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  • Babylon 5 vs. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, on account of B5 fans accusing Deep Space Nine writers of ripping off their show. (For their part, the writers have accepted that they were probably at least "drinking from the same well", as it were.) This one isn't so terrible, as the styles are similar, and less-rabid fans of each are willing to concede that the other is a good show.note 
    • Babylon 5 vs. any Star Trek was commonplace but alleviated somewhat when Majel Barrett appeared in the former.
    • For that matter, Deep Space Nine fans against any and all other Star Trek fans, the latter saying that Deep Space Nine was an un-Trek like beta test for BSG, complete with space station, Old School Dogfighting, and moral ambiguities and political complications that go against the rest of Trek.
      • Although that tends to be more one sided with most Deep Space Nine fans being general Trek fans as well. The serious rivalry is specifically between Next Gen's Contested Sequels Voyager and Deep Space 9.
  • Prior to the Star Trek films vs. Star Wars was Star Trek: The Original Series vs. Lost in Space.
    • Prior to that, Hard sci-fi vs. Pulp sci-fi.
  • Any Star Trek instalment will have concurrent civil wars against or in favor of it. A few of the most common ones:
  • Go on a sci-fi TV board and ask whether Star Trek: Discovery or The Orville is a better reboot of the franchise. Hope you brought marshmallows. The former is the official new Trek series. The latter is a Lighter and Softer Genre Throwback comedy-drama that has a ton of TNG alumni working with controversial creator Seth MacFarlane. Downplayed somewhat because Trek fanboards will often review both of them, even if The Orville isn't an official Trek series.
  • Heroes vs. Lost. The former premiered during the latter's third season, which was widely considered to be its weakest, and pleased many fans by answering the mysteries more quickly. This also angered people who were still sticking with Lost, however, the end of Season 3 and all of Season 4 were considered to have been where the show got its ass together, making the rivalry a battle for philosophies. Heroes fans think Lost fans are faux-intellectual posers; Lost fans think Heroes fans are simpletons with short attention spans.
    • 24 and Lost has had an ongoing rivalry that causes many flame wars over at GameFAQs' Broadcast Television board despite the fact that the shows have nothing to do with each other.
      • The aforementioned 24/Lost rivalry intensified after both shows ended only a day apart in May 2010. 24 fans were especially bitter, because its finale lacked the grand send off and adoration that ABC and the entertainment media gave Lost. As a result, 24 fans made many audacious statements against Lost, which included nasty presumptions against the show's narrative and its finale. Also included was a ludicrous claim that Lost would've never seen the light of day without 24 paving the way for edgy serialized TV, even though HBO accomplished that groundbreaking feat several years before 24 did. If anything, The X-Files and Twin Peaks should be credited for inspiring Lost much more. Most insultingly, some 24 fans even suggested that Lost won't be remembered as fondly as 24, because it has no movie sequel in the works. People who are fans of both shows found themselves between a rock and a hard place during this time.
      • Since Heroes and 24 are in the same Monday night timeslot, and both employ loads of characters and multiple plotlines, the rivalry between fans of both has become intense. So much so that people who like both are labeled turncoats.
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    • Heroes got brief kerfluffles and hate from the Pushing Daisies fandom too, when Daisies got canceled and Bryan Fuller had to return to Heroes.
    • One of the oddest examples on this list is a rivalry between fans of Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The two shows debuted on the same day, one after the other. Within a month, Heroes was getting high ratings and Studio 60 was not. This led to a lot of anger where Heroes fans were blamed for Studio 60's eventual demise. This rivalry has died down as Studio 60 faded from memory and Heroes fans became less and less willing to defend it.
  • Law and Order:SVU and Castle have been in a fandom war for the past 4 years when Castle lead Stana Katic and SVU lead Mariska Hargitay were both up for a People's Choice Awards. Insults were thrown back and fourth on twitter from both sides ranging from making fun of the others name, their acting ability, their looks... Since then it is considered traitorous to even mention that you like the other show if you're a member of either fandom.
  • The Munsters and The Addams Family rarely share fans. Addams' fans believe the Munsters ripped off their concept, in an unoriginal and unfunny way, while Munster fans claim the Addams are not quirky enough (because they don't have powers) to be considered the true sitcom horror family.
    • Interestingly enough both shows premiered within less than a week of each other.
    • In addition, on the same year Williams released the The Addams Family pinball machine, Gottlieb attempted (but failed due to rights issues) to release a Munsters pinball machine, which wound up becoming Class of 1812.
  • Seinfeld vs. Friends was a big one in the mid-late 1990s. Friends fans, on the whole, enjoy Seinfeld as well, but there's a definite disdain for Friends in the Seinfeld fan community.
  • Some of the more... committed fans of Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans are passionately either pro-Goren, the show veteran played by Vincent D'onofrio, or pro-Nichols, show newcomer played by Jeff Goldblum. It's made more complicated by the fact that Goren and Nichols eps have different show-runners. Fans also believe the network itself is fanning the flames with its "It's Better With Goldblum" promotional ads.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? has the original British show versus the American version. This is a weird example a) because the British version featured tons of performers from the American version anyway (including Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and Ryan Stiles), and b) because preferences aren't necessarily divided along national lines — a lot of Americans like the original for the British performers and the loosely-put-together style, and a lot of British people like the American version for being more structured/streamlined/better edited. "Clive vs. Drew" is a major point of contention. One of them is definitely not funny at all... but which one is it?
  • Late night talk show wars. Letterman or Leno? YOU MUST PICK ONE, OR A CHILD WILL DIE.
    • When Leno returned to 11:30, forcing Conan O'Brien to Channel Hop, a Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien fandom rivalry has abruptly exploded. Complete with a side of vindication from disgruntled Letterman fans.
  • Doctor Who has a long history, when its notoriously bellicose fans weren't fighting each other and had something to unite against.
    • There used to be a sort of rivalry between Doctor Who and Primeval — enough that Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell joked that he wasn't sleeping with the enemy by writing a Primeval episode. What made the whole thing strange was that, apart from Time Travel, the two shows really aren't that similar to each other (although there are definitely stronger parallels between Primeval and the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood).
    • The Doctor Who/Primeval thing probably stemmed from the fact that Primeval was intended by The BBC's rival ITV as its direct challenger to the new Doctor Who series and its domination of the Saturday-night family viewing market, just as The Tomorrow People (1973) was to classic Who.
    • There's also a bit of a rivalry between Doctor Who and Star Trek, as they're two of science fiction's longest runners. One of the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels even included an obvious Trek parody. The BBC and Paramount eventually decided to let IDW Publishing materialise the animosity into a comic book crossover miniseries, whose premise touches on a specific facet of the rivalry: a Villain Team-Up between the Cybermen and the Borg, who are frequently compared for their similar nature.
    • The rivalry between fans of New Who and Classic Who. Go on any Doctor Who forum you will see wars over which one is better. Classic Who fans think that New Who is too dramatic, too emotional, not "Sci-Fi" enough, too angsty, too romantic, etc. New Who fans find Classic Who too slow and boring, too cerebral, not dramatic enough, somewhat sexist in its handling of female companions, etc. Classic Who fans seem more vocal about it though. Plus there are TONS of fans who like both.
      • Within New Who, there's also fans of Russell T. Davies vs. fans of Steven Moffat, the two showrunners of the revived series - the former from 2005-2010 and the latter taking over from 2010-present. Moffat fans argue that Davies episodes are too silly, too epic, have too many Deus Ex Machinas and technobabble, are too preoccupied with the Doctor's loneliness and angst, take place on Earth too much... while Davies fans say that Moffat episodes have too many plotholes, too many plotlines that put the Doctor at the center of the entire fate of the universe, aren't emotionally-engaging enough, and that Moffat isn't as good as writing strong female characters. Of course, most fans like both equally.
    • During the mid-eighties, there was a serious rivalry between Doctor Who and Robin of Sherwood, which was scheduled against Colin Baker's era on Saturday evenings and also included significant fantasy elements. It was particularly notable as the first time that one of Doctor Who's rivals seriously trounced it in the ratings.
  • Fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse have lots of animosity between them despite the shows airing back-to-back during the former's second season and the latter's first. It started when Fox canceled Chronicles so that they could continue production on Dollhouse, despite the last few episodes of Chronicles having a significant uptake in quality. Several months after the finale aired, Joss Whedon announced that Summer Glau would guest star in the second season of Dollhouse. Then an article was released in which he said he would've kept The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the air. Interactions between the camps are still not pretty.
  • Castle vs. Bones is huge, as there's a lot of viewer crossover in the romantic dramedy procedural demographic. Castle fans declare that the storylines on Bones have gone far downhill in their going-on-six seasons, and Bones fans insinuate that fans of upstart Castle don't care about their show and just watch for Nathan Fillion.
  • Fans of Miley Cyrus vs. fans of Selena Gomez. This extends to the girls themselves, who, in real life, can't stand each other. Miley has taken some nasty cheap shots at Selena, and Selena has essentially admitted that she can't stomach Miley and implied that she is too petty to be worth her time. Rivalry mainly started after Nick Jonas broke up with Miley and started dating Selena, although purportedly he spent his entire relationship with Selena trying to turn her into something she wasn't (namely, Miley.)
  • The Disney Channel vs. Nickelodeon. Fans of the former claim that Nick has rested on SpongeBob SquarePants to carry it through and been unimaginative. Fans of the latter claim that Disney is too squeaky-clean, and nothing more than an enormous Idol Singer marketing machine, while asserting that Nick's stars can act and sing circles around Disney's. Of course, most people who grew up watching either channel in the 1990's usually liked both back in the day (they both had completely different target audiences, as in the '90s Disney was more aimed at adults and Nick was more aimed at kids) and dislike them in their current state (today both channels are aimed at tweens over anyone else).
  • iCarly vs Sonny with a Chance. Many fans of the former see the latter as a ripoff(and vice versa), and rumors are in fact circulating that Sonny With a Chance was ripped off of an idea that developed into iCarly. Both sides claim the other has been ripping off each other, claims that Nick's Zoey 101 was ripped off from Lizzie McGuire, and Disney's Sonny with a Chance was ripped off from the original idea for iCarly.
    • There's a Nickelodeon civil war between people who like Victorious but never liked or watched iCarly and iCarlys existing fans who hate Victorious. It generally stems from Victorious being produced by the same company, using the same studio, meaning only one can be in production at one time. This immediately sliced iCarly episode runs in half, then Victorious used three of the episodes of the already pitifully small 13 episode Season 4 order to make a crossover that was basically the iCarly characters being guest stars on Victorious.
    • iCarly casting One Direction as guest stars caused instant drama, mostly on Tumblr. One Direction fans derided the iCarly fandom as being comprised of "immature 12-year-olds" that would somehow swamp the non-12-year-old One Direction fandom, iCarly fans shot back with "who are One Direction and why have I never heard of them?", that iCarly is far more popular than One Direction ever will be, and reminding the One Direction fans that the majority of its fandom are much older due to how long the show has gone for as well as having a lot of mature humour.
  • So much between Community / The Big Bang Theory and Community / Glee fandoms, probably because Community combines the nerdy appeal of one with the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits vibe of the other, in addition to sharing a timeslot with Big Bang Theory and taking frequent potshots at Glee. Despite the fact that it pales before both shows on a viewership level, most critics seem to come down on the side of Community.
  • Skins vs. The Inbetweeners. Skins also has this between fans of the original British version and fans of the American remake, as well as fans of the different generations of the British version.
  • An example all from a single TV show: Joel Hodgson vs. Mike Nelson as host of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This one was one of the biggest debates on the Internet during its infancy, and still persists to this day (mostly thanks to Fan Dumb who just won't let it die). Said Fan Dumb often ignores the fact that Mike was the head writer for everything except the Old Shame first season, meaning some of Joel's most beloved jokes were actually created by "that other guy". It also ignores that Joel himself has gone on record as saying he thinks Mike was better, and that if Mike hadn't been a late addition to the team he would have asked him to host from the very beginning. The show tipped its hat to the debate in the 10th season opener Soul Taker, where Joel makes a brief return and Mike feels put out before Tom and Crow calm him by saying "Don't compare yourselves, it ain't healthy".
    • Now it continues in a slightly different form, as both men have their own Spiritual Successors to MST, Mike's RiffTrax and Joel's Cinematic Titanic. At one point Mike approached Joel about pretending there was a real rivalry between them in order to mess with the fans, but Joel declined.
  • Farscape versus Stargate SG-1: because the Sci Fi Channel cancelled Farscape and then took over Stargate, with some tactless remarks about the latter show's demographic being more profitable. Calmed down a lot when Ben Browder and Claudia Black, the lead actors from Farscape, joined the regular cast for the final seasons of Stargate, although that caused its own problems between fans of the earlier series who didn't like the Frascape-esque feel of the final seasons, and fans who preferred the final seasons over the earlier ones.
    • It should be noted that Sci Fi began airing Stargate SG-1 well before Farscape's cancellation, however. There was much more ire for fans of the remake of Battlestar Galactica, in no small part thanks to the more tactless comments by Sci Fi about the announcement of Battlestar being greenlit because the channel needed a "sexy, dark and edgy space-based science fiction drama"...right as they cancelled their existing "sexy, dark and edgy space-based science fiction drama."
    • To a lesser extent Farscape vs. Firefly, as both have a number of similarities in being strongly character-driven and arc-based science fiction series set in a Crapsack Universe.
  • Wheel of Fortune versus Jeopardy! Both shows were created by the same person, are made by the same production team, and air one before the other in most markets (the order depends on the station), but that doesn't mean everybody loves to watch both shows. Even though they're arguably one of TV's most popular program pairs, the games themselves play out quite differently. "Jeopardy!" is more about trivia while "Wheel" is more of a word or puzzle game. The differences between the two shows link to many different views on one show in comparison to the other.
    • It doesn't help that in recent years, Wheel fans have accused the executive producer of favoritism towards the other show.
  • Played for Laughs among fans of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Being as these are sister shows, aired back-to-back on the same network, with the latter being a Spin-Off of the former, most TDS viewers are TCR viewers, and vice-versa; the difference is really more one of "do you tune in for Jon and stay for Stephen, or do you tune in for Stephen and watch Jon because hey, why not?". However, Stephen Colbert's (in-character) tendency to make a war out of everything has led to some lighthearted rivalry between those who prefer one over the other.
  • Once Upon a Time vs. Grimm. Never mind that these two shows are pretty much apples and oranges and the only thing they have in common is having a fairy tale theme, fans just can't stop comparing the two and arguing which is better. Fans of the former (OUAT) dismiss the latter show (Grimm) as either having too much of a slow-moving plot, having no plot at all, just being a Monsters of the Week show dressed as a Police Procedural one or being a ripoff of Supernatural. Grimm fans, on the other hand, mock OUAT as being too light-hearted, cheesy, soapy, Disney-fied and being a "chick show".
  • One particularly sad one, largely based on Real Life events, exists between fans of ten-year-old Shake It Up! actor Davis Cleveland and fans of Demi Lovato, largely due to comments made by Lovato in 2011 on Twitter criticizing a joke about anorexia Demi witnessed on SIU. Lovato made a rhetorical Twitter post observing that Disney Channel actresses seemed to look skinnier and skinnier, a comment that, while meant as a general statement, seemed to hurt the feelings of SIU star Zendaya. Coleman's dad took to Twitter to defend his daughter, asking for an apology, and Lovato offered one and explained she had only wanted to see more diversity and acceptance in body shapes and did not mean to hurt anyone. Davis also seemed to take it hard, defensively and angrily criticizing Demi for her use of drugs and alcohol prior to stint in rehab, and accusing Demi's fans of putting her up on too high of a pedestal. These statements only seemed to inspire Demi's fans to insult and threaten Davis on Twitter regularly. Though Davis and Demi have attempted to move on, there seem to be constant flame wars and drama between "Lovatics" and Davis, and between Lovatics and Davis' fans up to mid-2012. As of this update, said drama and flame wars has long been gone, meaning either one or the other had called a truce offline.
  • Speaking of Battlestar, some fans of the original series have no love for those of the remake, and continue to believe that Sci Fi should have made a continuation of the original series as championed by Richard Hatch instead. The teeth gnashing between the two camps began even before the new version even aired, made worse by the fact that Sci Fi did, at one point, publicly suggest that they would make a continuation before deciding on a remake.
  • Elementary vs. Sherlock. From the moment Elementary was announced, these two have been going at each other. Both are modernized versions of Sherlock Holmes (which is cause for much of the hate between them - even though Universal's series of movies with Basil Rathbone beat both to the punch in the 1940s), but the similarities stop there due to Elementary taking place in New York, Watson being a woman, and various other details such as previous occupations and the like. However, what didn't help was that CBS had asked the BBC to make an American remake of Sherlock and were denied, so it appeared that they were just trying to jump on the bandwagon that Sherlock had created. Since then, there has been regular bashing of the other fandom on their respective Tumblr tags, each side believing that one show is better than the other.
    • The war even drags fan politics into it, with Elementary fans claiming that their show is more diverse because Watson is an Asian woman, and that Sherlock fans are a bunch of sexists and racists, and Sherlock fans claiming that Elementary turned Watson into a woman because of misplaced Gay Panic. Elementary fans respond to the latter with claims that the depiction of the relationship between Sherlock and John in Sherlock is full of bad-faith queerbaiting. It goes on. Steven Moffat's sizable Fandom/Hatedom does not help.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Firefly to some degree. There is some Friendly Fandoms between each other's shows, but there is also a faction of Buffy fans that hate Firefly because they feel that when Joss Whedon left to work on Firefly, Buffy suffered irreparably.
  • Merlin and Camelot seemed to have this during Camelot's short run. Camelot fans thought Merlin was bad for not following the legends closely, and Merlin fans didn't think another Arthurian series could be better or get used to new actors in the roles. Granted, part of the difference is that Merlin was written for younger audiences (it's a children's show in the UK) than Camelot.
  • CSI and CSI NY fans vs CSI: Miami fans. There is a lot of interconnectedness among the franchise fans, and many like all 3 series or get along fine with those who prefer only one or two,but many fans of the other two hate on Miami because they don't like Horatio/David Caruso. Then there are the original franchise lovers who feel the spinoffs could never compare to Vegas.
  • War broke out in British TV fandom in early 2013 when Downton Abbey won the public-voted National Television Awards prize for best series. Cue outrage from, in particular, Doctor Who and Sherlock fans who believe that their shows are both better and more popular. There was also some outrage from Merlin fans who thought their show was "owed" because it had just finished, although they were at least able to console themselves that Colin Morgan won best actor.
  • Victorious: Victorians (fans of Victoria Justice) vs. Arianators (fans of Ariana Grande). Despite both girls starring on the same show, a lot of Arianators saw Victoria as being overly Adored by the Network, often stating that Ariana was much more talented. Likewise, a large portion of Victorians couldn't stand Ariana, calling her "fake" and "annoying", among other things. When Victoria and Ariana had their Twitter fight in early February 2013, tensions between the fandoms escalated to all-out war that lasted several days. It was only during the 2014 Kids Choice Awards that the two posted proof that the feud was done with and were back on good terms.
    • The recent Victorious cast reunion for a Christmas "onesie party," complete with pictures, videos, and affectionate comments, has hopefully put the talk of a Victoria/Ariana feud to rest for good.
  • Adam-12 vs Emergency! to a point. They both like to think their guys are the best looking, and Adam-12 fans sometimes feel pushed aside somewhat between Emergency and Dragnet both being so popular.
  • The Sopranos vs. The Wire vs. Breaking Bad. All three of them are commonly referred to, by critics and audiences alike, as the greatest crime dramas in the history of television, each for very different reasons. While each fandom will generally acknowledge the quality of the other two, discussions over which of the three is the greatest can become... heated.
  • The British Top Gear vs. the American Top Gear (US). Go to the Top Gear YouTube channel, pick out a video of the US version, any video, and look at the like/dislike score for some of the most blatant click-bombing you will ever see in your life.
  • Fans of BattleBots and fans of Robot Wars do not get along very well. Any sufficiently popular YouTube video of one of those shows will eventually attract attention from fans of the other boasting that their show's robots can annihilate the video's show's robots. The actual designers and builders of these robots, however, don't think that way: A lot of them will participate in both competitions (though, because of legal issues, they have to either rename their robots or use different ones, with a few exceptions). The rivalry seems to have emerged from how BattleBots builders tend to have a tough time in Robot Wars and vice versa. This is because the competitions have different rules, structure, and goals, and what works for one competition might not necessarily work for the other.
  • Fans of Breaking Bad vs. fans of Game of Thrones is rather popular, most likely due to them both being two of the biggest breakout drama shows of The New '10s, receiving an almost equal level of critical acclaim, and generally considered to be the two shows behind the general rise of quality of television during the 2010's. Naturally, this leads to a big debate as to which one is truly better.
    • Nowhere was this more apparent than during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, in which Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad) won "Best Supporting Actor" over Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones). According to GoT fans, Paul only won the award due to Breaking Bad being in its final season, while BB fans insist that the GoT fanbase is just overly bitter.
    • While on the subject of the Emmy's, a lot of Breaking Bad fans seem to be fully aware as to how touchy of a subject it is for Game of Thrones fans, considering that the following year, when Game of Thrones finally managed its own sweep at the awards, a lot of Breaking Bad pointed out how Game of Thrones only won because it was no longer competing with Breaking Bad.
    • Both The Walking Dead and True Detective often seem to get thrown into this as well.
  • Ru Pauls Drag Race fans can get pretty passionate about the queens they love (or hate) in a given season, especially with the top three finalists when Ru opened the choice to fan input starting in Season 4. Viewers don't directly vote for the winner, but Ru will take online comments into consideration before making her choice. The only season where there wasn't a flame-war over the winner was 6, when pretty much everyone agreed Bianca Del Rio was the best choice.
  • Power Rangers and Super Sentai fanbases can end up at each other's throats every now and then. It doesn't evolve much past Power Rangers fans calling Sentai fans a bunch of elitist snobs who look down on anyone not preferring Super Sentai to Power Rangers, while Sentai fans go after Ranger fans for watching a show they feel gets dumbed down to nothing but a bunch of cheesy one-liners and wooden acting. This is more the exception than the rule, however, as both fandoms actually coexist quite peacefully.
  • Similar to the Top Gear UK/Top Gear US rivalry, there's one between The Office (UK) and The Office (US). While they are ostensibly similar in their basic premises and themes, they have radically different approaches to humor and characterizations, so a great deal of the rivalry comes down to which style the individual viewer prefers.
  • In Romania there's Vacanța Mare show vs Divertis show. Both are sketch comedy shows starring famous comedy groups who formed in the 80s, got popular trough shows on stage in the 90s and got their own tv show in 1999. The rivalry is more about the comedy groups as a whole rather than just the shows themselves, with the Divertis fans claiming that Vacanța Mare is just swearing, fart jokes, toilet humor and overall childish humor enjoyed only by low life peasants as opposed to Divertis who has a more refined, subtle and clean humor who they claim is smarter. On the other hand the VM fans claim that while VM's humor may not be as refined or subtle at least their humor is more universal and can be understood by almost everyone and is also more timeless (As opposed to Divertis who's humor relies heavily on politics), and also VM actually made original characters almost everyone knows while Divertis only made one shot characters and all of their recurring characters are politicians or celebrities. The fact that their shows were broadcasted on rival channels doesn't help.
    • Vacanța Mare also has a rivalry with În Puii Mei (another sketch comedy show). With VM fans accusing ÎPM of being a lousy rip-off of VM.
      • In fact VM fans have a beef with all of Mihai Bendeac's (the guy who made ÎPM) work. Once again accusing him of plagiarism.
    • Another famous rivalry is with the sitcom Las Fierbinți. Because both are comedy shows on PRO tv starring famous comedians (in VM show's case the Vacanța Mare group, in Las Fierbinți 's case Mihai Bobonete) with large audiences and a great success. However LF has more in common with VM's segment "Leana & Costel". Both are sitcoms who once again had great success, large audiences and star famous comedians but also because both sitcoms are set in rural environment and deal with life at the countryside. The rivalry stems from the fact that VM fans feel like LF is another rip-off of their show and that it stole their spotlight as PRO tv's successful comedy show with large audiences.
    • In fact VM fans have a rivalry with all modern humor. They consider VM to be the best comedians ever while any other comedian or comedy show sucks and whoever enjoys them is an idiot who doesn't know real humor.
    • Because the VM fandom is a Broken Base VM fans also have rivalries among themselves such as Stage vs TV, Dan Sava vs Florin Petrescu and PRO Tv vs Kanal D.
  • Another one from Romania is La Bloc vs Las Fierbinți. Both are successful Pro tv sitcoms starring famous comedians (LB has Dragoș Moștenescu and Emil Mitrache (who were part of Florin Călinescu's Chestiunea Zilei show) while LF has Mihai Bobonete). LF was also launched 10 years after La Bloc (La Bloc was launched in 2002 while Las Fierbinți was launched in 2012). The shows are also like opposites of each other with La Bloc being about city life and being set in the capital of Romania, Bucharest while Las Fierbinți being about life at the countryside and being set in the rather obscure town of Fierbinți-Târg. As usual the rivalry is between which show is better. LB fans claiming that their show was better and funnier while LF is dull and boring and LF fans claiming that LB was a failed and weak sitcom while their show is a huge hit.
    • What makes this rivalry ironic is the fact that in La Bloc's Grand Finale, Nelu Curcă (the protagonist of the show) says that he wants the cast of Las Fierbinți to perform at his daughter's wedding and that he wants to get drunk with Celentano (The Town Drunk from "Las Fierbinți").
  • Just like VM, Divertis fans also have a rivalry with ÎPM. The rivalry developed the second time Divertis got a show on PRO tv while ÎPM was still on Antena 1. But even without them being on rival channels, a rivalry would have probably developed anyway due to the drastic differences in humor.
    • Another one they share with VM is with modern humor. Just like their rivals, Divertis fans see Divertis as the best comedians and every other comedy show (especially the modern ones) as the worst comedies ever.
    • And, finally just like their rivals, the Divertis fandom is also a Broken Base with inner rivalries such as Stage vs TV, Anthena 1 vs PRO tv and Land of Jokes/Distractors vs SRC.

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