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The Giants of Equus are, as their name implies, large-sized races of sapients. However, there are notable species/races of Giants that go under this umbrella, such as the Cyclops and the Nature Giants.
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  • Always Chaotic Evil: Due to the harmful actions evil Giants had wrought in the past, Giants in general were stereotyped as wrathful, warmongering, unintelligent, and malicious monsters who treat the "Tinies"' world as a mere playground, harassing those smaller than themselves by conquering them, eating them and destroying their settlements whenever they pleased. However, this doesn't always apply, as there are cases of Giants using their strength for good and noble causes.
  • Berserk Button: It's implied that Giants don't take kindly to their sizes being called "logistically impossible" - according to Body Mass, a pony biologist, it's the Giant equivalent of being called "fat".
  • Big Eater: With great size comes a great appetite. Giants devouring entire kingdoms isn't unheard of. Up to Eleven with their deities, who could do that by themselves.
  • Bigger on the Inside: Hinted at and theorized in-universe regarding Giants' bodies and Giant Lands.
  • Fantastic Slur: "Tinies" is a common name/insult for smaller beings. Supia, a gigantic Changeling Queen whose power and affluence equals them, isn't fond of using it because it's an obvious sign of a superiority complex.
  • Noble Bigot: Even some benevolent Giants tend to be arrogant and racist, though mostly it's because they're Innocently Insensitive. Nevertheless, they ultimately mean well.
  • Puny Earthlings: Viewing "Tinies" as inferior is quite common, even among more benevolent Giants. It's mentioned that keeping smaller beings as pets or slaves is seen as normal by more vicious Giants. And then there's their eating habits...
  • Visual Pun: Due to their enormous size and power, most Giants see "Tinies" as weak, insignificant, and inferior. They look down on them.



  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Cyclopean society is heavily inspired by ancient Greece, having an omnivorous diet of trees and non-sapient herds of livestock that are tended to by master shepherds. Their culture heavily emphasizes on arts, law, and beautiful stonework, and they are ruled by an elective monarchy (though that also comes from ancient Rome before it became an empire).
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Their general height is measured about 30 meters, meaning that they're one of the shorter Giantkinds around. They're also more intelligent, emotionally restrained, and artistic than the other Giants, who tend to be domineering, aggressive and warlike.

Nature Giants

  • Fantastic Racism: Deconstructed; Nature Giants are extremely distrustful of "smallfolk" in general. Because Grogar destroyed a large part of Equus's ecosystem for his selfish gains, the Nature Giants came to believe that everyone that isn't them behaves just like Grogar, and interactions with them would ultimately lead to the destruction of the environment. This is a harmful opinion that blinds them to the inherent good of other species, but because they are incredibly long-lived and have believed in this way for so long, they discourage anyone who says otherwise. Those who leave home are permanently forbidden from returning in order to prevent societal upheaval.
  • Gaia's Vengeance: Nature Giants fly into destructive rages whenever someone desecrates nature itself. More literally, Grogar and the Tambelonians wrecked a huge part of Equus's ecosystem in order to Take Over the World, enraging the nature goddess Gaea to the point where escaped to the Shadow Realm. The experience is what caused them to develop a pessimistic, isolationist culture that promotes the idea that all mortals are greedy, violent, selfish beings who don't care for nature's existence. Therefore, the Nature Giants see themselves as the only beings who know how to take care of the ecosystem.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Nature Giants are wholly dedicated to the preservation of nature and fly into a rage whenever someone desecrates it. However, they possess a rather dim and superior attitude towards other races thanks to the destructive actions of Grogar, thinking that all mortals are just as destructive and selfish as he is.
  • Holier Than Thou: Despite their dedication to preserving nature, most Nature Giants believe that only they are capable of protecting Equus's ecosystem. All "smallfolk" are short-sighted and only care about destroying nature to get what they want. Any Nature Giant who believes otherwise is discouraged, or exiled (if they decide to leave home).
  • Matriarchy: In contrast to other Giant societies, which are mix-gendered in leadership, Nature Giants are heavily matriarchal, led by the eldest and/or wisest mare called the "Garránbhean". The Garránbhean serves as a religious and political leader for the Nature Giants, and are chosen via election among family dynasties. At the very top of the hierarchy is a Nature Giant Queen, who all Grove matriarchs pay their respects to. Males can have power, but only if there's no official female candidates. This is justified, because the Nature Giants worship the goddess Gaea as the sole monotheistic deity in their religion.
  • Women Are Wiser: Justified; because Nature Giants worship Gaea as their most prominent goddess, it's expected of women to become wise and experienced leaders. As a result, female Nature Giants are the dominant sex in society. That being said, this does not automatically mean they're the "better" sex, as Grove matriarchs are extremely isolationist and pessimistic of other races, and they permanently exile anyone who leaves a Grove to prevent societal upheaval if they come back.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Enforced. The Nature Giants live in a extremely isolationist society, believing that "smallfolk" are incapable of preserving nature like them. They also believe that interacting with different races outside their homes would lead to more destruction of the environment on level with what Grogar had done. Anyone who believes otherwise is suppressed and/or exiled from the Groves.


Grand Griffons

  • Semi-Divine: Their giant size is the result of divine origins, having descended from Boreas and Astra.

Giants of Light

  • Captain Ersatz: Of the Ultraman, who are also called the 'Giants of Light'.

Giant Kangaroos




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