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Friendly Fandoms

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When cute and cuddly meets dangerous and deadly, the result is a surprisingly good time.note 

"Many of these hobbies intersect in one way or another at a [convention] like this, and usually some common ground in the Venn diagram of geekiness is found before long."

The opposite of Fandom Rivalry. Two (or more) fandoms have a lot of overlap because of shared talent (sometimes the result of a Production Posse), because of similar subject matter, being in the same genre, because they happened to air at about the same time, or for no real reason at all — they just like each other. Often people get into one fandom and are encouraged by this relationship to get into the other.

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    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • For all the infamous fandom rivalry between the two, this often happens in Marvel and DC, when characters from various corners of their worlds are placed on the same team and these appearances are well-received and fans enjoy their faves' interactions.
  • Fans of various Marvel Comics books about teenage superheroes — Runaways, Avengers Academy, Young Avengers, New Mutants, New X-Men, Sentinel, Gravity, Avengers: The Initiative, Sam Alexander Nova, New Warriors, Journey into Mystery (Gillen), Loki: Agent of Asgard, Ms. Marvel (2014), All-New Ghost Rider, Totally Awesome Hulk, Ironheart, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, The Unstoppable Wasp, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and so on — tend to stick together. This also extends to various Spider-themed teens from alternate universes, like Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Man or Spider-Gwen. And while not all of them like the main Spider-Man, he is getting a lot of respect for how influential his original stories were to the genre. Titles like All-New, All-Different Avengers or Champions tried to capitalize on it by bringing up several of these characters together and further strengthening the fandom bonds.
    • They are also on good terms with their DC equivalent - fans of Teen Titans and Young Justice. And a significant part of Batman fandom, the one that enjoys adventures of various Robins, Batgirls, and other teenage members of Bat-Family.
  • Spider-Man fans and Daredevil fans are on quite good terms. This is greatly helped by the fact that Spider-Man and Daredevil are very close friends in-universe (to the point that Daredevil is one of the only people Spider-Man trusts with his secret identity). This also extends to other New York-based, street-level heroes like the Heroes for Hire, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Darkhawk.
  • Spider-Man fans tend to get along with Deadpool fans, partially due to both characters being well-known for snarky humor. It helps that the two often have really good crossovers.
  • Fans of the Marvel horror line, that is books like Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and Blade, are very friendly with each other and with Doctor Strange fans. In fact, a lot of fans of Marvel magic-themed characters seem to be getting along very well.
  • Fans of most iconic demonic heroes from four biggest American publishers - Ghost Rider, Etrigan, Spawn and Hellboy also seem pretty cool with one another.
  • Franco-Belgian Comics, particularly Tintin and Asterix.
  • Fans of Swamp Thing and Animal Man tend to get along. This is ironic since their respective daddies - Alan Moore and Grant Morrison - really don't like each other.
  • Fans of Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick are extremely close with each other, which is rather fitting given that the two are married in Real Life.
  • Superman fans and Spider-Man fans tend to get along well, despite the whole DC vs Marvel thing, perhaps because the two heroes are so similar that you can't really like one and hate the other. Doesn't hurt that the two have had three crossovers to themselves and two company-wide crossovers where they both appeared. The two fandoms became the other's sole confidant when the two franchises started facing the same problems.
  • Supergirl fans and Batgirl fans tend to get along marvelously, perhaps because of the similarities between both heroines (both are distaff counterparts of famous male heroes, both have been looked down on by comic fans because of it, both were fridged for decades, replaced and eventually brought back). Or perhaps because they are always friends in every comicverse and even other media such as the DC Animated Universe, Super Best Friends Forever or DC Super Hero Girls. Regardless of the reason, Kara Zor-El fans are often Barbara Gordon (or Stephanie Brown) fans too, and vice versa; and both fandoms respect each other.
  • On Twitter, fans of Batman on-and-off antagonist/love interest Talia Al'Ghul, Green Arrow villain Shado, Teen Titans villain Cheshire, and Lady Shiva have come together as a "Murdermoms" fandom, bonding over the fact all four characters are extremely deadly assassins, have complicated relationships with their good-aligned children (Damian Wayne, Emiko Queen, Lian Harper, and Cassandra Cain respectively) and suffer from numerous writers trying to make them more villainous than their fans actually like them to be.
  • Teen Titans fans and X-Men fans do tend to get along well. Doesn't hurt that their respective daddiesMarv Wolfman and Chris Claremont — have spoken favourably of each other's run on the respective teams, especially that both had a crossover to themselves during the Eighties.

    Fan Works 
  • Among Naruto fanfictions, True Potential and Son of the Sannin share many of the same readers, as both fanfics feature Naruto in a different team with Hinata under a female sensei that doesn't get much spotlight in the manga, heavy focus on the jinchuriki as characters as opposed to mere MacGuffins, and arcs covering similar topics (such as the Kirigakure Civil War, or Hidan and Kakuzu invading Takigakure to capture Fu). The fact that the authors are friends and enjoy and reference each other's fanfic helps as well.
  • Among My Hero Academia fics, Amazing Fantasy, Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! and Thieves Can Be Heroes!. The authors have professed to be fans of each others' work and the three of them went so far as to reference each other as being part of the same multiverse. It's perhaps best shown by this fanart of the stories' respective Izukus together.
  • While the Infinity Train fanfic community is small, there are two main fanfics that have readers of both: Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail and Infinity Train: Boiling Point. The latter is actually inspired by the former and both have girls of who were mostly out of focused in their home series and portrayed through a different lens with lots of deconstruction, a romantic subplot with same-sex couples and a multiverse crossover potential. Helps that the author of Blossoming Trail is a huge supporter of Boiling Point and the latter even brought in a subplot of an alternate Chloe of the Vermillion going off to confront Boscha.
  • A Man of Iron fans and The Jurassic Loops. Mr. Chaos and Garnett Fox are friends and many fans of each story have crossed over to try out the other. Tends to be the case when it comes to many of Mr. Chaos' stories, as he is a massive supporter of Fanfiction and will regularly direct people to try out new stories. He also has happily encouraged people to borrow ideas he originally came up with to help start their own stories, resulting in shared fandoms.



    Professional Wrestling 
  • Despite being separated by the ocean, CMLL and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are a quite famous example, to the point an annual multiple-day event, Fantasticamania, was created to capitalize on it and several New Japan wrestlers have competed in CMLL's Universal Championship. That said, several New Japan wrestlers have also been members of invading La Ola Amarilla(an anti Mexican Evil Counterpart to La Ola Azul and La Ola Blanca, never mind Blanca are also evil) but that was initially just a collection of Japanese men lead by an All Japan wrestler on excursion(Shigeo Okumura) who wouldn't go back and just so happened to start recruiting many New Japan guys because they were the largest group of non-Mexicans in CMLL and he could translate for them.
  • FMW and Big Japan Pro Wrestling generally have at least respect among each other's fan bases, which is an accomplishment for the latter as FMW Faithful tend to look down on other garbage feds besides perhaps W*ING and IWA Japan, which directly split off from it. It helps that Big Japan was one of the best substitutes for FMW during its inactive period, at least equal to the various, scattered would be successors that folded into the Apache Army. It not only had the expected bloodletting weapon/hazard matches, one of the few feds able to professionally live up to FMW in that regard but also great wrestlers and martial artists, things many of the FMW followers tend to be lacking in.
  • In spite of, or maybe because of the fact they are very different promotions, CZW and the now-defunct Chikara have a fairly high amount of fan crossover. CZW would later have fairly good fan relations with Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE, which again, were just as different from it as Chikara, albeit not in the same way. The latter two are if anything more surprising, given they are presented as serious, regulated sports leagues while any obvious differences with Chikara can be Played for Laughs. Not even the faction dominated atmosphere of Dragon Gate, which could have served as a common bridge to CZW, was exploited. It was FIP, of all feds, that jumped on it.
  • Pro Wrestling ZERO1 and Pro Wrestling NOAH initially had, competitive if not quite hostile fan bases, who tended to be adamant about which one was better as it looked like one of the two could legitimately become the most successful promotion in Japan. NOAH had a more "real sport" presentation but otherwise more theatrical matches, while Zero 1's in-ring action tended to more grounded everything else about it was anything but... but with the peaks of both companies passing, the fan bases grew a lot closer. Zero 1, in general, indirectly encourages this sort of thing with its atypical cosmopolitan atmosphere, resulting in a fair bit of crossover with fans of Dramatic Dream Team, FMW, GAEA/Marvelous, CMLL and even Action Zone Wrestling in Hawaii. Even if they don't actively follow it, there are a lot of fans familiar with and fond of Zero 1.
  • Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH, despite being based on two different continents. Even while NOAH had a deal with TNA, whose fans had long since stopped having such relations with the RoHbots, the ROH history of the relevant wrestlers was still used to promote them. However, fandom doesn't always carry over to official response, as ROH's new Sinclair Broadcast Group owners in 2011 were convinced NOAH wrestlers like KENTA wouldn't draw. SBG eventually realized the error of their ways, too late for KENTA's return, but they sent popular wrestlers like War Machine and ACH to NOAH events with heavy promotion, perhaps as an apology and did bring in the much demanded Suzuki-gun.
  • Despite often being overshadowed by them, All American Wrestling's fan base tends to have amicable relations with those of Ring of Honor and SHIMMER. Even with SBG's more limited contract dates several ROH wrestlers find time to make regular stops in AAW and AAW in fact put off its own women's division even longer than ROH did, despite not having the same official relations with SHIMMER ROH did, largely because the SHIMMER showcases tended to be better received on AAW shows.
  • Invoked in one of SBG's attempts to get ROH wrestlers to sign more exclusive contracts was to assure them they could keep their Pro Wrestling Guerilla dates and then told fans that PWG was an excellent promotion.
  • Despite being a new promotion at the time that largely promoted itself around the idea of Fan Service Model Yuzuki Aikawa becoming a pro wrestler, World Wonder Ring STARDOM's fan base apparently followed SHIMMER, because when Mercedes Martinez was thrust into the World Of STARDOM scene based on her merits as WSU World Champion, it was SHIMMER footage STARDOM chose to promote her with. As the years have passed, STARDOM has mined from SHIMMER and its two spinoffs SHINE and RISE fairly heavily, and the reverse is definitely true, as SHIMMER fans have gone onto rate matches based on how well they measure up to whatever is happening in STARDOM.
  • Despite the fact that AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT air at the same time, thus earning the Fan Nickname of the "Wednesday Night War", NXT and AEW tend to be friendly rivals at worst, with both having large Smark fanbases who appreciate good wrestling no matter which promotion it is for, and many fans watch one show live and the other via timeshifting.
  • In the same way as AEW and NXT, current top joshi promotions TJPW and STARDOM are practically friendly rivals at the most, which if you look at it both promotions kinda complement each other (i.e. one promotion covering the other's weaknesses).

    Puppet Shows 

  • New York metro area baseball and football fans generally divide in the following way: fans of the New York Yankees baseball team generally are also fans of the New York Giants football team, and vice versa; meanwhile, the Mets baseball fans are generally also fans of the New York Jets football team. The intra-city fandom rivalry between the Yankees and Mets and the intra-stadium rivalry between the Giants and Jets helps add to this, as does the fact that before Giants Stadium was built, the Yankees gave the Giants a home at Yankee Stadium, while the Mets played host to the Jets at Shea Stadium. It should also be noted that the Yankees/Giants fans and the Mets/Jets fans in New York City are generally united in their mutual love for the New York Knicks basketball team. However, the Yankees/Giants and Mets/Jets fans in NEW JERSEY often root for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, which played for a long time in Jersey. Mets/Jets fans in Jersey who support the Nets, often proudly proclaim their love for "Mets, Jets, and Nets!"
  • Yankees/Giants fans tend to root for the Rangers hockey team, and Mets/Jets fans support the Islanders (although fans from both fandoms who live in New Jersey will often root for the Devils).
  • Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints fans are generally amicable, even when facing each other.
  • In the UK and some Commonwealth countries, there's a lot of overlap between people who follow Cricket during summer and people who follow Rugby Union during winter, perhaps because both are traditionally the sport for the rich (with the working class preferring Rugby League or Association Football, depending on region).
  • Fans of some Association Football clubs sometimes get along especially well with fans of certain other clubs, especially in Eastern Europe. Fans of CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow tend to respect Partizan and Red Star Belgrade, respectively, and the feeling is mutual. Fans of the Polish club Śląsk Wrocław are friendly with the Hungarian Ferencvaros, and CSKA fans also respect PAOK fans in Greece. This also extends to Western European fans, examples being Liverpool fans getting along with the fans of Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach, Chelsea fans having amicable relations with Rangers and Hellas Verona fans (though it has cooled down in recent years), Tottenham Hotspur fans being generally respectful of Ajax fans, or Celtic fans having good relations with fans of FC St. Pauli, PSV Eindhoven, Rosenborg, and Napoli. Again, the feeling is generally mutual.
  • The increasing prevalence of women's Australian Rules Football aside, Netball is a kind of Distaff Counterpart to Aussie Rules, and many clubs have netball teams as well. In fact, a lot of local leagues have changed their names from "x Football League" to "x Football/Netball League" in recent years.
  • Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers (based in L.A. proper) and the Los Angeles Angels (based in and formerly representing Anaheim) are completely comfortable in each other's presence, even in Dodgers vs. Angels games, due to their close geographical proximity leading to both teams' fans visiting the other team frequently. It also helps that they rarely play each other, due to being in opposite leagues.
  • In the world of Brazilian association football, back in The '80s, 2 big torcidas organizadas (basically the same as hooligan firms) groups were formed. Those were União Punho Cruzado, with supporters of Flamengo, Cruzeiro, São Paulo, Sport Recife and Internacional, along with foreign ally LDU Quito, and União Dedo Pro Alto (literally the middle finger), with supporters of Vasco da Gama, Atletico Mineiro, Palmeiras, Bahia and Grêmio.
  • During the 2017-18 NHL season, Pittsburgh Penguins fans were quick to forge camaraderie with the Vegas Golden Knights, a new expansion team. This is primarily due to the Golden Knights acquiring goalkeeper Marc Andre-Fleury, who was a fan favorite back when he played for the Pens. The Knights were quick to reciprocate after the Pens made a touching tribute to Fleury when he returned to Pittsburgh. During their surprise run for the Stanley Cup, the Knights also received a lot of support from Pens fans, primarily because they were facing Pittsburgh's rival, the Washington Capitals.
  • Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs fans are friendly with each other since Chiefs head coach Andy Reid had previously been the Eagles' HC and led both teams to the Super Bowl, appearing at Super Bowl XXXIX with the Eagles and winning Super Bowl LIV with the Chiefs. It helps that the teams historically didn't play each other that oftennote  and (as of 2021) have brothers Jason and Travis Kelce playing for them.
  • In Collegiate American Football, the fans of the Michigan State Spartans and Wisconsin Badgers usually get along pretty famously. It is technically a sort of rivalry (since the teams are frequently contenders in the often-contentious Big Ten), but State fans usually get a pretty warm reception in Madison, and Badgers get the same in East Lansing. It helps that they both have much bigger traditional rivals (Michigan for MSU, Minnesota for Wisconsin), and they'll give each other a lot of good-natured ribbing about past contests. (You'd think MSU would do this for Michigan's rival Ohio State, but there's too much general hatred between the states of Michigan and Ohio for that to happen. Wisconsin is also more similar culturally to Michigan than Ohio thanks to their similar economic bases and historical settlement patterns.)
  • Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund fans get along quite well, in no small part due to their sharing of certain traditions (singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" before games), having had the same manager in recent years (Jurgen Klopp went from Dortmund to Liverpool), and so on.
  • Arsenal of England and Glasgow Rangers of Scotland are in many ways joined at the hip. In the 1930s, it was Rangers' owner who came in with cash to save Arsenal from administration, and over the years, the two storied teams have enjoyed a number of friendlies and European meetings. This was renewed in 2021, when after an incident of racism involving a Slavia Prague player making racial comments toward a Rangers player and defeating Rangers to advance in the Europa League, Arsenal played Prague next and thumped them to the delight of many Rangers fans, which was swiftly followed by Rangers announcing their 150th anniversary commemorative friendly match being played against Arsenal in the following summer.
  • Liverpool and AC Milan fans tend to get along very well, especially following the 2005 and 2007 Champions League finals which they split 1-1. Milan fans have also marked the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster by singing You'll Never Walk Alone whenever they play a game on the date as a tribute to The Liverpool fans who lost their lives. While it is not an official twinning or friendship, the two fanbases share a lot of mutual respect and have friendly relations online.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The World of Darkness is a More Popular Spin-Off of Ars Magica, though the two gamelines are now thoroughly divorced from one another (and suggesting a crossover of the two is not a good idea). Nonetheless, a large percentage of current Ars Magica fans discovered the game after coming from the World of Darkness and following the trail of the Order of Hermes and the Tremere.
  • Veteran fans of-of the now largely non-functional FASA Corporation's "Big Three" roleplaying games—Earthdawn, Shadowrun and Mechwarrior—often get on well with each other. It doesn't hurt that each game has its own setting to suit diverse tastes, or that they shared some writers for their expanded universe novels, either. This is particularly true for Shadowrun and Mechwarrior since the two games have seen revivals on the PC.
  • Fans of games involving standard 52-card decks tend to be involved in other playing card-related hobbies, such as card tricks, cardistry, or playing card collecting.

  • In the Wicked section it's almost heresy not to have seen RENT or at least know the basic plot. It's probably something to do with the large number of shared actors especially Idina Menzel but there have been Wicked actors playing RENT, RENT actors playing Wicked, crazy crossovers, songfics with songs from the other musical and just odd references in fics.
  • Fans of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables also tend to get along quite well (though many fans will, in the end, pick one show over the other as their "favorite"). It helps that both shows debuted around the same time in the UK and US, have similar music styles, and have become hallmarks of modern musical theatre. Plus, lots of performers over the years have starred in both shows. (The shows' respective 25th-anniversary concerts shared quite a few performers, and Colm Wilkinson and John Owen-Jones — fan favorites in the lead roles of both shows — appeared in the encores of both events.)
  • If someone has watched Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Heathers or Be More Chill, chances are they've seen the others too.
  • At least on Tumblr, there's a good deal of fandom overlap for Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two West End musicals based on beloved Roald Dahl novels (the two shows also share a choreographer).

  • Transformers and G.I. Joe fans usually get on well and Shout Outs between the two are common. It helps that the two series are basically a Shared Universe.
    • My Little Pony fans also get along with Transfans and Joefans, helped by how the three franchises are all owned by Hasbro. Although there was some friction caused by the more outspoken fans of all three groups, many regard the series like siblings. When Howard Stern made a harsh criticism against the MLP fandom, the level of raging Big Brother Instinct coming out of the Transfans and Joefans was huge.
    • Likewise, many fans of Dan Vs. also get along well with the MLP fanbase. Both shows are on The Hub as it is.
  • My Little Pony fans are typically friendly with Breyer fandom; Breyer makes more realistic horse toys. Likewise many Pony fans get along with the Care Bears, Littlest Pet Shop, and Strawberry Shortcake fandoms.
  • The Grossery Gang and Flush Force have pretty close and overlapping fandoms, thanks to the similar blind bag nature of gross things between the two. It's often common on toy sharing sites to see the two franchises in pictures together. Grossery Gang figures even appeared as prop decoration in a Flush Force commercial.
  • Monster High and Ever After High have fandoms that tend to overlap, thanks to the shared premisenote , doll styles, and hints at a crossover between the two franchises, which eventually came in the form of the book The Legend of Shadow High.
  • If eBay is any indication, it seems that Sylvanian Families and Maple Town enjoyed some friendly fandom back in the 80s. This most likely stemmed from the toys being similar in size (and later, Maple Town would ape Sylvanian Families and switch their figures to miniature plushes) and thus the accessories being unintentionally cross-compatible.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Monster Prom fandom has made several friends during its relatively short lifespan.
    • As soon as the game released, the Darkest Dungeon developers encouraged their fans to try the game by creating their own crossover fanart.[1] [2] This worked backways too, since Monster Prom backers decided to play Darkest Dungeon as well.
    • Thanks to Steam's "Long Story Short" bundle, fans of VA-11 HALL-A, Homestuck and Coffee Talk soon came into the fandom, with them prompting others to try their games and make crossovers out of it.
    • Helltaker creator Vanripper often cites Monster Prom as his inspiration to create his game and some of his fanart of it even made it to the in-game Monster Prom gallery. But their respective fandoms truly bonded when Modeus was announced as a playable character in Monster Prom's sequel, Monster Camp.

    Web Animation 

  • I Want To Be A Cute Anime Girl and Rain (2010), due to both comics being centered around a trans girl and her supportive friends.
  • Dinosaur Comics and xkcd. Even their creators are friends! You can also count Andrew Hussie and David Malki! as creator friends with friendly fanbases.
  • The Dinosaur Comics and MS Paint Adventures fandoms get along rather well, considering that the official forums of the former are a section of the fora of the latter. This is probably because, again, the creators are very good friends, and because of a very similar style and humor.
  • 910Comics (The Wotch, The Wotch: Cheer!, Misfile, etc.) readers used to have insane amounts of overlap with El Goonish Shive Bunnies. Until El Goonish Shive joined the 910Comics community, and now they're the same fandom. Same with Zebra Girl, and probably others as well.
  • Cucumber Quest and Paranatural. The creators are friends, which contributes to fans of each comic finding out about the other. The comics themselves are both colorful, kid-friendly adventure stories that poke a lot of fun at themselves and their genres, but also have plenty of serious and heartfelt moments.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent and Shotgun Shuffle are like this. The two webcomics were finalists in the 2014 Top Web Comic vote, and the final vote was extremely close. Several members of both fandoms popped over to the opposite side to see what the fuss was about, and a surprising number stayed.
  • Girl Genius and Narbonic (and by extension Skin Horse) have a huge overlap in their fandoms, probably because the Narboniverses concept of mad genius is so similar to the spark. In fact, it isn't uncommon for commenters on the Skin Horse site to use Girl Genius terminology when discussing the story.
  • Scandinavia and the World and Polandball.
  • The Weekly Roll and Dungeons & Doodles: Tales from the Tables have a big fandom overlap due to both authors advertising their series by posting new strips in Dungeons & Dragons related communnities on sites like Reddit ot TTRPG Network. You can even catch creators themselves complementing each other's work.

    Web Original 
  • The two superhero parody shared universes of the early days of the Internet, Superguy and Legion of Net.Heroes. At least back when Superguy was active. They shared a couple of important writers in common, such as Mike Escutia and Dave Van Domelen.

    Web Videos 
  • In terms of the Yogscast, this happens quite a lot:
    • Even before Hat Films joined, their similar senses of humour, funny collaborations and similar presentation styles meant that both fandoms got on well. The fact that the two liked each other in real life also helps, and the news of them joining went down well for the most part.
    • Many early fans of Area 11 were also fans of the Yogscast, due to Sparkles* and Parv both being part-time members, the band generally getting on well with the group and the Yogs giving the band a rise in new fans and views. Similarly, their fans tend to get along well with fans of InTheLittleWood and Strippin, since Martyn, Strippin and Sparkles* are Heterosexual Life-Partners.
    • Their relationship with Achievement Hunter (and Rooster Teeth) fans is mostly peaceful and respectful, with a significant degree of overlap although there are a few disputes.
    • Zigzagged with TotalBiscuit. The fandoms of the two initially were a straightforward case of this trope, but Lewis and Simon have since fallen out with TB. On the other hand, fans of TB seem to adore Sips and Hat Films to a lesser extent.
  • The fandoms of Binging with Babish, Hot Ones, and the various Bon Appetit YouTube series (of which It's Alive! with Brad and Gourmet Makes are the most prominent) have a pretty big overlap. This appears to mostly be a result of their similar quirky view on food and frequent crossovers facilitated by their all being based in New York City. There's also some minor crossover with some of the cocktail channels, including How to Drink and Cocktail Chemistry (which have similar filming formats to Babish, and the latter of which actually did a crossover with him despite being from San Francisco). They also share respect for some common forerunners, particularly Alton Brown, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and "Chef John" Mitzewich.
  • There are many Minecraft roleplay series on the Internet which, together, form an extended Multiverse. In part due to creator overlap between many of the series, fans of one series are often fans of another, or even have limited knowledge of other series' lore despite not being in that specific fandom due to inter-community osmosis.
    • There are four that really took off in the early 2020s: Dream SMP, Empires SMP, Life SMP and Hermitcraft, though Hermitcraft was already popular beforehand. Naturally, there's quite a bit of overlap between fandoms, especially with the latter three. Fans often reassure one another when a particularly painful piece of lore drops (for example, Dream SMP fans trying to comfort Life series fans when the Life series' Season 2 finale dropped on November 16th, a very significant date for Dream SMP fans), and the different roleplay styles of each server are often compared and contrasted for comedic purposes.note 
    • The trinity of SMPLive, SMPEarth and Dream SMP, which overlap a notable amount in content creators and even in-universe characters, in certain cases.note 
    • Due to extensive creator overlap, many Rats SMP and later Pirates SMP fans started out as Outsiders SMP fans or Empires SMP fans.
    • 2023 brings the addition of QSMP, a multilingual SMP feauring many Dream SMP alumni. Also due to creator overlap, it is a friendly fandom to the Spanish-speaking Karmaland and Tortillaland fandoms.
  • B. Dylan Hollis and Tasting History with Max Miller are two openly-gay food historians known for their snarky commentary while trying out recipes. They have a huge overlap in viewers, despite being pretty much the antithesis of each other. Max is more professional in presentation, releases videos on a regular schedule, and the videos are longer and more informative about the history of the featured dish. He also covers a broader scope of history, ranging from the dawn of civilization to the 1950's, and from cultures all around the world. But the actual dishes can be complicated to prepare and often have ingredients that are expensive and/or hard to find. Dylan, on the other hand, has shorter videos as they're primarily made for TikTok (though he has a few longer ones on Youtube) and they're more comedic in tone, but he's less committed to a strict release schedule than Max. His scope is limited to (mostly) American dishes from the Civil War to the 1980's, but they're more accessible to the average viewer as most of his recipes come from old community cookbooks and homemaking magazines. In any case, two are constantly mentioned by fans in the comments of each other's videos, begging for a collaboration.
  • Fans of text story channels such as Text Theater, Viral Texts, and Apple Texts are frequently also fans of Reddit story channels featuring posts and comments from popular subreddits such as r/AmItheAsshole, r/relationships, and r/relationship_advice.

    Other Media 
  • The fandoms for Sprout and Nick Jr. are very good friends, even to this day.