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Lopoddity is an artist who is well known for making next generation Original Characters of the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, chiefly centered around the foals the Mane 6, but also featuring the children of other characters. Creator of Pandoraverse, (named after the main character, Pandora, the child of Discord and Twilight Sparkle), she has inspired several writers and artists with her lore. An additional aspect are the more developed alternate-universes, having presented a gender-flipped verse as well as an alternate timeline, surrounding an alternate child of Pandora, Mako.


Her tumblr is here and she also has a FIMFiction group dedicated to her

Works set in the Pandoraverse (any work-specific tropes must go on the appropriate trope pages)

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Lopoddity's Work Contains Elements Of:

  • Adult Fear:
    • Pinkie was very upset on Cupcake joining the Royal Military so she can remain by Pandora's side. Pinkie didn't see her daughter for two years and the first few months were hard on her, eventually leading to some heavy tension between the Pie family and the Sparkle family for a time.
    • Wave Rider's obsession with dangerous stunts, especially those involving aggressive animals, is a constant source of panic for her dad, Bruce. Bruce's tendency to worry over his children carries over to his thrill-junkie alternate timeline daughter Storm Chaser and her habit of chasing tornadoes, fire twisters, lightning storms and similar dangerous weather.
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  • Altar Diplomacy: Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis. Chrysalis proposed a marriage to Celestia to forge an alliance between changelings and ponies.
  • Alternate Universe: There are many of these, so many:
    • The first is a Rule 63 mirror universe that is effectively the same as the main one, save for all characters being the their opposite-gender counterparts.
    • The Makoverse, which Lopoddity considers a Bad Ending of sorts to the rest of the next gen verse, where Aerostorm is dead from a weather factory accident and Bruce and Pandora had a child, Mako, before Pandora left, and Bruce eventually got together with Cupcake.
    • A third AU, based on some of Lopoddity’s original ideas for the main ‘verse, has Cupcake killed by a mob of angry ponies who came for Pandora, driving a grieving Pan to become as terrible a villain as Discord before he was reformed, kill her father to absorb his power, and try to take her revenge on ponykind.
    • There are various, much smaller A Us based around crack pairings or their offspring that we get little glimpses into and tidbits about. The two most popular ones are focused on Aerodora (Aerostorm/Pandora) son Thunderhead and Happy Ending!Pandancer (Pandora/Moondancer)
    • The newest of these is built around the idea of Twilight saying yes when Cadence and Shining offered to raise Pandora for her so she could focus on her princess duties. While not a calamity, it's clearly presented as not all sunshine and rainbows. For starters, this decision would lead to Discord and Twilight's relationship falling apart. Meanwhile, Pandora maintains her pony form at all times and is even more miserable than she is in the original timeline. She has a very awkward relationship with Twilight, never met Discord (though it's implied she would in the near future) and her only friends are Skyla and Flurry (and Flurry ended up leaving her princess duties much like OTL.)
    • Yet another one has begun where Moondancer chose to pursuit their passion in dancing, growing up to become an exotic dancer. He is very good friends with Pandora and notably, he ends up bumping into Butch (who survived to adulthood though the circumstances haven't been revealed yet) and decides he's interested in this dark stallion.
  • Armor-Piercing Response: When Chakra meets up with his father Zephyr Breeze, the two proceed to chat while Chakra is watching over Primrose. After the "Reason You Suck" Speech to his dad, Zephyr responses by fully admitting his mistakes and opening up to his son. He apologizes for everything and leaves open the opportunity to try and reconnect. The whole thing tears through Chakra and is shown the entire thing emotionally rocked him. It's cemented when Primrose asks Chakra if he misses his dad and Chakra actually chokes up and admits he does, showing some level of him remains the little colt who just wanted his mom and dad to be good parents to him.
  • Ascended to Carnivorism: Ponies from the Oatstralian Oatsback tend to be more omnivorous than your average pony, due to the harshness of their home environment, and even have pointier canines to help eating meat. Bruce, for instance, sees nothing wrong with his catching and eating fish. This doesn't translate very well, culturally—Aerostorm once fainted dead away when he came across a rather bloody Bruce filleting a large trout.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: After a laid-back, hippie son, Rainbow wished for a kid who was reckless and adventurous like herself. Turns out that somebody being reckless and trouble-prone isn’t as fun when they’re your children.
  • Characterization Marches On: Lopoddity has written and rewritten her verse several times, always incoporating newer aspects of the series as it goes on, whether it be characters, locations or so on. The biggest case is on how ponies felt about Pandora. Lopoddodity initially wrote that the pony kids would bully and ostracize Padora for her appearance, but Lop noted it didn't make sense given how the they treated other races and oddballs just fine regardless of appearance. Instead, Pandora was ostracized and avoided since they feared her for her incredible magic... and the fact she was a naturally mischievious child who didn't know better.
  • Family Theme Naming: Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich, and their children are all named after foods. Whether or not the grandchildren follow this theme varies depending on the other parent.
  • Famous Ancestor: Pandora and Moondancer are both descendants of Starswirl the Bearded through their mothers. Moondancer firmly believes this to be the main reason he must be great at magic, although so far the only tangible trait carried by Starswirl's descendants seems to be long, leonine unicorn tails. However, he doesn't seem to be aware that Pandora is also descended of Starswirl through Twilight... or that Discord was apparently once his student.
  • Fan-Created Offspring: This 'verse centers around the offspring of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters. It's named after Pandora, an OC child of Twilight Sparkle and Discord.
  • Fantastic Racism: Many ponies don't really trust merponies due to their similarity to sirens, a distrust that merponies usually reciprocate.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Oatstralia and its Oatsback, a counterpart to real-life Australia and the Outback.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: Despite how long the Lopoddityverse has been around, there hasn't been a group shot or instance of all of the main characters hanging out. Furthermore, there are plenty of questions about the friendships between some of the following:
    • Pandora hasn't been seen with Magnolia May or Rosemary (the latter is especially puzzling, considering Pandora has referred to Fluttershy as Auntie Fluttershy before.) Being a Princess, her lack of interaction with Artemis and Iridescence counts as well (though Lopoddity has drawn a picture of Eerie comforting Pandora, so they appear to be on good terms and the pair were revealed to have had a period of Friends with Benefits).
      • Pandora is friends with Rosemary though rather than through Fluttershy, through Aerostorm (where it's confirmed that Aerostorm and Pandora were friends since foalhood.)
    • Magnolia May hasn't been seen interacting with any of the other of the main 5 characters outside of her best friend, Rosemary. Beyond that, all we know of is her relationship with her cousins (Truffles and Peachy Keen) and her Odd Friendship with Bruce.
    • Misty is supposedly good friends with Truffles, but we've never seen them together. Misty and Ember have both since been reimagined into Phoenix and Cloudburst.
  • Gender Bender: A temporary example: when Rarity and Applejack wanted to conceive a foal, they asked Discord for help, so Discord turned Rarity into a stallion for a week. Later, Bruce and Aerostorm asked Discord's daughter, Pandora, for the same thing, which resulted in Bruce spending a pregnancy's worth of time as a mare. The second time Bruce and Aerostorm had a kid, Stormy was made the mare for the pregnancy's duration.
  • Good Parents: For the most part, the main cast of the next generation grew up with loving and supportive parents, even if they weren't perfect. This contrasts well with some ponies who can be seen as Shadow Archetypes to the main cast, such as Zipper with Aerostorm or Chakra with Rosemary, both of whom had... less-than-stellar parenting.
    • This generally continues into the Next-Next-Gen, complete with certain characters having Shadow Archetypes.
  • Half-Human Hybrid:
    • Pandora and Oddball (and their Rule 63 counterparts, Paradox and Snickerdoodle) are both draconequus/pony crosses, although the draconequus side dominates, meaning their own offspring technically fit this trope as well (although they get noticeably less chaotic the further removed they are from Discord).
    • Jasper is half-dragon, half-pony. Her inter-dimensional half-brother Smokey is half-dragon, half-changeling.
    • Henrietta and Pearlie's chicks are half-chicken, half-sea hawk.
    • Iridescence is half Alicorn, half changeling.
    • Lucy is half-unicorn pony, half centaur.
  • Has Two Mommies: Or two daddies in some cases. Cupcake and Pandora for Oddball, Rarity and Applejack for Magnolia, Bruce and Aerostorm for Wave Rider, Chrysalis and Celestia for Iridescence, and Maud and Trixie for Moondancer. The first four all involved chaos magic and/or temporary Gender Benders to achieve Homosexual Reproduction, while Moondancer was conceived by Trixie with a stallion before she got together with Maud.
    • In alternate timelines, there are Paradox and Beefcake for Snickerdoodle and Zipperflash and Bruce for Storm Chaser, through the same methods as in the main canon.
    • Same case for Midnight Abyss, daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer.
    • Smokey is the child of Thorax and Spike, both male.
  • Hermaphrodite: Merponies are true hermaphrodites, with all members of their species being capable of both fertilizing and being fertilized.
  • Homemade Sweater from Hell: In a slight variation, Discord once knitted an incredibly ridiculous scarf shaped like himself as a Hearth’s Warming Eve present for Twilight, with “love in every stitch”. Twilight ended up wearing it because of how much effort Discord put into it and that it was warm. She tried to get him an equally garish sweater to get payback, but Discord, being Discord, thought it looked incredibly stylish.
  • Homosexual Reproduction: Rarity and Applejack, Celestia and Chrysalis, Bruce and Aerostorm, Tirek and Sombra, Thorax and Spike and Pandora and Cupcake all have children. Justified in-universe, due to all cases of homosexual reproduction involving a draconequus either temporarily changing one half of the couple into the opposite gender for a short while or actually being part of the couple, or otherwise involving dark magic or shapeshifting of some sort. There's also the case of Bruce's female pet sea hawk and Pandora's pet chicken who had a clutch together, which Pandora chalks up to said hen spending most of her life in a high-Chaos magic environment.
  • I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me: Crops up in a couple of ships but Skyla/Peachy is a prominent one with Peachy going from cheerfully showing interest in the pretty and sassy Pegasus Magnolia had left in the kitchen while the Unicorn primped to morose formality when she finds out Skyla is royalty.
  • Interspecies Romance: A fair few:
    • Twilight (unicorn) X Discord (draconequus).
    • Pandora (draconequus) X Cupcake (earth pony).
    • Spike (dragon) X Thorax (changeling).
    • Princess Luna (Alicorn) and an unknown hippogriff.
    • Pearlie (sea hawk) X Henrietta (chicken).
    • Princess Celestia (Alicorn) X Chrysalis (changeling).
    • King Sombra (corrupted unicorn) X Lord Tirek (centaur).
    • Flurry Heart (Alicorn) X Ember (Dragon).
    • For a while, Princess Skyla (Pegasus) and Jin (a merpony). They have since broken it off.
    • This includes the alternate universes:
      • Paradox (draconequus) X Beefcake (earth pony).
      • Pandora (draconequus) X Bruce (earth pony).
      • Pandora (draconequus) X Aerostorm (Pegasus).
      • Pandora (draconequus) X Peanut Butter Sandwich (earth pony)
      • Spike (dragon) X Rarity (unicorn).
      • Spike (dragon) X Scootaloo (Pegasus).
      • Discord (draconequus) X Princess Cadence (Alicorn).
      • Thorax (changeling) X Spike (dragon).
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A majority of Lopoddity's characters are pretty much this. The only ones that can be excluded would be Aerostorm, Rosemary, PB, Oddball and his counterpart, Snickerdoodle, who are just nice in general.
  • Magic Staff: Humanized Celestia and Luna use ornamental staffs to channel their magic, in contrast to the wands used by other ponies.
  • Magic Wand: In humanized artwork, unicorns use wands shaped and colored like their pony counterpart's horn to do magic.
  • Original Character: Predictably enough, given the nature of the setting, plus a few cut from raw cloth, so to speak.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: The pony equivalent, merponies, are hermaphroditic, communicate telepathically, and can echolocate. They possess both gills and lungs and can survive on dry land for a while, although not indefinitely — like dolphins or fish, their bodies aren't really designed for supporting their weight outside of water.
  • Out of Focus: Given it's a pretty big cast, quite a few characters tend to receive less spotlight than others. Particularly jarring in Rosemary and Magnolia May's cases as they're supposedly part of the mane cast.
  • Reality Ensues: As a result of Lopoddity's retcon upon the MLP series going further and examining her fanon. A young Pandora would not be subjected to Bullying a Dragon given the fact she is a princess and that ponykind doesn't judge folk by appearances (even Zecora was more judged on her strange speak and the fact she lived in Everfree Forest, so it was more based on reputation). She is instead feared since she is seen as ascary kid with great power and little control over it. Furthermore, it's also this that incentivizes her to try so hard to rein herself in.
    • A young Rosemary's attempts to befriend her bullies by being nice to them only gets her laughed at and picked on more. It's only when Bulks Biceps helps her rebuild her confidence and teaches her how to defend herself does Rosemary really blossom into the person she is as an adult.
  • Shipper on Deck: Fluttershy highly (and secretly) approves of Twilight and Discord’s relationship.
  • Social Services Does Not Exist: They appear not to in Lopoddity's Equestria or they do a lackluster job, because how in the name of Celestia were Bruce and Chakra allowed to be raised by their parents is surprising.
    • Bruce's dad was a massive Jerkass and downright emotionally abusive, and his mother was a depressed alcoholic who couldn't do much for her son. He went to public school and it's surprising nopony caught on to the fact he lived in a bad home. (Then there's the fact about Butch...)
    • Chakra is a more complicated example. On the one hoof, he was raised by Tree Hugger (Zephyr Breeze didn't do more than visit from time to time), likely meaning he lived relatively far from mainstream civilization, meaning virtually nopony knew when he was left alone for his mother's treks. On the other hoof, he did have his Aunt Fluttershy, who was rightfully wary of the conditions her nephew was raised in, and made sure he was cared for and fed when his parents weren't around to do it, albeit it was still not enough. However, it seems she was unaware of just how neglectful Tree Hugger was a mother (Fluttershy probably knew her brother was not doing much) and one wonders how Chakra would've turn up had Fluttershy been a bit more thorough on checking up on him and doing something about it...
      • Turns out that as a child, Chakra did attend public school, which raises further questions how his very questionable home life was never investigated, though it is hinted that Fluttershy took him to school, which gives some explanation.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Aerostorm tends to get the most focus out of all the Pandoraverse characters, particularly his relationship with Bruce, but he's also had a lot of exploration regarding his relationship with Chakra and Peachy Keen and his rivalry with Zipperflash.
  • Starfish Language: Changeling, a language made up of clicking and chittering noises made by changelings rapidly clicking their retractable mandibles together.
  • Taking the Bullet: In the "Pandora-became-a-total-villain-and-Moondancer-must-stop-her" AU, doing this for Pandora cost Cupcake her life and caused Pandora's Face–Heel Turn.
  • Up Town Girl: Skyla for Peachy.
  • Vagina Dentata: When Bruce and Pandora were dating, the possibility of Pandora having teeth down there (or tentacles, or it shooting squid ink or laser beams, or being flat-out pony-eating) was something Bruce genuinely worried about for a while.
  • Wham Episode: These two entirely canon tales. To summarize, Moondancer absorbs Midnight Abyss' soul with King Sombra's horn, effectively killing her and causing her to become nothing more than a voice in his mind, lies to Sunset and Starlight about it (causing Starlight to angirly throw Chakra out of their house when he is the only one to become suspicious of what happened and voices his concerns), and Moondancer feels no remorse for any of this. And it ends with him about to do it to another unicorn. Damn.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: In the "Pandora-became-a-total-villain-and-Moondancer-must-stop-her" AU, Pandora counts because the reason for her Face–Heel Turn was the murder of her Only Friend Cupcake at the hooves of a bigoted mob.
  • World of Snark: A very solid percentage of Lopoddity's characters are sassy, snarky, or sarcastic to some degree, although special credit would go to Magnolia May and Cupcake.

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