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  • These commercials for Japanese soft drinks. Just try to not laugh as Goku and Frieza bust a move.
  • Piccolo babysits Pan for Gohan and Videl. With his foot rocking her cradle.
    • It's even funnier because it's the first scene shown on Earth in the movie. People had just settled in to the much-hyped action-heavy movie, so it starting with such a hilariously awkward scene probably caught a lot of fans off-guard.
  • Frieza's hell that he had to suffer, which has him sealed in a tree in an Ironic Hell full of angels and faeries singing and dancing to very Disney-like music. He is also forced to relive his worst memories. Black Comedy at its best.
    • Frieza's description of this to the heroes is downright gut-busting, as he describes the magical flowery land inhabited by stuffed animals as though it is the worst torture a person can go through. "Instead of ruling the universe with an iron fist, I was serenaded by teddy bears!"
    • In The Stinger, the angels and faeries even welcome him home, to his neverending displeasure. If you listen closely, you can actually hear Frieza crying.
  • When Frieza's men summon Shenron to revive Frieza, Shenron makes it clear that only his soul would be revived and that Frieza would still be left as chunks when Future Trunks killed him. How do Frieza's scientists get around this problem? By just simply throwing these chunks into a rejuvenation tank.
    • Sorbet's reaction to the kind of shape Frieze will be revived in is just an understated, "So he's still in pieces, eh? Well, that sucks."
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    • Made funnier that when he is revived in pieces, you see his one eye looking around in shock. Pilaf and his gang are appropriately freaked out.
    • After being reminded they could just use one of the advanced healing chambers despite him being in pieces, Sorbet rudely orders Shenron to revive Frieza. Shenron tells him to watch his tone and Sorbet instantly apologizes and politely reiterates his wish.
    • They dumped Frieza's remains into what looks like a glorified trash can.
  • Before Sorbet could wish to bring back King Cold, Shu pulls a page out of Oolong's playbook and makes his own wish first: a million zeni. Mai is cross with Shu for wishing for such a modest sum of cash, but once Sorbet and Tagoma leave, they decide to celebrate with barbecue. For once, things go their way.
    • And Shu's reasoning for such a modest sum of cash over something more, like a hundred million zeni?
      Shu: If you're too rich, your kids could turn into jerks who own nightclubs.
  • Mai calling Trunks her boyfriend can be seen as this, considering she uses him as a hilarious threat.
  • Jaco's composite sketch of Frieza. Even funnier, once Bulma sees Frieza, she says that Jaco's sketch was accurate.
  • After Krillin gets his head shaved and heads off to the battle, 18 looks on and remarks that "He's so cool".
    • There's also 18 suggesting that she go instead, since she's still clearly much stronger than Krillin (something that he doesn't disagree with).
  • Frieza calling a Super Saiyan a Super Simian. It comes off as funny since it's more creative than Frieza's usual monkey put down.
  • Piccolo dealing with his crowd of pursuers from the army. He tosses one his hat, telling them to think fast, and the weight drops the guy to the ground. The other soldiers declare Piccolo has some nerve, to which his response is "I have a present for you guys" and toss them the rest of his weighted clothes, downing about five more.
  • After the Z-Fighters defeat Frieza's army, Frieza decides it's now finally time to take action himself. While it's an intense scene, you can see Jaco slowly backing away from the impending fight. When Bulma tells him that he should be on the front lines fighting, Jaco says that the Galactic Police have a strict no suicide policy.
  • This conversation among Earth's heroes when Frieza steps up:
    Roshi: So, what do you think? If we all rush him together, can we take him?
    Piccolo: I'm sorry, but no. He's in a completely different league. We don't have a chance.
    Roshi: Yeah, I was thinking that too. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't being a chicken.
  • Bulma attempts to summon Whis with a strawberry sundae. Bulma insults Frieza, before stopping when Krillin tells her that he's much stronger now. So, she asks him to give them some time before Goku returns. Frieza gives them 10 seconds. She insults him again.
  • What's one of the main reasons why Goku and Vegeta have to return to Earth as quickly as possible? Because they know Bulma is going to insult Frieza at some point and get everybody blown up as a result. She then proceeds to do just that before their arrival. For once, Vegeta wholeheartedly agrees with Goku, knowing exactly how bossy his wife can be, even to the universe's strongest villains.
  • Just about anything involving Beerus and Whis in this movie is comedy gold:
    • After Whis finally contacts Bulma, wanting to know more about the sundae, Bulma gives him an earful for making her wait so long. She is so loud that Goku covers his ears, Vegeta looks embarrassed, and Whis and Beerus are left stunned. While she is yelling, Frieza and the others are listening to her. During her rant, she calls Frieza a scumbag. Frieza isn't amused.
      • In the original Japanese Bulma says "kusottare," which literally means "shithead."
    • Beerus and Whis finally show up when SSGSS Goku and Golden Frieza begin their battle...because they want the sundae. When Frieza notices Beerus is there, he's terrified. What's more is that Frieza starts whining like a little kid when he thinks he there's to stop him. Incredibly surreal to see someone that can make Frieza do this without causing him to fly into rage. Bulma tries to get Beerus to help Goku, but to Frieza's great relief, Beerus states it's not his fight and he has no intention of helping anybody. When Bulma protests that he's risking everybody's lives in doing so, Beerus says that as long as she keeps making him delicious food he'll keep her alive, so stick close. Cue Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Roshi, and Piccolo all sliding up next to Beerus.
      Frieza: What? Beerus!?
      Beerus: That's not polite, Frieza, you forgot to say "Lord".
      Frieza: Uh, Lord Beerus, yes, that is what I meant, but, um... what are you doing here?
      Beerus: Well, I should think that obvious: I'm here to enjoy this delicious sundae.
    • Funnier still, you realize that the entire reason why they didn't get blown to bits at the end was precisely because they were standing next to Beerus and Whis.
    • When they first show up looking for the sundae, Bulma says it's not a good time. Beerus just yawns and starts charging a planet killer attack, causing Bulma to immediately revise that statement.
    • Jaco asks Bulma if that's really Beerus, the God of Destruction. Then he asks if he can take a picture. Bulma tells him sure, but Beerus might destroy him, and that's when he backs off.
    • Beerus and Whis casually commentating on Goku and Frieza's fight while eating ice cream.
    • When Vegeta is listing reasons about exactly why he is never going to work for Frieza ever again, and among them is "You blew up the planet I was destined to rule." Watching, Whis and Beerus whisper to each other:
    Whis: Well, I wonder what the prince would do if he knew that you authorized Planet Vegeta's destruction from the start?
    Beerus: Shhh! Keep that under wraps!
  • Shortly after the above, Goku and Vegeta reveal they've more or less simultaneously figured out Frieza's weakness: he never bothered to correct his loss of stamina when at full power. Frieza's expression in response is comically cheerful as he acknowledges them...before slipping into incomprehensible rage.
    Frieza: Is that what you claimed to? Well in that case, I'LL JUST STOP WASTING MY TIME AND KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!
  • After the fight is over, Beerus complains about the God of Destruction ending up resurrecting a planet—as though he, rather than Whis, was the one who gave the Earth its second chance.
  • It's black comedy, but this entire movie is comical for Frieza. Part of the big draw of this movie is that Frieza is coming back stronger than ever after suffering decades of Villain Decay after his performance as Mecha Frieza, Fusion Reborn, and Dragon Ball GT. For the most part, it is true. Frieza does indeed return stronger than ever, being able to critically injure Gohan in one hit. However, things go downhill in a hurry for him, with him being easily handled by Goku in his true form, his golden form being the definition of Awesome, but Impractical, getting his butt handed to him by Vegeta, and having his final victory denied by Whis. Goku and Vegeta never even took him seriously, seeing their fight with Frieza as something of a sparring match. To add further insult to injury, he's unceremoniously killed by Goku and sent back to sugar Hell. In the end, Frieza didn't come out that ahead compared to his other counterparts. Sure, he undid most of his decay and came back as a threat, but his longer screen time makes him endure a longer Humiliation Conga. It's basically "Frieza Gets his Butt Kicked: The Movie".
  • Goku and Vegeta are back to their usual antics, culminating in them constantly debating who gets to fight Frieza. First, Goku steps up to fight first. They continue to battle to a standstill until Vegeta butts in and the two fight each other to Bulma's chagrin. Frieza of all people breaks up their fight.
    • Then, after Goku and Frieza power up to their respective final forms, Goku casually asks if Vegeta wants his turn, only for him to refuse.
      Goku: Hey, Vegeta! You wanna take that turn now?
      Vegeta: Pfft! Don't pawn him off on me now, Kakarot! He said he wanted to fight you!
    • Finally, after Goku discovers the weakness to Frieza's new form, Vegeta then decides to take up Goku's earlier offer only for the latter to get indignant and accuse him of stealing when he also discovered said weakness. The whole thing is like two children arguing who gets to play with a new toy.
      Vegeta: Kakarot! I'll take my turn now, if you want.
      Goku: AW COME ON, THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! The only reason you're volunteering now is cause you see his weakness too!
    • When Goku was about to teleport to Earth, he offers Vegeta his hand. Vegeta is disgusted and annoyed at the thought of holding Goku's hand and the moment they arrive on Earth, Vegeta rips his hand away.
    • After Whis rewinds time to allow Goku the chance to finish off Frieza before he can blow up the whole planet. Vegeta confronts Goku, more angry at the fact that he interfered during "his turn". He calls Goku a glory hound and a Kill Stealer.
    • Despite acknowledging that they would be close to invincible if they fought together, they both agree that was never going to happen. It's the only thing they've agreed on in the entire movie. The irony being that they have been doing it for a long while now. It's just the first time they've been made aware of it.
      • Also a little neat point for the fans, this may be the first time Goku acknowledges openly that Vegeta gets on his nerves almost as much as the other way around.
    • Funnier still, Frieza mistakes their bickering as Vegeta still being loyal to him.
  • Jaco's job is to keep Saiyans from coming to Earth and prevent time travel. Of course, both of these things happen. His official response? "I didn't see anything."
  • Whis tells Vegeta that he thinks too hard when he fights and that slows him down. Goku decides to rub it in even further. Vegeta's response?
    "You're only thinking less because you're an idiot."
    • Vegeta's reaction to Whis bringing up the sore spot of his entire character (that he can't surpass Goku):
      Vegeta: (infuriated) Ohhhh, you just had to bring that up!
    • Then when Whis brags about how his grace in battle is so effortless, Goku points out that he just stepped in poo. It's never explained where it came from.
      Whis: Haha. Well, my feet may think for themselves, but my shoes are another matter.
  • When Vegeta is just getting ready to beat down Frieza, Frieza takes the opportunity to mock Vegeta one last time, calling him the "Prince of No One." There's a brief beat where Vegeta just glares at him for a moment before going into one of the most brutal beat downs he's ever delivered. You can almost hear him think "I'm going to start beating you now. I don't know when I'll stop."
  • After Sorbet shoots Goku, you see Beerus reacting like he just saw an interesting and good Plot Twist, while Whis reacts as if he just saw a horror movie and everyone decided to split up.

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