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"Bulma's your mother???!!!"note 

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  • Adult Gohan and Vegeta are walking CMOFs, especially Gohan with his dorky Great Saiyaman costume and poses, and Vegeta who comes up with funny quotes.
    • The fact that Vegeta once actually used the word "nerd" to describe Gohan, albeit off-screen.
  • Goku and Gohan occasionally forget their own strength from time to time. Mild examples include the two trying to hold a cup normally and the cup shatters into a million pieces. But the biggest indication of this is when Goku gives his wife Chichi a reassuring pat on the back, only to send poor Chichi a distance of half a mile, destroying three walls of their house and annihilating a tree in the distance. In one dub, Goku even invokes this.
    Goku: Oh, no! I've been away from Earth for so long I've forgotten my own strength!
    • Funnier still: in the next scene, Chichi is only mildly irritated and has bandages on her head and her arm in a sling. Good thing she's Made of Iron, huh?
  • Okay, so this is technically an outtake rather than from the series proper, but this not only perfectly sums up the "filler" episodes, but is just too damn funny not to mention.
    Announcer: Next time on Dragon Ball Z: nine minutes of Vegeta fuming! 11 minutes of Goku fretting! Plus: somebody throws a punch! To find out who, tune in next week to Dragon Ball Z!
    • We also have a hilarious moment with announcer describing the next episode with Mr. Satan's attempts at killing Fat Buu, with him saying "Will a bomb be enough to kill Majin Buu? I don't think so!"
    • Oh yeah, I almost forgot: KRILLIN'S IN THE HOUSE!
    • One behind the scenes special for the English dub had Super Buu's actor being silly:
      Justin Cook: PRODUCE! PROOOOODUUUUUUUUCE! BRING ME TOMATOES! (the rest of the studio cracks up)
  • Sean Schemmel (Goku/King Kai), Christopher Sabat (Vegeta/Piccolo), and Chris Ayres (Frieza) get together to dub famous movie scenes as DBZ characters (ie, the Independence Day speech... as delivered by King Kai).
    Vegeta: WHAT?!
    Goku: Did we just become best friends?!
    Vegeta: YEP! (they high-five)
    Goku: Wanna go practice karate in the garage?
    Vegeta: Yep! (Sabat and Schemmel crack up)
    Vegeta: Alright! This "White Devil" thing has gone far enough! Nobody! Messes! With the 'do!
  • Pretty much any time the Z-Fighters interact with normal humans in Dragon Ball Z (like the driving lessons, and at the World Tournament at the start of the Majin Buu arc).
  • This commercial for the Ford Focus featuring the Dragon Ball Z cast, which also requires a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer.
    Porunga: Now that you have summoned me, what are your three wishes?
    Krillin: Well first, we want a car that has an audio system from Sony for listening to our favorite tunes!
    Gohan: Yeah, tunes!
    Porunga: Okay, got it.
    Krillin: Second, we want another car, but this one comes with a rear view camera so you can see where you're going when you reverse.
    Porunga: Actually, they got both of those things in a Ford-
    Krillin: And a third car! With an EPA estimated 42 miles-per-gallon, in case we need to drive around planet Namek finding all the dragon balls again.
    Porunga: No! No, all of those features are either standard or available with the Ford Focus! You'd just use one wish!
    Krillin: Yeah, those are our three wishes! Three different cars with three diff-
    Porunga: Enough! I'm just giving you the Ford Focus!
  • As part of a TV telephone game, Goku goes back in time to meet Kid Goku. Kid Goku remarks that his adult self looks familiar.
    • A similar meeting also occurs in Budokai Tenkaichi 3's Dragon Story mode.
  • The Bowdlerization of Hell. Obviously, back in the days Dragon Ball Z was dubbed, they couldn't reference the place by name. So what do they do? Change it to the HFIL, short for Home for Infinite Losers. Yep, they're calling every bad guy who's ever died and gone to Hell in this franchise a loser, including the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell, and for a while, Vegeta. It's an astounding case of irony when the original dub (which, for the record, Funimation themselves are ashamed of) did something that Akira Toriyama would have done.
  • From episode 166 of the anime. The one time the Z-Fighters got mad at Chi-Chi was when she called them all a "gang".
    Krillin: Our gang?!
    Chiaotzu: What gang?!
    Roshi: Hey, can I join?
  • The Buu Saga eyecatches of the original Japanese release are quite the comedic delight.
    • Gohan and Videl drive around in a Cool Car, then they are suddenly a couple of feet into the air. To their bewilderment, Goten somehow got under the car and lifted it, with one hand! He really is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse indeed.
    • King Kai drives around with Bubbles in his own Cool Car, seemingly without problem. And then he crashes into Goku, who suddenly just pops up right where King Kai is heading to. The car is utterly wrecked, and Goku can do nothing but scratch his head and laugh in his sheepishly goofy demeanor.

     Saiyan Saga 
  • When Piccolo decides to take Gohan with him, Krillin mistakenly believes that he's going to eat Gohan instead. Piccolo gets seriously offended at the idea.
  • Kami and Goku visiting King Yemma, with Goku being himself and Kami for once being Not So Stoic-and getting a Lame Pun Reaction.
    • After Goku finally left, Kami remained there wondering out loud what Piccolo would do with Gohan and if Goku would progress enough with King Kai... And then Yemma shouts at him to just go home.
  • "Ah, excuse me, has anyone seen my arm? You can't miss it, it's green!"
  • When Piccolo abandoned him in the desert, Gohan had to run from the local T-Rex. When Piccolo comes back to check on him, the T-Rex is still trying to eat Gohan... And Gohan every time cuts away a piece of his tail to eat it.
  • After Bulma works through the night into morning fixing and reprogramming Raditz's scouter to display in English, she finds that Roshi and Krillin have fallen asleep. She reacts with a little gunplay.
  • Goku meeting Bubbles... And mistaking him for King Kai. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The real fun kicks in when Bubbles goes off acting like a monkey, Goku assumes it's training and tries to imitate him. Mind, this was before Goku got used to the 10X gravity on King Kai's planet, so it really was stressful. And then King Kai appears to see this new guy walking around going "Ook".
  • After Vegeta and Nappa land in East City, two of the hapless civilians have this to say:
    Nerdy Man: "What hap~pened...!?" (poor guy wheezes it out)
    Portly Lady: (currently fallen on her ass) "Who knows? Lift me up!"
    • Not to mention one of the onlookers makes an indirect reference to the Roswell Incident of 1947 when another guy yells to call the cops:
    "Yeah, right! What are they gonna do? They'll just say it's a weather balloon!"
  • During the episode "Saibamen Attack", Chiaotzu's reaction when Krillin explains the origins of the Saibamen.
    Tien: Looks like the Saiyans brought some of their friends along for the ride.
    Krillin: Eh no, they grew them here.
    Chiaotzu: What?!
    Krillin: Don't ask.
  • When Piccolo was informed that he's not actually a demon, but an alien from Planet Namek, Kami, who also overheard was stunned as his other half was, then admits that would explain why they have antennae.
  • So it turns out that Nappa really hates the media... And he smells. In the original, Gohan had said his mother was fat, and Nappa wonders how does he know.
  • When Vegeta falls from the sky after receiving the impact of the Spirit Bomb, the heroes think he's dead. Krillin quietly approaches him:
    Krillin: You were really too strong. All we can do for you now is burying you.
    Vegeta: (opens his eye) And if I bury you first?!
    Krillin: AAAAAAAAAHHH! (everyone freaks out)
    • The dub is pretty funny too:
      Krillin: At least now, we won't have to look at his ugly face anymore.
      Vegeta: (wakes up with his eye open) Whose face is ugly?!
      (Krillin screams, and everyone freaks out)
  • For those who have a dark sense of humor, Vegeta getting crushed by Great Ape Gohan. His expression as he realizes that Gohan wasn't going to shrink fast enough for him to avoid injury is priceless.
  • "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?" It's over 9000!
  • During the episode "Terror on Arlia", when Vegeta and Nappa landed on Arlia, Vegeta was staring at a small cloud that floated past him while talking to Nappa.
  • In the French dub and those that are based on it, when Goku first sees Vegeta as a Great Ape, upon remembering the events of Grandpa Gohan's death and the destruction of the tournament grounds, he reaches the conclusion that Vegeta was the one behind the events.

     Namek Saga 
  • Mr. Popo appears in a window outside of the hospital where Goku is recovering after fighting Vegeta for the first time. Bulma sees him and reacts with perhaps the most hilarious expression in the franchise.
    • The Bulma/Mr. Popo exchange. Poor Bulma is absolutely terrified of Mr. Popo. She starts off whimpering ending in a terrified scream, whereas Mr. Popo does nothing more than exclaiming a very soft 'oh'. Queue somewhat an exchange of glances and continued zooming in on Mr. Popo's face. Hilarious. This scene can be carbon-copied straight into the abridged version!
    • The moment when Bulma claims she'd figured out how to use Vegeta's remote control device. At the same time the group are watching a special television report about some scientists trying to study Nappa's space pod. Bulma pushes some buttons on the remote, hoping to activate the pod and...the pod promptly explodes into a million pieces. Startling the research team and horrifying the heroes.
  • Watching Tien chasing after Bubbles, with a large mallet. All while screaming like a maniac.
    Tien: MONKEY!
  • After Gohan saves Dende from Dodoria by knocking him on his ass and escaping with him and Krillin, Dodoria is shaking off the injury. Frieza's reaction is priceless.
  • Amidst an extremely tense moment, where Vegeta has cornered Bulma and Krillin and threatening them, because he wants their Dragon Ball, Zarbon arrives. Bulma immediately gets Distracted by the Sexy and starts flirting with Zarbon. Vegeta snarks that Zarbon has a fan club while an irritated Zarbon just ignores her. She continues to believe that since Zarbon is hot he must be good. It is not until he reveals his true form that she finally believes Krillin that he is bad news.
  • Just about every scene with the Ginyu Force, but particularly:
    • Their first appearance. After receiving their orders, they start stomping around like crazy to psych themselves up for battle — fairly mundane in and of itself, but Frieza's utter "What the f*ck?" expression is priceless. See for yourself here. Only in Dragon Ball could even the villains who gleefully commit genocide have hilarious moments.
    • Goku!Ginyu introduces himself.
    • Three words: Dance of Joy.
    • Three more words: Rock–Paper–Scissors.
    • When Goku punches Jeice in the face while he was trash-talking. Even funnier in the Funimation dub, where Jeice’s shout of pain sounds almost more like he’s crying.
  • In a moment almost as funny as its abridged counterpart, Recoome says this after being attacked by Krillin and Gohan and getting his teeth messed up
    Recoome: Something tells me I'm gonna be real pissed off next time I look in a mirror.
    • The Ocean dub of Recoome had some pretty good lines too.
      Recoome: (Posing with Jeice and Burter) I don't know about you guys, but my legs're starting to cramp.
    • In the anime, when Goku throws a senzu bean to Vegeta, Recoome tries to catch it in his mouth. He loses a tooth as a result.
    • After knocking him out in the middle of posing, Goku apologizes to Recoome: he saw an opening that seemed to scream "Attack!", and he couldn't help but do just that.
  • Frieza and Ginyu making a wish to the Dragon Balls... Without having any idea how.
    • Later, we have Krillin and Gohan trying to summon Porunga... Without knowing it has to be done in Namekian. And it takes them so long to notice it doesn't work that Ginyu-in-Goku's-body arrives immediately after.
      • Vegeta's disbelief when the mysterious formula to summon the dragon turns out incredibly simple, or that Krillin and Gohan can't notice it's not working.
  • Goku explaining to Burter why he is so fast:
    Goku: It must be my diet; I eat really wholesome foods.
    Burter: You scum! Your diet, huh? Well, you'll be eating my fist next!
  • While Frieza goes to interrogate Guru, Ginyu holds a tryout for the Force with the rest of Frieza's soldiers. It consists of them trying to strike a "Super Sentai" Stance, which to Ginyu is Serious Business. See the Ocean dub version of the scene here.
    Ginyu: You look like a bunch of hood ornaments! The purpose of striking a pose is not to become like wall paper! That is why we chant loudly when we pose, to draw attention to our magnificence! Gah, I guess I'm going to have to raise the stakes a little bit. The best poser gets a candy~
    • One Frieza Force member gets rejected by Captain Ginyu. The reason? He also holds the rank of Captain and Ginyu won't stand for anyone being just as important as him on the Force.
    • In the Japanese version, Ginyu challenges the Freeza Force to touch one of the Dragon Balls. The prize if someone succeeds? Two candies.
  • The hospital scene after the Ginyu force fight, where we learn that Goku is Afraid of Needles. Poor guy. Gohan is not amused. But the audience sure is.
    • The set up and the ending are the best parts. Goku is hurt to the point that he can barely move. While getting the chamber together, Vegeta knocks over a needle. Goku sees it and immediately freaks out and tries to bolt through the door. Krillin has to physically restrain and is barely holding on despite Goku's injured state. The entire time, Vegeta is ignoring Goku who is screaming, begging not to have a shot. Vegeta finally has enough and tells him that he isn't getting an injection. Goku calms down like nothing happened, making Krillin side-eye him. Gohan's embarrassed reaction is just the icing on the cake, turning the entire scene into a Never Live It Down moment for Goku.
    • Even funnier, you would expect someone like Vegeta to tease or mock Goku's over-the-top reaction, and he really doesn't. Depending on which version you watch, the worse thing he calls him is a big baby. Given Vegeta's own fear of worms, maybe it's common for Saiyans to have a phobia.
    • When Vegeta explains that the healing chamber being used to heal Goku is an older model. Gohan wonders aloud why they can't just use the new one. Vegeta sheepishly states he destroyed the only one earlier.
  • In the Funimation dub, when Captain Ginyu, in Goku's body, shouts out, "Get ready... THE CAPTAIN'S COMING TO GET YOOOOOUUUUUU!!" before pausing with, "Wait...that doesn't sound right," and struggling to think of something else, leaving Gohan and Krillin to attack Ginyu, who shouts in surprise, "Hey! I haven't even started yet!"
  • Before that, when Goku and Ginyu are fighting, Ginyu pauses for a moment to "introduce himself properly", complete with one of his ridiculous poses. Which Goku immediately copies.
    Goku: Like this?
    Ginyu: No, no, no, your other leg is raised.
    Goku: Huh... But, you know, this pose... It doesn't really do anything, does it?
    Ginyu: *fumes*
  • After the body exchange, Goku-in-Ginyu's-body is worried both for how Krillin and Gohan will be caught by surprise when Ginyu arrives... And, most importantly, for Chichi's reaction if he can't get back his body before coming back to Earth, fearing she'll kick him out for the horrible face. In the meantime, Ginyu and Jeice are convinced that Ginyu's previous face was better.
  • When Goku-in-Ginyu's-body arrives to Frieza's ship and tells everyone that Ginyu can't use his body well for now, Ginyu laughs and powers up, asks Jeice for the power level, and then starts bragging he has now a power level of 23,000 for a while, before realizing Goku told the truth.
  • Captain Ginyu getting trapped in a frog's body.
    • Later in episode 90, everything about Ginyu switching bodies with Bulma-and acting like his usual self.
  • Two words: "Mundo Cool!" Spoken by Krillin in the Funi dub when Goku was in the healing tank.
    • "That's right boys, mundo cool" Actual words that begin a monologue by Vegeta.
    • In a meta way, one of the most famous reviewers for DBZ fan Manga named himself "Mondo Cool".
  • Dende shouting at Gohan and Krillin when they first awaken Porunga.
    "Don't piss off the god of love!!"
  • Tien tells a joke.
  • In episode 76 of the anime, when everyone learns from Dende that the Namekian dragon can only revive one person per wish. Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu get into a very childish argument over who should be revived first.
    • Tien's math skills don't appear to have improved much over the years. Poor guy actually counts how many of them there are on his fingers.
    Tien: What do you know?!
    • Tien criticizing Yamcha over his hair. Yamcha in turn calls Tien, "cue-ball".
    • When Chiaotzu offers that they draw straws. Yamcha argues that his and Tien's telepathy gives them an unfair advantage. Chiaotzu argues that they're not cheaters.
    • After Piccolo uses King Kai to tell Gohan to use the first wish to bring him back to life. King Kai gets angry at Piccolo for breaking his previous promise not to go near Frieza, even scolding him for it.
    Piccolo: So this is it, this is what it's like to have a mom.
  • Apparently, Frieza never transforms without a countdown...
  • When Frieza transforms into his third form, he looks very big and bulky and Piccolo, believing him to be slow, tries to get out of the way using a Flash Step. Frieza quickly proves him wrong.
    Piccolo: BLAST YOU!! You may have power, but I have speed!! You'll never catch up!!!
    (Frieza flash steps right in front of Piccolo)
    Piccolo: I-IMPOSSIBLE..!!!
    Frieza: Well, well. Long time no see...
  • While watching Piccolo and Frieza fight, Krillin mentions the old adage: "it ain't over till the fat lady sings". Vegeta is less then convinced.
    Vegeta: Well, I'd say she just hummed a few bars.
  • Frieza (as portrayed by Linda Young in the original dub) has some pretty funny lines.
    • After killing Krillin:
      Frieza: Pop goes the weasel, haha.
    • And this exchange with SS Goku:
      Goku: They (the Saiyans) paid for their crimes.
      Frieza: They paid for their crimes, really? I thought I blew them all up.
    • Don't forget some of Frieza's very dark comments after delivering the final blow to Vegeta and as he makes his dying words: "Enough! Loud mouth! On and on like a broken record!" "He's just a corpse talking; I'll have to gag him to shut up." AND after Vegeta dies: "It's about time. Saiyans tend to linger like a bad odor."
  • Frieza's face when Vegeta claims he's now a Super Saiyan. Not because he believes him, but because he's wondering "Is he really that deluded?".
  • What is the first thing Goku tells Frieza? That he was Expecting Someone Taller.
  • Goku biting Frieza's tail. Poor Frieza, his reaction was priceless.
  • Manga-only example: On Namek, Goku and Frieza decide to stop holding back and fight for real. Meanwhile, on Earth, Chichi is having lunch with her father, hoping Gohan is doing his homework and wondering if Goku is allowing him to goof off. Ox King assures her saying he is sure that they are probably on their way back home.
  • Puar gets one toward the end of the Frieza Saga. Puar, Oolong, Chichi, Yajirobe and Master Roshi are planning to go to Namek as backup. Oolong is packing his things and saying that they should reconsider, when Puar burst into tears, sobbing into a photo of Yamcha and ranting about how she's not going to take this anymore. She then pops up into the screen, suddenly wearing a martial artists' headband:
    Puar: Let's KICK BOOTY!
    • Let it not be forgotten that the whole thing was Chichi's idea. All because she was worried out of her mind about her poor little Gohan.
    • Yajirobe is outright freaked out about being dragged into this mission. During the countdown, he ends up begging to be left on Earth, kicking and screaming.
    • And when Dr. Briefs announces a failure in the launching systems? Even the rocketship falls over.
  • The last appearance of the frog in Captain Ginyu's body near the end of the Frieza Saga is pretty funny too. Also, it's nice knowing that the frog (who hadn't done anyone any harm). Not only made it to Earth, but survived the punishment Ginyu had put his body through before.
    • Just the fact that Ginyu got stuck in a frog's body was funny enough, really, especially after Super comes out and we find out just what exactly happened to him...
  • At one point Bulma contemplates leaving Namek in Goku's ship. Saving herself and likely dooming Gohan, who hadn't made back yet. As she struggles with her conscience, she glares at the unconscious Piccolo.
    Bulma: Don't you have anything to say about all this?
  • As Goku lets Freeza power up uninterrupted, King Kai nags Goku into striking now while he's still got the upper hand. Goku ignores him, so King Kai threatens to start telling jokes unless Goku responds. Goku calls his bluff and ignores him some more. Then King Kai opens up with "What did the penguin say to the astronaut?", at which point Goku cries out "Okay! Okay! I can hear you!", instantly predicting a joke with that kind of setup couldn't possibly be any good. A man who can withstand 100x Earth's gravity can't handle a bad joke.
  • Another manga-only example: Frieza has blown a hole through Planet Namek, which is about to explode, everyone on the planet, except Goku, Frieza, Gohan, Bulma and Piccolo is dead, Frieza is now finally using his 100% power against Goku. Meanwhile on Earth, Yajirobe is eating and wondering what kind of fun Goku must be having.
  • When Frieza angrily launches an energy disk at Goku, in an attempt to kill him, despite Goku emerging victorious after their fight, Goku remarks that since Frieza is resorting to such predictable and amateurish tricks, he should probably train some more and come back later. He demonstrates this by leaving an after-image of himself while he has already escaped Frieza and standing behind him.
    Frieza: It's over!
    (The energy disk goes through Goku's after-image, which disappears, leaving Frieza shocked)
    Goku: (from behind Frieza) Yeah, over here!
  • Near the end of Goku and Frieza's battle, Goku bitchslapping Frieza several times. And just before that, the face Frieza makes after Goku slams his elbow into Frieza's skull.
  • Goku uses his Flash Step to disorient Frieza, who turns around to find himself face to face with Goku's abs. The reaction he has is priceless. This happened shortly after another moment where Goku used the same technique, and ended up floating upside down above Frieza.
  • When Dende has Porunga revive everyone, including Vegeta, he immediately goes to fight Freeza again. The following exchange occurs exactly as Dende is about to use his next wish, to bring everyone on Namek except Freeza and Goku to Earth...
    Freeza: I killed you! You must be a ghost!
    Vegeta: Can a ghost do this, Freeza? [disappears]
  • After returning to Earth, Bulma offered the surviving Namekians and Vegeta a place to stay at her house. Gohan wants to come with them instead of going home. Why? He didn't finish his homework and his mother will be mad.
  • Chichi et al are waiting for their starship to lift off for their rescue mission when Dr. Brief gets a phone call. He comes back and says Bulma and Gohan are back on Earth, and earnestly inquires if they still want to go or if he should cancel the flight. Cue group Face Fault.
  • Vegeta meets Bulma's parents. Turns out there's some things even he's not ready for.
    • In one version of the dub, Vegeta calls Bulma a "bonehead".
  • When Goku refused to come back home via a wish from the Namek Dragon Balls.
    Roshi: Why?! Because he's scared! Of the one more powerful than a Super Saiyan! His wife!
    [cue Chichi taking out a sword from nowhere]
    • At the same time, the poor terrified man who flies right past Porunga.
    "This is Skycam 6 with the 5:00 traffic report. I quit! I don't get paid enough for this!"
    • The fact that the people all calm down once they learn that Porunga is just one of Dr. Briefs "crazy experiments".

     Garlic Jr. Saga 
  • It was probably only brought up in the dub but Marron insults Chichi with "It's obvious your grandson (Gohan) isn't here now." Oh snap!
    • It's even funnier when you recall that Chichi was only 19 when she gave birth to Gohan, so Marron just called a woman in her mid-20's an old hag!
  • Also when Maron is left with Korin and Yajirobe and utterly cleans them out at poker (Yajirobe is down to his underwear). Yajirobe asks Korin why he can't use his mind-reading ability to beat Maron, and Korin explains that there's nothing there to read.
  • After the crisis is over and everyone is waking up from the spell of the Black Water Mist, Roshi finds himself on a cruise ship. Wearing a table cloth like a cape and standing atop a pile of furniture and other odds and ends.
    Roshi: (bashfully) Uh, hi there! Heh, I'm sure you folks were all wonderful subjects. Heh heh, but I think it's time I, abdicate the throne.
    • An old couple can't understand why there are people all over their yard.
    Old Woman: (a confused man looks around, wondering how he got up onto someone's roof) Look honey, there's one on the roof!

     Android/Cell Saga 
  • Vegeta wearing his "Bad Man" shirt in public. And getting relentlessly mocked by all of Goku's friends.
    Vegeta: I'm a warrior, not a... a... a variety of flower!
    • Even Goku makes a quip about the pink shirt!
      Vegeta: For starters, where in the world did you get that absurd looking outfit?
      Goku: It's the latest fashion on planet Yardrat, but I guess it does look a little strange. But at least it's not pink!
      Vegeta: Never mind! Who cares about your stupid clothes anyway!
    • While they're waiting for Goku to land, Trunks keeps looking over at Vegeta, (because he's his father that he's never met but he can't tell Vegeta because it might mess up the timeline). Vegeta assumes he's staring because of the shirt, and says "If you like it that much, you can have it."
    • How he got to wear it: after coming back to Earth, Bulma browbeat him into obedience (much to Yamcha's shock) and sent him to take a shower, and then put his armor in the washer and told him to wear the change she provided (that included the pink shirt) or go around naked. That's when Yamcha and Krillin (who had come thinking that Goku had come back) can't hold it anymore and start laughing. Oh, and it's implied Bulma gave him a pink shirt as a prank.
    Vegeta: Men in pink, how bizarre.
    • The fact that Bulma and Vegeta were having an entire offscreen romance arc in-between the Frieza and Trunks sagas is pretty funny by itself. But apparently, it lasted went so well that Future Bulma has some vaguely positive memories of it!
  • In Goku's flashback of how he escaped Namek, when he can't get Frieza's ship to work. He gets angry and calls it a piece of junk. Then the ship starts falling and he goes, "I take it back, you're not a piece of junk!"
  • Bulma's exasperated reaction to Vegeta and Goku shooting down her idea to use the Dragon Balls to find out where Dr. Gero is hiding so they could stop him early before activating his killer androids, simply because they want to fight them. She could only despair that "Saiyans are a bunch of battle junkies".
    • Goku's reasoning in the English dub? Naïvely pointing out since Dr. Gero hadn't "technically" done anything yet, it would be wrong to attack him now.
  • Basically, everything about "The Driving Episode". Proof that Filler is not always terrible.
    • Piccolo's Postboy outfit is where it's at. That he was wearing because Chichi forced him to take driving lessons. Yes.
    • And don't forget that Goku literally Drives Like Crazy. Poor instructor. That WHOLE episode was simply hilarious. Especially since both he and Piccolo were brow-beaten into getting driver's licenses just to drive Chichi around so she can do her shopping. (She DOES know that women ARE allowed to drive, right?)
      Goku: *sheepishly looks at a very stoic and unconcerned Piccolo* you know how to drive?
      Piccolo: *flipping out* LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!
    • Forget Goku, remember Piccolo's driving instructor? Talk about road rage.
      • In the Mexican Dub, Piccolo initially thinks to himself that she is like a magpie. Later on, when she praises his driving, he replies "Thanks, Magpie".
      • Even funnier when you think it, her attitude seemed to rub off on him. Considering he wasn't too keen on driving at first, he seemed to be enjoying himself with that impromptu race he had with Goku.
        Piccolo: What the hell, Goku?! You think you can left me behind?! (steps on the gas at full blast)
    • After Goku's first attempt he asks how he did, his driving Instructor (a guy who's pushing on a hundred by the looks of it) tells him it'd be a million years before he gets his license. Goku freaks out and tells him he can't wait that long as he's got to train for the Androids. While he's talking they are in the middle of a lake and start to sink and he continues talking as they go underwater!
  • Goku's reaction when Trunks reveals his mother's identity is priceless. He actually falls down to the ground when Trunks spills the beans.
    • Piccolo's (who can hear the conversation due to Namekians having ultra-sensitive ears) and Vegeta's reactions are quite amusing as well:
      Piccolo: *barely avoids Face Faulting*
      Vegeta: *shocked* That guy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!
    • Also from how nervous Goku was when Trunks told him he knew his mother, he might have thought Vegeta was going to hook up with Chi-Chi. Or that Lunch was going to make a sudden comeback.
    • In the manga at least, once Trunks mentions that his mother built the time machine that brought him back, Goku seemingly put two-and-two together, but it took Trunks to confirm it that gave his hysterical reaction.
  • Cell's reaction to Tien showing up to the battlefield after absorbing 17 is funny.
    Cell: What does that "No Count" think he's doing?
    • Followed up by Tien blasting Cell into a very deep pot hole.
    Tien: There you go Cell. A little greeting from the "No Count."
  • Vegeta's sarcastic explanation to Cell as to how he became so powerful so quickly:
    Vegeta: "I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups, and I drink plenty of juice."
  • Episode 147 of the anime, Goku meeting with Piccolo again after his fusion with Kami.
    Goku: (with a smile) Kamiccolo!
    Piccolo: (almost falls over embarrassed)
  • The scene where Cell announces the Cell Games to Trunks.
    Cell: I can't wait to see the look on their faces. *Trunks makes a horrified face* That's it, that's the look.
    • On that note, in the anime when Cell breaks into the news station to announce where he's holding the Cell Games, we have Vegeta watching TV to find he's interrupted by Cell breaking through the floor, and he changes the channel only for it to happen again, and again, and again, almost as if Cell is intentionally trolling him. All the more amusing when you remember that Vegeta was the first to get his ass kicked by him after achieving his Perfect form.
  • After Goku and Gohan emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku mentions that he doesn't need to train in there anymore. Vegeta attempts to taunt him and Goku quickly shuts him up by mentioning he becomes loads stronger than Vegeta. What follows is perhaps Vegeta at his whiniest.
  • When the pair first meet, Baby Trunks ends up pulling on Future Trunks' hair.
  • Bulma is shocked to see the visual change in Trunks after he and Vegeta exit the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, noting his longer hair. She noticed Vegeta's hair didn't change and asked why, which he responds that Saiyans’ hair never changes. Son Goku then remarks that he wondered how his own hair never changed since the beginning of the series.
    Goku: I just wish I could do something about these split ends.
    Bulma: Try shampoo.
  • While Cell creating a panic over the announcement of his Cell Games isn't necessarily funny, his trolling of fearful people looking for a safe location is in a Black Comedy wat. After a casual flyby near a train, he comes across a row of motorists frustrated by the very same train passing through, only for Cell to appear in front of them mocking offering to join them:
    Cell: So where is everyone going?
    (crowd stares in shock upon seeing Cell)
    Cell: I have an idea: Maybe I'll join you. (advances towards the crowd)
    (The crowd literally runs for the hills, leaving their vehicles while Cell stares at a car and lifts it)
    Cell: You forgot this!
    (Cell tosses the car at the crowd, which explodes on them blasting back up the hill)
  • Chichi's reaction of seeing Gohan as a Super Saiyan.
    Chichi: [crying] My sweet little Gohan's become a punker!
  • During the ten days before the Cell Games, Super Saiyan Goku is relaxing on the grass. Krillin wonders to himself about what an amazing fighter Goku has become. He sees a large rock lying nearby and deduces that if he throws it at Goku, the latter would sense it coming and catch/deflect it. It doesn't work.
    • Goku's reaction, especially in the dub, is so over-the-top, that you would think Krillin shot an energy blast at him.
    • As a bonus, it's a really cool Call-Back to a similar scene in the very first saga of Dragon Ball, when Chichi tries a similar thing when she first meets Master Roshi.
    • Interestingly, Krillin previously threw a rock at Goku's head in the non-canon film Sleeping Princess in Devil Castle. Here, the rock hurts Goku enough to make him fall down a pit (which he was jumping out of before getting hit).
  • Only shown in the anime, Chichi and Krillin are shocked that Goku actually agrees with Chichi telling Gohan to study.
  • Yamcha and Krillin train for the Cell Games. Thank goodness the fate of the world is no longer in their hands.
  • "The Puzzle of General Tao", all of it. Goku locates two Dragon Balls inside a fortress run by Mercenary Tao and a mob boss. Goku comes in, acts all cheery at meeting Tao again and tells them that he wishes he had something to give in trade for the Dragon Balls. Then Tao, remembering how powerful Goku is, tells Goku that he can have the Dragon Balls if he can solve his puzzle game by dawn. He then takes off with Goku’s Dragon Balls and leaves while Goku’s distracted. By night Goku’s still working on the puzzle. The one henchman Tao and the others abandoned tries to help Goku with the remaining puzzle piece, but Goku tells him he doesn’t want to cheat. Goku finally solves it in time, and the henchman honestly congratulates him. When the pair gets confused about where everyone else went, Goku relaxes and says it doesn't matter. He just uses Instant Transmission. Tao and the mob boss are on the shore of a lake, congratulating themselves on the trick they pulled on Goku. When Goku shows up and shows Tao that he solved his puzzle. He then happily takes the other two Dragon Balls and flies off.
  • Cell has one funny moment where he scares the shit out of a reporter and his cameramen.
    • Anytime Cell and the media interact really. When he wants to announce his "Cell Games" tournament, he goes to Z TV and stops at the front desk. Everyone immediately recognizes him as the monster that's been going around eating people and start panicking, but he just calmly and politely asks which floor the news broadcast is on. The receptionist gives him the information, and he thanks her and just starts flying slowly upward, plowing his way through the ceiling and multiple TV studios on his way up.
  • All of the episode "Losers Fight First", Hercule and his students making morons of themselves in their fight against Cell, Krillin sums it up best.
    Krillin: They're giving me a headache!
    • Yamcha gets one as well during Hercule's demonstration:
      Yamcha: This guy's an idiot!
    • Master Roshi, watching everything from his television:
      Roshi: Maybe it's best he gets killed.
    • Even Cell gets in on the dissing:
      Cell: His ignorance is painful.
    • And finally, when Cell casually knocks Mr. Satan several miles out of the ring, Krillin gets another one:
      Krillin: To be honest, Gohan, I was rooting for Cell during that one.
    • Piccolo gets a good one after we see Mr. Satan survived the attack:
      Piccolo: He survived. A pity.
    • Everyone's Stunned Silence at Mr. Satan and the reporter hamming about how great Mr. Satan is. Even the most stoic person in the group had an expression of, 'WTF'.
    • In the episode after that, Vegeta's reaction when Mr. Satan wants another round:
      Vegeta: His stupidity is beyond belief.
  • The sheer stupidity of the news reporter guy in believing every bit of Hercule/Mr. Satan's Blatant Lies about how everything in the fight against Cell is a trick.
  • Only in the Mexican Dub, during Goku's fight with Cell, there's a point in which they stop for a while to talk. Seeing that Goku is apparently no match for him after all, he dismisses everyone else as "insects". Since in the Mexican dub this is pretty much Vegeta's trademark insult, he's not amused:
    Vegeta: Argh, he didn't just steal my cells, also my dialogues!
  • In the manga, right after turning Super Saiyan 2, dispatching the Cell Jrs, and fighting Perfect Cell to a standstill, Gohan decides to stop holding back and powers up to his maximum, a feat that not only causes the entire planet to tremble, but has most of the Z-Fighters shitting their pants, Gohan's Response?
    Perfect Cell: So kid, are you impressed by what you see?
    Gohan: (With the most deadpan, sarcastic, unimpressed expression on his face.) Whoopee....
  • At the end of the Cell Saga. Krillin is attempting to talk to Android 18, and already making a mess of it when Gohan pops off at the mouth.
    Gohan: I GOT IT! Krillin, you have a crush on Android 18, don't you!
    Krillin: *epic slap* Thanks, Mister Smooth!
    • "*loud whisper* Krillin! How do androids have babies?!"
      • 18's response: A bemused "spare me."
  • In general, 18's attitude during the whole scene. She remains hidden until Krillin makes the wish to remove the bombs from her and 17's bodies, and tells the others he did so because he thought they made a good couple. She angrily reveals to him they're twins, and then goes "Don't think I'll accept you so easily, or that I'm grateful to you for the bomb!". Clearly, she was trying to drop the hint that she was not rejecting him.

     Buu Saga 
  • Goku attempting to push a protesting King Kai down the Snake Way to Grand Kai's planet. He eventually runs off on his own, only to run backwards (complete with backwards music) to King Kai when he realizes he doesn't know how to get there- and again when he remembered he knew Instant Transmission. King Kai compares him to a yo-yo.
  • At some point in Hell, Goku goes back, only to find out the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Cell are trying to break out. After getting their asses kicked, again...
    Cell: This stinks.
    King Cold: They could at least let us take showers...
    Recoome: ...Does anybody wanna arm wrestle?
    Everyone: SHUT UP!
    • Then the screaming starts.
  • Although the Otherworld Tournament was a filler arc, it took advantage of the downtime between the Cell and Great Saiyaman/Majin Buu arcs to get back to the action comedy that was Dragon Ball's original appeal. This peaked at the (extremely short) tournament battle between fighters Tapkar and Torbie:
    Tapkar: "Haah... haah... I'm tired... I give up."
    • Its also worth noting that the only two people who were still standing were the West and North Kai.
    • Goku's first match in the Otherworld Tournament literally involves him being tickle tortured in front of thousands of flabbergasted people, fighters, and the gods. Pikkon, one of the most serious characters in the series, looks outright uncomfortable, King Kai's mouth is dropped in disbelief, the other Kais stare at South Kai almost if asking, 'Did you really teach him this?', and South Kai is trying to remain stoic, but he's clearly embarrassed. The whole time, Goku is just laughing and screaming in the background. What makes this even more surreal is how effective the torture is given that Goku is helpless with laughter for several minutes. Olibu's line sums up the fight. "South Quadrant must be a VERY peaceful place..."
      • The ending of that particular fight is also hilarious. Goku escaped the tickle torture by blasting Caterpy several feet hundred into the air. Caterpy is upset and actually begins to cry, much to Goku's shock. Caterpy then begins to transforms into his ultimate form….which will take up to seven thousand years to complete. This causes everyone to fall over, and Goku wins by default since no wants to wait that long. Best of all, Goku wasn't even flustered by the experience. He only shows confusion over Caterpy being weak.
      • The Japanese version is even funnier since the music that plays is usually used for serious, life-and-death battles. Goku's escape also seems more accidental since Goku in the dub declares that he never gives up before blasting Caterpy. In the original version, it looks more like Goku lost control of his ki because he was laughing too much.
  • Gohan Goes to High School is incredibly hilarious, from the fact that Gohan doesn't KNOW how to act normal to him FLYING up in the air in baseball to catch the ball and realizing everyone's looking at him to the fact that Videl is stalking him like crazy and how much like his father he is. Special mention goes to the scene where Gohan flips out on people who misinterpret the Great Saiyaman and call it Great Singing Man. "IT'S GREAT SAIYAMAN!"
    Erasa: So, where do you live, anyway?
    Gohan: The 439 Mountain Area. It's kind of remote...
    Erasa: THE 439 MOUNTAIN AREA?! How in the world do you get here? That's got to be a four or five hour drive!
    Gohan: Uhhh... that's just how dedicated I am to my education! (in thought) I can't believe I just said that!
    • He took a deadball to the face just because he didn't want to hit the ball. Without flinching! He then looks at the downed ball in confusion, then casually asks the umpire if that was a hit-batter. And he really thought it was a normal thing to do...
    • When the teacher is introducing Gohan to the class, it looks almost like he's reaching out to touch Gohan's ass.
  • A moment that works particularly well in the manga due to excellent use of a Beat Panel is Piccolo's confrontation of Babidi:
    Babidi: Heh heh heh... fool! If you kill me, Buu can never be sealed away! Then he'll go on destroying until the whole world is gone! Is that what you want?
    Piccolo: And how is that different from what you intend?
    Babidi: (panicking) B-BUU! BUU! HURRY!!! KILL THIS GUY!!!
  • When Gohan becomes the Great Saiyaman and fails to realize how ridiculous his costume is.
    Piccolo: What is the meaning of those ridiculous clothes?
    Gohan: Ah, you just don't know style!
    • The Latin Spanish dub, courtesy of some genius delivery from Carlos Segundo, is even funnier:
      Piccolo: Why are you dressed like that? Carnival's already passed.
      Gohan: Eh? You too think the same as everyone else, Mr. Piccolo? Don't you think this suit looks fantastic?
      Piccolo: ... Do I tell you the truth or do we continue being friends?
    • And later, Goku mocks it.
      Goku: Trunks, you didn't tell Gohan the truth about his costume.
      King Kai: *snickers*
    • Later, as Gohan is on his way toward Roshi's island, he wonders to himself "Of all people, Piccolo. I mean, who is he to talk, he wears a turban for heaven's sake! And then there's those pointy little booties and who knows what thing is on his shoulders... Huh, come to think of it, I used to dress just like him."
    • The irony of course being that while Gohan really does like the outfit, he's not the one who designed it, Bulma was. And she was at least partially inspired by Saiyan armor...
  • Gohan doing his Saiyaman intro to a pair of random criminals, who promptly mock him saying his intro is stupid. Gohan gets pissed off and stomps a hole in the street telling them he worked really hard on that, so they both agree that it was really cool.
  • The first time Gohan sees Videl rush out of class to foil a crime he gets worried for her safety only for his classmates to laugh and explain that, as Mr. Satan's daughter, she can take care of herself. Cue Gohan thinking back to his own firsthand experience with Mr. Satan (i.e. Cell bitch-slapping him into a mountain). To say the least, his concerns don't go away.
    Sharpner: She's been training her whole life and some say she's as strong as her father.
    Gohan: strong as her father?
  • Gohan is worried that Chichi won't let him enter the Tenkaichi, as he'd need to take a sabbatical to retrain himself into shape and... Well, we all know how Chi-Chi is. Then he mentions that the first prize is ten million zeni, and the second is five-and she all but forces him to take a pause from school to better train himself.
  • Gohan constantly underestimating how powerful Goten actually is-and then finding out he achieved Super Saiyan before learning to fly.
  • Gohan tries teaching Videl the concept of ki. When she doesn't get it, Goten helps clarify things:
    Goten: Videl, he means this. (shoots a Hand Blast at a nearby rock, blowing it to pieces)
    Gohan: (sheepishly) Er, yeah, that's it. That's exactly what I meant.
    Videl: (completely shocked) ... oh yeah?
  • In the manga, how Gohan gets tricked into revealing his identity by Videl: she asks Great Saiyaman "So Gohan, how'd you sneak out of school?", and he gives an answer, totally forgetting that he's in his Great Saiyaman guise right then.
  • Chi-Chi meets Videl. It goes about as well as you'd expect, with Chi-Chi accusing Videl of being a hussy trying to steal her son and Videl trying to defend herself. It eventually regresses into Chichi sticking her tongue out while Videl bares her teeth at her.
    • Then she finds out her family's rich, and suddenly she's a Shipper on Deck.
    Chi-Chi: (to Gohan, after Videl reveals that she’s rich) And you’re going to marry her?
    (Gohan spit takes his food all over Goten, who doesn’t seem to mind)
    Goten: Does this mean I’m getting an older sister?
    Gohan: (panicking and flailing his arms around) No no no no no!
  • When (kid) Trunks reveals to Vegeta that he can turn Super Saiyan.
    Vegeta: (stunned, watching Trunks zoom around) Did... I miss something? When was it that the pride of the Saiyan race was reduced to a child's plaything?! (orders Trunks to stop) Tell me, can the youngest child of Kakarot do this as well?
    Trunks: Yeah, we do it all the time!
    Vegeta: (in thought) Yes, naturally, it's a Super Saiyan bargain sale!
    • Another notable moment occurs after Vegeta learns that (kid) Trunks can go Super Saiyan.
    Vegeta: If you can land a punch on my face, then I'll take you to the park for an hour.
    Trunks: Wow! You mean it? Okay!
    (Trunks attacks Vegeta and manages to land a hit on his face, then Vegeta reacts by punching Trunks in the face by accident)
    Trunks: (crying) You didn't say you were gonna hit back, Daaad...
    Vegeta: ...Well I never said I wouldn't hit you now did I, Trunks?
    Trunks: Noooo... but...
    Vegeta: Dry your tears! We're going to the park now!
    Trunks: (Trunks brightens up instantly) Yay!
  • When Goten reveals to Gohan that he can become a Super Saiyan. Goten asks Gohan how he achieved the Super Saiyan status, and he replied that he and Goku went through a lot of Hellish training to get it, and that it is triggered by rage. Goten then casually goes Super Saiyan, leaving Gohan completely flabbergasted.
  • Piccolo's Running Gag in episode 209 of subtly destroying every camera that he sees. He does it because the tournament is a place to fight, not show off, but it's still hilarious.
  • The whole scene where Goku is alarmed after seeing 18 hanging out with the Z Fighters, not knowing she made a Heel–Face Turn because of his long absence. 18 remark how very sharp Goku is, while Krillin tries to reassure him that she's on their side now. And then comes the part where Krillin explains that he married her and they have a daughter together. Goku's reaction to that last part added even more laughs.
    Son Goku: How does a robot have a kid?
    Krillin: She's not a robot, she's a cyborg!
  • Everyone punching the machine that determines if they qualify or not for the tournament and having to hold way back to the point that they all still do way better than Mr. Satan/Hercule. And then Vegeta breaks it with one punch.
    • To expand on that, 18's first score was 700+, where Satan only scored 137. Then she tries again with a lovetap, which still got over 200 points. The others, except Vegeta, did pretty much the same thing, and it looked like they were actually competing to see who could hit it the softest!
    • Goku's attempt in particular stands out, as he actually manages to score the lowest out of the Z fighters. His little giggle before he hits the bag is adorable.
    • Immediately after that, Videl's first meeting with the Z Fighters. And a freak-out when she learns that the guy who first spoke was Gohan's father, that she believed dead... And Gohan confirms he's still dead ("That's why he has that halo.").
    • Meta example in the Latin American dub: the guy who's taking note of the numbers is voiced by Nappa's VA José Luis Castañeda. It's a brilliant Call-Back to the scouter scene, as the guy insists the machine must be broken to give those numbers.
  • 18's first time participating in a tournament:
    Announcer: Number 18. Uhh, is that your real name?
    Android 18: My father was a little dull.
    • Made funnier still when Word of God revealed her real name is actually Lazuli.
  • Upon arriving at the tournament, Videl is asked by an interviewer what she'd do if she had to fight her father. Her response?
  • Trunks and Goten's first fights in the tournament. Trunks goes up against an arrogant bully who thought he could beat up his much smaller opponent. The half-Saiyan took him out in two hits. For Goten, he fought against the bully's brother who's just as arrogant. Unlike Trunks, Goten was at least polite enough to let his opponent make an attack first, no matter how useless it was. After effortlessly blocking and parrying his opponent's attacks, Goten finally got bored and punches the bully in the face, knocking him out cold.
  • Bulma and Chichi vs. the mother of Goten and Trunks' first opponents in the junior tournament. The expression on the fat lady's face when her sons get easily beaten is priceless. When the fat lady tries to attack Bulma, Chichi immediately punches her out, glad to have some peace and quiet. Chichi may have retired from fighting, but she's still got it!
  • During DBZ's World Tournament arc when Vegeta not only says his 8-year-old son will easily beat Hercule, but he then proceeds to really rip into him. Right in front of Videl. So Gohan attempts the most awkward cover up of all time. See for yourself.
  • The eating scene during the tournament saga:
    Piccolo: You know, I... don't think I'll ever get used to this…
    • Made funnier that this if the first time we ever see Vegeta pigging out. Of course, being that it's a Saiyan trait, you knew it had to be happening offscreen.
  • From the DBZ World tournament arc, there is the re-enactment of the Cell Games, from the spoof Toei Video Ident ("*Waves and rocks!* This show is brought to you by waves and rocks...") to the Speed Racer speech that everyone was assigned in the dub. Even Satan was embarassed.
    Goku: Hehehehe! Well, it was ridiculous and untrue but it kept me entertained!
  • The kids' tournament is just made of this. we have a kid who gets punched once and starts crying, a kid who went into a tantrum and actually won against a more skilled opponent, and of course, Trunks and Goten winning effortlessly. Especially funny in Goten's case since he makes it look almost accidental.
  • After winning the kids tournament, Trunks is given the chance to fight Mr. Satan, who, ever the gentleman, offers Trunks a free hit. Bad idea.
  • Mr. Satan's freak-out when he realizes that Videl has a crush on Gohan, even reminding her that he wouldn't let her date a boy too weak to beat him without knowing that Gohan is the one teen in the world that qualifies.
  • During the 25th Budokai, Videl has been keeping her ability to fly from her father. When he finally does witness her flying, he completely freaks out. A nearby Tournament official merely looks at him and says "So she can fly. What's the big deal?"
  • Another one from the tournament is Goten and Trunks' response to their ruse being revealed.
    Announcer: Hey! The two of you can't fight together! You're disqualified! Do you hear me?
    Goten: Uh-uh. I think we're in trouble.
    Trunks: Me too. Should we go?
    Goten: Uh-huh.
    Trunks: Your tournament was stupid!
    Announcer: Mighty Mask was disqualified because he was two people.
  • 18 gives a deal to Mr. Satan he CAN'T refuse if he wanted to keep up his image: she'll throw the fight for him if he ponies up DOUBLE the first place cash prize to her. Mr. Satan throws a "super punch" square in 18's face, but of course she doesn't feel it, simply standing there with his fist on her face. She asks unimpressed if that seriously was his "killer move", which Mr. Satan sheepishly replies more or less. 18 sighs, but jumps out of the ring, faking a ring out. After Mr. Satan starts eating up the praise, 18 walks off, casually reminding him of their deal, and if he doesn't honor it, she will personally kill him, causing him to squeak out, "Yes, ma'am...!"
    • After 18's "defeat", Bulma, Chichi, Muten Roshi, Yamcha, Puar, the Ox King, Oolong and Maron wondering what just happened.
  • A meta example. A leaked outtake from the Funimation dub set after Mr. Satan's "win" has a hilarious subversion.
    Mr. Satan: Well, you know I wouldn't keep anything from my fans! Not even this gorgeous cock!
  • While Supreme Kai is giving his exposition dump on Majin Buu, this happens:
    Vegeta (in thought): Sounds like this Majin Buu would have made a decent Saiyan!
    Supreme Kai (out loud): No, you're wrong, Vegeta.
    Vegeta: Er...
    Supreme Kai: He would have wiped out your entire Saiyan race with a breath, just as he had so many others.
    Vegeta (in thought): Why didn't someone tell me he could read minds!
  • Babidi's warriors at Stage Four of his ship trying to grandstand to Gohan and the Supreme Kai while knowing exactly what they're in for. Even Gohan is fighting a laugh... Before he blasts them away by powering up.
  • When Majin Buu is revived, the contrast between his goofy attitude, that leads Gohan and Dabura to conclude the resurrection went wrong, and the Supreme Kai's utter terror of him-at least until Dabura insults him and Buu beats the crap out of him.
  • While Babidi and Buu are flying around the world, Buu decides to stop at a bakery and eats everything there and at the annexed cake factory, much to Babidi's annoyance... Then, when he finally convinces the Majin to leave, one of the shopgirls demands he pays for everything Buu ate and the damage he did. Babidi's annoyed face is priceless.
    • Babidi refuses to pay, and starts declaring that the world's fate depends on his whim... And the shopgirl declares she doesn't care who he is, he has to pay... And starts swinging him around by his cape until he teleports her away-and forgetting to cancel momentum. Cue the wall. And in the meantime, Buu went back to eating, and Babidi has to convince him to leave again.
  • During the grand entrance of the Super Saiyan 3, Goku starts playing paddle-ball with Buu's head tentacle.
  • The scene where Babidi gets blown to pieces. "Buu no help you, Buu no help!"
  • Gohan's first attempt at extracting the Z Sword.
    • When Gohan has trouble wielding the incredibly heavy sword, Kibito tries to show him how it's done. Emphasis on "try". Also, his and the Supreme Kai's reactions when Goku shows up and is able to wield the sword a bit better than Gohan could do at first.
    • Goku wanting to test the Z Sword's sharpness by plucking a boulder out of the ground and instructing Gohan to slice it as he throws it at him.
    • The faces Kibito and Kaioshin make when the sword breaks against a block of katchin, the hardest metal in the known universe. More funny since it was entirely Kaioshin's fault for suggesting the idea and providing Goku the katchin block to throw to Gohan.
  • When Old Kai shows up, Goku doesn't believe his power and tries to test it with a small ki blast. The results were the same when Krillin and Chi-Chi tried testing someone's powers.
  • Goku's Imagine Spot about what a merger between Dende and him would look like. Even funnier, he imagines what Mr. Satan and him would merge into and is not happy with the mental image. In the Japanese version, he actively wonders if he will become weaker. His expression during this last part sells the entire scene.
  • In a filler episode, when Bulma and the others were looking for the Dragon Balls, one was in a bird nest and Bulma was trying to get it... While half of the gang know how to fly and left her struggling and just look at her.
  • Goku's attempts to pimp out Bulma. And Vegeta's reaction.
    Vegeta: You idiot! How could you?! Don't you have any sense at all?! Let him kiss your woman!
    Goku: (terrified) But she's not near as pretty as Bulma is, see? It's a compliment.
    • And this is after Gohan shot down Goku's earlier suggestion of using Videl.
      Gohan: Dad, there's no way you're going to make my girlfriend kiss that old relic!
    • By the way, this isn't filler, it's actually in the manga.
      • And Goku's reason (in the manga) for not using Chichi?
        Goku: She'd kill me!
      • This is especially hilarious if you read the manga, where Gohan more or less had the exact same reaction when Goku suggested Old Kai meet Videl.
        Gohan: Are you insane! She’ll kill me!
      • Or in an alternate dub:
        Goku: But Bulma's much prettier than Chi-Chi! It's a compliment!
      • What makes this funnier is that fact that Goku, who is at par with Vegeta at the very least, and frequently gives out one-sided fights, is cowering in fear of Vegeta and that Vegeta is temporarily taller than him thanks to his head growing half a size, bearing in mind that Vegeta's height has served as a bit of a gag.
    • And, as the capper, why did Goku try and pimp Bulma out? Because Old Kai was opposed to using the Dragon Balls... But changed his mind as soon as Goku went for the pimping.
  • "Gotenks Is Born": the whole damn episode. But it's these particularly hilarious gems from the episode that stick out the most:
  • Chichi spanks Goten for recklessly rushing into battle with Buu (while fused with Trunks as Gotenks). Hilarity Ensues.
  • Super Saiyan Gotenks. After being first made, he showed off his speed to Piccolo, then told him he'd now wipe Majin Buu out... Forgetting he still had only one minute left. Cue Gotenks arriving at Buu's house, shouting a challenge while calling him a fatass, and defusing immediately after, with Trunks and Goten having the most hilarious Oh, Crap! faces even before properly defusing. Then Majin Buu demands to know who's insulting him. They quickly run.
    • The actual reason they survive: Mr. Satan convinces Buu he imagined it. Couldn't have been more humiliating had they tried...
  • The Fusion Dance is pretty ridiculous. What makes it hilarious is how cool and awesome Goku thinks it looks. Everyone else is just dumbfounded and Piccolo is horrified that he has to do it to demonstrate the Fusion Dance to Goten and Trunks.
    Piccolo: There's no way you'd have gotten Vegeta to do this...
    Goku: But you haven't seen it yet!
    Vegeta: I saw the whole thing from the afterlife and there is no way you are making me do it!
  • During the fight between Gotenks and Super Buu, Gotenks is being awesome and showy and taking four hours to power up and call his attacks... until Piccolo, sweatdropping hard, points to Buu, who is obliviously reading a magazine and drinking a fruity soda. Gotenks is pissed and yells at him to get up and fight. Buu replies "Why should I?" and reluctantly does so, still enjoying his drink.
    • Earlier, Gotenks' first series of attacks on Buu, with increasingly silly names-that he reads from a list he keeps in a pocket. Then Buu gets annoyed and swats him away, with Piccolo Face Palming in embarrassment.
      • Turns out, this is All According to Plan! Well, almost all, Piccolo's embarrassment had not been planned for. And of course, Buu gets angry when he overhears Gotenks telling it to Piccolo.
      • Gotenks getting serious... And immediately burying himself in the snow when Buu dodges his Hurricane Kick.
    • From their fight in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Piccolo and Gotenks are knocked into a bathtub. Piccolo's reaction after his head emerges?
      • The best part is that Piccolo whines afterwards about his cape being soggy.
      • Plus, before Piccolo's head pops out, theres a few bubbles, making it look like Gotenks is breaking wind underwater. He literally looks at the camera and assures the audience that it wasn't him.
    • When Gotenks assembled a small army of his Kamikaze Ghosts, they all huddle up with Gotenks to formulate a plan of attack on Buu. Once they decide on a plan, the Kamikaze Ghosts trade high-fives, which triggers a chained explosion, thus Gotenks gets taken out by his own attack.
    • After that debacle, the remaining Ghosts charge Buu... Then they change direction and start gushing about a giant poo they have supposedly found on the ground in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get him to come close out of curiosity so they'll jump him. And it works.
    • Just for dramatic effect, Gotenks claims he cannot use his final technique because he used too much energy. Cue horrified face when Piccolo destroys the entrance of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to protect Earth from Buu.
    • Super Buu's first reaction to finding out that he, Gotenks, and Piccolo are all trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Super Buu really has his priorities in order, alright...
      Buu: Huh?! But how do we eat candy?!
      Piccolo: We don't. There's none here!
      Piccolo: *grinning* "Nothing. All gone.
      Buu: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    • Upon learning Gotenks had lied about being unable to use his final technique, Piccolo immediately starts insulting him as if he was a child himself.
      • Really, all of Piccolo's reactions to Gotenks' antics. Especially when he's forced to take part in them.
    • Everybody's bewildered reaction when Super Buu's temper tantrum accidentally opens a hole between the dimensions.
    • Piccolo's reaction when the fight between Super Buu and SS3 Gotenks destroys the Lookout.
    • Finally Gotenks overpowers Buu and is about to finish him off... And suddenly he loses SS3, with the Fusion also being about to wear off. Cue priceless Oh, Crap! faces from him and Piccolo.
    • Seeing the above through Old Kai's magic crystal ball, Goku asks him to hurry up making Gohan invincible. That's when Old Kai reveals he had finished powering Gohan up five minutes ago, and he hadn't told them because it's more dramatic to have the hero arrive in the nick of time.
    • After the Fusion wears out, Goten and Trunks resolve to use the final solution to deal with Buu: apologize profusely and give him candies. Cue Face Fault from Piccolo. Even if they can't do it anymore, as there's no candy stores left in the world.
    • While the above happened and Piccolo tried to prepare for a glorious death in combat, Buu... Fell asleep. Complete with snoring and snot bubble. And Goten wants to pull his tentacle.
      • Piccolo shouting at the kids to not wake Buu up-then starting to whisper out of fear he will wake him up.
  • The battle between Gohan and Super Buu has a few moments:
    • Gohan tossing Buu away... And almost hitting Piccolo, Goten and Trunks. Who then had to dodge Buu's ki blast and Buu himself as he counterattacked.
    • Buu used the Ill Flash on Gohan from up close... Close enough Gohan shoved it back down his throat.
    • Piccolo doing a Jaw Drop when Gohan called Buu a retard.
    • When Gohan is being defeated by Buu after he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, Dende tells Mr. Satan to take Bee and run. Mr. Satan's reply? He pulls a gun to use on Buu. Dende's face is priceless.
      • Later Buu decides to blast them, Satan shoots at the blast-and it gets deviated. Buu and Dende actually believe it was the gun as Mr. Satan was bragging, before they notice Tien in the Kikoho stance...
  • Vegito has wit that would rival Spider-Man. Then there's the entire jawbreaker scene, and when Buu uses the Ghost Kamikaze Attack...
    Buu: It's not going to be the same as before!
    Vegito: Ohhhh! Yeah, I see you have a bigger litter this time.
    • Partway through the fight while he's a piece of candy, Vegito's dodging an absolute swarm of attacks from Super Buu like it's nothing. And then he just hops off to the side, chilling for a couple seconds as Buu swings at empty air without realizing it before he hops back in to humor him.
    • Buu ends up turning Vegito back to normal, leaving the fused warrior startled momentarily.
    Vegito: (suddenly changed back to normal) Mommy?!
  • This exchange after Vegeta and Goku escape from Super Buu's body, and everyone they rescued start popping back to regular size.
    Goku: Look Vegeta, people popcorn!
    Vegeta: ...What is he on...?
  • Episode 273, "The Innards of Buu" in its entirety.
    Vegeta: Use your instincts, Kakarot, left or right?
    Goku: Hm. I'd have to say... left!
    Vegeta: Good. Then I'm going right!
    • "Oh great, now he's making friends with worms!"
    • Vegeta freaking out over said worms.
      • He's more than freaked out. He actually becomes physically sick. In the Japanese text, he says that he can't stand squirming things.
    • Most of the time Goku and Vegeta spend inside Buu counts. They bicker like an old married couple the entire time.
    Goku: Open Sesame!
    Vegeta: *looks at Goku and grunts in irritation*
    • Buu wanting to make a knock-knock joke. When he doesn't get a reply, he screams "Knock-knock" until Vegeta humours him.
  • Dabura after he's dead is one of the most hilarious characters in the franchise: during his life he was the King of Demons, with all the evilness that implies. After dying, he's admitted into Heaven because "he would have enjoyed Hell". We later see him wandering around with Chichi, Videl, and Bulma acting like a complete Love Freak. Yes. The former King of Demons as a Love Freak! *Kriing!*
  • When the Dragon Balls get used to wish back to life the Earth and all the people who were killed since the beginning of the World Tournament except for the really evil people. Once it was finished, Goku points out to Vegeta that his halo vanished then comments that he guess he's not really considered evil due to Character Development. Vegeta's look of shock just sells it.
  • This scene during the Buu saga, in which Buu falls for a girl and decides to make himself look pretty to her. He looks into a nearby magazine and sees a picture of a "pretty boy" and changes his face into the one from the magazine, while saying "Baby!" in an Elvis-esque voice.
    Buu: Hello girl! You think Buu sexy?
    Girl: (terrified) Wha?! Yes, I... think you're very, very sexy!
    Buu: Yay, then give Buu smooch! *extends his lips*
    Girl: *screams in horror*
    Buu: Why you teasing Buu?! You play with Buu's feelings! *sees magazine* Hmm, what this? So Earth girls like boys look like this, huh? How Buu supposed to live up to body image in magazine?! Oh, Buu know!
    Buu rearranges his face to be pretty, girl reacts in horror.
    Buu: (Elvis-like voice) You girls don't know what you want!
    • This is also in the manga, by the way. In there, he extends his lips after rearranging his face.
    • Gets funnier with Dragon Ball Super, as the actor actually shows up.
  • The entirety of "Celebrations with Majin Buu" is pretty much an episode of True Life with Fat Buu. And it is hilarious.
    • MTV Cribs: Majin Buu edition
    • Mr Buu (Good Buu) after Earth's memories of Majin Buu are erased being able to freely walk around. He tries to get ice cream and doesn't realize he needs money and winds up in a street fight and is told that if he wins, he gets to keep the money. The guy he's fighting just punches his stomach like crazy while Buu just happily says "Money, ice cream!" repeatedly until he finally notices he's being punched and lightly taps the guy into a wall. Afterwards he goes back to the ice cream store and doesn't realize he gets change, but he insists they keep it because he wants ice cream.
    • Gohan and Videl fighting crime together. They show up at a jewelry store robbery in those ridiculous Saiyaman outfits and strike a pose more appropriate for the Ginyu Force. It's made even funnier by the fact that the bad guys surrender immediately because Majin Buu had just demonstrated himself to be Immune to Bullets. Gohan and Videl have no idea why the criminals are surrendering before they beat anyone up.
  • Goku looking after a dinosaur family who's about to have eggs. He ends up stopping two dinosaurs from fighting by picking them up and flying them to another part of the mountain and dropping them there and the dinosaurs' reactions are a Flat "What".
    • Then of course, the explanation why Goku is late:
    Krillin: Gosh, what's he doing this time?
    Chi-Chi: (angrily) He's having a baby!
    18: (in shock) A what?
  • After defeating Majin Buu, Goku takes a relaxing bath with Goten and Trunks. Then this happens.
  • Babidi turns away from his Crystal Ball in order to give Majin Buu the energy stolen from Gohan, figuring his minion Puipui could easily handle the heroes and might even win. When he goes back to the crystal ball, he sees... Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets to fight. The looks on Puipui, Babidi and especially the Supreme Kai's faces are priceless.
  • A subtle one during an idle scene with the main characters playing cards on top of Kami's Lookout. Krillin and Roshi are making small talk while playing Go Fish and 18 is standing behind Roshi, gesturing at Krillin about which card he should pick. After about a minute of head and eyebrow turning, Krillin ends up picking the joker (the one card he didn't want). 18 could only drop her head in disbelief.
    • The Mr. Satan-themed deck.
  • Bulma and Chi-Chi proposing to trade husbands. What sells it is how Vegeta keeps smiling in the background like he'd be down with the idea of stealing Goku's wife.
  • When Old Supreme Kai decides to transfer his life to Goku, his sacrifice is treated like a Tear Jerker, with a sad music track, the Supreme Kai on the verge of tears and Goku promising he'd put his sacrifice into good use. Then Old Supreme Kai suddenly comes back (now with a halo over his head, as he's dead) and angrily demands Goku for that to be the case. It catches everyone off guard.
  • After going to the world of the Supreme Kais, Mr. Satan comes to the conclusion that everything so far was a dream-and tries to fly by jumping from a mound. He fails.
    Old Kai: You can't pay for entertainment like this!
    • He later wakes up during the battle between Goku and Kid Buu-still convinced it's a dream. Then there's the Supreme and Elder Kai's reactions when they realize they left Mr. Satan and Bee behind.
      Supreme Kai: Oh no! What have we done! We forgot to bring that other man and his dog with us when we left!
      Elder Kai: That poor dog.
  • A few moments from the battle against Kid Buu on the Supreme Kais' world:
    • After everyone else has left, Goku and Vegeta prepare to fight their opponent... By deciding their turns with Rock–Paper–Scissors. Old Kai is furious, but Kibito Kai, who has already seen a very similar scene, is just annoyed.
    • After winning the first turn, Goku explains that he could have actually defeated Fat Buu, but choose not because he couldn't have the living still rely on him... And then notices that Vegeta wasn't listening but moved away.
    • After that, he prepares to fight Buu... Who, in the meantime, has fallen asleep on his feet and is even drooling.
    • Insulted, Goku goes SS2, waking up Buu... Who promptly starts beating his chest. And continues to do so for a while, even taking the full brunt of Goku's attacks to do so.
    • After being disintegrated by SS Goku, Buu regenerates... But he's in such a hurry he switches legs and arms around.
    • During SS3 Goku's fight with Kid Buu, Buu bites Goku's arm, and Goku retaliates by biting his head tentacle. It's their expressions that really clinch it, plus the fact that Vegeta is at this moment having his very serious internal monologue.
    • After taking out Vegeta, Buu starts laughing... And has a priceless "You've got to be kidding me" look on his face when Vegeta demands to know who did he think he had killed with such a weak attack.
    • Buu is about to kill Vegeta when there's an unexpected intervention: Mr. Satan. Who, still thinking it's a dream, starts provoking Buu with absolutely ridiculous acts.
      • Upon seeing Mr. Satan, Goku declared they didn't need him. Buu immediately drops Vegeta to deal with the World Champion.
      • Due the perfect timing of Fat Buu interfering from inside with Kid Buu's retaliation for the provocations, Mr. Satan convinces himself that Buu had been scared by his determination-and Goku actually wonders if it's the case.
      • The aftermath of Kid Buu giving a light punch to Mr. Satan.
      • And Satan still believes it's a dream.
    • The Namekians trolling everyone with a smile:
      • Dende and the Supreme Kais arrive on New Namek and say they need to find the Dragon Balls now. Mori replies they can't... And, a few moments later, the other Namekians produce the entire set.
      • Dende hears Vegeta's plan but remembers that Porunga can only revive one person per wish... The Namekians laugh and then Mori informs everyone he already fixed that.
      • Mori asking Dende if he still remembered the Namekian language. Gets better when it seem Dende does have trouble with speaking Namekian...
      • And then Porunga tops everyone by taking his sweet time to announce he could recreate Earth. He's immediately paid back when Dende wishes for the revival of everyone who died on Earth since Babidi showed up, as it's a wish difficult to grant enough he actually screams in anger before getting at work.
    • Goku and Vegeta's shock when the wish of reviving everyone not evil that died on Earth since Babidi arrived revives the Prince of All Saiyans too.
    Goku: (to Vegeta) You lucky dog!
    • While trying to defeat Kid Buu even as he's being overwhelmed, Fat Buu fires the Chocolate Beam but misses, and turns a rock into candies. Kid Buu eats a handful of candies and returns to beat Fat Buu up.
    • Kid Buu tying Fat Buu and his three copies into a knot.
    • Vegeta cannot convince the Earthlings to give their energy for the Spirit Bomb, and King Kai suggests him to change his methods. Cue Vegeta shouting at them while also powering up by accident.
    • After the failure of Vegeta and Goku's attempts at convincing the Earthlings, Piccolo goes into a city to convince as many people as possible... While looking as he does. Cue mass panic.
    • Goku and Mr. Satan's faces when the one to convince the Earthlings is Mr. Satan himself. Also, Piccolo laughing his ass off when he realizes the situation.
      • Even better, among the ones joining in here we have Nam, Jiran and King Furry. Apparently they had not recognized Goku's voice earlier... then again, his voice has changed from when he was a kid, so there's that.
    • A demon being destroyed by energy harvested at the chant of "Satan! Satan!"
  • After Buu's defeat, Goku and the others go back to Earth on the Lookout, there's a touching reunion... Then Fat Buu appears blowing a raspberry.
  • In the dub during Bulma’s party, Chichi suggests a Trading Spouses scenario with Bulma, swapping their husbands, Goku and Vegeta, for a day. Yamcha chimes in that he’s available, but is shot down by Chichi, saying she wanted an even trade, not a downgrade.
  • Yakkon defeating the Super Saiyan transformation... Because it emits light and he feeds on it. Then Goku pays him back by powering up to SSJ 2 and making him explode from indigestion.
  • From the epilogue:
    • Bulma and Goku's reunion. Bulma is angry because Goku didn't show up for five years... And then he points out she's getting wrinkles.
    • Why does Trunks enter the 28th Tenkaichi? Because Vegeta ordered him to... On pain of halving his allowance.
    • Mr. Satan/Hercule's Oh, Crap! when he discovers Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten have entered the tournament.
    • Goku asks Mr. Satan to help their group find a spot to watch the Tournament. Mr. Satan intercedes with the monks... Who put everyone on a bench on the side of the contestants' entrance. Cue mass Luminescent Blush that includes Piccolo-at least until Bulma gets everyone moved inside the temple.
    • Contestant Nok the Butt-Monkey has a couple moments:
    • Mr. Satan being scared for Pan when she's sorted to fight the dangerous-looking but much weaker Wild Tiger, and fussying over her after she annihilated him.
      • And of course, their fight. In short, Pan bitch-slapped Wild Tiger and kicked him out of the ring. It was hilarious to see Pan going around saying "number 1" again and again, and then taking down her opponent in two attacks.
    • Captain Chicken. All of him.
    • When the fights are announced, Trunks' horror when he sees he's going to have to fight Otokosuki, who is crushing on him. Son Goten no longer feels bad about being matched against Buu.
    • Goku making fun of Uub and taunting him to get him to fight without hesitation, since he was so nervous. At first it doesn't work... Then Goku starts insulting his mother and that works.
    • During the climax of the fight between Goku and Uub, Uub manifests enough ki to send the arena tiles flying, and charges Goku head on, only for Goku to take flight at the last second to dodge, leaving a confused Uub to stumble just short of the edge of the ring... When he's suddenly beaned in the head from behind by one of the flying arena tiles he out-sped charging Goku. Not only is the face he makes hilarious, he only barely manages to save himself from a ring-out from this by literally hanging by a foot.
    • Goku later rescuing Uub from falling out of the ring.

     DBZ Movies and Specials 
  • From the UK dub of "The World's Strongest" (one minute and fifteen seconds in): "We would have to change the attitude of everyone on Earth to make them a PENIS!! In every way!!"
    • Well, okay, it's "obey us" but really, this is the closest thing DBZ will ever get to "Pingas".
  • Lord Slug:
    News Anchor: Now, if you're anything like me, THEN YOU'RE SCARED AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE LAST MOMENTS ON EARTH IN A TELEVISION STUDIO! So, uh, have a happy end of the world, see you, bye.
    • Plus Krillin's reaction:
    Krillin: Holy cow! I just wanted to see the sports!
  • Early in Cooler's Revenge, Goku is suddenly interested in Gohan getting his schoolwork done, and is in fact insisting he finish it before anything else. Chichi, hearing this, concludes that this sudden Out-of-Character Moment is the result of brain damage.
  • In Return of Cooler, Goku falls from the sky after defeating the Big Bad. Gohan stands below, happy to see his father alive and well...only for Goku to hit the ground with the force of an anvil, leaving Gohan in stunned silence. What's more, he landed behind Gohan, nearly crushing some Namekians and with his head stuck in the ground.
  • This Fourth Wall-leaning exchange at the end of the dub of the Android 13 movie, courtesy of Vegeta and Piccolo.
    Piccolo: Is it over?
    Vegeta: Not 'til the fish jumps.
    A fish jumps out of the water.
    Vegeta: It's over.
    Roll credits.
  • "Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan":
    • Krillin's attempt at singing
    • Chi-Chi tries to drill Goku for an interview with a private school she wants Gohan to attend. She ends up yelling so hard at Goku that the entire line behind him falls down.
    • Krillin shows off his martial arts skills, then Goku teleports right into the path of Krillin's fist.
    • "Broccoli! Just give it up it's all over!"
      • "Very tough but his name's Broly."
      • Another one is a Freeze-Frame Bonus where if you time it just right you can notice that not only Roshi's face turn into Arale's but his beard turns Super Saiyan, Golden aura and incredible spikiness too!
    • While Broly himself is mostly played seriously as a character in his debut movie, he gets a funny line when he catches Paragus trying to escape in a rocket. Paragus tries to bullshit his way out of it, but his son sees right through it and promptly crushes him inside of the pod before throwing it into the sun.
Broly: "Where do you think you're going, dad?"
Broly: In a rocket built for one person?
  • The infamous AB Groupe/Big Green dub of the movie actually manages to make the exchange even funnier.
Broly: "Leaving?"
Paragus: "No! I-I-I...was preparing the space capsule for our escape, son, heh heh heh..."
  • In Trunks The Story, which was adapted into the Trunks TV special, Trunks asks Gohan to take him to fight the 'droids. Gohan's response? "Trunks! Look over there!" *smack*
    • From the AB Groupe dubbing, which managed to screw up the Androids decimating the Z Fighters who remained after Goku's death via heart virus.
    (The Androids fight and kill Piccolo) Big Green had perished. (The androids proceed to beat up Vegeta, Yamcha and Tien, and evaporate Krillin with a ki blast) Vejeta, Yamcha, Tenshin and Clearin... they had survived.
  • Another hilarious 18 moment was in Bio-Broly when she basically shows who's the dominant figure in the household.
    18: Now do as I say and wait at Roshi's house.
    Krillin: No, I'm coming with you.
    18: You look after the baby.
    Krillin: Aww, but 18!
    18: Why won't you simply obey me?!
    • Krillin, naturally, follows this up by dropping the baby off somewhere safe and ignoring her orders completely. Because he was worried. Which is fairly funny as well, if the nature of the relationship was that she gives orders and he just decides to follow them or not based solely on being a Nice Guy. It's like a twisted, almost heartwarming fusion of Goku and Vegeta's relationships with their wives. No wonder she always seems content yet annoyed with him.
    • The whole movie starts with 18 wanting Hercule to pay up for throwing the World Tournament match to him with him trying to get out of paying her. At the end with him stuck in the ocean, she offers to save him and fly him home for 100 million Zeni. He decides instead to just swim back home.
  • In "Fusion Reborn", when Goku attempts to convince Vegeta to do the Fusion Dance as the former is just newly revived and the latter is dead and both are fighting a very powerful demon who's kicking both of their asses...
    Vegeta: I'd rather die than fuse with you!
    Vegeta: *realizes the Fridge Logic and pouts*
    • The literal translation can be considered even funnier:
      Vegeta: Fuse with you?! Hmph, I'd rather die!
      Goku: *gives an exasperated sigh and replies in a completely deadpan, matter-of-fact manner* But Vegeta, you're already dead.
    • Another Fusion Reborn funny moment, when Gohan punches Frieza and kills him in 10 seconds, the remaining warriors that tried to kill him decide to run like hell, jumping off the building Videl was on.
    • Also from "Fusion Reborn", the group summon Shenron to return all the souls to the other world, however he explains that he can't as there are no barriers between the worlds to keep them there. The group seems to ignore Shenron for the rest of the movie, and at the end...
      Shenron: Uh... Don't you people have any more wishes?
    • Also, Pikkon's biggest "part" is... shouting insults at Janenba's force barrier to debilitate it. Even he lampshades how utterly ridiculous this is.
  • Vegeta meeting Gure in the 2008 web special. The character being discussed, Gure, is a 2-foot, dot-eyed, dress-wearing alien with gray skin, while Tarble is a normal-looking Saiyan.
    Vegeta: Tarble, who is this with you? (In the original Japanese, he's rather rude about it, too: "What sort of creature is that with you?")
    Tarble: Oh, sorry. This is my wife.
    Vegeta: *looking like his eyeballs are about to beat a hasty retreat from his skull* Your WIFE?!
    Gure: *runs up, smiling cheerfully* How do you do, brother? Nice to meet you! *bows* It's an honor!
    Vegeta: (totally catatonic) *bows* Oh, no... the honor's mine...
    • See for yourself!
    • Master Roshi upon seeing Tarble's wife remarks that Saiyans have strange taste in wives. Too bad for him, he mentioned that within earshot of Bulma and ChiChi.
    • Also from the 2008 web special, this argument between Vegeta and Goku while the two are pigging out on the buffet.
      • The fact that it's Goku who loses his cool and goes Super Saiyan first, starting a fight in the middle of a family gathering.
    • In the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA, Piccolo finds one of the Destron-producing gas machine, with one of Hachiyakk's minion guarding it. Problem with the minion is that Piccolo can fly but the minion can't, resulting in the poor bastard triggering every landmine on the island to the point it has enough force to destroy the Destron machine. Piccolo is understandably miffed by the results of someone even dumber than Mark Satan.
  • Vegeta meeting his sister-in-law. It's quite humorous to see him be surprised by the introduction.