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Sauropodian Pantheon

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  • Birds of a Feather: Platonic example; Prince Sparkling Wing, a divine Alicorn member of the Church of the Stars, is noted to be on friendly terms with the Sauropodian deities due to their focus on peaceful neutrality and diplomacy.

    Queen Tiara 

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ascendant

Portfolio: Earth, Land, Life, Parental Deity (Sauropods/Cutesauruses)

Rank: Divine (Tier 3/Greater)

'"I take comments on my size and weight as compliments."

Queen Tiara is the leader of the Sauropodian Pantheon, the creator of the Sauropodian race, and the goddess of Earth, Land, and Life. Like her mortal children, she is gentle, kind, and pacifistic, and doesn't like getting into conflict unless it's absolutely necessary. When she does, she's a terrifying force to behold - usually, she can stomp or sit on her foes. But if the situation demands it, she wields a powerful arsenal of earth/nature-based powers.

Despite being named "Tiara", her name doesn't refer to the tiara she often wears. It's actually a Romanesh word for soil, earth, and land. But since she wears a tiara, many people assume she's named after the aforementioned object anyway.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Earth, Land, Life, and Sauropods/Cutesauruses; the last part is because she is their "Parental Deity".
  • Ass Kicks You: A cantankerous giant divine, later revealed to be the godling Khakiston of the Tyrannos pantheon decided to pick a fight with her because he hated her stance of peaceful neutrality. When he pushed it and started one, she sat on him and didn't let him up for some time, and due to her gigantic weight couldn't be moved.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's a very kind and helpful goddess, making sure that the lands of Sauropoda are always lush and fertile enough for her mortal children to survive, and almost never fights unprovoked. However, if she needs to, she'll strike hard, fast, and decisively so she could end a conflict without causing unnecessary deaths and destruction. In one incident, she defeated Khakiston by simply sitting on him for trying to pick a fight with her, even refusing Terraton's offer to let him deal with the malevolent giant divine.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Getting into a fight with her is generally a bad idea. One giant divine, the brutal and sadistic Khakiston, found out the hard way when he pushed her past her patience, and found himself being sat on by many thousand tonnes of divine Sauropod as time-out.
  • Deity of Human Origin: While unconfirmed, it's rumored that she's the original G1 Cutesaurus that Ascended to godhood and either brought her race to sapience, or created her own.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: As an Earth elemental, her powers revolve around this. She can cause earthquakes and tremors that level the ground she stands on, and create formations and spires of rock for offense and defense. It's noted in her entry that she can use her Earth magic to easily fix things that she accidentally broke with her strength.
  • Gentle Giant: Literally, as she's the largest of the Sauropods thanks to her divinity. She's also very benevolent, pacifistic, and friendly, but she's a devastating force of nature when angered.
  • Green Thumb: As an Earth elemental, she's capable of wielding plant life. She mostly uses it to help her mortal children thrive.
  • Kaiju: She's a mountain-sized sauropod goddess.
  • Ironic Name: Her name doesn't actually refer to the tiara she wears; it's actually a Romanesh word for soil, earth, and land. But since she wears a tiara, many people assume she's named after the aforementioned object anyway. Apparently it made Diamond Tiara face-hoof upon finding out.
  • Mother Nature: Her divine portfolio includes Earth, Land, and Life, and her powers all revolve around these domains. She's also a literal mother goddess, as she created the Sauropodian race.
  • Red Baron: Known as "Mother of All Sauropods".
  • Top God: The mother of the Sauropods and leader of their pantheon.


Portfolio: Greed

A rogue Sauropodian god of Greed. His champion is the undead Hex, which Marshal Braveheart of Equestria has clashed with.


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