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Kim: Gee...where are the snakes?
[Several snakes appear]
Kim: I was just being sarcastic!!

Your Deadpan Snarker, Plucky Comic Relief or just anyone in the mood makes a joke about something: a hypothetical, ridiculous situation at first glance. This is when, unbeknownst to them, what they just said is literally true or will happen later on in the story because the universe wants so.

Reactions vary: the joking character may laugh their ass off because it's suddenly even funnier, they may feel guilty for saying something that's suddenly tragic, they can go all deadpan and say "...Really?", etcetera.


It can be used as Foreshadowing for a future plot development if it sounds outlandish enough so the audience doesn't find the hint too obvious. If the audience already knows the joke is not a joke when the character makes it, it's a form of Dramatic Irony. If a really long time elapses between the joke and the moment it becomes real, it's also a case of Brick Joke.

Compare I Was Just Joking, where a character makes a joke and another takes it literally as a serious suggestion; My God, You Are Serious, where a character thinks another is joking but isn't, as they soon find out; and Accidental Truth, where instead of a joke it's a deliberate lie. It may easily lead to Hilarious in Hindsight and "Funny Aneurysm" Moment. It may overlap with I Knew It! if a fan of a work makes a joking guess about the plot and nails it. See also If Only You Knew, Tempting Fate, The Cuckoolander Was Right, Chekhov's Gag and Pre-emptive Declaration. Similar to Rhetorical Question Blunder where someone gets an answer to a question that wasn't meant to be serious.



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  • In an ad for Quizno's, a man sitting on a bench eating a Quizno's sub notices the man next to him (played by Jim Parsons) is eating an untoasted sub and asks, "What were you, raised by wolves?" A Cutaway Gag shows that he in fact was, and it cuts back to the man answering in the affirmative.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In Episode 4 of Yuri!!! on Ice, Takeshi and Yuko joke that many skating fans might be hating Yuri now since they believe that he "stole Victor from [ice skating]". Episodes 6 and 8 show that they're actually correct.

    Comic Books 
  • In Tomboy, Jessica asks Addison (who has been killing people involved with the corrupt Trent company) why she's been avoiding her. Owen proposes that "Maybe Addison is secretly the vigilante and she can't have you cramping her murder scenes." The girls yell at him, "Don't even joke about that!"
  • A very, very bleak example happens at the end of My Friend Dahmer, a comic book memoir written by a former classmate of Jefferey Dahmer. When discussing with his high school friends where they think their old classmates have ended up, Derf comments, "Dahmer's probably a serial killer by now."
    ...And we all laughed.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In Fate Revelation Online, Cuvie facetiously calls one of Agil's spells Heat Hawk. Agil is shocked that Cuvie knew the name.
  • In This Bites!, when De Lis calls HQ for confirmation, she gets Garp saying that the Accinos never did make any requests.
    Garp: Why, did they trick you into letting them into Alabasta or something?
    De Lis: (Eye Twitch) Um... well...
    Garp: ...You did, didn't you.
  • Through a Temple: Eddington sarcastically apologizes that the Maquis' secret base doesn't live up to Shepard's standards, only for Shepard and Zaeed (who have seen many underground secret bases and the Collector Base, a hollowed-out hive and construction yard for eldritch machine gods), to say that no, compared to that, it's not that impressive.
  • In Twelve Red Lines, after learning Luffy is Garp's grandson, Sabo's brother and Dragon's son, Usopp freaks out and asks if Luffy is hiding something else, such as his other brother being the Pirate King's secret son.
  • In the The Last Son series, after the Fantastic Four meet Superman, the Human Torch jokingly speculates that he's an alien, only to be shocked when the reactions of Superman and the X-Men reveal that he was right (the Thing observes that, by law of averages, even Johnny would have to be right at some point),

    Film — Live-Action 
  • ¡Three Amigos!: During the attempt to infiltrate El Guapo's hideout, Ned Nederlander (one of the Amigos) swings on a rope and ends up getting caught on a pinata high above the compound. Later on, after El Guapo captures the other two Amigos, he says "What is happening around here today? Are gringos falling from the skies?" Ned lets go and falls onto a nearby table. Jefe (El Guapo's The Dragon) says "Yes, El Guapo".
  • The Man with the Golden Gun: Describing the title character so Bond will recognize him at the "Bottoms Up" club, an associate can only manage a general description of "tall, slim, and dark". ("So's my aunt.") When she indicates that he has three nipples, Bond allows it's a "fascinating anatomical tidbit" as well as "the most useless piece of information" he's ever heard unless Bottoms Up is a strip club and the man is performing. Though he doesn't remark on it later, it turns out that the first part is actually right.

  • Used as a Brick Joke in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: When Harry and Ron discover a trophy awarded to a Tom Riddle for undisclosed services to the school, Ron jokes that maybe Tom killed Moaning Myrtle (who is currently a ghost) because she's so annoying. Much later in the book it turns out that Tom Riddle actually did murder Myrtle, although that's not why he received the trophy (it was actually for supposedly catching her killer- he framed Hagrid for the murder, which is why Hagrid was expelled).
  • From Snuff:
    Captain False: The police? Here? Pull the other one, mate. Who do you think you are, bloody Commander Vimes?
    Sam Vimes: Are you always this lucky?
  • In Warrior Cats, Jaypaw, annoyed at having his mentor Brightheart chosen specifically because Jaypaw is blind and Brightheart is missing an eye, as well as having the blind Longtail help out, angrily snarks "Oh great. Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them!". Seven books later, a tree falls on his Clan's camp and Longtail is killed by it.
  • Whateley Universe: A joke was made about Mars Wants Chocolate, but unbeknownst to them, aliens really were stealing chocolate from Earth.

    Live-action TV 
  • Big Fat Quiz of the Year:
    • In the third episode of the BFQ of Everything, Dara and Chelsea wrote down "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as a joke answer to a question about a deodorant-inspired song. They were right.
    • In the 2017 Everything episode, Jimmy asks what lyric comes after "I don't want to see a ghost/It's the sight that I fear most" in Des'ree's song "Life". Jonathan Ross and David Walliams wrote "I would like some toast" because it was a random thing that rhymed, and turned out to be mostly right. note 
  • In one episode of The Golden Girls, Rose brings a chicken into the house, saying she's a professional entertainer. Blanche scoffs at this and talks about how ridiculous it is with Dorothy while Rose is out of the room. At the end of their conversation, Blanche asks "What does she do? Play the piano?" Right then, Rose comes back in and says "She plays the piano." (It's a small piano, but she does play it.)
  • In Lucifer (2016), Chloe jokes about Lucifer having Daddy Issues. She's not wrong...
  • Mock the Week:
    • Between Dara and Josh in one episode:
      Dara: What did the Queen invent with a dachshund and a corgi?
      Josh Widdicombe: The dorgi!
      Dara: That's absolutely right.
      Josh: Really?! I was joking!
    • In the 2016 Christmas episode:
      Dara: What might you expect to eat at Christmas in Japan?... A bucket of...
      Nish: Fried chicken?
      Dara: Fried chicken!
      Nish: Is it fried chicken?
      Dara: It's fried chicken.
  • Mark Lamarr from Never Mind the Buzzcocks jokingly accuses Simon Amstell of trying to steal his "act", which he does a year or so later.
  • In Ru Pauls Drag Race, when Valentina offers to share a disorder she's been struggling with, Eureka immediately makes a bad joke that it's an eating disorder. In the next episode when Eureka apologizes, Valentina reveals she really is struggling with anorexia.
  • Wheel of Fortune: On October 27, 2011 (an episode with a Fictional Family puzzle), Pat joked that the category had only been used eight times. At the end of the show, he was told that it actually had been used only eight times...except that was wrong as well - it was the category's tenth appearance.
  • QI: "International" gives us the memorable moment of Bill Bailey riffing on the series bonus "Nobody Knows" by asking if he would get a bonus by waving it when the QI scoring system comes up. A few minutes of banter later, Stephen reveals that Bill has got 3 points already for that joke.
    • A few joke answers that turned out to be correct include Sandi Toksvig joking that war tubas were really large hearing aids, and Jack Dee joking that the first geisha were all men.
  • On an episode of Blockbusters, host Bill Cullen made a very bad pun, to which the sound effects booth responded by hitting the Losing Horns. After Bill quipped "can't we do this show with an applause machine?", an offstage voice (possibly that of The Announcer, Bob Hilton) said "We are."
  • When Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured Time of the Apes, we got this example:
    Johnny: Do you live with your parents?
    Joel: No! They're dead! Dead! Dead!
    Godo: No. They died years ago.
    Tom: Oh, you're right.

    Video Games 
  • League of Legends: When Camille attacks Caitlyn, she jokingly says " Did Daddy buy you that gun?". In her lore, he actually did.
  • In Bass's ending in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, he claims he is so powerful, it must have been a fluke for an idiot like Dr. Wily to build a robot such as him. He's a lot closer to the truth than he realizes.

     Web Comics 
  • A rather spoilery one from Girl Genius, when Gil is failing to convince people that he's Baron Wulfenbach's son, in the midst of all the And I'm the Queen of Sheba responses, someone says that this must mean Zeetha is the Baron's daughter. It is later strongly hinted (and confirmed by Word of God) that yes, she is.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: After the crew manages to crash the tank into something before it has even left its departure military base, a member of Mission Control jokingly advises them to avoid damaging an ancient piece of construction that is on the way between the base and their destination. Yes, said piece of construction does get damaged before the end of the chapter.
  • El Goonish Shive: In this comic, Mr. Alephnull notes that the arrival of two new students with the same schedule, who both have vague pasts and apparently know each other, is highly suspicious. He then produces some vaguely mathematical-sounding gibberish and declares the result "a duplicate squirrel of some sort". Grace (who is part squirrel) and Ellen (who is Elliot's Opposite-Sex Clone) are briefly shocked before Mr. Alephnull cheerfully admits he was just messing with them.

    Web Original 
  • Not Always Right:
    • A customer forgets what he's looking for. An employee jokingly asks if he's looking for memory aids, which turns out to be correct.
    • A customer pays for a $70 purchase with 70 single-dollar bills; the cashier jokingly asks if the customer is a stripper, and is surprised by the "yes" answer.
  • We Hate Movies: In the episode on The Core, Andrew notes a Narm scene where Aaron Eckhart's character freaks out over losing a friend and derisively wonders what it would be like if the MTV Movie Awards had a prize for "Best Temper Tantrum". What he probably didn't realize is that the Teen Choice Awards actually do have a category for "Best Hissy Fit".
  • Whateley Universe: A joke was made about Mars Wants Chocolate, but aliens really were stealing chocolate from Earth.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged:
    • In Episode 4, when Rosalia sees Kirito and Silica together in town, she snidely says how nice it is that Silica finally found someone "on her level," which Kirito takes poorly. But at the end of the episode, when Silica snaps after suffering a "Shaggy Dog" Story, we see that Rosalia was more accurate than she could have imagined.
    • Heathcliff's unbeatable defensive skill has earned him the "distinguished" title of "Cheating Haxxor Faggot." Whoever called him that was bang on the money - he really was using cheat codes.
  • In Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Episode 6 has Seras and Pip talking about fighting Nazi Vampires and the possibility of having to fight a Nazi werewolf. Three episodes later, Seras has to fight The Captain, who in his reveal turns out to be a Nazi werewolf.
    Seras: Pip was right. This is so much worse!
  • How Did This Get Made?: During the liveshow for The Shadow, Paul and Jason make a joke about recognizing the mystical knife from other movies, treating it as if it were a bit character actor, and also joke about wanting so see a movie about the knife itself. This is funny enough, but an audience member later points out the knife prop was in fact also used as the Macguffin in The Golden Child.
    Jason: I know we made the joke earlier, but that knife got a lot of work!

    Web Video 
  • Game Grumps:
    • During their Sonic '06 playthrough, Arin made fun of Silver and Blaze's interaction by calling Silver, as Blaze, "so naive". Turns out, in Blaze's next line of dialogue in the game, she calls Silver "so naive."
    • In an early Castlevania: Dracula X episode, Danny jokes about the terrible posture of some skeleton enemies, comparing them to apes. In fact, their English name is "skeleton ape", and a couple boards later one of them throws a barrel at Richter.
    • In the Sonic Boom video, the Grumps get an objective that they think is to find a cliff, and Dan jokes about how they should run into a guy named Cliff. Turns out, they really are looking for a character named Cliff.
    • In episode 47 of Sonic Adventure (during the Big the Cat levels), Arin jokingly suggests that Froggy is the 7th Chaos Emerald, with Danny following that up by saying it would be amazing "if he had swallowed it or something". Danny was more right than Arin.note 
  • During their tutorial playthrough of Spider-Man (PS4), while fighting mooks, Arin starts (and Danny quickly picks up) the joke of "Spider-kiss", referencing kissing as an attack and/or spider-related power as an alternative to the simple punch/kick/web attacks offered. Comes to conclusions when after having defeated the King Pin, in a cut scene Spider-Man asks "Do we kiss now?" leading Arin and Danny to collapse in hysterics.
  • Jbizzo 49: During Metroid: Other M, Prometheus made several jokes that ended up describing plot points.
    Prometheus: Goddammit, I'm trying to make a fucking joke here, Other M! Let me have these!
  • While playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations, The King of Hate gets the notification that one of his Assassin Dens is under attack. He sarcastically quips that it will now lead into a tower defense minigame. 30 seconds later, it turns into a tower defense minigame.
  • In the review for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Brian from Midnight Screenings mentions his confusion over Barbossa having a peg-leg, to which Brad suggests he go to the Pirates wiki, jokingly saying it probably has its own page.
  • In "LP Mario 64...very slowly", the duo from Retsupurae joke about what would have happened if the Nintendo 64 really was as slow as the LPer's emulator made it look like. One of their remarks is how it had state of the art graphics and only 2 MB of RAM. This isn't very far off from the truth — the N64 had 4 MB of RAM without the expansion pack, yes, but it used high latency Rambus DRAM which made it a huge bottleneck on the system.
    • In their Wrongpurae of Surgical Strike, due to the excessive amount of explosions in the game, guest riffer Mr. DJB jokes that "it'd be great if these beach girls just started exploding"... which they promptly do.
  • Max from R.L. Yoshi jokes near the beginning of Digital: A Love Story that the people he talks to can't be human, because they're too polite to be a human being on the Internet. As it turns out, most of the people he was referring to are actually AIs and not real people.
  • While reviewing a Collector's Edition version of Gears of War 3, Stuart Ashen comes across a Cog Medal awarded to "Doctor" Adam Fenix (father of series protagonist Marcus Fenix.) Given that Ashen knows how half the cast of the Gears series are all steroided up bodybuilders, he jokes that "Doctor" Adam is probably just another musclebound Rob Liefeld style giant of a man just like his son but in a white coat... only to find a photo of Adam in the same box and learn that that is exactly what Adam looks like. Just without the lab coat.
  • In his Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc LP, Super Jeenius manages to correctly guess that Hifumi would be murdered by Celeste, while he was making a joke.
  • In episode 1 of Super Mario 64 Versus, Tyler makes a joke about Josh saying 'snap' being a coded message that his next LP will be Pokémon Snap, which surprises Josh, who was planning on let's playing Pokémon Snap next... but then reveals he was just kidding. But it later turns out he wasn't. Extra points for uploading the first part on April Fool's Day to make it even more ambiguous whether it was real or not.
  • Throughout their Dragon Ball Z: Sagas playthrough, the guys from Team Four Star joked about Piccolo's fusion with Kami being portrayed as a transformation like it is in the Budokai games. It turns out they were right, much to their amusement. However, Piccolo doesn't "vomit" Kami up after the transformation wears off.
    • In Part 15 of TFS Plays Batman: The Telltale Series:
      Grant: Great things always begin like this, don't worry. This is how the best political moves always start, is necessary evil.
      Dent: Do it.
      Grant: (Makes an explosion sound; a major explosion goes off in the distance behind Batman) Wow I was kidding.
  • A few episodes of the Yakuza 0 playthrough have Matt from Two Best Friends Play jokingly referring to Makoto, Majima's mark, as Motoko Kusanagi. Despite Majima assuming Makoto is a man, his mark ends up being a woman, like Motoko is.
  • UBOGaming's Let's Play of Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock has him repeatedly calling the protagonist "David" because he bears a strong resemblance to David Beckham. When the protagonist's name is finally revealed, UBOGaming is very amused to discover it actually is David.
  • Vinesauce:
    • While streaming He-Man: Defender of Greyskull, Joel makes fun of the Star Wars Expanded Universe by talking about "the He-Man books where He-Man and Skeletor have sons", and Skeletor's son is named "Skeleson". In the Masters of the Universe Classics continuity, He-Man and Skeletor do have sons, Skeletor's being named "Skeleteen".
    • During Joel's Undertale playthrough he wonders if there are any other skeletons in the game, and jokingly names off 'Helvetica' and 'Wingdings'. Helvetica, a webcomic about skeletons named after fonts, was actually the inspiration for Papyrus and Sans. As for Wingdings, well...
  • Weird Video Games: In "Rock 'n' Rage", after expressing disbelief at the random weirdness of the first Ancient Egypt level (such as Cleopatra giving you a forcefield powerup) he sarcastically suggests that the next level, Mediaeval Great Britain, will include Dracula as an enemy. It actually turns out to have Nosferatu as an enemy...
  • A few episodes into Danaru's LP of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Dan jokes about how anime the plot is, and accidentally predicts one of the game's big twists. The funniest part is, Grace confirms that his guess is correct, but Dan doesn't believe her—so he's completely flabbergasted when he actually gets to that point.
    Dan: So, lemme ask you, how anime is this gonna get? Because this is looking kind of anime. Is this gonna be one of those things where, like, the dude's told [Elise] not to cry because Iblis was sealed inside of her, and if she cries, she makes Iblis come out?
  • Nostalgia Critic: At one point in the Spy Kids 3: Game Over review, the Critic notes how one area in the film looks like Mount Doom and wonders if Frodo Baggins is going to show up. Immediately afterwards, a character played by Elijah Wood enters the story.
    Critic: Holy shit, I was just kidding!
  • When Jesse Cox and Cryaotic went through Resident Evil 6 together, they had a lot of fun playing Shipper on Deck and pretending that the game was just a badly-written love story. But by the end of Ada's campaign...
    Simmons: Give in to your feelings! You can't live without me!
    Jesse: Holy shit! We were just joking! But that's exactly what this game is!
  • From The Mysterious Mr. Enter's review of the Mega Babies episode, "Poop Doggy Dog":
    Mr. Enter: Now we move onto the babies beating the animals, because... Ha ha, they don't know their own strength. One of them pulls a dog's ear and he shits on the floor, and for some reason, this episode doesn't want to show it. I don't know why not. I mean, is there any reason not to? We're long beyond the standards of taste.
    Buck: Doody time!
    (Buck dirties his diaper)
    Mr. Enter: I was joking! God, what the fuck is wrong with this show?
  • In the Dark Future Rifftrax:
    Future Cop: He's headed your way.
    Mike: Yeah, he's at the two flaming barrels, likely headed towards more flaming bar-
    (Cut to exactly that)
    Mike: Oh my God, I was kidding.
    Kevin: (wheezing laugh) Wow.
  • Citation Needed: Occasionally, the panelists will make a joke about the subject of the episode only for it to turn out completely true. Some of these events are among the show's funniest moments, such as this exchange from S7E03, on the "Turra Coo.":
    Tom [having just explained "Turra" as local talk for "Turiff"]: What might 'coo' be?
    Gary: PIGEONS! [audience laughter]
    Chris: Is it one of those cattle that's in fields? [adopts bad Scottish accent] "A highland coo?"
    Tom: He's absolutely right!
    Chris: What?!
  • Tara from What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? has the uncanny ability where whatever joke she makes will inevitability segue into the next story Nash has. She regards it as the most useless superpower ever.

    Western Animation 

  • Whether Gavin Free is going down very quickly or panicking and shooting his teammates in the back, it's been joked that Gavin is more dangerous to the other players than to anyone else. This was actually proven true in the Dying Light session where he played as the zombie, and effortlessly wiped the floor with all his coworkers before they realized what was happening.
  • MAD once did a parody of Cathy called Amy!, which depicted Amy Winehouse hiding drugs in her beehive hairdo. Then someone filmed her pulling a vial of cocaine from her hair, and suddenly it's like, "They knew!".
  • British police officers asked speeders "Who do you think you are? Sterling Moss?" around the time the racing driver became famous. Reportedly, one officer asked this of a driver who had good reason to think he was Sterling Moss: he was Sterling Moss.

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