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"We play video games and be toxic to each other sometimes."
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Party Crashers is a collaborative Let's Play group channel on YouTube consisting of four members: King of Skill (Brent), TCNick3 (Nicolas, but usually just goes by Nick for short), Vernias (Carnig, but usually just goes by Vernias or Vern for short), and Sophist (Noah, but usually goes by either Sophist or Eevee, as his username used to be "Sophisticated Eevee").

While the four of them have been on YouTube for quite awhile and have had various videos of them playing together, along with other YouTubers, it wasn't until 2023 when the quartet established this new channel specifically for videos of the four of them playing together, as well as establishing an official name for the group as a whole by extension.

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    Games played by the group 

Party Crashers, as well as the four individual channels it's collaborated from, contain examples of:

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"Oh, we need an outro! Uh- *monkey noises*"


Vernias gets these 1s

When Vernias steals only 1 coin from everyone with his Vampire Candy, he quietly places Brent's Piplup plushie on the sofa and perfoms an elbow drop onto it. Before that happens, Nick, Brent and Sophist all collectively react in horror upon seeing Vampire Birdo, with Brent even covering his eyes with his shirt.

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