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Fandom Rivalry

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"We take the last steps to war!
'Cause our movie's better than yours!"

The only question I ever thought was hard
Was "Do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?"

Two long-running shows or two star actors inspire dueling fandoms. Fans of one are expected to become Fan Haters of the other, and vice versa. The contrasting merits of both will rarely be acknowledged. Anyone who likes both will be accused of Fandom Heresy. This can easily go on despite the creators' Word of God that they kind of like the other show or the actors making friendly appearances together (Tabloid Melodrama aside). Of course there will be those that hate both.

In some instances, this is the result of a new fandom displacing an older one. For example, Henry Jenkins notes in his book Textual Poachers that the emergence of an American Blake's 7 fandom was ideally timed to capitalize on institutional conflicts within Doctor Who fandom (which shared its focus on a British series) and declining interest in Star Wars (which shared its interest in stories about La Résistance). This also happens when one show is perceived by one fandom as a rip-off of their favorite show.


It is of course, fully possible for die-hard fans of one "rival" show to enjoy another, and being a member of one fandom does not exclude you from being a member of the other.

Often involves Dueling Works. Compare Ship-to-Ship Combat. See Broken Base for when fandoms have civil wars amongst themselves. Contrast Friendly Fandoms. Usually features Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.



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