands of people throw tomatoes at each other.
  • Anachronism Stew: Most references in the series point to it being equivalent to late 1960s East Germany, but a few references to things that happened earlier or later in the real world have crept in. Endo himself explains in the author's note of Volume 6 the thinking behind that: he mostly draws the series with the idea it's set in the '60s or '70s, but it ends up as a mish-mash of past and present because he often has to ask himself whether something existed in that time period, and if he can't find the answer, he goes with "well, this is a fictional country...":invoked
    • Twilight's newspaper in Mission 1 has a headline with "President Donald Trump", who was 50 years later in our timeline.
    • The Forgers' video recorder is a subversion that counts for Aluminum Christmas Trees. While Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) came to us in the 1970s, by the 1960s there were Video Tape Recorders (VTRs) and the one in the Forger household seems to be based on the MVR-65 - an $11,000 piece of kit in those days. They also were indeed open-reel.
    • In Mission 39, Ewen mentions maybe getting to see the new film 20,000 Steps Under the Sea. Our world's equivalent was released in 1954.
    • Franky and Nightfall visit a disco club, with Franky in full disco getup, in Mission 60; disco's heyday was the mid/late '70s.
    • In episode 2 of the anime, the bag Franky wears resembles 5.11 tactical packs, which don't exist until the 2010s.
    • The first ending sequence of the anime features a very modern looking Blue Bird school busnote , which also features a stop arm, something that was only added onto school buses in the 70's.note 
    • In the Anime version of Mission 10, Bill Watkins learns to calculate the trajectories of how a dodgeball would bounce off his opponents... on what is clearly a Macintosh 128 home computer keyboard-mouse-and-all, which would not be invented till 1983... made all the more hilarious by a brief shot of its rear still operating on the "rolling barrel calculation" matrix of the 1940's prototype computers created by Professor Alan Turing, as seen in The Imitation Game
    • Mission 11 shows one of the Forgers' comically desperate attempts to appear like a lovey-dovey couple — a double bed in Yor's room with two yes-no pillows adorning the top, with both having the "yes" side facing up. The pillows in question became a meme in Japanese media in 2008, when Shinkon-san, Irasshai!, a talk show revolving around couples, awarded a pair of them as a prize to one of the couples on the show.
  • Animal Stampede: Occurs in Chapter 4 during the entrance interview. Loid thinks it's part of the test, but the examiners are shocked by the unexpected event. Fortunately, Loid, Yor, and Anya use their skills to pacify the stampede.
  • Armor Is Useless: A flashback averts this by showing how Loid was once shot in the head and survived thanks to his helmet, though he still got injured and spent some time out of commission afterward. The probably toy helmet he wore as a boy also saved him from a piece of shrapnel during the bombing of his town.
  • Arson, Murder, and Admiration: Mission 31 opens with Nightfall grumbling that Twilight's become a Defrosting Ice King thanks to Yor and Anya, impairing his efficacy as a spy... and she adores the new Twilight just as much, if not more, than the old one.
  • Art Shift: The anime's first opening begins with a stylized chase scene evoking action TV/movies of the 60s and 70s, then shifts to a flat, cartoony style showing the Forgers going on normal activities as a family, with the lyrics alluding to their Fake Relationship. The last 30 seconds then switches to the anime's typical style as Loid's and Yor's Secret Identities as a spy and an assassin are revealed and the lyrics focus on how the entire family is increasingly Becoming the Mask in spite of Living a Double Life.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: The Handler asking a student terrorist whether he's been killed before gets an "Obviously not, ya dumb broad!" in response. Of course, since her point was that the student terrorists know nothing about war, she knew they'd say no.
  • Asshole Victim: To keep Yuri from seeming too villainous despite working for the secret police, the first person the SSS is shown interrogating, while not evil, is shown with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and shamelessly admits that he was passing information to Westalis spies solely to bankroll his numerous affairs on his wife.
  • Author Avatar: In Chapter 53.1 the artist draws an overworked Bond in a beret as an apology for no chapter this update as he's busy with setting up the printing of the new volume.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: A terrorist group plans to use dogs strapped with bombs to attack a summit. Twilight comments on how one would need a military trained dog to do such a stunt without issue, but since training a dog costs nearly as much as a missile it is very impractical to use them like that.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": While playing the part of the Damsel in Distress Princess who is rescued by "Loidman", Anya attempts to imitate the hammy Saturday Morning Cartoon style of dialogue delivery of "Oh save me, Loidman!" from her favorite show "Spy Wars", ending up hilariously "reading her lines" in a deadpan gradeschool-play tone instead.
  • Bad Future: Bond sees a future where the bombs planted by the terrorists go off, Twilight and a major politician die, and Westalis and Ostania go to a bloody war. Anya, being a mind-reader, gets to see this and attempts to change it.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • The opening following the diplomat's death and WISE's decision to call on "Twilight" to investigate follows two men making a deal on blackmail material, implying that one of them is who Twilight looks like. When the buyer suddenly appears behind the dealer asking for the material, the latter realises he's been duped, and it's revealed that Twilight was wearing a mask and unceremoniously rips it off.
    • The opening of Mission 24 makes it look like Yor's been working overtime as an assassin and ended up having something go badly wrong. Turns out she's actually been taking cooking lessons from Camilla.
    • One page in Mission 68 shows Yuri, frustrated at how Loid seems to be taking much better care of Yor than he ever could, going to the SSS. But just as you think he's about to turn in Loid... he reveals that he's actually just asking his informant where to buy cheap detergent, milk, and dishes (their final competition for Yor's affection was a "shopping duel" where they have to buy the best goods for the best price).
  • Batman Gambit: Usually at the hands of Anya thanks to her mindreading ability. The first "Special Mission" chapter has her help Loid take down an enemy spy by clinging onto him as he escapes and claiming to the nearby Yor that she's being kidnapped, knowing full well that she'll ferociously kick the guy's ass and stop him.
  • Becoming the Mask: The series runs on this trope. While one can make a case the three Forgers developed an attachment very early on - in the first three chapters - this trope ultimately powers the Forgers' interactions. As of the end of the cruise arc, Yor already considers Loid and Anya as family (on par if not above Yuri) and Loid has a Freudian Slip about how he "abandoned his family" before catching what he just said.
  • Beneath Suspicion: Part of why the antics around the Forgers don't draw as much suspicion as they probably should is that Ostania is already a country where everyone hides who they are for their own safety. Everyone assumes the Forgers have a more innocent set of secrets and don't pry.
  • Big Fancy Castle: Loid rents such a castle to celebrate Anya's acceptance to the Eden. A travel sticker merchandise gives it the name of Newstone Castle.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • Loid and Anya shop at a Dlid grocery store in episode 2 of the anime.
    • During the "Inusan Crisis" arc, Anya finds a ketchup bottle next to a few discarded fast food bags marked with a 'W', a pastiche of McDonald's.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • When Loid and Yor are attacked by survivors from one of Loid's missions, his excuse is that they're his clients, and his knocking them senseless is him using the latest innovation, concussive therapy. Yor buys it.
    • Both Loid and Yor do lie to Anya quite often, primarily to cover for their second lives, but Anya sees right through them thanks to her mind-reading.
    • Yor used pressure points to take down a raging cow. She claims she learned how to do that in yoga class.
    • After Anya punched Damian, she stated she was merely stretching and he ran into her hand.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: Played for Laughs in Mission 29 where Yor's Imagine Spot has her bathing Anya in the blood of her target.
  • Bookcase Passage: Loid's hospital office has an emergency escape route hidden under a bookcase with a hidden switch.
  • Bowdlerise:
    • The series is a comedy at heart but around the humor there's a fair share of drama and violence, considering the setting is about war, spies and assassins; the manga does show a little of said bloody action, not in gruesome detail but quite strong enough for the anime to dial some of it down. It usually does so by using some camera angle tricks so goons being shot in the head, or just killed in general, are often out of frame, and bodies laying around are obscured by lack of ambient lighting. Other times, it reduces the number of victims altogether, as with Yor's Imagine Spot about killing Zachary Feiss; the manga has her slice her way through a crowd at a party to get to him, while the anime has her corner him alone. In episode 11 during Yor's imagine spots of dogs attacking Anya, what was blood in the manga is just pink flashes in the anime.
    • The anime also tiptoes around the manga's mentions of nuclear weapons. The nuclear bomb Twilight stops in a flashback is changed to being just a missile, and instead of claiming he would protect Yor from spears and nukes, he says spears and meteors. Anya's brief sleepy question after Yor accidentally slapped Yuri was turned from wondering if it's a nuke to wondering if it's the end of the world. Curiously, the English dub undoes some of this, with Twilight's flashback mentioning a nuke and Anya's sleepy question adding on "Like a bomb?" to the end.
  • Break the Cutie: Swan rather ruthlessly hounds Anya about the authenticity of her love for her parents and eventually manages to make her cry. It's also the first time in the manga where her crying isn't Played for Laughs.
  • Breather Episode:
    • The "Extra" and "Short" missions usually have a lot less stakes to them than most regular chapters:
      • Extra Mission 1 lampshades this to hell and back as the premise is Loid deciding to take a much-needed break from spy work via a trip to the aquarium with his family. Unfortunately, his very next mission happens to be in that aquarium.
      • Extra Mission 2 has Loid taking Yor out on a date, only to have her be targeted by a survivor from her last assignment.
      • Short Mission 1 has Anya playing out her toys being spies.
      • Short Mission 2 sees Franky get Loid's help when he wants to ask someone out.
      • Short Mission 3 is about Anya's penguin plushie getting torn up.
      • Short Mission 4 is a look at Henry's morning routine.
      • Short Mission 5 is a mild aversion to the usual lower stakes, showing how Sylvia dodges her surveillance to meet Twilight.
      • Short Mission 6 has Yuri falling sick and remembering how Yor took care of him when he got ill as a child.
      • Short Mission 7 is an episode of Spy Wars about Bondman acquiring a harem.
      • Short Mission 8, which comes immediately after Twilight's dark and traumatic Origins Episode, sees Bond get a crush.
      • Short Mission 9 is about Loid trying to improve Anya's education by making his own episode of Spy Wars.
    • While every main chapter has some link to the Myth Arc, or at least drives the plot in some way, not all of them are dramatic or serious about it.
      • Mission 6 is the Forger family (with the help of funding and resources from W.I.S.E) staging a hilarious and heartwarming fantastic-adventure to help create happy childhood memories for Anya, after her being bullied to tears by the Sadistic Teacher Murdoch Swan during her emotionally-traumatic entrance interview into Eden Academy in Mission 5.
      • Mission 10 is just the Forger family at home, trying to get Anya to study. Even then that's not the main focus of the chapter.
      • Mission 39 sees Damian learning to unwind a little during a school holiday.
      • Mission 56 has the Forgers enjoy themselves on an island following the more serious, action-focused Cruise Arc.
      • Mission 64 has Anya spending some time with Henry as she waits for the next bus.
    • The anime mostly avoids adapting the breather extras outside a few quick bits while maintaining the regular pace, but Episode 12 caps off the first half of the first season by adapting Extra Mission 1 and Short Mission 1, and boy what a "breather" it is, given how serious the "Inusan Crisis Arc" that the second half will start off with is going to be.
  • Brick Joke:
    • Yor mentions having accidentally broken her brother Yuri's ribs when they were younger from hugging him too much. In a later chapter where Yuri is excited about seeing his sister again, his reminiscing of their childhood causes him to recall the injuries and double over from remembering the accidental trauma.
    • In Mission 11, Loid pulls out a fake shared bed for Yuri's first visit... only it's basically screaming "we're doing it every night", much to Loid and Yor's embarrassment. Come the end of Mission 13, after Yuri's left and Loid and Yor are getting ready to go to bed, they realize they forgot to put the bed back.
    • Loid mentioning to Yor that 'concussive therapy' is the latest of his techniques as a psychiatrist comes back in Mission 29 and makes it into Anya's report. Damian's friends later identify Loid as "the doctor who hits his patients".
  • Busman's Holiday:
    • In Extra Mission 1, Loid wants to take the day off to take his family to the aquarium. He then is given a mission that happens to take place at the same aquarium.
    • Chapter 44 starts with Loid taking time off from work to take Anya on a cruise she won tickets to. At the same time Yor is on a bodyguard mission on the same cruise.
  • Butt-Dialing Mordor: In the first chapter/episode, Anya looks through Loid's spy equipment and finds a radio signal sender, with which she decides to playfully send out a message telling any of Loid's enemies to come and get him if they can. Unfortunately for her, Edgar and his criminal gang happen to be listening in on the frequency, which results in her getting kidnapped and needing to be rescued by Loid.
  • Call-Forward: The flashback chapter Mission 62 has a child Twilight doing the exact same "turn around and you're dead" *Click* Hello that his older self does in Mission 1. Only this time, it's with a toy gun.
  • Calling Your Attacks: In Mission 15/Episode 10, when faced with Bill Watkins during the dodgeball game, Anya resorts to using her special technique "Star Catch Arrow" in order to beat him. Calling it out surprises Bill... until she comically tosses too close to the ground, which only allowed Bill to toss it back at her.
  • Carnival of Killers: Yor is assigned to protect Olka Gretcher and her infant son from dozens of assassins sent to kill them as they escape Ostania on a cruise ship.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Even in crowd shots, there are no two characters who look alike.
  • Central Theme: Secrets and false personas. Nearly every important character in the series presents themselves in a way which masks their true nature, be it in their real profession (the Forgers presenting themselves as a normal family unit despite really being a spy, assassin, esper and genetically enhanced pet) or personality (Damian acting like an arrogant jerk to his peers who lords his family's status over them while really being a Lonely Rich Kid desperate for his father to acknowledge him). This is summed up by the first lines of the series:
    Everyone has a secret self they don't show to other people. Not to friends...not to lovers...not even to family. They hide who they are and what they want behind lies and painted smiles. And thus the world...maintains its thin veneer of peace.
  • Character in the Logo: The Japanese version of the logo averts this, but the English version of the logo has silhouettes of Yor, Anya and Loid in the 'M' of SPY×FAMILY from the online Mission 20 onwards, as well as in the manga volumes from the start.
  • Children as Pawns: Agent Twilight's mission 'Operation Strix' requires him to adopt Anya in order to enroll her in Eden Academy. Definitely a sympathetic example, as Twilight quickly grows to care for Anya and goes out of his way to keep her safe and happy. That, and Anya is aware of everything and doesn't mind.
  • Christmas Cake: Yor's reason to join the family is based on this belief. The society she lives in will assume that she's committing treason before accepting that a woman might just not be married with children at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. It doesn't help that post-war paranoia has the government looking for spies in every shadow, and hauling people in for being even slightly suspicious.
  • Code Name: Being a story all about secrecy, whether it's spies or assassins, a decent amount of the major cast are Only Known by Their Nickname, with plenty of them also going by fake names for cover identities, such as Yor (real name) being known as <Thorn Princess> and Loid (false name) going by <Twilight>. Loid actually takes this further, because in his dedication to the efforts of his organization, he deliberately invoked Name Amnesia on himself, abandoning his original identity to completely become <Twilight>.
  • Cold War: The story is set in an East Germany expy during a Cold War.
  • Colorization: Shueisha began releasing fully colored digital versions of the Japanese manga volumes in 2021.
  • Commie Nazis: The Ostania government as a whole. Ostania's National Unity party take direct inspiration from Nazi and Fascist parties, whilst the country's propaganda about how awful Westalis is resembles Communist propaganda about how awful the capitalist West was. This is shown best when a kid who thought he was going to move to Westalis believed he was going to be sold into slavery. In addition, the SSS borrows elements from Nazi Germany's SS (with the most obvious example being the name), but mostly Soviet Russia's KGB. Considering that the National Unity party isn't even in power and yet the country's citizens already has the SSS observing their every move, the Ostanian people have no good choices for leaders.
  • Commonality Connection:
    • After saving Anya and dealing with Edgar, Loid is surprised to find Anya still waiting for him despite him (in disguise) telling her to leave. After playing along, he's further surprised that she still wants to go home with him, then remembers that she's been returned from adoption four times already... and each time she changed her last name while trying to find a place to belong, not wanting to be alone, drawing parallels to both his spy work and his own past.
    • Though Loid and Yor don't know about each other's double lives, they have a mutual mindset to do whatever it takes for the greater good, even if that means getting their hands dirty. In particular, Loid tells Yor that being able to endure such self-sacrifices to provide for her brother isn't something that just anyone can do, and moreover is something to be admired. It's this speech, among other things, that leads Yor to privately note that of all the men she'll ever meet, he's the only one who might actually accept her as herself, and leads her to suggest that their agreement extend into a Marriage of Convenience.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: The fact that Yuri seems to be a Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, and has little to no reaction to being sent flying by Yor slapping him (twice) has Loid wondering if this is a normal occurrence for the Briars.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Prevalant when two of the main leads are a master spy and a deadly assassin.
    • In Episode 2, Loid and Franky have to go on an extra mission against a gang of smugglers, which results in Loid single-handedly fighting off 38 armed men, but has to run when reinforcements arrive. This happens again later when the same faction ambushes him and Yor, but both put up a fight together and Loid finishes off the rest with a grenade.
    • The Cruise Ship arc has a Carnival of Killers vs. Yor and her Director, all of the former are extremely talented assassins who range from being easily dispatched discreetly to the final wave being the closest to killing Yor, who barely manages to survive with only a jammed finger and a minor chest wound.
  • Conspicuous Consumption: Anya's "Loidman" game as a reward for her Eden College acceptance ends up slapping WISE with a huge bill for renting a castle, filling it with royal furniture and employing every spy they had in Ostania as background extras, which becomes hilariously ludicrous when all that happened was that Anya knocked over a table and Loid had to walk over and "rescue" her. The anime still has the same giant expenses, but the Forgers get much more mileage out of this where the castle is a theme park and Anya gets to see "Loidman" rescue her from a sprawling gauntlet.
  • Contrived Coincidence:
    • The reason why Twilight needs to find a woman to be a fake wife and not just have a fellow agent pose as one? WISE is short staffed and anyone who would match is busy. Downplayed in that being short staffed is a direct consequence of the escalating tensions between the countries (and thus increased efforts to capture spies) that led to Twilight getting the mission in the first place.
    • Of all the people in the country he could have gotten for his fake family, he manages to unknowingly select both an ESPer (who happens to be a fan of spy cartoons no less) and a highly skilled assassin (who just so happened to also need a fake partner). Complicating things further is that his brother in-law is a member of the SSS who made it his personal mission to arrest Twilight, although the latter realises who Yuri is.
    • A college isolationist group attempting to use bomb dogs for an assassination attempt happen to be based right by the animal shelter Yor and Anya were at looking for a dog to adopt... unaware that they have a dog which appears to see visions of the future.
    • In order to protect his fake family's image after the neighbors suspect he's been cheating on Yor, Loid announces a family outing and picks the aquarium based on Anya's drawing. The day of the trip however has him summoned to pick up another mission, which happens to take place at said aquarium.
    • Yor gets a protection job on a luxury cruise. At the same time Anya is able to win two tickets to the same cruise ship so they are all able to go.
    • Anya requests Yor buy some cake while out shopping. While at the Department store, Yor saves a woman from falling down a flight of stairs and gets invited to her community gathering as a show of thanks. Said woman turns out to be Melinda Desmond, the wife of Donovan Desmond, Twilight's very target.
  • Conveniently Interrupted Document: Twilight's WISE profile is blacked out in nearly every area aside from the subject titles and trivial information such as the colour of his underwear.
  • Cruise Episode: There's an extended arc where Yor is given a mission to protect the widow and infant son of a murdered underworld boss on their voyage to find asylum in a foreign country. This is complicated by Loid and Anya winning tickets on the same cruise. Not only does Yor have to fend off dozens of hitmen, she also has to keep her husband and daughter from finding out she's an assassin.

    Tropes D–K 
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • Short Mission 4 follows a typical morning in Henry's life.
    • Mission 39 spotlights Damian and his minions, with none of the main cast appearing.
    • Mission 40 sees Bond dealing with his latest vision of the future.
    • Short Mission 5 deals with how Sylvia arranges to meet Twilight while under surveillance.
    • Mission 41 sees Yuri investigating an anti-Ostanian writer.
    • Mission 60 has Nightfall trying to meet a counterfeiter through Franky.
  • Diplomatic Cover Spy:
    • WISE (the Westalian intelligence agency) operates out of their country's embassy in Ostania, and Twilight's Handler is officially an attaché at the embassy.
    • Yuri is offically a civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but is actually an SSS officer. Loid even comments that Yuri's position already had him on high alert because it is the perfect cover job.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • It is mentioned in chapter 2 that you can be arrested for treason for simply being unmarried at too old an age. Cruelly, Yor's work colleagues discuss pulling this on her just for arriving late at a party, unaccompanied by Loid (due to circumstances beyond either's control). At least one colleague has the sense to put a kibosh on the notion. Ironically, this worked: the crackdown on unmarried women resulted in a large amount of WISE's female agents in Ostania being captured, which is part of why Twilight has to find a local woman to act as his wife.
    • Gerald Gorey calls the SSS on Loid and states he is a spy solely because he is jealous of how well liked he is.
  • Dodgeball Is Hell: Mission 15/Episode 10 revolves around Anya and the other students doing a dodgeball game on the hopes of receiving a Stella Star. Their opponent on the opposing team, Bill Watkins, manages to take down most of them with throws that bounce off each of them.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The story takes place in Berlint, the capital of a Ruritania called Ostania, which is the long-time rival of Westalis. Unusually, Ostania is mentioned as having a monarchy, unlike the communist East Germany.
  • Dog Walks You: The reason Loid denies Anya when she wants to walk Bond is because he's so massive compared to her that he'll most likely drag her flailing around.
  • Don't Touch It, You Idiot!: Anya, with the help of Bond — who she was still referring to as "Doggy" at the time — finds out that the terrorist rigged a bomb to blow up anyone who investigates his hideout. Anya and "Doggy" reach the door where she is close to opening the door, only for the dog to bark at her to remind her not to open it.
  • Don't Try This at Home:
    • In Episode 2 of the anime (carried over from the manga), after Loid claims as one of his Blatant Lies to Yor that applying concussions to people is a form of psychiatric therapy, "This is fiction" pops up on the screen in large letters/kana to clarify about not testing this in real life.
    • Parodied by a terrorist's failed attempt to kill Yor by feeding her an entire glass of blowfish poison, which acted as nothing more than a very strong panadol for the pain in her injured backside. The narrative box immediately reminds the reader: "Blowfish venom is actually a lethal toxin; do not attempt to utilize it for medicinal purposes.
    • The above is parodied further with said terrorist's "Plan B" of making a jury rigged suicide bomb, his thoughts racing through the ingredients necessary while he ran to the janitor's closet, with the actual contents redacted and censored by black bars and only the colors of the chemicals kept, in a tongue in cheek gesture to stop impressionable kids from making similar devices; because Anya (granted, already smarter than most kids her age) was able to immediately improvise a non-lethal variant of said explosive within moments of reading the ingredients from the terrorist's mind, and successfully incapacitating him with said non-lethal bomb no less.
  • Dramatic Irony:
    • Franky points out the sheer improbability of Twilight finding a woman who fits his criteria for a wife - okay with a single father who's raising a child, elegant enough to seem upper-class, and willing to legally marry him in the next 48 hours. The audience knows, however, he's somehow going to manage just that with Yor, from either the opening pages of Mission 1 (manga) or the OP (anime).
    • Much of the humor in the character dynamics comes from the audience knowing that the Forgers are comprised of a spy (Twilight/Loid), an assassin (Yor), and a telepath (Anya), while Loid and Yor don't know the other's real jobs, nor do they know that Anya is a telepath who does. On the other hand, Yor's brother Yuri knows of Twilight and considers him a villain who needs to be taken down, but fails to realize that Twilight is his brother-in-law Loid, despite Yuri's determination to find something wrong with him.
    • Yor and Yuri both took up shady jobs to support the other and give them a normal life (being an assassin for Yor, and a Secret Police member for Yuri), while both being unaware of what their sibling truly works as.
    • As Loid notes in Mission 14/Episode 9, Yor never needed to enter a Marriage of Convenience to avoid getting suspected by the Secret Police because Yuri being a member would have lead to any charges against her being dropped. But because of Yuri hiding his occupation, Yor is completely unaware of this fact.
    • Played for Laughs in Mission 29.
      Loid: [in his public persona as a psychiatrist to Anya] Even doctors aren't wizards. We can't ever really see what's inside someone's mind.
      Anya: Heh!
      Loid: Why are you smirking...?
    • Anya's telepathy in general makes her pretty subject to this, as she's able to read the thoughts of characters around her in much the same way as the reader themselves is able to view characters' inner monologues and Imagine Spots. This leaves her in the unique position of being the only one in the family who's fully aware of the Secret Identities of the others, and often stumbling into the plots of the various criminals Loid and Anya deal with because she happened to overhear their thoughts, but cannot actually tell anybody about why she knows what she does because of her need to keep her powers secret, thus having to improvise excuses to subtly direct others to save the day, unaware of the extent of her actions.
    • Mission 58 reveals that the scientists who experimented on Bond in hopes of creating hyper-intelligent animals considered him a failure. As Anya (and the audience) knows, Bond was exactly what they were aiming for (and more).
    • Fiona's inner thoughts are that if she were Twilight's wife, she'd not only be able to support him better than Yor, she'd be able to whip Anya into becoming a Stella Star machine no problem. However, considering her overall character, even if she had become Twilight's wife, she would've more likely been a full-blown detriment to Operation Strix. Also, considering Twilight's soft spot for children, Fiona's proposed parenting methods likely wouldn't have done her any favors in winning Twilight's affections either.
    • Yor's Epiphany Comeback in Mission 53 is a powerful moment in itself, as she figures out the true reason she became, and remains, an assassin - to protect her family from needless tragedies - but it takes on further layers for readers when considering her family's secret lives and the motives behind them.
  • Dystopia Is Hard: Ostania's society is falling apart at the seams. Big Brother Is Watching, citizens regularly inform on each other (with all the distrust and witch-hunting that implies), bloodshed on the streets is not uncommon, and practically everybody is a spy or criminal or state enforcer, or has been victimized by someone who is. The only reason Operation Strix succeeds is because all Ostanians need a cover story - whether they're innocent or not.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: Safehouse E for WISE is a base of operations for Twilight and Handler for the events of Strix. It's accessed by a photobooth in an alley which is a secret elevator that's activated by customers who put a coin in and face the camera, where the interior lowers down if the customer is a recognised spy.
  • Engineered Heroics: Loid considers this in order for Anya to obtain Stella Stars, but realizes it may be unrealistic for how risky it is for her age. After Anya earns a Stella Star for rescuing a drowning boy, Handler brings it up with Loid after he informs of the event, only to abandon the idea since doing it often would draw scrutiny and they do not have enough agents available to help.
  • Epic Fail: Anya throwing the dodgeball in Mission 15, where it somehow manages to land right in front of her feet despite putting as much strength in it as she could muster.
  • Escort Mission: In Mission 44, Yor is assigned to protect the widow and infant son of a murdered underworld boss on their voyage to find asylum in a foreign country. This is complicated by Loid and Anya winning tickets on the same cruise. Not only does Yor have to fend off dozens of hitmen, she also has to keep her husband and daughter from finding out she's an assassin.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • The isolationist terrorists who discover Anya eavesdropping are noticeably uncomfortable with the thought of killing her and have to be strong-armed into doing so by their leader Keith.
    • The assassins sent after the mother and child Yor's protecting on the cruise swiftly kill one of their own after he suggests just killing every woman and child aboard to make their job easier. They're professionals, not psychopaths, as their apparent leader puts it.
    • Played for Laughs with Yuri's boss in the Secret Police, who tells him he can't arrest his sister's husband just because he's upset she got married, on top of the fact that they don't have a legitimate reason to suspect him.
  • Exotic Weapon Supremacy: Oddly for a Cold War story set in the age of firearms, the most dangerous combatants in Spy X Family are not sharpshooting spies and marksmen, but rather Assassins who master the use of close ranged medieval weaponary, which coupled with superhumanly honed strength and speed make them combatants more fitting in a work of the Martial Arts genre rather than a Spy Thriller. Point in fact, the deadliest foe that Yor has faced thus far (up to Volume 9) is explicitly a Kenjutsu (Japananese Swordsmanship) practitioner, Shirazaya (White-Wood-Scabbard) Katana and all, who came the closest to killing her in single combat.
  • Expository Theme Tune: The anime's first opening, "Mixed Nuts", whose lyrics discuss how the protagonists are faking being just another happy family, like a bunch of peanuts mixed in a bag of tree nuts, how their home and lives are filled with secrets and could disappear at any moment, but even so they can't swallow down their real feelings for each other, and just the fact they are together as a family gives them butterflies all the same.
  • Face Fault: When Yor suggests to Loid that they actually get married, he Face Plants in shock. They were both running at the time, though, and he quickly recovers.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Zig-zagged with the Briar siblings, who are both very attractive model citizens in civil work, but both secretly have less than clean jobs and behaviour. While this is Played for Laughs with Yor who is a Professional Killer that has a thing for all types of death and dismemberment but is a kind person otherwise, Yuri is a member of the SSS who loves his big sister, but won't hesitate to get his hands dirty for information.
  • Fantasy Conflict Counterpart: The conflict between Westalis and Ostania is quite reminiscent to the Post-WWII Cold War, particularly East and West Germany (right down to the city where most of the action takes place being named "Berlint"), though unlike East and West Germany, Westalis and Ostania were seperate countries even before the war.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Ostania is a mixture of various impressions of 20th century Germany. While the country has some East German influences (the pervasive paranoia, the State Secnote , the anti-Western nationalism etc.), it doesn't fit the image of a socialist country (it looks like a theme park version of Germany, isn't completely authoritarian, has elite schools for upper class children, powerful corporations, and the relevant political party is far right, not far left).
  • Fashion-Shop Fashion Show: Becky takes Anya on a shopping trip in Mission 36, and naturally a short dress-up montage occurs.
  • Fictional Counterpart: In Mission 39, one of Damian's minions mentions a movie called 20,000 Steps Under the Sea.
  • Flirting Under Fire: Loid proposes to Yor while they're running away from some goons he forgot to finish off from another mission, using a grenade pin as their wedding ring and saying his vows as it explodes.
  • Foil: Hayward and Franklin Perkin, two subversives Yuri arrests. Hayward is a womanizer who sells intelligence for money, while Perkin cares about his elderly father and seems to genuinely believe in his cause of undermining the Ostanian government. Yuri despises Hayward, but has just enough sympathy for the Perkin family that he arrests Perkin where his father can't see and arranges for the elder Perkin to be taken care of.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Anya would often say "Oui" (French for "Yes") rather than "Yes". Later in the story, it is revealed that the only class she does well in is Classical Language.
    • In Volume 1, Twilight's profile has a line redacted out for "military career". Mission 62 goes into his time in the army.
    • In Mission 3, Loid quietly watches a group of boys talking; Mission 62 strongly implies they reminded him of his childhood friends he used to hang out with before their town became one of the first to be bombed by the East.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: During the first opening there's a scene of Loid on the ground looking up that switches to Yor on a balcony looking down. During the transition there's a brief moment where they're both on screen and appear to be gazing at one another.
  • Fun with Acronyms: One of the devices Franky uses to find a lost cat is the CAT Nearness Inducement Prototype system. It actually does use catnip.
  • Genre Roulette: A Dirty Martini Spy Thriller with Hong Kong Martial Arts Action Heartwarming Domestic Comedy starring a Heroic but Book Dumb Psychic Little Girl who strives to beome an Academic Genius in an Academy of Adventure. Try saying that three times in a row.
  • Genre Shift: The Cruise Ship arc, with its emphasis on Yor battling an army of warriors specializing in Medieval Weaponary and Martial Arts, shifts from a straight Dirty Martini Spy-Thriller to a Hong Kong Style Wuxia meeets Heroic Bloodshed action-adventure.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Loid entered Anya into Eden Academy in the hopes that she'd befriend Damian Desmond, so Loid in turn could get close to the boy's father. Fortunately for Loid, Damian didn't befriend Anya — he developed a crush on her. Unfortunately, Damian acts like any six year old boy would around a girl he likes: Immediately denies his feelings and insists he would never like her.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Anya gets a pair in Mission 44, the angel saying that maybe they shouldn't go on the cruise and get in Yor's way, the devil not giving a crap and wanting to go anyway. The angel's quick to rationalize themselves into it, with all three of them shouting they want to go on the boat.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Since the story revolves around an undercover spy and an assassin possing as husband and wife, death and mayhem are frequently featured, but what the audiences sees are blood splatters, corpses that are just out frame or out of focus, and the flame and smoke of explosions, with Gorn being heavily implied, but not directly shown. Played for Laughs in Mission 29, when Anya has to participate in a "bring your child to work day-like" activity. When Anya asks Yor, whose cover is working as a City Hall clerk, about her job, Yor has an Imagine Spot about how to best explain what it's like to work as an assassin to a young child, and while reading her mind, a blood soaked and traumatized looking Anya witnesses Yor, offscreen, explaining the best ways to eliminate a target while slaughtering a man (calmly explaining her method is messy but quick/merciful). Anya snaps out of it and decides to ask Loid about his job as a psychiatrist instead. The anime tends to be more discreet with the gore: putting bodies in deeper shadow, making blood more abstract in appearance, etc.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Inverted and downplayed. While Loid is quite competent in hand-to-hand combat, his spycraft generally uses pistols and grenades. Yor assassinates people with knives. When they fight each other unarmed for Anya's acceptance party, Yor nearly kills Loid due to being too drunk to hold back; fortunately, she breaks a heel and passes out first.
  • Gratuitous French:
    • Henderson switches to this anytime he refers to something that is "élégant". In the original Japanese version however, he actually switches to Gratuitous English.
      Henderson (in English): Quelle élégance!
      Henderson (in Japanese): ベリーエレガント! (Very elegant!)
    • Anya will often say "Oui" rather than "Yes".
  • Gray Rain of Depression: At the end of Mission 30, Nightfall leaves the Forgers' home while it's raining outside. The rain masks her crying face.
  • Greater-Scope Paragon: The commanding chief of <WISE> is the one masterminding all the currently active agents to ensure peace between Westalis and Ostania, particularly the branch <Handler> manages and Loid works in, but he never gets directly involved with the main cast, limiting his role to things like explaining to Loid in the past that they're spies to ensure the peace and happiness of the populace and giving occasional comments about Loid's progress.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: Played with. Given that the main cast consists of spies, assassins, and secret police on both sides of the Westalis-Ostania conflict, all of them have a pretty murky sense of morality. Ultimately however, it is shown that regardless of personal morality, methods, or motivations it is those fighting to maintain the thin veneer of peace on both sides that have the moral high ground over those trying to restart a war that would be ruinous for both sides.
  • Heartfelt Apology: Anya reads Loid's mind on how her forming a friendship with Damian is crucial to averting an all out (potentially nuclear) World War, so she puts everything she's got into her apology to him. Thanks to listening to insults Damian's friends are thinking about her, she starts sobbing with big globby tears while she says it. It's enough to completely take the boy off guard, make him second guess his hostility towards her and cause him to begin to crush on her.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In Mission 17.5, Yor, as the Thorn Princess, takes out the Red Circus terrorists, however one gunman woke up after passing out from massive blood loss and managed to shoot her in the butt when she was cleaning herself up, though she killed him right after. When Yor gets home, Loid confuses her pained expression with her being upset and takes her out on a date to a restaurant the following night, and has Franky babysit Anya again. When Anya convinces Franky to tail them, Anya reads the mind of the waiter serving them, who was the lone member of the Red Circus to escape the slaughter, and he makes it a point to avenge the mebers of the cell. He tries killing her with blowfish poison, but being a trained assassin, Yor has a high tolerance for poisons, and it acts as a pain killer instead (the narration says that although the difference between poison and medicine is sometimes thin, it's best to consult an expert on the subject). When he decides to make a bomb with readily available products in the restaurant kitchen, his mission is sabotaged by Anya who spilled olive oil on the floor causing him to slip. Reading his mind, she made her own peanut bomb and when it went off on his face Anya warns him not to bother Thorn Princess again, and to go back to his girlfriend. The waiter takes this as a sign that he's not cut out to be a militant-insurectionist and decides to live a normal life instead.
  • Hilarity Ensues: Hitch a master spy and a master hitwoman together, who don't know the other's true nature. Add an in-law who's a master interrogator, who also doesn't know their true natures. Key to the comedy is this little psychic girl who does know their true natures. Then watch said family adopt a future-seeing dog. Now sit back and watch nature take its course.
  • Honesty Aesop: Parodied in Mission 57. In most series, "lying is bad" is a conventional, even banal, moral. In this one, the people giving the moral are all liars themselves who do it every day. Anya can read their minds and see their hypocrisy, yet is keeping quiet about it, and can only inwardly admit that yeah, maybe it's not worth it to lie all the time.
  • Idiosyncratic Cover Art: Each manga volume cover has a member of the cast sitting in an era-appropriate chair. Each chair also symbolically represents the character sitting on it in various ways. Volume 10 is a slight break from the norm, for understandable reasons, as it features child Loid sitting on rubble.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Chapters and episodes are called 'Missions'.
  • If Only You Knew: In Mission 5 during the Eden Academy interview, the Forger family is asked about Anya's strengths and weaknesses. This answer is extremely attention-grabbing to many readers since Anya can break the Mutual Masquerade within her family at any given time (but deliberately chooses not to do).
    Loid: Sometimes, it even shocks me how astute she is. It's almost like she's reading my mind!
    Anya: [cue visibly sweating Oh, Crap! face and loud heartbeat because that's exactly what she's doing]
  • I Have a Family: When Yor hears that Anya's on the waiting list to get into Eden and even just one student dropping out would let her in, she has an Imagine Spot of assassinating a man who begs her to spare his life because he has a little boy who's just about to start school, only for Yor to say that's exactly why she's killing him.
  • Insistent Terminology: Anya's favourite cartoon Spy Wars is often called an "anime", even in translations. While the Japanese term refers to animation in general, whether it's made in the universe's equivalent of Japan is yet to be known.
  • Internal Homage: Young Twilight, with his face in shadow, saying "Turn around and you're dead" in Mission 62.1 is near-identical to adult Twilight doing the same thing in Mission 1.
  • Juxtaposed Reflection Poster: To outsiders, the Forgers are a typical civilian family. One of the anime posters diagonally reflected the Forger family on the sidewalk they're walking on, showing in said reflections that Loid is secretly a spy, Yor is secretly an assassin, and Anya is secretly aware of both her parents' identities.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Fittingly, the single toughest foe (as of Volume 9) that Yor has battled thus far is a Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) practitioner among the Carnival of Killers in the Cruise Ship Arc. Armed with a Shirazaya (White-Wood-Scabbard Katana) usually wielded by Yakuza bosses as a sign of his mastery, he is not only Yor's equal as a warrior, but has come the closest of any foe to slaying her in single combat.
  • Kid Amid the Chaos: In the first chapter, Twilight has a flashback to his own childhood as a war orphan crying in the middle of a destroyed city, surrounded by tanks, rubble, and dead bodies.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: In Mission 17.5, the waiter serving Loid and Yor on their date is the lone survivor of the Red Circus massacre who snuck out without being seen and tries to avenge his comrades by killing the Thorn Princess. After he fails to kill Yor with a cocktail laced with blowfish poison, since as a trained assassin she has gained immunity to many toxins it acted as a painkiller instead (she was Shot in the Ass by the last gunman she killed, and the pain kept lingering). When the waiter decides to make a bomb from items available in the restaurant's kitchen and supply closet, his attempt is foiled by Anya, who spilled olive oil on the floor and read his mind to create her own, non-lethal, peanut bomb. After it went off on his face, she warns him to stay from the Thorn Princess and go back to his own girlfriend, and after she departs, the waiter assumes that the Thorn Princess has a squadron of young assassins aiding her from the shadows, and decides to stop trying to be a wannabe revolutionary and live a normal life with his girlfriend.

    Tropes L–R 
  • Last Request: Loid's excuse for getting Anya into Eden Academy is that it was his late wife's dying wish.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • Mission 6 closes out with "Twilight Mission Report #006", having Twilight's mission reports match the number of chapters (and implying the mission reports have been him reporting on the events of each chapter).
    • The Volume 1 omake opens with Anya declaring she likes omake; turns out she's actually referring to the little toys that come inside boxes of candy.
  • A Lighter Shade of Grey: Substantial effort is made to show that the government of Westalis is heavily flawed just as the government of Ostania is, in particular due to their greed and materialism, but still overall they are shown in a more positive light than the pro-war elements in Ostania who are driven by paranoia and hatred. Their government is also apparently substantially less strict and repressive toward government criticism than Ostania.
  • Lost in Translation:
    • Manga Plus's translation apparently omitted a couple of things Viz's more literal translation restored: Mission 1's narration reveals the experiments that gave Anya her powers did so by accident, and Mission 2 is the first to identify Yor's boss as the Shopkeeper.
    • There's also a key difference in the opening narration to Mission 12: the Manga Plus translation says this is a decade before the Iron Curtain comes down, while the Viz translation says it's more than a decade after it went up.
  • Lucky Charms Title: The "×" is silent. It's pronounced "Spy Family".
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: Anya's "[X]'s a liar."
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Yuri is more concerned with Loid treating his sister right than the fact that he is profusely bleeding from the head after Yor slapped him into oblivion. Twice.
  • Manipulative Editing: Franklin Perkin in Chapter 41 would post slanderous articles of Ostania to claim it is a Devil Republic and got him in the crosshairs of the SSS. We see him set up a situation where he throws a kid's toy gun in the garbage, and when the kids go looking for it in the dumpster he takes a picture and sets up a story of kids being so poor that they are looking for food in it.
  • Master Swordsman: The Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) practitioner among the Carnival of Killers on the cruise ship arc, armed with a Shirazaya (White-Wood-Scabbard Katana) Katana usually wielded by Yakuza bosses as a mark of his skill. He not only gave Yor the single toughest fight of her life (as of Volume 9 of the Manga), but is the first warrior who has come to close to actually killing her. Notably, the Swordsmaster is the most honorable Assassins aside from the band's nameless leader, offering Yor multiple chances to surrender when knocked down and helpless, and formally challenging her to a final Single-Stroke Battle out of respect for her courage and skill, not unlike the Samurai that he emulates and clearly admires.
  • Meaningful Echo: The series' opening narration is reiterated at the end of Mission 11 as Yuri arrives at the Forger home, signifying a new addition to the web of secrets around the family:
    Everyone has a part of themselves they don't show to anyone else. Not to friends, not to lovers, not even to family. With fake smiles and bluffs, they hide their true thoughts, their true self. This is how the world glosses things over for a fragile peace.
  • Meditating Under a Waterfall: In Episode 10, as part of her dodgeball training, Anya meditates under a waterfall... until the scene shifts to show that she was envisioning this while in the shower.
  • Mugging the Monster: Happens quite often when Yor is involved:
    • At the party in Mission 2, Yor's coworker Camilla, jealous of her looks, jumps at the chance to humiliate her by telling Yuri she came alone and does not in fact have a boyfriend... Completely oblivious to the fact Yor is now considering killing everyone to prevent just that.
    • A group of street punks try to snatch Anya for money, assuming Yor's the hired help. They're soon proven very wrong.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • As reward for getting admitted into Eden, Anya wants a play session where she's the damsel to be rescued by Loid from the Big Bad's castle, just like in her cartoons. They rent an actual castle to play in, but it's empty and lacks the atmosphere... So they call every available agent for an "emergency mission pertaining to Operation Strix". Just so they can play as extras in Anya's play session.
    • Mission 15/Episode 10 features a dodgeball game between six-year-olds that's treated like a fight from Dragon Ball Z. One kid even reveals he used computers to run calculations while he was training so he could figure out how best to throw the ball.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The family photo Anya brings to school in Mission 25 (which Becky then takes) is based on the cover picture for Mission 2, with Yor in the wife's position and the addition of Bond. (Starting with volume 5, this photo is also used to reintroduce the characters at the start of each volume.) Episode 3 of the anime shows the three Forgers taking an earlier version of this family photo without Bond as part of their outing. Said family photo is also the portrait that falls down after the interview, at the end of episode 4.
    • The ED of the anime's first cour features a couple of the chairs from the manga covers — Anya sits on the chair from Volume 2, and obscured Loid in the painting sits on the chair from Volume 1.
    • At the 1:07 mark in the first anime OP, there is a very brief and colorful sequence of Yor in many outfits. Three of those outfits (the ones in pink, green and orange) come directly from the "Yor's 1 Week Coordinate" bonus page from Volume 3 - Days 2, 3 and 4 specifically.
      • Related to the above, some of Yor's official concept art features her in her Day 1 outfit.
    • Twilight's file in episode 5 is his profile from Volume 1's bonus pages.
    • The peanuts snack Anya is holding at the end of episode 12 is named "Mazekoze Nuts", which if one translates the Roma-ji half into English gives the name of the first opening theme song, "Mixed Nuts". The mascot character even makes a reference to the band singing it.
  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: Subverted in the first "Special Mission" chapter; the Forgers visit an aquarium with over 200 penguins, and Loid has to figure out which one is being used to pass chemical weapons plans to terrorists. Anya's telepathy picks it out almost immediately.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed:
    • The titular lady in the MacGuffin painting "A Lady in the Sun" (日向の貴婦人 Hinata no Kifujin) in chapters 31-33 looks very similar to Hinatazaka46 member Kumi Sasaki.
    • Jonas Wellman's name and occupation resembles German operatic tenor Jonas Kaufmann.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed:
    • Westalian Foreign Minister Brantz is based on West German politician Willy Brandt.
    • Ostanian Foreign Minister Windsor is based on East German politician Otto Winzer.
    • One student in Mission 57 mentions going to see the Pecassos at the art museum.
    • Wartime Westalian Prime Minister Adner is based on West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.
  • Noodle Incident: It's never stated what's on the rap sheet of Edgar's daughter Karen as discovered by Twilight, but while her crimes weren't apparently as bad as Edgar's, her life would be ruined if any of them were publicized.
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: Yor ends up unwittingly guilt-tripping Loid in Mission 14 when he suspects her of being a secret plant by the Secret Police, due to him finding out that her brother was an officer, and attempts to confirm it by placing a tracker on her collar and interrogating her while in disguise. She not only completely affirms her loyalty to Loid but later tells Loid outright that she's happy she married him, leading him to secretly take the tracker off of her and crush it in self-disgust.
  • One Degree of Separation: It turns out Bond and Anya were experimented on by the same people. In addition, Bond was Subject 8 and Anya was Subject 007 — while the numbering formats are different, Bond being "8" in his format and Anya being "7" in hers alludes to a connection. That said, Handler mentions the initiative that created Bond was about creating Uplifted Animals, suggesting he and Anya were created as part of different, but related, projects.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations:
    • When Anya tells Damian she's sorry for punching him in the face, he feels himself growing attracted to her. This causes him to panic and shout that he will "never accept it", making Anya think he's rejecting her apology.
    • Invoked between Twilight and Nightfall. Their casual chat in Mission 30 is actually filled with code words so as to talk about work in public.
  • "Open!" Says Me: Yor's work as an assassin is introduced to the reader by having her casually stroll up to a heavily guarded room before kicking the two guards in front through the door of the room she intends to enter, knocking the door off its hinges in the process.
  • Origins Episode: Mission 62 shows the background of agent Twilight before he became a spy.
  • Orphanage of Fear: For the sake of finding a child who could be incorporated into Operation Strix without raising any suspicions, Agent Twilight deliberately sought a seedy orphanage with poor record-keeping. The one where he found Anya was practically falling apart and the kids were wearing rags. The man looking after the kids didn't really care about them and, exactly as planned, didn't have him fill out any paperwork to take her.
  • Orwellian Retcon: The prototype Nightfall in the online Mission 29 was redrawn for Volume 5 to bring her in line with Nightfall's final design.
  • Outside-Genre Foe: Assassins as a whole, those trained by the Garden in particular such as Yor, are warriors who eschew the use of firearms, but are instead masters of Martial Arts and medieval weaponary, while honing their speed and strength beyond the limits of peak human condition. This makes them foes more fitting in a Hong Kong Wuxia film rather than those found in a Dirty Martini Cold War Spy Thriller. As a rule, spies and combatants who rely on firearms in the Spy X Family universe are completely outmatched, if not utterly helpless, against the warriors of Assassin Organizations.
  • Paper Destruction of Anger: In the first episode/chapter Twilight furiously tears a newspaper in two when he finds out what his new mission entails.
  • Patriotic Fervor: Many Ostanians loathe Westalia and its people, desiring a war to destroy the neighboring country. With how hostile the tensions are between the two nations, it is heavily implied that the people of Westalia are no different.
  • Perilous Marriage Proposal: Loid Forger asks Yor Briar to be his wife (for the purposes of his current cover ID) in the middle of a street battle with some mooks, using the pin from the grenade he just threw in lieu of an engagement ring while they're taking cover behind a dumpster.
  • Pet the Dog: Yuri, for all his quirkiness involving Yor, is utterly ruthless as a member of the SSS. That said, when going after a journalist publishing slander against Ostania, he patiently waits outside to arrest him so as not to upset his father (an older man who relies on his son for support), and promises to submit an application for his father to receive financial assistance.
  • Plot-Based Photograph Obfuscation: Yuri's face is obstructed by a glare in the frame before he makes a full appearance.
  • Police Are Useless: Despite their brutality and multiple spy crackdowns, Ostania's Secret Police, the State Security Service, have been utterly unable to catch Twilight nor the core members of WISE operating in their country. Further, the Garden and WISE itself are often shown to be the ones cleaning up criminal organizations and corruption in Ostania, rather than the SSS, leaving the impression their Sinister Surveillance is barely catching any criminal activity. The Cruise Arc indicates that while they do care to a point about keeping people safe, the SSS prioritize keeping up appearances of safety and stability over actually handling crises properly, and on threatening or arresting otherwise regular people who are too critical of the government (the exact line where criticism becomes a crime being unclear) or simply reported for being too "suspicious". Their biggest success was capturing a fair number of female WISE agents early in the series, though that was less the result of competence and more that they arrested so many women that it was inevitable some would be spies.
  • Poor Communication Kills: George overhears his parents discussing about how their company is being bought by the Desmond conglomerate, with him coming to the conclusion they're going bankrupt and he'll end up in poverty, making him hate on Damian, and eventually guilts the whole school into helping him treasure what he believes is his last day at the school. Then he gets home and his father explains to him that the Desmond conglomerate buying their company is actually to help their financial problems, meaning the company stays strong and George still goes to the school. When George comes back, he feels extremely embarrassed, with his schoolmates having him repay them for their wasted sympathy, and Anya expressing extra sympathy for his mistake.
  • The Power of Love: Nightfall tries to invoke this against Yor's supersonic tennis ball in Mission 34, but ultimately the ball's speed is too much for her racket. Nightfall takes it hard, seeing it as the defeat of her love; she admits Yor's superiority for now and declares that someday she'll challenge her to a rematch.
  • Psycho Serum: Chapter 31 shows two tennis players injecting themselves with a drug that makes them Hulk Out.
  • Pulled from Your Day Off: In a bonus chapter, Twilight is looking forward to having a day off to spend time with Yor and Anya (technically part of his mission, to uphold the illusion of a family), but his contact gives him an assignment that has to happen that day, coincidentally at the same aquarium where they're going. Twilight has to sneak away from his "wife" and "daughter", disguise himself as a zookeeper, retrieve a microfilm from inside a penguin's throat, fight off an enemy agent, and get back to Yor and Anya before they notice he's been gone too long.
  • Punny Name:
    • When Yor imagines killing a man to take his son's slot at Eden for Anya, the hypothetical target is named "Zachary Feiss" which sounds like "Sacrifice".
    • A bit of a stealth pun shows up in the Inusan Crisis Arc. While their actual group name is never stated the terrorists' who wanted to use dogs as explosives all have names that start with K and there are 9 of them. For added emphasis the first member we see even wears a jacket with K9 as a logo.
    • Twilight and Nightfall's aliases for the tennis tournament have the last name "Foney".
    • The drug-using tennis players are called Anan and Catan Bolic (as in anabolic and catabolic steroids).
  • Putting on the Reich: The Secret Police, which are even called the SSS. However, the full name they give, the State Security Service, is one of the English names of East Germany's secret police, The Stasi, in keeping with Ostania being an East Germany expy.
  • Race Against the Clock: Subverted. During chapter 21 when Anya reads Bond's mind, she sees the bombs going off at 5 o' clock. Being a fan of spy fiction she recognizes this trope and attempts to play it straight... but it turns out Anya doesn't know how to read an analog clock.
  • Rage-Breaking Point: Loid and Yor have very... visceral reactions when Murdoch makes Anya cry, both of them getting ready to lay him out and only being prevented by the situation they're in. Loid, in particular, is so close to hitting Murdoch he has to redirect it into breaking the table instead (explaining that he was killing the mosquito on it). Murdoch's treatment of the Forgers causes Henry to punch him in the face after they leave.
  • Recursive Translation: In Chapter 60, Franky's door has a button labeled "Press Button for "Service" in English (the button is booby-trapped). There's a text box pointing at it, translating it for readers who don't understand English, but this is kept in the English version, despite the text on the door plate being clearly legible, presumably because redrawing the panel just for one language would take more effort than it's worth.
  • Relocating the Explosion: On the cruise ship, Twilight (in disguise) deals with a bomb inside a clock by throwing it over the side of the ship and into the water (where it happens to blow up near the bomber's boat, capsizing them).
  • Retraux: The series itself isn't this, but the colorized version uses a palette that makes it look like a comic faded with age.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons:
    • The woman who Yor's coworkers said was arrested by the brutal Ostanian State Security Service after her neighbors reported her because she was unmarried at 30, which seemed like massive Disproportionate Retribution? Turns out the woman was an actual informant for WISE, as were a number of other women arrested for similar reasons, as Twilight comments to Frankie that a lot of WISE's female agents in Ostania were captured in a recent crackdown.
    • Yuri thinks that Loid is a spy because being a nice guy to trick women is a way they worm their way in. He is 100% correct but it's obvious the only reason he thinks this is because he just personally doesn't like Loid for taking his sister.
    • Gerald Gorey calls the SSS and claims that Loid is a spy. He is correct but is only accusing him because he is jealous at how well liked Loid is and thinks he is after Fiona, who he has a crush on.
  • Right-Wing Militia Fanatic: A group of college aged nationalists/isolationists, led by Keith Kepler, desire to bring Ostania to her former glory and end the collusion between Ostania and Westalis by starting a war; Keith's idea of carrying this out involves bombs strapped to dogs in an attempt on the life of the Westalian Foreign Minister.
  • Rule of Symbolism: The above mentioned Freeze-Frame Bonus where Loid and Yor lock eyes. He's on the ground in the shadows while she's up on a balcony in the sunlight, demonstrating how they're part of two different worlds. Despite this, their eyes still meet, showing how in spite of all that stands between them, they still have eyes for one another.
  • Ruritania: The story takes place in a vaguely European nation called Ostania, with a longtime rivalry against Westalis. They're trying to prevent a war from breaking between the two. The map of the border between the two nations, and the time period the setting takes inspiration from ('60s to '70s), makes it very reminiscent of Eastern Germany and Western Germany in a Cold War era conflict; despite English being the official language of Ostania/Westalis their names (East) and (West) are dead ringers to the potential reference.

    Tropes S–Z 
  • Secret Police: The State Security Service, Ostania's secret counter-intelligence agency, and WISE's natural enemy. Unusually for this trope and fitting to the Gray-and-Gray Morality theme, they are portrayed as just people doing their job for the good of the nation. The members are friendly and express concern for each others' well-being, they seem to arrest only after a reasonable suspicion and/or evidence, and even then, they might even offer assistance for the suspect's family so they are properly taken care of. That said, they are also known for their use of torture on those in their custody, their role in stamping out government criticism, and are feared by most citizens.
  • Secret Test of Character:
    • The interview process for Eden Academy ends up being this, as both the parents and their children are being secretly observed by the faculty the moment they step through the school gates, and they're not above staging incidents to see how their subjects will react.
    • Loid and Franky, disguised as SSS, confront Yor on the suspicion of being a spy. They casually mention that there was a girl like her that was released after she mentioned that her family member was also in the SSS, simply to see if she actually knows her brother is an SSS member and will use that to get out of this. It is made clear that she doesn't and Loid actually feels disgusted with himself for putting her through that.
  • Selective Obliviousness:
    • Both Loid and Yor are in denial about actually getting attached to the others because they're supposed to be focused on their jobs.
    • Damian denies his own feelings towards dirty commoner Anya by literally slapping his "doki doki" Speech Bubble.
    • Despite Yor having constantly returned home covered in blood from her job throughout his childhood, Yuri apparently hasn't realized Yor is an assassin (in part because he thought the blood was hers).
  • Serious Business:
    • Subverted; the series often has Loid treat what seems to be very basic things (such as Anya becoming friends with Damian Desmond) very seriously. However, given that world peace is on the line and these things directly relate to his mission, these very basic issues are in fact serious business.
    • Mission 34 has Nightfall challenge Yor to a friendly tennis match... which both women have independently concluded will decide the future of Yor and Loid's marriage (Fiona thinking Yor will feel like she's in over her head somehow if she loses and Yor thinking Loid reports weak tennis players to the secret police). Loid meanwhile is utterly baffled as to why this tennis match means anything, why Nightfall runs away after losing, and why Yor keeps saying "I beat her!" afterwards.
    Loid: I... guess she's just really passionate about tennis.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: There're hints that Twilight's dad was traumatized by warfare seeing how harshly he treated Twilight for playing soldier. This also applies to Twilight himself, who is implied to have repressed his memories from his time as a soldier.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: The bill from renting a castle and all the furnishings for Anya to play being saved from a castle as an award for being enrolled. Loid made WISE cover it as necessary expenses for Operation Strix, and gets chewed out by the Handler when he next comes in for a mission briefing.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Several to James Bond:
      • Anya used to be known as Subject 007.
      • The protagonist of Anya's favorite TV show is called Bondman (and Bond the dog is named in-universe for Bondman, which brings him back round to the original inspiration).
      • Comedic scenes involving Anya's innocence are punctuated by a lullaby-parody of the Big Band segment from the Lalo Schifrin James Bond Theme played on the recorder, a flute synonymous with childhood innocence in Japanese popular culture.
      • The "laid back domestic comedy" scenes involving the entire Forger Family also parodies the James Bond Big Band theme, albeit played with a muffled saxophone and trombone, not unlike the "laid back" scenes from the Peanuts animated cartoons.
      • A final variation of the Big Band chorus is a slowly-and-gently played piano solo, wherein every note from the third is played in a major key instead of minor, turning the smoky and cynical nightclub-number of the original 180-degrees, into a heartwarming melody of tender family bonding and togetherness.
      • The Official Fan Data-Book "Eyes Only" is of course an allusion to the Roger Moore era James Bond Film For Your Eyes Only
    • WISE's headquarters look like an exaggerated version of the real life MI6's headquarters.
    • The amount of secrecy WISE uses, from Loid's propensity for Latex Perfection masks to coded messages used to relay mission briefings, calls to mind the Mission: Impossible Film Series. Loid even uses a familiar trick from Mission: Impossible II where he does a Disguised Hostage Gambit on one of Edgar's goons by swapping places with him and duct-taping his mouth.
    • Speaking of which, one of Damian's Imagine Spots in his preparation for the dodgeball tournament parodies the opening of said John Woo film, with Damian and his two friends taking the place of Tom Cruise climbing up the side of a sheer red-rock cliff without the aid of ropes.
    • The × in SPY×FAMILY was specifically inspired by Hunter × Hunter, a suggestion by S×F's editor to make the title of Endo's work stand out a bit more the way H×H's did.
    • While thinking of a name for her new dog (she decides on Bond in the end), Anya muses about naming him "Peanuts", bringing another white dog to mind.
    • In the anime, during the training montage in episode 10, one of Damian's Imagine Spots depicts him catching a ball of purple energy on Planet Namek.
    • Also in the same episode, the way Bill Watkins sees and calculates which way to best bounce his dodgeball off multiple opponents is a direct tongue-in-cheek replica of how Kira Yamato aims at multiple opponents in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED in "Seed Mode". Not to mention the back of the "Macintosh" Computer he learns to do so, keyboard screen mouse and all, still operates on the "World War 2 Rolling Barrel Computation System" as seen in the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game. Later, Bill and his dad are briefly shown meeting at a park — his dad looks suspiciously like M. Bison, albeit with an olive drab version of his outfit rather than a bright red one.
    • Another one in the same Episode. As Anya trains for the Tournament and Yor makes her do sit-ups a Fist of the North Star Text appears, claiming them to be 'Death-Defying Sit-ups'
    • The cow at the head of the animal stampede in Mission 5 has a pattern on her face that is exactly the same as the one Gene Simmons used when performing with his Kiss bandmates.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • Nguyen, one of Edgar's goons, has a Vietnamese name that sounds out of place in the Cold War-esque settings. note  In real life, East Germany and North Vietnam had student exchange programs as early as the 1950s (as part of the Communist Bloc), and by the mid-1980s Vietnamese and Mozambican people made up the majority of foreign laborers in East Germany. Today, there are still major Vietnamese-German communities in Germany.
    • The incident in where Ken nearly drowns in Episode 11 is a realistic depiction of drowning when he falls into the pool. Unlike Hollywood Drowning, he is unable to scream due to his mouth being full of water and his injured leg prevents him from swimming up. Note that the next pool over is filled to brim with adults, hammering in just how quiet real-life drowning is. If it wasn't for Anya reading his panicking thoughts a few rooms away, he would've died.
  • Show Within a Show:
    • The adventure anime Spy Wars, Anya's favorite show.
    • Becky also occasionally talks about her favorite, a live-action romance show called Berlint in Love.
  • Single Parents Are Undesirable: Marrying a parent already with child being a turn-off due to "baggage" seems to be a rather common mindset, if the comments made by Yor's friends and coworkers are anything to go by.
  • Spanner in the Works: Thanks to her Telepathy, Anya can act as this.
    • During the aquarium mission, she helps Loid to quickly identify the penguin that has the microfilm, and then grabs the enemy spy before he can escape so Yor will stop him.
    • While WISE does a good part of the job in stopping the terrorists, Anya's intervention is what ensures that their plan is derailed, as she distracts the group at a critical moment (helping to their arrest) and saves the day by warning about the bomb planted by its leader.
  • Spell My Name with an S:
    • In the original Japanese version and Manga Plus' first translation, codenames were often surrounded with chevrons (<Twilight>, <Strix>, <Thorn Princess>, <WISE>), however, it was inconsistent and the manga went back and forth between using them or not, sometimes both in a single chapter. When Viz re-translated the manga, they got rid of the chevrons, and Manga Plus now uses the same translation.
    • Loid and Yor's names were initially interpreted and translated as the more realistic "Lloyd Folger" and "Yoru" despite being spelled differently in the Japanese version. These were eventually changed back to their original spelling seemingly by author's request with Mission 10 onwards and the previous chapters were retroactively altered to maintain consistency. (Anya's name went back and forth on this: Manga Plus's original translator initially translated it as "Anya", then switched it to "Ania" based on their reading of her bedroom nameplate. When Viz's translator took over with Mission 13, they switched it back to "Anya".)
  • Spit Take: Twilight's reaction upon discovering his next mission involves getting married and having a child is to splurt his coffee out onto his (encoded) newspaper.
  • Spoiler Opening: The anime's first ending shows Yuri in a specific set of work clothes long before an anime-only viewer would be aware of him working the job that comes with them. While he wears the same outfit on the manga cover depicting him, the fact that it's the fifth volume makes it more of a Late-Arrival Spoiler.
  • Spot the Thread: Loid was able to figure out Yuri was a member of the Secret Police because of how he bought the wine, recognizing it as a cover story in the government agency's handbook. However he was certain of it when Yuri stated the price as the same as in the handbook, having not realized the price for that wine went up due to a poor harvest.
  • Spy Fiction: Dirty Martini. At a glance, we have a super-spy tasked to infiltrate the high society where his target resides. Look deeper, and we see an exhausted man being worked like a dog, so traumatized by his past experience of war that he'd do anything to prevent it, in the service of an agency staffed with people either broken in their own ways from the spy business, or just overworked bureaucrats doing a job.such as 
  • Spy Speak: Loid usually gets his coded messages from WISE from undercover agents giving him something and making an animal noise or repeating the same letter several times in a sentence so he knows what cipher to read the coded message with.note 
  • The Stinger: Episode 7's after-credits scene features Yuri discovering Yor's got "married".
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: When Nightfall confronts Yor for a "friendly little tennis match", the ladies convince themselves the match will decide who remains as Loid's wife. After the match, the Not So Stoic Nightfall flees with the Ocular Gushers turned up while Yor marches right up to Loid to scream her victory in his face. As a bonus, Anya gets to see their Imagine Spots, so she too comes to see the "real" battle underlying the game. (Loid, on the other hand, has no idea what's going on and is beyond exhausted by the end of things).
  • Sure, Let's Go with That:
    • In Mission 25, Damian and Anya's terribly designed art project got first place because the board thought it was a piece describing a nation rebounding from war and they nearly cried at the sight of the cruelly slaughtered baby that was beside it. Damian and Anya decide not to correct them.
    • In Mission 29, Anya messes with the dolls to make it appear she never left Loid's office when he was away. They are such a mess Loid mistakes it as Anya suffering from a lot of repressed emotions from being an orphan and he needs to give her more attention. Anya goes along with it because she realizes he is going to spoil her.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • A purse-snatcher manages to change his clothes to evade detection after robbing an old lady, but thanks to Anya's help in spotting him, Loid notes that his gait is still the same regardless.
    • It turns out renting a castle, using all available agents, and using a lot of supplies to have Anya reenact a Save the Princess from her show would be extremely expensive even for a government-funded project.
    • Despite the schoolyard rumours, a school such as Eden Academy wouldn't hand out a Stella Star - a mark representing great personal achievement - to the winner of a single dodgeball game during a regular gym class. On a similar note, yelling "Die!" at your classmate during a game of dodgeball is perfectly valid grounds for a Tonitrus Bolt.
    • Due to Twilight having to take extra missions on top of Strix, this often has him work much longer than typical work hours of his cover job and on weekends as well, which causes his neighbours to suspect that he's harbouring a secret such as he's cheating on his wife or he's actually been fired, especially since he's rarely been seen with his family outside of work. During Extra Mission 1, Loid decides to take the family to the aquarium in response to hearing the above gossip. Since he still has a lot of missions, he chooses to get them all done before the weekend so he can make time for the trip. Naturally after saving the world all week, by the time the weekend comes, he's exhausted to the point where he can barely stand.
    • Despite her telepathy, Anya is still a very young child. As a result, she has trouble telling when the bomb in Bond's vision is going to explode, only knowing that it's when the big clock goes "dong dong" and has to ask an adult stranger what time it will be.
  • "Take Your Child to Work Day" Plot: Anya needs to write a report on what her mother or her father do for a living. After Anya's telepathy lets her see her adoptive mother Yor's gruesome Imagine Spot as the assassin Thorn Princess, Anya decides to follow her adoptive father Loid (aka the elite spy Twilight) to his day job as a psychiatrist instead.
  • Taking the Bullet: Twilight intercepts a bullet for Nightfall during the underground tennis tournament; however, between Twilight anticipating something like this happening and wearing a bulletproof vest, and it being a rubber bullet, he's not seriously hurt.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Twilight's former spy apprentice, Nightfall, is in love with her teacher. However, since she never reveals any emotion, he has no idea.
  • Teens Are Monsters: The college student isolationist terrorists intend to kill a Westalian minister with bombs strapped to dogs in the hopes of starting a war to kill every single Westalian, though most of them are nowhere near as bad as their leader Keith, who Would Hurt a Child very easily.
  • Truth in Television: As Loid points out and Mission 16/Episode 11 depicts, many people drown in real life because it's much quieter and quicker than you would believe. Ken slipped into the pool in a split second and would have died without Anya's bravery. Even though there were many adults in the water, no one saw him drowning. note 
  • A Twinkle in the Sky: The fate of one of the volleyballs Yor throws through the roof in Mission 65.
  • Uncertain Doom: The last time a child Twilight ever saw his father, the latter was about to head out to the border for business ...shortly before Luwen is bombed by an Ostanian raid, giving the heavy implication whatever business he had to do by the border lead to his death, but his ultimate fate is left unclear.
  • Undercover as Lovers: Invoked by agent Nightfall in chapter 31. Since she wants to prove to Twilight that she can be a better cover wife than Yor, she registers herself and Twilight as a married couple for a tennis game in their mission together.
  • Wants a Prize for Basic Decency: A variation. When Murdoch Swan finds out that Yor doesn't do the cooking in her household, he begins berating her for this, considering her an embarrassment of a mother figure. When Loid comes to her defense and says she doesn't need to be good at cooking, and that she's good at plenty of other things, like keeping the house clean and taking care of Anya, Swan dismisses this as Loid praising her for things that are the baseline requirements of any woman in a relationship. Loid visibly gets irritated at this.
  • War Is Hell: Both Twilight and his commander have experienced the horrors of war first-hand, with Loid remembering losing his mother and possessions. It's the main reason they both became spies.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Mission 11. Yor's brother Yuri is revealed to be a member of the Ostanian Secret Police and is on the lookout for Twilight.
    • Mission 37 is a real doozy, as Loid finally has a face-to-face meeting with his target, Donovan Desmond.
    • Mission 62, giving a glimpse into Loid's childhood at the start of the war between Westalis and Ostania, where he lost his friends and family, and enlisted into the army.
  • Wham Line:
    • Damian states "I know Father couldn't care less about me" in the tail end of Mission 25, as it not only reveals the kid's inner conflict, it puts how Operation Strix will work into question.
    • In Mission 65, Yor manages to join a circle of friends. All's well and good, until the very last panel, which reveals that her best friend in the group has a much bigger role in Operation Strix than it first seemed...
      "Oh my gosh. How crazy that we'd meet like this! Forgive me, I never properly introduced myself, did I? I'm Melinda... Melinda Desmond!"
  • Wham Shot: The ending scene of Mission 17. Within some sort of facility is a dog pen for illicit buyers looking for an obedient weapon, before one of the dogs there receives a vision of the Forger family.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: The reason why they don't just send an assassin to kill Twilight's target? WISE doesn't know enough about him aside from the fact he is a potential threat to world safety and need to learn more before taking any direct action, as they don't know if merely killing him will end whatever plans he has.
  • Wire Dilemma: Anya discovers that a terrorist group planted a bomb inside a clock tower. When she tries to defuse it by cutting the red wire (as seen on TV) she realizes that all of the wires are black.
  • With This Ring: Loid uses the pin of a grenade he threw at some mooks as a substitute wedding ring when asking Yor to pose as his wife. Ironically, he actually did have a proper wedding ring which he took from the smuggling ring he broke up, but at some point lost it.

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