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  • Ho Yay:
    • Kamonosuke has an obssessive Foe Yay with Saizo, though if this qualifies as Ho Yay isn't quite clear because of Ambiguous Gender and what not.
    • The biggest source of Ho Yay are probably Yukimura and Rokurou. They are extremely comfortable in each others presence and Yukimura is certainly more concerned about Rokurou's wellbeing than he is about the other Braves. This shows especially following the events of Episode 9, though they had fangirls squealing even before that.
      Yukimura: Let's put the topic of whether it is a pathetic name aside. After all, there is only one Rokurou for me in this world.
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  • The Scrappy: Isanami. It's hard to find a comment regarding the manga/anime in which someone doesn't complain about her. It doesn't help that she is also the ultimate Damsel Scrappy. During first four episodes of the anime, she managed to get kidnapped four times. Not to mention spending the final episodes crying. Not going to sit well. That her vocabulary mostly consist of Saizou's name doesn't help her case. It only earned her the above mentioned Fan Nickname and a couple more points on the Annoyance Scale.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • Erm... Byakugun looked like a flat chested woman at first, but when he/she Hulks Up, his/her voice goes really deep and shows six-pack belly...Byakugun does use the female pronoun atashi though so most likely a girl. Probably...maybe.
    • And Yuri confounds people both in and out universe.


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