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"I'll go beyond the Limit Break! The universe is mine to take!"

"I have no fear! I think it's clear!
Let's kick it up into high gear!
This is Dragon Ball Super! We've got the skills to blow Zeno away!"
Limit Break X Survivor, second opening (full version)

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    Battle of Gods Saga 
Episode 1
  • Beerus is just as awesome as ever. He destroys half of a planet by just tapping his finger on a table. Old Kai states that Beerus is a force of nature and all anyone can do is weather the storm (assuming they survive in the first place).
  • Although Majin Buu has been tamed, Mr. Satan still has a lot of guts to tell Buu to wait when Buu is demanding food, in front of the press. If Buu lost his temper, he could have easily killed everyone in the house and Satan would have been powerless to stop him.
  • Chi-Chi after so many years finally gets Goku to get a job. Goten muses that she's really the strongest person on the planet.
  • Trunks showing surprising forethought for a child with Saiyan blood and yelling for Goten not to release a Kamehameha because it won't just hit the giant snake, but the hot springs and people a short distance behind it. He then lays the beatdown on the snake physically.

Episode 2

  • Despite all those aerial theatrics Bulma did, Vegeta just stays completely still on top of the plane like a boss.
  • Beerus one-ups himself from the previous episode when he destroys another planet with a very tiny ki ball. Before that, he effortlessly destroys a huge dinosaur-like alien. Needless to say, planet-busting comes very easy to Beerus, perhaps more so than any other character in the series.
  • Whis telling Beerus who's the boss by reminding him that he is the fastest being in the universe when Beerus asks if he could go any faster.

Episode 3

  • Despite being awake for only half a day, Beerus destroys eight and a half planets. This is from someone who can't teleport, unlike Kid Buu.
  • Although Bulma's yelling couldn't get Vegeta to come to her birthday party, Vegeta is left visually flustered after Bulma gives him an earful over the phone. Yes, Bulma's yelling can make even Vegeta nervous.

Episode 4

  • The secret first place prize in the bingo tournament? All seven Dragon Balls. Bulma must somehow have got them with no one else knowing she did, and she has them hidden so not even the Dragon Ball radar can find them. Trunks even implies she did it by herself earlier in the day before the party.

Episode 5

  • The famous Goku vs. Beerus beatdown. Beerus spends the entirety of the episode dancing around all of Goku's attacks until he finally decides to attack when Goku turns Super Saiyan 3, defeating Goku in two blows. To one up even the movie it's based on, Beerus blocks a full-power Kamehameha by sticking out his finger. After getting back up, Goku says not even a Fusion of him and Vegeta would stand a chance. During the next episodes, it's revealed this wasn't even close to 10% of Beerus' power, and there is no way Goku could have known just how much he was holding back.
    • Some points to Goku though. Beerus was only dodging his attacks in Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 forms and stated he would only fight back if Goku prove he was worthy of it. Though Super Saiyan 3 was dominated by Beerus and that was still with Beerus not even at 10% as stated above, it did impress Beerus enough to attack.
    • Also, despite Goku not being able to sense Beerus' power, his body was able to detect that Beerus was going to attack and get him to move back based on instinct. Sure he gets knocked out a little later and Beerus was holding back, but that is still impressive.

Episode 6

  • Vegeta running around, heedless of his pride, to cook a meal for Beerus so he doesn't blow up the planet. Hell, just Vegeta being around him given the double whammy of being terrified of the guy since childhood and finding out he beat Goku, who Vegeta acknowledges as his better, with no effort.
  • Beerus seems to have the ability to intimidate people with his sheer presence. He froze Vegeta's movements and caused him to collapse just by looking at him, and he forced Goku to back away from him during their fight. In both cases, Goku and Vegeta are left trembling, wondering why they can't move.

Episode 7

  • Beerus defeating Majin Buu with little effort after Buu wouldn't share the pudding. Buu even used the logic that he deserved all the pudding because he's the strongest and Beerus proved him wrong.
    • It deserves mention that Beerus spun Buu around by his antennae so furiously that Buu liquefied and had to reform.
  • Beerus defeated Piccolo, 18, and Tien just by powering up. Dende had to actually heal Piccolo. He also held Gotenks in place with two fingers and Gohan by hitting him with Majin Buu. Finally, he froze Vegeta in place by just looking at him. Unlike Goku, Vegeta didn't recover and literally got curb stomped.
  • You have to give Buu credit, whereas everyone else went down in one or two hits, Buu kept getting back up and fighting. Most of this is because of his healing factor and endurance, but it's a much better showing than Battle of Gods where he was defeated in a couple of hits.
  • Right as Beerus is about to blast Vegeta into oblivion, Bulma storms over to the god she's seen beat up Majin Buu, Gotenks, and the rest of the Z Fighters and slaps him.
    • Adding to this is Vegeta's Unstoppable Rage for what Beerus did. He powers up to the point that the area around him starts to gain a powerful wind storm. Beerus even looks mildly surprised at how pissed he is.
    Vegeta: Mark my words, Beerus! Mark them well! You're going to suffer for what you've done!

Episode 8

  • Vegeta's fight against Beerus. After being sent into a spiral by a hit, Vegeta powers through and uses that momentum to slam Beerus - he then proceeds to smack the god all over the place, including creating a massive shockwave that clears a path to the bottom of the ocean, where he plows Beerus into the rocks down there. And finishing it off with a beautifully-animated Galick Gun, yelling that he'll smash him to pieces. It's more awesome given the amount of BS Vegeta was forced to take from Beerus compared to Battle of Gods, and the fact he's even more terrified of Beerus than he was in the movie. Even if it is a token act of resistance, he manages to punch Beerus in the face.
    • Then Beerus gets one of is own. Before the smoke even clears Vegeta realizes he doesn't have enough power to actually harm Beerus. Beerus then casually flicks Vegeta on the forehead so hard he's knocked out of Super Saiyan mode and falls to the deck. Beerus states he actually had to put in a bit of effort, it having been a long time he used 10% of his power, and that Vegeta did far better than Goku as a Super Saiyan 3.
  • Oolong deserves credit, being willing to play a game with the world on the line against the God of Destruction takes serious guts.
  • Goku's plan to stop Beerus from destroying the world because they couldn't find the Super Saiyan God: use the Dragon Balls to ask Shenron to find the god and bring him to them! Beerus is totally down with that and instantly disperses the energy ball he was going to wreck the planet with.

Episode 9

  • During the Super Saiyan God ritual, Videl temporarily goes Super Saiyan. With the implication that she was channeling the energy of her unborn daughter, meaning Pan could and did go Super Saiyan while she was still in the womb.
    • This is especially awesome because fans have been waiting for a long time to see an actual female Super Saiyan come into being and we finally get to see one in the show's canon. The only other instance where one gets to see a female Super Saiyan is in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Heroes, the latter of which also brought numerous other potential what-if's. note 
    • This also confirms that Bulla, Vegeta and Bulma's daughter, also has the potential to become a Super Saiyan!
      • Oh, it means much more than that. The common theory is that Goten and Present!Trunks were able to unlock the SSJ transformation so easily because their fathers had already achieved it when the two were sired, right? So it stands to reason that having been sired after their fathers have achieved even further Super Saiyan forms, Bulla and Pan may just as easily be able to achieve SSJ2, or perhaps even have an easier time accessing the God forms
  • The Super Saiyan God ritual itself is 10 times more epic than the movie one. Whereas Goku merely receives the energy from the five other Saiyans, floats slightly, and the result is done in the original scene, this version actually has heavenly opera music playing in the background, with the sky itself turning into golden clouds and then parting as if to welcome the coming of a new God! The weather itself goes through drastic changes: first raining, then hailing, then thundering, then snowing, etc. And as if that weren't enough, the small patch of sky not obscured by clouds zig-zags between night and day twice, in the span of seconds. The track that plays throughout the entire sequence is fittingly called, 'Birth of a God'.

Episode 10

  • After several episodes of Beerus going completely unchallenged and being an utter Jerkass about it, save for the few precious seconds after Vegeta lost his temper, Goku is not only able to hit Beerus, but pay him back a little for his earlier defeat by flicking him on the forehead and karate chopping him in the neck. Beerus is quite surprised that Goku is the type to hold a grudge and notes how similar he is to him.

Episode 11

  • Oh jeez. Where do we even start with Episode 11? First of all, there's this scene
    • Goku takes an energy ball that's literally five times as big as he is (and unbelievably powerful), then with his bare hands only, compresses it down to (nearly) the size of his palms. Which then explodes harmlessly, or as close as you could get.
    • After Goku unleashes a SSG-fueled Kamehameha, annihilating dozens of an attack that could easily erase the Earth a few times over, Beerus evaluates Goku...and finds him lacking. So he appears right in front of him, and drives his hand into the left side of Goku's chest, before allowing him to fall from the edge of space back into the sea. As Goku floats there, semi-conscious and drowning with his godly ki leaking out of a gaping wound, he internally reflects on just how utterly impossible this challenge is...and this excites him more than ever before. His godly ki flares back up to full intensity, and Goku beelines right back into space, revealing to Beerus that his wound knit itself shut in seconds. He then declares he is ready to show Lord Beerus the true power of a Super Saiyan God.
  • It's extremely subtle, but Vegeta staying back to watch the fight. No one but another God can sense the Ki of either Goku (as a SSG) or Beerus, while the others who went on Bulma's (flying) ship had to be close by just to see anything at all... but Vegeta gives off subtle indications he's aware of everything that goes on in the fight, all the way from Bulma's cruise ship, without these benefits; he even smirks just before Goku gets back up near the end. Also foreshadowing that latter, he would ascend to the same level of godly power that Goku took on.

Episode 12

  • Both Awesome and Nightmare Fuel: The clashes between Goku and Beerus at full power are so intense that, according to Elder Kai, if they were to clash at least three times (four times at most), the Universe would be reduced to a vacuum of nothingness. This is compounded by a belt of asteroids disintegrating after the second clash, and an entire planet in another solar system when Goku's Kamehameha clashes with Beerus's attack. These are only the examples seen, as Elder Kai states the shockwave of their power becomes more powerful the further it spreads out from the origin point of the impact. And these shockwaves can reach the Planet of the Kai, which the official map of the universe places at outside of the Living World.
    • In Goku's favour, he is able to learn to match Beerus' physical blows perfectly to cancel out their energies and to prevent more shockwaves from their clash from occurring. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the subsequent Beam-O-War.

Episode 13

  • Unlike in the movie, Beerus actually uses 100% of his full powernote . First he takes a super-dense ball of energy - the result of their clashing Beam-O-War, which threatens to blow up the Earth + nearby solar systems at best, the Universe at worst, when it explodes - and nullifies it into nothingness. Then for a brief span, he uses it against the full power of Goku's SSJG... and while Beerus still clearly has the advantage, landing more blows, Goku manages to keep up with it.
    • Better still, like in the movie, Goku assimilates the power of SSJG and makes it his own, allowing him to fight against Beerus with just his Super Saiyan aura.

Episode 14

  • The final leg of Goku and Beerus' fight has them battling out in the sea before rocking back into space. Like the movie, Beerus' final attack is an energy ball similar to the one Frieza used to destroy Planet Vegeta. Goku not only catches it and keeps it from hitting the Earth, but he punches the blast to pieces from within, in his base form!
    • Goku catching the energy ball before it can hit Earth looks eerily similar to Bardock's last stand against Frieza.
    • Despite being outmatched Goku keeps fighting to the point that Beerus becomes flustered several times, asking why won't he just won't go down.
    • The fight itself. The energy blasts alone can be visibly seen from the World of the Kais.
    • In-universe, the fight was so awesome for Beerus that he spares the Earth because he didn't want to kill Goku. Even though he lost, Goku manages to impress a god.

    Resurrection 'F' Saga 
Episode 16
  • Krillin asks Goku to hit him so he can see how powerful he has become. Goku warns Krillin several times that it will hurt. Krillin insists and Goku punches him with enough force to send through a across the field, a forest, through a house, and through another house all without slowing down. Krillin flew so fast that Goku needed to use Instant Transmission to try to catch him. After the fact, Krillin's face is badly bruised up and he needs medical attention. Goku is so powerful that even one of his light punches can send someone across the planet. If he punched a normal person like that, their remains would be scattered across the Earth.
  • Vegeta manages to bribe Whis, the strongest being in the known universe, with ramen noodles.
    • Vegeta trying to win Whis over is a crowner since it really shows how far his character has come. The Vegeta of old would never have lowered his head or put his pride aside to train with anyone, not even the teacher of the God of Destruction.
  • Bulma's manipulation of Whis to keep her planet and family safe from Beerus. After being forced off to the sidelines due to sever power discrepancy, Goku's oldest friend is taking control again- ruthlessly so, openly manipulating Whis and dismissing Vegeta's ambitions.

Episode 17

  • A brief instance, but we see just how far Goku's ki-sensing prowess reaches — he scans across vast reaches of the cosmos in seconds. And as we know from Resurrection 'F', eventually he'll be able to detect ki from as far as Beerus's Planet to Earth, essentially a universe-wide berth of range.
  • In a surprising display of nerve, Goku outright ignores Chi-Chi so he can go train with Whis. This from the guy that twice took up farming on her orders and has, for most of his life, been unwilling to cross her. Chi-Chi's a good sport about it, thankfully.

Episode 18

  • So, how much stronger is Beerus than post-Battle of Gods Goku? Well, turns out that in his sleep — when he won't be consciously holding back — a mid-sleep tail-twitch is enough to send Goku flying with such tremendous force that it makes Raditz smacking Krillin with his tail look like a love tap. God of Destruction, folks.
  • Champa and Vados get their Establishing Character Moment by having the latter blow up a planet with a simple tap of her staff. From orbit.
  • Vegeta's starting to learn how to sense a god's Ki without having to become a Super Saiyan God himself through training with Whis. He also surpasses Goku, making him his equal again for the first time since the Android Saga. He also did it without going through the Super Saiyan God Ritual. It was pure hard work.

Episode 19

Episode 21

  • Tien and Roshi showing that they're still as badass as ever, taking out scores of Frieza's low-level fighters.
    • When Krillin shows up, Tien shows who the real strongest human is by throwing one minion into another to save him.
    • The fights in general are this for all the Earth's fighters. Unlike Frieza's men, who fight like thugs, they all used true martial arts and submissions to take down their opponents without killing anyone.
      • Even Jaco gets in the game: while he doesn't join the fray as in the movie, when a Frieza soldier comes too close to Bulma's hiding place he takes him out with a reverse Rolling Savate on the face. A bit showier than the moves used by the Z Fighters, but still a legitimate martial art move and considering it's from Jaco...
  • Krillin getting over his doubts and fears after a prep talk from Master Roshi. He uses a Scatter Shot that takes out several of Frieza's troops. Doubles as an awesome Call-Back since that is the same technique he used to kill four of the six Saibamen back in the Saiyan Saga.
    • To add context; Krillin is initially paralyzed with fear since he's facing the villain who murdered him before. Frieza even remembers killing him, and taunts him by offering his men a reward for killing him. Krillin is surrounded by Frieza's men, the others can't get to him, the lead henchman readies an attack - and even though he's too scared to move, Krillin ends up dodging his attacks like they're nothing. Master Roshi points out to him that he's been witness to such awesome battles since Namek, of course he can see these guy's attacks coming a mile away.
    • Also the fact that Krillin moves without even thinking about it, something that Whis is still trying to teach Goku and Vegeta how to do. (Of course, the henchmen are way easier to dodge than Whis.)
    • Krillin has been living in the shadow of all the Saiyans, cyborgs, and demigod warriors out there for so long that he forgot that he is literally the most-powerful, all-natural human alive, meaning that all but a handful of Frieza's men are absolute weaklings compared to even him. Once Roshi reminds him that he's a sparring partner to several god-level beings, meaning while he's weaker than his friends, it hits him that he's still easily one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
    • A retroactive one: on Namek, Krillin impressed Frieza enough he actually bothered to remember him. Considering he could barely remember King Vegeta, and even then it was in relation to Vegeta himself, that's quite the accomplishment.
  • Despite being caught in Shisami's bear hug, Gohan shows no signs of pain or discomfort. He even tries to get Shisami to stand down before he hurts him. He did all this in his normal state to boot.
  • Tagoma surviving four months as Frieza's training dummy, becoming stronger than Shisami. He seems to have adopted Frieza's ruthless attitude as well.

Episode 22

  • This episode gets one for the epic The Bus Came Back it pulls with a certain old adversary pulling his trademark Grand Theft Me on Tagoma.
    • Ginyu earns some awesome points for figuring out how to overcome his frog form's inability to speak: scratching the word "change" into the ground so that Tagoma would say it out loud.
  • Despite being severely rusty from not training, Gohan takes down Captain Ginyu in just two hits as a Super Saiyan. For context, Ginyu in Tagoma's body was easily manhandling all the Earth's fighters. Before his body was taken, Tagoma ripped Piccolo's arm off after no selling a punch to the face.
  • Gotenks, while only in it for a few moments, managed to one shot Tagoma.

Episode 23

  • Vegeta kills Ginyu with a single energy blast without even powering up. This is also awesome for Vegeta since he's now officially and finally killed all of the Ginyu Force's members.
  • Goku brushes off Frieza's Death Beam like it was nothing. The same Death Beam that put several holes through Gohan and instantly killed Piccolo.
  • Despite being heavily injured and no match for Frieza, Gohan uses the last of his energy to call Goku to Earth. He did this while his own body was tearing itself apart. In the movie, it took all the Z-Figthers powering up for Goku to sense them.
  • Although it's a dick move on Frieza's part, he shows how powerful he's become by killing all of his remaining men, except Sorbet, just by transforming into his final form.

Episode 24

  • Although it is not a curbstomp battle like the movie, Goku is able to fight off Frieza's true form, without going Super Saiyan. Frieza only hits him because he attacked Goku's friends. This also serves as a villainous one for Frieza, as his better showing makes him seem like less of a total Anti-Climax.
  • Goku achieving a form beyond godhood and doing it without any outside help, breaking his previous limits.
  • Goku and Vegeta's "I don't care" attitude whenever Frieza starts to rant about revenge and Hell - especially Goku, who states he's always excited when facing strong opponents, but not in this case; he's only filled with contempt and hatred for Frieza.
  • Gohan and Jaco are able to see Goku and Frieza fight, while no one else can. (Maybe his eyes are as good as Piccolo's ears?)

Episode 25

  • After transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue, Goku outclasses Frieza completely. In a nice Call-Back to the original Namek Saga, Frieza attempts to punch the Super Saiyan, only for Goku to grab his hand and twist his wrist.
  • Once Frieza realizes the implications of "Super Saiyan God" and what it means for Goku, he actually has to give his nemesis a no-nonsense bow of respect in becoming the "God of the Saiyans". He does follow this with a backhanded insult in true fashion, but the statement itself is genuine. To receive honest props from a self-absorbed, narcissistic, sadistic, mass-genociding cowardly psychopath like Frieza is basically a blue moon occurrence in itself.
  • Frieza's transformation into Golden Frieza. It's far more intense than during the movie: Frieza gets enveloped by a massive shining light that momentarily blinds everyone except Jaco, and is accompanied by Ominous Latin Chanting, as befitting of the emperor of the universe.
  • Goku gets another one by surprising Frieza and matching him blow for blow, making it seem as if Frieza was a bit too quick to call the match in his favor.
    • What makes this particularly noteworthy for Frieza is that, thanks to the extended available running time of their battle, it is better exemplified just how equal the fight is, subverting some of the flack or the notion that it was a straight-up Humiliation Conga in the film the arc is based on.
  • Frieza then gets another one once he "gets serious" as Golden Frieza: His speed and power increase to the point where he is utterly decimating Goku in combat, to a far greater extent than he did during the movie. Goku is even close to losing consciousness.
    • This also serves as one for Goku as, even when beating beaten badly, the guy just keeps getting back up for more.
  • Beerus gets one without even doing anything: Once Frieza has begun curb-stomping Goku, he gloats that all of Goku's friends will suffer the same fate. Then he takes notice of Beerus and has a brief Oh, Crap!. That's right, despite being so powerful that he can, in his words, "crush the deity of the Saiyan race", he still craps his proverbial pants when faced with Beerus the Destroyer. Beerus is even able to force Frieza to be polite to him.
  • A subtle one, but Frieza mentions having gained the ability to sense energy and seems to have a minor degree of control over his power in his Golden Form, making him less Unskilled, but Strong, something his character is infamous for.

Episode 26

  • A big one for Goku, as he holds out long enough for Golden Frieza's stamina to fail him, after which he takes the lead. Considering just how badly Frieza is beating him, that's quite an achievement. When Frieza's power finally does drop, Goku takes a punch to the head with unflinching response and punches Frieza into a local mountain range.
  • Before then, Goku reveals that he's has been holding back and goes to his maximum power, which Frieza does the same. They fight more evenly, but Goku is still outmatched. So, he allows Frieza burn through his power, by letting Frieza beat him up. A tactic Goku often used in his youth. Basically, he let Frieza defeat himself.
  • Despite Goku taking far more damage than Frieza, Frieza is the one on his knees, panting in exhaustion after only a few solids hit, while Goku is mostly fine and not even breathing hard. A nice Call-Back to their fight on Namek where Goku surpasses Frieza in endurance, despite taking heavy damage before becoming a Super Saiyan. Even better, Frieza was clearly tiring out even before Goku did anything. He also gives Frieza a "Reason You Suck" Speech for losing for the exact same reason he lost the first time.
  • Another Call-Back, Goku's attitude towards Frieza's defeat is exactly the same as it was on Namek. Although impressed by Frieza's increased power, Goku is harsher to Frieza compared to the movie. Whereas in the movie Goku only told Frieza to comeback and fight him once he mastered his golden form after he nearly killed Frieza, he calls off the fight here mostly because he has grown indifferent now that the outcome is clear, saying that Frieza was careless for coming to Earth before completing his training and he isn't worth killing. He tells Frieza to only come back if he can offer him a greater challenge, exactly the same thing he told him on Namek.
  • The fight in general with Goku and Frieza is awesome since it is a reminder that just having raw power isn't enough to get ahead. You need discipline and the endurance to be able to withstand a prolong battle. Goku was weaker than Frieza power-wise, but won because he was better trained, had better control of his transformation, and had the endurance to keep fighting despite taking heavy damage, something seen in his fight against Beerus where Goku was badly outmatched, but put up a hell of a fight because of his fighting ability.
  • Frieza's stamina doesn't drop quite as fast as in the movie due to his greater control over his output (and the extended running time). He spends the majority of the episode beating the tar out of Goku despite the latter's best attempts to fight back. However, Golden Frieza only fought at his peak power for about a minute before his power dropped like a rock, unlike in the movie, where he maintained his full power longer. At the same time, he does dominate the fight much more while holding back (although Goku wasn't fighting at full power either while in the movie he did), and when he uses his full power he had already been fighting for a while longer than in the movie.
  • Unlike the movie, he doesn't immediately have a Villainous Breakdown, and when he does it is more downplayed. When Goku starts winning, he calmly activates his contingency plan. He even starts talking to Goku in order to drop his guard. When Goku starts talking him down, however, he does slowly begin to break and whine about his defeat, although even then he did it at least partly to make Goku lose his guard, with success.
  • To give credit, Frieza managed to achieve power that surpasses all previous villains except Beerus in just four months. Considering Goku's statement about how a Fusion wouldn't stand a chance against Beerus (after facing less than 10 percent of Beerus' power), Frieza may very well have surpassed the likes of Buu Saga Super Vegito. It took Goku almost two decades to achieve the same level of strength and he used the Super Saiyan God ritual as a shortcut. If Frieza had just put in the time to finish his training, he would have won or at least forced Goku and Vegeta to work together.

Episode 27

  • Vegeta revealing his ability to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue. Goku even commends Vegeta for reaching this level the hard way, all on his own, while Goku took the Super Saiyan God ritual as a shortcut. Then there is of course the massive Oh, Crap! reaction Frieza has when he realises his former minion has finally achieved the legendary power he feared, and fully intends to use it on him. Which leads to...
  • Vegeta dishing out an incredible Curb-Stomp Battle against Frieza. He completely beats Frieza around the battlefield without the latter even detecting his movements. It moves straight into No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when Vegeta beats Frieza's face in the ground, pretty much literally forcing him to eat dirt. Frieza is actually pushed towards the point where he is nearly crying over the fact that he lost to Vegeta of all people, literally screaming that This Cannot Be!.
    • An ironic Call-Back to the original series is that Vegeta's pretty much getting back at Frieza for the horrible beating he received from him back in Namek. In the movie, the beating was short and he barely cared about the Vegeta is more than happy to pay back Frieza all the years of resentment he held for him but was unable to deliver years ago because of his weakness. It was glorious.
    • Even more is how Frieza reacted to Vegeta beating him. In his own way, Frieza does sees Goku as a Worthy Opponent. He isn't surprised when he hears Goku had gotten much stronger and is impressed that Goku surpassed the likes of Majin Buu. Even after he achieves his ultimate form, he still comes up with a backup plan just in case Goku manages to beat him again, despite being confident of his victory. He also shows real respect for Goku after learning he achieved godhood. When he loses to Goku, he's upset and has a minor Villainous Breakdown, but kept it mostly together. Then Vegeta comes, reveals that he can become a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and Frieza completely freakout and says he can't believe it. When he loses his golden form, he says he can't lose to Vegeta, showing that he held Vegeta so below him that the thought of losing to him was worse than him being defeated by Goku again. Although their 'fight' was short, Vegeta shattered Frieza's pride, just like he did to him, except much quicker.
  • A very minor one for Frieza: In the movie, he went down in eight hits. Here, he takes a LOT more (Vegeta's hit count ranks somewhere around seventy) before he finally loses his golden state. Although, some of that is because Vegeta is being more vicious.
  • Frieza succesfully destroys Earth anyway using a fast technique he prepared just in case he was forced to resort to rage quitting. It also shows Frieza is a lot more fearless than in the Namek Saga, as back then his uncertainty in his ability to survive such an explosion led to the detonation being delayed, whereas the destruction of Earth is pretty much instantaneous. The episode also goes through the trouble of showing just how much of an impact this has, showing the Z-fighters' families in their final seconds. Beerus comments that Frieza has all but won since both Goku and Vegeta messed up.
    • It also shows how powerful beings like Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Whis are. In Dragon Ball Z, even the most powerful villain needed to build energy to destroy a planet. Here, Frieza destroys the Earth by pressing his palms into the ground and caused it to explode. These characters are so powerful that they can destroy a planet just by touching it, with no build up necessary.
  • Whis casually revealing his ability to reverse time and giving Goku the chance to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Goku taking Frieza out with an utterly massive God Kamehameha. This time, Frieza doesn't come back from it like he did from the Angry Kamehameha in DBZ, as he is fully incinerated in the gigantic beam of energy. Watching the intergalactic tyrant meet his end yet again is immensly satisfying.
  • Gohan decides to finally pick up his training again. Hooray, Gohan fans!
  • Knowing that the universe is finally free of Frieza's influence since his army is utterly destroyed, saving billions of lives.

    Universe 6 Saga 
Episode 28
  • Beerus and Champa just punching each other is enough to cause a virus-like sphere of destruction to spread. Whis says that if they fight, they will destroy both Universe 6 and 7.
    • How do Whis and Vados stop the fight? They simply order the 2 Gods of Destruction to stop and they obey immediately.

Episode 29

  • Vados' reality warping skills. She created a field for tournament, atmosphere, and even food buildings, which Champa even praises her for!
  • The shot with the Super Dragon Balls. Champa wasn't kidding last episode when he said they're the size of planets, and Vados was able to toll six of them while flying at her top speed. We then find out two episodes later that these orbs are a little over half the size of Saturn note . Basically, Vados just pulled a Silver Age Superman.
  • Bulma doesn't take Beerus' low remarks of her husband in stride and even slaps Beerus at one point. Beerus, in a surprising display of kindness, tolerates it due to her idea about using Earth's Dragon Balls.
    • Furthermore, when Bulma becomes suspicious of what Beerus might use the Super Dragon Balls for, she immediately sets out to find Universe 7's own Super Dragon Balls in order to prevent the god of destruction from forming a wish. That's right, Bulma, despite being just an unpowered human, isn't afraid to screw Beerus over should the need for it come. Her exact words:
      Bulma: I will not let Beerus get whatever he wants!

Episode 30

  • After about six-to-eight months of training, Piccolo has improved enough so that he can fight toe-to-toe with Base Gohan. Back during Frieza's invasion, Piccolo ranked slightly below Shisami, who in turn was no match whatsoever for a very rusty Gohan. Considering Gohan himself has also gotten stronger due to their training sessions, this makes Piccolo's improvement very notable.

Episode 31

  • Jaco notes that with Bulma's intelligence that she would have made a good galactic patrolman. Given how much Jaco values his job, it is the highest compliment he can give.
  • Despite being severely outclassed by the heroes, Jaco shows why he is a Galactic Patrolman by easily taking down a criminal who held a hostage at gun point. Even better, he manages to freakout the criminal by correctly guessing that he can take him down before he can shoot the hostage.
  • Jaco states that Zuno knows everything, even the color of panties of someone he never met before-and then goes on to prove it:
    • Jaco asks him Bulma's breast size. Zuno states it, and then adds it used to be bigger but her breast's started sagging.
    • In the one question she doesn't waste, Bulma asks him about the Super Dragon Balls. He calmly explains what and how large they are, when they were made and a few particulars of the construction, that they're normally dispersed between Universe 6 and 7, and how to summon the Dragon. He could have said where to find the missing one, but Bulma wasted that question too...

Episode 32

  • The cast seeing the Super Dragon Balls for themselves. They are in awe at how big they are and they looked like dots when compared to the Dragon Balls.
  • Monaka gets one without even doing anything. Despite being punched in the face by Goku and showing visible pain, Beerus is horrified by Goku's actions. Given how laid-back Beerus tends to be, Monaka must be something if the God of Destruction is going out of his way to keep him from getting mad. He also point-blank tells everyone that Monaka is The Ace and he will fight last, despite knowing how strong Goku and Vegeta are.
    • Even though Monaka is really just a normal guy, it's worth noting that he tanked a punch from Goku. Even though Goku wasn't hitting him at full strength, Monaka was still standing, and he's nowhere near Krillin's power level.

Episode 33

  • Goku dodging Botamo's ki attacks without even looking. For context, he was dragging Botamo towards the edge of the ring and the latter was firing ki attacks from his mouth towards the back of Goku's head. Once Goku has Botamo close to the edge, he grabs him and flips him out of the ring. The win is so out there that everyone is left speechless. To make it even sweeter, Goku reprimands Botamo for becoming so dependant on his ability that he didn't keep up with his training.
    • Botamo has the ability to absorb damage and take it to another dimension. Even a point-blank Kamehameha does nothing to him. Goku actually says that he may have lost a straight fight with him.
  • Goku revealing just how strong he really was to Champa, who was under the impression that he and Vegeta were nothing special when he stealthily tested them while they were wearing ridiculously heavy suits that sank several feet into the ground the moment they took them off. It even caused the God of Destruction to throw a tantrum and protest at Goku for concealing his true power.
  • SSJ Goku completely outclassing a fully transformed Frost feels like a repeat of his first defeat of Frieza, except that Frost actually looks like a somewhat nice guy. The beatdown is so bad that even Goku's friends start to feel pity for Frost, who keeps getting back up after receiving several rounds of asskicking. Until Goku inexplicably loses consciousness, that is.
    • This with a minor one for Jaco and that special sensory ability of his. Whatever just happened to Goku, he picks up on it.
    • One for Frost, however, is that Goku needs to go Super Saiyan to face Frost's true form. Remember that he didn't need any transformations to effortlessy handle Frieza in his true state, and he's undergone a lot of training since then.
    • Frost gets another one by taking a page out of Cooler's book and swims through Goku's Kamehameha before tackling him.
  • If the promo for the next episode is anything to go by, Piccolo is able to put up a fight against Frost in his final form. Considering he wasn't even a match for Frieza's first form in the Resurrection F Saga, that Frost is stronger than Frieza's fourth form, and that not much time is passed since then (and, unlike Goku and Vegeta, he didn't have a God to train him and he didn't train in the Hyperbolic Train Chamber), this is a huge accomplishment.

Episode 34

  • Chi-Chi jumping off a platform that is hundreds of feet off the ground like it's nothing so she can check on her husband, who is still unconscious. Just goes to remind us that she was, until 18 showed up, the strongest female character in the series.
  • Despite being told by Goku that he stands no chance against Frost and can only hope to soften him up for Vegeta, Piccolo comes up with near flawless strategy to beat him. First, Piccolo charges his Special Beam Cannon to its maximum for the first time since the Raditz fight. He then uses his agility to dodge Frost's finger blasts and returns fire with his antenna beams. Piccolo is eventually shot in the leg and seems crippled, but Piccolo uses his clone technique to hide himself, using the Special Beam Cannon to mask his face. Frost gets rid of the clones by using an area effect energy attack, revealing the real Piccolo. He attacks, and Piccolo blocks him with one hand. Frost kicks Piccolo's injured leg and slams his fist into Piccolo's stomach, seemingly dissipating the Special Beam Cannon. Frost kicks him again and assumes that he won, only for Piccolo to use his arm stretching technique to wrap his arm around Frost, freezing his movements. Piccolo reveals that he wasn't just stalling to charge up the entire time, but also thinking how to restrain Frost so he can have a clear shot. He then gets on Frost for underestimating him since although he lacks pure power, he is considered the strategist of Universe 7. Frost also realizes that Piccolo allowed him to pierce his leg to set him up. Piccolo had the match won until Frost cheats and poisons him, just like what he did against Goku. Still, it was a great showing from Piccolo, showing that brains can overcome raw strength.
    • Not just that, the Makanko Sappo, when it was released, actually tore a hole in the barrier surrounding the arena, surprising everyone, especially Champa and Vados, who created it. Also keep in mind, Champa couldn't break it when he tested it and Goku didn't put a dent in it when he randomly hit it during his fight. If Piccolo had connected with that attack, Frost would most likely have got a new hole in his body.
  • Jaco deserves props for seeing Frost cheat when no one else did. Saying that no one should underestimate his eyes.
    • Vegeta gets a nod too for suspecting something foul with Frost since Goku shouldn't have lost consciousness from Frost's attack.
    • The biggest prop of all have to go to Frost's acting skills. He fooled everyone. He played both Gods of Destruction, Whis, and Piccolo couldn't sense any evil within him. Even people who personally knew him like Cabba was utterly fooled. He would have gone through the entire tournament without anyone knowing the truth (sans Vados) if it wasn't for Jaco.

Episode 35

  • Vegeta curbstomps Frost with one hit, only transforming to 1st Super Saiyan form, and doesn't kill him, even after this rule was rejected. Even better, Vegeta broke Vados' barrier when he punched Frost into it.
    Frost: Welcome to the world of trickery, deception, and murder! This is my domain and soon it will be annointed with your blood! Hahaha..huh?
    Vegeta: You make me sick! (*Megaton Punch*)
  • When Frost tries to escape with Champa's promised price fund, Hit, who is revealed to be a legendary hitman, stops him easily. Bonus points for terrifying previously Smug Snake -ish Frost very much.
  • Monaka gets one, without doing anything again. To put it simply, after getting back into the tournament, Goku wants to go after Monaka just to see him fight... and Beerus is having none of that, being terrified of the idea. It's explained Monaka is extremely dangerous when he's serious and can't tell friend from foe when so, even destroying a planet once. It takes a lot to scare the God of Destruction. Though after a few more episodes, this proves to be subverted.
  • Magetta proving to be quite the powerhouse. He's one of the few combatbants who can't fly, but he's still powerful enough to actually overpower base form Vegeta. Not only is he a Nigh-Invulnerable Humongous Mecha, but he can eat magma and even has a sort of Hulking Out effect to himself.

Episode 36

  • At long last, it returns! Vegeta's ultimate technique, Final Flash! is back and is so powerful that it nearly ring-out the massive, invulnerable Magetta. And to cap it all off, during the power-up sequence, it sends out psuedo-lightning tendrils, carving paths into the ring but a number also encompass the width of the Nameless Planet itself, framed by the Super Dragon Balls.
    • Even before that, Vegeta gets around the barrier problem by destroying it - and if it's anything like the first one (even not being Vados' best work), it took some serious power to not only crack a section, but destroy the entire thing with just his SSJ aura.
  • Magetta's the real deal, alright. Not only does he have Vegeta on the run in the beginning, he tricks him by firing off a tower of magma that hardens into rock, then fires a glob to distract Vegeta while he takes the collapsed pillar of lava rock to sneak in behind the blast and hammers Vegeta out of bounds! If Vegeta hadn't managed to land on a stray piece of rubble from the stage, he'd have lost then and there. Not only that, he manages to fend off a fully-charged Final Flash - the same attack that blew off a piece of Perfect Cell when Vegeta couldn't even harm him before that point - and the follow-up punch from Vegeta! It takes the Saiyan Prince destroying a massive chunk of stage beneath the Metal Man and insulting Magetta to finally ring him out. In the end, he hasn't even suffered any damage to boot. Were it not for his inability to fly and his Weaksauce Weakness, Magetta would have forced Vegeta to go SSGSS.

Episode 37

  • Cabba vs Vegeta. The fight starts out with both fighting each other to a standstill, until Vegeta goes Super Saiyan on him, whereupon Cabba starts going down hard. But just before he's about to lose and is at Vegeta's mercy, Cabba swats away his energy attack, then proceeds to ascend to Super Saiyan for the first time and unleash a can of whoopass onto Vegeta.
    Cabba: You will suffer, Vegeta; that much I can promise you. (Vegeta just smirks, then Cabba powers up and launches himself at Vegeta) You bastard!!
  • It turns out that Vegeta was actually teaching Cabba how to become a Super Saiyan by intentionally getting the latter mad. Once he saw Cabba's potential, he got serious and effortlessly blew up all of Cabba's energy balls with one swing of his hand and tanked a punch with his forehead. Then he went SSGSS and, like Frost, defeated Cabba in one blow.
    • To give Cabba credit, his base is an even match with Vegeta's base after he had done all that special training with Whis. Before, both Goku and Vegeta's base forms were even or weaker than Pre-training Frieza at full power, making Cabba many times stronger than Gohan at his absolute best. If Goku and Vegeta never met Whis and Beerus, Cabba would have easily beat both of them, even if they used Super Saiyan 2 and 3. note 
    • Vegeta's development as an individual. He took Cabba under his wing and encourages him to surpass him, not just become as strong as him. The Vegeta of old would've never done this since he hated anyone who was stronger than him, and mercilessly murdered Nappa for being useless. It really highlights how the irrationally selfish, douchebag Vegeta is long gone, and in fact comparing between Z and Super, it's like watching two completely different characters.
    • With this latest victory, Vegeta defeats three out of the five on Champa's team,on his own and these are fighters who are the strongest in Universe 6.

Episode 38

  • Hit lives up his title as the strongest contestant of Universe 6's team when he manages to completely demolish a fully powered Vegeta, who won three matches in the tournament without using his Super Saiyan Blue transformation save for a single punch against Cabba, and made him look easy. Even without his abilities, to cause damage to beings such as Vegeta (whose Super Saiyan Blue transformation encroaches on the realm of gods), boasts how strong Hit is naturally, all without a transformation most villains in Universe 7 and beyond boast (Frieza, Cell, Buu).
    • However, to be fair to Vegeta and his opponents, he had to expend his some of his stamina against Magetta and Cabba, and was even pushed into a corner a couple of times by the latter two before finally facing Hit. Frost didn't even manage to put a dent in Vegeta.
    • What makes Hit even more amazing is that he is only the third Time Master introduced. The way he uses his ability is also masterful. While Guldo's time-stopping powers were massively superior since he could hold time for as long as he held his breath, Hit does more damage and makes far better use of his power, and he can only stop time for 0.1 seconds. Hit's ability is so rare that Whis is surprised that there is someone other than him able to manipulate time. He also beat Vegeta using a series of light blows with some heavy hits aimed at Vegeta's vital regions instead of taking the traditional No Kill Like Over Kill approach.
    • Hit notes that Vegeta is the first person to withstand so many of his vital-spot attacks and live. Vegeta's full power may not have been able to land a blow, due to not understanding his Time-Skip ability, but it certainly kept him coming back for more long after most everyone else Hit has gone after, Goku included afterward.
  • Goku reminds everyone why he is The Ace when he manages to glean a hint of Hit's fighting style with the help of Jaco and the Galactic King. He attacks Hit a couple of times, getting hammered each time, before coming up with a counterattack to the latter's special technique (by predicting Hit's next move for the next 0.1 seconds) while in base form, the same technique that Vegeta couldn't defend himself against at full power. Even Vegeta acknowledges this fact, and it pisses him off.
    • Gotta give props to Jaco for helping out Goku's group yet again. If he wasn't for his keen eyes seeing Hit seemingly disappear, the Galactic King wouldn't have figured out that Hit was time-skipping. The Galactic King also deserves a nod for even knowing about such an ability.
  • Universe 7's team in general. With Majin Buu failing to pass a test and Monaka being an amateur with the purpose of motivating Goku and Vegeta, it turned from a 5v5 to a 3v5. The fact that they were able to overcome these odds, with even Piccolo putting up a fight against Frost that he could've potentially won if it wasn't for the latter's poison, makes this even more awesome.

Episode 39

  • Goku overpowers Hit after going Super Saiyan Blue, punishes him with several powerful blows, and lands a counter strike to Hit's gut when he tries to use his time-skipping technique.
  • Hit shows even more why he's a major badass. He not only adopts to Goku's predicting his movements and manages to tank attacks from Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue state, he improves his Time-Skip limit to 0.2 seconds, allowing him to elbow Goku in the gut, bringing Goku to his knees. Later he goes to 0.5 seconds and lands several combos so fast that it nearly knocks Goku out. Hit hasn't won yet only because he considers Goku his Worthy Opponent and allows him to stand back up.
    • The way Hit demonstrates his improvement to his Time-Skip increase of 0.5 seconds bears extra mentioning. First, he chastises Goku by predicting his strategy: allow himself to get smacked a couple of times to get used to his attacks coming in at 0.2 seconds. Next, Hit practically teleports next to Goku and unleashes a barrage of punishing blows on his body. Finally, Hit ends the lecture by saying how he increased his abilities again to the aforementioned 0.5 seconds, while Goku collapses in pain, making it seem as though Hit hasn't taken a single step forward!
  • The audience forgot about it. The Z-Warriors forgot about it. Hell, even Vegeta forgot about it... but not Goku. Before Super Saiyan God, before even Super Saiyan itself, there was the first powerup technique of the gods, brought back by Goku as his final trump card: KAIOKEN! He goes all the way to x10 without any visible ill effects, even creating a never-before-seen double-aura effect as he multiples the power of Super Saiyan Blue.. This is the result of Goku's training long before the power of a Super Saiyan; the fruits of his hard work that set him apart from Vegeta, and show why he's the strongest of all. There's even a Theme Music Powerup.
    Hit: (sweating) It's triple... quadruple... no, it's...!
    • During the above moment, Hit recovers from Goku's blow and uses his newly improved 0.5 second Time-Skip to strike back, only to get a big shock when Goku moves during Time-Skip. That's right, Goku was moving so quickly that he broke through the time/space barrier.
    • Even Beerus is shocked when he sees the Super Kaioken, wondering why Goku never used it against him when they fought. When Beerus himself nearly goes Oh, Crap!, you know it's a big deal. He then becomes so impressed by Goku that he tries to lay claim to Goku's achievement, but Whis is having none of that, calling Goku his. Goku got the God of Destruction and his assistant, who is stronger than said god, to fight over him.
      • One for King Kai: he invented the original version of this technique. A lowly King Kai coming up with a technique that impressed the God of Destruction...
    • Vegeta, who was Goku's statistical equal up until this point, is both impressed and jealous as hell over what Goku has done, and angry when he remebers how, all the way back to the Saiyan Saga, Goku had used the Kaoiken during their battle to give him a reality check about the whole "strongest Saiyan" thing. It's a cruel reminder of why he's Always Second Best.
    • But wait, there's more! Goku stated that he hasn't perfected the new combo technique yet, and he still had to train more for it to be good enough to use on Beerus one day like he plans. If the prototype is this awesome, imagine what the full version could be like. We already know from the Frieza Saga that Goku can take the regular Kaioken up to twice what he took the new version, for starters.
    • Just the fact that it's Goku's original technique instead of a new Super Saiyan form is amazing. Goku powers up and his aura begins to mix red and blue together. You think he's going to become a new form (Super Saiyan Blue 2? Super Saiyan Purple?) But instead he delivers the Wham Line and mixes his oldest form with his newest one to utterly obliterate Hit.
  • One has to be given to Masako Nozawa, because her performance when the big moment comes is absolutely jaw-dropping. Granted the echo helps, but this is an eighty-year old woman, busting out some of the most intense kiais you've ever heard in Dragon Ball history. Subjectivity's out of the window on this one; this is why this voice actress makes Goku. Sean Schemmel had one hell of a bar to live up to for the English dub, and yet as always he more than stepped up to bat, flawlessly pulling off the Kaioken-induced stress that his character's body is going through, especially when he yells the above lines. Like Nozawa, he IS Son Goku.
  • The fact that Goku and Hit can impress even Whis and Vados with their abilities, power and potential says something about these two.
  • Hit's way to become stronger mid-fight. Unlike the Saiyans, there's no emotional fuel or Zenkai power whatsoever, and not even a technique, he just grows and develops insanely fast. Not only the levels of strength he can achieve are insane, but he can also develop the best way to use them on the spot. And that's not even the kicker. The kicker is that, so far, he never used ki attack once, everything he did he did it with his bare hands. Just think how strong he'd be if he became able to use it.

Episode 40

  • The barrier gets broken again thanks to Goku's Kamehameha, and not just a hole this time; the whole damn thing just shattered, including all the smaller barriers, nearly causing everyone to be sucked out of their seats. It takes both Whis and Vados to fix it and keep everyone from being blown off the planet. Later, Vados noted that the barrier might break again simply from Goku and Hit powering up.
  • Hit survives Goku's "final" attack from his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken combo by improving further and truly freezing Goku in Time-Skip despite said combo, making his escape.
  • Goku counters Hit's new ability with sheer pure GUTS! After getting knocked down by a Time-Skip attack that would've killed him if Hit was allowed to kill, he simply got back up and punched Hit so hard, he flew to to the opposite side of the ring and into Champa's picture.
  • Goku and Hit giving Champa a Death Glare so fearsome the God of Destruction actually staggered backwards, after he called the fighters mere pawns in his and Beerus' game.
  • Goku and Hit screwing over the bickering Gods to show that they are not mere pawns. Goku by ringing himself out, and Hit doing the same when Monaka throws an ineffectual punch that utterly fails to do anything to him. It took MASSIVE balls of steel to do what they did, especially for Hit since he suspected Champa was going to kill him for losing.
  • Monaka gets one for not backing down and charging Hit. Considering what he witnessed was enough to make him faint twice, and that Goku and Hit's strength worried both Gods of Destruction, it must have took an unthinkable amount of guts to do that.
  • Nightmarish as it is, Champa turning against his whole team for failing him and mocking them, daring them to come at him with all they've got since they'll be powerless to stop him anyway reminds us that he, like Beerus, is a God of Destruction, and as awesome as Goku and Hit are, they are still no match for such beings.
  • Zen'o gets one by showing up. How? By making Champa and Beerus, two Physical Gods strong enough to destroy both their universes if they ever fought freak out at his mere presence!
    • To add to it? Beerus and Champa call Zen'o-sama. Given how big of Smug Supers the two of them are, the fact they basically call Zen'o lord says leagues about the guy.

Episode 41

  • You thought the Super Dragon Balls on their own were Scenery Porn? You ain't seen nothing yet. Super Shenron puts both Shenron and Porunga to shame in size alone, starting out the size of all seven orbs combined, and as equally beautifully-animated. He then grows bigger over several bursts, growing a wingspan equal to a star and devouring a planet whole for starters, before he finally appears straight out of a galaxy. His true size? The closest galaxies are dust particles by comparison and his entire form rivals that of a galaxy cluster. From start to finish, his appearance is set to the heavenly 'Birth of a God', as is only befitting.
  • Monaka's the first to figure out just where the final Super Dragon Ball really is, before any of the gods, angels, fighters or super-scientists, thanks to his work experience. No wonder he's the greatest fighter in the Seventh Universe.
  • How strong is Zen'o? Beerus and Champa could destroy both their universes if they fight. Zen'o can destroy the entire multiverse in a second!
    • Another one for him is Beerus and Champa INSTANTLY bow to him, the Supreme Kais following shortly there after. Zen'o is definitely the Top God in the Dragon Ball Multiverse.
  • One for Whis and Vados: both of them take advantage of their boss showing up to rat out Beerus and Champa for their bad habits without skipping a beat.
  • Goku and Zen'o cheerfully chatting casually. It's enough to freak out Beerus and Champa to truly absurd levels.

    Potaufeu Arc 
Episode 42
  • We already know that Whis is much stronger than Beerus, but in here, we get to see what he can handle. Before things can get too serious between Beerus in a Monaka costume and Goku, Whis is able to stop a colliding punch between the two with no effort at all. He doesn't look like he strained at all either.
  • Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Puar deserve mentions on this list as well. When the truth about Monaka is revealed when Goten accidentally hurts him, the entire party notices that Goku didn't witness the truth, so when Goku tries to desperately get Monaka to spar with him, we start off with Chiaotzu using his telekinetic attacks to hold Goku (it holds him well for quite a bit), following with Krillin using a Solar Flare to blind Goku. Then when Whis intercepts the battle between Goku, we see Puar using his transformation powers for the first time in a long while to turn into Beerus (although the eyes are way off).
    • Chiaotzu deserves a special nod for being able to restrain Goku for any length of time. The last time Chiaotzu used his powers, he couldn't even hold Nappa.
    • Goten also comes up with a good idea to help, ie getting Beerus to wear a Monaka costume - after all, if they said he could transform, this would be no problem that way. Much like Trunks above, he can have surprising forethought outside of fighting.
  • Goku should be commended for doing 100 trillion sit-ups in a minute at most. It didn't seem all that exhausting either. Hilariously subverted when it's revealed Goku's math skills are a bit off, but doing 100 sit-ups in such a short period of time is impressive nonetheless.
  • The sparring match between Goku and Beerus in his Monaka costume is so intense that it threatens the city, and this is just a light spar for them. Whis has to step in and stop them from fighting since they were endangering the planet.

Episode 43

  • Pan gets involved with the Pilaf Gang, though they're not really antagonistic and refuse to harm her. She however, appears to have fun even if they take her by accident, and unknowingly generates a battle aura... yes, the girl is barely a year old, and she can already use ki. She even managed to destroy Pilaf Gang's ship by powering up and hovered in Earth's orbit while carrying the Pilaf Gang, and appeared to have flown back home by herself, all while sporting a smile.
    • It also shows that, unlike her father, she doesn't require anger to unleash her powers, and she actually enjoys herself rather.
  • One for he animators and music direction: the scene where Pan learns to fly is amazing.

Episode 44

  • Goten and Trunks effortlessly demolish a group of space criminals, while in their base form, without even visibly powering up. A friendly reminder that, even if they are children completely overshadowed by their family or fused counterpart, they are still some of the toughest fighters you'll see in the cosmos. Trunks even says they'd easily win against thousands of those guys, and despite Trunks' generally boastful nature, it's pretty hard to disagree with him.
  • And after the goons are empowered by the mystical Superhuman water, amplifying their power a thousand times over, Vegeta shows up and beats them with, if anything, even greater ease.
  • In a truly awesome bit of role reprisal, Funimation got the Ocean Dub's Vegeta, Brian Drummond as Copy Vegeta.

Episode 45

  • Jaco at one point saves the cast by blasting Copy-Vegeta's tentacles. Considering Copy-Vegeta later on outclasses Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks without any powering up, that's some guts Jaco's got.
  • Just to drive home how insanely strong Goku and Vegeta are above the rest of the cast, Copy-Vegeta no sells everything Gotenks throws at him, even as a Super Saiyan 3, without even bothering to power up. He then proceeds to lay waste to Gotenks with no effort at all. Bear in mind that this is the power of Vegeta's base form.
    • Since Copy-Vegeta has the original's spirit, he ignores orders to just take the others' power in favor of a good fight, which causes Copy-Gryll to forcibly get him to obey, using their shared structure. This backfires horribly as the real Vegeta despises being forced to take orders, and he's much stronger, physically and in matters of pride, the latter of which has overpowered overt mind-control. Copy-Gryll isn't getting up from the ensuing blow anytime soon (and as next episode shows, its form just dissolved back into goo).
    Copy-Vegeta: I don't take orders from man or water! (teleports to Copy-Gryll, who freaks) You answer to me!!

Episode 46

  • Monaka disabling the Commesion by accidentally stepping on its nucleus. Sure, Monaka may seem like a Joke Character, especially for the rest of the cast, but it's great knowing that his presence contributed to the destruction of Copy-Vegeta by Goku's Kamehameha.
  • Goku may have an advantage over Vegeta now, due to his Super Saiyan Blue/Kaioken combo, but the fight between him and Copy-Vegeta serves to show that they're still statistical equals in everything else, matching each other blow-for-blow. Had there not been a time-limit for the real Vegeta, Goku could've easily been forced to use his incomplete technique again, after just recovering from its aftereffects.
    • Although, Goku have shown to edge out Vegeta slightly by using Teleport Spam to confuse Copy-Vegeta and even fake him out with a kick, much to the real Vegeta's annoyance. According to Goku, he would have defeated Copy-Vegeta without any help from Monaka. How true that is, that's up to interpretation.

    Breather Episodes 
Episode 68
  • A small one, but Beerus once again showing why's he's the God of Destruction: when he finds out present Bulma is making a new time machine, he destroys it instantly. Quite far away. In a sealed, secret room. With a snap of his fingers. Not a ki blast or smashing it. He snaps his fingers and it explodes instantly.

Episode 69

  • Even though it was a joke episode, the fact that Arale curbstomped base-form Vegeta and proceeds to go toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku and battle his Beam-O-War to a standstill shows that although she's a tad on the tiny side, she puts the "powerhouse" in Pint-Sized Powerhouse.
  • Bulma showed her Guile Hero skills again when she asked all the people in the world to think about their most delicious food so their thoughts will merge in Reality Machine and bring the most tasty food, which would bring the attention of Beerus. It worked splendidly, waking him up from his nap on the entire opposite end of the universe.
  • Remember when Beerus obliterated Present Zamasu? Well he does the same exact thing to Dr. Mashirito with the same soundtrack. And Mashirito's an intangible ghost.
  • Then, when Beerus was about to destroy Arale from intervening in his food enjoyment, Bulma and Dr. Norimaki successfully convinced him not to destroy her. Though his stomachache took priority too. Soon following this, Beerus stops Arale cold with one casual stomp and would have destroyed her in one shot had he not had to leave due to a Potty Emergency. That's right, Beerus is more powerful than Arale. He definitely earned his title as the God of Destruction.
  • Let's face it: Senbei has two, the invention that surpassed Bulma's (and remember, back in the day he couldn't understand how the Dragon Radar she built as a teen worked), and creating Arale, who is still far more powerful than all of Gero's androids together.

Episode 70

  • Vados managed to convince Champa to participate in baseball himself as it will make the food feel even tastier after some sport. As we know about her efforts to make Champa thinnier and less lazy, that's a good Batman Gambit.
  • In a baseball game against gods, who steps up and gives Beerus' team leeway? Yamcha. Although his fighting days are done, he uses special techniques to dodge the ball into a strike and away from the bat. Considering how well he usually fares in these sort of situations, it's a gigantic step up. He even wins them the game while everyone else was distracted, with his infamous "dead" pose to boot.
  • At the initial pitch, Goku literally goes all-out and throws a Super Saiyan Blue-empowered pitch. The catcher is Gohan, and the ensuing collision with Gohan's glove creates a crater in the field with a shockwave that is visible from space. This not only gets a strike on a GOD OF DESTRUCTION, Champa, but the glove is intact, and Gohan comes out of the rubble none the worse for wear. Champa even comments on how tough Gohan is. A God of Destruction. Comments on the toughness of a base Gohan. Who "caught" (the ball vaporized on impact) a ball thrown by all-out Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Gohan got stomped by first form Frieza in Resurrection F; now, approximately only 10 months later, he's catching godly ki-powered baseballs with nothing but his clothes being a little dirtied.
  • While it's very brief, Champa and Beerus fighting each other. The mere act of trading blows summons a huge tornado raining down destructive energy around them. And the biggest thing is, for the first time, we see both of them sustain visible damage. Given nothing Goku did to Beerus managed to do that, that should tell just how powerful those blows they were throwing were.
  • Another brief moment was during Gohan's pitch, where after aiming for Magetta since he can't fly and reach the ball if it reaches his area, Magetta pulls a maneuver with Botama to throw him toward the ball and catch it instead.

Episode 71

  • Although it's Played for Laughs, Goku is so sensitive to sensing energy that he can he sense cockroaches, knows where they are, and how many there are. He's also able to walk with his eyes close in a crowded city without bumping into people. Finally, he nonchalantly reveals that he knew Gohan and Goten were stalking him despite trying to hide themselves.
  • Hit's Establishing Character Moment after the commercial break. He infiltrates a building using his Time Skip ability, eluding the guards with little effort, then kills the CEO with a single punch. The kicker? The fist itself didn't even physically connect.
  • Even though it also counts as a Nightmare Fuel moment, Hit makes his return, and reveals that he's been training in the interim between the universal tournament and now. He reveals he can now protect himself from damage via an energy shield and then temporarily kills Goku with one punch.
    • Let's repeat that for emphasis; Hit kills Goku in a straight up fight - the first person to do so, even if it didn't stick thanks to Goku's contingency plan.

Episode 72

  • After Goku revives himself from his near-death experience by using the energy blast he fired before dying, he seeks out and fights Hit and manages to not only avoid his One-Hit Kill attack, but also parries a combo of such attacks in short order. And even though he can't get a punch in due to Hit's Intangible Man technique, he just keeps getting up from the colossal beating he's receiving. Then when Beerus appears and eggs him on, Goku pulls out all the stops and breaks Hit's pocket dimension using only his ki, similar to how Super Buu and Gotenks broke dimensions by screaming. He then fires a Kamehameha at Hit when he's off-guard and defenseless, defeating him.
  • Hit deserve props for making Goku tremble in fear during their battle. This is only the second time this has happened in Super, the first being Beerus. In the entire franchise, Hit is the third with the first being King Piccolo.
  • Goten wanting to avenge his father's 'death' by fighting Hit in his honor. Although Goten stands no chance against Hit, it's still awesome and touching that Goten still wants to try.
  • It turns out that it was Goku himself, who hired Hit to kill Goku. He does it through Whis and Vados and does it in such a way, that even Hit didn't know anything! And why? To make Hit fight him at his max so Goku has to adapt to the new conditions and danger. Even Beerus wasn't in the plan.
  • Hit's ability to time-skip, create his own pocket dimensions and become intangible all deserve special mention, which is quite an impressive amount of hax one would think we'd never see from Dragon Ball Z characters.

Episode 73

  • Videl turning down Barry Kahn's offer for an autograph. Goes to show how devoted she is to her husband and child. Plus, accepting the autograph would have struck the man's already inflated ego.
    • There's also the pouty face Pan makes at Barry, showing an instant dislike for him the moment he starts flirting with her mother. In the English dub, she even says "Bye Bye!" to Barry in a triumphant manner while her parents leave the jerk dumbfounded.
  • Gohan's stunt work, which is child's play to him but impressive to the rest of the film crew.
  • The usually absent-minded director gets one when Barry tries to Wag the Director and veto his decision to use Gohan as his stuntman. The sweet old man put his foot down and firmly tells the spoiled rotten prima donna that his word is final. Faced with genuine strength of character, the cowardly pretty boy backs down.
  • It doesn't last long thanks to Gohan, but Krillin showing that he can be plenty powerful against human thugs on his own by dodging an entire volley of machine gun fire at point-blank range.
  • The Watagash possessing and empowering a human criminal allows that criminal to give Gohan a run for his money. Although Gohan quickly regains the upper hand and with ease kicks said criminal to the curb, straight back into the bank.
  • A minor one, but Bulma coming in covering for Gohan's identity after they strongly suspect that he's the Great Saiyaman.

Episode 74

  • Videl gets another one when Barry attempts to blackmail and embarrass Gohan by taking pictures of Cocoa kissing him. How does Videl respond? She tears the pictures up, correctly guesses that Barry was only showing her the pictures because he's so bitter at her and Gohan, and gives Barry a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. When Barry attempts to push his weight around by threatening to reveal that Gohan is Great Saiyaman, Gohan grabs onto and rushes the slimeball into a wall at hypersonic speed to scare him into leaving before he wakes up his daughter.
    Videl: How pitiful. (rips up pictures) Did it sting that much to be told I don't need your autograph? Does seeing Gohan stand out sting that badly? You get treated like royalty but you have no self-confidence. How pitiful.
    Barry: This picture is solid proof that-
    Videl: Gohan isn't like that! I'm sure there's a reason.
    Gohan: (smiling and relieved) Videl...
    Videl: (to Barry) If you're done, then leave.
    • How the series handles the whole relationship issue is an awesome moment itself especially for a Shōnen anime. It could have been far easier if Videl turned against Gohan right after seeing the pictures, creating needless amount of drama in the Gohan/Videl relationship. But nope, Videl demonstrates not only true loyalty, but also perception where she rightfully assumes that Gohan must've been set up by Barry to "cheat" on her. Essentially, rather than using it as an opportunity to add drama like some anime series/fictional media in general, it instead shows just how much love and trust they put in one another.
    • Both the first time she met Barry and when he tries to start trouble in her own home, Videl could have flattened him in an instant if she wanted to — she knows martial arts (heck, she's a teacher in the field), and still knows how to fly as shown after the second incident. But no. She chooses the high road, and uses calm, rational words to deconstruct his pride, defeating him without so much as a clenched fist. This showcases a marked change from the short-tempered and stubborn teenager she used to be, a great show of her maturity as an adult, and that Videl's still got it all in one go.
  • Watagash-empowered Barry finally begins his fight with Gohan. Despite Barry getting one over on him when they first went at it, it's more than clear that the only reason he did so well was because he sucker-punched Gohan, because up to his Kaiju form, he was being utterly manhandled with ease. And although he regains the advantage somewhat by going to his final form via an increase to strength, speed, and a heavy application of Eye Beams that eventually blast Gohan into orbit, Gohan retaliates by going Super Saiyan, and proceeds to head back down and one-shot Barry with a Kamehameha, despite his attempt to attack Gohan with his Eye Beams. It's also implied that the reason he was having so much trouble in the first place was because he was holding back since he didn't want to kill Barry.
  • Cocoa has a moment during the premiere of the Saiyaman movie. Mr. Satan covers for Barry, who was the monster who wrecked the city and is the finale of the movie. Cocoa threatens that if Barry reveals who Saiyaman is, she will tell everyone that he was the monster. All without breaking her happy smile. It also serves as payback since Barry bullied her into taking Gohan back to her apartment as a Frame-Up.

Episode 75

  • Episode 75 gives us a real eye-opener in the form of Goku and Gohan sparring. Gohan, despite being a normal Saiyan, is capable of blocking hits and punching from Post-God Goku. And even when Goku goes Super Saiyan - again, Post-God level - Gohan turns Super Saiyan as well and keeps up with him. Heck, he even manages to land a clean punch on Goku, and he decidedly felt it. One wonders what Videl's put in his spinach nowadays, or just what Piccolo's training entailed. Even if Goku was messing around, it's still a big leap from him nearly being killed by (trained) first form Frieza.
  • Again, we see Krillin on the job, and he takes out their escape car with a Flash Step. Krillin only gets injured due to being rusty and trying to keep his superpowers hidden from the other cops.

Episode 76

  • Goku calling the Flying Nimbus, which makes its first appearance in Super. This is also the first time we have seen Nimbus, outside of intros and outros, since the Great Saiyaman portion of the Buu Saga.
  • Granted it was just an illusion, but Krillin punched Super Shenron hard enough to feel it. It did wonders for his confidence.
  • Despite fan decries that Goku has gotten dumber in Super, he figures out almost immediately that their old foes are just illusions and has no problem fighting them, even when one turned into Bulma (from the time that Ginyu pulled a Grand Theft Me on her). He also quickly figures out that powering up and being aggressive makes the ghost warriors keep returning, so he relaxes his mind to make the illusions go away.
  • Krillin saying that he wants to become a martial artist again for himself and for his daughter.


  • Vegeta's Gamma Burst Flash against Fused Zamasu. He actually disintegrates Fused Zamasu, had previously laid a Curb-Stomp Battle on all of the main characters. To get across what a huge achievement this is, Goku had just ascended to Completed Super Saiyan Blue and fought Zamasu for dozens of pages in a climactic battle, and narrowly lost; Vegeta accomplished what he couldn't in one page, without an ascended form. And he didn't do it by getting stronger, but by efficiently expending all of his energy in one giant attack in the brief seconds in which SSB has its full power (which is the same as CSSB), dropping to his knees in base from sheer exertion immediately afterwards. It's invalidated when Fused Zamasu demonstrates his complete immortality via duplication, but it was still a great moment.
  • Vegeta vs Beerus. Vegeta using mastered SSB manages to land a hit on Beerus! And then of course, Beerus shows us just how powerful he is by effortlessly taking down SSB-mastered Vegeta.
  • The Zen Exhibition Match in the manga is a free-for-all between all 12 Gods of Destruction. Beerus manages to hold off the other 11 on his own, until they stop ganging up on him and go after each other, and is one of the last two standing (the other being Quitela).
  • Belmond/Vermoud handily outdoes Beerus, putting up probably the most impressive performance due to his power and cunning:
    • After Sidra saves Belmond and the other gods from one of Beerus's big attacks, Belmond thanks him and then knocks him down with one kick while Sidra's guard is down. When the other gods call him out, he simply smirks and says they're all against each other, not just Beerus.
    • He then takes on all the other gods simultaneously by trapping them in energy spheres and firing energy cards, seriously pressuring all 11 opponents (including Beerus) and cutting off Rumshi's ear. Liquiir is the only one able to break out of the trap, and inadvertently saves the other gods by hitting Belmond with a ki blast barrage.
    • Belmond gets another one when it's revealed that he took no damage from Liquiir's attack; he pretends to be knocked out so the other gods will disregard him and waste their energy fighting each other, correctly guessing that they'd be too preoccupied settling their rivalries to try to gang up on him or confirm his knockout. Just as a half-dead Beerus and Quitela are preparing to go at each other, Belmond gives a knowing smile and prepares to pop back up.
    • When the battle ends, he's the only one that doesn't need to be healed. Everyone else is a mess, while Belmond just casually waltzes out of the ring. There's no doubt he would have been the winner had it gone on to its conclusion.
  • Toppo kicking CSSB Goku out of the arena.
  • Frost getting A Day in the Limelight in Chapter 34 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. He manages to take out Krillin and Tien with relative ease, and then even takes out a huge portion of Universe 9 before falling victim to Frieza.
  • Gamisaras ringing out six fighters by himself, including Android 18 and the entire Maiden Squadron. Not bad for a minor character whose performance in the anime was a little bit lackluster.
  • At one point, the manga reveals that 17's island hosts seven Cell Juniors. He tamed them, and taught them not to attack rangers. According to Krillin, it handily explains his current immense strength.
  • Kale in the manga. Implied by Frieza to be even stronger than Super Saiyans in her base form, and once she goes Super Saiyan she begins giving Golden Frieza an incredibly satisfying beatdown.
  • The Pride Troopers are far more formidable in the manga than in the anime. While in the anime they got offed relatively quickly, in this version, they use the power of numbers to overwhelm their foes (with only Dyspo, Jiren, and Toppo doing their own thing). This tactic essentially prevents them from losing team members. Their teamwork even proves effective against Kale, who decimated the remnants of four universes back-to-back before, even including Anilaza from Universe 3. Hell, it wasn't even Jiren who almost knocked Kale out, it was Tupper. It was only thanks to Cabba that Kale was able to survive and merge into Caulifla to turn into Kefla.
  • In the manga, Kefla, the fusion of Kale and Caulifla, takes the Pride Troopers apart with no trouble, due to the fusion only taking on the best of both girls' qualities. When she decides to blast Goku and Jiren off of the arena together, it's Gohan who intervenes, knocking her blast off-course with one hand, in his base form. Then he smiles at her. Whether or not the actual fight goes well, it's still a pretty awesome moment for an oft-overlooked character.
    • And it does. He fights her to a draw, and it ends with a mutual knockout. That's pretty impressive when you consider Goku couldn't defeat her without Ultra Instinct in the anime.
    • Bonus points for Piccolo pointing out that all of his training with Gohan didn't increase his power at all, it was just to bring his combat instincts back. He literally jumped up to Kefla's level over the course of the tournament. The anime might not give due credit to Gohan's potential as a warrior, but the manga sure does.
    Kefla: Heh! You sure you don't need to go Super Saiyan for this? If you even can?
    Gohan: I don't do that anymore. No need to, really. *boots Kefla away*
  • Master Roshi using an incomplete version of Ultra Instinct as a result of his many, many years of experience, providing his beloved student Goku one last lesson, and actually dodging Jiren's attacks. That ends up being the trigger for Goku beginning his road to unlocking Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power.
  • Jiren is much less of a show-off than in the anime, but this somehow makes him look more powerful.
    • His first engagement with Goku is a very quick and decisive Curb-Stomp Battle, over in a few pages. If not for Hit, Goku would have been eliminated right there. Bonus points for being one of the very few characters to get under Goku's skin- not with cruel insults, but via sheer apathy.
      Jiren: You should have picked someone closer to your level. Regret your choices as you fall, nameless warrior from Universe 7.
      Goku: (crawling back up) I'm not... a nameless warrior. (indignant) My name... is SON GOKU!
      (Jiren begins to swing his fist; Goku's face displays clear panic)
    • He counters CSSB Goku and Hit at the same time without even looking at them. When Hit's time lag ability seems to be working, Jiren simply uncorks a bit more power, bulldozes through the technique, and one-shots Hit.
    • When Goku stacks a Kaio-Ken-esque technique on top of his CSSB, he still does little more than hurt his hands trying to punch Jiren. That's not the awesome part; the awesome part is Jiren carefully explaining the drawbacks to the technique, before scoffing at Goku for using such a dumb tactic.
    • Jiren's Tranquil Fury laden takedown of SSBE Vegeta, after the latter unintentionally pushes his Berserk Button by insinuating Jiren has never known true battle or struggle. He politely compliments his opponent's strength and boldness... before doing a Flash Step and saying "But don't think for even a moment that you can defeat me." With just a little bit of his power, he crushes Vegeta back to base in two hits and a kiai. This is a guy who defeated a God of Destruction candidate by flashing his aura.
    • His fight with UI Goku. Jiren begins at a clear disadvantage, but adapts and counters Goku as the fight goes on, impressing Whis with his skill. The battle ends when he finally lands a solid hit, knocking Goku out of UI and leaving Jiren as the unambiguous victor. If Vegeta wasn't around to catch Goku, he would have been sent flying out of the ring right here. Note that earlier, Whis had told Vegeta that mastering UI would let him or Goku take on any opponent (including Beerus). Apparently, Whis really meant "any opponent except for Jiren the Gray."
    • In the final stretch of the tournament, Goku and Vegeta use the last of their ki on a Combined Energy Attack. Jiren charges face first into it, and comes out on the other side unscathed.
      Goku: Seriously!?
      Vegeta: Dammit!
      (Jiren blasts Vegeta out of the arena)
    • Jiren's introductory scene firmly establishes him as The Ace when he easily takes out a monster that the rest of the team couldn't by pile-driving it through the planet after flying halfway across the galaxy unassisted, then shooting it with a shrink ray and locking it in a capsule. His first act immediately after this is to get the civilians displaced by the monster's rampage to safety. And then he leaves to help other systems in need of his aid, rather than staying to receive thanks like the other Pride Troopers.
  • Moro managing to defeat Goku and Vegeta with his intelligence and nearly killing them both is a villainous one.
  • Good Buu gains the memories of the Grand Supreme Kai...and gets furious upon seeing Moro. He then gives Moro a well deserved beating.
  • We get Chapter 56, where we see the Galactic Patrol standing behind the Z-Fighters (minus Goku and Vegeta), comprised of its original members. That's not all, we're even treated to a global rumble, as the convicts scatter about on Earth instead of immediately confronting the heroes.
    • Yamcha returning to the battle was a special moment of awesome and has garnered praise from the entire fandom. Unlike the others that acted as teams, he goes off on his own and easily defeats three convicts at once (despite them being powered up by Moro).
    • Gohan and Piccolo's overall strategy against Seven Three works like a charm and called upon Android's 17 and 18 as a contingency plan should the alien android use Moro's power.
    • Even Moro is impressing with our heroes power and ponder on which of them will he hunt down first.
    • This overall chapter feels like something out of Marvel Avenger's movie.
  • Chapter 57 deserves mention as well.
    • Krillin was able to defeat Yunba through skill and strategy, making him to only one able to defeat one of Moro's strongest soldiers.
    • Chaozu gets a brief moment of awesome for defeating Bikkura Quoitur with an appropriate insult (something Tenshinhan could not do).
    • With Moro's ability being useless against the Androids, Seventhree was subjected to being completely curb-stomped against Android 17's assaults to the point that Moro had to step in.
    • Special mention goes to Zauyogi, the only convict that can handle his opponent(s) in a straight up fist-fight, unlike the others that resorted to unorthodox means to gain the upper-hand.
  • We finally get to see Vegeta's training with the Yardats pay off when he uses his new technique on Moro, Forced Spirit Fission, which can tear apart enemies who gained strength through fusion or absorption. Using this technique on Moro allows Vegeta to free all the life energy Moro drained from the planets and their inhabitants, returning it to where it belongsnote . Piccolo lampshades how far Vegeta has come in both strength and moral character, to the point of managing to surpass Goku for once. Too bad Vegeta didn't take the chance to finish off the weakened Moro before he could try anything...
  • Kudos must be given to Moro for what he does once he achieves his best form. In a matter of minutes he trounces all of the Z-Fighters as if they all were mere mooks. After absorbing 73, Moro immediately neutralizes Vegeta after copying his abilities, throwing his own Final Flash at him and then lampshading how over-the-top the attack's name sounds like. From there, he impales Goku with his left arm, defeats Androids 17 & 18 with one of the craziest Offhand Backhands ever seen in Dragon Ballnote , breaks Gohan's teeth, defeating him in a single blow after No Selling his attacks, and runs Piccolo through with his own Special Beam Cannon, acquired from 73's data on the Namekian. If it weren't for Merus' timely arrival to turn the tide back, Earth would have been done for good then and there.
    • Extra points should be given to how Moro handled Goku. Goku had just obliterated his left arm with a Kamehame Ha. Moro doesn't even bother pretending the attack hurt him; he starts walking in Goku's direction, positions his left shoulder back and then launches the regenerating arm against and through Goku's chest. And this is not even meant to be a fatal blow; Moro even states that Goku dying now would be a waste of food for him.
  • After Merus sacrifices himself to weaken Moro, Goku finally reawakens the full power of Ultra Instinct. He then proceeds to deliver an epic Curb-Stomp Battle to Moro. During the fight, Goku punches Moro so hard that we get a Distant Reaction Shot of the shockwave of the blow moving across the entire planet. By the end of it, the once haughty Moro is reduced to begging for his life.
  • Goku finally destroys Moro in Chapter 66—but he couldn't have done it without his friends' help.
    • Vegeta manages to put his Forced Spirit Fission to good use by pummeling the earth, allowing Goku to make a beeline to Moro's crystal.
    • When Goku is caught by Moro's many hands, his allies decide to give him their energy—not to form a Spirit Bomb, but to help Goku regain Ultra Instinct. And again, Vegeta uses his new technique to transfer all of that energy to Goku.
    • And when even that wasn't enough (it was only enough for Goku to go into Super Saiyan Blue), Jaco decides to contact Majin Buu/Grand Supreme Kai to help them—not to give Goku his energy, but to find someone else who can. And who pushed Goku over the threshold and allowed him to gain Ultra Instinct? Uub.
    • Then there's the long-awaited defeat of Moro. Goku not only regains Ultra Instinct, but channels a giant energy-made avatar of himself to pin Moro in place. This allows Goku to get a clear shot at Moro's crystal, destroying it, and by extension, destroying Moro and saving the entire galaxy.
  • At the start of the Granolah The Survivor Arc; Vegeta and Beerus are watching Goku train with Whis to further hone his mastery of Ultra Instinct. When Beerus asks Vegeta if he has any desire to learn Ultra Instinct, Vegeta turns him down, informing Beerus that the technique doesn't suit him. Beerus agrees and informs Vegeta that Ultra Instinct isn't the only divine technique in existence, and then tells Vegeta "I'm going to go train, and if you see anything that interests you... feel free to steal it." That's right, Vegeta isn't going to just be chasing after Goku anymore. He's going to learn a brand new technique that Goku can't use.
    • At the end of the Granolah The Survivor Arc; Frieza puts Elec in his place by killing Gas and then tells Elec that he knew that Elec was planning on killing him but he simply let him do his business while exploiting it for his own army. And then he kills Elec with a blast to the face, vaporizing him. But Frieza isn't done. He then shows off his new Black Frieza form and pummels Goku and Vegeta with one punch. Frieza is currently the strongest being in the universe so far after training in a Space-Time Chamber of his own and now he can't wait for his rematch with the Saiyans.