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  • Shintaro is generally pretty funny.
    • He freaks out if his computer is broke, saying he'll die without it.
    • Shintaro when he spills his bottle of soda on his keyboard.
    • His argument with his little sister. He makes fun of her liking Lets Plays; she mentions his night habits from Ene.
    • His reaction to riding the roller coaster, and his freaking out in the haunted house. He actually begs the robot zombies to ignore him.
    • Everything involving Shintaro and a vending machine full of MocaCola in Chapter 20.
  • Ene is also just as funny.
    • She renamed one of his folders as libido graveyard.
    • She asks Momo and Marry if they are the "rumored yuri".
    • The fact that Momo addresses her as "that kid" despite Ene being three years older than her.
    • Ene constantly addressing Momo as "Little Sister" rather than her given name.
    • Revealing that she was hiding in Shintaro's phone throughout their trip to the amusement park. She then uses audio clips she recorded from Shintaro to make a Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
  • Marry tripping and spilling iced tea all over Momo would be funny enough, but what makes it better is how it happened. The tea hovers over Momo before falling. Her eye ability even attracts drinks.
  • Marry freezing Kano when he pissed her off.
  • Takane having a mental Freak Out in Yuukei Yesterday when she realizes that Haruka can see that her headphones weren't attached to anything and she was just pretending to listen to music. Haruka remains oblivious to it all.
  • Momo's Cute Clumsy Girl antics that include her falling off of a tree branch and running into a pole.
    • This trend continues in Otsukimi Recital when Hibiya's drink spills on himself, and Momo, out of surprise, slips and falls, dragging Hibiya down with her.
  • Hibiya being Dragged into Drag during the brief photo montage (doubles as a Freeze-Frame Bonus).
  • Kano taking selfies and sending them to to the rest of the group... while he's being kept as a hostage.
  • Hibiya's CM, which has him practicing his lines not knowing it already started, freaks out when he realizes it and rushes through the rest of it and somehow flubs the name of the show as Maternity Spiral as opposed to Mekaku City Actors. The CM even cuts off just as he asks the audience to look forward to the anime.
    • Seto's CM as well, as he quickly dismisses talking about the anime in favor of enthusiastically yelling about a deer he sees.
  • In the third episode of the anime, Kano starts laughing over Shintaro being Momo's brother, and Seto ends up joining in- until Marry glares as him until he stops.
  • Every time Momo enters Pervert Revenge Mode - usually against Shintaro.
  • In the anime, Haruka asks Takane what "Lightning-Dancer" (Takane's cringe-inducing online username) means. Cue Spit Take. With a rainbow!
  • Kano has to know every detail about something before he's able to turn into it, including smell. In the novel we learn a rumor spread around the trio's orphanage about some weird kid who sniffed cats.
    • Made even better when Kido calls Kano gross for it, Seto leans over to him and says "Don't worry, I do it all the time too."
  • Kano's first meeting with Ayano in the fifth novel, featuring a young Ayano's attempt at playground-equipment-based special attacks. Kano is baffled.


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