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Oh, those wacky Japanese. They always know how to make us laugh.

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  • Princess Diana has an unintentional example when it first tells you that Peanuts is a guinea pig, and then refers to it as a hamster.
  • Yakitate!! Japan had several of those, depending on which anime reference you liked the most.
  • The karaoke scene from the original Kujibiki♡Unbalance (the OAVs, not the series).
  • They Are My Noble Masters, the whole Actor Allusion scene in Episode 8:
    Kojyuuro: "Take this! My love, my anger and all of my sorrow!!"
    Ren: "Like I said, you shouldn't say that! Now that it's come to this, from the 360 battle techniques... I'll finish this with Battler X!"
    Ren & Kojyuuro: "YAAARRGGHH!!!"
    Colonel: (head sticks out like Master Asia in 'Super Asia briefing') "YOU FOOOOOLSSS!!!"
  • In Potemayo, Yasumi holing up in the bathroom after accidentally touching his sister's boob.
    • Also, Nene making Mudo her slave.
    • Guchuko vs. Cuckoo clock.
    • Then there was the time they went to the bath house:
      Yasumi: "You're not thinking weird things about Mikan?" (his sister)
      Sunao: "Like what?"
      Yasumi: "For example:"
      Cut to picture of Mikan in the bath, with her whole body Mosaic'd out
      Yasumi: Nosebleeds into unconsciousness.
  • The Opening to Overman King Gainer which includes several of the cast and robots doing the monkey. It also includes Gainer, and Sara first dancing in the forest before doing figure skating.
    • In the series itself Gainer announces his love for Sara which causes Sara to storm off blushing. This would have merely been embarrassing, but Gainer did it while an enemy was using an Overskill to broadcast everyone's thoughts to everyone—thus, everyone heard it, and quite a few of them shouted encouraging things at Sara whilst she stormed off blushing.
  • Xabungle had at least 4 of these per episode, be it physical, a pun, or just something coming in from left field—it delivered the funny.
    • But the crowning point would have to be—after Jiron, whose head is very round, has been called "DO-Manjuu" ("Big"; Manjuu is a kind of round confection) for most of the series—when Jiron Amos is finally decried as MELON Amos. In Jiron's reaction shot, his face is briefly a melon. Must be seen to be believed.
    • That, and the infamous Missile Toss, in which they catch a giant missile with a Mecha maybe a fifth the weapon's size, then throw it back.
  • Hyakko is already pretty random, but especially funny is the scene in which Nene and Torako (!) check out the students' uniforms. Nene is downright hilarious as a lecher who ogles every cute girl who walks through the gate. The way she "outs" herself and the reponse of Torako and her friends are also golden.
  • In Chrono Crusade, after Satella implies that Rosette can't dance, she drags Chrono onto the dance floor and tries to prove that she can. However, she can't, and Chrono is just as confused—the results is one of the best Slap-Slap-Kiss moments in the entire series (anime OR manga), absolutely hilarious AND Heartwarming all at the same time. Definitely one of the most memorable scenes.
  • Marmalade Boy. Choose from either Yuu and Satoshi pretending to be boyfriends (Meiko's brief Yaoi Fangirl moment is priceless), the results of Yuu's brief acting stunt, Tsutomu's Butt-Monkey moments, or Miki being attacked by hungry deers in Hiroshima. Hilarity Ensues in any of these cases.
  • Kujibiki♡Unbalance: In order to win a Cooking Duel,Tokino sings karaoke. Not ruining the surprise, it's too good.
  • Practically all of the Bonus Episode of Nanaka 6/17.
  • Moon Phase: THIS CAT HAS NO ASSHOLE! Nuffsaid.
    • Also, the (non-canon) OVA.
  • Hi*sCoool! SeHa Girls: in the first episode, the heroines, trying to find out about Sehagaga Academy, find out about the school's song courtesy of Mega Drive. Alas, the school song is simply the old "Sega!" shout from the old Mega Drive commercials in Japan and the first Sonic The Hedgehog games.
  • Persona 4: The Animation, the King's Game. Everything about the scene is almost word-for-word the same as in the game...until Yu starts drinking...
  • Listing everything from Ninja Nonsense would take forever, especially if you have an odd sense of humor. In particular, just about anything Onsokumaru does could count. Or anything involving the ninja Redshirt Army. Or Shinobu. Or anyone really. Even the ending credits deserve a spot; where else are you going to see stop-motion, line-dancing ninja chasing around a flying smiley face with panties on its head while Japanese banjo-pop plays in the background?
  • Episode 16 of The Story of Cinderella, Charles comes over to help Cinderella's stepfamily while Cinderella is sick. When Catherine sees Charles doing the chores, she tells him that if he marries Cinderella, she'll have them both hired to work at the castle—after she marries the prince. Of course, she (like Cinderella) are unaware that Charles is the prince.
    • Charles' failed attempt at cooking (complete with him wearing Cinderella's frilly pink apron) is also hilarious.
  • "GAH! SHUT UP TAILS!" from the Sonic OVA.
  • One episode of Initial D has Itsuki riding with Takumi and demonstrating what he's learned about drifting. He attempts a drift... and stalls his car. He tries again, stalls again and cries, "ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!"
  • The anime version of Sengoku Basara. Honda Tadakatsu makes his appearance, Naoe Kanetsugu, now an Elite Mook... announces while charging to Tadakatsu.
    Tadakatsu: (thwacks Kanetsugu without even trying)
    Kanetsugu: "How can the invincible me, be defeated!?!?!?!?" (crashes to a mountain)
  • Oboro. Hiccups. Nuff said.
  • Inukami has it in almost every early episode. This also qualifies as Fan Disservice. Like this scene from the first episode.
  • In Episode 3 of Dai-Guard, Akagi claims that "I did not go crazy, I simply took an aggressive policy regarding my giant robot feet."
  • From Love Hina: In the English dub of Episode 5, Kaolla Suu's response to the telephone ringing. Keitarou is on the other end, calling from a train station.
    Suu: "We're sorry, the number you have just dialled is not in service now!"
  • Two particular moments from To Love Ru anime stand out. The first is Rito imagining himself taking part in intergalactic wars, with both scenarios ending with Zastin leaping forward whilst yelling "YOUR MAJESTY!" overdramatically. The second moment involved Lala using a magnet-like invention of hers to pull Rito to her location. The moment before however, Rito had been talking to Yui, but as the device activated, he ended up crashing forward and sweeping her into his arms, carrying her along with him. The two then crash through several locations each getting funnier than the last, starting with a mall, then a woman's clothing store, then someone's apartment, then a wedding, and straight into a funeral (where the (live) body burst out of it's coffin!), and finally climaxing in a war scene!
  • Kure-nai keeps the humor sharp yet suitably low-key through most of the series, exemplified by Benika's deadpan response to Renjou's outrage over her team's continued efforts to break Murasaki out of the Kuhoin compound:
    Renjou: "Do you know why I'm in such a bad mood?"
    Benika: "...because it's forbidden to park in the Inner Sanctuary?"
  • In the first episode of Scrapped Princess, Raquel turns a Wizard Duel into a Curb-Stomp Battle because wizards cast spells by calling them out—and hers are much shorter than her opponent's.
  • Pop Team Epic is funny and nonsensical throughout. A few standout scenes:
    • Popuko cussing out a thunderstorm
    • Pipipmi interrogating Popuko
      Pipimi: Do you have any idea what you have done? WELL, DO YOU?! Now eat this cutlet bowl. ISAIDEATTHECUTLET!!!
    • Popuko getting pissed at a cuckoo clock.
      Popuko: Your motherfucking life ends 30 minutes from now!
  • Robotech has a few original moments, most notably the Invid Regess introducing herself to Scott's group with a long speech accompained by holographic images before materializing out of thin air and then, noticing their expressions, commenting "You are surprised" before going on with her expository speeches.

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