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Kulesian-Mazlander Commonwealth

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  • Badass Army: During the feudal era the Commonwealth's large noble population granted it a healthy pool of officers and knights, allowing them to steamroll the hastily-trained peasant armies of their neighbors, rapidly conquering and vassalizing enemy lands. (A chronicler of the period describes the Commonwealth armies "drowning the unwashed masses in a sea of noble banners"). They're still as tough as ever in the present, with one of the strongest and largest militaries on the continent.
    • The Winged Hussars (Literally in this case), the most iconic formations within the the Royal Commonwealth Army, are the Commonwealth's elite 'aerial cavalry' units serving as the preeminent shock troops, aggressive reconaissance and lightning raiders of the Commonwealth's military. They are primarily composed of elite Pegasi and Griffon warriors whose lineages could be traced from the ferocious and ruthless raider tribes that once plagued eastern parts of the Terra Equus continent. Decked in gleaming steel armour with 'feather' scales on the wings, armed with a Voltaic Lance (Which are electrified pikes), serrated/straight-edged wing-blades, hoof/talon gauntlets and explosive munitions for aerial bombardment or sapping, these fierce fighters could sweep away even the most stubborn and determined opponents from the battlefield in mass aerial-charges - impaling, slashing and blowing up enemy formations and vehicles - making them much feared across the continent.
  • Bomb-Throwing Anarchists: How they view the People's Empire of the Cloven, who were and still remains one of their long-time rivals from the times of the Old Roedinian Kingdoms. The Clovenists for their part see them as a group of archaic tyrants.
  • Deadly Decadent Court: Thoroughly Averted. There were periods in their history where this was the case (known as the "Bloodied Crown" and "Chained Crown" Eras), before they finally achieved a stable balance of power between the monarchy and nobility where ambitions are kept in check.
  • Democracy Is Bad: Played With. The staunchly conservative Commonwealth is distrustful of democracy for the common masses, seeing it as 'Decadent Hoof-Counting'. This has soured their relations with more democratic states like the United Commonwealths of Mustangia. Democratic movements and republicanism within the nation are viewed with suspicion and disdain, and these sentiments only worsened with the rise of the People's Empire of the Cloven. However, they also don't believe in the sovereign possessing absolute power: tyranny is just as destructive as anarchy.
  • Elective Monarchy: The Kulesian-Mazlander Commonwealth is this, much like their Real Life (and possible Second Age) counterparts. The Grand Prince/Princess is the head of state, elected from a pool of candidates nominated by the elective parliament of nobles called the Sjem. While the Grand Prince/Princess is 'First Among Equals' whose authority is respected by nobles and masses, they do not have absolute power and must rule with the consent with the nobles on matters such as lawmaking, taxation, and foreign policy. The Sjem also holds votes on proposals/decrees from the Grand Prince/Princess, negotiating with the monarch if objections arise to a decree.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The single biggest difference between its Real Life (And presumably Codexverse early Second Age precursor) is that in this instance, the Commonwealth was able to successfully balance power between the monarch and the nobles and achieve political stability and effectiveness that eluded its less fortunate inspirations/predecessor.
  • Succession Crisis: When King Ironhoof IV of the Earth Pony kingdom Kulesia died without an heir—and being the last living member of his family—a regency council was forced to take control. Unable to agree on a local noble to enthrone, they instead invited the Prince Rigor from their longtime Deer ally Mazland to take the throne, forming a personal union. The nations would soon merge into the Commonwealth.

    King Ironhoof IV 

    High Prince Rigor Kalikov 

    Grand Princess Silver Tongue 

    Grand Princess Zira Rishnakov 

    Grand Prince Rocksteady 


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