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The Changeling Autumn Court

"Free is the wind that blows in Autumn."

Also called the "Court of Leaves", the Autumn Court is an "unofficial" Court without a real leader. The origins of this Court are shrouded in mystery, even to Changelings, but what is known is that it was founded by the enigmatic Amber Royal. When the Amber Royal left their original Court, other Changelings decided to follow, lured by the sweet idea of freedom. It is rumored that the original Autumn hive still exists somewhere in Equus, always prepared to welcome those who manage to find it.

Unlike the Spring and Summer Changelings, who are both ruled by divine monarchies, the Changelings of the Autumn Court are a different sort. "Solitary" Changelings are those who willingly/unwillingly departed to live a life of solitude, though few of them manage to stay that way for long due to instinctual need to form swarm/hive communities. Those who do, however, are seen as eccentric and wild by Changeling standards. Other Changelings who group together away from home are called "Freehives/Freeswarms"; these communities could range from structures resembling a traditional hive, or ragtag bands that are created simply to satisfy common interests and the instinct to survive together.

Autumn government contains a large variety of political forms, ranging from juntas and dictatorships, to republics, monarchies, and principalities. Leaders are chosen either through elections or public consensus regarding the either the chosen's strength and experience, their wisdom, and/or their attractive personalities. Because of this, Autumn hives often clash and skirmish with rivals over resources and ideologies. However, one thing is clear - in the Autumn Court, everything is free. While they're less politically unified than the Spring and Summer Courts, Autumn Changelings are the most socially and culturally diverse, due to practicing art, customs, and schools of thought that would be discouraged and/or outright forbidden at home. As a result, various scientists, mages, inventors, artists and philosophers often leave to make their home in the Autumn Court.

Because they value freedom more than anything else, Autumn Changelings live with the fear of being caught and exposed by the demigod sovereigns of their former Courts. Many Royal Changelings feel entitled to royal legitimacy thanks to being children of Changeling deities, and believe that their biological divinity makes them and their parent the rightful rulers of Changelingkind; thus, they see the Autumn Changelings as ungrateful for rejecting their sovereigns' love and protection. To protect themselves, the Autumn Changelings make extensive use of "fae hedges/paths", weaving extremely elaborate networks of magical illusions, alarms, and traps that ironically make them one of the more secretive Changeling Courts. It is their history of persecution that Autumn Changelings have an innate distrust of Royal Changelings in general, even after one decides to side with them and give up their crown.

With Thorax's ascension and his purification of a large majority of Chrysalis's hive, both Royals from the Spring and Summer Courts hope that they can use the promise of a cure for their racial Curse to lure the entire Autumn Court back into mainstream society. More pessimistic Changelings, however, believe that the fall of the Masquerade would either cause the Autumn Changelings to retreat deeper into the world, or side with nations that will protect them out of sympathy for their plight.
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  • All of the Other Reindeer: The Autumn Changelings in general are treated with disdain by the Royal Changelings of both Spring and Summer Courts, who see themselves as entitled to the right to rule by virtue of being royal demigods, and see these wayward subjects as ungrateful for leaving their love and protection. Because of this, the Autumn Changelings often find themselves persecuted by both sides. While the Changeling Queens are generally willing to pardon them (depending on how lenient the individual Queen is), they still face social stigma as they essentially "betrayed" their native Court. Compared to what the Summer Court does to them, this is a nicer fate.
  • Color Motif: Amber represents energy and safety. It became the Autumn Court's official color in honor of the Amber Royal, an energetic and joyful Changeling (though it's debated in-story whether they were truly a Royal Changeling or not) who became the first to defect from one of the official Courts. Naturally, those who did the same came to see the Amber Royal as some kind of hero who promoted the idea of societal freedom.
  • Enemy Mine: One several occasions, hostilities with them have been postponed to join the Official Courts against a more serious threat.
  • Grey and Gray Morality: They can't quite be nailed down as entirely malevolent like the Summer Courts, or benevolent like the Spring Courts. This is justified with many Autumn Changelings coming from both Courts.
  • Hidden Elf Village: The Autumn Changelings practice an "Avoidance" policy to avoid being assimilated by the Spring Court, or forcibly subjugated by the Summer Court, thus they highly value their secrecy. When The Masquerade on Changelingkind was broken, most of them worried that they would no longer have protection against those who are displeased with their supposed dissension. Indeed, some Royal Changelings are hoping they could use Thorax's purification to lure the Autumn Court back into mainstream society by promising them a cure for their racial Curse.
  • Made a Slave: The fate of Autumn Hives who are caught by the Summer Court. Unlike the Spring Court, the Summer Court don't even bother with the niceties and treat the Autumn Hives like a conquest - they proceed to raze them to the ground, killing a large majority of the dissenting Changelings, while the leaders were crucified or executed. The survivors are permanently indentured as punishment for their rebellion.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The Autumn Court as a whole. Most of its "members" didn't fit neatly into the two official Courts, and rather than conform, they struck out on their own. While most of the Autumn Changelings consist of those who wanted to indulge in practices that would've been discouraged and/or outright forbidden at home, others are purely solitary, desiring to live by themselves. Some do not even lead traditional Hives, with Crazy Ant's private kingdom of Machina running on a democratic leadership.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: With the exception of the technologically advanced Machina, most Autumn Changeling hives don't want to be noticed, as too much success in an Autumn hive would lead to persecution from Royals of both the Spring Court and Summer Court for supposedly "rebelling" against their divine sovereigns. So they take great lengths to keeping themselves hidden if at all possible by weaving extremely elaborate labyrinths of illusions, traps, and alarms, ensuring that no one would try find them without risking themselves in the process.

    The Amber Royal 
A mysterious Autumn Changeling who became the first to defect from their Court. While their identity, Court, and reason for leaving is debated, the Amber Royal has become something of a folk hero among Changelingkind, symbolizing freedom for those who seek to escape the oppressiveness of their homes.
  • Ambiguous Gender: It's debated among Changelings whether the Amber Royal is truly male or female.
  • Guile Hero: Common in Changeling lore is the depiction of the Amber Royal as a heroic, consummate trickster who uses cunning and guile to save the day. Most notable is an incident where they protected their hive from an invasion of Dragons and Diamond Dogs by disguising themselves as a member of either race, tricking them into fighting each other, then plundered all their treasures in the chaos.
  • Karma Houdini: In-universe; some Changelings speculate the Amber Royal left their original Court because they committed a long-forgotten crime, and fled home rather than risk getting punished for it. It's also speculated that either they realized the error of their ways and returned home, or were personally executed by a Changeling Progenitor to show everyone what happens when someone deviates from the swarm.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: According to Changeling legend, the Amber Royal protected their hive from both Dragons and Diamond Dogs by shapeshifting into a member of each side, tricking them both into fighting each other, and plundering their treasures in the chaos.
  • Magnetic Hero: Implied. While the reason for their departure is debated among Changelings, what is known that when the Amber Royal left, other Changelings followed them, attracted by the idea of freedom.
  • Make an Example of Them: One of many theories as to what happened to the Amber Royal. According to the theory, a Changeling Progenitor personally executed them to show everyone what happens when someone deviates from the swarm.
  • Start My Own: It's implied that the Amber Royal left to form their own hive, where those who tire of being controlled/suppressed by the Royal Changelings can live without restrictions. It's rumored that it's still out there, welcoming anyone who manage to find it.


Hive Thorax

A new Changeling hive that was named after its founder, Thorax, after his ascension. Many members of this hive were former followers of Chrysalis, trained to fight and die for her. Thorax, being the only one born "different" from his peers, fled home so he could find people who are willing to be his friends. However, thanks to Starlight Glimmer's encouragement, Thorax eventually came back, and he confronted and defeated Chrysalis by willingly sharing his love with her. His example caused his peers to follow suit, breaking the Curse on them in the process. While Hive Thorax is categorized as an Autumn Hive, it's only temporary until it could be officially recognized as its own entity.
  • Beauty = Goodness: As shown in canon, the purified Changelings of Thorax's hive have bright and colorful bodies that resemble Deer. It's implied their forms are what the Changelings used to look like before they fell victim to the Curse.
  • Beyond the Impossible: The fact that a large group of Changelings managed to break their Curse and transform themselves through The Power of Love. This as well as Thorax's ascension has garnered enough interest from both Courts that even the Summer Court was willing to protect the new hive from Chrysalis's loyalists in order to learn how it happened.
  • Bigotry Exception: Despite technically qualifying as an Autumn Hive due to Thorax's bloodless usurping of ex-Queen Chrysalis and never fitting in anywhere, the Spring and Summer courts have unofficially labeled the purified Changelings as such until they could figure out where they could be put. What also helps is that Thorax and his peers are the only ones who managed to break their racial Curse on themselves, which is considered to be impossible. Thus, Thorax and his hive are the only "Autumn" Changelings who aren't treated with scorn and contempt by entitled Royal Changelings just for undermining their royal legitimacy with their mere presence.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Like in canon, the large majority of Hive Thorax contained Changelings who defected from Chrysalis's hive and followed Thorax's example in sharing love. This act transformed them into the colorful bugs seen in the show later on. Unfortunately, there were those who remained Chrysalis-loyalists even after being purified, as one of them tried framing Thorax by murdering unpurified Changeling children while disguised as him.
  • Horror Hunger: Averted. Because Thorax purified his peers of their racial Curse, they no longer feel constantly hungry anymore. They are now capable of feeding on mutually shared love rather than being forced to steal it and give the lion's share to Chrysalis. This caught the attention of both Spring and Summer Courts, who formed a joint-Court project in studying Thorax and his hive so they could figure out how to break the Curse for all of Changelingkind.
  • Karmic Death: The one purified Chrysalis-loyalist, who tried to frame Thorax for the murder of unpurified Changeling nymphs in the name of the ex-Queen, was sniffed out by Summer Court agents and brought to King Brachion, who proceeded to experiment on him to find out how Thorax ascended and cured his racial Curse.
  • The Marvelous Deer: As seen in canon, the purified members of Hive Thorax resemble Deer/Beetle hybrids, with Thorax himself resembling a stag beetle.
  • The Power of Love: Their decision to side with Thorax against Chrysalis and follow his example in sharing love transformed into colorful bugs as shown in canon, with no need to constantly feed on love like before. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for everyone to change loyalties, as one purified Changeling remained loyal to Chrysalis to the point where he attempted to frame Thorax for child homicide.
  • Reality Ensues: Even though Thorax managed to help purify a large majority of Chrysalis's hive, that didn't mean all of them automatically became good. One purified Changeling happened to be a Chrysalis-loyalist, who tried to undermine Thorax's authority and gain his ex-Queen's favor by murdering unpurified Changeling children while disguised as Thorax.
  • Smug Snake: One of the purified Changelings was a secret Chrysalis loyalist, who in his arrogance thought he could get away with framing Thorax for the murder of unpurified Changeling nymphs. Of course, he didn't account for Summer Court agents sniffing him out.

    King/High Prince Thorax 
"I didn’t mean to become great. I just want to have friends!"

The nominal ruler and founder of Hive Thorax. Thorax was once a lowly drone of Queen Chrysalis's hive who was conscripted into her armies to die for her. Unlike his fellow Changelings, he had no love for Chrysalis or his hive's militant ways, making him an outsider. Worsening matters is his biological status as a "Changeling Deviant", which gave him enhanced shapeshifting abilities by allowing him to mimic inanimate objects in addition to sapient creatures. Participating in the Canterlot Wedding invasion was, perhaps, the best thing that ever happened to him, as Thorax was free to make friends in people like Spike the Dragon, and the Crystal Empire's royal family.

When the Mane Six, the Alicorn Princesses, and their friends were kidnapped and imprisoned by Chrysalis to be drained of their power, Thorax became an unwilling member of a small party consisting of himself, Trixie Lulamoon, Discord, and Starlight Glimmer in what was considered to be a desperate rescue mission. Chrysalis caught him and tried executing him for betraying the hive by using the "Kin-Draining" method, forcibly stealing all of his love and possibly his life. With Starlight's encouragement, Thorax saved himself and defeated Chrysalis by willingly sharing his love with her. To everyone's surprise, this caused Thorax to ascend into a Royal Changeling, giving him the power and immortality of his peers. When the other Changelings of Chrysalis's hive followed his example, they, too, were purified and given new forms.

Because of his exploits, Thorax became a near-legendary figure among Changelingkind, and perhaps the biggest hope in breaking their racial Curse. While he's learning how to become a proper leader for his hive, several other Royal Changelings, including the Changeling Progenitors themselves, have formed a joint-Court project in studying the exact process and nature of his ascension. Some Royal Changelings even hope that Thorax's purification would prove instrumental in uniting them with their wayward Autumn subjects, using the promise of a cure for their racial Curse to lure the entire Autumn Court back into mainstream society.

Thorax's capabilities post-ascension are currently unknown, but due to being the equivalent of an infant demigod, he is extremely strong. As Changeling King Zorpheus of the Summer Court unfortunately learned, Thorax's magical blasts have the power to instantly kill a normal Royal Changeling upon impact. Furthermore, he has so much potential that it's possible for him to become a Changeling Progenitor on the level of Emperor Blackthorn and Empress Blackrose. His friendliness towards different races have made him the subject of interest for Luminiferous, who has chosen him and Ember so he can bring out their potential.
  • 100% Adoration Rating: Subverted. Despite being much nicer and well-loved compared to Chrysalis, and being treated as a legendary figure among Changelingkind for being the first Changeling to break his people's Curse on himself, Thorax still has his enemies or, at least, those who refuse to recognize his authority.
  • Adaptational Badass: In canon, Thorax is still rather Adorkable and meek, even while learning how to become a leader for his people post-transformation. Here, his confrontation with Chrysalis turned him into the Changeling equivalent of a demigod, with lots of untapped potential to boot, and the 'Progenitor' of a new Changeling race.
  • The Ageless: Being a Royal Changeling means that he would be unaffected by age, effectively making him immortal (though by Changeling standards, he's an infant demigod).
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Because he was a Changeling Deviant, Thorax (as well as his brother, Pharynx) was forced to hide his status from others, as he would be severely punished by Chrysalis, who had extreme standards on racial purity. Fortunately, his transformation meant that he wouldn't have to hide anymore.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: As in canon, Thorax became a Royal Changeling by willingly sharing love, ousting Chrysalis as Queen and becoming the King of her now purified hive. This being that no Changeling has ever done before has garnered the attention and praise from both Courts.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Thorax becoming a Royal Changeling. Most Royal Changelings were sired from either Blackrose or Blackthorn, and raised by a parent from another race until their true nature emerges. Thus, Thorax's ascension from a lowly Common Changeling drone into the equivalent of a demigod came off as a huge surprise for Changelingkind.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: A variant; while Thorax is already an adult, post-ascension he's is the Changeling equivalent of an infant demigod. Because he has previously been a normal drone, the burdens of leadership stresses him out. Fortunately, he has the Progenitors of both Courts and his Equestrian allies offering him advice on how to be a proper leader.
  • Child Prodigy: He's the divine equivalent. Despite being more or less a 'newborn' demigod, he's extremely powerful and has immense potential. For reference, the Summer Court had long since come to believe a Royal Changeling ascending to the level of the Changeling Emperor/Empress, but Luminiferous unlocking his true potential reveals he's capable of it.
  • The Chosen One: Luminiferous seems to have chosen him and Ember for a great destiny, empowering him twice now to do great deeds. Part of it might be because he's one of the few Changelings at the time to let go of their kind's racial feud with the Dragons to befriend Ember.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Thorax was a lowly drone of Chrysalis's hive until he usurped her by sharing his love with her, transforming himself into a 'newborn' Royal Changeling and purifying the other Changelings who were in the same hive as he was.
  • Determinator: Theorized by Blackthorn to be the reason behind his ascension. Thorax's drive to generate and share love with others became so strong that it became his "Dharma", or deeply-held belief. So when Chrysalis tried to kill him by draining all his love, Thorax used his Dharma to channel it to her, giving that love energy a purpose and breaking the curse that gave Changelingkind its perpetual hunger for love, allowing him to turn into a Royal Changeling.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: He genuinely didn't realize how much stronger his ascension had made him. King Zorpheus, a King known for his incredible defense, was used as a test subject for Thorax's newfound power and to everyone's shock, including his own, Thorax blew him across Avalon Valley and left him unconscious in a crater with a cracked carapace. It's noted that the attack likely would've killed or crippled most other Royals. As it was simply a test, it's unlikely Thorax was even using his full strength.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: He was originally a lowly Changeling drone that was trained to fight and die for Chrysalis back when she was still Queen, and had a mutation that he was forced to hide out of fear. Then, after usurping Chrysalis by willingly sharing his love with her, he purified himself and his fellow Changelings of their racial Curse and became a Royal Changeling in the process.
  • Emotion Eater: As per the course with Changelingkind. Living in Chrysalis's hive worsened it to Horror Hunger territory, as he was deliberately starved and taught to steal love from others in order to survive. As in canon, he later learns to feed on mutually shared love once he's out of the hive, which ultimately played an important part in the confrontation with Chrysalis that caused him to ascend into a Royal Changeling.
  • Foil:
    • To Blackrose and Blackthorn. Thorax is a newly-ascended Royal Changeling, making him the equivalent of a baby demigod compared to the likes of the Changeling Progenitors and their Semi-Divine children, who have hundreds if not thousands of years in experience and longevity. Personality-wise, he's the opposite of Blackthorn in that he's very emotional and compassionate, and leads his people with benevolence rather than encouraging them to indulge in treachery. In general, while Thorax is closer to Blackrose, he doesn't have the patronizing attitude that is shared by many Royal Changelings, as he was originally a common drone before his ascension rather than being sired by a deity. He's also more open to interacting with non-Changeling races, such as the dragons Ember and Spike.
    • Racial differences aside, Thorax is the opposite of Dragon Lord Ember, being a friendly Royal Changeling with unrivaled magic in contrast to Ember, who's a proud yet progressive Genius Bruiser who mostly doles out physical attacks.
  • Frame-Up: Thorax was nearly a victim of one such plot by one of his own subjects, a purified Changeling who turned out to be a Chrysalis-loyalist. The Changeling tried to undermine Thorax's authority by murdering unpurified Changeling nymphs while disguised as him. Fortunately, hidden Summer Court agents in Thorax's hive foiled the plot, and delivered the traitor to King Brachion.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: An inverted, heroic example, though completely unintentional. Like in canon, Thorax went from a lowly drone who defected to Autumn to escape Chrysalis, only to become one of the most influential as well as extremely powerful Royal Changelings on the planet. He's also got the potential to go even further and ascend to Blackthorn and Blackrose's level, something the rest of their kind had written off as impossible.
  • The Good King: Implied. It was stated that until his ascension into a Royal Changeling, Empress Blackrose was the most well-known and beloved Changeling among Changelingkind. Although he struggles with being a Changeling King, having been a drone with no prior leadership experience, he still tries to be a good example for his purified Changeling subjects, and even receives advice from the Equestrian Princesses as well as both Spring and Summer Royal Changelings.
  • Holier Than Thou: Averted. Unlike most of his royal brethren, he wasn't sired by Blackrose or Blackthorn. He originated as a lowly outcast drone that was trained to die for Chrysalis, yet desired to have friends. This common background eventually played in his favor, as he didn't develop the superior, patronizing attitude, or the sense of entitlement to royal privileges shared by most Royal Changelings when he ascended. It's implied that this is partially the reason why Luminiferous has focused on him, besides averting the Fantastic Racism towards Dragonkind and practicing Forgiveness.
  • Horror Hunger: Like all Changelingkind, Thorax feeds on love. Here, it is justified because Changelingkind, him included, were Cursed to constantly feed on given love; Chrysalis's strict rationing system, her deliberate starvation of her subjects, and her harmful policy to forcibly steal love from sapient beings only worsened the problem. His canon behavior while in the Crystal Empire was a desperation move on his part, as he was extremely hungry at that point. This is later averted with his revelation that he can feed on shared love, solving his hunger pangs, and his transformation into a Royal Changeling, which resulted in his fellow Changelings purifying themselves of their racial Curse by learning The Power of Love from him. The fact that he managed to break the Curse and inspire others to do the same has garnered attention from both Changeling Courts and their ruling Progenitors, who are interested in finding ways to break the Curse on everyone else as well.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: As in canon, the original reason he left Chrysalis's hive was because he wanted companionship, which he eventually got thanks to Spike vouching for him. Becoming a Royal Changeling put a crimp in his plans, but he's trying to deal with it.
  • The Immune: It's revealed he's immune to the Crucible Virus, due to New Changeling biology differing from corrupted ones. This was a Pet the Dog on Toxikon's part towards Ember for her friendship with him, as well as his opinion the New Changelings have evolved to be better than the rest of their kind.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Much like in canon, he befriended a few dragons, which partially caused Luminiferous personally invest in the Changeling's development.
    • He befriended a young dragon, Spike, which led to his acceptance in the Crystal Empire when Spike vouched for him in front of the Crystal Empire's royal family and Princess Twilight Sparkle.
    • He also befriended Ember, a female Dragon Lord. It would later play in their favor as they worked together to fight Apertus, and later Dr. Toxikon.
  • Just the First Citizen: Justified. While he's known among Changelingkind as the "Sanctified One", the Changeling Kings of the Summer Court referred to Thorax as "Arch-Prince" when they saw Thorax's future potential that was briefly unlocked by Luminiferous. This is because having another Emperor Progenitor when there's already an established one would've been blasphemous, and Thorax, being the equivalent of a baby demigod, is not quite there yet.
  • Large and in Charge: Like in canon, Thorax became bigger and taller than his fellow purified Changelings after becoming their King. Here, it's justified as Thorax's transformation was actually his ascension into a Royal Changeling, a sub-species of demigods who are all larger than Common Changelings due to their half-divine heritage.
  • Living Legend: For his efforts in defeating Chrysalis and breaking the Curse that plagued himself and his fellow Changelings (something that no Changeling, Common or Royal, had never done before) Thorax became a revered figure among Changelingkind. His ascension into a Royal Changeling earned him the reputation of being the "Sanctified One", and thus is regarded as the greatest hope that Changelingkind has in breaking the Curse in others who hadn't been purified yet.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Thorax is one of many Changelings who don't know of "The Fall", an extremely traumatizing event in history that is loathed and kept secret by all Changelingkind. This is justified because Chrysalis fed her subjects delusional lies about being born from a rotting tree that sprouted over the corpses of ponies and infused with dark magic, presumably out of selfish interests.
  • Make an Example of Them: Like in canon, he was caught, exposed, and nearly killed by Chrysalis when he tried confronting her by having his love forcibly drained in front of the entire hive. What saved his life was Starlight Glimmer encouraging him to willingly share his love, which blasted Chrysalis away and also had the unexpected result of Thorax Ascending, much to everyone's shock.
  • The Marvelous Deer: Much like his purified hive. In particular, he resembles a colorful stag beetle hybrid.
  • Mutants: Thorax was born a "Changeling Deviant", which explains his greater shapeshifting abilities (being able to mimic inanimate objects like rocks). Unfortunately, being ruled by the racial purist Chrysalis forced him to hide this as he would've been executed for being supposedly "impure". Had he been raised in the Spring/Summer Courts, it's likely that his abilities would have been tolerated due to how useful they are, despite social stigma against Changeling mutations.
  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: Like in canon, Thorax being a Changeling meant that his presence in the Crystal Empire would cause a brief panic over a possible Changeling invasion, due to Equestria still recovering from Chrysalis's failed Canterlot Wedding invasion. This initially discouraged him from making friends at first, but after he rescued Spike the Dragon, he ended up with an ally who vouched for him.
  • Parental Abandonment: Like many other Changelings in Chrysalis's hive, he was isolated from his parents while he was a nymph, so he could train to be a warrior that would die in the name of his Queen.
  • Physical God: When Luminiferous unlocked his future potential, he temporally became a Changeling Emperor (or, as the Summer Court called him, "Arch-Prince"). This is notable as it's something no Changeling Royal has ever done and the Kings had long since come to believe to be impossible, so the fact Thorax has that potential naturally left them stunned and Blackthorn notes it's "truly remarkable."
  • The Power of Love: Like in canon, his willingness to share love with Chrysalis was what caused him to turn into a Royal Changeling. However, Emperor Blackthorn theorizes it was Thorax's determination to share his love that caused the ascension, as it gave his love the purpose of breaking his people's curse and purifying them. Some found the incident fascinating enough that they have started studying exactly what led to Throax's ascension. It's hinted that love in general might be crucial to breaking Changelingkind's Curse, as a few deities point out that Changelingkind's focus on their deeply-seated blood feud and racism towards Dragonkind has really set them back in more ways than one.
  • Rags to Royalty: From a lowly Changeling drone that was forced to hide his "deviant" status from the purist Chrysalis, to a newly-ascendant Royal Changeling and the 'Progenitor' of a new Changeling species.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: In one incident, he stopped two Spring/Summer Court Royals (Queen Formica and King Hymenoptera, respectively) from antagonizing Captain Hawkmoth for being an Autumn Changeling by reminding his advisers that they're "all adults here", and explaining to them that Hawkmoth has pledged service to him as a sovereign, not a client. This, combined with Hawkmoth's sincere bowing to Thorax, defused Formica and Hymenoptera's excuses for being suspicious of Hawkmoth, making them look like childish bullies who are trying to intimidate someone with petty threats.
  • Red Baron: Thorax is often referred to as the "Sanctified One" by both Changeling Courts, due to his origins as an ascended Royal Changeling.
  • Semi-Divine: Thorax is unique among Changeling Royals in that he wasn't born this trope, but ascended to it. While he's The Ageless like his fellow royals, he's still vulnerable to the same weaknesses as them. However, unlike them, he has a lot more potential that he lets on, which is why Luminiferous is so interested in him.
  • Superior Successor: Though inexperienced, naive, and young by Royal Changeling standards, he ultimately proved to be a much better ruler than ex-Queen Chrysalis ever was.
  • The Un-Reveal: During the fight against the hybrid Apertus, Luminiferous shows everyone present the future potential of Ember and Thorax. While Ember came out a gigantic-sized dragon whose body dwarfs even her gigantic father, Thorax... wasn't shown. Judging by the shocked reactions of Blackthorn's sons, it's implied that Thorax's future form is that of a godlike Changeling Progenitor which heavily resembles Blackthorn himself.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He's incredibly young by Changeling Royal standards and not really all that keen on fighting...but his ascension has made him incredibly powerful, to the point he accidentally blew Zorpheus across Avalon Valley with a magic beam, leaving him unconscious in a crater with a cracked carapace. And that was because Zorpheus has a natural, insanely high defense, it's noted it likely would've been a One-Hit Kill on many other Changeling Royals.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom:
    • Thorax's act of seeking asylum in Equestria because of his desire to get away from Chrysalis busted his people's masquerade wide open, revealing the existence of Changelingkind to the world if Chrysalis hadn't done so already. It was a major contribution to the ultimate fall of the Changelings' eons of secrecy if nothing else. In regards to the Autumn Court, some Changelings are worried that with the fall of the Masquerade, the Autumn Changelings would either retreat even further from their divine sovereigns' reach, or side with nations that would protect them out of sympathy towards their plight. It was even rumored that assassins were sent after Thorax, though nothing was officially confirmed.
    • However, after Thorax turned into a Royal Changeling, others, especially the Royal Changelings are hopeful that they could use Thorax's ascension/purification as a way to lure their wayward people back into mainstream society, which would potentially cause a political/societal upheaval for the Autumn Court.

    Viceroy Earwig 
"Some people are entitled to their power and privileges."


Other Autumn Court members


"Don’t mind me; I’m just here for the food."

A lone Autumn Court Changeling who happened to live in Ponyville, 'Kevin', as he is known, is a quintessential example of a 'Solitary Changeling', and is actually the very first Autumn Court Changeling known to Equestria and the world, defecting long before even Thorax applied for asylum in the Crystal Empire. Not much is known about him, given he prefers to draw as little attention to himself as he could, he nevertheless served as a useful source of information regarding Changelings in the time between the 'Wedding Invasion' of Canterlot and the final Fall of the Masquerade.
  • Canon Character All Along: He's that common Changeling depicted to have sat in Matilda's wedding at the back (And freaking out the fillies and colts next to him) in the MLP G4 episode "Slice of Life".
  • Collector of the Strange: Downplayed. One of the ways he makes a living in Ponyville is 'finding' and trading exotic stuff that no-pony knows where he gets from. Nothing in his entry suggests those things are particular weird or eldritch, though.
  • Crazy Survivalist: He's very good at living on his own, as he is a Solitary Changeling.
  • The Everyman: What made him stand out from virtually every other Changeling characters - He's completely, utterly and remarkably ordinary and average. This incidentally make him the best go-to example of an average Autumn Court Changeling and how they live.
  • Hero of Another Story: Had an adventure with Matilda Donkey in the past which led to friendship and a 'Changeling Contract' between them.
  • Honor Before Reason: He knows going to Matilda's wedding will expose his presence in Equestria, but he went anyway because he gave his Word/Contract that he would turn up, and among Changelings upholding a bargain is Serious Business.
  • I Gave My Word: Or rather, a 'Changeling Contract', which is one level up to giving his Word. Like all Changelings are expected to do, he stuck to his end of the bargain, as this led to him attending Matilda the Donkey's wedding, even if it would blow his cover.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Downplayed. He's noted as being a little eccentric, but that is considered a given among Solitary Changelings, especially those who stayed that way by choice given how even Autumn Changelings have an instinctive desire to form groups and swarms.
  • Mysterious Past: Not much is known about his life before settling down in Ponyville, only that he was once part of Chrysalis' Hive before he left and met/befriended Matilda the Donkey. Even his name of 'Kevin' is likely just an assumed name, given how different it is from normal Changeling naming convention.
  • Noodle Incident: Went on an adventure with Matilda the Donkey at some point before coming to Ponyville. This led to a 'Changeling Contract' between them, and consequently leading to his cover being blown and him settling down in Ponyville by causing him to turn up for her wedding later on.
  • Odd Friendship: With Matilda the Donkey, a resident of Ponyville. Her marriage with Cranky Doodle was what led to him blowing his cover as he had a 'Changeling Contract' with her which required him to attend, not even bothering with his disguise knowing that many of those attending (up to and including the Alicorn Princesses) can see through it straight away.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: It should be noted he was actually the very first Autumn Court Changeling known to Equestria, and by extension modern Equus, in recent history right after the 'Wedding Invasion', and was a primary source to Equestrians about many aspects of Changeling society and culture. Thorax's appeal for asylum - and everything that followed - quickly drawn most of the attention away from him. Though given his low-key 'Solitary Changeling' lifestyle, not drawing so much attention to himself is probably what he preferred.
  • Put on a Bus: In-universe, currently gone to ground and into hiding after he gave Thorax, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon a tour of an Autumn Court 'Freehive' he knows near Ponyville - which attracted unwanted attention of agents from the Spring and Summer Courts, who don't tolerate Autumn Court Changelings running around. Only time will tell when he would come back out.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: Very downplayed. While his presence in Ponyville raised eyebrows and caused some unease, no-pony raised objections to him staying there.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Inverted. He was actually the very first Autumn Court Changeling known to Equestria and Equus right after the 'Wedding Invasion', but otherwise didn't seriously impacted the world beyond turning up at a wedding, providing information about the Autumn Court and starting the trend of calling Thorax the 'Sanctified One', which was quickly caught on by everybody.
  • Token Good Teammate: Was from Chrysalis' hive, but defected much earlier than Thorax did and didn't do anything overly evil or malicious.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Inverted. He considers comments that he is a 'slippery' individual to be complimentary, as it meant that he hasn't 'lost his touch' at surviving alone despite having settled down openly in Ponyville after blowing his cover.

    Princess/Captain Mimetidae Avalon 
"Being royal is fine, but where's the adventure?!"

    Prince/Captain Polistes Lyonesse 
"When you buy a new parachute, tell them the Prince sent you!"

  • But Now I Must Go: After saving himself and his mother from a lynch mob of mountain pegasi, Polistes dropped her off at a more enlightened and tolerable settlement and bade her a tearful goodbye, not wanting to subject his beloved parent to the life of a fugitive.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: One heist involved Polistes infiltrating Neighpon and stealing from them an experimental plane, which no doubt angered the Changeling Queen Supia. Polistes knows what will happen if he returned and takes care to avoid Neighponese airspace as much as possible.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: From a young age, he had drawn blueprints for everything flight-related, from airships to prosthetic wings. And when a lynch mob of intolerant mountain pegasi went after him and his pegasus mother, he saved them both by quickly cobbling together a ramshackle airship that managed to fly despite its rather hodgepodge conditions.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "The Gentlecolt Corsair" and "The Pirate Prince".
  • Meaningful Name: Named after the paper wasp, a generally non-aggressive species of wasp known for building hives out of paper-like material. Polistes was born the son of a pegasus tinkerer that Blackthorn had a fling with, and managed to build his own ships.
  • Persona Non Grata: After Polistes tricked Blackthorn's raiders into going after only the mountain pegasi that formed a lynch mob to kill him instead of the entire village he grew up in, Blackthorn forbade him from going home to the Summer Court... but it's implied that he's rather proud of his prodigal son and instead uses Polistes as a smuggler for rare, exotic goods, correctly guessing that his other sons will tear him apart for "betraying" the Summer Court if he came home.
  • The Un-Favourite: Played with. While this may be the case on the outside (and especially with his brothers) due to having outsmarted and "betrayed" Blackthorn after his Errance, Blackthorn doesn't really hate his prodigal son as is believed. He secretly finds Polistes's antics amusing, calling his "dashing rogue" act a novelty, and keeps him around as a smuggler whenever he wants to import some loot and rare goods.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Has this standard as a "white hat" pirate, and this extends to his crew. Notably, he willingly put a cruise ship robbery on hold just to help a heavily pregnant mare deliver her foal, causing said mare and her husband to shake his hoof out of gratitude. The new parents were even exempted from giving over their valuables.

    General Pincer 
"Name your price. You have my Word we'll get it done."

A relatively recent addition to the Autumn Court, General Pincer was a popular and effective general under Queen Chrysalis whose faith and loyalty to his liege - in any ruler or leader, really - became severely shaken when he and his subordinates were punished for Hive Chrysalis' defeat at the 'Wedding Invasion'. When Chrysalis was usurped by High Prince Thorax, Pincer took his daughter and any loyal troops he has to jump ship rather than pledging loyalty to either. Now serving no masters except themselves, General Pincer and his forces currently operates as a highly professional mercenary company who offers their services to any who could pay them, fighting for glory and gold... as well as a chance to carve out their metaphoric places in the sun.
  • Consummate Professional: As a commander, he retains his professional standards and expects the same of his troops even after turning mercenary. He spends much of his time out of combat either planning the next battles or barking orders from the war-room, and making sure his troops remain disciplined and fit for combat with no tolerance for free-wheeling like those in other mercenary bands.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While Pincer and his mercs will accept cash and jobs from the likes of the Clovenists and Diamond Dog mining guilds, they draw the line at openly malicious customers like the Autorists and blacklist them from contracts. They also adamantly refuse to harm non-combatants when possible, with the penalty of violation being summary execution.
    • Pincer was at first tempted to work with the Storm King, or at least stay out of the fight...but when he saw how much of a maniac the tyrant was, he attacked with full force.
  • A Father to His Men: While a strict and no-nonsense commander, General Pincer was known to be a father-figure to his troops, taking the time and effort to comfort them after hard battles and ensue their well-being, which won him their undying loyalty. Also showed no prejudice to new non-Changeling troops who joined his mercenary company after he defected to the Autumn Court.
  • Four-Star Badass: Is a general and is described as a 'Walking Storm' by his troops, able to retain his composure even in the heat of battle, always leading his troops at the front battle, snarling defiantly in the face of carnage and death and rallying his forces for daring attacks.
  • Good Parents: Loves his daughter Antennae dearly and strictly forbids her from getting in harm's way (mostly by keeping her out of mercenary life). Being around Antennae is notably one of the few times his trademark stoic composure can break to show his capacity for caring gentleness, the other being consoling his troops after hard battles.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: A vizier of the Saddle Arabian sultan once protested at having 'Sellsword Barbarians' like the General Pincer's mercenary company basing itself within his territory and look poised to make things difficult for the 'Hornet's Nest'. One meeting with the mercs later - as in, after having his yacht boarded by the Nesters out in open sea and being confined to his chambers for two days - the vizier became a lot more accommodating.
  • Private Military Contractors: What General Pincer and his loyal troops currently operates as, called the 'Hornet's Nest Mercenary Company', which became famous for its highly professional conduct, fierce independence and effectiveness in battle.
  • Take a Third Option: Not wanting to stay loyal to an ungrateful (and deposed) Chrysalis nor recognize the 'upstart' usurper Thorax's authority, he chose instead to flee with his daughter and remaining loyal troops to become members of the Autumn Court.
  • The Strategist: General Pincer was the mastermind behind the 'Wedding Invasion' of Canterlot, conceiving the two-pronged attack from the air and on the ground which quickly overran Canterlot's defenses - something not even Nightmare Moon managed to do a thousand years before in the 'Equestrian Civil War' and Nightmare Night. Later on, putting himself and his mercenaries firmly on the side of the forces fighting against the Storm King, he helped liberate the Equestrian city of Las Pegasus during the great counterattack in the 'Storm King Crisis'.

    "Black Forest" 

  • Awful Truth: Certain secrets he uncovered about his hive and his people caused him to lose much of his sanity. Doesn't dent his enthusiasm for his obsessive crusade by any measure and even worsened it.
  • Arch-Enemy: Sees Emperor Blackthorn, patriarch of the Changeling Summer Court as his ultimate enemy, being the 'Prince of Deceit' and thus the antithesis of everything he stands for. Blackthorn, on the other hoof, at best sees him as amusing and at worst a nuisance, as for all the trouble he caused his sons he still doesn't compare to his other rivals/archenemies like Dragon King Bahumet, Lady Wolfsbane, Count Dracolt and Discord.
  • Expy: Of Schwarzwald from The Big O. It's even in his alias name, which when translated is German for 'Black Forest'. He looks and dresses like him, too.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Found awful, awful things about his hive and his people that caused him to lose much of his sanity (Which is not helped by his disfigurement).
  • Intrepid Reporter: Deconstructed. 'Black Forest' became something of an Intrepid Reporter when he grew tired of fabricating lies and propaganda for his Summer Court Hive, seeking to uncover the truths and secrets he and his fellows were ordered to hide and make them known. Rather than being seen as a hero among his people, however, his fellow Changelings consider him a Well-Intentioned Extremist at best and a menace at worst because secrecy and deception is considered necessary for their survival, to the point they're cornerstones of their culture. What he's doing is seen as being incredibly dangerous and mad, and he IS dangerous and mad because the terrible truths/secrets he discovered unhinged him and turned him into a monomaniacal rebel/terrorist. The ONLY reasons he's not considered a full member of the Winter Court by EVERY Changeling alive is because he helps out Autumn Court Changelings against the Royal Hives and he hasn't actually done anything too heinous.
  • Principles Zealot: To him, it doesn't matter that some secrets should remain buried and revealing them would have disastrous consequences. The truth MUST be known!
  • The Unfettered: Is obsessed with revealing all hidden truths and secrets, and is willing to do anything to achieve that end, even when doing so would cause more harm than good.
  • Sanity Slippage: Suffered one as a result of both the terrible truths/secrets of his hive and his people that he discovered, and also due to the disfigurements he suffered when escaping his former Summer Court Hive.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He's an unfettered, unhinged extremist rebel/terrorist with a monomaniacal obsession of uncovering the truth and bringing down the regimes that buries them (Mostly the Summer Court, and recently other dishonest governments and organizations regardless of their character).

    Cricket/Kick Hopper 
"I am an ally to justice!"


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