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"That is sick and wrong!"
Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible

After a particularly strange or squicky phenomenon, a character will inevitably say, "That's disturbing", "That's just wrong", "That's wrong on so many levels", or something similar. The next level up has characters requesting the Brain Bleach. May lead into or combine with Screaming at Squick. For extra comedy this may be followed up with "But I can't look away..."

Contrast with ...And That Would Be Wrong, where they may not think so, but they want others to think they do.


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  • When Heinz released a line of ketchup in multiple colors in 2000 under the brand "Heinz EZ Squirt". They were advertised with a series of commercials where people declared that "It's twisted and wrong!", and while most adults agreed, kids loved the idea of green ketchup enough for it last six years on the market before being mercifully discontinued.
  • Corn Nuts has been advertised as "Corn Gone Wrong!"

    Anime & Manga 
  • In End of Evangelion, Shinji comments on his masturbating over a comatose Asuka with the statement "I'm scum". In the English dub, "I'm so fucked up."
    • Later, Asuka refers to the incident as "your sick jerk-off fantasies!"
    • The concluding line of the film, kimochi warui. Given in English as "How disgusting," variously translatable as "I feel sick," "This feels bad," etc.
  • In Naruto, everyone but Lee had this reaction when Guy decided to take the horribly exhausted Kakashi back to the village on piggyback.
  • In Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, after her second husband's death, Gyokuen became very touchy-feely with her nephew and step-son Kouen to the shock and disgust of her other children. Even Kouha finds it disgusting.

    Audio Drama 
  • In the Big Finish Doctor Who drama "Legend of the Cybermen", Alice says "That's just wrong" when she hears that the Cybermen have begun to convert mermaids.

    Comic Books 
  • The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye: Trailbreaker (quite rightly) has this reaction to Ore's corpse.
    Trailbreaker: A brain module sitting outside a body without a head wound. Now I'm no doctor, but that strikes me as intensely wrong.

    Fan Works 
  • In Power Games, Hayate has this reaction to the idea of Signum as a mother.
    Hayate: Eww! No! Signum? Signum can’t be your mum! Signum isn’t anyone’s mum! Signum as a mother is, like... ultra-weird universe-gone-wrong stuff!
  • This is what Odd thinks about the Dix-Neuf joke in the first Omake of Code: Half Demon. You have to pronounce dix-neuf: dez-nutz to get the joke.
  • Whenever Kim Possible and Shego get together romantically in a Kim Possible fanfic, expect Ron Stoppable to be either supportive or to act in this way.
  • Jaune is appalled in The Entertainer when he learns Yang (and possibly others) thought he was romantically interested in the fifteen year old Ruby. He promptly declares I Need a Freaking Drink.

  • In Norm Macdonald film Dirty Work, Norm's character Mitch gets confronted by his best friend's father Pops, who says that he's also Mitch's father. When Mitch asks for proof, Pops pulls out a locket containing a picture of him on one side and Mitch's mother on the other. When Mitch says that doesn't prove anything, Pops pulls out pictures of him and Mitch's mom having sex. Take a guess about how Mitch reacted.
    • There's also a second usage later, when Mitch's best friend Sam finally learns that the two are half-brothers and they start reminiscing about old times. This goes on until they start talking about Mitch's childhood crush on Sam's sister, and the time that Mitch and the sister hooked up in high school. Cue a belated case of Fridge Horror for both of them and the two deciding to never bring this up again.
  • From Fanboys: Eric and Linus are taking out their frustrations with each other in the form of an argument about whether or not Luke and Leia were attracted to each other before the Episode VI reveal. As Linus leaves he yells back, "They were siblings, you sick bastard!"
  • Galaxy Quest had Fred Kwan and Laliari, a non-humanoid tentacle alien, making out. Guy exclaims, "That's just not right!" Indeed.
  • In Hotel Artemis, the assassin Nice has an optic implant that allows her clients to watch her kills, and mentions an extra...activity.
    Nice: Tonight, I had to look my target in the eye while I slit his throat, so the client can watch it later, while he masturbates.
    Waikiki: That's fucking gross.
  • In Quick Change, Loomis exclaims after seeing a strange joust by two poor Hispanics on bicycles with rakes, "It's bad luck just seeing a thing like that!"
  • Used seriously in The Royal Tenenbaums. Margot tells Eli, with whom she's having an affair, that she doesn't love him; he replies, "I know, you're in love with Richie. Which is sick and gross." He has a bit of a point, since, adopted or not, Richie is her older brother.
  • In Turning Red, Ming hates gyrating/twerking or anything that is done in a sexually provocative manner. Hilariously, her defiant daughter loves it and uses this against her to get a rise out of her during their confrontation at the SkyDome.

  • Vorkosigan Saga:
    • Cetaganda depicts a planet where genetic engineering has become a fine art. When two visitors from a slightly more normal planet happen to walk by a kitten tree in fruit, one remarks, "Now that is just wrong."
    • This trope was used tactically to end the Vorryuter subplot in A Civil Campaign. Richars (cousin of the late count), apparently taking things personally, hired thugs to emasculate Dono (sister-turned-brother of the late count) the night before the Council of Counts decided on who inherited the seat. Ivan Vorpatril, after helping incapacitate said assailants before serious damage was done, hauled them and Dono not to the local guard or hospital but to a meeting of Richars' main supporters. Oddly enough Richars lost most of his votes the next day.
  • In A Dirty Job, late in the book Charlie Ascher walks in on one of his employees and one of his former employees (the first is a middle-aged, retired, and paranoid cop, the latter a twenty something goth girl who had worked there since her teens and is almost like a bratty younger sister to him) shagging in the thrift store he owns. This trope is his reaction.
  • In The Dresden Files, Molly — Harry's apprentice in her late teens/early 20s — makes a helpful attempt to charm some information out of someone by taking off her bra and going out to sweet-talk the stooge. Harry and the injured warden, Morgan, watch her go, and Morgan makes a comment along the lines of 'nice'. Harry is shocked. Morgan says may be over 100 years old, but he's not dead, and Harry is thoroughly sickened by the mental image. Made all the squickier for Harry by the fact that Molly isn't just his apprentice, she's his friend's daughter, whom he's known since she was ten.
  • Ciaphas Cain: In Traitor's Hand, Cain and some Imperials Guardsmen infiltrate a temple of Slaanesh and observe the murals inside:
    One of the guardsmen: Is this even anatomically possible?
    Cain: No, it's not. And even if it were, it'd be against regulations.
  • Nightside: In Hell to Pay, John Taylor gets bored waiting for a tycoon's attention, so uses this trope to clear the room of yes-men, switching the tycoon's Ominous Multiple Screens to the most Sick and Wrong pornographic program he knows of. The contents of the "Celebrity Perversion Hour" are enough to send the crowd of yes-men climbing out the windows to avoid it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • "Dopplegangland" has Willow comment, "This can't get any more disturbing," after Vampire!Willow comes on to her. And then it does.
    • On "Some Assembly Required" - Giles: "Grave robbery? That's new. Interesting". Buffy: "I know you meant to say 'gross and disturbing'".
    • When Buffy discovers Spike's obsession with her in "Crush", she actually looks physically sick. In the next episode, she's ranting about how disgusted she is over it.
    Buffy: Spike wants me! How obscene is that?!
    • In "Intervention", when Spike gets himself a robot that looks like Buffy, because he can't get the real one to like him, this is the Scoobies reaction.
      Willow: (thinking she's talking to Buffy) So just this one time you just did something kinda crazy?
      Buffybot: It wasn't one time. It was lots of times, and lots of different ways. I can make sketches!
      Willow: No!
    • And later:
      Xander: Spike must have had her built so he could program her t-
      Buffy: (horrified) Oh god.
      Willow: Yikes. Imagine the things-
      Buffy: No! No, no imagining. Any of you.
      Xander: (raises his hand) Already got the visual.
    • When Spike crosses over to Angel, his vampire ex-girlfriend Harmony has exactly the same reaction to finding out he had sex with Buffy in "Just Rewards".
    • In "Him", Xander lasciviously eyes a gyrating nymphet on the dance floor ("Daddy like!"), only for her to turn around and reveal herself as Dawn. Cue facepalm.
      Willow: Right there with ya.
  • Firefly
    • Jayne's reaction on walking in on Mal and Zoe during their deadpan "Take me, sir. Take me hard" scene.
    • And just about everyone's reaction upon seeing Jayne's statue in "Jaynestown", including Jayne.
      Simon: Son of a bitch!
    • Jubal Early's reaction to River's giggling over the intercom while pretending she was the ship: "Well that's somewhat unsettlin'."
  • In Scrubs, Elliot once says "That's disturbing in, like, eight different ways."
  • Dead Like Me
    • In one episode the naked ghost of an old man walked through (literally) a group of schoolgirls, causing the observing grim reaper to remark, "Oh, that's so not right for them."
    • Another episode of Dead Like Me (specifically, Season 1, Episode 11), Dolores is throwing a Mexican-themed going-away party for Millie, complete with margaritas, pinata, and a real live burro. George sees a man leading the burro into a room at the end of a hallway and says, "That's not right."
    • Because the writers were obviously very fond of this trope, it's also used in the final episode (Season 2, Episode 15). George and Mason are getting candy at various houses on Hallowe'en Night on the way to their reaps, and they stop at a house whose owner is dressed up as a sexy, corseted vampiress. The house turns out to be a whorehouse and the owner its madam; one of the prostitutes steps out for a smoke wearing peach-coloured lingerie, and tousles the hair of a trick-or-treating child, leading George to say, "Oh, that's just not right!"
  • Frasier:
    • In "Voyage of the Damned", Maris puts on a cheesy 1970's salsa-disco song called "Do the Barracuda", causing Frasier to react, "Oh, oh, that's bad. On so many levels."
    • Another episode finds the Crane brothers attempting to replace Martin's ratty old recliner with an expensive leather massage chair. Once they turn the massager on, Martin's response is, "That's disgusting!"
  • From Friends, when Phoebe's 18 year-old brother is going to marry his 44 year-old teacher:
    Phoebe: I don't want to be all judgmental, you know, but this is sick; it's sick and wrong!
  • In a highly self-referential episode of Supernatural, the brothers learn about their In-Universe fandom, particularly the massive "Wincest" fandom; Dean's response is "Well, that's just plain wrong." This line drew a titanic backlash from the Queen Customers whose reaction was "They OWE us for their success, they shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them!"
  • Many of the more outrageous things House says have this sort of reaction.
    House: What can I say, chicks with no teeth turn me on.
    Wilson: That's fairly disgusting.
  • On Dollhouse, Caroline!Wendy says, "The wrongness of this is SO large!"
  • On The Ellen Show, Ellen and Selena Gomez discuss dating Justin Bieber.
    Ellen: A little brother is not someone you want to date. You don't want to date your little—
    Selena: Well, no.
    Ellen: No. No.
    Selena: That would be— That would be weird and wrong.
    Ellen: No, that would be wrong and weird, in so many ways.
  • The Mythbusters did a Breaking Bad special, testing the effect of the show's Hollywood Acid scene. The Mythbusters test it with a headless pig, a raised bathtub, and an extremely potent variant of sulfuric acid. After the smoke cloud clears, the guys have a look at the results.
    Adam: Augh!
    Jamie: That's just wrong.
    Adam: It smells terrible.
    Jamie: That's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.
    Adam: It really is. *looks to the camera* It's one of the ugliest things he's ever seen. Think about that for a second.
  • Henry Danger:
    • In "Tears of the Jolly Beetle", as Kid Danger is introduced at a town awards ceremony, Piper, Henry's nine-year-old sister, screams that she loves Kid Danger and then tells Charlotte that she thinks Kid Danger is hot.
      Charlotte: Yeah, you don't wanna be saying that."
    • In "Twin Henrys", Henry becomes extremely disturbed and disgusted watching Gerta, in the form of Henry, and Schwoz talking lovingly toward each other. He demands that she change back to her normal form if they are to continue.
  • Loki (2021): Mobius reacts with shock and disgust when he figures out that Loki has fallen in love with a female variant of himself.
    Mobius Two Variants of the same being, especially you, forming this kind of sick, twisted romantic relationship. That's pure chaos. That could break reality. It's breaking my reality right now.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Most people's reaction to F.A.T.A.L.. RealisCLOACATIME!
  • Warhammer 40,000 has plenty of this. Being a grim dark world, there is no shortage of Sick and Wrong things in it. A few examples would be the Forces of Chaos (Slaanesh and Nurgle in particular), the victims of Dark Eldar, The Imperium of Man, who have been described as Nazis in Space!, who are only "good" by comparison of MUCH worse horrors, and many more.

    Video Games 
  • Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh: First (?) and most memorable utterance of the phrase 'Sick and Wrong' came from this 1996 puzzle game. It contained quite a few Squick sequences captured in video detail. The character saying the lines was a straitjacketed girl in an asylum (the story writer in a cameo, incidentally) who repeated the phrase in tones that alternated between accusative and exhausted. This was aired throughout the scene while the main character, strapped in his own straight-jacket and doped up in a wheelchair, had to figure out how to escape while witnessing and hearing things that were exactly as the girl described: "Sick and wrong!" As is the game.
  • One of the responses The Engineer will say when doused in Jarate or Mad Milk is appropriately, "That just ain't right!"
  • There is an achievement in Cookie Clicker called "Just Wrong" achieved by selling a Grandma.
    "I thought you loved me"Flavor Text for the Just Wrong achievement
    "News : cookie manufacturer downsizes, sells own grandmother!" — "News" feed report when Just Wrong achievement is unlocked.
  • At the end of the second Robopon game, the king declares that having rank holders is sick and wrong, given all the trouble they caused.

    Visual Novels 
  • A few times in Double Homework:
    • During one love session with Amy in her studio, one choice for the protagonist’s orgasm is to cum on Amy’s game console. If he does this, Amy is slightly shocked, calling it “weird and gross.”
    • The protagonist will get this reaction if he asks Lauren, Morgan, Amy, or Rachel to share him with Johanna and Tamara. The chosen girl will end things with him, leaving him to his sisters.
    • When Morgan catches Tamara jerking the protagonist off, she calls it “messed up” even after she touches his thigh while she watches. She is weirded out, but also turned on.
  • A couple of characters react this way to the protagonist's relationship with the title character of Melody:
    • If the protagonist gets caught dating both Melody and Amy, Amy yells at him for being a “pervert” and tells him not to come near either of them again.
    • Bethany has this reaction if Melody kisses the protagonist while standing up for him.
  • In Spirit Hunter: NG, Seiji reacts this way when he realizes that Akira's gonna search through a well that contains severed animal heads. Akira counters that his life is on the line, and he's already had to search a corpse already, so he's desensitized to how gruesome it is.

    Web Animation 
  • In Red vs. Blue episode "Get Bent", Church, during his time in the Epsilon memory unit, misremembers the Red Team as women. His reaction to seeing his mistake is more or less this trope.
    "Oh, dear God in Heaven, no."
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, "The Pet Games", Twilight Sparkle serves as a judge for the Games, which includes a talent show. One contestant's talent is racism. Twilight's reaction: "This whole thing is sick and depraved! But yes, he was the fastest."

  • Exterminatus Now: After Blasphemy the Chao transforms from "really cute" to "daemonic abomination, but still kind of cute on some level", it rips apart and devours the daemon it got its abomination-ness from. Even Lothar Hex winced and said "Ooh, that ain't right". This is a character who once sat bolt upright and shouted "You can't prove I ate that baby!"
  • Inhuman: Invoked word for word, in reference to the treatment Grey has received.
  • Polk Out: It's basically the punchline to 90% of the strips.
  • Scary Go Round: The VitRx potion that enlarged the younger Winters girl was first tested on animals:
    Amy: Is that a worm with pecs?
    Amy: That's weird, and wrong, and weird.
  • Mike: Bookseller has this as Mike's standard reaction to some of the more... disturbing selections in the store.

    Web Original 
  • The Spoony Experiment: Spoony invokes this after seeing a scene in the Ultimate Warrior's Christmas special comic depicting the Ultimate Warrior pulling on Santa Claus' pants while standing over a naked, unconscious, Santa Claus with a strange white substance on him. "He raped Santa!"
  • A number of Fanfics tackled by the Protectors of the Plot Continuum fall under this heading.
  • The podcast Sick and Wrong where, as the title implies, they discuss sick and wrong news from all over the world. It's NSFW.
  • AFK: This is Jack's reaction after learning Q and Quinn had sex (since they're alts of each other).

    Western Animation 
  • Brandy & Mr. Whiskers had an episode where Brandy enters a singing contest. To resolve her lack of singing talent, Mr. Whiskers suggests sliding Lola down Brandy's throat and having Lola sing instead. Lola flatly refuses, citing the trope by name.
  • On Kim Possible, Ron (and Barkin) would frequently describe squicky things as being "sick and wrong." Really weird stuff would elicit the response "This goes beyond sick and wrong! It's Wrongsick!"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: In "Three Squares and an Ed", Edd's response to finding out Ed's parents completely removed the basement stairs solely for the purpose of keeping Ed grounded is "That's... disturbing."
  • In Futurama when Farnsworth agrees to give Bender a robot sex change, this is Fry's response:
    Fry: I can't watch this 'cause it's creepy and wrong and sick! However, I will watch out of curiosity.
  • An episode of Spongebob Squarepants had Spongebob and Pat see a hibernating Sandy. Spongebob states that they shouldn't disturb her sleeping. Patrick responds, "That's not disturbing. This is disturbing." Patrick promptly folds his back fat to form a face and says, "Hi. Sponge. Bob. My. Name. Is. Pat. Back." Spongebob replies cheerily, "Ha! That is really disturbing!"
  • There's an episode of Filmation's Filmation's Ghostbusters where Prime Evil is forced to do one good deed in order to gain his powers back. Upon hearing this, he muses, "How disgusting."
  • The Simpsons:
    • Bart Simpson has this reaction when he hears Ned Flanders singing falsetto.
    • Comic Book Guy has a similar reaction when a mechanical hand gives him a wedgie (Long story short, don't mess with Tom Savini).
  • South Park: The boys witness an alien orgy:
    Joozian #1: Yeah, suck my jagon!
    Joozian #2: Yeah! Now you suck on my jagon! Oh yeah!! Stick your finger in my thrusher! Oh yeah, suck it. Suck that jagon!
    Stan: Dude, I have no idea what we're seeing right now, but I have a feeling it's really, really wrong.
  • The Tick responds with a variable of this line when he's charged with eating a kitten.
  • In Robots, Fender loses his legs and finds himself on a conveyor belt. He sees a spare pair of legs, delightedly attaches them ... and down falls a skirt.
    Fender: [hikes skirt and runs] So wrong, this is SO WRONG.
  • A short part of Robot Chicken's Star Wars sketch includes a bit with Luke and Leia lying in bed, obviously shortly after having sex. Luke looks pleased, while Leia just looks disturbed and finally says "That was so wrong".
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Journey to the Center of Candace", when the former realizes that they're in their sister's stomach, the latter's response is that it's "creepy on so many levels". When Phineas then realizes they're also technically on a date with Jeremy, Ferb repeats the line.
  • In the Regular Show episode "Muscle Woman". After Muscle Man and Woman passionately embrace each other and tongue kiss, Rigby says what everybody is thinking.
    Rigby: This is the most disturbing day of my life.
  • In Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, Mr. Hyunh has this reaction when Arnold gives bacon to Abner for some treats. Keep in mind that Abner is a pig.
    Mr. Hyunh: A pig eating bacon? That's very creepy!
  • In the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Clean Lovin'", Rocko utters this gem after he catches what appears to be Spunky having sex with the mop:
    Rocko: What were you doing in there? No! Don't tell me! It's sick, it's wrong! Do you know what I've mopped up with that thing?!


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