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Abyssinian Pantheon

The Abyssinian pantheon is a group of divine cats that look after the country of Abyssinia. They were originally led by Zinabi and his consort, Fik'iri, but due to their fickle treatment of their worshipers, and letting the country be turned into a territorial vassal of the Storm Empire, the more benevolent deities launched a coup that saw the successful dethroning of Zinabi and Fik'iri.
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  • Cats Are Mean: Generally averted, but the God of Evil Kifu, and especially the pantheon's former leaders, Zinabi and Fik'iri, played it straight. Zinabi and Fik'iri's ferocious tempers, their rampant promiscuity, and their callous treatment of their worshipers caused many of their worshipers to abandon them for more benevolent gods. Yetareme is a subversion, as while he represents evil, he actually behaves similar to Temnobog, being the guy who commits acts of evil to test and inspire mortals in opposing evil.
  • Jerkass Gods: Deconstructed with Zinabi and Fik'iri. Their fickle and callous behavior alienated much of their worshipers, who were either cowed into complete servitude, or would turn to more benevolent gods in defiance. When they punished their worshipers by letting Abyssinia be taken by the Storm Empire, it was the last straw for the more good-minded deities, who launched a coup and dethroned their superiors.

    Isati, the Mother of All Felines 

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ascendant

Portfolio: Summer, Strength, Parental Deity (Felines)

Rank: Antecedent

"Don't expect a friendly and playful Feline to be weak and meager. Even the feeblest cat still has her claws!"

Isati is, as her name suggests, the divine mother goddess of all felines, and is worshiped by most sapient feline species such as the Lovecats and the Abyssinians.

Isati was once known in the First Age as the pink lioness Kingsley, whose circle of "Ponyfriends" included individuals of the Dream Valley such as Oakley the Moose (who would become King Kaldr of the Hoyklan Deer pantheon), and Zigzag the Zebra (who would become the leading matriarch of the Zebrafrican Pantheon). Once Zigzag regained memories of her true self and ascended, she would help all of her friends ascend as well. Despite being a lioness, the fact that Isati had a pony-like mane caused mortals to mistake her for a male lion, which still happens to this day.

As the "Mother of All Felines", her divine children included those of the Abyssinian pantheon, such as Zinabi, Tikuri, and Tenya. Isati was often at odds with Zinabi, who behaved like a vindictive, spoiled child, and angered her with his selfish actions, but things would get worse during the Storm King Crisis. While she visited her mortal children in Zebrafrica, Zinabi let his consort, Fik'iri, talk him into letting Abyssinia be conquered by the Storm King and and turned into a wretched hive of lawlessness, slavery, and crime as "punishment" for their worshipers' lack of devotion to them. After Isati regained her memories, she was enraged to learn that Zinabi uncaringly abandoned her Abyssinian children to a mortal tyrant, and arrived home shortly after the Abyssinian Divine Revolution ended, roaring for her son and then dragging him away by the ear.

While Zinabi was punished for his actions by having his power and memories sealed, and incarnated as a mortal, Isati had approved of the new leadership and gave Jegina and Wibeti her blessing. She also showed approval towards her other divine children's actions during the coup, such as Tikuri and Tenya, and admits that she would've let either of them rule the Abyssinian pantheon had she knew what kind of person Zinabi was.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Summer, Strength, and Felines; the last part is because she is their "Parental Deity".
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Inverted; she angrily calls out her son Zinabi for acting like a petulant, spoiled, vindictive child, using his powers for his own gain and irresponsibly letting their mortal Abyssinian children be enslaved by the Storm King out of sheer pettiness. She also tells him that he deserved his loss to Jegina and consequential depowering during the "Abyssinian Divine Revolution", before turning him into an Amnesiac God as a lesson to teach him empathy and humility by turning him into an infant mortal, with all his divinity and memories sealed.
    Isati: (to Zinabi) When I gave you the throne of the Abyssinian Pantheon, I expected you to be a KING, not bully! I go to live a mortal life, and I come back to find our mortal children enslaved to a tyrant! You got EXACTLY what you deserved! You have been a petulant, spoiled, vindictive child... So perhaps it's time you learned a lesson in humility and empathy.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: After learning Zinabi and Fik'iri willingly abandoned their mortal children to be enslaved by the Storm Empire due to poor worship services, she would travel to the Abyssinian pantheon's divine realm shout her son's name in a rage.
    Isati: (roaring) ZINABI EASIFA FELIDAE!
    Zinabi: Mother?
  • God in Human Form: Much like her friend, Mzazi, she would often incarnate herself as a mortal for a time so she could visit her mortal children and check up on them. This led to a hilarious incident where Catrina, a reformed villainess from the First Age, realized that the pink lioness wandering around Dream Valley was actually her people's Mother Goddess. Unfortunately, during another incarnation, her son Zinabi would let his consort, Fik'iri, convince him to let Abyssinia be conquered by the Storm King out of spite for their supposedly "poor" worship, enraging Isati enough that she quite literally returned to the divine Abyssinian palace in a burning fury.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Feline equivalent. Much like the similarly ancient Golden Scepter and Mzazi, she can assume a "casual"-looking divine form when around mortals, but her true form is described as a huge (though smaller than Mzazi, who's older than her) and ancient saber-toothed lioness whose mane burns in a shape that makes her head resemble the summer sun, while her tail and fur also burn constantly. However, as is the case with most ancient divines, she is a very benevolent, motherly, and even playful individual who loves both her divine and mortal children, and will protect them from even her own tyrannical children if need be.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Mother of All Felines", due to having a direct role in giving sapience to all feline species on Equus.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: She can empower her mighty roars with her own divine powers; she can use her domain of Strength to make her roars knock out those with weak wills, or boost the heroic resolve of her allies. She also uses her roars to herald her presence whenever she uses her powers. Her roars are also potent enough to shake the entire divine Abyssinian realm.
  • Mama Bear: She's enraged when she learns after her time as a mortal lioness that her mortal Abyssinian children were deliberately abandoned by Zinabi and enslaved by the Storm King during the Storm King Crisis - so much that she melted the walls of the Abyssinian divine realm with her sheer fury.
  • Playing with Fire: As the goddess of Summer, she has this power.
  • Time Abyss: Like Golden Scepter and Mzazi, she's an "Antecedent"-ranked deity whose age is specified to be around 2 million years old, though she's younger than Mzazi, who's around 4 million years old.
  • Weather Manipulation: As the goddess of Summer, she has some capability in this area. Notably, she can easily dispel Zinabi's disastrous storms even before his depowering, including the flood he unleashed on his mortal worshipers out of petty spite for waking him up with a festival dedicated to the gods.

    Zinabi, the Father of Storms 

Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Storm, Wind, Rain

Rank: Divine (Tier III/Greater)

"Dare you stand before the fury of the storms? You'll be drowned or blown away!"

The former co-leader of the Abyssinian Pantheon, Fik'iri's husband, and the god of Storms, Wind, and Rain.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: As powerful as he was, his mother Isati has always been far more powerful than him, having lived in the First Age with the first generation of Ponyfriends. Even at his full strength, she could dispel his storms without even trying.
  • Amnesiac God: His mother Isati sealed his divine power, status, and memories and turned him into an infant mortal Abyssinian. She did this to force him to live a mortal life among his mortal subjects as punishment for his actions following his being overthrown and to teach him a much-needed lesson in humility.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Storms, Wind, and Rain.
  • Cain and Abel: It's eventually revealed the far more benevolent Tikuri and Tenya are his younger siblings, making him the Cain to their Abel.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: The way his mother Isati saw him after returning from her time living a mortal life to find how he'd behaved in her absence. She outright calls him a petulant, spoiled, vindictive child.
  • Top God: Formerly the co-leader of the pantheon before being dethroned. It should be noted while he was its leader, he still answered to his own mother Isati, who is the Top God of all feline gods and gave him the role to begin with. He did not live up to her expectations.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: He's described as having a white mane, but he's a fickle god with a very nasty temper and a long list of mortal lovers that he used for his own amusement. Fittingly, the rest of his fur is black to match his sinful deeds.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Love, War

Rank: N/A

"You'll do well not to spurn the advances of a cat goddess!"

The former co-leader of the Abyssinian pantheon, Zinabi's consort, and the goddess of Love and Warfare.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Love and War.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Ended up in one when she tried to attack Cadence so she could absorb the latter's powers and portfolio. Because her fighting skills had gotten rusty and she lost most of her powers to Wibeti, Cadence had no problem defeating her, despite being eons younger. Fik'iri ran back to Abyssinia with her tail between her legs.
  • Evil Counterpart: She's the opposite of Princess Cadence in every way - namely, her abuse of her position as the Goddess of Love to sleep with unsuspecting (and unwilling) mortals, and using her love magic to make couples fall in love with others.
  • Expy: Of the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna, also known as "Ishtar" in Babylonian religion. Much like Fik'iri, Inanna was worshiped as the goddess of love, sexuality, and warfare, but in lore she had a pretty fickle and bitchy personality, and despite being married to Dumuzid, the god of shepherds, she treated him capriciously and cheated on him with multiple lovers.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: Lost her position and most of her power to Wibeti, who she'd bullied for years, demoting her to a minor love god in the Pantheon. She then tried to steal Cadence's power to regain her own, only to get her tail handed to her and be forced to apologize by Wibeti.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: She often abused Wibeti, goddess of Romance, for being more beautiful and respected. When Jegina launched a coup against Fik'iri and Zinabi, Wibeti was the one who toppled and defeated Fik'iri. Her promiscuity and her rather callous treatment of her (many) mortal lovers caused people to side with the kinder Wibeti, much to her anger and jealousy. Her attempt to regain some of her lost power by attacking Cadence and absorbing her powers and portfolio resulted in a Curb-Stomp Battle as the Alicorn Princess of Love quickly sent her running back home with her tail between her legs. Wibeti would also force her to publicly apologize to Cadence, humiliating her even more.
  • Never My Fault: She constantly abused Wibeti for "stealing" her followers and for being prettier than her. It never gets into her head that a prominent reason for her followers abandoning her in favor of Wibeti is her promiscuity and callous treatment of her lovers.
  • Really Gets Around: Deconstructed. She constantly cheats on Zinabi and has her way with multiple mortal lovers whether they want it or not, and her promiscuity and lust is such that people have to cover their own faces whenever they pray to her to avoid catching her attention. She tosses her lovers away like garbage once she bores of them, but arguably, refusing her advances is worse since her wrath tends to be great and terrible.
  • Sore Loser: Doesn't take her overthrow and demotion well, and tried to get some of her powers back by taking it from Princess Cadence. She was promptly sent running back home with tail between her legs and later forced to apologize to Princess Cadence by Wibeti, which only galled her further.
  • Top God: Formerly the co-leader of the pantheon before being dethroned.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: One of the major reasons why she ultimately lost to Wibeti. Fik'iri let herself get lazy, due to being drunk on the power and advantages being a goddess gave her. So when she had to face someone like Wibeti, who was kept in tip-top shape via being constantly chased by the Great Skunk god Moufette, Fik'iri could not physically keep up with her and ended up losing the fight.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Bad Luck, Trickery, Protection

Rank: N/A

"Depending on where you are, when a black cat crosses the street, you can get either bad or good luck. But when you cross ME or my worshippers, then you're in for some SERIOUS bad luck!"

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Bad Luck, Trickery, and Protection.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: While benevolent and well-meaning, he is a god of bad luck and won't hesitate to inflict on those who had it coming, either those who threaten his worshippers, arrogant bullies in needing of being taken down a peg, and even his own people if they stray from righteous paths and need to be taught a lesson.
  • Cain and Abel: He's eventually revealed to be Zinabi's little brother, making him the Abel to his Cain.
  • Trickster God: Was this among the Pantheon. Defends his fellow gods and their worshippers with liberal application of bad luck and also acts as a Trickster Mentor to mortals.

    Jegina, the Lord of Heroism/Thunder 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Courage, Heroism, Storms

Rank: Divine (Tier II/Intermediate)

"Thunder - THUNDER - THUNDER! Let courage roar - HO!"

Jegina is the current leader of the Abyssinian pantheon, and the god of Courage, Heroism, and Storms.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Courage, Heroism, and Storms.
  • Expy: A Divine, Abyssinian version of Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats. He even has a similar quote to Lion-O's.
  • Superior Successor: To Zinabi, who was the former Top God of the Abyssinian pantheon.
  • Top God: Is the new co-leader of the Pantheon after overthrowing his predecessor. Notably, while he shares leader role with Wibeti, they're not romantically involved and she is instead involved with Moufette.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Learning of his superiors act of abandoning their people to the Storm King caused him to fly into such a rage that he delivered a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to his nemesis Sharun and destroyed his physical form, forcing the mummy to spend time regenerating for a while. Ouch.

    Wibeti, the Divine Beauty/Beautiful Queen 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Beauty, Romance, Love, War

Rank: Divine (Tier II/Intermediate)

"True beauty and love come from the inside, not just the outside."

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Beauty, Romance, Love, and War.
  • Act of True Love: As a love goddess who believes in True Love, she would bless weddings and relationships, and would often go out of her way to protect loving couples from Fik'iri's attentions despite the abuse she would receive from her jealous rival.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Cat equivalent. After eons of enduring abuse from Fik'iri for being far more beloved and beautiful than her, Wibeti eventually outsmarted and defeated her during Jegina's divine coup, and took her power and place as the co-leader of the Abyssinian Pantheon.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Penelope Pussycat, who was constantly chased by an adoring skunk. Unlike Penelope, however, Wibeti eventually returned Moufette's affections and even started dating him... after having Changeling Queen Pentatomidae teach him a lesson by subjecting Moufette to her horrid stench, so he'll learn how his girlfriend felt towards constantly being subjected to his natural stench.
  • Jerkass Gods: Averted. Personality-wise, she was described as the opposite of Fik'iri, who treated her lovers like garbage and often had her way with mortals just because they were found to be attractive. Because of this, Wibeti was trusted more by her worshipers, who could pray to her without having to hide their faces out of fear of being subjected to divine lust. When Wibeti overthrew Fik'iri during Jegina's coup, her popularity increased even more.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful!: Defied. Despite being one of the most beautiful Abyssinian goddesses ever, even by divine standards, she refuses to use her beauty selfishly to get what she wants or persuade lovers into sleeping with her, like what Fik'iri does. This would eventually work extremely well in her favor, as many mortal worshipers of the Abyssinian pantheon would flock to her and other benevolent deities in the pantheon, and would attract even more after she defeated Fik'iri and became the new Queen of the pantheon.
  • Seers: As a goddess of Romance, she has a form of precognition that allows her to see potential pairings a person can have that are both fulfilling and true, which she uses to nudge people towards those who she believes might fit them best romantically.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Wibeti was beloved by her worshipers for being beautiful and benevolent, but this caused her to be constantly abused by Fik'iri, who was jealous for being more popular and beautiful than her. She got her payback in the end.
  • Top God: The new co-leader of the Pantheon after overthrowing her predecessor, Fik'iri. Notably, she's not romantically involved with Jegina, instead being in a romantic relationship with Moufette.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Wibeti is a long-suffering and merciful goddess who would do anything for her worshipers, even if it'll earn her more abuse from Fik'iri. As a love goddess who believes in True Love, she would protect lovers from Fik'iri's lust and spite, even enduring a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for hiding the location of one male Abyssinian and his lover in one incident. And while she did have relationships of her own prior to hooking up with Moufette, Wibeti never used her divine power to have their way with her own lovers and was completely faithful to all of them. This is what earned her more worshipers even after becoming the new Top God of the Abyssinian pantheon.
  • World's Most Beautiful Woman: She's described as being supernaturally beautiful even by divine standards. This constantly provoked the wrath of Fik'iri, who would abuse her for being more beautiful than her.

    Tenya, the Bringer of Rest 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Sleep, Rest, Dreams

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"'Sleeping on the job' IS my job. Or at least a big part of it."

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Sleep, Rest, and Dreams.
  • Cain and Abel: Zinabi is revealed to be her older brother, making her the Abel to his Cain.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Her entry describes her as a black cat with starry fur and regal robes. Despite her coloring, she's a very benevolent goddess of Sleep and Dreams, and is devoted to helping her mortal Abyssinian followers.
  • Dream Walker: Like Princess Luna, she can move through the dream realm to protect mortals from their nightmares and help them sleep, which is what partially led to her befriending the dark Alicorn. In one incident, she teamed up with Luna by using her abilities to fight Night Terror, an evil Deer-turned-dream demon, which ended with Night Terror's defeat and him being thrown into the real world, where Yarost, Temnobog's eldest son, was waiting to collect his soul.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Justified. While she spends most of her time asleep, she's actually working pretty hard, overseeing the dreams of mortal Abyssinians and protecting them from nightmares, which is exactly what Princess Luna also does every night. Non-Abyssinians see her as one of the most laziest goddesses on Equus, but this is largely due to Culture Clash as in Abyssinian culture, there is no "right" time for sleeping, as cats can sleep up to 23 hours a day. Her breaks are when she wakes up to relax.
    • This got deconstructed in one incident, where she fell into a self-inflicted deep sleep in order to do her role, but this started wearing at her sanity. Out of concern and gratitude for their goddess, her mortal worshipers and subjects made her promise that she take an hour-long break for herself in return for them staying awake exactly for one hour. Because of this, she's very protective of this one hour, as she sees it as a very precious gift to be treasured.

    Yetareme, the Scoundrel 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Cheating, Villainy, Hatred

Rank: Divine (Tier III/Greater)

"Being a cheating, villainous scoundrel is what I do best. If I ain't hated while I curl my whiskers, I ain't doing my job!"

Yetareme is the Abyssinian god of Cheating, Villainy, and Hatred.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Cheating, Villainy, and Hatred
  • God of Evil: Subverted. While his portfolio contains malevolent domains, he is actually like Temnobog, serving as a constructive forces that tests and inspires even his fellow deities so they could become strong enough to get through any obstacle. Beneath his "heel" persona, he's a very benevolent and kind-hearted deity who genuinely wants to help everyone grow, physically and mentally. He even spends time with heroes like Jegina and Entasi during his off-time.


Portfolio: Evil

The Abyssinian god of Evil.


Portfolio: Hunt

The Abyssinian goddess of the Hunt, she's known among her mortal followers for her wild and sadistic temperament.


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