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She ate too many Skittles and drank too much Rainbow Lite.
"Members of the Puffball species are known to regurgitate a rainbow substance during times of distress."

Next to depicting loss of bowel or bladder control, there's few things more inherently gross than showing someone throwing up. It's an instinctually revolting sight, and everything about it can easily cause people nearby to lose their own lunches, or at least feel like they might. So how do you have characters upchucking without potentially squicking out the audience? Simple—show the character with a rainbow-colored stream of liquid or light coming out of their mouth.

This usually shows up in three distinct contexts. In one, it serves as an eye-catching way to get across what's happening while downplaying its nastiness. Other characters may react as expected when seeing the character yark, but the audience will likely have few or no ill effects from the scene. Rainbow vomit used in this way is very prominent in anime, mainly because it's an Enforced Trope in Japan due to certain censorship rules for television.

Another is in works that prominently feature non-human characters, especially those which wouldn't be expected to have a digestive system, aren't technically living creatures, or or are magical or alien to some degree. Having such a character have rainbow-colored vomit, along with being less gross than regular vomit, is an effective way to lampshade their not being human.

The third is considered to be a Reaction Shot towards objects or creatures that are Sickeningly Sweet or can induce Cuteness Overload.

Sister Trope to Black Blood and Blue Liquid Absorbent, where blood is recolored to something less squicky in TV shows and advertisements respectively, and Vomit Indiscretion Shot, which is usually the more icky version and shows up in darker or more serious works. Stress Vomit and Waterfall Puke may also be depicted in this fashion.

Contrast Bad Black Barf.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Fan Works 

    Film — Animated 

  • Green Day: The censored cover art of Father of All Motherfuckers partially blocks out the "motherfuckers" in the title with an anthropomorphic unicorn vomiting a rainbow. In the album's uncensored cover, the unicorn is absent.

    Video Games 
  • Angels of Death: When Rachel asks Zack to kill her, he vomits in rainbow colors, absolutely disgusted with the idea of killing someone who wants to be killed.
  • Family Flights: Whenever your plane experiences turbulence, some of the passengers may get sick and throw up rainbow-colored streams which the player has to clean up as a task.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd: In the "Valkyrie's Cafeteria" event, one story scene features Rozaliya and Liliya making some dishes so they can livestream themselves eating them as a promotional piece. However, when Rozaliya eats the dish Liliya made, she reacts with disgust and then starts uncontrollably throwing up. When this starts, she's shown with a rainbow stream shooting out of her mouth.
  • Honkai: Star Rail: In the Golden Hour level in Penacony, SoulGlad is the official drink of the world and some parts are literally fueled by it. Several NPCs can be seen wandering around and vomiting neon rainbowss because they've clearly had a bit too much to drink. One NPC in particular, Dancy, can sell the player Aideen Park tokens when he's not in the middle of puking neon rainbows.
  • Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: Shinigami pukes out the solution keys in rainbow colors before starting a labyrinth. When it's pointed out, she asks if they should come out of "some other hole then", and later she confesses that she could have just handed them over normally, but hadn't since Yuma didn't ask her to.
  • Moshi Monsters: At the end of the song "The I.G.G.Y. Chomp", I.G.G.Y., who's been eating all kinds of things non-stop throughout the song, gets sick and throws up rainbow-coloured fluid onto the screen.
  • NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD: In a rare dark take, the "Internet Overdose" ending shows Ame-chan/KAngel puking rainbow-colored Stress Vomit during a livestream in response to the stress she has been undergoing from her streaming work and from mean comments. Unfortunately, people start calling her "Puke Girl" in the stream comments and never let her live it down, which just compounds her stress and eventually leads to Sanity Slippage.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 

    Web Video 
  • Anime America: Robyn occasionally shows fangasming in her videos by making her animated avatar vomit a rainbow.
  • Corridor Digital: "Potion Overdose" shows that puking rainbows is easily the mildest side-effect of, well, a potion overdose.
  • The Puking Rainbows meme. It started as a commentary about the labeling of Japanese snacks, and became an art contest about rainbows throwing up rainbows, and escalated from there. It has since been appropriated in Rage Comics towards gush-worthy things found on the Internet, as this commenter says it:
    Commenter: There's an alternate meaning/usage for Puke Rainbows, it's used as a reaction shot when something tastes like diabetes. Yes, TV Tropes has ruined my vocabulary.
  • TomSka: In "Imaginary Friend", Mr. Tibbles pukes a rainbow in shock upon Lily revealing she built a bomb as a present for him. Later, when Mr. Tibbles' parents barge into Lily's room and see him holding the bomb, his father also pukes a rainbow in shock.
  • Smosh: In "Parents SUCK!", Anthony defiantly binges on Skittles, then is showing throwing up a rainbow stream of the candies.
    All these whack fruit snacks with only five in a pack...
    "Only eat one!" F*ck that, I'll snack till I yack!

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: In "The Monster", Lumpy Space Princess vomits a rainbow after eating tree bark.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • In "The Apology", the class is horrified by Miss Simian's exposed rear and everyone reacts in various ways. Masami, a floating cloud, vomits a rainbow. Amusingly, the side effects of what she's talking about mention "nausea" right as this happens.
    • In "The Joy", Gumball and Darwin are infected with the Joy Virus. The last symptom they exhibit before succumbing to the disease is vomiting a star with a rainbow trail. They then reanimate as "happy zombies", who constantly drool a rainbow-coloured fluid.
  • DuckTales (2017): Dewey introduces Webby to a game called Yuke or Puke which has a character that pukes rainbows when you do well at the game and subverts this trope when you do poorly.
  • The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: In "The Bizarre Bout of the Beastly Barfilisk", looking the Barfilisk in the eyes elicits this response from various campers.
  • Gravity Falls: One of the oddities about the gnomes living in the forest outside Gravity Falls is that for some reason, they puke rainbows that sparkle as they splash on the ground.
  • Middlemost Post: In "Challenges", one of the challenges between Angus and Parker is to guzzle down milk. Parker manages to defeat Angus, but immediately throws up a rainbow which hits both Angus and Russell.
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: In "Coney Island Baby", Casey mentions early on that she likes to eat colorful food before getting on rides, so that when she pukes it comes out as Rainbow Puke. At the end, both Lunella and Casey throw up after a ride and go "oooh" at the colorful puke.
  • Total Drama: In "The Wheel of Vomit", Chris has the breakfast gruel dyed different colors, knowing very well it would be seen again. Later, after Julia wins immunity, Chef tries announcing it, only to vomit out a rainbow. This causes everyone else to vomit rainbows as well, including the camera crew.


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