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Codex Equus provides examples of:

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  • Rage Against the Heavens:
    • It's heavily implied that what caused the "Twilight of the Orosians" event was a major case of this, their mortal worshipers having gotten so fed up with the callous, petty treatment that they decided to exterminate all of them. Bellamos, a benevolent War god who once was a part of them, made it clear that the Orosian deities brought it on themselves and refused to help them, instead focusing on helping people who got caught up in the event. Those Orosians who survived did so because their kindness and benevolence earned them the admiration and respect of their worshipers.
    • What led to the creation of Father Deer, a "False Deity" Tulpa, was the Deer Clovenists' extreme distrust towards the Bogolenya pantheon's good intentions, since none of them helped their mortal subjects while they were suffering under backwards, corrupt, and hedonistic monarchies. Their attempts to create a deity that's wholly devoted to Clovenism went horribly wrong, as Father Deer turned out to be nothing more than a psychopathic, childlike bully with godlike powers. Mother Deer destroyed him after the Clovenists swallowed their pride and begged for help, but their relationships with the divines had incredibly soured at this point.
  • Reality Ensues: As noted under the Central Theme trope, while Equus is ultimately a hopeful and fantastical world, NOTHING, not even the gods, can escape the natural and inevitable consequences of certain actions and events however people wishes it was not to be.
    • The leadership of the Abyssinian pantheon were Jerkass Gods who ultimately did nothing to stop the Storm King largely out of spite and the fact he didn't care about who his subjects worshiped. Their worshipers abandon them for more benevolent gods and ultimately the benevolent members of the Pantheon overthrew them. It's mentioned this is normally what happens to Jerkass Gods, since in this world mortals have a lot of options, all of which are equally real, so they don't have to put up with the jerks among the gods.
    • The Changelings and Dragons have loathed each other for eons and have tried to exterminate the other at least once each. As such, there's a lot of Fantastic Racism between them. This makes an extremely toxic environment even in the more benign Spring Court, which has very recently come back to bite them both very hard due to creating extremely dangerous villains via the psychological damage it's caused.
    • Positive example: despite the eons-long blood feud between the Changelings and Dragons, not all of both sides actually buy into it. Apterus's parents didn't care about it, while Puck, Pentatomidae, Zoraptera and Theraphosa didn't view it as right due to being among the most moral of their Court. Pentatomidae made a point in punishing her family for their racism by avoiding them for 500 years.
    • Choice makes it clear that just because the trio of villains that attempted to destroy the dragons and changelings spawned by their grudge were beaten, this does not mean that it's over. So long as the Cycle of Revenge continues, such monsters will inevitably follow.
    • Various mutations have largely positive versions, but as genetic mutations can be random, there are versions of them with flawed genes that can be detrimental or even deadly.
    • Most of the old Orosian gods were little more than irresponsible, arrogant, and spoiled children who constantly caused unnecessary wars and deaths with their petty squabbles and extreme intolerance for disrespect. As a result, they died during the Twilight of the Orosian Gods, an event that was implied to be of their own making.
    • High King Irminsul, Top God of the once-united Elternteil pantheon, emotionally abused Temnobog for being born "evil" despite not having done anything evil while favoring the pure and radiant Belyolen, and encouraged his family and peers to do the same. This not only caused Temnobog to become a genuine God of Evil out of misery and resentment for a time, but also drove away Belyolen, who was rightly disgusted with his petty hypocrisy and left to form his own pantheon so he could get his brother away from him, especially after learning that some of his family members considered killing his dark twin. Irminsul's horrible parenting also attracted the Alicorn Primeval of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, who reportedly helped Belyolen and the other Bogolenya deities leave out of similar disgust. And presumably, his views on how to handle the future of Deerkind also partially caused the Elternteil schism, as other divine Deer left to form the Hoyklan pantheon.
    • There's a lot of things involving Golden Scepter's many demi-divine sons that get played for realism, which makes them significantly different from their character inspirations, the Primarchs.
      • Written Word's entry:
        • Even if it was out of love and devotion to his father, Written Word encouraging religious worship of Golden Scepter was still against the law, as it actually encouraged heavy reliance and Blind Obedience on one person, and enabled public and personal refusal to take responsibility for one's actions. After much deliberation, Golden Scepter decided to set Written Word straight by gently deconstructing his son's motives and explaining what he was actually doing to his mortal subjects, and telepathically showing him his own memories of his experiences with religion.
        • Even if he managed to keep his religious activities a secret from his father, Written Word can only keep them a secret for so long. For one, Golden Scepter is an extremely powerful psychic who was said that even the mightiest Alicorns couldn't match, and he could have easily discovered what his son was up to through telepathy and empathy. Second, Written Word wasn't thinking rationally during his heated argument with Golden Scepter, as he was still affected by Crimson Star's accident and the death of his mortal mother enough that his pent-up emotions caused him to snap, leading to his slip-up.
        • Written Word was such a kind and supportive figure to all of his brothers that they reluctantly became Secret Keepers out of love and respect for him when he joined the priesthood in secret, even though they collectively saw his decision as a "grave mistake". This got Golden Scepter mad at his sons when he discovered they knew of Written Word's religious activities all this time and didn't tell him about it.
        • During his battle against a Demon Queen and her infernal forces, Written Word and his forces initially did very badly against the demons because neither he or his makeshift army were trained or equipped for such an occasion. The tides turned when Written Word gave a Rousing Speech that somehow magically empowered everyone through faith, much to the demons' shock, and eventually, the demons were defeated and the Demon Queen killed. This heroic act allowed Written Word to become an Alicorn... then he collapsed afterwards from a combination of sheer exhaustion and various untreated injuries. Thankfully, he survives due to prompt medical attention.
      • Fanged Paw's entry:
        • His hateful behavior towards Crimson Star. He hated his younger brother for being such an Insufferable Genius towards him, almost his entire family, and almost everyone else, and either got into violent fights with him, or felt constantly on edge in his presence. When he continued bullying Crimson Star even after the latter was blinded and fell into a severe depression, it earned the ire of those family members who didn't agree with what he was doing - Blazing Hoof decided to oppose Fanged Paw alone and protect a beaten-up Crimson Star from his violence, only stopping because Golden Scepter intervened before things got too bloody while the rest of Fanged Paw's brothers would rightly call him out on his actions in disgust and anger. Golden Scepter was also furious with Fanged Paw for leaving Crimson Star near death just to satisfy his own grievances, and after showing him the emotional torment Crimson Star was going through, he punished his son by exiling him from the Terran Empire. Fanged Paw was so horrified and guilty over what he had (and nearly had) done that he accepted the consequences without complaint, and during his exile, he initially had nightmares and hallucinations about what would have happened to Crimson Star if Blazing Hoof and Golden Scepter hadn't intervened. By the time his punishment was lifted and he came back home, Fanged Paw had become an Alicorn as well as a much better stallion than he previously was thanks to the process of Character Development he undertook.
        • His distrust of magic in general, something that his character inspiration, Leman Russ, had (except towards psychics). Like Russ, Fanged Paw's reasons for it is understandable, but it's also steeped in hypocrisy, as his entry notes he never said anything bad to his father or his brothers not named "Crimson Star" despite them also wielding magic in some form. In addition, part of his feelings towards magic stems from resentment over Crimson Star being praised for being a magical/psychic prodigy, while he developed Disruption magic and was either avoided because of his presence's "disruptive" effects on his subjects' magic, or treated by his teachers as an utter disappointment in magical studies. Understandably, his family would call him out on his hypocrisy, too, and it was during his exile from the Terran Empire that Fanged Paw would get over his hatred of magic and accept his Disruption magic, having used and practiced enough for him to get used to it. In addition, Golden Scepter, out of love for his son, would not give up on Fanged Paw like many of his magic teachers did, and made him continue study magic despite the latter's hatred for it, resulting in Fanged Paw becoming a skilled magic user even though he is Weak, but Skilled when compared to the raw magical power possessed by some of his brothers.
        • Hilariously, his relative lack of control over his voice powers. After developing them post-Ascension as part of being a War God, he would suddenly and accidentally end up using them without warning, causing incidents such as one where his boisterous entry into the palace library caused a large pile of books to topple and fall on one of his younger brothers, Written Word. As a result, after he befriended Prince Vultus IV and Clamos, his brothers fear the day when he'll get into a shouting match with either one, or both of them.
  • Really Gets Around: There are some notable and infamous beings mortal, demi- and fully-divine who have this reputation due to their nature or character. The main difference between the Chivalrous Pervert types and the the more heinous and despicable versions is matter of consent, honesty and respect they show to their partners. Regardless, the results are often lots and lots of children.
    • The divine Changeling Progenitors of both the Spring and Summer Courts have hundreds, if not thousands of Royal Changeling demigod children with their flings with mortals, most growing up to become rulers of their own hives. It is heavily implied that the 'Siring' of these 'Scions of Amorea' are done for utility as much as out of genuine love or respect, since lands where Empress Blackrose had children who often later build their hives there are protected from the Summer Court via ancient treaties, while Emperor Blackthorn's Scions had been incredibly useful for advancing his schemes, especially the more competent and capable ones. Blackrose generally loves both her mates and Scions, while Blackthorn doesn't show much in affection but is generally respectful to those who earned it.
    • Ispita, Goddess of Temptation, is known for being this trope and having had many flings in the past. This is the result of one of the things she embodies is lust. She had eight children with Temnobog and also had a fling with Discord while siding with him during his reign. Since she's a Fallen goddess who loves damning victims, she generally doesn't give a damn about her mates or children except where they are useful to her.
    • Flœrð, the Maker of Mischief, Trickster God of the Hoyklan Deer Pantheon is also this owing to him being a benevolent Expy of Loki (Who is also known for this in Norse mythology). Of course, because he's benevolent unlike his predecessors, he genuinely loves and respects all his partners and children. This becomes a plot point later on as he managed to summon a few who could make it in time as reinforcements during the Hoyklan and allies' epic confrontation with the 'Shadowed Ones'. A 'few', in this case, happens to be A WHOLE ARMY of demigod heroes and divines.
      Ljóss:"My word, how many girlfriends had you slept with, Flœrð?
      Flœrð: The same answer as the number of people I had tricked, pranked or eaten: I've LOST COUNT.
  • Reconstruction: Codex Equus strongly encourages this in regards to the problems of the Equestrian setting and stories.
  • Reimagining the Artifact: Invoked, since Codex Equus encourages originality in a collaborative attempt to worldbuild Equestria and the world at large. The many G1 and G2 gimmick figures which haven't been seen since get reimagined by various writers as unique subpony types who range from genetic mutant variants to hybrids:
    • Sparkle Ponies are either mutants or, more likely, hybrids with the Visitors, and are major player in the setting once Dazzleglow returns. The Visitors are likewise based off the unmade Celestial Ponies.
    • Secret Surprise Ponies are Mutants who have a natural Bag of Holding in the form of biological pouch on their back with magic similar to a giants' that contains a Pocket Dimension. This is way more useful than it would seem, allowing them to store more or less whatever they want to in a given situation, and even act as living personnel carriers.
    • Perfume Ponies have mutated scent glands that allow them to emit various smells. With training, they can do a large number of things with it and it becomes Heart Is an Awesome Power (especially since they can do things such as imitate the smell of Dragon Sneeze Trees that gives a dragon an allergic reaction).
    • Happy Tail Ponies in canon had a spinning tail gimmick. Here, they have a mutation that allows them to magically manipulate their tail like an extra limb, which is also used to explain why certain ponies in the show have Prehensile Tails while most others don't. Examples of Happy Tail ponies are Applejack, Fluttershy, and Zecora, to name a few
    • Rainbow Ponies got their name from their multi-colored hair, and their ability to control light and rainbows. Their prismatic hair and appearance are biological solar panels that absorb light and convert it into energy, yet there are faulty genes that make this ability deadly to the individual. Rainbow Ponies in general are treated as heroes, with the most famous Rainbow Pony is Rainbow Dash, the performer of the Sonic Rainboom, though she's at present completely unaware of her heritage.
    • The Alicorn Amulet that showed up in Trixie's possession in "Magic Duel" was originally created to boost the prowess of magically weak ponies so they could stand as equals among those who were born powerful. It was meant to be a power-enhancer, nothing more... but later it became corrupted itself because its wearers would abuse their boosted magic in doing terrible things and then blame their evils on something else.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • Played with Golden Scepter. His character inspiration, the Emperor of Mankind, did have Primarch sons, but they were created through advanced technology and science, and the Emperor did not love mankind individually, making him a Truly Single Parent. Here, Golden Scepter sired his sons with natural means through his (loving) marriage to a mortal pegasus mare, making his sons biological.
    • Prince Blueblood's entry notes that he and his family are blood descendants of Princess Platinum, with the most obvious sign of their heritage being their tall heights, when no such connections were apparent in canon.
    • Prince Léon was a one-bit character who only appeared in a French My Little Pony magazine as Celestia's young Alicorn "cousin", yet his heavy resemblance to Blueblood is not explained. Here, he's technically Blueblood's "biological" son, having been magically created as a karmic backlash to all of Blueblood's good deeds.
  • Retcon: Some rewrites had occurred to make the Fourth Age more 'unique' compared to the past. With the entry of the 'People's Empire of the Cloven', the Hooviet entries had been outdated and replaced, though the authors stated they will be back for the Second Age.
  • Ridiculously Average Guy: Persona, the God of Espionage and Spying, has multiple personalities, each with their own forte and skill set. His final personality is the most average guy imaginable... because being so completely average, no one notices him and he's Beneath Suspicion, and thus can disappear in a crowd or hide in plain sight to listen in on conversations without standing out at all.
  • Rightly Self-Righteous: Generally deconstructed, as holy/good beings acting morally superior is portrayed as bad as those who commit evil in Equus.
    • The Elternteil pantheon are morally puristic and extremely patronizing about it because, in their own eyes, they are benevolent, and the constant praise from their worshipers only justified it. However, their petty hypocrisy in emotionally abusing the "evil" Temnobog, especially when they started considering the option of killing him altogether, caused his brother, Belyolen, to rebel and form the Bogolenya pantheon out of disgust. Their views on how Deerkind's future should be handled presumably caused the Hoyklan deities to leave as well. While both the Bogolenya and Hoyklan pantheons are thriving, the Elternteil pantheon is left a shadow of what it used to be.
    • The Nature Giants see themselves as the rightful caretakers of Equus's ecosystem because they do have the compassion and magic necessary to preserve nature itself. However, they are extremely xenophobic and distrusting because of the actions of Grogar, and their matriarchs, based on the belief that Women Are Wiser, are no better, and they enforce extreme isolationist policies by suppressing and/or exiling anyone who pose a threat to their societal order. In short, they blind themselves to the benevolent potential of the mortals they hate.
    • The Changeling Queens of the Spring Court see themselves as the rightful rulers of Changelingkind because they are the hybrid children of a Changeling goddess, and they are benevolent and nurturing to their subjects. That being said, they can be very arrogant and patronizing, treating their subjects like children who don't know any better, and see dissenters as ungrateful for rejecting their love and protection. It's also mentioned that, like the Summer Court, they scheme and undermine each other to earn Blackrose's favor, though of course it's all low-key and they don't admit it.
    • Averted with the Bogolenya pantheon, who all make it a point not to act this way due to what happened to Temnobog while he grew up in the Elternteil pantheon. Since Temnobog and Belyolen are elemental twins and two halves of the person they could've been, it goes to show that even "bad" concepts such as evil and suffering as a place in Equus, as long as they're constructive.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge:
    • Changeling/Dragon history is essentially an aeons-long succession of these against each other. The dragons tried to wipe out the Changelings, then years later the Summer Court would attempt go on one of these against the dragons in revenge and almost succeed in killing them off. The hate this brewed combined with his own tragedy would eventually lead to Xestobium attempting genocide on the dragons again in a way that nearly causes a Mass Extinction Event, which in turn causes Broken Scale survivor Dr. Toxikon to finally snap and go on one in return. The actions of both sides' mutual hatred would lead to Princess Apterus going on one when she realized what they'd done to her and her family.
    • When Grogar the Necromancer attempted to cut down large swaths of trees to provide resources for his Tambelon Empire, Gaea, a Nature goddess, was so enraged that she caused Grogar to flee to the Shadow Realm while trying to escape her destructive rampage.
  • Rousing Speech:
    • Crystal Empress Coranam of the Crystal Empire gives one to her people when war breaks out with Queen Colossos' Giants:
      Empress Coranam III: We have faced terrible foes, from within and without. First there were the rival city-states who impeded our rise in the early days: by words or by blades they bent to our will. Then there were the Griffon Tribes; vicious predators who saw us as mere hunting animals. We purged them from our lands, so our children need not fear being carried off as a meal. And there have been countless other foes—the servants of Discord; the many nations that dared to challenge us: all ground to dust by our righteous cause and indomitable Crystal Legions! [...] We spread across the world, rightful heirs to the Old Empire’s legacy. Where we found chaos, we brought order! Where we found poverty, we brought prosperity! Where we found hatred and savagery, we brought the loving light of the Crystal Heart and our civilization! Our gleaming crystal palaces are the envy of the world...and now we face a terrible new foe: the Giants. [...] They have attacked us without cause, and shown their savage nature—cities have been slaughtered, ponies eaten alive; and our friends, families and comrades enslaved. They and their demon-spawn Queen think themselves invincible, that their size grants them the right to crush all smaller than them, as some twisted form of 'honor'. I ask you, is bowing to monsters honorable? They know NOTHING of honor! They are savages, nothing more! They consider it hubris that we do not roll on our backs and beg for mercy, as if they were gods! Theirs is the TRUE arrogance! [...] These Giants think of us as insects. We shall show them that some insects can STING. [...] To arms, citizens of the Empire! Avenge every innocent stallion, mare and foal who has died under these monsters’ hooves and in their bellies! We shall turn back this dark tide, and cut these oversized primitives down to size! The Crystal Empire is unconquered! We are UNCONQUERABLE! [...] My faithful subjects; I admit I am as terrified as you are. But I will make this fear steel me, for we have only one choice; one chance to survive and not have our civilization snuffed out under a tide of rapine and slaughter: We must purge these savages from our lands and drive them back to the rotting wastelands they came from! [...] To arms! For your loved ones! For justice! FOR THE EMPIRE!!
    • As the Alicorn god of Leadership, Golden Scepter has the power to magically boost morale with just a few words. A notable incident had him rallying his soldiers during the "Temptation Unbound" event, when said soldiers were starting to falter after seeing the sheer amount of Fallen deities and their allies/worshipers that were led by Ispita.
      Golden Scepter: (to his soldiers) Equus and its surrounding universe has many horrors yet to throw at us. This seemingly horrific battle will not be the end of our struggle. This is just the beginning of our trials, the beginning of our crusade to save Ponykind and all of the sapient creatures that live with them. So be faithful! Be strong! BE VIGILANT!
    • Prince Written Word, one of Golden Scepter's demi-divine sons, doesn't fall very far from the tree. Because he (supposedly) embodies Golden Scepter's conviction and ability to inspire, Written Word is able to make grandiose and impassioned speeches that inspire people to do the right thing, boost morale, and break his listeners out of their stupor. His entry explains that his ability to give these kind of speeches is due to being an empath, which makes him very in tune with other people's emotions, as well as his own. Thus, Written Word is fairly easy to upset, especially when confronted with situations of profound suffering and despair. One particular incident that occurred before his Ascension had him give a speech to his surviving army of Pony soldiers after watching them alternate between crying for a divine savior and letting themselves get killed by the demons in despair which made Written Word realize the true value of faith, rather than simply its religious aspects. This served as a catalyst for his Ascension to demi-Alicornhood, and also induced a Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction from the demons themselves upon seeing that his speech actually worked.
      Written Word: BROTHERS AND SISTERS-IN-ARMS! You, your friends, and your loved ones have spent your ENTIRE LIVES under the cruel dogma of tyranny, wallowing in despair and hopelessness, only to cry to the heavens for help once you are finally FREED! If that is what your former leaders taught you to do, then... NO MORE! You all got this far because you decided to put your trust and faith in a complete stranger who came to your homes one day, and helped you when you needed it most! So I ask for you- no, I PLEAD for you to take that same trust and faith you previously showed me, and use them to empower yourselves! Empower EACH OTHER! For when we are standing together, united as ONE... NOTHING COULD HOPE OR DARE TO TRY STOP US!
  • Rule of Three: The kingdom of Hyrule has the "Triforce of Virtue", representing Courage, Wisdom, and Power. The respective "holders" of these virtues are Gleaming Shield, Radiant Primrose, and (supposedly) Blood Fang.


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