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"Wow", indeed.

"For those of you listening at home, the young constable has just thrown up into his helmet. This is the longest continuous vomit seen on Broadway since John Barrymore puked over Laertes in the second act of Hamlet, in 1941."
Narrator, Monty Python Live at City Center

Since the Vomit Discretion Shot is so common, there's nothing better to show off how edgy you are than show the act directly. The grosser, dirtier, and more nauseating, the better.

Comes in two, uh, flavors:

  • Juicy, continuous fluid, usually yellow or green.
  • Chunky, with stomach contents. Anything goes, but blue is still unlikely.

Often shown from a low angle for added impact. A writer with particular attention to detail will notice that, having thrown up, the wave of the smell of the stuff is liable to make you... keep on at it.

See also Vomit Chain Reaction. The distant brother of this trope is Waterfall Puke, which usually applies to anime. Zombie Puke Attack, by its nature, will involve this. Often used for a Stress Vomit shot.



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  • Microsoft saw fit to promote Internet Explorer 8's private browsing features with a commercial featuring a woman vomiting at the sight of a porn site. Her husband then immediately walks past and slips on it. Then she pukes on him. Repeatedly.note 
  • An OUYA advert tried to point out that modern gaming was too expensive, with a customer purchasing "Medal of Duty XIII" for $60, only to find it to be the same game as the last one. This results in him vomiting until he's knee deep in the stuff. He then pulls out his spine and beats himself over the end with it. Oddly enough a lot of people weren't fond of the advert. See it here.
  • One Mint advert had a man waking up after a rough night only to start to vomit up a dog, and we get to see it all in full view. This caused multiple people to feel ill and the advert was banned in the U.K and Republic of Ireland. See it here.
  • A commercial for the Atari Jaguar showed a kid puking at the camera after seeing footage of Cybermorph in action.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Attack on Titan:
  • Happens every so often in Berserk. Guts usually goes for a special juicy blood flavor, what with all of the internal damage he sustains.
  • In Black Butler, Ciel vomits many times, all of them for pretty good reasons:
    • After seeing the mutilated corpse of a woman killed by Jack the Ripper.
    • Due to asthma in the Circus of Fear arc.
    • After witnessing the "good doctor" sacrifice a child.
    • In flashbacks to being kept as a slave of cultists and beaten.
    • When force-fed medicine to heal him of the werewolves' curse.
  • The first episode of Black Lagoon shows Rock vomiting off the side of the ship. It starts on the vomit and pans up to reveal him leaning over the rail. It's not seasickness, by the way, but rather Rock's reaction to learning that his company has declared him dead and thrown him to the wolves.
  • Bleach:
    • Orihime Inoue falls victim to this in the fight with Numb Chandelier in Chapter 42, after NC forces her best friend Tatsuki to kick her in the stomach and she falls to her knees while throwing up. With through-the-fingers spray effect.
    • Nel Tu's "drool" has healing powers. When she runs dry, she tries tugging on her uvula to get more out and quickly learns it wasn't drool at all.
    • In the manga, Grimmjow kicks Loly so hard in the stomach that she throws up. The anime censored it by making him swat her away.
  • Happens in the Bokurano manga, where Ushiro vomits during his battle due to the accumulated stress; the enemy pilot has escaped and in order to win the battle and keep his Earth from being destroyed, he must kill everyone on that Earth until he kills the enemy pilot, at which point Ushiro and everyone on that Earth will die. He recovers a little faster and has to change clothes before continuing, winning, and dying.
  • Subverted in A Certain Scientific Railgun, where Misaka is kicked in the stomach by Mugino and would have puked, but doesn't due to not eating much for the last three days.
  • This shows up in the first scary stories skit in Daily Lives of High School Boys. While the vomit is drawn as if it was water, it has a centipede in it.
  • D.Gray-Man: Allen falls down to his knees and vomits after first seeing the horrific state of the soul of a Level 4 Akuma. The anime censored it by having only Allen gagging himself.
  • Parodied in DNA². Junta Momonari, who's allergic to women, vomits when he sees a girl without many clothes on. Since this is played for laughs, we see a chibi Junta puking his heart out and frequently all over the girl. It's even featured in the OP credits.
  • In the un-edited versions of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan kicks Cell in the stomach so hard he pukes up Android 18, along with lots of white fluid.
  • Played for Laughs in the very first episode of Excel Saga. "If you want me to strip down, I'll strip down; If you want me to throw up, I'll throw up!" This is actually a pun. Lord knows how, but apparently the Japanese phrase for "getting dressed" is the same as the phrase for "throwing up".
  • In Episode 20 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Edward is overcome with nausea as he digs up the remains of the... thing the human transmutation resulted in. It sets the mood for the scene immediately, as the viewer now also feels nauseous.
  • Yukiteru once does this in Future Diary after being attacked.
  • In episode 10 of Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun, Maika gets seasick and we see her throwing up multiple times... but the actual vomit is replaced by um... a sparkling stream of multicoloured glitter (complete with SFX). Yeah.
  • Happens rather frequently in Gantz when some of the more squeamish players witness the gruesome deaths of the others.
  • Ghost in the Shell has a memorable example of a man being violently sick in a toilet while repeating his Madness Mantra of, "Why do they want to eat?!" (Referring to full-cyberized humans eating "fake food").
  • Shows up in Gintama numerous times. The fact that they try to censor it with Pixellation usually makes it more comical then gross.
    • Kagura does this in the middle of the street in one episode, grossing everyone out with the stench. The OVA proudly touts the fact that she's the first Shounen Jump heroine to throw up (though she may have been predated by Orihime from Bleach).
    • It also happens with Shinpachi, in the Yoshiwara Arc, during the fight with Abuto. The latter exerts a great pressure on his stomach and the color leaves no place to doubt.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Used in the manga version of Matsuribayashi-hen, when Miyoko Tanishi aka the future Big Bad Miyo Takano leaves the Orphanage of Fear and has a flashback of a Nausea Fuel-like punishment.
    • Twice during Tatarigoroshi-hen. The first occurs when Satoko has a massive breakdown after Keiichi pats her head, due to the trauma she has gone through due to her uncle's abuse. Another justified Vomit Shot comes when Keiichi discovers the disemboweled remains of Rika, the novel's case of Kill the Cutie.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, Doppio gets affected by Risotto's ability that fills his throat with iron and vomits out a handful of bloody razor blades.
  • In KonoSuba, Aqua pukes rainbows while Kazuma holds her hair after a night of hard drinking at the guild.
  • Played for Laughs with Miki after she gets drunk in Life. The "camera" is to her back so you can barely see it, but you can clearly see a spray of liquid.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn:
    • In the second episode, Banagher throws up in his helmet and blacks out after he's defeated by Full Frontal and Angelo in mobile suit combat. (This probably should have drowned him, as we see it covers up his mouth and nose beneath the faceplate.)
    • Riddhe's Freak Out in episode 7 involves him throwing up to the point of dry heaves and sobbing uncontrollably, resulting in a lot of little globs floating around.
  • In episode 9 of My Love Story!! a man vomits on-screen. It's pixelated at least.
  • Shadow Star has a few of these:
    • Akira throws up on herself and before passing out in the classroom when she first links with her shadow dragon Ensof, because she feels it plummeting from the sky at high speed.
    • Satomi also gets to feel the nasty side-effects of psychic links with Mons; when her shadow dragon Amapola gets cut up by an attack chopper's rotor blades, she vomits, loses consciousness, and wets herself.
    • After being forced to ingest a beaker full of worms, Hiroko voids her stomach contents all over the ground as soon as the bullies leave.
  • Naruto:
    • Before the first test of the Chuunin Exams, Dosu's sonic attack causes Kabuto to double over and vomit. In the anime, he just gets nauseous/disoriented.
    • During their test in the Forest of Death, both Sasuke (after he and Sakura get paralyzed by Orochimaru's Killing Intent) and Rock Lee (during his fight with the Sound Ninja) visibly throw up. In the anime, they're both turned into Vomit Discretion Shots.
    • Naruto ends up throwing up when trying to use a Breath Weapon attack that is described as being a lot like vomiting and he gets the wrong idea. The actual vomiting happens between panels, but we do get a view of the vomit leaking out of his mouth.
    • Lee vomits during a flashback, in which he eats a disgusting herbal pill, but when Guy tells him that if he eats 100, he will be healed of his Game-Breaking Injury, he forces down 99 more, despite Guy saying that he doesn't have to do it in one sitting.
    • One chapter has Tsunade vomiting after drinking too much and not only is it clearly visible, it is the first thing we see when the narrative switches to her from somewhere else. The anime removes this, and skips that part of the scene.
  • During the final battle in One Piece Film: Z, Luffy gets hit so hard by one of Z's punches that he stumbles back and vomits.
  • This happens frequently in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. It's usually pink. Episode 5-B is titled "Vomiting Point".
  • Otako in chapter 56 of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan tries her hand at making an "anti-cold porridge" while at home sick from school; the resulting mixture comes back up all over her pajamas a page later while she tries to sleep.
  • The second Rebuild of Evangelion movie has Shinji vomiting blood in the film's climax. It's that kind of movie.
  • Prince in the Run with the Wind anime is frequently shown puking, sometimes from motion sickness, but also from exhaustion in episode 16, though his puke is usually not colored in and looks quite watery.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Shishio Makoto staggers and puke something unidentified on screen after being hit by Kenshin's secret technique.
  • In Sailor Moon, episode 65, at the end everyone goes out for pizza and Usagi is chugging soda. Rei teases her again, and Usagi yells at her. When Rei says that what she said is true, Usagi turns gray and throws the soda up on Rei.
  • In Spirited Away, the monster No-Face eats and then later barfs up every single bit of food in the whole bathhouse, along with a few staff members, who are dirty and shocked but otherwise none the worse for the wear. Also downplayed in that it's not exactly vomit as he has no digestive system to speak of.
  • In the second half of the movie version of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, due to the stress of trying to gather enough Spiral Power to revert to the humanoid form of Chouginga Gurren Lagann, Simon pukes up blood.

    Asian Animation 
  • It's common for characters in Happy Heroes to vomit without making any attempt to hide it. In particular, Big M. is considered so ugly that those who look him right in the face throw up immediately.
  • In episode 173 of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Paddi eats disgusting cookies only to vomit them out on-screen. Wolffy later vomits out a frog after eating the cookies.

    Comic Books 
  • Panaam from The Bad Eggs throws up into a cup and offers it to Ript and Claude as a drink. They give it to Tee-Arr instead, who is completely unaware of what it is.
  • In Batgirl (2000), after Cassandra Cain has been training non stop for ten hours straight, her friend Stephanie Brown (aka the Spoiler) arrives for a sparring match. She notices that she is fighting more intensely than ever before and Cass suddenly feels unwell and vomits in front of her.
  • Distressingly common in works by Sophie Cambell. Word on the street is that in addition to chubby chicks, she also has a thing for Roman Showers.
  • Concrete throws up a few times in frame. Because his stomach acid is so caustic, he usually tries to (and only partially succeeds) catch it in his hands to attempt to limit the damage it does.
  • Happens in Issue #75 of Elephantmen to a giraffe Elephantman, shortly after he's poisoned.
  • Several times in Empowered, by both Thugboy and Emp herself. And Sistah Spooky.
  • In Preacher, the Gluttonous Villain D'Aronique frequently induces vomiting in front of his inferiors. Also, at least a couple of minor characters are shown vomiting at the sight of Arseface, a young man with a deformed face resulting rom a Happily Failed Suicide.
  • Purgatori: After Lucifer strips her of her powers, she still retains a vampire's lust for blood but can't gain any sustenance from it. So she's just bleeding people dry left and right before vomiting out buckets of blood.
  • In "It's Not Lupus!", a Runaways story from "Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1", Molly is "really, really not feeling good". Nico and Karolina are suitably startled when Molly proceeds to barf right in front of them.
  • In Stormwatch, there's a scene set in the 1980's (and drawn as a Watchmen pastiche) in which Jenny Sparks vomits at the sight of what two of her fellow superheroes did to "make" a baby.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • The Ultimates: Iron Man attacks the Hulk with though scramblers to gain some extra time. The weapon makes Hulk threw up.
    • The very first issue of Ultimate Spider-Man has Peter vomiting after having been bitten by the spider. Lampshaded by Flash Thompson and company when they later ridicule him for that very thing.
      Kong: Mary Jane, if I throws up on ya, will you go out with me? BLAAHH!
  • In Violine, Violine vomits after seeing a bloody mouse vivisection in the biology classroom.
  • Since Werner contains a lot of drinking, there's also a lot of vomiting which always happens in plain sight. It's always interesting to see the things that come out of people.
    Among the reasons for Werner to throw up are riding a BMW motorcycle, listening to Nina Hagen and seeing a German motorcycle cop dressed in green coveralls on the old white and green police bikes. In "Dieselterror" in Volle Latte!, riding humongous singles gets the better of Werner. He is so shaken that he feels he can't drink beer anymore. When he does, he immediately throws up several cubic meters of foam. And Werner merch once included a "La Kotze" badge showing Werner throwing up. That's right, you could sew a vomiting comic character onto your clothing.
  • In "Lifedeath" (Uncanny X-Men #186), Rogue vomits on-panel after accidentally absorbing the memories of a Dire Wraith.

  • In Building With Worn Out Tools, Draco, while cornered by Fred and George in Diagon Alley, casts a wandless spell which makes them vomit violently and copiously.
  • In Camp Nightmare, Hobbes vomits when he discovers the bodies.
  • These moments are a dime a dozen in Cave Story Versus I M Meen; justified by the fact that the main protagonist Jack has a severely nasty habit of vomiting whenever he feels sufficiently disgusted and nauseated.
  • The Emergency! fic Complications has one when Jon Gage is fighting measles that turns into encephalitis. He struggles to make it into Roy's bathroom, but can't make it to the toilet and it ends up on the floor.
  • In the Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Crown Prince, Prussia can't resist the stress and vomits in public after he and future Frederick the Great are forced to watch the execution of Frederick's best friend, Liutenant Hans Hermann von Katte.
  • Epic: The Third Survivor: After seeing Chief Irons's body after the G-virus Chest Burster killed him, Sherry promptly vomits into the sink.
  • In FREAKIN GENSOKYO, Brad vomits in Chapter 84 after a seeing a man's bones teleported out of his body.
  • In Have a Rotten Day Yoshi the dinosaur and Ryo the cat barf all over Magiland, especially when on the rides and at the near end...
  • Discussed in The Loud House fanfiction Mall Rats, where a cat in the detective movie vomits onscreen apparently, which is sure to please Lana.
  • For Meowth's Toon Dragon, author of "Payback from a Pipe" and several Pokemon and MLP stories, this is one of his biggest tropes. A particularly notable example is from "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'em", when after finding out what they had just eaten from Gilda trying to train them against Champagne's rigged foods, Applejack and Rainbow Dash projectile vomit from Sweet Apple Acres all the way into the surrounding trees. He has said that he does it as he doesn't like hiding from even the disgusting parts of life and that it's more a natural bodily function.
  • In The Only Way Out Is Through, Minister Shacklebolt shows Harry some crime scene photos, one of which is of a body hanging from a tree and a nearby wizard vomiting into a rosebush.
  • In Papa Sev, Fred and George slip a test version of their Puking Pastille to Dumbledore during the Halloween feast, resulting in a Head Table covered with multicolored vomit.
  • Simple Gifts: The first entry relates Holmes coming home from a trip to the library to find Watson attempting to stagger across the room. The detective catches him so he doesn't hurt his head, and suffers the consequences when Watson throws up on him and the carpet due to his illness.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku is so nauseous after getting bitten by a strange spider that he ends up puking on the street before collapsing.

    Film — Animation 
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, a cautious Toothless decides to test a curious Hiccup by sharing a fish with him... after he has already eaten it. Riding a dragon is one thing, but having said dragon regurgitate half of a dead fish into your lap is quite another.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 kicks up the squick level when it shows another larger dragon regurgitating not just a single fish, but a whole slimy pile, this time for Toothless to eat... which he does. Thanks to advances in CG animation since the first film, we get to witness the entire scene in detail.
  • In the film Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi depicts herself violently projectile vomiting as she recalls how bad her ex-boyfriend's "literature" was.
  • In Shark Tale, as Oscar is cleaning a whale's tongue, the whale belches and then a tiny bit of vomit hits him.
  • A dream sequence in Shrek the Third has a baby ogre projectile vomiting on Shrek, which goes on for quite a while.
  • In a deleted scene from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie that was storyboarded but not animated, Patrick vomits twice after he and SpongeBob meet Sandy, who is depicted as a photo-realistic squirrel, on the surface.
  • This is as common in the Werner films as in the comic books. Notable examples:
    • In Werner - Beinhart!, one Skat player vomits over another due to a misunderstanding.
    • In Werner - Das muss kesseln!, Andi throws up all over a biker on a Japanese sports bike because he can't stand the design.
    • In the same film, Nobelschröder fills his Bentley Blower to the brim with vomit after drinking pure methanol which he took for moonshine. Werner and Andi suggest he'll serve lobscouse at his restaurant that day, and if he hurries up, it'll still be warm.
    • Still in the same film, after being fueled with Werner and Andi's "Hüper-Metül", Bruno and Helmut's police microbus hurls out not only its engine (impressive because the early VW microbuses have rear engines) but even the two cops' pants.
    • In Werner - Gekotzt wird später! (the title itself even refers to vomiting), Werner and Andi fill a Japanese tourist with beer brewed at a Bavarian cloister which they distrust too much to try it themselves. The tourist immediately throws up, and Werner and Andi decide the beer is worth trying because the vomit smells "just like at home".

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In 964 Pinocchio, Himiko spends the better part of five minutes vomiting. Then she eats it.
  • In American Animals, Warren throws up over the dashboard of the getaway car after the robbery.
  • American Splendor is the comic version, with a vomit after a kiss. Gets Lampshaded, too.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie features a scene where the Nerd projectile vomits all over a girl.
  • In Apollo 13, Fred Haise succumbs to motion sickness upon reaching Earth orbit, and coughs up a chunk of vomitus into the zero-gravity environment of the spacecraft. (The scene was actually filmed in an airplane dedicated to parabolic flights to simulate zero gravity, nicknamed... the Vomit Comet.)
  • Audition has the creepy Yandere puke into a bowl off-screen... only for her to come back on screen with a steaming dog-dish of vomit, which she forces her mutilated ex-boyfriend to lap up. The worst part is that the vomit was real, at the actress's insistence.
  • Taken to a whole new extreme in Austrian exploitation comedy flick Auf bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds), where the film starts off with a first person shot of the protagonist vomiting - and by "first person", it means the camera takes the point of view of the puke itself, cutting its way from the stomach through the oesophagus and finally splashing onto the floor. Yuck.
  • When Mike and Marcus in Bad Boys II are investigating the morgue for evidence, Marcus accidentally knocks the top of a corpse's head off, which causes it to expose its brain, which causes him to vomit.
  • In the 2005 film The Best Man, Murray throws up over James after having had too much to drink: first on his clothes, then in his face.
  • In Big Daddy, the little boy Julian vomits after eating too much junk food and jumping on the bed. The food isn't even half-digested, as it hasn't gotten the opportunity to mix with his gastric juices.
  • In Das Boot, the Captain finds Thomsen nearly passed out drunk and full of vomit in the bathroom.
  • The Bourne Identity: Already in shock from the Mood Whiplash of events after Castel attacks Bourne, Marie throws up as she's herded out of the apartment by Bourne and sees the headshot body of the concierge.
  • City of the Living Dead:
    • The infamous scene of a character vomiting her own intestine.
    • Another character in a later scene gives a more standard puking out of disgust.
  • In Colombiana, a young Cataleya, having escaped the murder of her parents with the MacGuffin the killers sought, meets with an official in the U.S. embassy. She had swallowed the MacGuffin earlier for safe keeping, so when he asks to see it, she makes herself vomit on his desk and then picks through the vomit to find it.
  • In Crank: High Voltage, a therapist whose patient gets blown away by a ricochet right in front of her blow chunks directly onto the camera lens.
  • Benjamin Button in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button when he arrives home after a night out drinking with his dad.
  • Very graphically in Daybreakers, when the testing of a blood substitute goes awry.
  • Dead Bang (1989): The alcoholic cop played by Don Johnson runs down an outlaw biker and is immediately sick on him. The biker is so grossed out that he agrees to spill the beans as long as Johnson doesn't spill his a second time.
  • The lovely close up of Eun-seo vomiting buckets and buckets of water in Dead Friend.
  • Deadtime Stories: Volume 2: In "The Gorge", Donna visibly vomits in the toilet at the hospital after trying to eat normal food and failing.
  • Death Bell: When a mutilated body drops out of the ceiling in the auditorium, one of the background students visibly throws up.
  • Destroyer: After being beaten up by DiCarlo's bodyguard, Erin throws up in the corridor (and across the bodyguard's shoes).
  • In Detroit Rock City, Hawk (Edward Furlong) signs up for an amateur night at a male strip club, but has a bit too much to drink before his turn comes up, and fills up a beer pitcher with vomit right before going into his routine, causing him to lose.
  • District 9 uses this rather effectively. The first time Wikus throws up, it seems to be white and chunky, like something he's eaten. It becomes clear something's very wrong indeed when he starts vomiting up black goo.
  • The Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood has an early scene in which a patient at the main character's hospital visibly vomits into a bin.
  • Drag Me to Hell:
    • The shot of the creepy old gypsy lady puking worms all over the protagonist's face. It turns out to be a dream, but still...
    • The seance scene of one of the possessed people puking up a cat that was killed earlier.
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous: At the State pageant finals, Amber (Kirsten Dunst) ends up winning by default because she's the only one who doesn't eat the shellfish, which as it turns out is "improperly refrigerated", resulting in girls vomiting everywhere you look. And a cameraman.
  • Elysium: After Max suffers a lethal dose of radiation, his friend takes him inside to figure out what is wrong and help him. Right as Max walks in the door, he pukes on the table.
  • In the spoof film Epic Movie, the main characters decide to party before the big fight the next day. While Peter goes into a tent to have sex with Mystique, Lucy and Edward convince Susan to drink a little. She ends up chugging an entire keg. This leads to her puking all over two guys. Twice. In the unrated cut, she insists she's fine, before puking on another two guys. And again, twice. This already is very gross. She then locks lips with a Legolas-look-alike, presumably to continue puking in his mouth. This disgusts both of her siblings and leads to no one showing up the next day for the final battle.
  • In the Evil Dead (2013) remake, Mia vomits twice. The first time is when her cravings are getting to her (she's a drug addict) and the second time is when she is possessed and vomits blood all over Olivia's face.
  • The projectile vomiting in The Exorcist is likely the best known example, thanks to the scene with the possessed little girl projectile vomiting pea soup all over an elderly priest.
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas features at least one very memorable moment where Thompson's attorney, Acosta, vomits quite nastily in a closet and spends part of the scene with chunky vom on his face.
  • 50 First Dates practically starts off with a vomiting walrus.
  • Flodder: In the second movie, a patron at the strip club who spent the scene before munching on a fast food snack finds that the meal didn't agree with him, and he graphically throws up on the bathroom mirror.
  • David Cronenberg's remake The Fly (1986), because flies digest all their food externally. What does get the discretion shot, however, is Jeff Goldblum "reabsorbing" it. It gets increasingly hideous during the film's climax, when he melts a guy's hand and foot, and is about to go for the face before Gina Davis talks him down.
  • Four Rooms has Tim Roth throwing up over the sight (and smell) of a dead hooker. This gets extra funny points for being shot and flash-cut (in the style known from the "what did you do to our hostage" scene in From Dusk Till Dawn) by Robert Rodriguez and for coming completely out of nowhere.
  • The Gentlemen: After being poisoned by Mickey, Lord George rather graphically projectile vomits over the table. Multiple times.
  • A brief shot of Max in a hi-speed jet in Get Smart. He vomits into a bag, which then overflows all over his arm. He asks the pilot for another bag.
  • Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 pukes from space-sickness, proving that he can make anything look cute.
  • Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson's Guest House Paradiso has not only almost every single character disgorge gallons of green slime after accidentally eating contaminated fish, but they do so with such force that one of them is blown out of a window.
  • Ron Weasley vomits giant slugs in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Only a borderline example, though, because they're just slugs. The main problem Rupert Grint had with the scene was actually spitting out the slugs. The prop slugs were made from chocolate pudding and flavoured gelatin, and apparently very tasty.
  • Happens in The Hateful Eight, as O.B. and John Ruth do this after they drink poisoned coffee.
  • Hell of the Living Dead:
    • Max gives a (rather narmy) example upon discovering the child zombie.
    • Osborne gets a Foreign Queasine-induced example.
  • In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, after the characters use the Improbability Drive for the second time, the result is a Puppet Permutation. Arthur vomits yarn.
  • Frankie is shown vomiting into the toilet after getting sick from the dirty water in The Hole. This marks the point where the situation in the bunker begins to deteriorate rapidly.
  • Swedish film A Hole in My Heart has a scene with one character vomiting into the mouth of another.
  • In Holy Smoke, right after the main character discovers that her father isn't actually ill, she chunders into a trash can in extreme close-up. The fact that it's very obviously phony somehow doesn't make it any better. At all.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine: Jacob pukes on Lou when the Bellhop's arm gets ripped off by a passing snowplow. A particularly nasty one. For extra credit bonus points, it hits a squirrel.
  • In How High, Tuan lets loose a geyser of vomit while helping Silas beta-test his truth serum.
    Silas: I'm-a have to tweak this shit a little.
  • It: Chapter Two:
    • Richie Stress Vomits over a railing when he gets the call to go back to his monster-haunted hometown. The camera is almost directly under the stream of vomit, facing up.
    • Richie tries to deliver a Bond One-Liner after killing Henry Bowers, but fumbles the delivery and vomits next to Mike, whose life he just saved.
    • When Pennywise takes the form of a disgusting, necrotic leper to attack Eddie the hypochondriac, Eddie's fear and disgust tick over into Unstoppable Rage. The leper reacts to being throttled by vomiting dark sludge into Eddie's open mouth and scuttling away.
  • Practically the selling point of the Jackass movies, which feature the group's reaction to their more pungent activities.
  • Jane Austin's Mafia! features a scene where people projectile vomit at a funeral because the main character's face is burnt. Even a horse vomits.
  • In Jennifer's Body, Jennifer vomits up black, spiny sludge after being possessed.
  • In Joshua, the title character is so disgusted with the way his family treats his baby sister compared to him that he makes himself vomit onscreen to make them pay attention to him.
  • In the horror film Junior (not to be confused with the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy film), the protagonist not only vomits onscreen, but directly onto the camera lens.
  • Earlier in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Valentine says he pukes at the sight of blood. In the climax, he's shown doing just that when it's his own blood he sees, after being impaled by Eggsy.
  • In Knives Out, one character vomits uncontrollably whenever she lies. Throughout the film, this happens offscreen, except on the very last occasion, where every chunk of vomit is clearly shown splashing on the main culprit's face, right after her last lie caused him to confess.
  • After a security guard is decapitated by the titular homicidal elevator in De Lift, his assistant reacts by promptly vomiting all over the floor.
  • In Logan Lucky, Joe Bang pukes multiple times, including at the warden's feet, when he fakes food poisoning in order to get taken to the infirmary.
  • In Man of Steel, Kal is shown vomiting blood when his body negatively reacts to the atmosphere on Zod's ship.
  • The Matrix: Neo vomits from excessive mental strain and denial, after learning what the Matrix is and the condition of the real world. The vomit is real. Keanu Reeves had eaten some chicken that didn't agree with him earlier that day.
  • In Meet the Feebles, Harry tries to perform on stage despite being extremely sick, and ends up puking on stage.
  • Miller's Crossing: The protagonist Tom Reagan takes Bernie Bernbaum out to Miller's Crossing to kill him, but lets Bernie go after he shamelessly begs for his life. Later the Dane hears a rumor that Bernie is still alive, so he takes Tom back to the site to either find Bernie's body or leave Tom's there. Tom Reagan appears to be taking his impending death a lot more bravely than Bernie, when he suddenly stops and throws up on the ground.
  • Monty Python:
  • The Sam Rockwell film Moon has a no-holds-barred blood vomiting scene about halfway through.
  • Multiple Maniacs actually has a character who eats puke. The Prince of Puke.
  • Used for waaaay Too Much Information in Murder by Numbers. Justin is so disgusted by having to mutilate the girl's body (despite having been the one to strangle her) that he throws up— and manages to throw up blood. Beats dropping your glasses.
  • Duncan vomiting dog urine all over Kelly and Jason in Mystery Team.
  • The New Daughter: Louisa starts to retch during one of the fights she has with her father, and the viewer unfortunately gets to see her hack up yellowish vomit onto the floor.
  • Oblivion (2013): When Julia wakes up from her cryosleep, she repeatedly pukes cryo-liquid on camera.
  • Osmosis Jones has it both ways. While Frank throwing up on Shane's teacher is done as a Vomit Discretion Shot, a photo on the school paper shows the act in all its nauseating glory.
  • In Parenthood, Gil's daughter unexpectedly vomits all over him after a baseball game.
  • The Parole Officer has Simon and George discussing the upcoming heist aboard the Pepsi Max Big One, the UK's largest roller-coaster. Simon's delicate stomach isn't up to it, and he pukes - extensively, and repeatedly - which rains back down the carriages until the Girl Scout behind him is liberally coated in the stuff.
  • The Pest: When Pest tells Himmel to take him off the island on a boat, the latter says he gets seasick. Pest reassures Himmel that he'll be fine. Cut to them both puking of the side of the boat. Himmel even blows chunks in Pest's face.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, where Norrington had more rum than he could handle the previous night.
  • Taken Up to Eleven with every person at the fair (except Junior, who started this whole mess due to making the ride's speed go out of control) during the Crazy Dance scene from Problem Child 2. When one gets motion sick and barfs, the rest follows...
  • The The Exorcist parody Repossessed takes the original's vomit scene Up to Eleven for laughs, exaggerating the volume of vomit.
  • Requiem for a Dream has this from Marion after a particularly upsetting sexual encounter. Given what happens to her later in the movie, after the VIS, it's a wonder she still has any innards by the film's end.
  • In The Rock, Stanely Goodspeed is told he'll have to come on the mission, and is given a stark description of what it entails. He goes to the bathroom to puke. And this is from a guy who earlier remained stoic while disarming a bomb that sprayed corrosive gas before it armed itself.
  • Rovdyr: When Renate makes Roger stop the van and gets out, she can be seen visibly vomiting over the edge of the bridge. She also hurls on Jorgen's comic book.
  • Several times in Rush. James Hunt throws up graphically and rather gratuitously before every race.
  • The Sandlot has a scene of all the boys vomiting while on a carnival ride after swallowing excessive amounts of chewing tobacco.
  • River Tam vomits chunky style in Serenity after she finds out the origin of Reavers, the Nightmare Fuel beings from the TV series Firefly.
  • In a flashback in Sexy Evil Genius Zach throws up over Nikki's shoes.
  • In Shortcut to Happiness, Mike visits Stone to tell him that he is dying of cancer. However, before he gets a chance to do so, he throws up over Stone's coffee table and carpet. Stone still doesn't figure out what is going on until after Mike angrily storms out. It is this event that triggers Stone's Heel Realization.
  • Shrooms: When Tara has her first fit, a small trickle of vomit can be seen on her chin. Later, when Bluto is tripping out, he vomits all over his chin and down his front.
  • The ghost of the poisoned girl in The Sixth Sense has strings of vomit coming out of from her mouth because of her mother, who exhibits signs of Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.
  • This happens during the "eating contest" scene from Stand by Me during which a bullied teenager deliberately throws up in the grossest possible way to provoke a Vomit Chain Reaction.
  • Starship Troopers, as Carmen is dissecting a Bug in one of her first scenes. Given the film's subversiveness, this was probably done to turn the audience off to her and onto Dizzy, though.
  • Martin from Super 8, multiple times, usually as a result of stressful situations such as when the alien begins attacking the Air Force bus while the boys are locked in the backseat holding cell.
  • The part in Superbad when Evan spews all over Seth, and then Seth yells "WHAT THE FUCK???".
  • In Superhero Movie, Rick vomits on-screen into his family's fish tank after being bitten by a super dragonfly. And he ends up feeding the fishes with it.
  • Super Size Me has a gratuitous shot when Morgan Spurlock McVomits out his parked car window after consuming a Super Sized McDonald's combo. Being a documentary, it was completely real.
  • The main character in Take Shelter is shown doing this, getting sick at work.
  • 2005 B-movie Tamara shows a character under a spell stick her entire hand down her throat and vomit a massive bloody puddle for the next two minutes. Obviously fake, but still repulsive.
  • The second segment of the Hungarian Cult Classic Taxidermia is about an Olympic athlete of speed eating. Cue lots and lots of machine-assisted vomiting.
  • Team America: World Police: Gary pukes, on screen, for a minute. It also looks like he's done vomiting right before he does it again, turning the scene into an Overly Long Gag. By the end it looks he's vomited twice his own weight.
  • Ulvesommer has Kid Hero Kim throw up 1/4th into the movie due to her injuries from falling off a mountain and faint. She later eats it when she refuses to eat some sheep meat a female wolf brings her cub who's hiding in the same ruined cabin.
  • What We Do in the Shadows: Played for Laughs when Nick the newbie vampire tries to eat human food and is left uncontrollably vomiting High-Pressure Blood in a back alley to upbeat background music.
  • Daryl VanHorne in The Witches of Eastwick, inducing vomiting via magic ("Have another cherry") and later suffering as the spell is used on him.
  • Allison Jimeno is briefly seen vomiting in a toilet in the film World Trade Center.
  • In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Ink's superpower forces several soldiers to puke on-camera.
  • The Young Poisoner's Handbook: After being poisoned at his birthday party, John pukes down Debra's cleavage.
  • In Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, there is a closeup of Lou Ann throwing up in the club. Everyone thinks she has been infected by the zombie crack, but it is actually Morning Sickness.
  • In the 2009's horror thriller film Hit and Run, A young woman forces herself to vomit after partying with her friends. The director gives the audience a 'toilet cam' shot so when she puke, we get to see it from the toilet bowl's point of view.

  • Several hours after the Battle of the Crapper in 1632, it suddenly hits Melissa Mailey that the refugees from the German army fully expected her to kill them. The effect this has on her digestive tract is not shied away from, and the result is a major component of her Character Development.
  • Dirty Bertie:
    • In the last page of "Yuck!", Bertie is illustrated as puking on Nick after being on a rollercoaster.
    • In "Weekend!", there's an illustration of Bertie throwing up in the car.
  • The Moomins and the Great Flood includes an illustration of a seasick Sniff puking over the side of a boat.
  • In Star Rattler, Lillus flies her ship into a black hole after warning her friends that there might be slight turbulence. They emerge out safe, except everyone is sick off their ass. They compare what the motion sickness feels like when Annis spews, which sets everyone else off. The best part? All the vomit is described, and it matches everyone's diets (as they are aliens and therefore all eat something different).
  • In Strands of Sorrow, when Faith goes to town on a horde of zombies in an M-1 Abrams tank equipped with M1028 rounds (canister rounds, think "120mm shotgun") that's shooting and running over many thousands of zombies, everyone in the helicopter that's watching the carnage loses their lunch, all of them Marines, and most having previously been through a lot of heavy fighting during the Zombie Apocalypse and in wars against ordinary humans.
  • In Dave Barry's Tricky Business, a bunch of hired goons go out in a boat during a severe storm, and it turns out they ate big dinners. The result is essentially a Reactive Continuous Upchuck session.
  • In the Paladin of Shadows book Unto the Breach, a lot of people, including the US President, go vomiting after seeing a Chechen commander get Pink Mist'd live on international TV, courtesy of Cold Sniper Lasko getting a successful shot.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 24:
    • Jack does it after shooting Curtis.
    • Jack is forced to vomit when he's tortured in Season 2.
  • Connor in Angel vomits when they find a whole family dead.
  • The Barrier: A scene includes a man vomiting on Manuela's clothes, entirely on camera.
  • In Battlestar Galactica, during "Daybreak", Admiral Adama is shown in a flashback getting severely drunk and vomiting all over himself after a night out with the Tighs.
  • Breaking Bad:
  • Brideshead Revisited: In the first episode, Sebastian throws up after binge-drinking. Presumably the reviewer who wrote "every frame is a Rembrandt" was forgetting those few frames.
  • In the Charmed (1998) episode "Long Live the Queen", Phoebe is the only character ever in the show to have thrown up on screen (Piper vomits off-screen twice in "Hyde School Reunion" and in her mouth in "The Eyes Have It"). After finding out her demonic husband has been feeding her evil juice, she throws up, but it's more like some water falls out of her mouth.
  • Chernobyl: Several characters start vomiting as they succumb to the effects of radiation poisoning. Towards the end of the first episode, Dyatlov is loudly insisting that there hasn't been an accident and that he will personally go up to the roof to confirm that the core isn't exposed when he suddenly projectile vomits mid-sentence due to acute radiation sickness.
  • The Comic Strip Presents is fond of this — more episodes than not seem to feature a character vomiting on screen.
  • Control Z: María graphically vomits up a brownie that she just ate into the toilet. It's among the signs that she's pregnant.
  • On an episode of Crank Yankers, a man converting to Judaism calls a rabbi who then advises that he get a circumcision. Upon learning the details of the circumcision he becomes violently ill. "Wait, how many rabbis will be present?" "Three." "BRRAWWRRRQUAARRLLLARAARRFFF!!!"
  • CSI has Sara doing it during the autopsy of "Liquid Man".
  • In Defying Gravity, when mission specialist Paula Morales gets sick during a mission briefing, the audience is treated to the sight of her vomit spraying across the room (and hanging in the air), because the ship has no artificial gravity.
  • Dexter:
    • The show has a blatant vomit shot in the second season, when Harry hurls after seeing young Dexter's handiwork (a partially dismembered corpse) for the first time. The camera is even staring up for the garbage can.
    • Season 7 has Debra throwing up on the lawn. It's a Continity Nod reaction as she has just realized that her brother is a Serial Killer.
  • Doctor Who:
    • During the iconic Raston Warrior Robot scene in "The Five Doctors", there's a brief glimpse of a Cyberman vomiting after being attacked. What a Cyberman, possibly lacking a digestive system, would actually throw up remains a mystery.
    • Parodied and subverted in "The Long Game": After receiving bionic implants, Adam does puke, but spits out an ice cube — his upgrades flash-froze the stuff as it came up his throat.
    • "The Beast Below": The Doctor and Amy escape being eaten by the Star Whale when the Doctor makes it throw up... with a tidal wave of vomit seen from inside the creature's mouth.
  • Fargo: Lester upchucks after Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers interrogate him about his involvement with Sam's murder.
  • Puke is all over the place in Farscape.
    • The animatronic cast members have the most epic moments of vomit: In "Self-Inflicted Wounds Part 1", Moya is knocked headlong into a wormhole following a collision with another ship, and as such, Moya's symbiotic pilot is in considerable pain. When D'argo and Stark actually ask him how he feels, Pilot opens his mouth to speak and instead spews a small ocean's worth of pea-soup vomit all over his console, Stark, and D'argo's shirt. The expression on poor Stark's vomit-splattered face has to be seen to be believed.
      D'argo: I had no idea he could do that.
      Stark: [revolted] I had no idea anyone could do that!
    • Rygel seems to be able to do it at will. In "Green Eyed Monster", Stark annoys him by refusing to leave Crichton, Aeryn, Crais and Talyn to die, so after being Bound and Gagged, the ever-charming Hynerian gets the Cloud Cuckoo Lander to pull out the gag, whereupon he spews a great wave of watery green vomit at Stark, not only soaking him from head to toe, but getting some in his mouth.
      Stark: What have you eaten? [Rygel just looks satisfied as his wipes him mouth off and Stark struggles to keep his own gorge down] Oh! Oh! Ughugh-! Oh! I think I'm going to-
      Rygel: Waste funnel's in the back. [he smiles as Stark rushes off and the sound of him retching are heard] I love that trick.
    • While not up to Pilot or Rygel's levels, Scorpius will often spurt out truly epic levels of bodily fluid to signify he was injured or in pain.
    • Also must mention the episode "Out of Their Minds", in which the Villain of the Week is taken ill on board Moya and graphically vomits... whereupon the vomit turns out to be a lifeform that attacks the ship's systems with at least some degree of intelligence.
    • In the Strange Detractors comic, Moya is seen puking after taking a medicine.
  • The Flash, of all shows, does this when Caitlin has several too many at a karaoke bar.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In Season 2, as Stannis's invasion fleet sails up Blackwater Bay to attack King's Landing, a soldier in the hold throws up into a barrel already full to the brim with vomit.
    • At the start of Season 5, Tyrion is released from the crate in which he'd been smuggled across the Narrow Sea. He heads for the nearest decanter and drinks, only to throw up on the expensive carpet. He keeps drinking.
  • During a performance in Glee, a drunk Brittany pukes on Rachel, with Santana then shown puking in her hands. Fittingly, they were singing Ke$ha's "TiK ToK".
  • In HBO's reality series Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Houston Texans, the show uses a long shot of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing vomiting from exertion. And vomiting again. And again. And a fourth time for good measure.
  • It happens in the mini-series Helter Skelter (a dramatization of the Charles Manson murders). When a friend of the victims sees the body of Sharon Tate at the opening crime scene, he rushes offscreen and outside for what the viewers think will be a Vomit Discretion Shot. Instead, he stops in front of a window and hurls the contents of his stomach in full view.
  • Himmelsdalen: Helena vomits explicitly as a result of side effects from meds or stress.
  • Horatio Hornblower:
    • In the beginning of "The Duel", Horatio vomits on deck while meeting his shipmates. This leads to him being known as "The Midshipman who was Seasick in Spithead".
    • In "Mutiny", a seaman falls from the rigging and his blood spatters on young Midshipman Wellard, who promptly throws up.
  • Lots of onscreen throwing up in House, sometimes with blood. At least they have the excuse of being a medical show.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia does this occasionally, with the most famous probably being an incident in "Frank's Pretty Woman", where Charlie decides to fake sickness by swallowing a handful of blood capsules to get a Blood from the Mouth effect. He actually swallows far too many, causing him to projectile vomit fake blood.
  • Is there an episode of Jackass that doesn't feature Steve-O spewing his guts up?
  • Late Night with Conan O'Brien features "Vomiting Kermit" as an occasionally-used sight gag. Once it was also subverted in a sketch about budget cuts, in which a supposed reduction of their special effects budget resulted in him becoming "Dry-Retching Kermit".
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: In one episode, a young man learns that his murdered girlfriend was, unbeknownst to him, his sister. Cue the facial contortions of disgust and vomiting.
  • In Little Britain, there are characters who copiously vomit whenever it's mentioned the food they ate was prepared by someone from a minority. The DVD commentary mentions that it is "cartoon vomit", which deliberately looks unrealistic.
  • Ben vomits upon his arrival in Tunisia in the Lost episode "The Shape of Things to Come". This is repeated when Locke arrives in Tunisia the same way.
  • Mad Men
    • Roger Sterling vomits after eating a lunch consisting of a few dozen oysters and cheesecake (and at least three martinis), then returning to his building only to find the elevator out of servicenote . Unfortunately, his office is on the 23rd floor. Some viewers, apparently, cannot infer outcomes like these for themselves.
    • Betty, after a party where Jimmy Barret (correctly) infers Don was cheating on her with his wife, vomits on the car ride home.
  • In The Mandalorian, the title character does some loops in his spaceship with the Child riding shotgun. The Child whoops at the fun flips while munching on a packet of blue cookies, until he spits up blue vomit all over himself like a baby would. The tough-guy Mandalorian starts cleaning him up using the corner of his own Badass Cape.
  • In the Masters of Horror episode "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road", Ellen throws up in front of the camera after she wakes up in the villain Moonface's cabin.
  • In Misfits, a monumentally drunk Kelly pukes all over Curtis. She then attempts to kiss him, but he declines the offer.
  • Mr. Robot has a particularly nasty depiction of this in Season 2. After overdosing on Adderall in an attempt to get rid of Mr. Robot, Elliot throws up, and then digs around in his own vomit to find and re-eat the half-digested pills. Even Mr. Robot looks grossed out.
  • Mr. Show: "Rudy Will Await Your Foundation" has an in-show blooper of Bob Odenkirk doing this, which David replays several times. It's also the episode's Stinger/Brick Joke.
  • If MythBusters doesn't show the vomit, it's because they couldn't get a decent camera angle.
    • Adam is fairly prone to seasickness, but for some reason still volunteers to be the one in the tank during the "can a vortex swallow up a ship?" myth, with predictable results.
    • In the Cold Feet myth, there's a bucket-cam, so after Kari gets a piece of cricket stuck in the back of her throat, first we're treated to her gagging directly into the camera, and then vomiting on it. Thanks for that, guys.
    • Grant has had several of these, most (if not all) of them triggered by his nemesis: the spinning motion-sickness test chair. During a myth involving hangovers, it eventually reached a point where simply sitting in the chair with it turned off was enough to make him yack. Ivan Pavlov would be proud... sort of. (This only happened when he was already hung over and nauseous, though; in the control test and the final test, he endured thirty minutes—which was actually about 10 minutes longer than during the seasickness cure tests, the first myth to use the chair.)
    • In 2005, when the team hosted "Shark Week", several mini-myths were sprinkled throughout Discovery's programming. One of them was whether vomit in the water would attract a shark. Cue Kari sticking her finger down her throat to make herself vomit.
  • In "Yankee White", the first episode of NCIS, Kate, who's suffering from the flu, throws up in an evidence bag which is promptly bagged and tagged by Gibbs, as they're investigating a possible poisoning case.
  • Off Centre had multiple characters vomit onscreen in a single episode, for a variety of reasons.
  • One episode of The Office (UK) shows several characters throwing up into waste paper baskets, on the floor, through their hands...
  • In the episode of The Office (US) where Michael grills his foot, Dwight showers the rear window of his car with vomit after crashing into a pole during the cold opening.
  • Oz is a very mature show, so when people get sick we tend to see it.
    • For example, Ryan has frequent bouts of nausea after receiving chemotherapy for his breast cancer.
    • Averted in the case of Adebisi after he's rejected by Shirley and called a racist term. He becomes so upset that he trashes his room, smokes pot, and crawls over to his toilet where he vomits, but we don't see it.
  • Peep Show takes this to the logical extreme, and gives us the wonderful image of vomiting from the vomiter's POV.
  • Political Animals: Doug's fiancee Anne is revealed to be bulimic when her mid-meal purge in the bathroom is shown in full.
  • Saturday Night Live:
  • In the pilot of Selfie, Eliza is sick into two vomit bags on a plane. However, while attempting to take them to the bathroom, they spill all over her in front of her cell phone camera-wielding coworkers, making this a variation of the trope.
  • Sex and the City: Carrie throws up in the sink when she discovers Aiden's engagement ring. She finds it ugly and she's not very certain about their relationship. A reaction this strong surprises her.
  • Shameless (US): In "Liver, I Hardly Know Her", Fiona gets sick from partying the night before and vomits out of a car window while it's in motion. The camera is mounted on the side of the car so as she pukes; it splatters on the lens.
  • In Silicon Valley, it's established that Richard Hendricks will throw up when nervous. One episode concludes with Erlich covered in Richard's projectile vomit.
  • The Sopranos:
    • When Adriana La Cerva is graphically pressured to become an informer for the government, she blows chunks all over an FBI conference room, and an FBI agent.
    • Tony himself throws up during an emotionally charged meeting with his underbosses shortly after being shot.
  • In Series 1 Episode 7 of Sugar Rush, Kim rushes out of a nightclub and throws up realistically and fairly graphically on the ground.
  • Tales from the Crypt:
    • "Forever Ambergris" has a man who's been infected with a flesh-rotting virus clearly vomit onscreen. And then it gets worse.
    • In "The Third Pig", Drinky Pig vomits constantly because he, well, drinks a lot. Dudley Pig also vomits when he discovers his brothers' murdered bodies.
  • That's Just Me often does this. Sometimes it's meant to be serious, but almost always it's meant to be humorous and deliberately over-the-top.
    • One episode has the main character imaging everyone in her band class puking into the instruments during a concert, and then playing them, causing the puke to splash out onto everyone.
    • A famous scene involves Elizabeth making a sandwich that combines all of her favorite foods in it and then eating it. The result is a long scene of Elizabeth and her friends puking. Amelia, however, throws up pink puke, causing Elizabeth to announce that Amelia really is a lesbian since her puke is pink.
    • One serious scene has Elizabeth puking up straight bile that burns her throat after being emotionally abused for so long.
  • In Jackass's predecessor, The Tom Green Show, Tom experiments with rum & Coke to determine whether or not he's funnier when he's drunk.
  • Torchwood: "Dead Man Walking" features an 8-second long shot of Owen spraying out a ridiculous quantity of beer while standing on his head because that's the only way to get the beer out, since his current status as undead means he has no gag reflex or digestive functions.
  • In the Two and a Half Men episode "Lookin' for Japanese Subs", Jake and Eldridge film Jackass-style stunts. The first one is Jake drinking Diet Coke, then swallowing Mentos. The results are shown onscreen.
  • Series 3 Episode 7 of Waterloo Road sees student Mika come into school after lunch, drunk on vodka. After a confrontation, she throws up over the headmistress's front.
  • In Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the game "Helping Hands" started out as merely acting out a scene with someone else's arms doing any gesticulation needed; then it was modified with a table of props for the other actor to handle blindly; and finally reached Mk III with edible items added to the table. Colin Mochrie, usually as the hands, was apparently encouraged to stuff the edibles into the mouth of face-actor Ryan Stiles, and the act usually concludes with Ryan spitting up everything... into Colin's hands.
  • The Wire:
    • Bunk Moreland vomits in the third season of during a policeman's wake. Thankfully, he does it outside the bar, not inside. Then he continues drinking.
    • The young drug dealer Poot is the first to act after The Pit is robbed at gunpoint by Omar's crew in season one: he vomits chunkily on the floor of the stash house.
    • McNulty gets one Vomit Shot in the first season too. After he hears the recording of Kima getting shot, he relieves himself over a wastepaper basket.
  • In Workaholics, this happens a couple of times.
    • In the episode "We Be Ballin", Adam pukes after ingesting ipecac to prove he has a stomach of steel. He ends up throwing up right into the camera. Later, the gang gives the ipecac to two older douches at their house party to get them to leave.
    • In the episode where Anders's father comes and visits him, Ders is lying constantly to his father. While the two are sitting in a car at a dealership, Ders is possibly about to confess when his father cuts him off and says he's proud of Ders. Ders gets so emotional he throws up along the outside of the car.

  • The cover of MAD issue #543 features mascot Alfred E. Neuman vomiting into a "Make America Great Again" hat.

  • Kyo, lead singer of Japanese metal band Dir en grey, uses real vomit of varying color and consistency during music videos and stage shows.
  • Craig Benzine, the singer/guitar player in Driftless Pony Club, throws up in the music video for "Legend of Archery" when ninja!Sam kills everyone else.
  • Eminem pukes on Michael Jackson (or better said, himself playing MJ) in the video for "Just Lose It".
  • Gene Simmons of KISS is famous for puking blood on stage.
  • In Melanie Martinez's music video to "Carousel", Cry Baby vomits pink vomit after she gets tied to a carousel. Word of God is they used yogurt to make the "vomit".
  • Tyler, the Creator, in his video for "Yonkers", is shown vomiting after eating a cockroach.
  • In Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" video, her character throws up in a shoe during a party.

  • In Big Bang Bar, the "Looped In Space" multiball mode begins with two Martians vomiting up the pinballs they'd previously caught in their mouths.
  • As with the source, Stern Pinball's Family Guy has vomit by the bucketful in the "Ipecac Contest" mode.
  • Occurs in Fun House. If you shoot a ball into Rudy's mouth while he's sleeping, he awakes with a start and vomits out the ball.
  • In Stern's KISS, Demon Multiball begins with Gene Simmons's head spitting pinballs at the player.
  • The Snake in Metallica vomits up the pinball he swallowed to start Snake Multiball.

    Theme Parks 
  • The Slaughterworld show at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights ran for several years, and the 2007 and 2008 shows both included over the top vomit gags: The 2007 show had an executioner shoot a zombie in the gut to cause him to vomit all over another cast member, while the 2008 show had two minions faced with the throat slashing of an atoller begin profusely spraying vomit over the set and each other for 30 seconds straight.

    Video Games 
  • Bad Day L.A. has a kid that got infected with a biological agent and throws up all the time.
  • In the first Bloody Roar, certain low attacks that connect to stomach can break the opponent, forcing them to fall on one knee and vomit on the stage.
  • In Borderlands 2, Tina has a vomiting spew after experiencing teleportation with Lilith.
  • Breakdown gives you the lovely sight of your own character being induced to vomit by his female costar after eating drug-laced food. The game is in first person.
  • In Breath of Fire IV, there's an incident where Fou-lu vomits copious amounts of blood. Admittedly, this is also because Fou-lu was at Ground Zero of a Fantastic Nuke detonation. A Fantastic Nuke powered by his girlfriend, as he finds out about five seconds after he's heaved his own spleen out his mouth. In the Bloodier and Gorier manga adaptation, this scene is included as well as a second scene of Fou-lu puking blood. Admittedly, this is because Fou-lu had just been Back Stabbed by The Emperor Soniel (not wanting to give up his seat to some mere King in the Mountain God-Emperor) with an Evil Weapon that eats souls.
  • Matt has one in Bullet Heaven 2 when Natalie points out that the water they've been able to breathe for no reason contains fish and whale poo.
  • During the battle with Junior (or Deaddy) in CarnEvil, the players go into the doll house, only for the boss to remove the roof and puke all over the players.
  • City of Heroes has zombie mooks who glory in spewing acidic, DoT-causing vomit. Conveniently enough, they're mostly encountered in the sewers.
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins has a segment near the beginning of the game where the main character, after a particularly violent vision, vomits in first-person perspective.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day:
    • Conker vomits over near a monk while he is hungover.
    • In the Barn Chapter, when you go near Marvin Gas smells, Conker will vomit. He also throws up when he is hungover after you pee over the enemies when you're drunk.
  • Dead Rising:
    • Dead Rising 2:
      • Chuck Greene can attempt to rescue a drunken showgirl... who will vomit repeatedly over the course of their conversation.
      • People can vomit in this game but not the first one, even though you could technically get food poisoning.
      • Chuck gets terribly sick if he drinks three alcohol items in a row. This contributes to the difficulty of That One Boss at a certain point in the game, because the area that you have to fight in has no healing items on hand except for beer and margaritas.
    • Dead Rising 3 has a boss based on the sin of gluttony: an apparent competitive eater named Darlene who is confined to a mobility scooter, who uses her own projectile vomit as an attack. Ironically, slipping on one of her own vomit puddles and choking on her vomit does her in.
  • In Dubbelmoral!, a Swedish-language Macintosh game developed by students of Lund University in honor of the Lundakarnevalen event held every four years, consuming excessive beer and filling up the "Fylla" meter leads to our college boy protagonist puking violently. If by chance the puke splashes on the University's Rector Magnificus, he will reprimand the protagonist. Getting three strikes from the Rector leads to a Non Standard Game Over via expulsion from the University.
  • Dwarf Fortress is frank about it. "(Target) vomits." (usually from damage to internal organs), and then there is a pool of vomit on the ground. Do your dwarves suffer from cave adaptation? Congrats, the front of your fortress is now caked with layer upon layer of dwarf barf. Units used to vomit repeatedly, now they'll just retch if they already have recently. The game's creator has stated that he hopes to eventually implement choking on your own vomit Hendrix-style.
  • Exaggerated in Eggggg – The Platform Puker, a Platform Game where the main character vomits to propel himself. You may end up covering various walls and platforms in green vomit. However, the cartoony graphics keep the game from being a total Gross-Out Show.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the vomit is weaponized by the Afflicted, people tainted by a disease from Peryite, a Daedric Prince whose purview includes pestilences.
  • Fable:
    • The main character will vomit occasionally if you drink to much. If you drink so much that the screen is completely pixelated, he will stop and continuously vomit until the screen clears.
    • It happens in one cutscene when Maze first teleports the player character to the Guild of Heroes.
  • Far Cry 3 includes this one guy hanging out in the Badtown on the Rook Islands, who's constantly standing outside the bar vomiting. Makes you wonder what he ate or drank earlier to be so constantly sick.
  • The Shadowbringers story in Final Fantasy XIV shows a minor character who, after being stabbed by a Sin Eater, gets corrupted by the light and vomits before transforming into a Sin Eater. Said vomit is light aspected and glows a bright white. The same thing starts happening to the player character near the end of the main scenario after absorbing too much light-aspected aether throughout the story, but luckily they get help from Arbert and it prevents their transformation long enough for them to fight the Final Boss without hindrance.
  • Kratos does this in God of War II after he's almost crushed to death by the Colossus of Rhode's hand.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:
      • If CJ eats more than eleven meals at a fast food joint, he will end up puking and then has to wait eleven hours (in-game time) before he can eat again.
      • In one mission, where CJ picks up Kent Paul and Maccer from the desert, Kent Paul orders CJ to stop the car, and if the player chooses to, Kent Paul will walk out and vomit on the ground.
    • In Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, if Luis drinks too much alcohol in one of the game's two nightclubs, he'll vomit right before blacking out.
    • Grand Theft Auto V:
      • Michael throws up a little after experiencing a Mushroom Samba when his son Jimmy drugs him with a drink spiked with ketamine.
      • Trevor vomits rather intensely after eating a bowl consisting of... something... that he found inside his fridge during the setup for the Paleto Score.
      • Trevor will sometimes be shown puking into fountains or swimming pools when you switch to him during free roam.
  • In The Hanged Man, Will is shown to throw up in distress in any ending where he encounters a corpse.
  • Hans Kloss: Eating food when you're over 60% full will cause Kloss to vomit, and won't refill his belly, so you'll waste a food pickup.
  • In Heavy Rain, if you choose to kill a drug dealer, Ethan will throw up afterwards.
  • In The House of the Dead: OVERKILL, Varla Guns spews after having her brain replaced with the brain of Clement's mother.
  • In Kindergarten, Nugget uses a Poison-and-Cure Gambit involving a poisoned chicken nugget to get the protagonist to feed a more potent one to the Barbaric Bully Buggs. Once the deed is done, Buggs vomits over the lunch table at Nugget's timing before keeling over.
  • In The Last of Us Part II, Abby vomits out of stress upon finding the bodies of her comrades who were killed by Ellie.
  • The Common Infected in Left 4 Dead can sometimes be seen vomiting. Also, the Boomers' main attack is puking on the player, causing their view to become green and blurred, and attracting more infected.
  • This is actually the censored version of Ganondorf spitting out blood after his first defeat in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • In Life: the Game, if you fail at making your boss coffee, he will throw up onscreen.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid 3:
      • Big Boss will vomit if he eats rotten animal meat, and his stamina will decrease.
      • You can make Big Boss and EVA vomit by spinning their character models around in the Survival Viewer, then returning to game.
    • Metal Gear Solid 4:
    • Similarly to the MGS4 example, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will have Raiden kneel and vomit if you roll around too much in the Drum. Interestingly for this trope, his vomit is translucent, likely as a result of his cybernetics.
  • Metal Slug 3:
    • Players face off against waves of zombies in Mission 2. Getting attacked by one of them while in human form turns you into a zombie that pukes highly destructive blood as its grenade attack.
    • In the hidden cave of the same level, zombies will form a cup with their hands, puke into it and then throw it at the player(s).
  • Lying somewhere between this and the Vomit Discretion Shot, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has Samus getting more and more corrupted by the radioactive Phazon as the game goes on. After some bosses die, they dump a load of liquid Phazon on her, driving the corruption forwards. The first time this happens she kneels on the ground and the camera cuts to a shot diagonally from behind and pulls back; we can clearly see Samus spewing up a pool of neon-blue liquid. The fact that she's puking up Phazon is a sign of just how bad she is. Arguably, her not doing it again is even worse, as it shows just corrupted she is.
  • Moshi Monsters: At the end of the song "The I.G.G.Y. Chomp", I.G.G.Y. throws up rainbow-coloured fluid onto the screen.
  • Happens occasionally in the 3D Mortal Kombat games.
  • In Mortal Kombat X, Bo' Rai Cho's second fatality entails him forcing his opponent to drink his Gargle Blaster and making them puke their guts out...literally.
  • Noob Saibot's X-ray attack in Mortal Kombat 9 has him kick his opponent square in the gut, causing them to vomit quite visibly on his leg—even if they're wearing a mask or happen to be a robot.
  • In The Neverhood, one of the sheep-like clay creatures reacts to seeing one of his peers accidentally crushed by a spinning mushroom house by puking on-screen.
  • The intro for Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion shows an orc puking his guts out after all the orcs in the community got sick from pollution.
  • In Postal 2 there are two variations.
    • If a more squeamish citizen comes across one of your murders, they will occasionally vomit. They also tend to vomit sometimes when you urinate on them.
    • The other variation is when you throw a diseased cow head at the citizens: They will vomit blood and die.
  • In the game Primal Rage, one of Chaos's moves is "Power Puke", which obviously involves him retching up a glob of vomit at his opponent.
  • The later Rampage games have this when grabbing bad food items.
  • Randal's Monday:
    • When Matt throws up at the beginning of the game.
    • When the zombified business bum drinks Randal's remedy.
  • In Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, if John Marston sits at a cannibal's camp long enough, he'll take a bite out of the cannibal's stash of human flesh, causing him to vomit it right back out.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: At the end of "A Quiet Time", if Arthur Morgan successfully escapes the law, he will wake up feeling sick and hung over and lean over onto the tall grass to projectile vomit.
  • Happens all the time on RollerCoaster Tycoon when guests get sick from going on rides such as rollercoasters on a full stomach.
  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming, Alex Shepherd vomits when he wakes up after fighting the monstrous incarnation of Scarlet Fitch in the Otherworld.
  • In The Sims, you can get your Sims to vomit under certain situations. It comes out pink in The Sims, in The Sims 2 it is blue, and The Sims 3 goes more for a realistic brownish tinge. Tiberium-induced vomit, however, is bright green.
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth and its sequel have grossed-out characters do this after their turn, taking damage in the process. Made worse for Token/Tupperware in the second game since, he wears a plastic container on his head, thus his vomit fills it halfway.
  • Spelunky features mummies who both vomit and spew flies when your character gets in range; the flies damage you, but if you have the proper artifact and can get in position, you can actually collect the vomit and gain numerous extra lives.
  • Spore has a vomiting emote (of the "greenish-yellow liquid" variety) in the creature creator's test drive mode. It also happens in Creature Stage if a carnivore tries eating fruit (presumably if a herbivore eats meat, as well).
  • When you finally take Zoda down in the final battle of StarTropics, he'll start puking right before he finally dies.
  • Certain blows, usually low ones, in early releases of Street Fighter II would randomly cause a "vomit" animation to appear. The animation was removed in Super Street Fighter II and hasn't returned to the series since.
  • Patients in Theme Hospital sometimes vomit at random places in your hospital. You need to assign a janitor to get rid of it, or else the mess will lead you to further problems.
  • In Theme Park, expect to hear lots of yacking sounds and see piles of orange and yellow littering your park.
  • Characters in The Thing (2002) tend to vomit on a regular basis. The puke-o-rama is a reaction that the NPCs have to gruesome and outright mind-damaging sights like carcasses, splatterage, and the occasional roasted Thing bits here and there. It's up to you as Blake to calm down their nerves, usually by taking them away from the offending sight for a breather.
  • Happens a lot on Thrillville, and you get to clean it up with a special vacuum-like machine.
  • In Um Jammer Lammy, Cathy Piller is always puking weird pink vomit as she talks, much to Lammy's dismay.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines features a minor NPC (and the Player Character, if Ventrue) vomiting blood''.
  • The Walking Dead Season One: In Episode 2, as Lee regains consciousnesses after being strucked, he sees Lilly vomiting in the corner after finding out the dinner they were eating was human meat.
  • In Warcraft II, ogres vomit when they die.
  • Wizard 101: The Humongofrog spell, which deals damage by vomiting on all of the enemies in a duel.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • Characters vomit in a bright green stream accompanied by a rather disgusting noise. Since the game features fully positionable camera angles, you can get as close to (or as far away from) the action as you desire.
    • Puking on players is a standard combat tactic of certain Undead units.
    • In the battle with Cho'gall, after you've gained enough stacks of Corruption, you will vomit on other players, damaging them.
    • In the Stormstout Brewery instance, in one room late in the dungeon, beer pours out and you can become drunk if it touches you. You can use a Relief Bucket, which turns you sober again after making you vomit.
    • The Warriors has one level where an enemy Destroyer is puking his guts out while drunk, causing his friend to call him weak since he drank twice as much as he did and isn't barfing. Sometimes people you beat to a pulp will crawl around, vomit, and then die.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • From asdfmovie 2:
    "Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual!"
    "How can you tell?"
  • Rocky from Battle for Dream Island vomits throughout Season 1 until his Infinite Matter Generator is destroyed in the finale. He regains his barf in IDFB for inexplicable reasons.
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Sid throws up while watching Braddie shoot his remake of E.T. The Porno.
  • Bravest Warriors:
    • Danny pukes on-screen after seeing a 9000% sexier hologram version of Beth.
    • Danny's childhood included a bully named Hans Christian Teet-Phanters and his gang the Low-Gravity Hacker Lads, who stole Hans's father's garage door opener and rigged it to make Danny vomit when they pushed the button. Which they did. Quite often.
  • Carious Weltling is a flash game found on Newgrounds and other such places, where the titular carious weltlings vomit up globs of blood to kill their enemies.
  • Deviant: Cass, the main protagonist, forces herself to vomit up a tracking device.
  • At one point in Dumb Ways to Die, Lax hurls up the two-weeks-old unrefrigerated pie he just ate.
  • In Geography Now, Paul explains what ambergris is (sperm whale vomit).
    Paul: I'm a Sperm whale! Bleeaaaaargh!
  • Happy Tree Friends: In "Gems the Breaks", the Kryptonut causes Splendid to throw up whenever he gets exposed to it. He eventually crushes it to dust to deal with the problem, but accidentally breathes in the dust, causing him to vomit profusely until he explodes from trying to hold it in.
  • In chapter 4 of Jury Macnitier, Jury gets sick from her powers awakening in full, so after she takes a bow at her school play, she barfs up green sludge that smells awful, as the story describes. You can only see the projectile vomit hitting the audience, but it's enough.
  • In one episode of Midnight Screenings, Jake pantomimes this to show why he would be horrible at giving oral sex. Then he says if it was a Japanese video, people would find it even hotter.
  • Mongolian Erectile Dysfunction, a spoof of the classic Tootsie Pop commercial, depicts Mr. Turtle as having a condition called Mongolian Erectile Dysfunction, which The Stinger clarifies as an inability to acheive an erection because of faulty wiring in the brain and consequently vomiting or emptying one's bowels when once is aroused. Mr. Turtle is depicted as a pedophile trying to rape the boy and frequently pukes all over the place when he tries to have his way with him.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: In "The Morning After", Trisha 2 and Matthew throw up like this on top of a spinning platform after a hard night of drinking.
  • Neopets: In the game "Barf Boat", Captain Arf will periodically projectile vomit green sludge from seasickness.
  • In the first part of the Object Terror two-parter "Kiloto the Minoto", Stapler is given a bottle with a "yellow fluid" inside for surviving yet another elimination. She thinks it is apple juice and drinks it. Then Whipped Cream reads the label on the bottle, which says "Computer's Urine". After that revelation, Stapler vomits a beam of puke at Carpet in disgust of what she drank.
  • Potter Puppet Pals has the episode "Potter Puppet Pals: Mustache Buddies", where Snape reluctantly grows a mustache as suggested by Voldemort. The students panic upon seeing it, with puppet Hermione puking, and as she is a puppet, she pukes green yarn.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 fan video Sniper Soda, Scout keeps vomiting after drinking Sniper's pee.
  • In the Milk Challenge and Banana and Sprite Challenge videos on Youtube, people manage to spray geysers out their mouths that give Old Faithful a run for its money.
  • Seen in the Scott the Woz episode for Wii Music, with Scott playing a tambourine accompaniment to the game's rendition of "Daydream Believer" before suddenly vomiting.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • When Jake gets eaten by an ogre in "The Enchiridion!", Finn kicks the ogre in the groin to make him puke Jake back up.
    • "Storytelling" features Jake getting sick and complaining that his stomach hurts. Finn makes him some soup, Jake gulps it down, and then proceeds to vomit it back up.
    • In "Go With Me", when Finn finds out the movie at Couples' Movie Night is a corny romantic film, he projectile vomits facing away from the audience, but you can still see a good deal of the puke pretty easily.
    • In "Too Young", Lemongrab eats a large handful of extremely spicy mashed carrots. He turns bright red, and projectile-vomits profusely all over Peppermint Butler. He probably would have kept puking, if he didn't abruptly start screaming and fall out of the window. The fact that he was punched in the stomach in the previous scene might have had a little to do with it, too.
    • In "Jake the Dog", Prismo's ominous warning about the repercussions of the wishes he grants makes Jake so nervous, he Stress Vomits into the hot tub they're sharing.
    • Seed-Wad, a newborn lemon candy baby, pukes all over himself and the table in "All Your Fault". His dads don't seem to be bothered by it, they keep fawning over their son anyway.
  • All Hail King Julien seems to have made a running gag of Mort projectile vomiting. A particular highlight is Mort and Clover being so disgusted that they both begin vomiting profusely, Mort with enough force to lift himself off the ground, spraying vomit all over Julien's hut, causing him to slip and fall in it.
  • Archer: "Space Race: Part I" has the ISIS team preparing for a space-based mission with a ride on the "Vomit Comet" (the airplane that simulates zero-G conditions). Lana doesn't take it well, and it ends up hanging in mid-air for the entire flight. Archer takes advantage of the zero-G to ride on Cyril's back and steer him directly into the floating puddle of vomit, holding his mouth open.
  • An episode of Arthur shows D.W. barfing up her sandwich onto the camera when she finds out (or rather, Buster reveals) that there's spinach in it.
  • This has happened a few times in Beavis And Butthead:
    • In "Washing the Dog", after going inside a clothes dryer, Beavis vomits on Tom Anderson's poodle.
    • In another episode where Beavis and Butthead attend a rock concert, while they're waiting in line, a drunk guy vomits on them and passes out.
  • In an episode of Ben 10: Alien Force, the transformed Decka vomits up everything he ate onscreen after eating Echo Echo clones, which were made of silicon, which makes their species sick.
  • Bojack Horseman:
    • Bojack has been shown to eat cotton candy to the point where he's puking his guts out. This is shown in "The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One" when he finds out that his ghost writer, Diane, is not only going out with his rival Mr. Peanutbutter, but they've also had sex together.
    • Beatrice throws up on Corbin in "Time's Arrow", just when she was starting to realize there was more to him than met the eye and she could be happy with him. Unfortunately for everyone, she threw up from Morning Sickness from conceiving Bojack, setting off the chain of events that led to the show.
  • The Cleveland Show seems to be built on this (one episode even had a promo for a new FOX sitcom called "The Barf Family"). Particularly the Thanksgiving episode where it happens twice, once when Cleveland finds out that his father had very graphic sex with a man, then one from Cleveland's father when he finds out that he... had sex with a man.
  • Compared to its predecessor, Close Enough is pretty generous with these kinds of scenes, and they seem to happen Once an Episode by Season 2.
    • In "Birthdaze", the montage of the birthday parties shows at least one child vomiting. The last part of the montage has a kid vomiting on the cake.
  • In the Downtown episode "Trip or Treat", Chaka is seen vomiting onscreen when she recovers from her drug trip brought on by consuming drugged Halloween candy.
  • Nearly every episode of Drawn Together will feature at least a dozen exaggerated vomit scenes (being a Grossout Show), sometimes in one scene. This is taken to extremes in a third season scene in which Toot vomits at least 10 times, accounting for each line that she gives.
  • In Family Guy, episodes featuring one or more characters vomiting on-screen occur often:
    • In one episode, Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Chris have a contest where they drink Ipecac to see who can go the longest without throwing up. Chris wins, but everyone loses. This one was even re-used in the episode "Yug Ylimaf", only due to time going backwards, well...
    • When Brian discovers that the woman he slept with the previous night was actually Quagmire's father after a sex-change operation, it goes on for so long that Stewie has to step back twice to avoid the expanding pool on the floor.
    • In a Cutaway Gag from "And I'm Joyce Kinney", a drunk Lois ends up vomiting all over Stewie.
  • A few notable examples in Futurama include:
    • Dwight vomiting after smoking a joint. He thought it was a cigar and was trying to imitate Bender.
    • Leela is given rotten fish to feed (and induce vomiting from) Mushu the sperm whale so he will upchuck Amy's watch, which he had earlier eaten.
    • In response to seeing Leela slaughter the mutant Zoidberg in "Bender's Game" Bender pukes nuts and bolts.
      • Bender does the same thing in "Meanwhile" when going on a ride at the Luna Park (and after stealing a kid's corn dogs).
    • The two-headed alien goat in "Attack of the Killer App". It vomits enough to fill a small swimming pool. Then it dies, unsurprisingly.
  • In an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy is possessed by a bad luck snail. At one point, it messes with Billy's brain, making him, among other things, spin his head around and vomit.
  • The Hey Arnold! episode "Field Trip" features this when an aquarium night-shift security guard keeps abusing a penguin by feeding it cookies that it keeps throwing up.
    Guard: Here, have a cookie! [the penguin eats the cookie and vomits] Oh, you tossed your cookies! [laughs]
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • When Pema hands Rohan to Kya, Rohan barfs right onto Kya a nice, big, green splat with light-colored chunks because he likes his aunt (according to Pema). It's shown start to finish with no censors or scene changes.
    • There's another scene with Meelo and his lemur puking up poison berries. We see some of it smeared all over Meelo's mouth and teeth, and an uncensored shot of his lemur throwing it up on the ground.
  • Happened quite a few times in Metalocalypse, usually as the result of excessive drinking. One of the more memorable examples would be in "Mordland" and the 'chain reaction puke-a-thon' where a hung over Pickles throwing up causes the others to throw up as well...and Nathan ends up vomiting up blood.
    "I think I need another liver transplant."
  • Moral Orel:
    • Coach Stopframe does this after witnessing Clay making out with Miss Censordoll.
    • Much earlier, before the Cerebus Syndrome kicked in, Orel and Doughy bike down the street while many women are seen throwing up in and out of the windows from Morning Sickness after Orel's actions inadvertendly impregnate them.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Swarm of the Century", a parasprite vomits into Rarity's eye, revealing that this is how they reproduce.
    • In the episode "A Bird in the Hoof", Fluttershy tries taking care of Princess Celestia's sick bird. At one point the bird vomits onto Fluttershy's face. She doesn't seem to be too bothered by this.
  • In Regular Show, Benson throws up in the first Terror Tales of The Park. Since he's an animate gumball machine, he throws up his gumballs.
  • Rocko's Modern Life:
    • In the episode "Carnival Knowledge", after falling off a merry-go-round, Rocko is dizzy and Heffer offers him a hotdog. Rocko takes a big sniff of the hot dog and barfs all over the camera. The vomit is used as a transition into the next scene.
    • In "Hut-Sut Raw", Heffer vomits twice; first when he eats some leaves, then later he vomits in Rocko's face when he eats a steak meant for some wild shrews.
  • The animated Roger Mellie series features a scene where a very drunk Roger vomits all over Bruce Forsyth.
  • The Rugrats episode "Chuckie Loses His Glasses" involves Angelica stealing Chuckie's glasses, wearing them for herself throughout the episode. However, they've caused her to feel dizzy and nauseated by the time her father returns to take her home. He notices that she seems unwell, and Angelica then proceeds to puke straight into the camera and onto her dad's shirt. The actual vomiting part is cut in some syndicated showings of the episode.
    Drew: Honey, you look a little sick. [Angelica vomits all over his shirt] Oh, no! All over my new sweater! C'mon, honey, let's clean this up.
  • The Sanjay and Craig episode "Unbarfable" has the titular characters attempt to make their best friend, Hector, who has never barfed before in his entire life, do so. What follows is a lot of this trope, which culminates with Hector finally barfing after looking at his own butt.
  • The Simpsons:
    • One episode has a Show Within a Show called Danger Dog. The villain in the show has a "puke ray".
    • In a Harry Potter parody in "Treehouse of Horror XII", Bart is tasked with turning a frog into a prince, but just makes a bloated frog monster that vomits every three seconds.
  • South Park: This happens all the time.
    • In the earlier episodes, whenever Wendy talks to Stan, he vomits on her because of his crush on her. It still happens sometimes, but Stan appears to be getting better at not doing it.
    • Mr. Garrison after waking up from his nose job in "Tom's Rhinoplasty".
    • In "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs", the story the boys write is so vulgar that people can't get through more than a few sentences without vomiting, and many of these instances are shown on screen.
    • Cartman does it in "1%" after seeing his toy Clyde Frog's "murdered" body.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), the episode "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids" features mutant squirrels that reproduce by housing themselves in a host body and then later having them vomit them out, which is shown by having the host vomiting directly into the camera. And it happens more than once.
  • Total Drama usually makes its vomit scenes clearly visible (not a surprise, considering the challenges they have to go through). In one instance, Bridgette lets fly while standing on her head.
  • The The Trash Pack episode "Don't Hold It In" introduces Mouldy Milk, a sour milk carton with a puking problem... where he regularly barfs his contents in the middle of speaking. Eventually, he learns how to control it. Unfortunately, it comes out the other end now...
  • In an episode of The Venture Bros., after his battle suit gets out of control, the Monarch vomits all over himself as he comes crashing down to the ground.
  • In the Yuckie Duck cartoon "Short Orders" on What A Cartoon! Show, Yuckie vomits after sampling his soup, which he then declares "perfect".

    Real Life 
  • Because of the psychological stress and abuse caused by his own parents, Falcon Heene, the supposed Balloon Boy, vomited on screen during a CNN interview.


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