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A disconnected collective of amateur artists and writers that are fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Taking fandom into their own hands they take their own original characters or different interpretations of characters from the show and answer questions asked by internet dwellers in the Tumblr format. Some are Safe for work, some are not, some are high quality, others are funny, and some leave much to be desired. Nevertheless, they are all about pony and what the fans can do with them.


Here is a comprehensive list of every single ask a pony blog. Enjoy, and remember, they're hit or miss.

Please note that tropes and examples that apply to the following blogs should be added to their respective pages instead of being added to the list below:

And here are some of the more popular blogs if you don't feel like wading through the massive list above, along with some of our personal favorites. We try to keep this list restricted to the blogs with the better art or the most followers.

     Blog List - Show Ponies 
  • Ask Octavia - Probably one of the longest-running of the blogs listed here (dating from the start of ask pony blogs); focuses on fan-favorite music pony Octavia. Loosely based on The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, featuring frequent appearances by DJ P0n-3, Tavi's bandmates, and Pinkie (who is her cousin here). Now up and running gloriously once again after a very long hiatus.
  • Ask Gaming Princess Luna – Launched in January 2014 by John Joseco, the insanely prolific artist better known for his rather infamous (now shuttered) blog, Ask Princess Molestia. It continues the story of the console-obsessed Princess of the Night – which had already begun to take up a large chunk of the original blog – as she plays games, messes with royal guards, and tries to keep Derpy from screwing everything up. Molestia herself is conspicuously absent (though canon Celestia is present).
  • Ask The Cutie Mark Crusaders – A regularly-updated Ask blog by JanAnimations, the animator of the "Picture Perfect Pony" video. It follows the exploits of the CMC as they try (and fail) to get their cutie marks and generally act adorable. Took a detour for a few months to join the Vocational Death Cruise, but eventually got back to answering people's questions. Like his music video (which this blog predates by several months), Jan's art here is so polished it might as well be stills from the actual show. It is currently on hiatus until August 2014 due to Jan's workload.
  • Ask Human Luna: A humanized ponies blog, centered around Luna. It's one of the oldest Ask-a-Pony blogs out there. Features some lovely art by the very prolific Brony artist 7Nights, and has an overarching plot about the origins of Nightmare Moon, with Discord (of all people) trying to save Luna from turning evil again. Became SFW-ish (in the 7nights sense of the word) about midway through. It seems to be set in something of an "alternate continuity" regarding the events of the series (the differences are minimal however). Updates became sporadic beginning in late 2012 due to 7nights's university studies taking over, as well as a desire on his part to improve his art.
  • Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie - Based on the infamous fanfic Cupcakes, this blog pretty much started the whole Grimdark Pony blog subset, which eventually grew to encompass most of the show's cast. Although it was closed down a while ago, it has been resurrected under the same name as a partial archive. NSFW.
  • Ask Lil' Miss Rarity – Follows the exploits of a Pinkamina-obsessed Rarity as she quickly discovers her love of BDSM and tries to share her new hobby with her friends, all while trying to figure out what's trying to murder her. Probably the most twisted of the Ask-A-Pony blogs (and that's saying something!). In late 2012, artist Lil-Miss-Jay was banned from tumblr due to complaints. After trying (and failing) to get tumblr to reinstate him, he began reuploading the LMR comics onto his own website in January 2013. He also announced that he would be continuing the comic from where it left off. Check it out on your own time. He also has a mod-blog that is ridiculously NSFW.
  • Ask Sadistic Rarity - A blog in a similar vein to "Lil' Miss Rarity" (to the point that the two artists have collaborated on occasion), but a bit less nauseating. Went on hiatus in June 2012 due to artist burnout but still makes non-story updates on occasion. Has a spinoff/mod blog that is extremely NSFW, as well as two spinoffs—"Lesboloo" and "Racist Applebloom"—that are officially dead as of July 2012.
    • Ask Lesboloo Under new management with permission from the original artist, it is noticeably tamer than it was before, but nevertheless very adorable.
  • Ask Murdershy - A grimdark blog of a similar nature to "Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie", it follows a version of Fluttershy who secretly tortures and then murders ponies who have been cruel to other ponies (such as pedophiles) and is in a lesbian relationship with Rainbow Dash. Originally drawn in a style similar to that of the show, the blog then switched to an anthropomorphic style for the characters. Needless to say, it is most decidedly NSFW.
  • Ask the Pie Sisters - Focuses on Pinkie's sisters Blinkie & Inkie, though Pinkie herself shows up quite a bit. Here Pinkie's sisters still work on their parents' rock farm and are quite friendly. Comes up with some fascinating, yet believable, answers to the functions of a rock farm.
  • Ask Ruby Pinch - Berry Punch's daughter, and a contender for "Most Adorable Blog".
  • Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie - A very adorable, well-loved comic with a fair amount of playful, light shipping.
  • Carrot Top's Garden - One of the more popular Carrot Top blogs full of your usual zany Carrot & Derpy goofiness, Carrot's attempts to outsell Applejack, and even some heartwarming fanon building.
  • Ask Echo the Wonderbolt - Another Wonderbolts O.C. Stand-in (this one has only made a couple of blink & you miss it moments in the show). A blind, yet very optimistic and determined Wonderbolt who uses echolocation to "see". Notable for starting & becoming popular a few days before she got named "Fleetfoot" in the show and official comics, which the blog has adopted as her surname.
  • Ask a Bishonen Pony/My Little Bishonen - Similar to the above, but features human gender-bent versions of the Mane Six.
  • Ask Twilight Sparkle Anything - Though there are many Twilight blogs worth reading, this stands a cut above the rest with its excellent pencil-drawn artwork and some deeply emotional responses (i.e. the question of what will happen to Spike when he grows up).
  • Question Zecora - Maintains and even justifies Zecora's unique speech patterns.
  • Ask Smarty Belle - Drawn by Megasweet (one of the major artists in the pony fan community, and originator of the "Ponyshrug" meme), this blog depicts Sweetie Belle as a young ditz with delusions of brilliance. It's quite Safe-for-Work, unlike literally everything else Megasweet does. Officially abandoned (after months of no updates) in March 2014, with Megasweet officially folding it into his "Canter Girls" 'verse.
  • Currently Recording / Ask DJ-P0N3 - contains frequent trade-offs with Ask Octavia, expanding on the relationship of the two characters as well as DJ-P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch's personality and back story. Run by Brony celebrity artist Dreatos.
  • Ask Discorded Whooves - As the title says, it features Dr. Whooves (a version of 12th Doctor) as a bitter coward and shameless womanizer after his discording. Both an interesting character study and a gag-a-strip blog. One of few with an overarching plot, and excellent art to boot.
  • Ask Grimdark Big Mac - A parody of grimdark blogs, with a very adorkable Big Mac.
  • Ask My Little Chubbies - Rather than being about a character, this blog is about "bwob" versions of the ponies - Super-Deformed, Up to Eleven. May cause heart attacks from adorable-ness.
  • Ask Plushies – A blog featuring plushie versions of Fluttershy, Derpy, Dinky, and Applejack, as well as chubbies of Lyra and Bon-Bon and occasional guest spots from plushies of Kiki and Bun-Bun. A friendly take on "ponies in the real world" (Lyra, Bon-Bon, and Dinky all came in the mail), with frequent lampshading on their plush natures.
    • Recently, following the creator acquiring chubbies of the Mane Six and Derpy, the Chubbies have acquired their own Tumblr (containing polymer clay sculptures of said chubbies).
  • Moonstuck – A Homestuck parody featuring Princess Woona (filly Luna) going on an epic adventure on the moon. Made by another very famous Brony artist, Egophiliac. She's the one you have to thank for the "ponies-in-socks" meme. Now has its own page! The narrative eventually grew into a Prequel dealing how Luna found the elements of harmony on the Moon and defeated Discord alongside Celestia.
  • Bitter Sweets – What happens when Twist gets sick of all the abuse and stops being a nice little filly? Grimdark.
  • Ask The Diamond Dogs - Rover, Spot, and Fido from "A Dog and Pony Show" discover tumblr and answer questions.
  • Ask Braveshy - An Ask blog involving a newer, tougher Fluttershy. The visuals are striking and there is a natural sense of story progression.
  • moon - Originally titled "Ask Loony Luna", this blog straddles the Grimdark line (it's more Psychological Horror than anything else) by chronicling the adventures of a Princess Luna who's slowly gone insane from being stuck on the moon for a millennium, her only companions being a 1989-vintage Nintendo Game Boy and various objects she finds. Updates have become infrequent enough to be nonexistent.
  • Ask Meanie Belle - An ask blog that parodies the common Grimdark takes on characters in the show, by presenting Sweetie Belle trying to be mean, but isn't very good at it. Done by Femmegasm artist, Robbie Allen. Also noteworthy is that unlike Femmegasm, Meanie is completely child friendly, NO MATTER WHAT SHE GETS ASKED. Leading some creative and hilarious answers (i.e. when asked about BDSM, Meanie Belle thought the questioner was referring to a cartoon show called Beautiful Darling Super Mare).
  • Ask Stalkerloo - A popular ask blog about Scootaloo being a spy/stalker. Manages to be adorable despite the concept. Worth noting as having some of the best and most beautiful artwork seen in an ask a pony blog.
  • Derpy/Ditzy Q&A A non-Tumblr example, instead being a series of videos with voice overs done by Youtube user BaldDumboRat. Features a very adorable Derpy, with a few nods to other YouTube fan series Doctor Whooves and Assistant.
  • Statued Discord Replies - Discord, once again stuck in a stone prison, has nothing to do but answer tumblr questions from within the "Collective Unconscious". Features some of the best art anywhere (by brony artist Az-pekt), a very creative writer (ArTImg), plenty of Discord-brand Surreal Humor, and has a habit of starting collaborations with other blogs without their even knowing it.
  • Dan Vs. FiM – Self-explanatory. It's not run by any of the show's artists, but it sure looks like it! Now with videos!
    • Ask Fluffle Puff: A spin-off by the same creator, focusing on the unintelligible, extremely fluffy Original Character.
  • Ask Futashy – Another blog created by Megasweet (see the "Smarty Belle" entry above). Features a Futa version of Fluttershy and human versions of other main characters. Despite being heavily NSFW and loaded with fanservice, it actually manages to be quite adorable.
  • Ask Hotblooded Pinkie Pie – featuring an extremely GAR Pinkie Pie who drinks burning beer and fistfights tornadoes, among many other acts of pure HotBloodedness. WHO THE HAY DO YOU THINK SHE IS?! Easily one of the best-drawn of any of the Pony blogs.
  • Dr. Adorable's Ask-Along Blog Mixing MLP and Dr. Horrible this blog feature Fluttershy as the eponymous Dr Adorable, following her descent into evil as a result of her childhood experiences. Every bit as adorable (she even has a Ph.D.) as the name suggest.
  • Ask Terry – derived from a rather absurd parody of the (often very badly made) official European MLP:FIM comics. In this world, all the characters are stock art from the toyline (except Sweetie Belle, who is a photo of a Sweetie Belle brushable toy). Rainbow Dash is racist, Twilight is a princess, and Applejack is The Unfavorite, while Terry (actually Scootaloo) has to foil the evil plans of King Zebra (actually Zecora in Spike's "Smooth Criminal" hat). Stylistic Suck abounds. As the author puts it, "All the ponies are horrible. You have been warned."
  • Ask Jappleack – A blog based around the .MOV series's Applejack character, by that series' creator, Max Gilardi. It's in the same continuity as the .MOV series, to the point that it serves as the liner notes. It actually predates APPLE.MOV by a month or so. Early on, the blog involved AJ talking smack to the other Ask Blogs and could get somewhat vulgar at times, but the events of DRESS.MOV caused it to veer hard into Cerebus territory and transformed from a traditional Ask blog into an infrequently-updated comic strip. Gilardi uploaded the final "Jappleack" comic on 1 March, 2013, a week and a half after SWAG.MOV wrapped up the .MOV series.
  • Advice Rarity/The Best Possible Blog - A departure from regular ask blogs, in that fans ask for fashion advice rather than drawn responses. Despite being a text-based blog, it manages to be very in-character and downright hilarious at times. Not to mention, the mod has clearly done their research and each answer is well thought out.
  • Raindrops Answers: A cute blog focusing on Derpy's Palette Swap friend Raindrops. Adorable and a loaf of bread, what more can you ask for?
  • Ask the Flower Trio: Focuses on Daisy, Lily, and Roseluck. Another blog with a cute artstyle, it also goes out of its way to flesh out the personalities of the Flower Trio beyond "get scared of mundane things". Rose has also grown out her mane.
  • Noir Dash An AU blog focusing on humanized versions of the cast in a Film Noir setting. The story is interactive, so think Moonstuck if it took itself more seriously. Features excellent, stylized art, good writing, and Rainbow Dash as a Private Detective. What more could you want?
  • Slice Of Life: Four-Cakes-and-a-Pie blog dealing with the gag-a-day hilarious lives of the Cakes and Pinkie Pie. It's Time Skipped, so that Pound and Pumpkin are now a bit older and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now teenagers. Under the brilliant direction of the one and only egophilliac, the art style and humor are amazing. Strictly SFW!
  • Pregunta (Ask) Scootaloo: One in a series of Spanish-language Ask Pony blogs, this one featuring Scootaloo as the main character. You may need a translator at times to understand, but there's still a lot of universal humor. This particular blog was once humorously confused with another formerly called Ask Pregnant Scootaloo (now Motherly Scootaloo).
  • Ask Vinyl & Octavia: Another blog following the adventures of Vinyl & Octavia as they're living together. The most noteworthy qualities are the speed which each panel is released and the various story arcs which are developed out through the day to day activities of two.
  • Hate Mail for Twitht: Twist, Ponyville's most despised filly, receives threats, hatemail and other reminders of what a vile existence she leads. Twist takes it in good stride, though, probably because she deserves at least some of the hate. Stopped updating.
  • Ask Gamer Luna: A dedicated Gamer Luna blog by Swedish brony Sallymon. It has some amazing art and a ponyload of followers, despite being relatively recent. Has been home to some notable videogaming clashes over the past few weeks.
  • Ask Flutterstalker: A blog set in a Grimdark world where Fluttershy has become an outcast due to stalking her friends and committing murder, and her closest companion is an Eldritch Abomination. Usually drawn with a pallet of pinks and black, this blog tends to have some touching moments and good humour despite its setting.
  • Ask Doctor-Obsessed Derpy – A relatively recent blog compared to some of the others, this is a very adorable blog about Derpy and Doctor Hooves where Derpy is in love with said Doctor. Created by BaldDumboRat, the official unofficial fan voice of Derpy. Includes an official Dub by BaldDumboRat and Keikoandgilly as the Doctor. Super adorable moments include Derpy thinking about foals, a Super Awkward moment, and Pony haircare moments with Derpy and the Doctor. Acts as an in-continuity prequel to Discorded Whooves, but Word of God says it won't actually intersect with it, just hint at it.
  • Ask Bubblini DaVinci Berry: It follows the life of Pinkamena Diane Pie, humanized and genderswapped, as Bubblini DaVinci Berry (based on Trotsworth's designs for the mane 6, as males), and his struggle to keep a sane mind. It also focuses around Dusk Shine (the male counterpart of Twilight Sparkle), whom Bubblini DaVinci Berry has kidnapped, and uses to help him, whenever the another person's number comes up. But there is an ulterior motive to why Bubble Berry needs Dusk. It is based on the infamous story Cupcakes, and some of it is NSFW.
  • Mrs. Buzzy's Mentally Advanced Ask Pony Blog – A rare text-only Ask blog based on the characterizations in the Mentally Advanced Seriesnote . It's not done by Greg (a.k.a FimFlamFilosophy), the creator of Mentally Advanced, but it sure feels like it. The blog has earned his acknowledgement (and the outright blessing of Rainbow Dash Presents artist Petirep). Has probably the most extreme Archive Panic of any Ask blog on this page; started in late 2011, by New Year's 2013 the blog had grown to over 600 pages, and it often gets updated multiple times a day.
  • Ask Acetic Rarity - A freak incident turns Rarity into a magical powerhouse, at the cost of her mental stability. With her newfound power, she is going to show that a lady can be epic too. Well-drawn and entertaining. Shares quite a few traits with "Ask Hot-Blooded Pinkie", at least as far as the ham goes.
  • Ask Lying Applejack - Applejack certainly doesn't answer any questions, what gave you that idea? But if she did, they'd certainly be honest and correct.
  • Ask The Wonderfully Wise Wizard - Post-duel Trixie educates her audience on all matters of Equestrian magic. And looks spiffy in her new derby while doing it.
  • Ask Twixie Genies - Trixie happens upon the bottle of Jackass Genie Twilight, who screws around with Trixie's wishes; particularly her final wish ("I wish to be powerful like you"), which gets Trixie turned into a genie herself. The two bottle genies only accept users' requests, or "wishes", as long as they type the phrase "I wish", the sole exception is trying to give Trixie wheels. Practically runs on Twixie shipping (whether Trixie likes it or not), and uses artwork remarkably similar to the show.
  • Ask Cadance – One of the leading Cadance Tumblrs currently. Originally it played Cadance's character as close to her canon portrayal as possible, but Cadance quickly deviated from her canon portrayal, becoming an eccentric, fun-loving Princess with slight Cloudcuckoolander tendencies. Notable for sharing its continuity with The Greatest Gift.
  • Ask Corrupted Twilight Sparkle-A grimdark blog where Twilight is corrupted by King Sombra's dark magic and takes over the Crystal Empire, then Equestria. Currently on hiatus as the mod works on a fan episode set in this universe.
  • Ask the Fallen Hero: A story driven blog about Twilight and her friends 5 years after Celestia resigning. Luna took control but after a incident known as "THE EVENT" she appointed a corrupt faction called the council. There is a side story with a prophecy for a man called the Son of time, but its mostly about Twilight and allies trying to take back there country. Though recent events have shown, there might be more going on then we might think.
  • Ask Firestarter Spitfire, a semi-grimdark blog where Spitfire is a jade, alcoholic, foul mouthed Deadpan Snarker who has severe psychological issues due to the death of her best friend Hurricane. Notable for its lack of color aside from a yellow backdrop. In July 2012, Spitfire was finally able to move on from Hurricane's death, which brought color to the blog as well as seemingly healing her trauma. Since then, the blog has become considerably more lighthearted as Spitfire is the only sane mare in a fucked up world. Notable for being one of the few story-driven blogs that is entirely dependent on reader questions.
  • For The Hoard! / Ask Garble: Just when you thought they'd be done, the dynamic duo of peachiekeenie and tarajenkins come up with the only Garble-centered blog in existence. As you've come to expect, the art and writing are great, and it intersect with the others, like that time when Discord showed up.
  • Ask Genie Twilight: Twilight Sparkle was transformed into a Genie during a trip to Saddle Arabia and now tries to continue her life despite her new found power. Inspired the Twixie Genies above and has strong Original Flavor to the original show while also putting a heavy influence on Spike and Twilight's relationship.
  • Plane Sailing: A story driven blog by the author of Firestarter Spitfire. When Twilight Sparkle is mysteriously murdered, the remaining Mane Girls and Princess Luna embark on a quest to resurrect her, both to save their friend and to ensure the Elements of Harmony remain intact.
  • Blanked Apple Bloom: A grimdark blog about an Apple Bloom that failed to escape from Sunny Town before dying and therefore is now a flesh-eating zombie.
  • Ask Scissors Twilight : A somewhat story-driven blog about Twilight Sparkle, who mysteriously had her hind legs replaced by scissors blades. She appears to have become somewhat mentally unhinged, and she kills ponies (either on purpose or accidentally) by piercing them with her scissor legs. The blog itself is a mix of slice-of-life and grimdark.
  • Ask Cyberpunk Spitfire: Shortly after Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts, she is injured terribly in an accident which causes her to lose her wings. In the process of returning Rainbow to her old self, Twilight discovers and experiments with electricity. The blog takes place seven years later, where nearly everypony has undergone the Procedure. There is tension between Equestria and the griffon kingdom. On their way to a performance in Baltimare, Spitfire and Rainbow are captured by Princess Twilight, who appears to have gone insane.
  • Ask Trixie and Cheese: A Slice of Life blog featuring The Great and Powerful Trixie and Cheese Sandwich traveling together. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ask Trixie from Trixie Vs.: After the events of "Boast Busters", Trixie returns to Ponyville and takes her words from her previous visit to heart, boasting she can beat everypony at their own talent. The results of the challenges are...mixed. Originally started life as a webcomic before moving to tumblr.
  • Ask Factory Scootaloo: Several years in the future, Scootaloo gets her dream job to work with Rainbow Dash. The big problem with this is that this blog takes place in a universe based off Rainbow Factory. The events afterwards are mostly focused on Scootaloo dealing with the stresses of the job, and coming to terms with the fact that her idol is killer. Also topped off with a dose of Cosmic horror somewhere in the background that takes the form of television static.
  • Student of the Night: Features a version of Scootaloo that has been turned into a batpony (though can change her appearance to her normal pegasus form) and is the personal protege of Princess Luna.
  • Post Crusade: "Five young foals grow up and really don't like it" Set a couple years in the future, this blog shows what happens to Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle after they have earned their cutie marks and begin growing up into teenagers. It also features Rumble and Dinky Doo as main characters, with Rumble being Scootaloo's coltfriend.
  • Ask Majesty Incarnate: The princesses answer questions and get up to various shenanigans, like holding a pillow fight to determine best princess, and destroying Canterlot Castle in the process. Also cake. Lots of cake.
  • Sketchbook Twilight: A version of Twilight Sparkle from an Equestria where most major historical events (e.g. Luna becoming Nightmare Moon) didn't happen managed to trap herself in a pocket dimension that makes her look as if she's drawn in a sketchbook. Has some beautiful art and very emotional responses.

     Blog List - OC 
  • Ask Backy: One of the most prolific Pony tumblrs out there, featuring an Earth Pony OC with a large rump and eerily deep eyes. Known for giving creative SFW answers to NSFW questions. Never pornographic but, given the high number of ass-shots and occasional forays into anthro, not totally safe either.
  • Ask Whirly and the Night Guards: A blog featuring three very popular pegasus OC's: Whirly Willow, a Canterlot fashion designer, and Adam "Wrath" and West "Vengeance", two members of Equestria's Night Guard. At times both funny and dramatic, it tries to explain some of the intricacies of the Equestrian military structure. It also has a sort developing backstory plot. It features top-notch artwork by genius brony artist Puzzle-Of-Life / Kayla the Orator (seriously, just look at that gallery).
  • Ask Aquilinus: Follows the life of Aquilinus, Chief officer of Celestia's personal guard. Similar to Whirly, it is sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic; one day focusing on Aquilinus' exploits as The Casanova, and another giving a detailed history of the clan-oriented military, and how his family fits in.
  • Ask the Night Guards/Friendship is Top Secret: A blog which features two different night guards (though with similar names: Adamant and Westwood). Unlike the above, these two are Desk Jockeys, in charge the Royal Library. They oversee classified and declassified documents alike, ranging from the mundane to Tomes of Eldritch Lore. Functions as an extended Grand Unifying Guess, attempting to unite previous generations of MLP and depicting Equestria as a world built atop the ruins of human civilization.
  • Ask Princess Ataxia - A bizarre Reality Warper Alicorn with an interdimensional mane. Answers questions along with her loyal aid Screwball (who is the least screwy of the two)
  • Ask Misty the Wonderbolt - One of the first Wonderbolts OC Stand Ins (she's the third unnamed judge that Rainbow Dash saves in "Sonic Rainboom"), has a "rack hoodie". Stopped updating.
  • Ask Doctor HoofSing- One of the more prominent Rainbow Factory blogs to not feature a canon character as the main character, closely related to several other Rainbow Factory blogs such as Ask The Factory Ponies and Ask Prism Dust many of which are also members of the Factory Break Room alongside Hoof Sing.
  • Ask Surprise - Another Wonderbolts O.C. Stand-in, but more importantly she's the G1 pony Pinkie is based on! Imagine Pinkie Pie, but her cartoony wackiness turned Up to Eleven (even by the standards of the show itself). That's Surprise.
  • Ask Velvet - an OC pony that runs a lingerie store. Mostly clean, well drawn, it has all the hijinks one would expect from a pony running a lingerie store, and even some drama. Definitely one of the better OC pony blogs out there.
  • Ask Ice Pack - Despite being an ask blog about a male Zebra prostitute, this blog offers a unique experience while keeping the NSFW only implied, and hilarious 100%. Can no longer be viewed on Tumblr, with only 12 panels of the blog viewable on the the author's website.
  • Ask Love Letters - An adorable pink pony whose special talent is giving handwritten notes that brighten everyone's day (Usually).
  • Ask The Master – A companion blog to Discord Whooves, drawn by the same artist but with a different, unidentified writer, focusing on the Doctor's fellow Time Pony and greatest rival. Considerably saucier than its counterpart, its art and story are just as impressive, and its overarching plot intersects with at least 2 other blogs.
  • Ask Ipsywitch - Generally pretty innocent (If not a little dark) blog about an OC pony named Ipsywitch that recently moved to a decaying (apparently due to all the grimdark versions of the mane six) Ponyville to practice black magic. She's normally innocent and friendly, but can be rather scary and mischievous when she wants to be.
  • Ask Klodette - A voyeur pony who travels Equestria taking naughty pictures of everypony, including the Mane 6. Very NSFW, but adorable in a weird way.
  • Ask King Metamorphosis: An ask blog by voice actor Victor Frost of Gentlecolt Collaborations (the guy who blew you away with this), where the character responds by audio. This one features the husband of Queen Chrysalis, who is hopping on the "Ask" bandwagon in an effort to gain the favor of the peoples. His answers are sometimes short, sometimes long, but always with the appropriate mood music. As could be expected, despite starting recently he already has to deal with fangirls. [[He has since ended the blog by killing off King Metamorphosis.]]
    • On that note, there is also Ask Wild Card, an audio ask blog focusing on the titular OC and his gang of bandits the Crimson Saddles. Very well acted and written, and blends Equestria and the Wild West quite nicely. Bonus: the mod also runs another audio ask blog, Shining Armor Reports.
  • Moonfall: A story and character-driven blog about the origins of Celestia and Luna. If you want to see exceptional art, an interesting Myth Arc / Origin Story, and copious amounts of baby Luna adorableness, this one's for you!
  • Ask Pun Pony: A community project that reunites brony artists and writers from all corners of the Internet. Essentially, every day the project is updated with puns and wordplay entries, with varying levels of corniness (like this). It also features a weekly Stand-Up Comedy section by Pinkie Pie (who we know has some experience in the matter). It's been very successful so far, and definitely worth a look.
  • Ask Stitches: A counter-Grimdark blog about a doll-making OC pony who went though a terrible accident which left her deformed. Despite the ordeal, she still manages to retain her bright and cheerful attitude (most of the time) in her new form.
  • Ask The Ponibooru Crufavers: A Power Trio of OCs representing the community of the late Ponibooru. Yellowtdash of the group does the artwork for the blog.
    • The New Crufavers: A sequel series of sorts, about the team's quest to find new ways to 'fave'.
  • Ask Movie Slate: She is an OC that owns Ponyville's only Cinema. She needs more movies in it because the only one she has, the hurricane briefing movie was burnt by Spike. She gets movie suggestions from the Tumblr blogosphere and reviews them. One special thing of note: her mane and tail are movie film, and as you progress through the blog, you can see previous entrys of the blog.
  • Ask Medusa: The adventures of Her Royal Highness Princess Medusa of Echidna, and the odd inhabitants of her kingdom, such as her new best friend Arachne. Has been around since July 2012.
  • Ask Dethklop: My Little Pony meets Metalocalypse. Dethklop is the most popular and brutal death metal band in all of Equestria and the "planet's greatest cultural force." Consisting of Neighthan Explosion, Pickles the Drummer, Murderflank, Skwisgaar Saddlegeld, and Toki Warhoof, they were forced by their manager Clopfdensen into opening an Ask blog to promote good PR. Also, Murderflank might be Twist's father.
  • Ask Four Inept Guardponies: About four inept guardponies as they go about the business of being guards, which is alot more hazardous than might be expected. Notable for a somewhat...interesting interpretation of Cadance.
  • Ask Fluffle Puff revolves around the Slice of Life misadventures of an incredibly hairy and less than talkative pony living with Twilight. And Chrysalis. And Dan.
  • Just Plumsweet: An ask blog for the most adorable, pink, cute, sweet, nice and adorable Earth Pony gal out there, Plumsweet. She runs a Froyo shop called the Sweet Hog. Has a pet piglet. Recently lost her house because of Discord. Has a massive fangirl crush on King Sombra. The blog also features some other G1 ponies, like Bumblesweet (Plum's cousin) and, Dazzle Dewdrop.
  • Ask Prof Smirk - A disillusioned historian struggles with the confusing nature of Equestrian history, while dealing with his own personal issues. Looks at what he sees as the stagnant nature of Canterlot society, which he sees as a direct consequence of Princess Celestia's rule.
  • Ask Prince(ss) Quasimodo Quartz: An ask blog for the illegitimate child of Shining Armor and Queen Chrysalis. Abandoned by the Hive and taken in by Crystal Princess Cadance, this male-to-female half-changeling receives a strange magical mirror from her honorary aunt Pinkie Pie. A mirror which begins sending her peculiar questions...
  • Horse Wife - A blog about a mare named Brownie Bun and her human husband in and AU where Equestria has met humanity and ponies are living on Earth. Despite what her husband says, she's a kitchen pro.




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