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Fanfic / A Small Possibility

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Kim Possible is known as the girl who can do anything. However, can she handle being pregnant with the daughter of her arch-enemy?

It all began when Drakken devised a plan to get rid of Kim Possible once and for all. His idea was to get her pregnant. Under his logic, Kim would be either be forced to take care of the baby and thus be out of work, or she'd be too traumatized from either aborting or giving up the baby to go back to fighting crime. Drakken's methods of getting Kim pregnant were unconventional: he used Shego's DNA without her permission and that caused Kim to become pregnant. When Drakken reveals his plan to Shego, she reacts in the opposite way of what he expected. Now that Shego wants to be in her child's life, what will happen between her and Kim now?


A Small Possibility is a Kim Possible fanfic by NoDrogs. It can be viewed here. It's a rather influential fanfic amongst Kim/Shego shippers. It's not uncommon to see fanart and even other fanfics derived from it.

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