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Friendship Gardens

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  • Chivalric Romance: Between the Enchanted Throne and the fabled Queen Sunsparkle, Friendship Gardens overall has a very Arthurian theme, and Queen Sunsparkle is heavily implied to be Codexverse version of King Arthur.
  • Matriarchy: Since the First Age, the realm of Friendship Gardens is always ruled by a Queen, starting with its founder, Queen Majesty, one of the most legendary mortal unicorn royals ever to exist. Since her abdication/death, the Seven Royal Princesses, led by Princess-Regent Merula, ruled Friendship Gardens until a successor, Queen Sunsparkle, was chosen in the Second Age. Then after Sunsparkle left to search for the lost Pony colonists that were stranded during the "Void Aeon" event, the Enchanted Throne was left vacant for hundreds of years until a worthy successor was found in Fluttershy Posey, the now former Bearer of Kindness. Fluttershy had notably used the Enchanted Throne's power numerous times, but always returned it because she didn't feel worthy or confident enough to rule. That is, until several years after the defeat/imprisonment of the League of Domination, when Fluttershy finally accepted her position as Queen and took the Enchanted Throne permanently.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Only the Chosen can sit upon the Enchanted Throne, acquire the 'Majestic Power' and become the rightful Queen of Friendship Gardens.
  • Princesses Rule: Defied. They don't follow the Princess system, and Princess Merula is only their ruler due to the Enchanted Throne having not chosen a new queen yet, hence her being called Princess-Regent. When Fluttershy temporally is declared ruler to lead them in crisis events she's instead called Queen Gaia. She eventually becomes the queen permanently several years after the defeat of the League of Domination.

    Queen Majesty, the Queen of Ponykind 
See her folder entry here.

    Princess-Regent Merula, the Guardian Angel 
See her folder entry here.

    Fluttershy Posey, the Redeemer of the Serpent/Queen Gaia Posey the First, the Chosen Redeemer 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Chosen One/Redeemer/Mutant/Mother/Pegasus

Faction: Principalities of Equestria/The Council of Friendship

"I know that I'm weak, shy, and not very brave... but there is still strength in Kindness. And if my friends need me, I will do anything to make sure they are all provided for."

Fluttershy Posey (her entry here) is the Bearer of Kindness, and a member of the Mane Six. While Fluttershy appears to be the same meek yet kind pegasus mare as she was in canon, she's actually a Happy Tail pegasus. Most of her magic is channeled through her tail, allowing Fluttershy to manipulate it like an extra limb. In addition to being nature's friend and an animal caretaker, she's a skilled buckball player.

Ironically, she struck up a rapport with Changeling King Brachion (though he was disguised at the time), and became one of few people to earn his respect through her steadfast devotion to her beliefs.
  • Adaptational Badass: In canon, Fluttershy is a shy pegasus who's Hidden Depths make her quite formidable. Here, she's a "Happy Tail", a sub type of pony who channels their magic through their hair and use it like an extra limb, and is a skilled buckball player. She also briefly claimed the power of the Enchanted Throne, briefly becoming the strongest mortal pony on Equus and paralyzing a Changeling King and allowing him to be defeated. She returned the power quickly, however, as she was scared of ruling.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: Several years after the League of Domination Crisis, Fluttershy would finally step up the Enchanted Throne of Friendship Gardens and become their official queen, Queen Gaia the First.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She is kindhearted, gentle, soft-spoken and much more timid when she was younger. But if someone/something threatens her loved ones and puts helpless innocents in danger, she will not hesitate to Stare them down into submission.
  • Birds of a Feather: She developed a close friendship with Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music and Humility, because of their shared humility and compassion despite their great power and positions.
  • Break the Cutie: Subverted; while she's horrified to learn of the Darwinist aspects of nature, she still remains convinced that she can rise above and change nature, impressing King Brachion (who was disguised as a Deer at the time) and making him question his beliefs in survival relying on being the strongest predator.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Variation: many have tried to redeem Discord throughout history, and all have failed miserably, with some like Cosmos being corrupted by him instead, to the point many believed he was Beyond Redemption. Fluttershy shocked everyone by successfully reforming him, earning her the title 'Redeemer of the Serpent'.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Apart from her unique 'Stare' ability, Fluttershy is for all intents and purposes an ordinary pegasus mare who has done many extraordinary things. She is also the Bearer of the Element of Kindness as well as the recipient and eventually inheritor of Friendship Garden's Enchanted Throne, both its powers and its position.
  • Fertile Feet: In the "Final Ragnarok" arc, her potential future self as an Alicorn goddess can make even dead plant matter bloom with life again simply by touching them with her hooves; for example, the tree branch she stood on bloomed with flowers.
  • Friend to All Living Things: As in canon, Fluttershy is this to all life, and WILL rise above her own timidity and 'weakness' to its defense without hesitation.
  • The Magnificent: Shaping up to be 'The Chosen Redeemer', given her track record in reforming villains such as Discord, and has potential to redeem many, many others.
  • Morality Pet:
    • To Discord, as in canon, and to everyone's shock.
    • She's also this to Changeling King Brachion to a degree, as she's one of the only beings he treats kindly (Although she doesn't know who he really is), to the point he has went out of his way to protect her or at least punish those who would try and harm her. This is significant considering Brachion is a sadistic Evilutionary Biologist who believes in 'The Law of the Jungle' who experiments on live sapient subjects as well as creating/unleashing horrific biological weapons. It would truly take a very special kind of Pony to be able to impress and befriend him.
    • Discussed between Luminiferous and Celestia. While Celestia is worried about foisting so much responsibility onto Fluttershy, Luminiferous is confident in that she has the potential to become this for many villains and pave the way for their redemption.
      Luminiferous: (to Celestia) She has the potential to be not just A redeemer, but THE redeemer. The greatest of this Age. The one who will be the leader of many lost souls back to the light. She can do it... and you know she can.
  • Mutants: She's described here as being a pegasus with a Happy Tail mutation, which is actually very common in equine species.
  • Odd Friendship: Ironically, Fluttershy managed to strike up a decent rapport with a disguised King Brachion, who is The Social Darwinist and a Mad Scientist.
  • Offered the Crown: Due to sitting on the Enchanted Throne and being chosen as worthy of the Majestic Power, she was offered the throne of Friendship Garden as per custom. She turns it down and returned the power, only taking it up when needed. She did temporarily become Queen during great crises to lead Friendship Garden and rally them, but always returns it. Several years after the end of the series proper, she finally decides to take the offer and become their Queen.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield:
    • She's the Bearer of the Element of Kindness, as is canon.
    • She is also discovered to be worthy of the Majestic Power within the Enchanted Throne and can use it, but she only does so when absolutely necessary as she doesn't want to be Queen of Friendship Gardens. She eventually does accept the throne permanently and become their Queen due to how many people she can help, however.
  • Prehensile Tail: Fluttershy's Happy Tail mutation comes in this form - she has a magic field that is channeled through her tail hair, allowing her to use said tail like an extra limb. This proves very useful when playing buckball games.
  • Pretty Butterflies: Her potential future self is that of a beautiful Alicorn goddess with butterfly wings.
  • Winged Unicorn: As shown in the "Final Ragnarok" arc, she currently has great potential to become one. When Luminiferous empowered her and her daughter, Fluttercruel, to help defeat Vig and Awnd of the Shadowed Ones, Fluttershy turned into an Alicorn goddess with butterfly wings, a yellow-to-pink wing gradient, an armored barding made of wood, and Fertile Feet that caused a dead tree branch she was standing on to bloom with flowers. Luminiferous also showed Celestia of an image of this when the Princess expressed worry and doubt over making Fluttershy redeem the then-evil and irredeemable Discord.
  • World's Strongest Man: Very briefly: she turned out to be worthy of the Majestic Power within the Enchanted Throne, and with it was the most powerful mortal pony on the planet while she possessed it. She returned it quickly, however, due to not wanting to rule Friendship Garden. This likely becomes permanent after she steps up to the Enchanted Throne of Friendship Garden and becomes its Queen several years after the 'League of Domination' Crisis.

    Queen Sunsparkle 
See her folder entry here.

    Dame Starry Knight, the Knight of the Moon 

Character: Hero

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Knight/Mutant/Swordsmare

Faction: Friendship Gardens

"My armour is courage. My shield is honour. My sword is justice. In chivalry's name, let righteousness prevail."

Dame Starry Knight (her entry here) is a renowned champion of Friendship Gardens, and a courageous and virtuous warrior.
  • Alien Among Us: Played With: she is an alien from another planet, but she's a descendant of pony colonists that got stranded there at the end of the Second Age. They were separated for so long they became a separate species, however.
  • Fish out of Water: Due to being an alien from another planet, she's this on Equus.
  • Human Subspecies: Or rather, PONY subspecies. Exact classification Equus Sapien Chevalier, as named by Queen Sunsparkle.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Knight of the Moon".
  • Mutants: Subverted, this is what people on Equus think she is, but she's actually a species of pony descended from stranded colonists on a distant planet.
  • Ultraterrestrials: What she ultimately is - she is an 'alien', but only in the sense that she is from another world. Her kind are actually distant descendants of Ponies who colonized her homeworld from an earlier era and then diverged over generations as a result of their world's environment.

    Goldgiran, the Lost Star Beast 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Lost One, ancient Dragon, Cyborg

Faction: Friendship Gardens/Neo Friendship Gardens

  • Artificial Limbs: All four of his legs were replaced with cybernetics, as well as his tail. His wings are also replaced with rocket engines.
  • Body Horror: Given the amount of his body that had to be replaced with cybernetics, 'badly maimed' is probably an understatement for his condition when Sunsparkle found him.
  • Cyborg: Was badly maimed in the Void Aeon, forcing Queen Sunsparkle to turn him into one of these to save him. It made him far more powerful and durable than he originally was.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Queen Sunsparkle used his space suit and Lunar Titanium to rebuild him as a Cyborg after he was left badly maimed in the Void Aeon.


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