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  • Whis confirms to Beerus that the flight to Earth will take "-about 26 minutes." Beerus notes that that's the length of your average anime episode.
  • While telling Goku about Beerus for the first time, King Kai does so while driving his Cool Car around his planet... you know, his Baby Planet. Presumably to cope with the stress.
  • While Goku is training on his Baby Planet, King Kai wears protective goggles over his Cool Shades.
  • After learning from Shenron that they need five righteous Saiyans to create a Super Saiyan God, Piccolo scoffs at the idea because he feels only Gohan and Goten meets the criteria.
    • A member of the race that doesn't have girls in the first place (Piccolo) considering Mai and Trunks' "relationship" impure as if he had more than just an intellectual understanding of what he was talking about.
    • The real kicker is that even though Bulma gets offended, she doesn't even try to defend Vegeta.
    • Funnier still, Chichi points out that despite everything Goku did, he technically fits that description too since he proposed to her when he was 10 (although it was an accident).
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    • Chichi calling Roshi a geezer, with him replying that he's a wise elder
    • Beerus' frustrating outburst.
    • Vegeta getting angry at Mr. Buu judging him and later, everyone (save Piccolo) applauding him for being "righteous"...
    • Bulma then calls Vegeta, "Prince Badman".
  • Beerus's breakdancing skills.
  • Mr. Satan getting hammered on booze and trying to challenge Beerus. Vegeta was ready to kill him.
  • Goku meets Beerus and is forced by King Kai to be respectful and polite. He doesn't do a very good job.
    Goku: Uh... my name is Sir Goku, sir. It is an honor for you to meet me.
    Beerus: If you say so...
  • After Goku wheedles the truth about Beerus out of him, King Kai nervously asks why he's wearing his "butt-kicking clothes."
    Goku: So a God of Destruction's gotta be pretty strong, right?
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  • When Goku remembers that Bulma's party was happening, he gets scared over a pissed off Bulma.
    Goku: (With an Oh, Crap! reaction) No. NOOOOO!
    King Kai: What Goku? Is he here?
    Goku: Bulma's party is today and I totally forgot! This is real bad King Kai, she's gonna be pissed!
    (Then after a few minutes, King Kai notices something terrible is coming.)
    Goku: What!? Why is Bulma coming here?
  • When Bulma tries to get Vegeta to join her in making a "grand entrance" at the party, pointing out that all their friends will be there. Vegeta is less than enthused.
    Vegeta: (sounding agitated) Sure let's go see Yamcha.
    • Considering that both Bulma and Yamcha are perfectly fine with being Amicable Exes. Seems the only one who feels awkward about it now is Vegeta.
  • Vegeta is desperately trying to keep Beerus happy after he gets irritated. So what does he do? He swallows his pride and performs a completely ridiculous dance with a bad song.
    Whis: That was certainly something...
    Beerus: Indeed. I never figured Vegeta for such a poor song and dance man. Though, he'd give you a run for your money.
    Whis: Now you're just being hurtful.
    • Then there is Krillin's line of dialogue in the English dub, which reflects what quite a few fans were thinking when they first saw this scene out of context:
    Krillin: OK, he's been drinking more than Gohan.
    "Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Fun time bingo!"
  • Whis's character in general. He is pure Servile Snarker.
    • When Beerus is beating up the heroes one by one, Whis is just eating sushi and thinks it's delicious and asks for the recipe from the man who made it.
    • There is also Whis saying that he can't destroy the planet until he finished sampling all the food, causing Beerus to sweat-drop.
  • Tipsy Gohan manages to be a even bigger Large Ham as the Great Saiyaman.
    • But he's still not as funny as drunk Bulma. When meeting Beerus and Whis, her reaction is to tell everyone.
    Bulma: Hey, guys! Vegeta actually has friends!
  • Not only is Piccolo singing at the karaoke (and apparently doing a terrible job) but he seems downright frustrated when he is not winning at bingo and then throws the bingo card to the ground.
  • The ridiculous bingo prizes Bulma offers up. Including a plane, a piano organ made of gold, and a castle! Shuu gets really excited over the 3rd place prize being a years supply of canned ham, and even Pilaf wants some of that.
    • Pilaf jealous of it all gets a spray can and sprays and draws doodles all over the gifts.
    Mai: Real mature...
  • After they run from Trunks and Goten, Mai reveals that she gave the diamond back so they won't suspect the fact that the 4-star Dragon Ball is missing. She plans on ransoming it for one million zeni in cash. Pilaf and Mai are laughing with the plan, until...
    Shuu: I'm pretty sure the diamond was worth more than a million zeni, couldn't we have just taken that and left?
    (They stop laughing, Pilaf's jaw drops and the tongue falls as well while Mai's face "freezes". A gust of wind blows, birds chirp, and then...)
    Shuu: ...Or not.
    Mai: That's right, you'll be so stressed you'll be wetting yourself all the time and I'm not washing your pee-pee pants!
    Pilaf: (disgusted) Okay, that just went to a weird place; I expect my evil henchmen to have a little class.
  • Mai's exasperated reminder to Pilaf that he's the reason their little gang have age-regressed to being children again.
    Mai: Not to be pointing fingers, but when Shenron offered to grant us our wishes, you did tell him "Shenron, please make us young again!".
  • When Trunks asks Mai to act as his girlfriend, both Pilaf and Shuu thought he was referring to them. Trunks has to spell out that he means Mai to all three of them before it sinks in, including for Mai.
    • Goten's reaction to Trunks having a girlfriend. "Awesome!"
      • "So awesome."
    • And when Trunks goes to ask her about this, he flies over casually from where he was talking to Bulma. Pilaf is rather shocked, and the dub gives him this line:
    Pilaf: Sweet flaming Dragon Balls! Why would you fly through the air to move twenty-five feet?
    • Then there's the "skit" they put up in an attempt to steal a Dragon Ball. Trunks' dialogue sells it:
    Trunks: (At gunpoint; not worried) Hey, uh, Mai, I wanna break up-
    Mai: Cram it, hostage!
    Trunks: But your chest is on my shoulder-
    Mai: (Squeaks in embarrassed shock.)
  • Trunks, when he discovers Pilaf, Shu, and Mai, wonders if Pilaf is a monkey.
  • Shenron getting nervous when he hears that Beerus is there. You can even see him anxiously sweating as he speaks.
    "Hm? He's here!? The Lord Beerus!?"
    • And even before that:
    Goku: (Referring to Shenron's explanation on the Super Saiyan God) Uh, can you go over that again?
    Shenron: (Getting annoyed) So many questions, yet no wishing!
    • And you see Master Roshi falling asleep in the background during the explanation - then during the second time, Goku muses that he's never heard Shenron talk this much all at once.
    • At the end, Shenron immediately flees without technically granting a single wish (even if he had, he is normally able to grant at least two now), likely trying to get the hell away from Beerus as fast as possible. This is funnier because he usually gets indignant when people delay wishing.
  • Gotenks' attempt to fight Beerus, which ends with Beerus literally spanking him. Not only is this funny, but also rather satisfying considering how obnoxious Gotenks usually acts.
    • Right before the fight, when Gotenks calls Beerus out on wanting to destroy the world over pudding, Beerus makes a rant about he will never know what it tastes like, culminating in him shouting "Pudding!" Even Gotenks mentions that he never thought he would shut up.
  • If you do the math based on the established timeline, both Bulma and Mai are lying about their age!
    • Which Oolong constantly points out towards Bulma, much to her chagrin.
    • Bulma claims to be 38 but she is actually 45.
    • And finally, this exchange near the end of the movie.
    Oolong: 38 is crazy old!
    Bulma: SHUT UP!
  • The greatest game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, for it is a battle to save Earth:, and the "great" encouragement given by Puar:
    Puar: (cheerfully) But don't lose, because if we die, it'll be all your fault!
    • Yamcha then comes up with a plan to defeat Beerus in Rock-Paper-Scissors... which fails completely. Beerus remarks: "See my ears? I heard your whole plan."
  • True to his word, Beerus destroys the earth when Goku loses. Just... not all of it at once.
  • Beerus eating wasabi straight by mistake. He winds up bouncing around so much from the pain that he accidentally destroys a few planets/moons by plowing through them.
    • And then Whis just casually knocks him out, telling him to go to sleep for three years. Then he promptly realizes that he can't go to sleep yet because he hasn't brushed his teeth.
    • In the extended cut of the movie, Whis talks Beerus out of destroying the Earth in revenge for the wasabi by reminding him that he was warned about the wasabi and no one forced him to eat it, and that he still has some Earth food to eat. Beerus then decides that it's only fair for him to destroy Earth if their sushi tastes bad without the "demon topping."
  • During the ending, it's revealed that during Vegeta's beatdown on Beerus, Goku was watching the entire time before he interrupted. Of course Bulma is rightfully angered, slapping Goku... then Vegeta joins in by saying he deserves some more of her signature slaps (much to Goku's horror).
  • In the same scene, when Goku pokes fun at Vegeta for going nuts over Bulma getting smacked by Beerus, much to Bulma's delight and Vegeta's embarrassed rage. He even throws in a (surprisingly good) Vegeta impression to boot.
    Goku: (Imitating Vegeta's voice) My Bulma!

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