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Codex Equus provides examples of:

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  • Kaiju: Many, including Dracozilla and Yamata no Orochi.
  • Karma Houdini:
    • The Changeling Summer Court apparently got away Scot-free with many of the war crimes they committed during the Storm King Crisis, being on the side of the victorious international coalition and being too powerful to hold them accountable. What atrocities did they actually committed against the Storm Empire during the Crisis remains to be seen, although so far King Macrodontia of the Summer Court is mentioned to have 'ravaged' their territories near Cervidia and Jotunnheim.
    • Subverted with the Summer Court's attempted genocide on Dragonkind during the Time of Broken Scales (in retaliation of the Burning of Amorea); 5,000 years later, Dr Toxikon nearly succeeded in returning the favour on all of Changelingkind in response, and even though he ultimately failed the Summer Court got pretty damaged as a result.
  • Karmic Death:
    • Changeling King Lasius's foster noble family, as well as the local royalty and the aristocracy, were horrendously lazy and incompetent, and used their wealth to fund their lavish lifestyles rather than help their extremely impoverished subjects. Lasius got so fed up with their behavior that he murdered them all during a welcoming party he threw for Emperor Blackthorn, and used their palaces and statues (all the way down to the founder) to pave and repair his foster kingdom's roads. His half-sister, Golden Bell, turned a blind eye while her family died because she too, was sick of their behaviors.
    • The Propagare cultists Elske encountered were trying to stir up distrust and hatred so they could start a war between two Deer realms. After stomping on one part of their armies and sitting on another, Elske proceeded to slowly crush them to death with her hooves so they'll be an example of what happens when people give in to hatred.
    • Golden Chalice was a Griffin warlord who tried to invade and conquer the peaceful kingdom of Sauropoda, having severely underestimated what a society of large, sapient dinosaurs are truly capable of. He was instantly killed when Queen Immensa stomped on him once.
    • Much of the old Orosian pantheon behaved little more than irresponsible, arrogant, and spoiled children, causing unnecessary deaths with their petty squabbles and extreme intolerance to even minor infractions. They eventually died in an event of their own making, the "Twilight of the Orosians", with several people making a point to show that the gods had brought their deaths upon themselves. Likewise, no one cried when the new and more benevolent Orosian gods stepped up to take their place.
    • The Alvslog royal family that raised King Brachion cast him out when it was discovered he was a dormant Royal Changeling, forcing him to survive in a forest where dangerous predators lived while he's still a child. When he completed his Errance and became good at biological experimentation, he proceeded to return and utterly destroy his foster family for abandoning him, killing a good number of them and razing their Alvslog forest kingdom to the ground to make way for his new Hive.
    • One of the purified Changelings turned out to be a Chrysalis-loyalist who pretended to side with the ascended Thorax so he could undermine the latter's authority by framing him for the deaths of several unpurified Changeling children. He was caught by hidden Summer Court agents and given to Changeling King Brachion, who would experiment on him.
    • Night Terror, a serial killer from the Deer realms who is the villainous Expy of Freddy Krueger, was fatally burned alive by the grieving parents of the young fawns he killed. However, he managed to cheat his way out of hell by making a secret deal with Ispita, causing his soul to end up in the dream realm instead. Yarost was enraged when he discovered this, due to his hatred of oath-breakers and Ispita in general, and helped Princess Luna and Tenya find and confront Night Terror. When Night Terror was made powerless, defeated, and thrown to the real world by the two goddesses, a furious Yarost was waiting for him, with no other way out of what awaited below. Temnobog himself lampshades how Night Terror was Too Dumb to Live by thinking he could worm his way out of his rightfully-deserved punishment.
    • Void Traveler, a Second-Age villain who tried to destroy Equus in the name of his "master" by putting it in a black hole, ends up completely obliterated by a few residents of the planet. As Princess Stitching Time and Queen Cosmosglow said, "Your time is up."
    • Bolezn infected an entire Deer kingdom with a devastating plague for its blatant disregard for proper hygiene, and then infiltrated the castle of a royal Deer, Prince Prospero, who arrogantly assumed he can use said plague to Kill the Poor. Under the guise of a noble who dressed up like a plague victim, Bolezn infected Prince Prospero as well as the various nobles and royalty who took shelter in his castle rather than help their subjects, leaving them to die a slow, agonizing death while their food and wealth were pillaged by Bolezn's subordinates/followers for their master to enjoy.
  • Karmic Jackpot:
    • Hearth, as well as several benevolent members of the old Orosian pantheon, end up surviving the Twilight of the Orosian Gods because of their compassion, and the Tauren Peninsula became better for it.
    • Button Mash's success over CreepEntity513 was largely due to two things - his friendship with Crystal Prism, the young Alicorn demigod of Rebirth and Change, allowed Luminiferous to give him a trinket that would lend him his future potential even if Luminiferous himself isn't there to empower him, the antediluvian Alicorn having been tipped off by Crystal's troubling vision of Button Mash being pulled into another dimension. Button Mash's bravery and willingness to expose CreepEntity as a mere bully gave its numerous victims hope that they can be freed from their confinement and suffering, so they empowered Button Mash even after he was (temporarily) turned into an Alicorn. One of CreepEntity513's victims was revealed to be Button Mash's idol, an Earth pony stallion named "King", who was also pulled into CreepEntity513's video-game dimension yet lacked the courage to face him.
    • Golden Bell, the pony half-sister of Changeling King Lasius, is one of his strongest allies and was extremely disgusted by her family's lazy incompetence, hedonism, and greed, with the only reason why she didn't kill them herself being that Lasius did it first. She ended up being the Sole Survivor of her entire family, and trusted with a high position in the local government after Lasius inherited the throne.
    • The Dragon/Changeling hybrid goddess of Foregiveness, Princess Lampyridae/Firewing, was born when Thorax and Ember stopped Dr. Toxikon and decided to utterly reject the racial Dragon-Changeling feud by forgiving each other's people and elders for their heinous actions. It was noted in her entry that the karmic backlash was so enormous that it spawned Lampyridae/Firewing in the form of an infant, making her Thorax and Ember's "biological" daughter since they work so well together.
    • Prince Léon, the first male Equestrian Alicorn and the newest addition to the Equestrian "pantheon", was born from the karmic backlash of Prince Blueblood's good deeds despite his Jerkass masks, and as such he embodies his "biological" father's innocence and compassion that he was forced to bury in order to deal with Canterlot's corrupt nobles. It's expected by both Celestia and Luminiferous that lots of good things will happen to Blueblood, too, if he continues raising Léon like a good father (which he currently is).
    • Despite the horrific experiences she went through, Ruby Heart forgave her neighbors for killing her as well as her family for not protecting her (they were persuaded and threatened into standing by and watching). As a result, she was "promoted" by being turned into a psychopomp, becoming Grief's apprentice, got her family and a few of her remorseful neighbors to redeem themselves, and earned quite a few friends in both mortals and divines who are all willing to protect her from more hard-lined individuals like Poena.
    • Scarlet Bell's childhood actions in opposing two morally/mentally bankrupt teachers and saving her classmates from them and their experiments would result in Pferdia lauding her as a hero, though she would shortly move to the Grittish Isles to escape the attention and protect herself from further retribution. Years later, after learning that Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker have also moved to the Grittish Isles to escape the law and continue their work, she promptly called the authorities and attempted to find Midnight Bell, who ran off alone to save a kidnapped Page Wheel. Her intervention not only got Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker arrested, but also saved Midnight Bell and Page Wheel from them, especially the latter since he was being revived in a magical cocoon at the time and was rendered a sitting duck. This would also result in Scarlet Bell becoming acquainted with an Alicorn demigod once Page Wheel was healed and Ascended as Crystal Prism.
    • Ink Wheel and her family would become good friends with Scarlet Bell sometime after the latter moved to the Grittish Isles. Ink Wheel's son, Page Wheel, would later become an Alicorn demigod after coming in contact with Scarlet's maternal grandniece, Midnight Bell, which would prove handy in curing his mother's sickness as Page Wheel, now Crystal Prism, gained the ability to heal by encasing people in magical cocoons temporarily. Scarlet Bell herself would also intervene on Page Wheel's behalf by protecting him from Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker while he was cocooned, potentially saving his life in the long run. As a result, Ink Wheel quite enjoyed bragging to her neighbors about how she became the mother of a young Alicorn, much to her son's embarrassment.
  • Karmic Transformation: This is Pakak's shtick, since he's a Karmic Trickster whose powers fluctuate depending on his target(s) morality and good/bad karma. However, he always makes sure to include a Curse Escape Clause to ensure their atonement.
    • This is what happened to the Cutie Pox-phobic ponies of Sunnytown - after ritualistically killing an innocent filly named Ruby Heart for getting a Cutie Mark, an enraged Pakak (who had been attending the party as a pony) revealed himself and cursed everyone involved into becoming zombies to reflect their monstrous actions. In addition, they are forced to relive a magical simulation of the fateful day every year, and are unable to leave Sunnytown until they take responsibility and atone for their sins. It's noted in Grey Hoof's entry that he was among the first to become zombies, being directly responsible for Ruby Heart's death and the murderous fervor of Sunnytown towards Cutie Marks.
  • Karmic Trickster: Pakak is the literal god of this trope, being the Draconequus Spirit of Mischief and Karma.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • Changeling King Brachion is infamous for conducting extremely horrific and unethical experiments on innocent people, save for a few occasions:
      • His foster family, a royal group of Alvslog Deer, cast him out and left him in the forests to die when he was discovered to be a dormant Changeling, while he was still a colt. Years later, after finishing his Errance, he would return to unleash his revenge upon his family for their abandonment by corrupting the king into tyranny, killing off most of his family with his bio-engineered monsters, and turning the survivors into his test subjects.
      • After Summer Court agents spotted a purified Changeling in Thorax's hive that turned out to be a Chrysalis-loyalist, they secretly transferred him to Brachion's hive. Brachion proceeded to turn the Changeling traitor into his test subject to see what exactly caused Thorax's ascension into a Royal Changeling.
    • Blood Fang, Gleaming Shield/Radiant Primrose's Eternal Foe who's known as "The Dark Conqueror", has been known to manipulate the heroes numerous times to forward his goals of conquering Hyrule. On the other hand, quite a few villains get manipulated by him, too.
      • He turned Malus Tenebris into his pawn by appearing to him as a "god", and "blessed" Malus with great power so the evil usurper could conquer Hyrule and cover Equus in twilight... only for Blood Fang to betray him towards the end and leave him at the mercy of Gleaming Shield and his ally, then-usurped queen Onyx Flare, realizing that Malus's plans would have massive repercussions if they came to pass. This became Blood Fang's undoing, though, as Malus snapped his own neck in spite and despair, killing Blood Fang as well due to having established a magical bond to "bless" Malus in the first place.
      • During the Storm King Crisis, he approached one of the Storm King's generals who conquered Hyrule so he could make a request about a possible alliance, which was presumably accepted. Later on, the general realized too late that Blood Fang secretly set him up, resulting in his armies being utterly massacred and him falling to the combined might of Gleaming Shield and Radiant Primrose. When asked why he helped Hyrule instead of trying to conquer it as usual, Blood Fang responded:
        Blood Fang: Only a naive and mad fool such as the so-called 'Storm King' would try lay eyes on a territory that I called dibs on first.
    • Bolezn, one of the Four Terrors, once infiltrated the castle of a Deer Prince while a masquerade party was going on, dressed as a plague victim, which would've been a bad thing to do since the kingdom was being ravaged by a deadly plague outside... that Bolezn himself created to punish said kingdom for their blatant disregard for proper hygiene. He also infected everyone inside the castle and made them die slow, agonizing deaths, also a fitting punishment since the Deer Prince in question, Prince Prospero, arrogantly thought he could use Bolezn's plague to Kill the Poor, while the local nobility and royalty would rather hide out in Prospero's castle than help their infected subjects. Bolezn does admit later he somewhat regrets crashing Prospero's party since he wanted to join in the festives, but "duty calls, I guess".
  • Kill on Sight:
    • The Dyvaos have such an order on them nigh-universally. This is for good reason: they're malfunctioning ancient bio-weapons that if allowed to reproduce and propagate can and almost have destroyed life on Equus. They're the reason their creators aren't around anymore and Gamarea and the Guardian Beasts of Neighpon were literally created to stop them from doing it to anyone else.
    • Ispita has a similar order; having betrayed her own principles as a constructively Evil goddess to follow "diabolical" Evil, Temnobog fell out of love for her and not only punished two of his children who sided with her by eating them alive, he also ordered his surviving children to hunt down and kill her should she be spotted in the various Deer realms.
  • King in the Mountain: Queen Dazzleglow, the ruler of the lost kingdom of Kerajaan Cahaya, sealed herself away to awaken and prevent the destruction of her world from repeating itself. Daring Do awakens her, but it's more complicated than that: she's not returning to stop one specific disaster, but break the Vicious Cycle of civilizations rising, then being completely destroyed that has repeated throughout Equus's history. Due to her having never been removed from power, she is also still the ruler of Kerajaan Cahaya, and begins rebuilding her kingdom with Sparkle Ponies flocking to her as their new Goddess.
  • Klingon Promotion: In Equus, sometimes the only way to advance in life is to kill someone higher up the ranks and take their place, with all the power and prestige that comes with it.
    • Changeling King Lasius inherited the throne in the kingdom he grew up in by killing off both the entire nobility and royalty for their lazy incompetence. Fortunately for the people, he turned out to be The Good King who introduced to them a higher quality of living.

  • Large Ham:
    • Entasi rivals Discord in terms of sheer ham, in part due to being a minotaur god.
    • Crazy Ant fully embraces his status as a Mad Scientist, including the hammy parts of it. When using his gattling crossbow at the Battle of Infernos, he apparently never stopped laughing manically until it ran out of ammo, setting the in-universe world record for longest continual maniacal laugh.
    • Prince Vultus IV is called "The Loud" because of his extreme hamminess. His voice is so loud that it triggers avalanches, and he even weaponized it by stunning people with his shouts.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • Pakak has this as an explicit power. He can convert a person's good or evil karma into spells, either giving them a great blessing or a terrible curse. Apparently he tore out one of Discord's fangs using his own evil during their fight when he was sealed. And after he learned that some Cutie Mark-phobic ponies from Sunnytown murdered a young filly for getting a Cutie Mark, he cursed everyone to live as zombies until they took responsibility and atoned for their crimes. He was noted to have felt not a shred of remorse for doing it.
    • Choice warned the Changelings and Dragons that their actions against Queen Acherontia and Dragon Lord Vulcan out of Fantastic Racism and paranoia would inevitably have consequences and come back to bite them. Cue the two's hybrid daughter returning a millennia later, royally ticked off and on the warpath against them for what was done to her family. Notably, even Mothryu pointed out this was something they brought on themselves to the point she refused to do more than evacuate the innocent civilians from her warpath.
      • Empress Blackrose received this for mistreating her daughter out of disgust towards her relationship with a dragon as well as her hybrid daughter - many of her children called her out on her actions, with Princess/Captain Mimetidae outright punching Blackrose in the jaw before she cut off contact with her family for a few centuries. Queen Pentatomidae avoided the Spring Court for longer at a whopping 500 years. Puck also pointed out that Choice told them what the consequences of their racism would be, yet they didn't heed the deity's warning, capping off with "I told you so."
    • The Clovenist Empire had committed a few share of atrocities - when their Mana Bomb ocean tests resulted in the birth of a few Kaiju, they refused to take responsibility for it. And when they attempted to experiment on the Sparkle Ponies, some of them ended up killed by an enraged Visitor. As a result, most countries dislike or hate the Clovenists with a passion, with the Neighponese wind god Kazekami calling them "honourless cowards".
    • One reason why the Elternteil pantheon splintered was because they shunned and emotionally abused Temnobog for being born "evil", even though he personally didn't do anything evil to them at the time, while they favored Belyolen because he was born the pure and benevolent god they wanted. To ensure that Belyolen wouldn't be corrupted, they taught him to see Temnobog as "inferior" and prevented him from even seeing his brother, forcing him to watch as Temnobog endured more abuse until he snapped. This came to a head when Belyolen overheard some of his family discussing the idea of getting rid of Temnobog entirely. Belyolen was so upset that he confronted his entire family and called them out on their arrogance and abusive hypocrisy, pointing out that they became no better than the evils they opposed by abusing a child for being born "wrong" in their eyes, while shaming himself for not protecting or helping Temnobog when he needed it. This inspired many of his brothers and sisters to leave the Elternteil pantheon out of guilt and shame, spawning both the Bogolenya and Hoyklan pantheons. It's noted in Belyolen's entry that the Alicorn Primeval of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, helped Belyolen act on his decision by encouraging him to do the right thing out of disgust towards his family's arrogant complacency.
    • Two disgraced teachers and criminals, Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker, tried replicating the Ascension process so they could help Ponykind tap into its collective inner potential by luring/kidnapping and experimenting on young foals and teenagers who have great talent/potential. The first time literally blew up in their faces when one of their students, Scarlet Bell, confronted and fought them to save her classmates from a "monster", and the resulting fight created a huge fire after Noble Grace's spells misfired. The second time, after Midnight Bell made some more lies out of stress and to save face for her initial dishonesty, Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker would try again with Page Wheel, a unicorn colt they kidnapped and experimented on under the false belief that he was a Child Prodigy. Page Wheel became a magic-devouring monster that not only caused a lot of damage in his rampage through the Grittish Isles, but he also exposed Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker's crimes, and left Noble Grace completely powerless by draining her of all her magic, revealing her true age as a very elderly mare. At the end of the day, Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker were arrested, tried, and put away for their crimes, with an angry Luminiferous chewing them out for their actions while showing them their own potential that they squandered.
    • High King Irminsul ended up becoming a Badly Battered Babysitter when he met Scrappus. After the latter somehow dug his way into the Elternteil pantheon's territory, he let Scrappus stay for a while, having sensed no genuine malice in him. Unfortunately for them, Scrappus turned out to be so bratty that he injured many of his family members and their divine servants, drove Irminsul's wife Arvan to tears, and caused Irminsul himself to enter a rare fit of anger and swallow Scrappus whole for a time-out. While this caused Scrappus to have a Jerkass Realization and change his ways, it was also karma for Irminsul, who emotionally abused Temnobog for being evil even though he never did anything evil at the time, only to end up with a real brat later on. It's also because of this that Temnobog himself is one of the only few people who has a good opinion of Scrappus, due to his murderous hatred of Irminsul.
    • One Elternteil deity insulted and demeaned Bolezn to the point of making the latter cry, enraging his siblings to the point where Yarost chased after the offending deity as a literally burning stag, and punched the guy in the face just before the other Bogolenya deities successfully restrained him. Belyolen, while massively displeased with his nephew because of the repercussions it might have for both the Bogolenya and Elternteil pantheons, ultimately let Yarost go scot-free because he later acknowledged that if Temnobog was insulted, Belyolen wouldn't hesitate to defend him as well.
  • Last Stand: Audens Manes has this as an explicit power: as the Goddess of the Valiant Deaths, she can empower a dying mortal with enough life to perform one last heroic act before dying. The power is even called "Last Stand".
  • Last Villain Stand: King Xestobium, with his hive defeated, endgame ruined, himself having been battered and bloodied in the final battle, and now confronted by both Changeling Gods, ultimately picks up a sword and charges them, despite knowing it will be the end of him and he can't win.
  • Light 'em Up: Various individuals, both divine and mortal, have the power to manipulate light.
    • Crystal Prism is described as having a developing talent in light magic, and some of his capabilities include firing searing light beams, creating barriers and light-based illusions, and having butterflies made of light guide him and his allies through dark places. He can also blind and disorient people with light through magical flash-bangs, manipulation of reflective surfaces, and channeling his light magic through his own body so he looks brighter than he initially is. During his rescue of Button Mash and the victims of CreepEntity513 from its collapsing game realm, he made a series of light-based platforms so they could cross a bottomless chasm and enter a portal into the real world.
    • One of Belyolen's divine domains is Light, so naturally he has light-based magic. He gets stronger during daytime and the Summer season, where light is most abundant. It's noted that whatever he can do, Temnobog can also do thanks to having similar capabilities with his darkness magic. Appropriately, Belyolen is described by his entry as a light-pelted stag who's always surrounded by a halo of light.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: And the cast is only getting bigger and bigger with every entry. Justified; Codex Equus is mainly about coming up for lore about Equestria and the world at large, which inevitably involves introducing lots of characters to make things that happened in the canon show seem more plausible.
  • Lost Technology: Given the sheer time scales involved in the Codexverse (45,000 years worth of history for the 'Four Ages of Known History' by themselves), many innovations, technological, magical, both or other things entirely had been created by the various civilizations arose throughout the ages. When those civilizations fell, so too went the knowledge of how to create them, leaving only relics and rumours with which savants of later days would attempt to piece together and recreate those lost marvels. Assuming that they're not so dangerous that they're best to be left forgotten...
    • 'Firearms' from the Second Age - when Equus had an Atomic/Information Era and beyond technological civilization - are considered something of a holy grail in weapons technology. Gunpowder as we know it has not been reinvented by the Fourth Age, and it's heavily implied that attempts to recreate it is heavily discouraged if not outright prevented by the Powers That Be - up to and including the Gods of Equus - in an attempt to reduce conflict and bloodshed, resulting in an Alternate Techline where melee-weapons and shields remain relevant in war, ranged weapons are dominated by crossbows and 'pneumatic-catapults', and 'Blastfire' is used for cannons and bombs instead.
  • Lovecraft Lite: The planet Equus could be best described as A World Half Full, colored with optimism and hope. On one hand, it's crawling with ancient evils and other antediluvian horrors, and it's watched/lorded over by pantheons of incomprehensibly powerful EldritchAbominations that can live up to millions to billions of years old, some who are insane, selfish, petty, and tyrannical enough to abuse their power and make their worshipers suffer however they see fit. Entities with Blue and Orange Morality, such as Tulpas, demons, and even divines, can literally come to life from the natural processes and thinking minds of mortal sapients. Even some civilized sapient races such as Giants and Dragons are arrogant, domineering, and cruel enough to torment those smaller and weaker and them, causing other races such Ponies, Griffons, and Changelings to live a precarious existence where everything and everyone is trying to kill them for various reasons. Equus is also set on a metaphorical "timer" of the Vicious Cycle kind - various mortals and divines struggle with breaking free of the natural and inevitable consequences of certain actions, self-imposed or otherwise. Meanwhile, a select few are hurrying to make sure that everyone is strong enough to fight and defeat the Void Sovereign, a Mad God who is currently sealed in the Cosmic Void and will bring everything to the void once he's freed. On the other hand, various Codexverse entries have shown that even though mortal sapientkind is beset by various evil and tyrannical beings more mighty and powerful than them, they make up for it through sheer adaptability, cleverness, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and determination, allowing them to get out of bad situations, resolve great crises, and fight for a better future. It is also shown that both mortal and divine sapientkind are capable of friendship and love, allowing them to defeat enemies just by cooperating with each other and showing positive emotions that various evil individuals couldn't and wouldn't understand. But perhaps the greatest advantage of all is that through adversity and hardship, mortals can even become benevolent gods and goddesses through their deeds and character.


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