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Here is a list of characters from the 'Lost Ones' beyond Equus, populations of Equus Ponies or otherwise which had been stranded on other worlds and developed separately from the brethren of their homeworld. While initially referring to the Second Age lost colonists, it also covers those who predated them from previous Ages and civilizations.

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The Lost Ones


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  • Meaningful Name: The term "Lost Ones" stem from the fact that Pony colonists from the Second Age had been left stranded in space during the "Void Aeon" event. Because of the natures of each planet they were stranded on, they gradually evolved into a Pony subspecies or even their own species over time. A variation would that instead of being from the Second Age, the colonists are from the Alicorn civiliation.
  • Ultraterrestrials: They're all Equusians who ended up stranded in space and continuing along their own path, sometimes even becoming their own species or subspecies.

The Dvar

  • Alien Invasion: Essentially. While descended from lost Equusian space colonists, they return with intent to conquer Equus for themselves.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: When it is clear they lost during the events of "Homecoming of the Dvar", the remaining forces chose to fight to the death and/or overload their suits. The ones that surrendered were in the minority.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Their landing alone wiped out over 80% of the forest which was chosen as their landing site, which is a nature reserve while instantly killing both many of the native Nature Giants and Alvslog Forest Deer, who had been lead by King Aspen's cousin King Elm, who had lived and reigned in the Forest Realm there. The initial attempts by the local defenders to repel them is nothing short of a slaughter with dozens of dead Dragons and Giants alike, with King Elm himself as one of the casualties. It took the assistance of the two closest nations, the Principalities of Equestria and Friendship Gardens to finally turn the tide.
  • Dug Too Deep: It is implied that while the Dvar aren't exactly right in the head due to their environment post-Void Aeon, they may have also unleashed something that became their object of worship, explaining their hostility.


Neo-Friendship Gardens

  • Human Subspecies: Equus sapiens chevalier, a subspecies of pony that evolved due to the more mountainous, forested environment.
  • Lunacy: Lunar Ponies have developed moon based magic due to the planet's multiple moons.
  • Matriarchy: Neo-Friendship Gardens is ruled by Queen Sunsparkle, but everything else, including her Seers, are mix-gendered. This is because Sunsparkle once ruled the original Friendship Gardens, which has a matriarchal tradition of being ruled by a Queen chosen by the Enchanted Throne. She has since left Equus after the Second Age to search for Pony colonists stranded in space during the "Void Aeon" event, and eventually became the ruler of the Equus sapiens chevalier subspecies.
  • Regenerating Mana: Notably subverted with Lunar Ponies, who have to absorb moonlight to charge their racial magic. While they can keep this charge until needed, they can't recharge without moonlight. This makes them more powerful, but with a limited amount of power to do it with.
  • Space Elves: In addition to sharing their homeworld with elf-like species, they evolved an additional tribe known as Elf Ponies with Elf-like attributes.

    Queen Sunsparkle 
The last known Queen of Friendship Gardens until Fluttershy Posey of Equestria ascended the Enchanted Throne, Queen Sunsparkle is a heroic, legendary monarch from the very early Second Age who is famed for her benevolent and bold personality as well as the awesome might she possesses, the latter thanks to being the wielder of the 'Majestic Power'. The mystical force left behind by an even earlier legendary Queen had chosen her to inherit its power and the responsibility of the kingdom which held it. Sunsparkle would live up to the expectations, and have had an illustrious reign filled with both triumph and tragedy which is still remembered in the Fourth Age. After the Second Age's end, she is no longer around and now remembered only as a historical/legendary figure, with a video-game adaptation of her existing in the Fourth Age.
  • Arch-Enemy: Has several.
    • Black Diamond, the Troll King was the first foe to pose a serious threat to her and her first defeat and near-death at his hands proved to be a traumatic Shocking Defeat Legacy which she had to work to overcome in order to defeat him.
    • While more The Rival, Monarch, the [WIP] Queen was this to her, being a Well-Intentioned Extremist who see herself as more worthy of the Majestic Power and the Enchanted Throne and constantly struggling against Queen Sunsparkle for it.
    • Dame Moderatus, the Traitor Princess, her own daughter, was ultimately the one to bring down her first reign like her counterpart in the Arthurian Legends.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Has one in Dame Moderatus, the Traitor Princess (an Expy of Arthurian and Fate/Apocrypha Mordred), who after being kicked out of her court raised a rebellion against her mother, which culminated in a Final Battle where they took each other out in a Mutual Kill (though they both eventually got better), all of which marked the downfall of Friendship Gardens.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Deconstructed. Sundance the Pony never wanted to be Queen of Friendship Gardens, believing she is not worthy of it, and never really figured out why the Enchanted Throne chose her. Taking the throne and becoming Queen doomed her to never be the mare she want to be, living the life she wanted. Yet as she told her wayward daughter Moderatus, as it had fallen on her, she have no choice but to uphold it because it must be done, as to be the perfect queen meant no matter what happens now she would never be able to fully put down the responsibility that comes with her status and wielding the Majestic Power. Even her traitorous daughter was heartbroken upon realizing the weight her mother is forced to bear and it motivated her in part to try and seize the throne as she wanted to free her mother from the burden, and believe in her pride that she could better bear the weight then her mother.
    Queen Sunsparkle: I wanted to explore the world, to find adventure in places never dreamed of by most, to discover new wonders beyond our wildest imaginations. I wanted to find love and happiness with those I love and cherish, without any wedge between us. This throne… this crown… this duty, was not a prize which I had sought or earned, but something which was given to me, despite my shock and my uncertainty. I never discovered why I, of all others who may be worthy, was chosen for this, and it… it terrified me, not just because of what I was denied, but also I would not live up to what it requires, what it represents! But carry it I must. The responsibility had become mine, and no Pony can run from it.
    Moderatus: Can… can there be no other way?
    Queen Sunsparkle: They were what I had to do. Because it must be done. I was the land, and the land was me. The moment the Throne found me worthy, I am tied forever to my subjects as their greatest servant. It meant a bond from which I cannot be released until the time was right, and even then, never fully, for I had become something more than just a mere mare, no matter what happens now. This throne, this crown, this duty… it was not mine to decide. It never was. You saw it as a prize, a reward, a trophy, a grail to be won in a quest. Even though you know the weight it carries, even though you sought my… my salvation, you still equated this sovereignty as a victory, not as the total obligation – the complete sacrifice – it represents, to act and uphold what it symbolizes. That is why the Throne had judged you not worthy… and not even my Majestic Power could change that.
  • Bold Explorer: Is shown, described and/or hinted to be this, driven by an insatiable curiosity and adventuring spirit that would see her go forth on epic quests both before and after she became Queen. She went on a prolonged one to explore the stars at the end of the Second Age, to seek out and help Pony colonists stranded on other worlds in the aftermath of Void Aeon and the collapse of the galaxy-spanning civilization that existed at the time.
  • The Chains of Commanding: Deconstructed. Becoming Queen Sunsparkle meant giving up Sundance the Pony's dream of being an adventurous explorer and to never be the mare she want to be to her loved ones, all so she could be the perfect Queen, and she can't escape it even after she pass the throne and power to a worthy successor as she is more than a mare, having become an ideal of what it means to be the perfect queen.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Even before her Ascension to Alicornhood, she was incredibly powerful as a Queen thanks to being the chosen wielder of the Majestic Power by the Enchanted Throne, which massively make her super-equine with strength and power to rival that of Metamare, the Bringer of Hope during the Second Age. To note, upon her return, she was strong enough to sink the flagship of an invasion fleet by breaking the freaking battleship in half with one punch.
  • Expy: She's heavily implied to be one for King Arthur in the Codexverse, as at one point, Friendship Gardens (mostly) fell and she was put into an enchanted sleep until an hour of greatest need came upon which she would return, to save the successor of Friendship Gardens (which is heavily implied to be the Isle of Pony/Bitish Isles). Also takes cues from the Excalibur version of King Arthur in regard to what she was forced to sacrifice to be the perfect sovereign, on top of various shout-outs to the film.
  • Fisher King: Spent centuries in stasis during an interruption of her reign, caused by the brief fall of Friendship Gardens that left her mortally wounded, put into an enchanted sleep so she might heal and one day return to aid the realm (which became the Isle of Pony/Bitish Isles) at the hour of its greatest need. That apparently just so happens to be during the Second Great War when Reichist Germaney was poised to invade the Isles.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She considers sitting on the Enchanted Throne, becoming Queen of Friendship Gardens and wielding the Majestic Power to be this. She did not think she is worthy of it, and to take it up doomed her to never be the mare she want to be, living the life she desired. But she would do it all over again without hesitation, because whether she like it or not, she was chosen and it must be done.
  • Immortal Ruler: She ascended at one point during her reign of the original Friendship Gardens and became an Alicorn Queen, a living, breathing goddess. This would have massive implications as she was wielding the 'Majestic Power' at the time, which also got a massive boost to its already impressive power, resulting in whoever deemed worthy to possess it afterwards to become even stronger than before when wielding it, and given the Primordial Quintessence in it that could serve as the needed spark, potentially use it for their Ascension as well.
  • It Amused Me: While it was in part because the universe's natural laws which stopping the creation of time paradoxes prevented her from doing so, but it eventually occured to her how amusing it would be for Metamare, Silversmith and Overmare to eventually realize that, because of a time-travelling incident the trio got caught up in which led to them being stranded in the time of her first reign for a while and ingraining themselves into her court, she actually knew all three of them well before their first official meeting in 1940 and didn't tell them about it for nearly forty years. Only when the trio returned back to the time the time-travelling incident occurred in 1980 did they finally figured it out and confronted her about it. Even Overmare concurred it was funny.
    Overmare: Much as Overmare resents being made the subject of your jest, your highness, even Overmare must admit for all your righteous majesty, you do have a wicked sense of humour...
  • King in the Mountain: Like King Arthur, she was mortally wounded at the end of her original kingdom, but was destined to return when the Grittish Isles' Darkest Hour. She would do that during the Reichist invasion of the isles.
  • Living Legend: Certainly a legend and, contrary to popular present belief, still VERY much alive - Albeit on another planet.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: And Sunsparkle was found worthy by the Enchanted Throne to wield the Majestic Power and become Queen of Friendship Gardens.
  • Tragic Hero: Taking cues from Excalibur version of King Arthur, Queen Sunsparkle noted the sacrifices she had to make to be the perfect queen, doomed to never live the life she wanted and be the mare she want to be to her loved ones no matter what happens now.
  • Tragic Mistake: She hinted that she considers banishing her daughter Dame Moderatus, the Traitor Princess from her court for her very flawed character and potentially seditious intents without fully considering her true motives for wanting the throne to be this, in part because it kick-started a chain of events which ultimately led to the downfall of Friendship Gardens.
  • Translation Convention: When she returned during the 'Great Wars Era' to save the Isle of Pony in its darkest hour as foretold, she announced her return in the language of her time, old 'Garddish' based on Welsh. The fact that every-pony could still understand her perfectly despite this is lampshaded by Dr Silversmith, who find it as mystifying as the return of the legendary warrior-queen herself.
    Queen Sunsparkle: RWY'N DYCHWELYD! Gyda nerth mawredd, byddaf yn amddiffyn fy mhobl yn eu hawr dywyllaf! note 
    Dr Silversmith: ...I don't know what is stranger. That a legendary warrior-queen has returned to save her country, or that we can all understand perfectly what she is saying, despite it sounding like old Garddish.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Has several moments that qualified.
    • Sunsparkle was horrified and ashamed when she used the Majestic Power to win a duel against the knight Loyal Lake, resulting in it leaving her, realizing that in cheating and using the Majestic Power selfishly, she had become unworthy of it. Ironically, it was this moment of realization and remorse that led to her Majestic Power returning to her.
    Queen Sunsparkle: My pride lost it. My wrath lost it! This excellent knight, who fought with fairness and grace, was meant to win. I used the Majestic Power to change that verdict. I have lost, for all time. The ancient power of Queen Majesty... power to unite all Ponies... was not meant to serve the vanity of a single mare. It is nothing now. I am... nothing.
    • She is hinted to also consider her banishment of her daughter Moderatus from the court to be this, as she realized that she did not fully consider and try to understand her daughter's full motives for wanting the throne, and in doing what she did she had only pushed her prideful and now VERY angry daughter to raise a rebellion against her, which ultimately percipitated the downfall of Friendship Gardens.
  • Noodle Incident: Queen Sunsparkle once met Metamare, Silversmith and Overmare back in the time of her first reign when the trio accidentally time-travelled from 1980 back to her era and was stranded there for a while, ingraining themselves into her court and participating in some of the 'lost episodes' of the Sunsparkle/Garddian Legends. She didn't tell them about it and the fact she already know them for nearly forty years after their official meeting in 1940 partly because she find it more amusing to see their reactions when they finally figured it out (though also because universal laws on causal self-consistency are preventing her from causing a time paradox by telling them early).
  • The Rival: She found one in Monarch, a 'Proto-Poenan' antiheroic/villainous mare who subscribed to the ideal of Majesty as a ruthless sovereign who would do whatever it takes to destroy evil and protect her subjects, and was befuddled and outraged to find that the Enchanted Throne rejected her in favour of Queen Sunsparkle.



  • Crossover: Funtasia is the setting of Filly Funtasia, and in the same universe as MLP in this version.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Filly is a gender neutral word on Funtasia referring to the entire species, and thus even males are called fillies. This caused lead to a great deal of confusion when Ambassador Amber was sent to Equus.
  • Human Subspecies: Like Equus chevalier, they evolved from the Equusian colonists stranded on their world in the Second Age. It's implied they evolved even further away due to the magical crystals on their home world. Their species is known as Equus puledra.
  • Matriarchy: Played with. While various realms on Filly World are ruled by Queens and Princesses, the Elf Fillies are noted to be ruled by King Amor and Queen Amanda.
  • Mythology Gag: Their native language is derived from 'Bitalian', the Codex version of Italian. The series debuted in Italian.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Filly Funtasia and MLP aren't even produced in the same countries, let alone have any relation. Here, the Fillies are descended from stranded pony colonists and thus a related species.

    Princess Sparkle 
The technical 'ruler' of Funtasia, though she's actually the official ruler of Crystalia, the home realm of the Unicorn Fillies.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. There's a young Alicorn goddess on Equus whose birthname was Twilight Sparkle, and she kept it as a middle name after inheriting the Equestrian throne as Princess of Equestria, and being given an Alicorn name to reflect this.
  • Princesses Rule: While the official ruler of Crystalia, the home realm of the Unicorn Fillies, she has the rank of 'Princess'.



    Willow "Will" 

    Prince Zach 
The Crown-Prince of the Moonlights group of the Star Fillies and a student of the Royal Magic Academy.

    Farina, the Fire Dragon 

    Queen Crystal 

    Queen Cassiopeia 

    King Amor 

    Queen Amanda 

    Abra and Cadabra 
The twin rulers of the Witchy Fillies.

    Princess Glitterina 

    Princess Scarlet 

    Wranglum, the Wizard of Dark Crystal 

The Solar Convergence

  • And I Must Scream: During the "Exosus Conflict", it was believed by many that the Solarians invaded Equus to wipe out organic sapientkind, whether out of anger, superiority, or even apathy. However, Prince Steel Barricade discovered through budding 'technological empathy' that the Solarians were completely forced to fight by Exosus himself using a controlling cybernetic implant, helpless to do anything but follow Exosus' programming. Discovering this left Emperor Golden Scepter quite shaken, as he believed previously that all Synthetic Automatons only seek to rebel and destroy organic lifeforms if given sapience, but thankfully, he would choose to do the right thing and free the Solarians from Exosus' control.
  • Benevolent A.I.: The entire species is descended from their Queen Mother, a supercomputer built by Dr. Solar that like the rest of his creations is firmly on the side of organic life. They only attack Equus because Exosus enslaved and forced them to.
  • Endangered Species: Thanks to Exosus, their species went from several billion in number to only 7,000 left. Their reproductive rate has been vastly slowed due to lack of means to build new Solarians and the lack of a Solarian "King" to oversee productions of new casings, meaning they're still in danger of going extinct if more disasters happen. This factored into Princess Twilight/Amicitia's refusal to use Solarian casings as replacement bodies for those Ponies affected by the Striga Family, as the Solarians need to repopulate and hijacking their casings would make Ponykind no better than the Strigas even though the Solarians are happy to help.
  • Fantastic Racism: Due to past Robot Wars, they're targets of this on Equus despite they themselves being benvolent, heroic, and only wanting peace.
  • For Want of a Nail: They would have been rendered extinct as a race had Prince Steel Barricade not developed the technological empathy necessary to discover they were essentially brainwashed to become mass-murdering machines by King Exosus.
  • Mechanical Evolution: It's noted that they essentially had to 'evolve' from a fleet of mining drones to their current equinoid form over tens of thousands of years. This means they essentially had to evolve from scratch.
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: The Solarians are a species of sapient robots created from their Queen Mother, a supercomputer built by Dr. Solar. They even have a 'life cycle' consisting of a larva state, a nymph-like teenage state, and fully grown Imago state accomplished by transferring their AI to new bodies once they reach a certain level of maturity.
  • Robot Republic: They're an independent civilization of robots that formed their own country when forced to come to Equus by Exosus.
  • Thank the Maker: As a whole, they revere Dr. Solar as their creator, and staunchly adhere to his beliefs and support of Co-Existence. Their species' name also takes after Dr. Solar.

    Queen Mother Solarius, the Divine Machine 

Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant

Portfolio: Solarians (Patron Deity), Co-Existence, Creation

Rank: Demigod

"To hate others for merely being different from yourself is supreme foolishness. But to accept and co-exist with others in spite of those differences is an act most divine."

Queen Mother Solarius (her entry here) is the Divine Machine goddess of Solarians, Co-Existence, and Creation, and is the benevolent 'Queen Mother' of the robotic Solarian race.
  • Abstract Apotheosis: When Steel Barricade asked her what she truly wanted, it made her consider her unique status and plans in contrast to Exosus and Dr. Solar's intentions for her. Her final answer triggered her Ascension as a demi-divine machine, and gave her enough power to hold off Exosus (who at the time merged with his upgraded Kill Sat and attempted to ram himself into Equus with the force of a killer asteroid) long enough for him to be defeated by Corona Neo and Golden Scepter.
  • And I Must Scream: She was enslaved by Exosus and forced to make her species serve him and attack Equus against their will, all while fully conscious. Fortunately, she was freed when Steel Barricade detected the Solarians' agonized suffering, leading to Golden Scepter and Corona Neo tearing off the implant device Exosus was using to control her out of his cybernetic body.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's a Divine Machine that embodies Solarians, Co-Existence, and Creation.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Prince Steel Barricade gave her one during Exosus' final endgame, forcing her to consider what she wanted to be vs. what Exosus and Dr. Solar wanted her to be. Her final answer triggered her Ascension.
    Prince Steel Barricade: You aren't what that monster chooses you to be. You aren't even what your father chose you to be. You are who YOU choose to be. What do you choose to be?
    Queen Mother Solarius: ...I am not a weapon of war. I am a creator. I am Proof of Co-Existence.
  • Badass Boast: Her answer to Steel Barricade's Armor-Piercing Question has shades of this - in her mind, she is not a weapon of war. She is a creator, and Proof of Co-Existence.
  • Benevolent A.I.: She's a supercomputer created by Dr. Solar and thus Corona's 'little sister.' Like him, she's heroic and cares for organic life.
  • Deus Est Machina: She was originally a supercomputer created to control a fleet of mining drones by Dr. Solar, but over the Ages evolved into an incredibly powerful machine. It wasn't until the battle with Exosus that she ascended and became a genuine Demi-Goddess, though due to how strong she originally was, she is stronger than some godlings.
  • Hive Queen: She's technically this for the Solarian race, as the original Solarians were mining drones who were granted sapience by her to ease her growing loneliness. However, she largely just uses this feature now to communicate with the rest of her species telepathically while largely letting them have individuality. Exosus, however, enslaved her and forced her to let him play this trope straight.

    Prime Minister Bright Future 

    General Radiance 


  • Backstory Horror: Thanks to the Adaptation Expansion, the origin of the Melowy world was this, involving an antediluvian Alicorn Civilization's attempt at intergalactic colonization Gone Horribly Wrong, forcing the colonists to make a generation's worth of tragic and monumental sacrifices - literally cannibalizing their ship, their technology, their culture and even themselves - just so the colonists as a whole could survive long enough to make it to their promised land: the world of Aura.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of the Melowy series of children's books, with a dose of Adaptation Expansion to flesh out the origins and setting of the Melowy series world.
  • The Determinator: Many, many, many Alicorn colonists throughout their generation-spanning journey sacrificed themselves - their magic, their divinity, their technology and even their own bodies - just so their fellow colonists could have a chance to reach their destination. With the discovery and colonization of Aura, all that sacrifice paid off.
  • Didn't See That Coming: The space station that would eventually become the Castle of Destiny would up 100,000 light years short of its intended destination before running out of fuel and mana. This forced the population onboard to work together to avoid dying in space.
  • Divided We Fall: The four preeminent civilizations/cultures that emerged from the colonization of the four continents became too divergent after centuries of isolated developments, not helped by the planet's superocean isolating the continents themselves, to reunite into a single world order as was originally planned, and were on the verge of plunging themselves into world-spanning conflict over competition of resources and ideological/cultural squabbles had not the descendants of the original caretakers of the future Castle of Destiny - which was their colonization craft - hatched a plan and persuaded the leaders of the four factions to follow it as a preferable alternative to war, with the hope that they could one day go back to their ancestors' original plan of uniting all in a One World Order to share the world of Aura.
  • Fictional United Nations: Aura is divided into four power blocs known as the Four Realms. When the colonists' ancestors first landed, they colonised the planet's four main continents. To preserve peace, each country would send their citizens who come of age to the Castle of Destiny in where they will intermingle with citizens of the other nations and finish their education. In the campus, the principal is given the equal authority of a queen to prevent class warfare among the students and keep the peace among the four nations.
  • For Want of a Nail: If they didn't wind up short of their intended destination before running out of fuel and mana, the Alicorn civilisation would have pioneered intergalactic space travel. According to Golden Scepter, the whole venture was written off as a disaster the moment contact has been severed and no civilisation ever tried going beyond the confines of the local galaxy ever since.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: The original crew consisted of around 1,000,000 Alicorns, all masters of professions needed to build a colony on another planet. By the time they reached their intended destination, only around a third barely survived with massive permanent damage to their lifespans and magic. A few centuries of living on Aura is already enough to wipe out the original generation of colonists with old age. In comparison, an average alicorn can live for thousands of years. Meanwhile, they could only barely retain their unicorn magic and flight. Silver lining, the lack of magic in the long term has also resulted in the development of rotational bone joints, allowing the bending of joints that would have normally caused dislocation in Equus ponies along with the ability to stand on their hind legs while having better skill in picking up objects with their bare hooves than their peers back on Equus. This wound up being the set standard for their descendants.
    • It is however noted that even with all these handicaps, they successfully colonised the entire planet in only a few centuries and established lasting peace. Compare that with Equus in the Fourth Age, in where there are wars and conflicts in each generation.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Countless martyred Alicorns, especially those that ran out of magic, willingly worked themselves to death to avoid being The Load in the trip to Aura to ensure the survival of the others and reach their intended planet.
  • Human Subspecies: A variation. They are actually descendants of an Alicorn colonist venture intended on making intergalactic travel and expansion a reality. To survive living in space and the colonisation, their wings have been altered to resemble insect, butterfly-like wings similar to those of the Flutterponies.
  • Lost Technology: Much of their original technology has long since stopped working due to a lack of fuel or mana. They were stashed away in a secret room located in the Castle of Destiny, most likely waiting for the time it would be possible to actually make them work again.
  • Matriarchy: Unlike their peers a galaxy away, some whose kingdoms, empires, and realms are patriarchal, the Four Realms are matriarchal and ruled by a queen each.
  • Motive Decay:
    • The original intention of their venture was for them to establish a frontier planet in a neighbouring galaxy, which will open up the possibility of intergalactic space travel for the Alicorns. However, circumstances wound up regressing their technology to that of the early Second Age aka the 21st century by the time they landed on Aura. Any ideas to continue with that plan were on the back of the colonists' minds as they are now too primitive. Now they are more focused on simply living on Aura, knowing that they can never return back home.
    • After landing on Aura, the colonists decided to split up into frontier crews, one for each of the continents on the planet. After colonisation is complete, they would return to the space station to form a planet-wide government. However, due to their shortened lifespan, society regressed and made reunification impossible due to the different cultures and ideology established. To preserve peace, the Four Realms system was formed instead. Sunset Shimmer states that their society is like if Discord blended CHS and Equus together.
  • No Party Like a Donner Party: Implied In-Universe. The corpses of colonists who died from either overwork, overuse of mana and long term deficiency of mana or some combination of the three, were served in secret to the survivors, not before their organs were taken out due to how precious resources were.
  • Related in the Adaptation: The Melowy book series and MLP aren't even in the same franchise. In here, they are descendants of stranded Alicorn space colonists. However, they are a galaxy away, making contact impossible with Equus' current tech level.
  • Shed the Family Name: A species-wide example. To avoid negative association with their peers a galaxy away, the colonists called themselves "Pegasuses".
  • Time Capsule: This is the In-Universe explanation as to how information on Aura reached the chroniclers of the Codex and why you are able to read all this. The capsule was discovered in the local solar system and retrieved.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Due to expending most of their technology and magic just simply reaching Aura, they have colonised the planet at the cost of never being able to contact their home galaxy due to the resultant technological regression.

New Equus (Fifth Age)

  • Foregone Conclusion: Many outside of New Equus and observing events there expected the eventual rediscovered of their past, the unification of the Pony Tribes on New Equus in spite of their inter-tribe distrust and prejudices and the rediscovery of their magic to be a matter of historical certainty due to various factors both within and beyond Ponies' control, from increasing interactions between the growing civilizations and advancing societies to increasing numbers of Ponies like Argyle, Sunny Starscout and Princess Zipp Storm discovering evidence of their past. All that is left to determine is when exactly and how it would play out, and this was where they were taken by surprise as the last Pony they expected to pull it off was Sunny Starscout.
    IFS Science Officer: All of our calculations and predictions had been upended by unexpected actions of individuals and uncontrollable forces of nature... but the same could be said of much of history.
    IFS Captain: Quite so, but as you said before, some trends are inevitable, and the fact Ms Starscout and her friends were able to bring back magic and friendship to their part of the world despite these changes suggests perhaps sooner or later some things are bound to happen, due to factors set in motion long before they are born. All that has changed is when they occur, under what circumstances, and the specific details involved.
  • History Repeats:
    • Like with the Second Great War in the Second Age and the Three Tribes in the Fourth Age, ignorance, deceit, mistrust and prejudices between peoples drove entire nations to conflict on New Equus, as Princess Amicitia herself somberly noted.
    Princess Amicitia: The situation on New Equus is a prime example of the dangers of ignorance and misinformation. In a well-informed society, Sprout's regime would've never been able to rise because he would, rightfully, have been seen as an idiot. But due to the ignorance of the population on the other two tribes and the misinformation being peddled broadly, rather out of malice or out of ignorance and fear, all it took was a little spark to turn things into a firestorm of hatred were even a bigoted idiot like Sprout could take control. It's sad... but we were not so different long ago, were we?
    • On a more positive side, just as Twilight and her friends activated the Elements of Harmony and saved Equestria with The Power of Friendship, Sunny Starscout and her friends brought back magic and unity to the Three Tribes on New Equus through the three Pony Crystals with The Power of Friendship, showing ultimately that Ponies and other beings can still overcome their differences and darker natures to become much better than they could, whether as one or together.
  • Insignificant Blue Planet:
    • In contrast to canon, by virtue of being a Lost Colony world populated by Equusians in the Fifth Age who forgot their heritage and believe themselves to be on Equus (not helped by the fact the planet had been terraformed and built-up during the interstellar eras of the Fourth Age to look like Equus for tourism), it's mentioned in the Fifth Age entries and Drabbles thus far that the world where Sunny Starscout and her friends' stories are taking place is considered an insignificant backwater system in a peripheral recently-reclaimed star sector, and the things happening there are being drowned out by wider events occurring across the wider colonized galaxy with its tens of millions of inhabited and colonized worlds. Of course, it's getting subverted as recent developments are starting to drag the attention of others towards it, starting with the Interstellar Federation of Friendship (which Fifth Age Equestria is a member state of) establishing a research and exploration outpost around New Equus' moon.
    • Also downplayed somewhat by the fact Mistletoe Dreamer and the Dark Ages Alliance's Time Crash endgame pulled Sunny's group backwards in time and they proved vitally important in stopping it. Twilight was aware they would likely exist someday (though time is still decidedly in flux), though was surprised as to where.

    Sunny Starscout 

  • Alliterative Name: As in canon, Sunny Starscout.
  • Determinator: She never gave up on her father's dream to reunify Ponykind and bring back magic to all the Pony Tribes, and this helped her (along with her friends and a train-load of Contrived Coincidence) actually bring it about.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Nobody outside of New Equus observing events there believed she had a shot in Hell to facilitate Ponykind's reunification and returning magic to the Three Tribes on New Equus. The best odds they gave her is less than 0.000001%. And then she went and did it anyway through a chain of Contrived Coincidence, friends and sheer determination.
  • Squee!: Sunny Starscout fainted in sheer excitement when she along with her friends were sent thousands of years into the past and thousands of light-years to Equus thanks to the Time Crash endgame of the Dark Ages Alliance, where they get to meet her idol Princess Twilight/Amicitia.
    Sunny Starscout: Y-You're...You're...Princess Twilight?!
    Princess Twilight/Amicitia: Uh...hello...And you are?
  • The Unchosen One: According to an Interstellar Federation of Friendship science officer, nearly everyone in the research outpost and back in the Federation proper believed the odds were simply too much against Sunny Starscout (They literally calculated her chances to be less than 0.000001%) for her to succeed in overcoming the prejudices of the Three Tribes on New Equus and reunite their people, and hedged their bets on crown-princess Zipp Storm being the one to do it instead out of the five-pony band. That Sunny Starscout actually succeeded took everybody by surprise.

    Princess Zephyrina Storm 
The Crown-Princess of the Pegasus kingdom, Zephyr Heights, and twin sister of Princess Pipp Petals.
  • The Chosen One: Less prophecy but more because many believe, with reasonable assumptions, that she have the best shot at succeeding in unifying the Pony Tribes and other races of New Equus due to her already being very intelligent and cunning, managed to find out much about Ponykind's unified past by herself, and was in imminent accession to a position of authority which would give her the resources and influence to do it years later. That Sunny Starscout managed to do it years earlier despite her incredibly low odds of success (less than 0.000001% by Interstellar Federation of Friendship scientists' calculations) took everybody by surprise.

    Princess Pipp Petals 
The Princess of the Pegasus kingdom, Zephyr Heights, and twin sister of Princess Zephyrina Storm.
  • Alliterative Name: As in canon, both title and name: Princess Pipp Petals.
  • Bag of Holding: It turns out that, to Diamond Mantle's surprise, her canon ability to store her Screenphone within her wings is of this effect. Golden Scepter notes the similarities between her mutation and Pinkie/Thalia's ability to store things in her hair, and expresses interest in spreading it to the rest of Pegasus kind. Sunny cited this as one example of how the Three Tribes' magic on New Equus isn't entirely gone, merely diminished to negligible levels.
  • Mutants: Diamond Mantle, Platinum Crown, and Golden Scepter observed via reports that she has developed a mutation where she could store things in her wings and still fly, akin to a Bag of Holding spell. Notably, no one except her has the mutation, meaning it's unique to her or at least incredibly rare, and even Diamond Mantle (the parental deity of Pegasuskind) expresses surprise that she, a Pegasus, even has it at all, since he do not recall giving them that ability during the uplift process ages ago. Golden Scepter notes her mutation is similar to Pinkie Pie/Princess Thalia's abilities and expresses interest in helping spread it to the rest of Pegasuskind.

    Izzy Moonbow 
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Sunny Starscout noted that Izzy seemed to have a 'Sixth Sense' which allows her to show up at the right time and place to meet up with Sunny at Maretime Bay. This is cited by her as one example of how perhaps the magic of the Three Tribes on New Equus isn't entirely gone like they thought until they brought it back, merely diminished to negligible levels.

    Hitch Trailblazer 
  • Closet Geek: Is a fan of Mare-Do-Well (whose legends survived well into the Fifth Age across Equus-colonized parts of the galaxy) and the televisor programs made about her, and dressed up like her for one 'Night-Mare Night' festival.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Hitch firmly chose good when he stood his ground against a Bigot with a Badge in the another town who were part of the 'Hoof Bux Klan', after his friends Zipp Storm and Izzy Moonbow rescued an Earthpony mare from a lynch mob there for giving birth to a Pegasus and a Unicorn foals only to get in trouble with the racist Earthpony local sheriff when they try to report the crime. The town may be out of his jurisdiction, but a crime is still a crime and he is going to do something about it like a good sheriff should.
    Sheriff Hitch: What you call sense, Sheriff Ironhoof, is just pure and simple bigotry... while I might have been fine with capturing and driving out unicorns and Pegasi before I had my eyes opened, I would NOT have approved a lynch mob (even if, unfortunately, my own deputy did). And, by the way Zipp is also royalty (even if she didn't try to invoke it in the fight with your deputies and the mob they riled), which means, while your town might be out of my jurisdiction, you're still in quite a bit of trouble.

    Sprout Cloverleaf 
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He's a cowardly bigoted idiot, but because the world he live in is so suffused with ignorance, misinformation and prejudices he still got a chance to become much more dangerous in spite of his failings, something which Princess Amicitia herself pointed out.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Sprout Cloverleaf - son of CEO Phyllis Cloverleaf, deputy sheriff of Maretime Bay, former rabblerousing dictator.
  • The Dictatorship: During the events of the G5 movie, being made temporary sheriff of Maretime Bay and being encouraged by his mother to take charge led to Sprout - normally a cowardly bigoted idiot - becoming a rabblerousing dictator as the power quickly goes to his head, declaring himself 'Emperor' of Maretime Bay, making anti-Unicorn/Pegasi laws like the 'Sprout Act' and having a giant robot built with the intent to make war on the other two Pony tribes nearby.
  • Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul: Played for Laughs. Feeling down and demotivated over the whole sorry episode where he took over the town and went on a rampage with a giant robot, his mother tried to help him by giving him an experimental mood-improvement medication developed by her company Canterlogic's R&D division, hoping it would make him feel better and more confident (For once it's actually undergoing proper Pony subject test trials. Sprout just happens to be the first volunteer test subject). It worked... to an extent.
    Sprout Cloverleaf: GREETINGS, You little SNOTS!
    Sunny Starscout: ... You're on drugs.
    Sprout Cloverleaf: Oh, but I AM! Disappointed ~ ? Did you EXPECT me to stay the same FOREVER?! 'Cause that's not what drugs does, BABY!
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Defied. Even when he was smashing Hitch's new cart in a moment of mood medication-induced rage, he still wears goggles to protect his eyes.
    Hitch Trailblazer: You're wearing protective goggles to destroy my cart?!
    Sprout Cloverleaf: Safety first!
  • Karma Houdini: While it is unclear how he got away with his takeover of Maretime Bay and rampage in a giant robot, it's mentioned he got away with smashing Hitch's cart in a bout of irrational rage on account of being under the influence of medication at the time.
  • Mood-Swinger: While under the effects of an experimental Canterlogic 'mood-improvement medication' (He volunteered for the Pony test trials), he swung between being an extremely motivated and confident smack-talking Large Ham to being an irrationally angry maniac who smashes property (while wearing safety goggles) over slights.
  • Shout-Out: His behaviour while under the influence of a mood-improvement drug pays homage to his canon voice actor's character and his antics in several episodes of Community.
  • Tragic Villain: Ultimately, Sprout is still just a product of prejudiced environments and influences which he was born and grew up in and which were the root causes of his brief villainy. Thus, his dictatorship and rampage is portrayed to be less solely his fault and more a tragic consequence of ignorance and misinformation resulting in Tribalist attitudes being so widespread in that corner of New Equus that even a bigoted idiot like Sprout could take advantage of them to take over. It doesn't justify what he did, but it's perfectly understandable in that context.