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  • Absolute Xenophobe: The Autorists believe that their race is superior to all other races, though which race depends on where they came from. So far, there were Pony, Griffon, and Deer Autorists that have been confirmed in various entries. It's for this reason that Emperor Golden Scepter hates them, since he once acted like them in the Imperium era, though he believes that they can be redeemed and made to see the error of their ways, just as he had been.
  • Acceptable Political Targets: A justified in-universe example. Being the Codexverse equivalent of Nazis, the Autorists have garnered so much hate for themselves with their horrible actions, that many heroic-minded people saw fit to ridicule and laugh at them every time they get their comeuppance.
    • Prince/King Vultus IV in particular, while wanting his people to treat both their Griffon and non-Griffon peers with respect, is willing to make an exception with the Autorists because they were responsible for sponsoring his greedy and resentful fourth brother's attempted coup, and being indirectly responsible for the assassination of his eldest brother, who was crown heir at the time.
      Prince Vultus IV: As our noble gods had said: 'Respect thy peers as thyself.' Unless he’s an Autorist - in which case, GET THE BASTARD!.
    • After learning that all three tribalist factions got in a fight with Griffon Autorists, only for all of them to engineer their own downfalls in the process, Fluttercruel found it so hilariously pathetic that she laughed in response.
      Fluttercruel: ...This would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic... oh who am I kidding, it's even more hilarious that way! HAHAHA!
    • However, it's subverted with Emperor Golden Scepter. While he's known for being a bitter enemy of the Autorists, as he once acted like them in the Imperium era, Golden Scepter doesn't think it's funny to ridicule them no matter how well-deserved it is because, as the living embodiment of Ponykind, he believes that for every person who willingly gives in to hatred, bigotry, and cruelty, there's always a few people who were simply led astray and thus can be saved and redeemed. He would even lecture his second-born son, Prince Fanged Paw, on the matter after the latter ridiculed the Autorists.
      Golden Scepter: (to Prince Fanged Paw) I can understand why you see such groups as 'acceptable targets'. They have garnered so much hate and ridicule for themselves as of late that it is easy for us - so incredibly easy - to point our hooves, horns, and wings at them and laugh. However, know this, my son: For every person that willingly let themselves give in to hatred, cruelty, and bigotry... there is always a few more that have been simply led astray. And it is our responsibility- no, EVERYONE'S responsibility to be aware of the situation at hoof, and make sure that these sorts of people are saved from the clutches of Evil itself.
  • Arch-Enemy: The Autorists have made many bitter enemies because of their hateful and bigoted actions, especially Prince/King Vultus IV, who lost his oldest brother because of them, and Emperor Golden Scepter, who once acted like them in the Imperium era and has weathered both attacks on the Terran Empire and assassination attempts by the Autorists themselves. However, despite his hatred of the Autorists, Golden Scepter believes that some of them may have been genuinely misled and tries to save/redeem these people whenever he can.
  • Blasphemous Boast: In one incident, a group of Griffon Autorists boasted that, "There will be no 'King in Heaven' but us once we're done with all inferior races on this planet!" in response to Blue Suede Heartstrings saying that he sees no "master" save for the King in Heaven. This partially explains why Blue got so angry with them shortly after, as he is a devoutly religious stallion.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Autorists in general believe that their species is superior over all, which means that they constantly war with Autorists of other species as well as other supremacist factions, such as tribalists. In one incident, a group of Griffon Autorists got in a fight with members from all three tribalist factions which simultaneously led to everyone's downfall without anyone having to lift a hoof. Fluttercruel found that absolutely hilarious.
  • Evil Will Fail: Each Autorist group strives to become the Master Race in Equus, but the fact that they are too prideful and racist to accept any competition - including other Autorist groups from different races, tribalists, and other supremacy factions - ensures that they'll fall in the end, whether thanks to benevolent heroes or their own doing. One notable incident involved a group of Griffon Autorists get in a fight with members from all three Pony tribalist factions, and ended up knocking each other out without anyone else lifting a hoof.
  • Feathered Fiend: Griffon Autorists, who are featured in various Codex entries and are thus the most prominent of the Autorist factions.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • A group of Pony Autorists attacked the Terran Empire so they could get rid of its non-Pony inhabitants. Its Emperor, Golden Scepter, proceeded to psychically make them experience the pain and suffering they've inflicted on their victims with their hateful, self-serving bigotry, causing all but their leader to regret their actions and try to atone for them. When his oldest son, Prince Blazing Hoof, confronted him on the assumption that he gave them a very light punishment, Golden Scepter would explain that living with their own guilt was enough; the only one who actually received a harsh punishment was their leader, who was a "repulsive and unrepentant" bigot who continued to indulge in her hatred, unlike her lackeys.
    • A group of Deer Autorists tried Geassing Princess Laska Svetilo into massacring Bitaniya's non-Deer population as protest for letting foreigners into their lands. Their plans would fail when Laska's half-sister, Queen Vesna, foresaw the event and warned her older brother, King Strazha, causing him to go on the warpath. It's mentioned in Strazha's entry that the fate of the Deer Autorists wasn't pretty, as he had overseen their trials himself.
    • A Pony Autorist became a priestess and preached to people of Ponykind's racial supremacy, disguising her teachings as righteous causes so her followers would commit horrible crimes for the "greater good". She would eventually be caught and publicly exposed by Prince Written Word, who saw her as the bigoted charlatan she really is and gave her a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech in front of her followers. While Written Word did protect her from a now enraged and bloodthirsty mob, it was only so that proper authorities could come arrest her, and it's implied that his actions were done of Cruel Mercy, since the Pony priestess suffered a Villainous Breakdown from being exposed, being nearly torn apart by her own followers, and being made to live long enough to be brought to justice for her crimes.
      Prince Written Word: The sheer humiliation she received for her actions would end up hurting her more than whatever her once-adoring crowds had in mind for her.
    • A group of Griffon Autorists went after a young Pony colt and nearly killed him by shooting arrows at him. This attracted the ire of Skotádi, the Primeval goddess of Primordial Darkness, who punished the Griffon Autorists for their cruelty by dragging them into a dark pocket dimension full of monstrous horrors, while she healed the dying Pony colt and brought him into her realm of Sacred Darkness.
    • One Autorist tried threatening the life of Prince Léon. Principle Fissure Tectonic would save the Alicorn toddler by putting the Autorist through nine walls. Apparently, the incident was highly publicized due to Fissure Tectonic's connection/friendship with Léon's father, Prince Blueblood.
    • A group of Autorists tried killing Friede for being a Griffon. They instead ended up provoking the wrath of her adoptive Pony father, Silver Bane the Dark Hunter.
    • A group of Griffon Autorists tried attacking an Abyssinian settlement, only to be confronted by Blue Suede Heartstrings, who tried convincing them to leave the Abyssinians alone and depart in peace. The Griffon Autorists not only refused to listen, but they kept spouting their racist beliefs and even tried making Blue their first kill for defying them. Naturally, Blue gradually lost patience until he snapped and heralded the reveal of his true Alicorn form with a powerful sonic scream, presumably leading to a righteous beatdown for the Griffon Autorists.
      Blue Suede Heartstrings: (screaming) I said GET OUT!!!
  • Master Race: Every Autorist group believes their own race to be this, and everyone else to be inferior beings who at best should be cowed and at worst exterminated. Of course, this is considered laughable to many since the races with Autorist groups include Griffons, Ponies, Deers and the like, each believing themselves to be solely superior and everyone else not, and to everyone else, the entire concept is really self-destructive hubris and idiocy at its core. Skotádi's entry shows the Autorists are so convinced in their own racial superiority that they're even willing to kill children from different races as a way to dominate their "inferiors". A group of Griffon Autorists who attacked an Abyssinian settlement and was subsequently confronted by Blue Suede Heartstrings sums up the Autorist philosophy perfectly:
    Griffon Autorists: We are the master race of Equus! And we bow to NO ONE!
  • Mystical Plague: In one incident, a Griffon Autorist tried assassinating Emperor Golden Scepter by sending him a magical plague bomb. Fortunately, Golden Scepter's twelfth son, Prince Death Shroud, was able to contain the plague bomb before it could detonate, though it was noted to have smelled so foul that it made Death Shroud unleash a string of inflammatory curses, and Golden Scepter's response was a rather nonchalant, "This smells slightly better than the poison one of my chefs tried lacing my spaghetti with a few weeks ago." Even his eighth son, Prince Crimson Star, was largely indifferent to it.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: According to the writers of the Codexverse, the Autorists are essentially the Fourth Age version of Nazis, being racial supremacy groups that promote hate and violence against all sapient species save for their own. Most Autorists featured in the Codexverse have been Griffons, though there are also Pony and Deer members.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Golden Scepter believes that while there are some Autorists who are genuinely bigoted, hateful, and cruel, there are also those who became Autorists because they were genuinely misled. This is justified; as the living embodiment of Ponykind's best and worst traits, Golden Scepter knows of the things people can do if they were influenced and motivated by certain circumstances, so he tries to make it everyone's responsibility to be aware of the moral situation and save as many as they can from falling into Evil.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: A Pony Autorist priestess would receive one from Prince Written Word, himself a former priest, who was furious with her for misleading her followers into committing crimes for the Autorist movement instead of teaching genuinely noble and righteous causes. This is what partially caused the Pony priestess to have a Villainous Breakdown.
    Prince Written Word: You LIAR. Preaching racial supremacy to your people in the guise of righteousness, misleading them to believe that what horrific crimes they would do were for the greater good, while YOU ALONE revel in the cruelty you perpetuate... You are a DISGRACE to your position and title.
  • The Right of a Superior Species: Autorists in general believe that they each have the right to exercise their full privileges as a "superior, more honourable culture" over their "inferior and honourless" victims, which is why they often try to excuse their peers' horrific actions. Unsurprisingly, this earned them the anger and hostility of many heroic individuals, such as King/Prince Vultus IV, who lost his oldest brother because of them, and Emperor Golden Scepter, who hates them because he once acted like them in the Imperium era.
    Griffon Autorists: (to an increasingly angry Blue Suede Heartstrings) It is our sacred duty to spread our honorable culture over the uncivilized curs!
  • Would Hurt a Child: It's implied that the Autorists, as well as their predecessors, have frequently gone after and killed children from different races to prove their racial superiority. Naturally, this has invited the wrath of benevolent mortal and divine factions/individuals.
    • One Autorist tried threatening the life of Prince Léon. Principle Fissure Tectonic would save the Alicorn toddler by putting the Autorist through nine walls. Apparently, the incident was highly publicized due to Fissure Tectonic's connection/friendship with Léon's father, Prince Blueblood.
    • A group of Griffon Autorists went after a young Pony colt and nearly killed him by shooting arrows at him. This attracted the ire of Skotádi, the Primeval goddess of Primordial Darkness, who punished the Griffon Autorists for their cruelty by dragging them into a dark pocket dimension full of monstrous horrors, while she healed the dying Pony colt and brought him into her realm of Sacred Darkness.
    • Silver Bane's entry mentions that some Autorists tried killing his young adoptive daughter, Friede, for being a Griffon. They ended up provoking Silver Bane's wrath instead.


Notable Autorist Leaders/Factions/Nations

    King Gunther/Kingdom of Talonia 
First featured in "Daring Do and the Goldenclaw Legacy", a 'Tales of Equestria' arc set in the Codexverse, Gunther and Talonia are one of the major respective leaders/countries of the Griffonian Autorist movement, in Northern Griffonnia. Even among the Griffon Autorists, the Griffon King and his 'Guntherist' tendencies are rather extreme, and many non-Griffons within the borders of Griffonnia are already being subjected to pogroms and wide-scale persecution.
  • Ax-Crazy: As shown in his story, Gunther appears to be a violently unstable maniac beneath his outer appearance.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: While it is not confirmed whether or not his claim of descent from Goldenclaw was real or not, he certainly believe in this and his legitimacy as the rightful inheritor of his legacy because of it. Anyone who speaks otherwise don't last very long.
  • Curbstomp Battle: On the receiving end of one from a 'Visitor', when a group of Talonian soldiers were about to commit a massacre on a remote Pony town with Sparkle Pony inhabitants. Also a case of Pay Evil unto Evil given the Visitor is a more heroic Expy of the Yautja, who picked off and ultimately killed every Griffon Autorist soldier in brutal fashions.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He tries to appear as some grand and noble king with his strong and impeccable appearance, but even without considering his casual remarks of his and Griffonkind's superiority and his hatred for Ponies, he already comes off as a pretty malignant bastard. The narration also describes his true character as a sociopathic individual beneath his public mask, making him even more monstrous.
  • Feathered Fiend: A prominent Griffon Autorist King, and a completely sociopathic and cruel individual.
  • The Purge: Talonia's Autorist regime is already starting one towards non-Griffons and those they consider 'False Griffons' (Such as the wingless, feline-pawed Eastern Griffons), segregating those they consider inferior in ghettos as well as destroying isolated non-/False Griffon settlements and massacring their inhabitants. It is likely to escalate to full-blown genocide before long, considering Gunther's and his Autorists' characters.

    King Johann Schwartzetalon 


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