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    God of Destruction Beerus Saga 
Episode 1
  • Goku driving a beat up tractor that looks close to its final legs. It's also funny because you have to wonder why Goku is driving a tractor since he can plow land faster with his hands like he did during Master Roshi's training. It's like Goku is trying to do his job as lazily as possible.
    • Goku claiming that a rooted tree stump is stubborn like Vegeta.
    • There is something both cute and funny about Goku getting Goten to drive the tractor while he's eating lunch. Even funnier, Goku briefly chokes on his food because he's eating too fast and Goten appears out of nowhere to pat him on the back. Not even a second later, Goku is back to eating and Goten is back to driving the tractor.
    • Goten driving the tractor off the cliff because he's looking at his father train.
    • After a tender moment with Goku saying he wanted to become stronger just in case a being like Majin Buu comes to terrorize the Earth, we get a long shot of the farm land. It's in ruins since Goku made craters when he was training and the plow lines are not straight since Goten drove off-road because he was looking at his dad train and not paying attention. Goten remarks that Goku's 'secret training' isn't really a secret.
    • A small one, but Goku says Speak of the Devil when Mr. Satan first appears.
    • Goku's lunchbox. It's about ten times the size of a normal bentou and when laid out, looks like a picnic for a large group. Goku eats it all in a few minutes, of course.
  • Gohan literally reading "A Difficult Book" and Piccolo appearing to be stalking him and Videl.
    • From the dub, we have Videl calling scholar Gohan 'arm candy'.
  • Goten and Trunks mistaken the expensive special skin care water for 'toilet water'. Goten even wonders at one point if they should just go to a toilet.
  • Mr. Satan successfully telling everyone that Majin Buu is an alien who came to Earth to be trained by him. The news press is stunned, claiming that Mr. Satan is the savior of the entire universe since even beings from other worlds are coming to train under him.
    • Buu's entrance while Mr. Satan is bullshitting the press is hilarious:
      Buu: "What the deal! BUU HUNGRY!"
      Mr. Satan: (facial expression that screams "Oh, Crap!")
      • Making it even better, the music stops immediately after Buu begins speaking.
  • Master Roshi coming from nowhere in the last minute of the first episode, asking if it is true that Goku receive one-hundred million zeni. Naturally, he wants to use all the money to buy dirty magazines, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray. Chi-Chi promptly throws him out of the house while yelling.
  • Beerus flubbing the name of an alien dish served to him and giving up.
    Beerus: "Are you serious? What an insufferable name."
  • Chi-Chi's response to Goku going out to train after bringing home millions of zeni:
    Chi-Chi: Huh? Yeah, sure, whatever.

Episode 2

  • King Kai is not happy that Goku uses his planet as a gym. He continuously points out that that he's a god and deserves some respect.
  • Vegeta decides to ride on the outside of the ship Bulma is flying to their vacation destination. Bulma decides to make it more challenging for him and starts doing barrel rolls, dives, spirals, and then flies it both underwater and through the trees on the island's edge. Vegeta stays in the exact same stoic pose the entire time before declaring it wasn't that challenging (a joke in the dub). While having twigs and fruits sticking out of his hair. The gag becomes even funnier when you realize that the two fruits are a zabon, the Japanese name for pomelo, and a durian fruit. These fruits are the name base for Zarbon and Dodoria. Meanwhile, Trunks was flying around inside the ship like a ping pong ball from all the spinning.
  • Vegeta eating lunch, which rivals Goku when he's pigging out. The scene ends with Vegeta trying to eat a giant octopus that sprays him with ink when he pulls on one of its tentacles. Bulma had to pull him out of the restaurant before he loses his temper. This scene is made funnier in the dub where Vegeta proclaims that he will eat the octopus' entire race before getting sprayed.
  • While Vegeta is out in a Hawaii-style fire and dance party, all he can think about is training while the crowd pushes and hit him.
  • Whis talking to an alien in their language, which sounds like they're grunting at each other like monkeys for over a minute. In the dub, he even sounds resigned about having to speak said language.
  • King Kai yelling at Goku for pulling giant weights around his planet, ruining his lawn. Goku dismissively states that it will grow back and keeps training.

Episode 3

  • While on their cross-universe voyage, Whis mentions to Beerus that he has something special in the fridge for him when they get home. Beerus perks up like we've never seen, and then in the most low and dangerous tone of voice he has ever uttered, threatens that Whis best not be lying to him. This becomes even funnier when the audience realizes that Beerus really couldn't do anything to Whis since Whis is tons stronger than Beerus himself.
    Beerus: Something special~?!
    (he suddenly changes his expression; closeup of an intense glare)
    Beerus: Are you telling the truth, Whis? If you aren't...
  • While Whis and Beerus fly at Super Speed, Beerus asks if Whis can go faster. Whis drops them out of his top speed at once and dryly points out to Beerus that he is already the fastest being in the universe, only returning to his max speed when Beerus seems contrite. Whis, of all people!.
  • As Goku is, once again, training on King Kai's planet with basically no regard for courtesy, King Kai finally snaps at Goku in reminding him why precisely he, Bubbles, and Gregory all have halos over their heads.
    King Kai: M-More importantly, you haven't forgotten the poor state you've left me in, have you?
    Goku: Wha...?
    King Kai points to his halo.
    King Kai: Look at this right here! It's because of our sacrifice that Earth is safe and sound right now!
    Goku: Earth is...? —Ah!
    Flashback to Goku taking Semi-Perfect Cell to King Kai's Planet to save the earth, just before he self-destructs, consequently killing all of them.
    Goku: Oh, right! You got blown to bits with Cell exploding n' all, didn't 'cha?
    King Kai: You got us blown to bits! You still have no penance at all, have you?
    Cue King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory chasing Goku around the planet.
    Goku: How many times do I need to say sorry?!
    King Kai: If an apology could solve everything, you wouldn't need a god! My heart always skips a beat whenever Shenron is summoned, but we've never been returned after all this time!
  • Beerus offhandedly revealing that it was he who exterminated the dinosaurs during the last time he was on Earth. What makes it even funnier is that we've seen dinosaurs on Earth in the present day in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, so obviously he didn't do a very good job at it.
    • If you look at a scene where Beerus is in his bath, you see that the water bubbled, showing that he clearly farted.
  • Krillin, 18, and Marron are trying to get to Bulma's party in the car, but the traffic is killer. Once Krillin sees this isn't going to change anytime soon, he cheerfully has them take the Mundane Solution (for this show), and fly... really startling the entire freeway in the process.
    • The fact that flying like a superhero really is the Mundane Solution for this show is rather funny in and of itself.
  • Piccolo being flustered that he blinked during a photo taken during Gohan and Videl's wedding. Gohan apologizes, but says that is the only picture Piccolo allowed them to take.
  • Beerus has a hilarious flip-out when Whis tells him that Goku managed to defeat Frieza, falling backwards while bathing and then standing up so suddenly that Whis (who is actually blushing) has to point out that he's still naked, upon which Beerus quickly hides himself under the water again. He knows that despite being less powerful than him, Frieza is still one of the most powerful mortal beings in the universe — was the most powerful by a vast margin when Beerus went to sleep — and is utterly gob-smacked that someone other than him managed to defeat Frieza.
    • When told that the time from their current location to the North Kai's planet is about twenty-six minutes and forty-four seconds, a Beat occurs before Beerus turns around.
      Beerus: Really, it's that far?! That's the length of an average anime episode!

Episode 4

  • King Kai acting OOC because Beerus is heading towards his planet and he doesn't want Goku to know. Goku notes:
    Goku: He's weird, but he usually isn't this weird.
  • After King Kai explains to Goku that Beerus is a god who destroys planets that annoys him, Goku ask if Beerus destroys planets when the people don't pick up after a dog's feces or pee in the hot springs. King Kai is justifiably annoyed by Goku's bumbling attitude and shenanigans.
  • After learning about the rewards for the bingo event, 18 becomes excited when she learns that second place is a castle. When she tells Krillin she wants it, Krillin ask why she would settle for second place. Her blank reaction shows she never thought of that. She then gets on Krillin for suggesting that second place wasn't good enough.
    • Especially since first prize is a wish on the Dragon Balls, so you could just wish for a castle... though at the time, they didn't know this.
  • Bulma knocking Krillin over the head because he had the nerve to ask how old she is.
  • Trunks disabling Bulma's advanced security system by unplugging it.
    Trunks: This is what we call a security gap.
    • And before this in the dub, Trunks mentions to Goten that if something's glowing, you probably shouldn't touch it like he just did.
    • Goten's reactions to the prizes, also from the dub:
      Goten: (flabbergasted) These are bingo prizes!? My mind is so blown!
  • Bulma yelling at Vegeta over the phone to come to her party. Her rant left even Vegeta flustered.
    • The fact that Bulma hired a secretary specifically for the task of keeping an eye on Vegeta.
  • In addition to obviously throwing around a tremendous amount of money on not just the bingo prizes (which include a private jet and an entire castle), the cruise ship Bulma is having her party on is named "Princess Bulma." It's almost as if Bulma has taken up a recent hobby of trying to out-ego her husband, even though she technically is a princess due to being married to Vegeta.
  • The Pilaf Gang is introduced stuck on an island with Pilaf fishing (and not getting anything) whilst Mai and Shu are digging for treasure which Pilaf believes is there with the map he's gotten and Mai points out he's been scammed. Pilaf sees the ship and they get on their leaky boat and paddle after it, but it overflows with water, then a shark appears.

Episode 5

  • An unintentional example, but the off-model animation of Goku's first fight against Beerus in Episode 5 is so bad it's hilarious. This, however, is only in the original broadcast released since the DVD fixed many of the worst animation shots and Funi airs the Blu-Ray version of Super in the US.
  • The English dub ups the snark to hilarious levels:
    • Gregory snarks Goku:
      Gregory: If ignorance is bliss, then you've got it made.
      Gregory: Please, pretend to have some respect.
    • King Kai offered Beerus delicious food, surprising Goku:
      Goku: Delicious food? Where has he been hiding it, because I would have eaten it by now.
    • King Kai getting on Goku for not greeting Beerus right away:
    • Beerus keeps forgetting the name 'Super Saiyan God':
      Whis: Super Saiyan God. Should I write it down, my lord?
    • King Kai's frustration at Goku wanting to fight Beerus. Also works as a meta joke:
      King Kai: I swear you have brain-damage.
    • Vegeta snarking about hanging out with Yamcha when he forces himself to go to Bulma's birthday part.
    • King Kai warning Vegeta about Beerus, telling him not to fight or anger him, "no Vegeta-ing of any kind."
  • In the dub, Goku keeps calling Beerus 'His Lordship'. And at one point called him his 'Destroyerness'.
  • When Goku tries to blast Beerus with a Kamehameha it looks like he shoots a Hadoken.
    • When Goku launches the attack, the Kamehameha shoots through King Kai's planet.
  • After Super Saiyan 2 fails to even touch Beerus, Goku tells him, "You're amazing, Lord Beerus. On a whole other level."
  • Whis trying to decide if he will have time to eat while Goku and Beerus fight. At first, he thinks things will be quick and then Goku goes Super Saiyan 3. He then decides that you can have a quick bite.

Episode 6

  • Vegeta cooking. Nothing much more needs to be said. It quite possibly beat the bingo dance.
    • The lead-up is great too: After Beerus gets wet from Trunk's squirt gun, Vegeta yells at the top of his lungs and dives overboard, much to the confusion of literally everyone...and then tosses a GIANT Octopus into the sky before tossing a blasted-off tentacle into the chef and does the cooking. At one point, he begins to mutter the word "tako" (Japanese for "octopus").
  • Vegeta got so scared of anybody who will piss off Beerus in any possible way, as he freaked out when Yamcha gave Beerus a friendly but hard thump on the back.
    • The dialog when Vegeta was trying not to let Beerus try Krillin's Russian wasabi balls:
      Krillin: Okay, who ordered the party pooper?
      Beerus: (dead serious voice) Yes, no one likes a pooper of parties.
    • Vegeta goes even further in his freakout episode when Beerus paused in an ominous tone after eating Krillin's Russian wasabi balls. Turns out that Beerus really liked it so much he shouted out that it's the best thing he ever ate.
    • Poor Vegeta could easily have a heart attack when Trunks accidentally sprayed Beerus with a water gun all over the face.
    • Just the fact that Krillin is neither frightened nor intimidated by Vegeta anymore.
  • Krillin running around breathing fire due to overly-spicy food. The Krillin Owned Counter went up in a lot of people's heads.
  • While you feel for the poor kid, the flashback with Vegeta as a child first seeing Beerus is hilarious when he falls flat on his face.
  • Beerus trolling Vegeta when he arrives at the party, even scaring Vegeta by yelling "bang".
  • In the dub, Bulma introduces Beerus to Yamcha with enough of a pause to make you realize she's throwing shade on her ex-boyfriend.

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • While the major stake of the planet's fate is on Oolong's hands, Whis continues to casually enjoy his sushi from the previous episode. He even had the sushi packed up and thanks the chef for making such a delicious meal.
  • Oolong vs. Beerus - the most high stakes rock-paper-scissor match ever. Made even funnier that Oolong lost because he uses scissors three times in a roll, and Puar beats him up over it. The dub makes this even more hilarious since Beerus keeps calling Oolong 'Pig Man'.
    • Even better, in the Battle of Gods movie Yamcha guessed that Beerus had chosen Oolong as opponent because he had assumed he, as a pig, would have hooves and thus would throw only scissors. Oolong is actually a pig-man with hands, but what did he do in this episode?
  • Goku makes his grand entrance, standing at the top of the ship. Instead of floating down towards his friends, he walks down the side, nearly slipping and losing his balance.
  • Goku's Casual Danger Dialog, wishing Bulma a happy birthday and apologizing for not bringing her a present. The icing on the cake, however, is when he asks how old she is.
  • Vegeta suspecting that Goku have been watching them fight Beerus for awhile. Goku's response is to just chuckle at Vegeta.
  • In the dub, Goku asks Beerus 'Super Saiyan please?' as if it's the Saiyan equivalent of 'Pretty please'.
  • Also from the dub, Beerus telling Goku why he must destroy the Earth:
    Goku: In the meantime, could you please not blow up the Earth?
    Beerus: But I must. I beat the pig man in rock-paper-scissors, fair and square.
    Goku: Hold on! Did you seriously decide the fate of this planet by playing Rock-Paper-Scissor with Oolong?

Episode 9

  • Mr. Satan knocking Gohan out of the way when he finds out he's going to be a grandpa.
    • Adding to it is the fact that it took all Saiyans present - two of which are fathers themselves - a good few seconds for it to click that she's pregnant and react accordingly. And even then Vegeta's reaction is the odd one out, not looking 'freaked' unlike the others.
  • Chichi's defense of Vegeta being good enough to be part of making the Super Saiyan God? He recently acted like a good father by going on vacation with his family — even Vegeta looks a little stunned.
  • Just as in the movie, Shenron, a giant mythological wish-granting dragon, knows of Beerus and promptly shits himself in fear like everybody else who's afraid to piss off that arrogant cat.
    Shenron: W-Wait. Lord Beerus is here?!
    Beerus: Hey.
  • Pilaf and gang noticing Shenron in the distance and promptly do an about-face in their haste to escape the ship. They are then nearly swallowed by the sea after whirlpools appear during the Super Saiyan God ritual.
  • Goku wondering if a baby in a womb counts as a Saiyan.
  • Goku questioning whether the ritual to create a Super Saiyan God is failing due to Vegeta's supposed "good heart" or assuming that Gohan and Videl's baby didn't have a righteous heart. Vegeta tells Goku to shut up and Gohan and Videl both tell him to shove it.
  • During the God power-up scene, a random napkin flies up during the constant debris blowing away from the Saiyans and smacks Beerus in the face. Whis' reaction is a deadpan "Oh".
  • Beerus's reaction to finding out that the Saiyans are missing one more person to fulfill the requirement to creating a God? Sigh disappointedly and attempt to blow up the Earth. Of course.
    • While everyone is celebrating that Videl is expecting a child, Beerus gets pissed and screams hysterically for the Saiyans to get on with the ritual.
  • Vegeta is naturally pissed that once again Goku gets to hog all the attention, and demands that the same ritual be done to him when this is all over.
    • Become funnier since no one debates at all about choosing Goku. They all just naturally decide to turn him into a god. Vegeta, along with Gohan, directly connects their power to Goku before realizing what happened and made the above lampshade.
    • Vegeta changes his tune when Goku promises him that if it works, he'll get to have the ritual done to him next time. It's reminiscent of a child wanting the window seat in the car or something.

Episode 10

  • Beerus goes easy on Goku while the Saiyan gets the hang of his God powers, until Goku manages to hold him and perform a variation of the forehead poke and karate chop combo that Beerus had used on him earlier. Beerus gets rather embarrassed and after rubbing his Amusing Injuries off decides to begin the battle for real.
    • Beerus even notes that Goku is the type of person who returns all favors done to him, no matter how petty or small it is; he then realizes that Goku is really similar to him.
  • Bulma gets a little too into the fight, so Vegeta sneaks up behind her and clamps a hand over her mouth to stop her from yelling, looking almost exasperated about it.
  • Pilaf and the gang return to the ship and realize the Dragonballs aren't there anymore. It wasn't a complete loss as Whis was nice enough to feed them.
  • King Kai's random running around in order to alleviate his stress about Goku and Beerus's godly battle on a planet as vulnerable as Earth. Old Kai even chews out King Kai for letting Goku meet Beerus in the first place, even though technically that's not his fault!
  • Goku and Beerus' complete lack of restraint in firing energy blasts at each other and then redirecting/dodging the blast as it hits Earth instead. The resulting shockwaves and tidal waves rattles everyone on the ship, with Piccolo screaming at Goku to mind what he's doing. Little Marron is having the time of her life as everyone tries to hold on, pulling on her father's hair with the biggest smile on her face!

Episode 11

  • The battle between Goku and Beerus heats up, it's a lot more intense but even more amusing than it was in the movie:
    • Goku bites Beerus on the tail, Beerus double-slaps Goku, Goku screams in Beerus' ears, Beerus grabs Goku by the nostrils, Goku sends Beerus flying and the God of Destruction bounces like a beach ball amongst the clouds, etc. All this is happening with the most hilarious expressions on each of their faces.
    • And during those shots, the rest of the Z fighters are talking about how epic the fight is; it's moving too fast for them to see how silly it is at the moment.

Episode 12

  • Beerus looking at Bulma's ship, which was struggling in the wake of his and Goku's battle. He's sweatdropping as he does so and ask "Should we go further away?", which the latter agreed to sheepishly.
  • Vegeta craning his neck back all the way so he can see the fight while still standing on the cruise ship. Whis shows up and quickly offers to let Vegeta watch through the visuals his staff can conjure so the Saiyan doesn't hurt himself. It's how he offers, though.
    Whis: *conjures his viewing orb* Oh, so cool! It's so clear. I can see everything properly now! ...If you want to watch too, please let me know.
    • Vegeta, of course, gives no indication he heard. And even more amusing, Whis at one point breaks character and looks genuinely offended that Vegeta seems to be ignoring him.
  • As the universe itself threatens to crumble around them, Old Kai wishes that he used the Dragon Balls to wish for pretty ladies to look at. He also hands a dirty magazine to the Supreme Kai as a farewell gift. The Supreme Kai is naturally annoyed, and judging by Old Kai's next reaction, Supreme Kai inflicted quite the injury on him.
  • While Goku's fight with Beerus is going on, Mr. Satan is currently communicating with the public in order to keep everybody from going into a mass panic. When he explains that he's at a birthday party and the reporter is confused, he concocts an over-the-top tale that it's actually an evil birthday party that's secretly a coverup for an international criminal ring he's infiltrated. And the reporter believes him!

Episode 13

  • Starting with this episode, there is a new closing theme. One of the scenes shown is Piccolo riding in a car with Gohan and Videl. Vegeta is also, grumpily, riding while Bulma drives. Both funny and heartwarming.
  • When Mr. Satan wants a short explanation of what's going on:
    Whis: There are two fighters having a fight and their powers are both big and scary, they will make your planet and everything go boom.
  • Satan trying to bribe Whis with an all-you-can-eat-anywhere-on-Earth-slip. Whis is severely tempted to stop the fight before deciding that he won't. Satan then points out he'll die too if he lets the battle continue! Whis responds that he couldn't stop the fight even if he wanted to, which the audience at home knows is a DOWNRIGHT LIE; Whis is supposed to be leagues stronger than Beerus.
    • Becomes even more hilarious when you put it together with the later-revealed fact that Whis is actually an angel. Mr. "Satan" almost caused Whis to fall!
  • Beerus losing his cool over the fact that despite being the God of Destruction, he can't wipe out Goku, both when he's in Super Saiyan God and when he's OUT of the godly form. Before the fight begins anew, he mentioned to Goku that he didn't use 100% of his true power out of pride. BUT SCREW THAT NOISE, I JUST WANNA KICK YOUR ASS!!
    • His expressions and demeanor during their brawl are hilarious, especially after Goku headbutts him a couple of times and Beerus denies that it actually hurt; it did.
  • Beerus actually stopping the fight to point out to Goku that he's no longer in his God form and yet Goku is still managing to keep up with the deity. When Goku asks why that is, Beerus screams back "How the hell should I know?!" Goku's response? "Well, you're a God, aren't you? Shouldn't you know these things?" Beerus is actually cowed, clears his throat, and then tries to explain what happened. (Trying to ignore the fact that Goku of all people made him look like a fool.)
  • Vegeta gets Piccolo's attention by firing an energy blast at him when he's pestering Whis. He merely wanted to tell Piccolo to calm down. (Which Piccolo managed to infer through Vegeta's expressionless face since Vegeta doesn't say a word)

Episode 14

  • Beerus scolding Goku after he returned after an apparent defeat, yelling "YOU RUINED THE PERFECT ENDING!"
  • Vegeta holding Goku bridal style after his defeat to Beerus. Goku thanks Vegeta for catching him, but Vegeta brushes it off, saying that he had his power and still lost.
  • Goku teasing Vegeta for losing his temper after Bulma was slapped. Vegeta is not amused. But Piccolo is, figuring out Goku was watching the entire fight.
  • Mr. Satan getting a cellphone call when Beerus is about to destroy the Earth. Not even a minute later, news reporters show up to interview him.

    Golden Frieza Saga 
Episode 15
  • Super Saiyan Mark Satan and demonic Beerus. That is all.
  • Mr. Satan can't remember Beerus' name. After several tries, he settles on Beerbus.
    • For the Funimation dub, they went with Beevis.
  • The Snackian ambassadors and opponent turned out to be so afraid of dogs that they fled the moment Bee shows up.
  • Chi-Chi blowing through 100 million zeni in just a few days. Goku literally face faults. Especially funny when we later learn that she's lying about this, making it so Goku would keep working.
  • During the press conference, Roshi is watching, and says something what we're thinking about the Earthlings:
    Roshi: And they're buying this crap? *shuts off tv*
  • There is also Chi-Chi turning Piccolo into her personal pack mule, forcing him to carry a crap-ton of baby supplies. When he complained, she states that he ate free at their house for years, so he can at least do this.
    • This is even funnier when you remember Piccolo is Namekian and thus does not need to eat.
  • Goku selling the Satan Punch. After getting caught by Chi-Chi slacking off from work, Goku thinks that the only way to escape from the crowd quickly is to pretend taking a Megaton Punch from Mr. Satan. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Made even funnier when he flies back down to grab his tractor then flies back up, still yelling and pretending to be hurt.
    • Made even funnier in the English dub due to Sean Schemmel's delivery. And even better? According to Chris Sabat, the final take used was originally an outtake.
      Goku: Ahhhh! Woooooooaaahhhh-I forgot my tractor-ahhhhhhh-ow that hurt!
    • It's also funnier in the dub given Chi-Chi and Piccolo's reactions:
      Chi-Chi: Don't run from me!
      Piccolo: Very mature.
  • The ending of the episode. Goten asked why wasn't Goku wasn't home yet, and Chi-Chi says that he's working hard. She is obviously upset at seeing Goku slacking off earlier and is holding a broom firmly in her hands, saying she has something for Goku when he gets home, heavily implying that she's going to shove that broom up his butt. Goku wisely decides not to return home that night.

Episode 16

  • Krillin ask Goku to hit him so he can gauge how much stronger Goku has become. Goku warns him several times that it will hurt, badly. Krillin doesn't care and insists that Goku punch him. So, Goku obliges, which smashes Krillin's face in and sends him flying through a forest and someone's house. Goku uses Instant Transmission to try catch to him, but messes up and Krillin ends up ramming into a boulder. In the next scene, he's getting patched up by 18, who asks him what the hell was he thinking.
  • Earlier, Goku drives his tractor while asleep, running it off-track, nearly off a cliff, before nearly running over Krillin. And, much like the first episode, we're left to wonder why Goku is even using a tractor. He can plow the field with his bare-hands.
    • Even funnier is that despite being asleep, Goku doesn't crash or run the tractor off the cliff once!
  • Bulma thinking Vegeta is jealous that she's spending time with Whis:
    Bulma: What!? You can at least pretend!
    Vegeta: Yeah, sure, fine, babe. Is Beerus here?
  • Vegeta trying to get Whis to become his teacher. He takes Whis to a bunch of restaurants, but fails since Bulma already took him. So, he tries to cook himself.
    Bulma: Do you even know how to crack an egg?
    Vegeta: SILENCE!
    • He can't even break an egg properly, they burst in his hand and one hatched into a chicken. By the end of it, he's covered in yolk.
      Bulma: Give it up, Vegeta. We both know you never cooked a rice omelet in your life.
      Vegeta: You've got some nerve criticizing my cooking skills, Miss Microwave Dinner!
    • He finally wins Whis over using Bulma's secret weapon. He gives him a cup of instant ramen noodles. Whis loves it.
    • Subtle, but if viewed again, one can see the baby chicken mimicking Vegeta's mannerisms as he yells at Whis.
      • This likely means that the chick imprinted on Vegeta. It thinks that he is its mommy.
    • And building on that, when Vegeta is holding the first egg over the bowl, milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, and butter are seen on the counter. Even after all these years, Vegeta STILL can't get away from the Ginyu Force.
    • Just the fact that EVERYONE treats Instant Ramen like it truly IS the single most delicious food on the planet. Bulma even whines that she was "saving it as a trump card".
    • If you listen carefully, you can hear Vegeta devolving into Angrish while dealing with the eggs, saying things like "WEAKLING SHELLS" and "COOPERATE".
      • This episode is even hilarious in a meta sense; apparently the cooking scene threw the proud Saiyan prince's character out the window so spectacularly, when the episode was first released there had been a news article related to it. Looks like O.O.C. Is Serious Business was right for the fans.
  • All of Whis' reactions to the food he eats.

Episode 17

  • If she weren't a quarter-Saiyan it'd be dangerous, but Pan giggling as Gohan and Satan mock-fight each other, while she's being tossed in the air every other second so they can keep their hands free, is hilarious.
    • The banter between Mr. Satan and Gohan implies that this has been a reoccurring game they have been playing with Pan.
    • Gohan donning his Saiyanman custom after a really cheesy intro that looks like it came out of a 1950s Superman short. It's even funnier when you consider that Gohan as an adult is still acting like a complete dork.
      • Even funnier if you're well versed in anime history: the entire speech of his transformation to Great Saiyaman was a reference to Go Nagai's Cutey Honey series.
  • Bulma angrily engages in Car Fu on a pair of bank robbers for hitting her car during their getaway, making them crash. Despite that, Krillin, the pursuing police officer, writes Bulma a ticket for speeding and reckless driving.
    • Krillin’s ring tone on his cellphone after finishing writing up Bulma. If you listen closely, it is to the tune of “We Are”, the first opening theme to One Piece!
  • While Chi Chi has barricaded all the men out of a room she, Bulma and Videl are in while discussing Pan's future, Bulma tries to placate her in saying that things will be fine, bringing in that Gohan has become a fine scholar and that even Goku is working properly. She then makes the fatal mistake of mentioning that, in comparison, Vegeta left six months ago to train under Whis... while Goku is right outside the door.
    (Goku smashes through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man; everyone else instinctively ducks for cover)
  • Goku acting like an impatient child, asking Bulma if Whis has arrived yet so he can go train with him. He interrupts her when working, cooking, relaxing, in the bath... It's almost like he's going through withdrawal. Bulma gets so sick of him that she gives him a cellphone so he'll leave her alone. He does the same thing when Whis actually came, this time interrupting him every time he was eating something new...
  • The minute Whis denies Goku the privilege of training with him because of the latter's utter lack of patience, this happens:
    Chi-Chi: (from a distance with Gohan "holding her back") NOBODY MOVE!!!
    Goku: It's Chi-Chi! Aw, crap! (flees)

Episode 18

  • During their attempt to change Beerus's sheets, Vegeta gets knocked into one of the alarm bombs. Showing that he's learned nothing from that time he blew up King Kai by teleporting Cell to his planet, Goku solves this problem by teleporting the bomb to Whis and asking him to handle it.
    • Actually he did learn something: he learned to teleport away after letting someone else deal with the bomb.
    • After the initial surprise, Whis is completely unfazed by the explosion (except for a layer of soot), even laughing about the matter.
  • Goku complaining about needing to use the restroom while traveling with Whis. He threatens to take Goku back home if he pees on himself. Goku then forgets about his Potty Emergency when he sees Vegeta. When Whis reminds him about the bathroom, Goku begins acting like a child again and tries to pee over the side of the castle, which Vegeta immediately puts a stop to.
    Vegeta: What are you doing!? You can't piss there! Use the toilet!
    Goku: (as he runs off) Ahhhh! It's coming out! It's coming out! Ahhh!
  • Goku and Vegeta waiting for Beerus to move so they can change his sheets. The entire sequence is hilarious. Goku being Goku can't help but stand close to Beerus impatiently... Then Beerus tail whips Goku while asleep, to make matters more hilarious Vegeta punts Goku into a wall to prevent him from crashing into one of the alarm bombs scattered around the room. Then Vegeta lower his guard and gets kicked in the face into one of the bombs. After that Beerus somehow manages to pin Goku into a figure-4 leglock while sleeping.
  • Vegeta and his pink apron. He becomes very annoyed when Goku points out how he looks...then gives Goku a blue apron.
  • Goku and Vegeta's rivalry taking to its petty extremes, like seeing who can cut weeds the fastest.
  • Whis informs Goku and Vegeta that in order to speed up, they must not think too much while attacking, but rather have each part of their body become independent of thought. Goku then asks Whis how the master of speed stepped in poop without realizing it.

Episode 19

  • Piccolo falling victim to Cuteness Proximity and making faces at Pan to amuse her.
  • Frieza being tortured in Hell by fairies and teddies singing and dancing around him. They tried to make him smile and he screams, damning them all. Given all he has done, it's a fitting punishment.
  • Black Comedy, but Frieza being revived in pieces and his remains being dumped into a tin can.
  • Shu wishing for a million zeni just like the movie. Even funnier, Mai wishes for ice cream. When Shu asked why she wished for something so simple, she says it's been a long time since she had any.

Episode 20

  • More Black Comedy, but Frieza recounting his torture in Hell with teddies and fairies. You can see his sanity clearly slip.
  • Yet more Black Comedy: Beerus wakes up and comes to check on things. While Goku greets him a butterfly flies over Beerus' nose and he sneezes, firing a projectile that destroys a nearby planetoid. After Goku and Vegeta narrowly sway out of the way, Whis says he didn't need to "bring them back" this time. ...wait, what?!
  • Goten and Trunks' interaction with Jaco and them crashing his ship into the water.
    • Jaco also freaking out when he learns that Goten and Trunks are half-Saiyans, meaning Bulma's husband is a full Saiyan, the people he was trying to keep off of Earth. He starts to treat Trunks and Goten more politely, and Bulma asked him why he's using Japanese Honorifics all of a sudden.
  • Whis claiming that he was tasting the food on Earth for Beerus.
  • Beerus' face when he learns Whis lost some food in space, supposedly.

Episode 21

  • Krillin has clearly had enough of how the world is always just about to be destroyed.
    Krillin: Frieza's back?! An hour? What the hell kind of warning is that?
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, when Frieza expresses his wishes of killing all of Goku's friends before he returns, Bulma replies by stating he's a recycled villain.
  • In the English Funimation Dub, when Krillin dodges the attacks from the soldiers easily, Roshi reminds him that he should be more powerful than third-rate scrubs.

Episode 22

  • Tagoma getting headbutted by Gotenks right in the dragonballs, and getting downed by that one attack. Even funnier since Tagoma was just bragging about how nothing could hurt his steel body after training with Frieza.
  • Ginyu is back in all his hammy glory, even though everyone else forgot about him. Though Frieza is glad to see Ginyu again, the cold tyrant wishes that Ginyu's eccentric personality could change like his bodies do.
    • How he got his body back was also pretty funny. There Tagoma was, curling on the ground, clutching his groin, when out comes a frog who wrote "change" on the ground in front of him...
  • Goten and Trunks commenting about Ginyu's poses, claiming that theirs are better. In the dub, Jaco's reply sells it.
    Jaco: *Sigh* ...Icanteven....
    • And yes, he says that very quickly under his breath.
  • Bulma remembers Frog-Ginyu and is rightly upset. When Jaco asks what happened, Bulma says she would rather forget.
  • Frieza's reaction when he sees Goten and Trunks. He's first stunned to see that Goku had another child, but is left horrified when he recognizes Trunks, thinking he's the same Trunks that killed him (or in the dub, Trunks' son). He then loses it further when he realizes that the Saiyans have multiplied in his absence.
    Frieza: (dub) I leave this world for a while, and those filthy creatures start procreating left and right! It's a damn springtime for monkeys!
  • Frieza's reaction to Goten in the dub:
    Frieza: That face... He's a spitting image of Goku, poor thing.
  • Goku quickly points out the major issue with two Saiyans in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber-esque place: there's no food in sight.
    Goku: We might starve to death before long!
    Vegeta: (equally horrified) What!? That's a serious problem!

Episode 23

  • Beerus getting angry when he realized Goku and Vegeta ate all the pizza Whis stored in their training dimension and chasing them all over the place. The best part is that he was the one who ordered Whis to send them there to begin with.
    • Vegeta even points this out himself, right in the middle of the chase 'destruction':
      Goku: We didn't have a choice! It was all we had!
      Vegeta: And it was your ass that trapped us there!
    • The very idea of Vegeta of all people eating pizza.
  • Frieza listening in on Bulma's telepathic conversation with Whis and frowning when she mentioned that Earth was getting attacked by "that scumbag Frieza".
    Frieza: ...a scumbag?
    • Arguably funnier in the Japanese where Bulma calls Freeza a bastard. Freeza's bewildered delivery is what really seals it.
  • In the dub, Frieza mentions that he enjoys a moving target. Not so much funny in context, but definitely funny when you get the reference.
  • When Goku locks onto Gohan's signal, he offers his hand to Vegeta so they can teleport to Earth. Vegeta looks at Goku like he'd grown a second head, but reluctantly reached for Goku's hand. After less than a second of thought, he grabs Goku's shoulder instead.
  • More Black Comedy: Frieza describes how hellish his Hell was to Goku and Vegeta, who are both entirely disinterested. Goku's flippant comment of "I don't care" cements it.
  • Frieza's killing his own men by transforming into his true form is both awesome and terrible. The funny bit comes from Sorbet's reaction. When the dust clears, he can only look around in shock, wondering where the entire army went.

Episode 24

  • A bit more Black Comedy, sub version only. Frieza states that Goku doesn't know how humiliating it is being killed, but he's saying this to a guy who has died twice.
  • Jaco being the Butt-Monkey:
    • When Bulma tells him how her husband is named, Jaco guesses he's the Prince of Saiyans... And tries to jump on his spaceship and leave the planet, even resorting to begging Bulma when she keeps him there.
    • Bulma notices that Jaco looks similar to Frieza, and thus this brings up the possibility that they work together.
    Jaco: Why is everyone on this planet so crazy?!
  • Vegeta attacks Goku for taking so long to beat Frieza, saying Goku (and Frieza) are doing nothing but talk and warming-up, and he didn't interrupt his training to deal with this.
    • Vegeta clapping so loud that it hurts Frieza's ears, with the definition of a sarcastic, even trolling smile on his face. When Frieza complains about this, Vegeta says his ears hurt from repeatedly hearing Frieza's rants about revenge. Or in the dub, what he hears as outright whining for the 'hard work' Frieza's done training; he isn't impressed, especially considering that he and Goku have done that for basically their entire lives.
      Vegeta: You come to my home whining about a few months' effort, and you have the nerve to talk about your revenge? You should keep your mouth shut!
  • Goku talking down Frieza when the latter attempts to shoot him while he's transforming.
    Goku: (eyes closed) You know I can sense that, so don't even try.
    Frieza: (shrugs; mild) Just having some fun.
  • Frieza being an Audience Surrogate in regards to the Super Saiyan Blue transformation, saying he nearly bit his tongue trying to say the whole explanation.
    Frieza: So the Super Saiyan who is as strong as a Super Saiyan God yet is not a Super Saiyan God is now the Super Saiyan version of that? You really need to work on your descriptions, Goku, I nearly bit my tongue trying to spit it all out!

Episode 25

  • After Goku transforms, Jaco takes pictures of Goku's new transformation. When asked by Bulma what would happen if the other Galatic Patrolmen found out, he reveals they're probably gonna send a missile to destroy Earth. Bulma then takes his phone to destroy it.
  • Beerus and Whis trying the large parfait Bulma kept for them. Cue both eating.
  • Three incidents occur as Beerus and Whis are eating:
    • Frieza takes notice of Beerus and humbles himself while Beerus thinks of killing him for not addressing him formally. Beerus tells Frieza he has no intention of interfering and tells him do whatever he wants.
    • When Bulma asks Beerus if he could save her from certain doom, he assures her that he will as long as he eats his parfait. Cue the rest of the warriors leaning towards him just in case.
      • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Beerus tells Bulma that she'll be safe as long as she's close to him, and the way he says it (while dropping his voice) makes it sound like he's trying to flirt with Bulma.
    • As Beerus is busy eating, Jaco is amazed by him and wants to take pictures. Cue Bulma telling him he's the God of Destruction and he'd probably kill him.

Episode 26

  • Goku once more bites Frieza's tail.
    • The dub manages to make it even funnier, as Frieza's voice hilariously cracks in regards to this happening again.
      Frieza: You bastard!
  • Goku and Vegeta bickering like kids when Vegeta wants to switch with Goku after they both realize Frieza's Fatal Flaw. This drives Frieza completely crazy.
  • Jaco being The Chew Toy whenever Bulma's choking him up whenever it looks like Goku is losing to Freeza. He even commented how she's the scariest.

Episode 27

  • Vegeta kicking Goku like a football to get him out of the way. Doubles as an amusing Call-Back to the Android Saga.
  • Frieza claiming there was no way Vegeta could get in his way ...and then giving an awesome Oh, Crap! face when Vegeta turns Super Saiyan Blue.
  • After the battle with Frieza is finished, Jaco starts fawning over Frieza's spaceship, which apparently has very neat specs.
  • Bulma reminds Jaco that Time manipulation is a galactic offense, and asks if he should arrest Whis. Jaco replies that he didn't see anything.
  • Trunks comments that the next time Frieza shows up, he'll cut him in half. Everyone else can only laugh at the irony.
  • Beerus laments that the God of Destruction saved a planet (even though Whis did all the work), but quickly gets over it when Bulma says she will throw a feast for them.
  • Goku and Vegeta deciding that they won't work together despite acknowledging that things wouldn't have gone so bad if they did.
  • Piccolo is revived off-screen with no fanfare, as if making fun of the fact that Frieza's only real victory is rendered moot before the episode ends.
  • Piccolo walking around with a bowl of food in his hand. Piccolo is a Namekian, he doesn't need to eat.
  • One final bit of Black Comedy for Frieza: he's right back in Hell again, being welcomed back by the fairies and teddy bears... he can only scream in horror.
    Fairies: Welcome home!

    Universe 6 Saga 
Super Manga Only
  • Goku accidentally biting his tongue from saying "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan" too much while arguing with Vegeta, prompting them to rename it "Super Saiyan Blue".
  • When Whis gets mad at Goku and Vegeta for breaking the 'No Transformations' rule of their training, Goku points at Vegeta like a little kid, as if saying "He started it!"
  • When setting up the rules of the tournament, Vegeta suggests that all fighters must pass a simple written test to ensure that the participants are at least sentient. Which backfires spectacularly when Buu gets every question wrong (including misspelling his own name) and is disqualified before even setting foot in the ring. It was a close thing to being even worse too, with Goku just barely passing, right on the 50% limit!
  • Frost is unaware that the Universe 7 fighters already know about his transformations and aren't going to be fooled by his holding back.
    Vegeta: Final form my ass!
    • Said line also ended up in the English dub of the episode proper.
  • During Vegeta's fight against Auta Magetta, Goku tells Vegeta to do what he did and throw Magetta off the ring since it appears that normal and ki attacks have no effect on Magetta. Vegeta actually agrees to Goku idea and attempts to lift a 1,000 ton metal man which results in him getting hit in the head. Beerus angrily yells at Goku to stop giving out dumb advice as Vegeta comments that he knew chimps that could outsmart Goku.

Episode 28

  • The space-like suits Goku and Vegeta are forced to wear while training. Beerus also tries to kill them when he thinks they're the ones making all the noise, when it's really Champa.
  • Champa is so out of shape that simply walking to Beerus' palace leaves him out of breath and sweating. He also ate so much already that Vados informs him that he needs to skip lunch and dinner to make up the calories he consumed.
  • Beerus' first (on-screen) interaction with Champa, throwing insults at each other. Of course, Beerus thinks he came to Universe 7 to eat his universe's food, but the latter declines, saying he doesn't want any of U7's crappy food. Champa then tries to get Vados to attack Beerus, saying he's too lazy to do it himself.
  • Champa and Vados loving instant ramen noodles. Also acts as a Brick Joke since that's how Vegeta won Whis over to be his student.
  • Goku asks Whis to go slower when explaining the twelve universes. Vegeta says he'll explain it again later.
  • Before the fight starts between Beerus and Champa, Vegeta has already moved out of harms way before Goku even noticed.
  • Goku and Vegeta falling through the floor after Beerus and Champa rotted it out after their very brief fight.
  • In the dub, Goku describes Champa as being like Lord Beerus, if he ate another Lord Beerus.

Episode 29

  • The heavy suits Goku and Vegeta were wearing slowly sinking into the ground after they take them off.
  • Bulma slaps Beerus when he calls her an old auntie.
  • Bulma casually reveals she has a sister, which then gets heavily lampshaded.
    Bulma: (on the phone) Oh, hi sis.
    Goku/Vegeta: (in shock) Bulma has a sister!?
  • Bulma intimidates Jaco into helping her by saying she'll send Vegeta after him if he doesn't. Jaco, previously very hesitant of going with Bulma after being made The Chew Toy during Frieza's invasion, takes of very quickly.
    • Also, Vegeta takes offense to being used as a means of intimidation despite spending the first part of his life as a space pirate. Though admittedly, he was forced into it.
  • Vados, for all her power, is Champa's Beleaguered Assistant as she carries the Super Dragon Balls across the universe for him, uses her Reality Warper abilities to create breathable Atmosphere and a Tournament Ring (including food stands, at Champa's insistence) while Champa contributes by renaming the nameless planet... as the Planet of Nothing.
  • Shenron gets summoned to locate the final Super Dragon Ball, and once more loses his cool in the presence of Beerus. He even asks why Beerus is on planet Earth so much.
    • After Shenron leaves, Goku feels as if he forgot about something and realises he hasn't revived King Kai yet. Bulma just tells him that's not important right now, while King Kai can only look on from his planet and sigh in disappointment. Even though he could have telepathically contacted Goku to remind him at any point.
  • When Bulma gives Vegeta a kiss on the cheek, he gets mad at her (in a comical way) for sneaking up on him like that.
  • Vegeta jumping at Beerus' beck and call.
  • Beerus blowing Goku away while screaming at him. While Vegeta flips the table, puts napkins in his ears and covers Bulma's at the same time.

Episode 30

  • Vegeta narrates most of the Recap Episode, but Goku interrupts him at several points. For instance, When Vegeta tells about Goku's "excessive" desire to fight people from another Universe, Goku interrupts him and asks if that isn't too strong a word. Vegeta restates his sentence without changing anything. When Vegeta wants to explain the rules of the tournament Goku interrupts him again, much to Vegeta's chagrin. For added hilarity, Vegeta's narration is told with the voice of The Narrator of the series.
  • When Goku asks Vegeta if he wants to join him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get in three years worth of training in the three days leading up to the tournament. Vegeta says that he doesn't want to go with Goku... until Goku jokes about getting even stronger than him.
    Vegeta: You just had to go there.
  • When Krillin is asked about how he knows about the "space picnic", there is a flashback showing this chain of events...but Krillin is imitating Chi-Chi, 18, and Marron. The English dub adds a hilarious adlib at the end that fans will likely agree with.
    Krillin: I'm a good father and husband!
    • Dub! Vegeta is very offended that Goku would just lie to his wife like that.

Episode 31

  • All of Bulma's abuses toward Jaco. He does get the last laugh by telling Goku that her breast size shrunk. By the time she finds this out, Jaco is off the planet.
  • Jaco takes Bulma to Zuno, an all-knowing guru of some sort. In order to get questions you have to kiss him on the cheek. Jaco gets one question and wastes it by asking Bulma's breast size. Much to her dismay. Zuno correctly answers and reveals her bust has started to sag recently. Bonus points for Bulma wearing a cleavage-exposing low-cut t-shirt during this moment.
  • Bulma wasting two of her three questions, then trying to blame Jaco for wasting his question.
  • Goku muses about how scary Bulma is. Vegeta doesn't mind and Goku agrees, saying that is what he likes about Chi-Chi. When Vegeta reveals that weak women are not suitable for Saiyans, both Piccolo and Goku are shocked by the revelation. Made funnier if you remember that Namekians are asexual, and Piccolo was often confused by the concept of love. When he heard Vegeta's explanation, he treats it like a "Eureka!" Moment.
    • Even funnier because it puts in perspective a moment back from the original series: Roshi had told Goku to bring him a beautiful girl, and Goku brought him a gigantic and pudgy powerlifter and a mermaid (who, needing to swim all the time, would be naturally strong) because, by Saiyan standards, they are beautiful.
  • Vegeta, protective husband that he is, telling Jaco not to try anything with Bulma.
    Vegeta: Yo jackass!
    Jaco: Yeah what is it?!
    Vegeta: (pause) Don't you try any funny business with my wife.
    (Jaco makes a bunch of hand gestures indicating he finds the idea disgusting, before getting decked by Bulma)
    • Then later, Vegeta makes sure none of the above happened, to which Bulma responds with:
      Bulma: (playful) Oh, and what do you mean by "funny business", jealous guy?

Episode 32

  • Dende and Mr. Popo playing tennis on the lookout.
  • Vegeta being annoyed that Goku is more interested in fighting Monaka instead of the fighters from U6. He also appears to be annoyed that Goku doesn't take their rivalry that seriously if he's already looking for more challenges.
  • Bulma being less than impressed with meeting the King of the Galaxy. When the king asked why she isn't impressed by him, Jaco says it's because she's buddies with the Kais and the God of Destruction.
    • At first, Bulma mistook the King for Jaco's new girlfriend.
  • Goku and Vegeta showing up with beards, making them both look like nomads and with torn clothes- Bulma's reaction to this is priceless. They also both stink to the point they can be smelt from a distance (with Goku and Vegeta both apparently nose-blind to this), and they're forced to take showers. Even Whis, who takes care of a grumpy destroyer god who could go thousands of years sleeping without ever bathing, was disgusted by the smell.
  • Vegeta also complains about the food in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which is funny when you remember his Establishing Character Moment was eating a bunch of freshly slaughtered aliens. It would seem his time on Earth has made him pickier.
  • In the dub, Vegeta's reaction to Chi Chi's cooking:
    Vegeta: This is the first decent meal I've had in three years... I apologize for what you're about to witness! *scarfs the whole plate*
  • Buu farting in the enclosed cube, much to the annoyance of everyone. Not helped that Mr. Satan decided to make a horrible pun about how Buu stands for fart in Japanese.
  • Goku lampshading how one shouldn't be fooled by Monaka's appearance, saying that powerful people with unassuming looks is always the case.
  • Monaka explaining the meaning of his name, which means nipples. Goku then notices that Monaka does indeed have huge nipples. Beerus tells Goku that he would have been better off not knowing that, to which Goku agrees.
  • Goku sucker punches Monaka in the face, trying to test him. Beerus is horrified and smacks Goku for his stupidity. Even funnier, this isn't the first time Goku did something like this and given what happened to him when Krillin threw a rock at his head, he should know better.
    Beerus: (after smacking Goku) How much brain-damage do you have!?
  • Champa being the butt end of the joke for Beerus, Whis, and even his own assistance Vados.
  • The Kais of U6 being stunned by how friendly Goku is with the Supreme Kais of U7.
  • The test to be part of the tournament. Goku has a hard time with a word math problem, while Vegeta looks on in annoyance. Unlike the manga, we don't know Goku's score, but Buu fell asleep in the middle of the test and the test was only ten minutes. Vegeta blames Goku for inviting Buu, while Goku says it was Vegeta who insisted on a written test.
  • The National Universal Anthem. It is literally one line long. The Universe 7 group fall down when it ends.
    The National Anthem of the Universe: It's a big universe and there's two. <song ends>
    • What makes it even funnier is the singer. He looks like a small purple penguin with a single antenna wearing a red bow tie, but he has a bizarrely deep voice.

Episode 33

  • Goku may be far stronger than Botamo but he can't seem to inflict any damage since his body literally absorbs damage. The solution? Just drag him helplessly to the side of the ring and flip him over the edge. Botamo's expression as he lies outside the ring is priceless.
    • Earlier in the fight, Goku complained he's moving so slow because he overate. When the announcer said that had to be some good grilled meat, Chi-Chi becomes proud of herself.
    • There is also everyone's reaction to the win, including Champa whining like a Spoiled Brat, claiming Goku cheated, which causes him to be booed by the audience. In the background, you can see Botamo sulking, looking almost like he's crying.
  • Goku's reaction to Frost's supposed final form.
  • Champa, loud-mouthed bully that he is, is genuinely touched by Frost's backstory and humanitarian efforts. When it looks like Frost is going to lose, Champa starts worrying about who will help the orphans.

Episode 34

  • Beerus trying not to act like a Sore Loser in front of Champa after Goku loses. It's an extremely awkward scene that makes even Goku uncomfortable; he looks like he preferred Beerus yelling at him.
  • Goku telling Piccolo in no certain terms that he has no chance against Frost. When Piccolo asks if he should forfeit, Goku says he can at least soften Frost up for Vegeta. Piccolo laughs, musing about his role in the tournament.
  • Piccolo crushing the referee with his heavy cape.
  • Piccolo demonstrating his techniques is accused by Champa as cheating. When the referee assures him otherwise, this exchange happens:
    Champa: A lowly referee talking back against the God of Destruction?! I'll destroy you!
    Beerus: Quit your whining! In a tournament setting, the referee has more authority than Gods!
    Whis: (quietly to Beerus) Do you really mean that?
    Beerus: Of course I don't.
  • Champa threatens to destroy Jaco if he's wrong about Frost being a cheater. This makes Jaco almost backed out of his claim, but Beerus tells the referee to search Frost, not caring if Jaco gets destroyed. Vegeta echoes the sentiment. Poor Jaco is disheartened about how little they think of his life.
  • After Frost's true nature is revealed Goku facepalms, mimicking many fans' reaction who thought Frost was a good version of Frieza, and were disappointed as a result.
    • A rather sad, yet funny moment. Vegeta isn't surprised that Frost is evil. He says that no matter the universe, Frieza can never be a good person. Nice Lampshade Hanging.

Episode 35

  • Frost's face when Vegeta punched him out of the ring. He hits the barrier so hard that he breaks it and no one on Frost's team really cares.
  • Beerus trying desperately to hide Monaka's secret. He completely freaks out when Goku tries to request a sparring match with Monaka after the tournament.
  • Beerus and Champa's rock-paper-scissor match. They did it so fast that it appears as a motion blur. Champa had cramps afterwards.
  • The poor referee trying to keep order as Beerus and Champa keep changing the rules on him.
  • Magetta taking the field. The guy is so heavy that entire stage almost tips over just by him landing. He then drinks the cup he brought with him...revealing it's molten lava. The announcer has a bit of an Oh, Crap!.
  • Vegeta assumes at first Magetta will be easy due to being slow. Cue an Oh, Crap! when Magetta speeds up drastically.
  • Hit literally knocks Frost out for the rest of the saga. Every shot with Frost is him slumped over, making fans wonder if Frost is dead.
  • One for the dub, it take a while but you realize that Magetta's voice actor is a text to voice program, which is oddly hilarious to listen to after one gets over the realization that it is what is going on.

Episode 36

  • Jaco getting wise to Bulma's random abuse and quickly swapping himself for Oolong before she lashes out again.
  • Turns out Bulma and Trunks had the good sense to bring sunglasses to the tournament, especially when Vegeta was fighting, knowing things could get bright from all the energy being thrown around.
  • The fact that for all his posturing and brute force, the thing that helps Vegeta beat Magetta is him trash-talking and name-calling Magetta while punching him. Made even better when Whis mentions that the fight would have ended a lot faster if Vegeta had just done that in the first place.
  • Magetta attacks Vegeta with a bomb made from his fart and lava. A fart bomb. This technically means that Magetta weaponized the dutch oven prank.
  • Vegeta's near-ring out:
    • Everyone's shocked that Vegeta, of all people, has lost by ring out, Champa is enjoying the victory... Then the referee announces he's landed on a broken-off piece of the ring and thus is safe.
    • Champa's outraged at the decision, and demands to know who invited him there. Vados promptly reminds him that it was him.
    • Goku's face when he realizes just how pissed Vegeta is at having been saved by the rules.
    • Vegeta's appropriately pissed reaction at the situation: the Final Flash.

Episode 37

  • Bulma telling Vegeta not to fight too hard since they still have Goku around to fight, which annoys Vegeta to no end, given his history with Goku.
  • When Vegeta turns Super Saiyan Blue, Hit opens his eyes, showing mild interest in the new transformation. However, Hit sees that Goku is looking at him. Hit also notices that Goku has been looking at him the whole time (paying attention to Hit rather than Vegeta v. Cabba) ... and when we get to see Goku, he looks like an excited child. The fact that Goku looks happy/eager while Hit looks serious is priceless in itself.
  • After Piccolo gives a heartwarming speech about how Vegeta helped Cabba since he is the Saiyan Prince and he would want to help a fellow Saiyan, Goku comments that Vegeta never does anything like that for him despite also being a Saiyan. Piccolo states that it's maybe because he doesn't like Goku and finds him annoying. Goku is completely surprised and wonders why Vegeta would think he's annoying.
  • Bulma and Chi-Chi are understandably annoyed at the fact that Saiyans in the Sixth Universe actually 'work' for a living.

Episode 38

  • Champa's smug expressions to Beerus as Hit humiliates and defeats Vegeta in their match. Beerus's decision to bring on Monaka on his team to encourage Goku and Vegeta to work harder comes back to bite him in the ass hard as he starts to worry his team might lose if Goku falls against Hit. Whis even lampshades this fact aloud…which Piccolo overhears.
    • Speaking of Monaka, he finally regain consciousness after he fainted from seeing Goku's Kamehameha in the first match. He's confused about what is happening around him until he sees Vegeta transform into a Super Saiyan Blue. He freaks out and them promptly faints again with his eyes open.
  • Both Jaco and the Galactic King pretending that they didn't see Hit Time-Leaping since manipulating time is an universal crime. Bulma calls both of them out on this and demands Hit be arrested. Goku says that they can't arrest Hit because he hasn't gotten the chance to fight him.
  • Hit not knowing how to react as Goku shows his "elder" more respect, having heard Hit's true age.
    Goku: Wow, you really are my senior and then some!
  • Champa's expression when Goku manages to land a blow against Hit. Plus the way his voice becomes a squeak upon expressing his disbelief.

Episode 39

  • As the fight between Goku and Hit intensifies, the series starts going meta with a lot of cliches Dragon Ball is infamous for. Goku's bemused observation that Hit screams when he powers up, just like him, and Hit didn't even have to do it, he just did it to mimic how Goku gets stronger. Champa desperately screaming at Hit to attack Goku before he fully powers up. Vegeta getting angry that Hit "stole" the ability to power up in the middle of a fight from Saiyans.
  • Hit mimics Goku's way of powering up, but doesn't actually get stronger, causing massive confusion in everyone watching. Champa hangs a lampshade on, to some extent, the entire series by pointing out that he's supposed to get stronger after all the screaming.
    • The 6th Universe's Supreme Kai even notes that, despite enjoying things like a true martial artist, Goku does a lot of screaming in general.
    • In the English Dub, Hit says that he can't power up "through some noisy transformation" like Frost and Saiyans like Goku/Vegeta.
  • Beerus and Whis arguing who is responsible for Goku's success. There is also Whis teasing Beerus about if he fears Goku's new powering up. Beerus tries to play if off, but he clearly does.
    • Related to the above, Vegeta's reaction when he sees the Super Saiyan Blue/Kaioken combination. He is shocked that Goku can now use what was originally a suicide technique. It is a classic Dragon Ball Z, 'Vegeta is jealous of Goku' reaction, something we really haven't seen in Super up to this point.

Episode 40

  • After Goku's loss, Beerus has a massive Oh, Crap! as he realises he is down to relying on Monaka. And Whis all too gladly rubs it in his face.
  • After Goku jumps off the ring to fight Hit again someday, it's Hit vs Monaka. Monaka punches Hit does nothing. Taking a page from Android 18 vs Hercule Satan, Hit "flies" off the ring, shocking everyone watching.
    • The fact that Monaka just looks wide eyed as if to say "Did I do that?" afterwards.
  • Since its his turn to fight, Monaka jumps from the platform... And crashes head-first on the arena. Goku's reaction sells it: he's in awe, claiming that Monaka's unfathomable strength makes even his simpler movements unpredictable.
  • After all the above, Goku still doesn't realize Monaka's a fake, and attributes all of his weird behavior to awesomeness.
  • Goku shakes one of the Galactic King's many tentacles:
    King: (blushing) That's my penis…
  • Despite the dramatic scene of Champa being ready to kill his entire team, we get a shot of Frost, who is still unconscious.
  • Champa and Beerus panicking when their attendants tell them that Zen'o just arrived.

Episode 41

  • Beerus and Champa spend most of the first third of the episode practically crapping their pants while addressing Zen'o. Then Goku comes in and starts addressing Zen'o in the most informal way imaginable, simply because he's excited about Zeno's idea of a Multiversal Tournament.
    Goku: (cheerfully) Oh hell yeah! That would be totally awesome, little dude!
    • Whis and Vados rat out their respective gods on how they've been neglecting their duties as Gods of Destruction. Vados specifically goes into how overweight Champa is and how he won't eat her balance meals since he says they taste awful. What sells this scene is that Vados is obviously upset by Champa's comments.
    • When Goku offers to give Zen'o a handshake, serious music starts playing, almost as if a serious battle is taking place. It really drives home just how powerful Zen'o is. Then he lifts Zen'o like a kid, and everyone present nearly crapped their pants...
    • The bodyguards say "Later gators" when leaving in the English dub.note 
  • When Champa is about to leave, we see a shot of all the U6 fighter. Magetta has Frost hanging off of his shoulder like a dead rabbit.
  • Whis' recital of the God language has a really funny accent, as opposed to Beerus or Super Shenron who don't at all. It almost makes you wonder if it's intentional on his part.
    • In the Dub, the first time Whis recites the God language, he does so in a sing-song tone.
  • When told that they're now in Super Shenron's body:
    Goku: What, you mean we're gonna get crapped out?
    Chichi: Not in front of the children, dear!
    • It's just as funny in the English dub.
    Goku: We're not all gonna turn into dragon poop, are we?
    Chichi: This is serious, Goku!
  • Krillin giving his wife a quick "Well, can you explain this one?" look once Goku and his friends face Super Shenron's core, at which 18 gives him an exasperated look in return.
  • After Beerus gives Monaka a truckful of gold and treasures, he says he wants to use his services again as a motivator for Goku, whereupon Monaka literally cries tears of despair...
    • It's even funnier because based off his outfit, Monaka is a simple delivery man. Taken from his everyday life into a world occupied by god-level beings and beyond. It's almost sad.

    Potaufeu Arc 
Episode 42
  • Chi-Chi calling Monaka a true man for being super strong and having a steady job. We then cut to Goku, sleeping lazily on his tractor.
  • Krillin suspects that Monaka is actually weak after he start crying. When he asked Piccolo about this, Piccolo tries to pretend not to know anything.
  • Beerus and Whis are shocked to see Monaka at the party since they didn't invite him. It's especially funny with Whis since he's rarely surprised by anything.
    • Even better, Bulma calls him out for not inviting Monaka to the party like she asked him to. Beerus' expression changes from shock to shame.
    • And why Monaka there to begin with? Because Jaco had thought to order some sweets for the party, and Monaka just happened to be chosen to make the delivery.
  • Beerus tells Goku that he won't let him spar Monaka unless he does 100 trillion sit-ups. Goku takes the challenge and is done in less than a minute. Beerus says that it's physically impossible for Goku to have done that many in such a short time and Goku must have counted improperly. Goku insists that he did count in, 1 trillion, 2 trillion, 3 trillion. Beerus yells that he cheated and Chi-Chi says that there was no way Goku can count that high.
  • Goku dragging poor Manaka off to spar. To Monaka, it looks like he's heading towards his execution.
  • Goku gets to fight Monaka who is actually Beerus in disguise, which everyone but Goku realizes.
    • At one point, Vegeta and Piccolo are forced to jump in to help repair Beerus' costume, confusing the hell out of Goku for interrupting their fight, and in engaging in fairly-bad acting to try and cover this.
      • How they repaired the costume: without Piccolo's "Clothes Beam".
    • There is also Beerus' all-around embarrassment at having to wear such a disguise, with everyone, especially Whis telling him at face value it's his own fault.
    • Poor Vegeta is run ragged because his wife and son have no problem calling Beerus out, Bulma especially.
    • Puar transforming into Beerus in order to fool Goku and Yamcha giving it all away by revealing that the real Monaka fainted during the sparring match. And the kicker is that Goku still doesn't put two-and-two together (he just thinks Monaka has the ability to split himself into two beings like Majin Buu).
    • After Yamcha letting the cat out of the bag, everyone's glaring at him. It looked like if they were all gonna be destroyed by Beerus, they're gonna kill Yamcha first.
    • The ending where Beerus laments that lying is bad and Whis saying Honesty is best, like it was straight out of a children's cartoon.
  • The Dubs has Whis refer to Monaka as "an easily frightened pink troll in a dead end job". The poor guy just looks like he's been kicked.
  • The whole episode becomes funny when one realizes that the plot is esentially the same as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, but with Goku and Beerus' roles reversed, including Goku startling and scaring Beerus on a few occasions (of course Beerus isn't scared of Goku, it is a bit more complicated, but it is still funny, regardless).

Episode 43

  • Goku's shopping list. If you take the time to look at it, for some reason the list has pictures instead of words, almost like a children's book. And the pictures are drawn crudely to boot (most likely by Goku). For added hilarity, the list has the volume of what Goku's is buying: 10 kg of bread, 35 kg of pork, 30 kg of chicken, 50 kg of cow, 30 kg of goat, and 40 kg of horse. For those more familiar with pounds this is 22 lbs of bread, 77 lb of pork, 66 lb of chicken, 110 lb of cow, 66 lb of goat, and 88 lb of horse. Apparently, Goku not only loves diversity in meat, but he particularly loves beef.
  • Goku, due to his loss of ki control, accidentally Instant Transmissions into Bulma's bedroom while she walks in with only a towel covering her. After a 2-second Beat, she screams and Vegeta comes in immediately, and his reactions to seeing Goku there are priceless... particularly to Goku's subsequent statement about not being there to see Bulma's sagging chest; both she and Vegeta turn red upon this. He also wrecks his own house due to poor flight control, much to Chi-Chi's delight.
    • The scene is just as hilarious in the English dub.
      Goku: Look, I didn't come here on purpose, okay?!
      Goku: Trust me, I'm just as confused as you! Look, I wouldn't come here just to see your boobies. (completely casually) Yours are too saggy, now.
      (Beat; both Bulma and Vegeta turn red.)
      Vegeta: (enraged) WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOOOOOUUUUU?!
    • Bulma has lasers in her bedroom security system, and she threatens to use them on Goku if he doesn't get the HFIL outta there.
    • How does Chi-Chi first notice Goku's problem? The fact that he doesn't want to eat.
      • She also casually asks if Goku is dead again. Goku — equally as casually — responds that it's already happened twice, and that this feels different from being dead.
  • Immediately afterward, Goku teleports a foot away from Krillin — who just seems like this stuff doesn't surprise him anymore — and ends up squatting in front of him on his desk:
    Goku: You're not King Kai.
    Krillin: (with deadpan sincerity) Gotta admit, you're right.
  • The scene at King Kai's, thanks to King Kai still holding a grudge over being dead and Goku being beyond Innocently Insensitive about it.
  • In response to Chi-Chi's 'good thing we have Mr. Satan's money' statement regarding their house situation, Goku asks if she lied about having blown through it way before, but completely un-surprised. She defensively claims that otherwise he wouldn't have worked so hard... for a certain definition of hard anyway, or in the dub adds that it barely made any difference anyway.
  • Goku calls Piccolo "Pikkoyo" after hearing baby Pan say it.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Piccolo's claim that he has to go hang out the laundry. Imagining Piccolo hanging out his laundry is already hilarious, but then you remember that it has been shown more than once already that Piccolo can materialize his clothes out of thin air, and shouldn't need laundry in the first place.
  • Piccolo claims that Pan cries if anyone but him holds her... then has to eat his words when Pan happily laughs while being held by her grandpa. He also knows all of Pan's habits and dislikes to the point that not even Chi-Chi knows half of this information. When Piccolo lets it slip that Pan loves to hear singing before falling asleep, Goku asked if Piccolo sings. (He doesn't answer)
  • Throughout his entire meeting for his new job, it looks like Gohan has a stick shoved up his butt and he's overly formal.
  • Even after all these years, Arale still loves playing with crap.
  • Chichi's reaction to Gohan getting a job: she's happy he'll be the first ever diligent Saiyan in their universe.
  • Slightly dark, but still hilarious: Everyone's reaction to the normally quiet and calm-if-stern-spoken Piccolo YELLING at them after they all discover Pan has disappeared. With Goku having no ki control, Piccolo is the strongest one there and Goku might actually realize this, as he acts really placating. Not to mention its been a long, long time since Piccolo has been that loud, or angry, at any of them....Goku and Chichi were both probably having flashbacks....

Episode 44

  • After Monaka drives off with Goten and Trunks, he spends several minutes listening to the radio announce one-size fit all galactic pants that are now available. Even more outstanding, there is a Galactic Pants Conference for stuff like this.
    • It gets better if you know that in Japanese, "pants" colloquially means "underpants." So a more accurate translation would be that there's a Galactic Underwear Conference.
  • Goten and Trunks getting frozen in space, after accidentally getting stuck in the back of Monaka's space van. And don't ask where the water needed to form such amounts of ice came from.
  • After a not-particularly-intense battle, Monaka faints yet again.
  • Vegeta briefly implies to Bulma that it was partly her fault the children accidentally went off in space. Bulma somewhat angrily asks him if he means that, to which Vegeta says that he didn't mean to insult her. And then Bulma tells Vegeta that he is wrong and it really is her fault.
  • When Jaco tells Bulma he can't help her because he's a busy Super Elite, Bulma points out he has a lot of free time. Then Jaco tries to bail by showing a picture of a criminal he has to catch, to the woman and man who have faced down the likes of Frieza and Buu.
  • After Bulma blackmails Jaco into looking for the kids, Vegeta comments on how Bulma uses Jaco as she pleases. Then Bulma promptly orders Vegeta to go with him.
  • Jaco and Vegeta spend their time in Jaco's ship in awkward silence as a space radio channel literally has nothing to report. We're treated to a solid half minute of Vegeta and Jaco just standing around while the radio commentator tries to pass the time. For added hilarity, the radio host talks about how you can start a conversation to break an awkward silence, even suggesting small talks and Jaco closes commenting that it's not going to happen.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, the radio host is voiced by Ricardo Hill, who also voices King Kai. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except that outside dubbing, Hill is also known in Mexico for his outlandish parodies of Mexican journalist Joaquín López-Dóriga (a parody that is also known outside Mexico thanks to comedy sketch show La Hora Pico). In the dub, Hill voices the radio host with the same voice that he uses to parody López-Dóriga. The result: Many Latin American fans losing it.
Episode 45
  • After Gotenks lands on the ground in front of Monaka, he's not done yet and goes Super Saiyan 3, doing his usual cocky routine until he gets distracted by Monaka, who's fainted yet again after having just woken up. Vegeta tells him to get back to the battle at hand.
  • Vegeta's attitude throughout the entire episode. After getting to grips with having his strength stolen by alien goo, he's very calm. Later, he actually starts to get smug about how screwed they are because there's an evil being with his powers.
  • Goku's reaction when he sees Vegeta and Copy-Vegeta.
    Goku: (bewildered) Uh... I count two Vegetas here. Okay, but who's the real one? (to Copy-Vegeta) You're purple, which is weird, but [Vegeta]'s see-through, which is also weird. Can somebody tell me what's going on?

Episode 46

  • Vegeta being torn between his desire to see Goku defeated by his power (i.e., the copy) and his desire to keep living and defeat Goku himself. Throughout the fight he's constantly harping on both Goku and his copy as a result. The former for not getting it over with quickly, and the latter for not fighting good enough.
    Vegeta: *to his copy* Hurry up and beat him! *To Goku* Don't you dare lose!
    Goku and Copy-Vegeta: Whose side is he on?
  • Vegeta with a pacifier... it's even funnier that he doesn't get the issue, until he sees Pan with one. Even if for a good reason (giving him more time before dying-via-Commeson, since that particular one was the seal), his dignity isn't gonna recover anytime soon. Goten, Trunks, and even Goku were extremely weirded out at this sight, the latter rubbing it in later - even Jaco acknowledges he's not gonna see such a sight like this again, and tries to take a picture (the battery was out).
    Vegeta: I would have chosen death if I'd known what it was!
  • After all that fighting, Monaka saves the day by accidentally stepping on the enemy's core. And we mean accidentally in the most literal way.
  • When Goku goes SSJB against Copy-Vegeta, Potage asks what that is. Vegeta responds "A Super Saiyan combined with the powers of a Super Saiyan God", which judging by the old man's confusion, didn't properly explain anything to him.
  • The main body of Commeson starts chasing after Goten, Trunks, and Jaco, looking for more power to absorb. Jaco trips as he's running and screams as Commeson gets closer and closer... only to deliberately bypass him to keep chasing Trunks and Goten. Jaco gets indignant, asking why he isn't good enough to absorb power from.
  • In general, the fact that Vegeta seems to react to his body disappearing with mere annoyance rather than any actual fear or concern.

    Hit Arc 
Episode 68
  • Pilaf's failed attempts at stealing a wish, first Trunks and Goten send him flying, then Gohan stomps him underground, and finally Bulma runs him over with a car. The second one especially stands out because it's Gohan doing it, even if it was an accident and with no malice (he didn't even to seem to realize Pilaf was there), but still.
  • Shenron's annoyance with the cast arguing over who gets to wish for what in general.
  • Bulma's methods for eliminating everybody else competing with her over Shenron's last wish, that involves:
    • Giving 18 an overwrought speech on Krillin's behalf about how he doesn't need any gifts so long as he has the love of his wife and child, which 18 is completely smitten by.
    • Giving Master Roshi a car filled with women with one phone call so he doesn't waste a wish from the Dragon Balls. That's right, Bulma gave Roshi an escort service. Goku even observes that she's better at granting wishes than Shenron, which annoys/offends Shenron given his audible grunt.
      • And the kicker? She pressed one button to make the call. Bulma has an escort service on speed dial.
    • For Oolong, instead of granting his wish of having women's panties, she gives 18 a suitcase filled with cash and asks her to take care of Oolong. She happily does, flicking Oolong away instantly.
    • For Trunks and Goten, she asks them what they're planning on wishing for, and they don't even know. They were only there on the principle that kids should have their wish granted for once. They leave without Bulma having to give them anything, to think about what to wish for.
    • Shenron is still scared shitless of Beerus. The God of Destruction just being on the planet freaks him out. And Bulma uses this to her advantage, threatening the Eternal Dragon with having Beerus go after him if he doesn't do as she asks. Poor Shenron is so scared he's forces himself to stay summoned as long as he possibly can, to the point of basically whimpering like he really has to go to the toilet as he reaches his limits.
    Bulma: Just be patient!
    Shenron: B-but you don't understand, my body is about to disappear...
  • Bulma's reaction when Beerus turns up, accusing her of trying to recreate the time machine despite having been informed of how sinful it was and all of the trouble it caused over the length of the arc. Then, when Bulma frantically insists that she has no interest in rebuilding the time machine, Beerus cheerfully points out that she thus has no need of everything in her possession that could be used to make it, and casually blows it all up with a snap of his fingers. Made particularly funny by being the first time in a while that Bulma was flustered by Beerus, and it was entirely based on her being caught out in the wrong.
  • The next episode preview shows that Arale will be making a return...

Episode 69

  • In the beginning, we see Goku in his job as a security guard, which he promptly quit after a moment of stretching and yawning somehow managed to ruin his slicked back hair and suit.
    • Goku's infamously unchanging hair being gelled back in of itself is funny. The fact that after a minor disturbance it popped right back into shape is even funnier.
    • Even funnier? It looks almost like an anime-version of Clark Kent's hair style
  • When Senbei Norimaki demonstrates what his robot can do, the robot pops out a model (read: porn) magazine.
    Mr. Satan: That's amazing...
    Senbei: Not the magazine! Look at my invention!
    Mr. Satan: It's incredible, but why did you choose a model magazine?
    Senbei: Well, it only detects your strongest innermost desire.
    Mr. Satan: Just how much do you like young girls?
  • Arale is put out of control and is on a rampage, Goku and company have to stop her. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When Senbei sees Mashirito, he runs up to him and pulls out the exact volume of Dr. Slump in which Mashirito died. After flipping through several pages, he confirms that Mashirito died. Without saying a word, Mashirito points down and show that he has no legs and is a spirit. He then reveals that he escaped from Hell, Fusion Reborn style, to get his revenge... or in the Funimation dub, namedropping that he escaped from HFIL to get his revenge!
    • Vegeta takes a fighting stance and smirks as Arale approaches him...and in the very next scene Goku is woke up from his nap when Vegeta's sent flying out of the building.
    • Goku and Arale stop, point, stare, and gasp at each other for several seconds before they go silent like they've recognized each other, which Vegeta asks about. Then...
      Goku & Arale: Who are you again?
    • Vegeta realizes he's up against a character from a Gag Manga who doesn't obey the laws of physics, and Vegeta fighting like a regular shonen manga character isn't helping at all so he has to adjust his fighting style accordingly. He still gets blasted into the horizon. There is also an Arale breaking the Earth in half and Vegeta complaining how unfair it is that she can break the laws of physics.
    • This is even funnier considering that Vegeta should really be more experienced with gag manga since he has been in one before: Neko Majin Z!
    • One particular case where Vegeta's Worf effects is Played for Laughs. Arale beats him and knocks him in the sky so far, he becomes A Twinkle in the Sky.
    • Said headbutt of doom Arale used to send Vegeta flying is what prompts Goku to finally remember that he did indeed meet her before since it's the same move she used to send General Blue to Egypt.
    • How to distract Arale? Use the pink poop she always play with, which Senbei created with his robot. Even funnier, Trunks ran with the poop with a stick. Basically, the world was saved by shit on a stick. Goku then says what the audience is likely thinking at this point.
    • Bulma summoning Beerus with the most delicious food ever created by using the thoughts of thousands of people (a food Spirit Bomb), which turns out to be a single small pellet the size of a Malteser that the others think looks pretty unappetizing but summons Beerus nonetheless.
    • When Dr. Mashirito sees Beerus, he mouths him off for interfering with his plans, Beerus nonchalantly deletes him without saying a word. With the exact same power he destroyed Zamasu with.
    • Beerus, after going all badass God of Destruction, urgently asked Whis to get them back to their planet because he really needs to go to the toilet now, RIGHT NOW!
    • When asked by Mr. Satan to explain the above, Senbei and Bulma thought it had something to do with chemical reactions, then Trunks pointed out it was probably because they made poop in the machine right before the super delicious food.
      Goku: Oh man, that is nasty!
    • In the dub, Goku says that they should spar again sometime. Arale agrees, but adds that he better not make her wait another thirty years to do it.
    • At the end, we see Vegeta hanging by his collar from a tree somewhere, noting that he's never fighting a gag manga character ever again.

Episode 70

  • Superpowered beings play a sport... that only two of them (being Yamcha who played baseball with the Taitans team, and Gohan who played baseball in highschool) actually know the rules to. Hilarity Ensues.
    • There is a meta moment of funny when you realize Yamcha's voice actor's first role was in "Kyojin no Hoshi", a baseball anime and this is what propelled his career. Of COURSE he would know something about baseball and be confident about it! Other characters even lampshade the trait.
  • To even things up, two of the Z-fighters need to be on the other team. Vegeta makes a world of sense, given his competitive streak against Goku... but the other one is Goten!
  • The other spectators call out words of encouragement to their loved ones, while 18 says, "Just don't screw up, Krillin."
  • Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue during his turn as the pitcher and obliterates the arena, sending Yamcha flying off into the distance and half burying Gohan in the rubble of the catcher box, which turned into a crater. The second time, he throws the ball much, much slower. So slow that 18, Videl, Pan, and Marron all fell asleep while Trunks and Goten decided to go chase a fly.
    • Even funnier is Gohan's reaction to his father's Super Saiyan Blue vanishing ball. He can only call for his father to take it easy before impact. Champa's reaction was also classic: he was temporarily drawn with Black Bead Eyes and had a Delayed Reaction (complete with a visible ellipse), that says "What just happened?".
    • The vanishing ball was so powerful that the impact could be seen from space. The epic music that plays, which is the same score when Goku suggested fusion back in Episode 66, makes the scene both awesome and hilarious.
    • Then when Trunks catches a ball (by shooting it down) and outs Champa, Videl, Puar, Bulma and Chi-Chi cheer Trunks on...while Pan looks confused and 18 and Marron are unimpressed. In fact, Marron is sporting the exact same disinterested look her mother wore in the past series.
      • Vados noting that the above is legitimate because there's nothing in the rule book about not shooting down the ball with your ki.
  • Yamcha cheating by using his Spirit Ball/Wolf Fang Fist techniques to control the baseball.
  • Vegeta hits Yamcha with the ball. Goku thinks this is pretty clever, until Vegeta gets reprimanded for it.
    Vegeta/Goku: You're not allowed to hit people?!
    Bulma/Chi Chi: *sigh*
  • When Goku's at bat and Vegeta's the pitcher, it goes about as well as you'd expect: they both go Super Saiyan Blue and treat it as a serious match of strength. It culminates with Vegeta about to use Final Flash on Goku.
  • Yamcha wondering if he's going to leave this game alive.
  • Vados having to explain that "picking him off" doesn't mean actually nailing him with the ball.
  • When Gohan is up to bat, Piccolo advises him to hit the ball towards Magetta (who can't fly). Gohan hits a high ball over Magetta's head, but Magetta gives Botamo a boost up and he catches the ball for the out. Piccolo is flustered that they're a better team than he thought.
  • When Champa and Beerus are fighting and all hell is breaking loose, Goku tells everyone to hang onto him so he can teleport them all out. Cue everyone immediately crowding in to grab hold of him, and he can't breathe as a result.
  • Poor Yamcha may get to be the one guy besides Gohan who knows baseball, but he still can't catch a break. Goku accidentally blasts Yamcha into some nearby bushes while throwing a pitch, Vegeta deliberately nails him in the rib with the ball, then also elbows him in the rib to score an out while Champa also kicks him into the air, he's woken up by Puar via hammer-to-head, he's hit in the back with the ball by Champa, and finally he manages to score a home run while Beerus and Champa are fighting, but winds up lying on the ground in the same fetal position he died in waaaay back during the Saiyan Saga.
    • Bulma also gave Yamcha a Backhanded Compliment, saying how baseball is the one thing Yamcha can do well.
    • What's even funnier is how fucking petty Vegeta is about the whole ordeal. Bulma wishes both Vegeta and Yamcha luck and, bless him, Yamcha blushes. It's at this point the viewer may remember that WAAAAAY back in Dragon Ball and the early arcs of Z, Yamcha and Bulma used to date. The camera then pans to Vegeta, which cues you in that he sure as hell remembers. His "competitiveness" at winning is more of passive-aggressively expressing his jealousy. Proud prince of the Saiyan, unfettered badass, amongst the most elite fighters in the galaxy, is nothing more than a boy at playground romance that pushes the other kid into the sandbox for smiling at his crush.
  • Beerus and Champa fight again, which results in Amusing Injuries this time...
  • The only real reason Champa wanted to play was for the the after-game feast. But at the end of the episode, he's doing batting exercises with the rest of the U6 fighters, intent on winning a rematch. Vados even lampshades it.

Episode 71

  • Because Hit is out for Goku's life, Goku is on edge almost the entire episode. Watching Goku behave so uncharacteristically paranoid is equal parts disturbing and hilarious, especially since he does so under the guise of being calm. He eats so ridiculously slowly he's eating one grain of rice at a time. He's so hyper-sensitive to what's around him that he notices and nonchalantly tells Chichi that there are three cockroaches behind the fridge. And then when the mailman comes, Goku is instantly just inches from throttling the poor guy before stopping himself.
  • Wondering why Goku is acting strangely, Gohan and Goten decide to follow him around. But before they could go on, Gohan suggests to Goten that they disguise themselves first. Gohan transforms into the Great Saiyaman and presents a smaller Saiyaman outfit to Goten. Goten refuses to wear it thinking it doesn't look cool and settles on just wearing the sunglasses. Cue Gohan looking hurt by this, pointing out that Goten used to like the Saiyaman outfit.
    • Tailing their father in secret proved to be useless, as Goku later reveals he knew the whole time that Gohan and Goten were following him.
  • Goku wanders around town with his eyes closed, passing through a movie theater and into a lingerie store. He gets frustrated and decides to open his eyes... while staring dead center at a mannequin's bra.
    • Two girls think Goku's a pervert for simply standing in front of that mannequin.
    • Last but not least, while crossing a road with his eyes closed, Bulma crashes into him with her car (for the second time in their lives). Being angry at Goku, she tries to slap him, only for Goku to dodge it. Keep in mind that on a regular basis Goku is slapped around by Bulma. Bulma is clearly shocked and even asks Goku "Why did you dodge!?", and Gohan and Goten lampshades that Goku usually never dodges Bulma.
    • What makes it more hilarious is that while Gohan and Goten are talking about the dodged slap, in the background you can hear Bulma going to slap Goku again, which does connect, and Goku is heard reacting in pain.
  • The Running Gag of Vegeta being second best to Goku continues with Beerus showing great concern about Goku skipping his training with Whis and he orders Whis to train Goku personally. To add more salt, he names Goku as the team captain for the upcoming Zen'o tournament and U7's key fighter. Beerus also did all this without acknowledging Vegeta's existence despite him standing in front of him. Vegeta remains silent through the whole ordeal, but you can tell by his body language that he isn't happy. You almost feel sorry for him at this point.
  • Apparently, Piccolo learned how to grill despite not requiring to eat. Given Goku's reaction to his cooking, he's really good at it.
    • In the English dub he refers to himself as the grillmaster.
  • In the English dub, during his opening talk to Goku, Hit says that it's time to make the donuts.
  • There's something darkly humorous about Episode 72's preview hammering in "Goku's dead" drama while showing an alive and well Goku as a Super Saiyan Blue in battle.

Episode 72

  • Vegeta, with three hits left in his training with Whis, trades them for a steak soaked in Granny's Secret Sauce to get back to Earth. Only he is lying to get out of the training. This comes back to bite him when Whis and Beerus bring it back up.
    • The fact that Vegeta, who trains intensively daily, tries to weasel his way out of training with Whis is hilarious in of itself. Guess even the Prince of All Saiyans can realize his limits.
    • Also, the dub adds Vegeta not just forgetting that he made up the story about the stake and "Grandma's Secret Sauce", but saying that he's not even sure he has a grandmother. Or technically at this point, had one.
  • Who is the mysterious enemy who hired Hit to kill Goku? It was Goku. For the chance to fight Hit again, Goku put the hit out on himself. There's Blood Knight levels of wanting a good fight, and then there's this. The fact it is actually so in-character for Goku just makes it funnier.
  • Vegeta being flat-out jealous that Goku was enjoying fighting Hit more than fighting with him.
  • Chi-Chi finds out that Hit is trying to assassinate Goku thanks to Piccolo telling her. When asked who put the hit on him, Goku meekly says he doesn't know. Chi-Chi then assumes it was Frost who did it. This is hilarious on a meta level too since Frost was a prime suspect for many fans.
    • Goku then leans over to Vegeta and tells him not tell Chi-Chi that he put the hit on himself. Vegeta responds by huffing.

    Great Saiyaman Arc 
Episode 73
  • At the start of the episode, Jaco is taking a lunch break at a noodle shop while he's supposed to be transporting a dangerous alien criminal to custody of the Galactic Patrol. When the fugitive breaks out, Jaco asks the shop owner to testify that he held Jaco their against his will and forced him to eat noodles.
  • The episode's Day in the Limelight features Gohan and his family and Mr. Satan's first theatrical debut.
    • We get to see the actor Barry Kahn trying to hit on Videl, while in the background Pan pouts that this jerk is hitting on her mother.
    • After Videl shoots him down while the entire camera crew were behind him, Barry tries to save face, saying she wanted his autograph but already had one. Bonus points for Pan cheering for her mother doing the right thing.
    • For long time fans of the show, seeing Barry hit on Videl is extra funny because design-wise he resembles General Blue. And even funnier, Barry is the guy that Buu imitated from a magazine to impress girls, with disastrous results.
    • Gohan not realizing that Barry was hitting on his wife and telling her that she could have gotten the autograph. Yeah, Gohan is just as dense as his dad.
  • Krillin being a Super Cop in front of some bank robbers, as if he's a superhero himself. And then the Great Saiyaman shows up.
  • Gohan ends up getting Lost in Character as the Great Saiyaman, doing unscripted poses and speeches both on set and while foiling the bank robbery.
  • When Gohan briefly returns fighting crime, he makes a Dynamic Entry... raining debris on Krillin by accident. Then he remembers the bus hijackers he encountered during his early years as Great Saiyaman.
  • Bulma shows up on set to make up a bluff about an experimental Great Saiyaman suit she made for the movie getting stolen so the film crew won't suspect that Gohan (who took the stuntman costume with him last time) was the hero who stopped a bank robbery. They totally buy it, not at all questioning why one of the world's greatest scientists/richest woman on the planet would bother doing costume work for a movie that her company's not even involved in. Even Bulma lampshades to Gohan that it was a weak excuse, and he's lucky they bought it.
    Bulma: That story was pretty implausible, so it's lucky for you film folk are used to gaping plot holes.
  • Jaco arriving to Earth searching for Watagash... And convinced that it's possessing the Great Saiyaman, so he's ready to disintegrate him.

Episode 74

  • In the original Japanese, when Jaco attacks Gohan tells him who he is... Except his name means "meal", and Jaco thinks Watagash is mocking him with the fact he escaped while Jaco was having ramen.
  • Jaco throws spades at Gohan after their somewhat heated encounter. Jaco calls Gohan the "not-as-capable-and-uninspiring" son of Goku, wonders why he's wearing a lame get-up (Gohan is dressed as Saiyaman), attempts to blackmail Gohan by saying that he's on a date with another woman that isn't his wife, and asked out loud how someone so lame can be so popular. This last one is funny on a meta level since Gohan's detractors ask the same question.
    • Doubly hilarious when Cocoa agrees with Jaco despite being the one who asked him out.
      Gohan: It's not lame!!
      Cocoa: It's kinda lame...
  • Gohan practicing the lines... While fully in character as Great Saiyaman.
  • After Cocoa steals a kiss from Gohan, he can't do anything other than go bug-eyed, red in the face, and fly off while screaming in freaking-out surprise. Poor Great Saiyaman.
  • Barry has at least two moments where he goes "Who the hell do you think I am?", complete with No Indoor Voice delivery, particularly hilarious given who his VA is.
  • In the dub, Barry becomes a full on parody of modern Hollywood tropes, especially as he becomes more unhinged. The creme being him ranting about how many followers he has on social media after Gohan and Videl kick him out.
    • After Watagash powers him up, he promises to hunt down everyone who complained about the way he looked in the Saiyaman costume online.
    • At one point, he claims he's smarter than everyone else because he once won a People's Choice Award.
  • Speaking of which, in the dub when Gohan finally has enough of him and (gently) pushes him into a wall, the previously smug and aggressive Barry can instantly be heard meekly whimpering "not the face!" under his breath. Fittingly, it's his last words in his Watagash-mutated state too.
  • A super powered Barry gloats how he's not afraid of anything with his new powers, yet he freaks out when Pan makes a poo.
    • Speaking of Pan, she doesn't seem to realize that she's been kidnapped, and by the way she's laughing, probably thinks it's a game. Even Barry dryly notes that she seems to be in a good mood.
  • Everyone in the Son family enjoyed the movie except Goku, who got bored and fell asleep because he rather be in a fight instead of watching one.
    • The way Chi-Chi sums up the movie in the dub implies that she's familiar with superhero tropes, and may actually be a fan.
  • At the end of the episode, Jaco once again stops by the ramen shop with the exact same animation sequence as Episode 73. The chief even makes the same lines about Jaco being on the clock. Watagash, who is in Jaco's ship, breaks the glass to his container, but the episode ends before we can see if he escapes.

Episode 75

  • When Gohan suggests giving Goku a sparring partner for the upcoming tournament, Chi-Chi goes Kaio-Ken at the suggestions from Gohan to have Goten train with him.
  • When Gohan dons his Great Saiyaman costume, he offers to train Goku. Goku wonders why Gohan is in his Great Saiyaman costume, and Gohan tries to stay in character. Chi-Chi notices Goten isn't excited with him changing like he used to do, and he states that it's now embarrassing.
    • Even better, Chi-Chi noted that he found it cool in the movie not much before, with Goten answering that it's cool in a movie but embarassing in real life. Chi-Chi takes it as a sign he's growing up.
  • As their training continues, Goku and Gohan then go Super Saiyan. To the point they destroyed the plowed field Goku worked on the following morning.
  • When Goku is doing push-ups with Goten on his back, Goten asks him why he can't just train with Krillin since everyone will be busy. Chi-Chi rejects the idea, but Goku immediately dashes out of his house to go see him.
  • When Krillin and his fellow officers are pinned down, Goku appears via instant transmission during the shoot-out. As the two criminals threaten him, he immediately crushes one of their guns, and they surrender.
  • How does Krillin get Roshi to train him and Goku again? By bribing him with a porn magazine like he did in Dragon Ball.

Episode 76

  • Goku walks up to the illusion of Saiyan Saga Vegeta and attempts to punch him to show that he isn't real. The illusion Vegeta responses by catching Goku's fist and punching him.
  • One of the illusions among the many returning villains is Bulma. Even funnier, Krillin reacts in fear upon seeing her, while Goku seems to be more confused about why she's appearing there.
  • When restrained by an illusion of a (extremely small) Super Shenron, Goku finds out the hard way that it's breath stinks. Doubly funny because in most fiction, dragons typically do have some pretty bad breath.
  • A dub only example that's both funny and heartwarming is after calling the Nimbus, Goku cheerfully sings Cha-La Head Cha-La whilst bouncing up and down on the cloud. Breaking the Fourth Wall in a short but humorous bit hearkening back to the old days. Plus, it is sweet to see that after all these years he's still innocent and capable of childlike joy.
  • Goku saying that Master Roshi looks like a cow as he gabbles down handfuls of the plant they were sent to receive.

    Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc 

    Granolah The Survivor Arc 
  • When the upgraded Gas makes his entrance, Macki and Oil give him a ridiculous little flourish.
  • Chapter 80: A completely-berserk Gas is busy laying a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Granolah when his own crazed instincts take him away from the fight - and by "takes him from the fight", this means "abandoning the pummeled and bloodied Granolah to rush down anyone that breathes." This takes him from backhanding both Oil and Macki to, without losing a single bit of pace, dropping a planet-shaking Inazuma Kick right to Vegeta's sternum, for little reason except that Vegeta was simply in the way. Bonus points for Goku and Vegeta having absolutely no idea what was going on at the time, meaning as far as Vegeta knew, a musclebound berserker suddenly swooped in and pummeled him for quite literally no reason except because he was existing in Gas's immediate line of sight. Vegeta may have his reputation as "Prince of Ls", but incidents like this simply raise the question of whether the universe genuinely has beef with the Saiyan Prince.
  • Goku refers to Ultra Ego as "that freaky-face form". This irritates Vegeta. It's especially hilarious once you noticed that Ultra Egos's face is basically the same one Goku had as a SSJ3.
  • Goku uses Instant Transmission to stay one step ahead of Gas. Every time they teleport, Gas ends up in an undignifed position. First he has a dump truck unload on him, then he falls into a bathtub with the King of the Universe. It peaks with Goku leading Gas to the Galactic prison, where the inmates mention Gas once got so scared he peed his pants. Gas blows up at them and denies that "a few drops" counts as peeing his pants. They just snark that his species must cry through their nether regions then.
  • How do Oil and Macki spare themselves from Frieza's wrath after he kills Gas and Elec? They quickly ask to join him, to which the tyrant agrees and lets them join the kitchen crew.


     April Fools 
  • On April 1, 2017, Toei did an elaborate joke about the Universal Survival Saga: Presenting, Society Survival Saga.note  A story that takes place when the country bumpkin Goku miraculously decides to find a job during a universal economic depression, said to happen once in every 100 years. The main visual has been released, in which Goku, Vegeeta and Kuririn appear as the new employees of the "DB Commercial Affairs".
    • The characters even have bios:
      • Goku, Vegeta and Krillin are the newcomers with Vegeta being Goku's rival.
      • Gohan is the section chief, in charge of training the newcomers.
      • Piccolo is the head of the personnel department.
      • Master Roshi is the chief clerk.
      • Buu works in the PR department.
      • Tien works in the client liaison department.
      • The Grand Priest is the company president.
      • Zen'o is the chairman.
      • Androids 17 and 18 work for the Gero Corporation, the company that wants to/will take over DB Commercial Affairs.
    • There is also this video. For those who can't speak Japanese:
      Goku: Heya, this is Goku! This Vegeta guy who joined the company at the same time I did is super competitive!
      Vegeta: Time for a showdown, Kakarot!!
      Goku: OK Vegeta! I'm putting everything I've got into this fist!
      Goku and Vegeta: Rock, Paper, Scissors!
      Goku: Darn, I lost. Guess lunch is on me today. I need food to keep my energy up. All you new working adults out there, be sure to eat well and do your best!
    • Above the DBS Logo (below in the video) it says, "All you working adults! Hang in there!"
    • Going along with the promotion itself, fans actually loved the look of the Z-Fighters et al in business casual attire.

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