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Fanfic / Infinity Train: Boiling Point

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Boscha in her half-Salamander form. Fanart by Gem_Cut

Infinity Train: Boiling Point is an Infinity Train and The Owl House Crossover written by Exotos135.

Set after the Grugby game between Luz and Boscha, Boscha is miffed to feel humiliated at her Pyrrhic Victory against Luz Noceda and decides that she needs to do something more to get Luz's friends "stronger".

Unfortunately, her attempts backfire; Principal Bump suspends her for a week and she accidentally burns Skara in her anger.

With trouble on the horizon, the three-eyed witch runs before barreling head first onto a mysterious Train, where she decides that she's going to prove a point to become something better. Stronger. An Apex.

The story ended on August 1st, 2021.

Green_Phantom_Queen of Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail has posted a prequel story, Infinity Train: Melancholy Afterlife which describes how Chloe of the Vermillion encountered Lexi in this universe.

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