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  • Episode 10 has the groups of fangirls for Yukari and Akira. Both groups have five girls each and move as one unit, and Yukari and Akira are the only things ever on their minds. They have matching pins for the respective girl, speak in unison or finish each other's sentences, and are even recurring characters!
  • In episode 16, one of the Yukari fangirls forgets her handkerchief at the KiraPati. While the other four stop and cry into them in unison, this girl makes a series of confused poses before Julio shows up.
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  • The Akira fangirls reach out to Akira to tell her why the KiraPati is losing business, and they do this by lowering a can and string partway down a stairwell. The method is unnecessary, but in the next scene we see Akira letting the others know about the rumors using the same method, despite her sitting opposite them in the same room. Even better is that the single string splits into three for Ichika, Himari, and Aoi, who are already sitting next to each other.
  • And then there's Akira listing off the rumors to them, complete with hilarious visuals including Yukari in a ballgown running off in tears from Akira, and Himari and Pekorin failing to do comedy. The other three have a ridiculous reaction, but then Aoi stops to say that's just dumb.
  • Ichika's failed attempt at cooking causes the entire patisserie to shake, and makes the other four in the main hall float a few inches into the air before coming back down, complete with cartoonish physics and sounds.
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  • Before Bibury can get on with stealing the kirakiraru, Yukari pulls her out from behind a tree, throwing her off entirely. Yukari was tipped off by her fangirl club, which were shown earlier running around with shades on.
  • Ciel appearing out of nowhere and saying "Bon" to Ichika.
  • When Ichika tries to become Ciel's apprentice, she bows to her, shocking Ciel.
  • Ciel's puffy face.
  • The normally quiet and meek Himari gushing on about "getting closer" with Yukari while the other girls look on with shock.

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