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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Moondancer is given plenty of sympathy and most of his supporters tend to overlook or disregard that his insecurities and such are the result of him believing that he should be the best because he is descended from Starswirl as well as his negative attitude and lust for power. They emphasize more his struggle with his father and having his former friend be better than him by natural talent and hard work. Word of God has pointed out this trend despite her plans on making him more or less the Big Bad of the verse, especially when she mentioned there would be little he wouldn't do for power.
    • Support for Moondancer has significantly lowered ever since his argument and rant toward Trixie, blaming her for everything before leaving home and firmly cementing his Jerkass nature.
    • Then The Reveal that he got his villainous powers by absorbing Midnight (who completely dropped her stoic mannerisms to scream for her mothers during the process) into Sombra's horn...and ultimately didn't care. He has now fully descended into villany.
  • Foe Yay: The setting is based around the Twilight Sparkle X Discord ship, and was so even before Discord made a sincere Heel–Face Turn in "Twilight's Kingdom", and even then, their canon relationship remains more or less antagonistic. Other canon character examples include Rainbow Dash X Dumbbell and Celestia X Chrysalis (the latter insists it's "purely political", and nothing more).
    • In the backstory, there was Bruce with Pandora. They deeply and genuinely loathe each other, but had a brief relationship way back when. They hook up and have a kid in the Makoverse timeline. It... didn't work out very well.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Despite some very strong character similarities, Cupcake was designed before Maud Pie aired.
  • Informed Wrongness: Moondancer is painted as being in the wrong for ending his friendship with Pandora and Cupcake and Pandora lectures him on how his quest for magic is pointless because it doesn't make him happy, but it's hard to argue that Pandora wasn't exactly a brilliant friend to Moondancer, since she constantly patronised and teased him and would always rub his face in it when she inevitably beat him at magic. Plus, Moondancer isn't wrong when he says that eventually people have to grow up.

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