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Given the Pokémon series' various forms of media, it's not uncommon to see at least one form of media rival another.

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    Within the franchise 
  • The Pokémon fandom is infamous for its "generation wars", with fans often clawing each other's eyes out about which generation was the best. Roughly speaking, fans are divided into three broad groups: fans of the "classic" era (Gens I-II), fans of the "early modern" era (Gens III-V), and fans of the "3D" era (Gens VI-VII). Each of these groups constantly holds up why their preferred generation(s) is/are the best, often blaming the other two groups for overglorifying their own choices and (aside from "3D" fans) blaming Game Freak for not continuing in their preferred direction. One reason HeartGold and SoulSilver are considered a Sacred Cow is that they appeal to both "classic" fans and "early modern" fans (being Gen IV remakes of Gen II games), and "3D" fans have very few gripes against them.
  • A starter war occurred in Sun and Moon: as a result of Greninja successfully becoming a Breakout Character in Generation VI, a fierce rivalry started between Decidueye fans and Incineroar fans over which of their starters should get the same treatment. Decidueye fans cite Rowlet's popularity and Decidueye's playable appearance in Pokkén Tournament DX, while Incineroar fans cite its competitive success in doubles, its increased prominence in the anime, and Incineroar's playable appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • The infamous Pokémon vs. Digimon wars. When Yu-Gi-Oh! joined in, it became a Mêlée à Trois. Beyblade and Monster Rancher sometimes get thrown into the mix too. It started when both fandoms claimed that one was a rip-off of the other, as they were out at around the same time and had superficially similar elements. The fighting got to the point that a lot of people decided that anyone who was a fan of both wasn't really a fan on their side. However, with the passage of time and fans aging, the fandom war between the two franchises has largely died down and the they've become Friendly Fandoms, which had gotten to the point where some are now even considering Series Mascot Agumon to be a worthy contender for Super Smash Bros.note , which has had Pokémon representation since the very first game. Then Chaotic came along and soon this conflict is worthy of an FPS and RTS.
  • This trope really came into effect once Yo Kai Watch was released internationally. It was probably the worst rivalry since Digimon in the 90s. Western fans were already distasteful prior to the localization due to people calling it "the Pokémon killer" but the tension got worse when the main English dub came out. The rivalry died out in the mid-to-late 2010s as Pok&eacue;mon fans derided Yo-Kai Watch as a short fad after sales began to dwindle.

    The games 
  • Ingress vs. Pokémon GO, both GPS-based Augmented Reality games developed by Niantic where players play by traveling to in-game points of interest by visiting their corresponding locations in real life. Ingress players are not terribly fond of Go players due to having a much bigger and louder fanbase unlike Ingress which is more of a Cult Classic rather than a Killer App and has a generally quieter fanbase; the large numbers of Go players at Ingress hotspots (due to Go piggybacking on a lot of Ingress infrastructure) doesn't help. This has led to concerns that various properties will ban the use of all location-based games, even for the Silent Majority. The rivalry is mostly one-way, as most Go players don't even know what Ingress is.
  • Pokémon vs Monster Rancher was once a hot spot, with the latter seen as the PlayStation counterpart. It was mainly due to the anime as the gameplay is very different and despite it technically being multi-plat (main games on PS consoles, spinoffs on Nintendo handhelds). Monster Rancher died out by the DS while Pokémon only got bigger.
  • Fans of Pokémon vs. fans of Spectrobes for DS Role Playing Games. Both Spectrobes and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out around the same time, inciting massive arguments about which one has better gameplay, graphics, and story.
  • Pokémon GO vs the Japanese-only Yo-kai Watch World, as a result of the rivalry between the two series. The former is far more popular.

    The anime 
  • Pokémon vs. Bakugan isn't uncommon. The tension between fans of both series, young and old, is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
  • Beckett Magazine played up these rivalries in their covers.
  • Pokémon vs Beyblade is common because the two are similarly kodomomuke anime about fighting with monsters.
  • In Japan, Pokémon began a one-sided rivalry with Chibi Maruko-chan after the former changed timeslots. Pokémon fans feared that the latter would get higher ratings.
  • In some places it was Pokémon vs. Digimon vs. Dragon Ball Z.
  • After Digimon stepped down after Yu-Gi-Oh! came in, seeing as some kids stopped watching it after 02 ended.
  • Fans of Pokémon vs. fans of Inazuma Eleven. Inazuma Eleven fans label Pokémon as having no progress despite its Long Runner status, Pokémon fans label Inazuma Eleven a shallow and contrived series that is hated for stealing ratings in Japan. It's even more intense when fans outside Japan were factored. Inazuma Eleven is much more popular in Britain due to the footing soccer has there, while Pokémon is one of the Gateway Series to American anime fans, and the US as a whole couldn't care less about soccer.
Though it doesn't seem that bad in Japan itself, as there's quite a bit of crossover fanart in Pixiv, and it even has its own tag: pokeire.
  • The Pokemon anime has also gotten scorn from the rest of the anime fandom due to feelings that mainstream American audiences got a wrong impression of the medium as a whole from it (especially with the 4Kids dub) or that they didn't realize there was other (and, in their view, better) series out there.
  • If an anime has been dubbed in English by two companies(be it a redub or a transfer of rights), chances are there'll be a rivalry. Prominent examples include Pokémon and Sailor Moon'.
  • Yo-Kai Watch's anime vs Pokémon. There are some who prefer the Pokémon anime while others who think the Yo-Kai Watch is of higher quality, especially due to the dubbing quality, Nate being perceived as a better protagonist than the Memetic Loser Ash, and the more risque jokes. The plans to Retool the series for Pokémon Sun and Moon into a school-based series with more focus on comedy and a redesigned art style has further fueled tensions on both sides; with fans of Yo-Kai Watch accusing Pokémon of ripping them off and Pokémon fans blaming Yo-Kai Watch for the rebranding to compete. The tension got worse after the Yo-Kai Watch fad died in Japan, and the series didn't take off well internationally, leading many Pokémon fans to call Yo-Kai Watch a bomb.


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