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  • Isanami and Saizou introduce themselves to each other, Isanami decides to call Saizou Sai-chan, he's not pleased.
    Saizou: I'll murder you, bitch!
  • Yukimura sneaks to the women's bath to peek on Isanami and Anastasia, which freaks Isanami out and prompts Seikai to jump into the women's bath. And as a result, both got turned into popsicle by Anastasia. To add injury to the insult, Rokurou used his power to smash Ana's ice. He denies everything the next day.
    Yukimura: Aaaah, my head hurts.
    Rokurou: Bath too long?
    Yukimura: (thinks) More like because Ana froze me and you used your powers to bust me out as punishment.
    • Even better is everyone elses first reaction when Ana freezes them. Sasuke is reasonably shoked but Only Sane Men Rokurou and Saizou aren't. Rokurou has a "Why am I putting up with this guy again?" moment and Saizou just leaves.
      Saizou: As if I'd take a cold bath.

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