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Funny / B: The Beginning

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  • Right at the start of Episode 1, Lily comes racing out of her home, being late for work. The way she does so is quite funny.
  • In episode 2, as people are trying to escape the party as they think the room is going to be flooded with poison gas, Lily gets felt up by someone in the crowd, and she threatens to arrest them.
  • The fact that Lily's nonsensical sweet allegory she uses to describe her theories over the crimes taking place is actually spot-on. The irony hits Keith several times after the fact as well, even during heavy scenes!
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  • When Lily finds and barges into Keith and Koku's serious and heavy discussion, she begins railing Keith over all the trouble he's in. Koku can be seen grimacing and trying to sneak off before Lily notices him, only for Lily to drag him back and yell at him as well.
  • After the battle at the end of episode 12, we are shown events three months later. Lily has gone to Keith's apartment, and knocks on the door to a rhythm, saying knock with each knock.
  • After that she tells Keith that she will take him to work, even if she has to put him on a leash, and then pulls out a rope. Keith then proceeds to throw the rope out the window.

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