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"I shaved my moo-stache, you idiot!"

  • The first episode has one wherein it shows Vegeta literally dragging Goten and Trunks to the rocket followed by the rocket blast blowing up in Goten's face as he gets distracted by a phone call.
  • In the second episode, some crooks kidnap Goku to get a ransom from Bulma because they think he's her son or grandson and when the payphone runs out of credit, Bulma mentions to Gohan someone called her about his dad and Gohan replies "Was it a restaurant? We get a lot of those." casually. They then try again and reach Vegeta this time and Vegeta just says "Do as you please with him." and hangs up. They also get charged 700,000 Zenny by the restaurant Goku was eating at and then he ends up flying away anyway.
  • This exchange from the game Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.
    Trunks: Yeah... This is usually the part where we meet the second, more powerful form!
    Mutchi: I must admit, you have skill. However, you only destoyed part of me. Now you face my second, more powerful form!
  • Near the end of episode 7 "Trunks the Bride", when Zunama comes to get Leine and take her to his home... one the villagers in the background screams "ZUUNAAMAA".
    • In order to save Leine from forced marriage, the heroes try to dress Goku as a girl so he could pose as her, but soon realize Zunama will never fall for that. Pan wonders who would make a suitable impostor instead. Cue Trunks slowly and quietly tiptoeing out of the room, already aware what is about to happen. However, the poor guy doesn't manage to get out in time...
    • In the next episode, Zunama discovers Trunks and Leine pulled a Bride and Switch when Trunks' wig falls off... and Zunama decides he'd rather marry Trunks, still not realizing he is a guy.
  • Goku's fear of hospitals and needles come back full force in Episode 23, so much he ends up climbing up a tree to avoid getting stuck.
  • Episode 27, Vegeta shaving his much maligned porn-stache. The reason for it in-universe? He gets upset because Bulla doesn't think it looks good on him. In the dub, she outright yelled that his moustache makes him look like a total geek, to the point it echoes in his ears.
    "It makes you look like a total geek. It makes you look like a total geek. It makes you look like a total geek."
    • A memorable moment from Vegeta and Bra/Bulla after shopping in the same episode. Boy, Vegeta lost his edge, but he's still badass. Don't mess with Vegeta, Father Of The Year.
    Bulla: (waves cheerfully to the two men who just crashed into the ocean, thanks to Vegeta) Sorry fella's. My Dad's got a bit of a temper and he can get kinda grumpy when he has to take me shopping. But he knew you were kidding about the geezer comment.
    Vegeta: (scoffs) Teenagers.
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  • Any time someone calls Baby by his name.
  • The girl Goten is with when Baby attacks him is extremely enthusiastic when she witnesses his ki blast barrage.
    • In the English dub she refers to his Super Saiyan transformation as him being an "angel" of all things.
  • How about the time Piccolo needed to get out of Heaven (BTW, why wasn't he with Dai Kaio instead?), so he starts blasting everything while ranting about being evil? After it works, he sees the damage he caused and meekly apologizes.
  • When Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 4 for the first time Bulma gushes over how handsome he's become. Chichi comes up and tells her that Goku is way better looking than he is. This causes a near Cat Fight to happen between two women in their fifties. And Mr. Satan interjects as well!
    Bulma: You're crazy!
    Chichi: I'm crazy? Well, you're blind!
    Mr. Satan: Ladies why argue? You're looking at the Blue Ribbon face right here!
    POW! Both women hit him at the same time.
    Bulma and Chichi: Get over yourself!
    Mr. Satan: Okay...
  • Say it with me: "Pickle pot, pepper pot!"
    • Let's face it, everything involving the Para Para Brothers.
  • The Red Ribbon Army getting beaten single-handedly by a kid AGAIN.
  • Episode 41, Goku losing another Tenkaichi Budokai, for being ticklish.
  • Again in Episode 41, Pan learns she's about to become Mr. Satan's successor if she wins the tournament. Satan soon receives news that she forfeited the tournament, saying she suddenly got her stomach upset.
  • In the beginning of the Shadow Dragons' arc, Pan notes that Goku can't go without Giru, and that Giru can't handle staying without Pan. When Pan asks Giru to confirm:
    Giru: Pan dangerous. Pan not together with us, safety factor rises 70 percent.
    Pan: (violently shaking Giru) What was that?! That has to be a miscalculation, you better fix that right now!
  • Every Shadow Dragon is created from a wish made on either set of Dragon Balls. In Oceanus Shenron's case? It was the infamous "panties wish". Yep; a dragon was born from girl's underwear. Needless to say, Goku was very amused by the memory.
    • At one point, Oceanus blasts all of Goku's clothes off. All of them. Pan has to call for a timeout so her grandad can redress…which Oceanus allows.
  • When Bulma was explaining to Vegeta how to become SSJ4, she starts to show him pictures of the conflict at Tuffle Planet. One of such pictures is Brainwashed!Bulma.
    Vegeta: That's a dreadful look on your face.
  • Goku can't let Omega Shenron have the remaining Dragon Ball back so... he swallows it whole!
  • In the final episode, once again two Saiyan/Human children wow everyone at the World Martial Art's Tournament without realizing it.
    Vegeta Jr.: (in the squeakiest voice possible by Christopher Sabat) I didn't know we could both become blonde!
    • Somewhere in Otherworld, Vegeta is no doubt scowling.