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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.
Even against a Person of Mass Destruction, there's always time for Using Your Head
  • There is something inherently funny with King Vegeta incredulously demanding to know why some strange infant (Broly) is in the same nursing tank room as baby Vegeta.
  • While taking a break from training, Whis asks Goku why he keeps training so much. Asking if it's because he wants to become a destroyer god.
    Beerus: (shocked, then mildly annoyed) Okay, that was uncalled for.
  • The reason Bulma already had six of the seven dragon balls gathered? She wanted to make herself look five years younger. She didn't want to look any younger than that because people would notice and assume that she took plastic surgery.
  • Speaking of the Dragon Balls, Frieza's reason for wanting them now? It's not for strength, youth, or even immortality, it's because he wants to extend his height by 5 cm. This wish is coming from one of the most powerful and feared beings in the entirety of Universe 7. He didn't want to be any taller than that because he wanted people to assume he's still growing.
    • Kikono brings up that he could just stay at his second form, as that is by far his tallest form. However, Frieza declines because it's also weaker.
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    • Finally, the reasoning for his wish, apparently his height was made fun of by several members of his army. They were killed.
    • That fact that Bulma is comparable to Frieza in some aspect is inherently hilarious. A Smash Cut between the two is even used to emphasize this.
    • Made even better when you remember that this isn't the first time the leader of an army has tried to use the Dragon Balls to make himself taller.
    • Kikono, at least in the dub, also mentions early on that he wrote down the method to use the Dragon Balls, as he puts it, "in great detail". It later turns out he apparently wrote only a single sentence that simply says "just say whatever you want to wish for".
    • Frieza's answer for not wanting eternal life? Because he realized, while stuck in that tree during his time in Hell, that having eternal life and not being able to die would likely result in unending misery. Even Goku calls it when he said there's no point in living forever even if you lose.
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    • One of the biggest arcs in the entire franchise focused on Frieza obtaining the Dragon Balls and making his immortality wish. Here, Frieza effortlessly obtains the dragon balls but due to everyone wanting to see how Broly's fight would pan out, everyone nearly forgot the dragon balls existed. Frieza could have made his (admittedly far less serious) wish at any time and no one really bat an eye.
  • Bulma having the stones to leave her infant daughter in the care of Beerus.
    • Even funnier? When they return to the island, we discover Beerus has actually realized his babysitting perfectly, with Bra gently nuzzled on his chest.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: This Tumblr post predates the movie by about two years and explores the same concept but with Pan instead of Bra. Given what Pan ended up doing in the comic, one wonders what Beerus and Bra got up to in the hours Goku and Vegeta spent finding and fighting Broly.
  • Cheelai, observing Frieza's desperation while building up his new army.
    Cheelai: Well if he's putting women and old men to work, Frieza must be hurting pretty bad for new recruits.
    Lemo: Who you calling old?
  • When Frieza's men saw Goku and co. in the Ice Continent while still having the Dragon Balls, they decided to hightail it out in comical fashion ala Team Rocket. Then when the others saw the ship just trying to escape, Vegeta just casually shoots their ship down in just a span of a second. Then after the ship crashes, Goku, in his usual Goku way, goes onto the minions' ship and breathes out air from his nose like a beast, scaring the crap out of them.
  • There's something kind of amusing about Goku and Vegeta's utterly indifferent reaction to finding out Frieza's newest cronies are Saiyans. Years ago, the revelation of there being more Saiyan survivors would have been huge news, but after befriending Tarble, the Universe 6 Saiyans and many others in non-canon timelines, the novelty's clearly worn off. Vegeta in particular couldn’t care less about Paragus’s vendetta, while Goku, as always, just cares about the fight.
  • Broly and Cheelai's first real interaction is hilarious as well as particularly cute:
    • Broly starts things off by ogling Cheelai's food while she calls him a creeper, and even while introducing himself is still staring at her rations with fascination. Realizing this, Cheelai gives him a spare, but has to unwrap it for him first before he eats the whole thing wrapper included, after which he chows down and is still looking in the empty packet as if it's ambrosia while Paragus lectures him on his manners.
    • Then when Broly thanks her in an exaggeratedly formal manner, but when Cheelai assures him that the formality is not needed while giving her signature hand gesture to him, Broly doesn’t know what to make of this. He ends up copying her hand gesture while repeating his thanks in an attempt to be informal, all while his facial expressions are along the lines of “WTF am I doing?”
  • When Paragus and Broly were presenting themselves to Frieza, Frieza's hoverchair floats towards Broly. Broly pats it and it floats away.
  • When Frieza is telling Vegeta about Paragus and Broly:
    Frieza: It seems that, when you were still little, Broly and Paragus were cruelly exiled by your father, King Vegeta, to an inhospitable planet where they had been trapped ever since.
    Goku: *initially looking grimly serious* Frieza...What does 'inhospitable' mean?
    Frieza: *stares at Goku wide-eyed for a second, then turns resignedly patient* It means a harsh environment.
    Goku: *cheerfully* Got it!
    Vegeta: Idiot.
    • Even better in the English dub (which uses repugnant instead of inhospitable), where Goku thanks Frieza.
    • And later in the English dub, when Goku actually shows up on Broly's planet, he says "I heard this place was repugnant." Seems like Freeza improved his vocabulary a little.
  • The reactions of everyone upon learning that Broly hasn't learned about the Super Saiyan transformation. Paragus's reaction was that of genuine awe and disbelief that Vegeta is the Legendary Super Saiyan as he had thought it was a children's tale. Everyone else? A hilarious "wait you can't be serious" look on their face as Paragus (and by extension Broly) admits they had no idea the Super Saiyan transformation was even possible. Frieza even treats this revelation as a minor inconvenience. What makes this even funnier is that Broly just overpowers this 'Legendary' transformation after adapting himself to it after barely one minute!
  • It's a blink-and-miss-it moment, but during Goku and Broly's fight, there is a brief moment Broly gets Goku in a headlock, and our hero gets out by resorting to a tried and true trick yet again... biting his hand.
    • Another hilarious moment from the Goku vs Broly throwdown is the latter trying to perfom a Finishing Stomp on the former. Goku rolls out of the way, but doesn't have time to get off the ground because Broly's pursuing him. There's something inherently funny about watching the berserk Broly stomping after Goku as if he were in Great Ape form.
  • Seeing Frieza getting rag dolled by Broly's signature chest smash and cracking a flabbergasted expression.
    Frieza: *mentally* Magnificent. His power level is amazing!
    Frieza: *gets blasted* What the-?!
    • The scene in the movie proper is a consequence of Goku and Vegeta needing to find a way to get a very angry Super Saiyan Broly off their backs, and do so by leading him right to Frieza, then ducking out of sight just as he appears, leaving only Frieza in sight for the rampaging Saiyan who then proceeds to make him his bitch. Using this distraction, Goku and Vegeta slip away while a faraway Broly smacks Frieza silly.
      Goku: Have fun, Frieza! *He and Vegeta split, leaving Broly to attack Frieza*
      Frieza: *Sporting the biggest Oh, Crap! expression* What are you doing?! I'm the mighty Lord Frieza! *Gets blasted by Broly's chest blast*
    • What started such a moment is an example of Black Comedy. In order to make Broly even more powerful, he kills Paragus. A sad scene... utterly ruined by Frieza screaming at Broly that Paragus was killed off during the destruction of the Ice Continent like a child. Paragus is even lying on the floor with a hole through his chest!
      Frieza: [in the most melodramatic tone imaginable] Broly! Look! It's such a tragedy! It's your father! He was killed by a stray blast!
    • Broly's favorite thing to do to Frieza is grab his head and repeatedly bash him against a rock face. With all sorts of shocked and aggravated facial expressions from Frieza. Kinda brings back memories of that scene where Goku literally and repeatedly slapped sense into Frieza way back in DBZ.
    • Not to mention that after finally beating Frieza to the ground, Broly goes to attack Whis, the being who is more powerful than Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus combined. It's quite funny that Broly doesn't realize how powerful Whis is and fortunately for him, Whis just decides to dodge instead of retaliating.
  • At least in the dub, once Goku and Vegeta escape Broly using Instant Transmission to arrive at Piccolo's location. Vegeta grumbles that they made a perfect landing.
  • When Frieza distracts Broly, Goku and Vegeta race off to train for Fusion Dancing. Piccolo again is embarrassed by it, Vegeta doesn't want to do it and Goku has to beg Vegeta to do so. Then we get a Training Montage showcasing the return of Veku, both the fat and skinny variants... in-between Broly smashing Frieza to a pulp. Because Fusion lasts 30 minutes each time (with no way to shorten it if they fail as they can't reach the higher forms needed to drain their energy.) this means that each time Goku and Vegeta failed, another half-hour of ass-kicking was handed to Frieza. So in total, Frieza got whooped for about an hour straight. One wonders what his reaction would have been had he learned this.
    • While moaning about how stupid-looking the Fusion Dance is, Vegeta briefly does a silly pose in mockery of it. Like the legendary Bingo Dance, it has to be seen to be believed.
    • While he agrees to help Goku teach Vegeta the Fusion Dance, Piccolo, just like before, appears to be only slightly less mortified by it than Vegeta, as he can be seen with a bead of sweat and an incredulous expression when giving the demonstration.
    • And after seeing the two's demonstration, Vegeta stares in shock over how humiliating the pose is, and nearly reconsiders his priorities;
      Vegeta: (Backs away from them, absolutely mortified with beads of sweat dropping from his face)
      Goku: What's wrong, Vegeta?
      Vegeta: (Shuts his eyes in horror, voice cracking) ...I... Think I'd rather have Broly kill me...
    • In the English dub, Fat Veku has Sean doing his King Kai voice.
    • One thing to note is that while we have the two primary forms of Veku for the sake of the reference, it can also be implied that they messed up a couple more times after that, so Frieza may have been getting beaten up for even longer than an hour.
    • Frieza getting his haughty, golden tail handed to him for over an hour in the most one-sided beatdown ever is just deeply hilarious.
    • It gets even funnier when you remember that Piccolo knows a fusion can be cut short if the fused person turns Super Saiyan 3 or uses a similarly life-draining ability, yet he never thought to tell Goku and Vegeta that, which would have saved time.
    • Once Goku and Vegeta manage to pull off the fusion technique. Piccolo asks what name he should use to address the new warrior.
      Gogeta: Using the Potara's it was Vegeto, wasn't it? Okay then, how about, um...
      Piccolo: (annoyed) Forget it! Hurry and go!
      Gogeta: Now hold on a sec. Having a name would definitely make us sound much cooler. This time, it'll be Gokuja... Vekujo, uhh... How about Gogeta?
  • When Gogeta comes in to finish the fight, Frieza questions what's going on as Gogeta explains that they are a fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Frieza's response?
  • While it is heartwarming, Goku telling Broly to call him "Kakarot" is also a MASSIVE Mythology Gag following the latter's infamous Flanderization.
    • In the same scene, Cheelai and Lemo's disgust with the main source of food on Vampa, the giant bugs.
      Cheelai: (reacts with mild revulsion) Well it's sour, but I guess it's better than starving to death. You tried it yet?
      Lemo: (immediately gags upon tasting the bug guts) Nope! Count me out!
    • When Lemo confronts Goku, he forgets he's holding a hammer instead of his laser gun, much to his irritation.
  • Gogeta flashing his chest in the credits, looking the camera with a knowing smile. What makes it funnier is the fact that he has no nipples. What makes this even funnier is the fact that Broly does have nipples in his design.


  • In general before the title and the movie villain was revealed, whenever you read or see a fan's speculation about the movie villain, it's quite common for them to say it is NOT going to be Broly... well look where we are now.
  • We got a particularly funny production gag long before the film's release - Broly is one of the most popular characters in the franchise, and yet, much like Launch, his own designer completely forgot he existed until his editor suggested to use him. Oh, Toriyama, never change.
    • His documented response to revisiting the character seems to have been the same as that of a certain parody groupnote , and he effectively decided "alright, so what if I take this awesome concept, and actually make a good character out of it?"
    • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight if you were a Dragon Ball fan during its infancy, where people would love to quote Toriyama saying this and saying that, including him speaking about how powerful Broly is. The fact Toriyama didn't even care about him before this movie is hilarious.
    • Also further irony. Broly's original creator was vocal about how much he hated the Super characters like Beerus. Now Broly appears in the film, and his creator has no involvement whatsoever! He's even on the record wanking Broly as a "real god of destruction", and at the end of this film, Goku feels that Broly might even be stronger than Beerus...except this is Toriyama's Broly who gets that honor, not his!
  • Another hilarious bit: in the original outing, Broly had an intense hatred of Goku/Kakarot due to the latter being in the same incubation ward and keeping him awake with his crying when they were infants. This time around, not only was Broly sharing a ward with Vegeta instead note , but he never even met Goku until the events of the movie!

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