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Funny / Welcome to the Ballroom

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  • General
    • Sengoku's various faces. The man has the most hilarious face for the situation.
  • Chapter 1:
    • Tatara first meeting with Sengoku, after Sengoku gives the bullies some money to leave Tatara alone, he pretty much kidnaps Tatara thinking he was staring at the flyer for his studio when in actually he was just zoning out.
    • Sengoku saying why Tatara should take up ballroom dancing, he can touch girls.
    • After Sengoku saves Tatara from the bullies again, who picked a fight because Sengoku gave them a fake bill, Tatara is trying to his best to not tell him it's his fault when Sengoku sees the fake bill and puts two and two togther with the best Oh, Crap! face ever,
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    • Due to Tatara's odd faces, Sengoku actually punches him instead of apologizing. This causes Tamaki to punch Sengoku in retaliation.
  • Episode 7: After Gaju teases Mako about being flat chested she disappears for a while and comes back having stuffed her dress to give herself Gag Boobs including a squeaky sound effect when she runs. During the Quickstep Gaju and Tatara collide causing one of them to spill all over the dance floor causing every other couple to fall over.
  • Chapter 31:
    • Kugimiya suddenly confessing what he truly sees other people when he focuses on his dance, followed by Tatara's reaction.
    • Tatara yelling at Gaju for not telling he wasn't taking part in the Shizuoka Grandprix.
  • Both versions of the "May I ask for a hug?!" scene. It was great enough in the manga, but the anime version is an absolute gem.
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  • Chizuru's reaction to meeting Tatara is to crouch down and beckon towards him like one would for a shy, small animal.
    "He ain't a dog!"
  • Tatara's stunned reaction when Chinatsu tells Akira she and Tatara will be entering the Grand Prix. Even better in the anime when you see his slightly out of focus face in the background for a moment before he manages to react.
  • "Please stop with the face."