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Episode 1:

  • Riko's Establishing Character Moment. She loses control of her magic broom and bounces on several tree tops before falling, but manages to catch a branch. She compliments herself on her successful landing and when she hears a cat purr, she tries to explain to it that she meant to land here. She doesn't get to finish the sentence as the branch breaks.
  • Realizing that Riko is a witch, Mirai shouts so loud that Riko once again loses balance of her broom. She tries to fly away from Mirai but since she didn't eat anything for the whole day, she loses her balance yet again.
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  • Riko tries to impress Mirai by making a nearby cat speak. On her first attempt, she makes the cat bark. She tries again, only to make the cat tweet instead.

Episode 2:

  • Riko once again fails to use her magic properly. This time, she melts a fruit encased in ice but fails to turn the inside soft, resulting in a hard fruit.
  • Later, she pulls an unexpected Big Damn Heroes moment by ramming her broom into Batty and pushing him from the bridge. She claims it was intentional.

Episode 3:

  • Mirai and Riko are offered a slice of clementine by a shopkeeper. Mirai is astonished it is soft and juicy as opposed to ice-hard clementine she ate in the previous episode. The shopkeeper bluntly says that it means the melting spell failed, to which Riko replies that it was all according to her calculations.
  • Both Francois (the stylist) and Gustav (the broom maker) ask Riko if she fell of her broom "again" (she has lost a button and her broom is disheveled). Both times she replies with "I didn't fall!".
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  • The headmaster's very snarky crystal ball. While she's dutiful to him, she immediately gets into a fight with the vice principal, saying that her head is "harder than any crystal" and if she keeps shouting, "she'll just get even wrinklier". Meanwhile, the headmaster is eating a fruit without melting the ice.

Episode 4:

  • Kouchou-sensei's crystal ball, as a reason why the girls must not enter "The Forest of Knowledge", says that even Kochou-sensei gets lost wandering in there.
  • We meet the supplementary lessons teacher, Mr. Isaac (who loses his dentures the minute he tries to introduce himself) and three other students who have to take the supplementary lessons as well. Emily has failed the broom flying exam because she has a fear of heights (among other things, including Mofurun) and Kay is "just forgetful" (she had forgotten to bring her magic wand to the magic casting exam and misplaced her broom on the flying exam). The third student, Jun is quite good at casting magic but has a very low attendance and was forced to take supplementary lessons as well.
  • Earlier on, Mr. Isaac shows up late to class because he got lost, despite the fact that he's been a teacher for 40 years. Jun immediately calls him out on this matter.
    • Later, he comments that this is the most unique class he had taught in his career of 45 years. The Vice Principal immediately calls him out on this but he just ignores her.
    Vice Principal: Are you even listening to anything I'm saying?
  • Mirai manages to find the magical butterflies on a nearby flower field minutes after the start of their first test. Jun compliments Mirai on her quick thinking ("Butterflies love flowers so it was obvious they'd be found on a flower field!") to which Mirai responds she didn't even thought about that.
  • During the test, Riko falls off her broom seconds after she started flying. As usual, she responds with "I didn't fall!" This time, the girls don't buy it so she has to repeat herself twice.
  • Gamettsu is blown away from the library and lands on his shell. As if seeing the all-serious war turtle flailing around wasn't hilarious enough, a passing-by rain cloud flies overhead and dowses him.
    • Even better? Gamettsu is voiced by Joji Nakata, so yes, that's essentially Alucard of all people complaining about being beaten by 13 year old girls in frilly outfits.

Episode 5:

  • Kochou-sensei's reaction to seeing the Linkle Smarthon. After learning that the girls found it in the locked part of the library (which he had previously forbade them to enter), he responds with a Big "WHAT?!". Haa-chan immediately starts crying and the girls try to explain where she came from, only to have another Big "WHAT?!" from Kouchou and Haa-chan to start crying even louder. Kochou-sensei's confusion indicates it's the first time he has ever seen a baby.
  • Mr. Isaac and his dentures, AGAIN.

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

  • The test for this episode requires the girls to use their brooms to catch flying pegasi and take a picture with one of them. In a twist of events, however, it isn't Riko who keeps falling off her broom; instead, it's Mirai, who manages to fall off her broom a total of three times!

Episode 11:

Episode 13:

  • Mofurun smells a sweet scent coming from a mountain and the girls fly on their brooms to check, but said sweet scent turned out to be coming from...a beehive. With lots of angry bees. Cue a massive Oh, Crap! from Mirai, Riko, and Mofurun, followed by them frantically trying to fly away.
  • After jumping into the river to avoid said bees, the three of them tries asking a nearby bird the whereabouts of the Linkle Stone, only for the bird to ask for fruits as payments first. Riko then tries asking the nearby fallen leaves (The leaves points everywhere before dispersing), then the forest (Which provided no answer). By that time, she got fed up and shouts towards the sky in frustration.

Episode 14:

  • Mirai doesn't want to study for her math re-take test and watches TV instead. Riko casts a spell to turn off the TV but makes it disappear instead. She claims it was intentional.
    • After the credits, we promptly sees Riko with her purse out and the TV in Mirai's house reappeared. Implying that Riko had to fork out cash to buy a new TV.

Episode 16:

  • Mirai, Riko, and their friends from both the Magic and No Magic worlds decide to take a picture, which would've been perfect if Haa-chan didn't fly up at the last moment hoping to be in the shot. Yes, Haa-chan essentially (and unintentionally) photobombs a picture.

Episode 18:

  • While the girls are on the way to Horizon Island to answer Gamettsu's challenge letter, a trip that takes almost 3 days on broomstick, Mirai wonders why he couldn't choose somewhere closer. The scene then cuts to Gamettsu waiting impatiently for the Cures to arrive, lampshading the same fact as well.

Episode 20:

  • Mirai, Riko and Mofurun try to use the forbidden door to find Kouchou-sensei. After two unsuccessful attempts (they land in magical world bazaar and in a park in Mirai's world) Riko realizes Mofurun both times unwittingly activated the doors by saying she's hungry. During the third attempt, they run through the door calling for Kouchou-sensei... only to land in the villains' lair, in the middle of a battle. They quickly back out.

Episode 23:

  • After Haa-chan's sudden reappearance in Episode 22, Mirai and Riko try to get some answers from her, but Haa-chan only answers with vague descriptions and wacky hand poses.
  • Haa-chan forgetting that she's no longer a small winged fairy results in some pretty hilarious situations. First she falls off a slope while trying to chase after a cat. Then she hits her head on a drain vent when trying to retrieve the Linkle Sumahon. And then she actually gets stuck in a window while a Yokubaaru is chasing her.
  • Riko's utter disbelief when she sees Haa-chan conjuring a broomstick out of nowhere. She even borrows Nagisa's catchphrase "Arienai!"

Episode 24:

  • Kotoha, Mirai, and Mofurun all have to share a bed. Kotoha's poor sleeping position + Mofurun struggling to get free from being squeezed = one bad morning for Mirai.
  • Kotoha's instant expertise in magic nearly causes Riko to faint from shock.

Episode 25:

  • Mirai and Riko's attempts to stop Kotoha from using magic at the beach, undoing her magic as soon as it appears. In the end, the two are lying facedown in the sand, exhausted and clearly not having a good time.
    • Kotoha's first instance of using magic deserves special mention: in an attempt to get Riko to come into the sea and play with her and Mirai, she transforms Riko's inflatable into a giant goldfish (which also briefly gobbles up Riko in the process) that rockets straight into the sea with Riko hanging by its tail and screaming for help.
    • Just the sight of Riko in her inflatable hints that she, like Towa before her, can't swim.

Episode 26:

  • Kotoha realizes that she's being followed and tries to fly off on her broomstick, only to find that somehow her magic isn't working. As she desperately tries to take off, we see her stalker catch up to her, and when the stalker places a hand on Kotoha, Kotoha screams and says "Get your fluffy hands off me!" And then realizes she's stretching Mofurun's face.

Episode 29 is another Cinderella episode, and as per Pretty Cure tradition, it's one of the funniest, wackiest episodes in the season. Let's take a look at the cast:

  • Mofurun is Cinderella (called Mofuderella). Yes, instead of the Pink Cure, the mascot character has the dubious honor of being Cinderella this time around.
  • Batty, Sparda and Gamettsu are the Evil Stepsisters and Stepmother respectively, making this episode less of a Cinderella episode and more like a reverse Takarazuka Revue.
    • Just Gamettsu as the evil stepmother. Batty's voice fits in alright as a lady, but Gamettsu, with a deep voice courtesy of Joji Nakata, trying to talk like a woman? Hilarious.
    • Then there is the fact that (s)he thinks that they are going to a brawl (Budoukai 武闘会), not a ball (Butoukai 舞踏会). Batty even tries to correct her (him).
    • Then (s)he falls in love with the prince, even pushing her (his) daughters away from the prince.
    • Right after the Cures transform, a supersized Gamettsu proposes to the prince. The Cures and the prince briefly stare in disbelief before the prince becomes terrified when the thought kicks in.
  • Riko is the (Inept) Fairy Godmother, while Mirai and Kotoha are mice, complete with Verbal Tic.
    • Riko nearly falling off of the roof of Mofuderella's house as soon as she wakes up.
    • Even after 29 episodes, Riko still can't cast a simple clementine melting spell. This nearly results in Mofuderella having to travel to the ball in a frozen carriage.
    • When the Cures transform to fight Gamettsu, Riko squeezes Mirai too hard because the latter is still the size of a mouse. Thankfully, this returns Mirai back to normal size. Kotoha, however, has no such luck. The end result is THIS.
  • Finally, we have Kouchou as the prince.
    • In his first appearance, he steps on to the dance floor by performing an acrobatic jump. This becomes even funnier when you recall that he's Older Than He Looks and is, in actuality, an old grandpa who's using magic to appear young.
    • Instead of having the Cures and Gamettsu fight and possibly damage the castle in the process, he proposes that they settle their duel in the form of a dance (this is a ball after all.) Cue Precure Ondo and everyone in the vicinity starting to dance.
  • Finally, when everyone wakes up from their Cinderella dream, they find out that the library's copy of the story book had its title, illustration, and story all changed, just like the ending of Smile Pretty Cure!'s Cinderella episode.
  • The episode starts with Kotoha trying to read through all of the books in Kouchou's room to see if she can jog her memory regarding the Emerald. Doesn't sound funny at first, until you see that the way the scene is displayed is eerily similar to a late-night cramming session, complete with Kotoha and Cassie the Crystal Ball wearing headbands. Kotoha's exhausted expression once the deed has been done seals the deal.
    • Don't forget the scene where she bites into a frozen clementine. The music change and her expression sell it.

Episode 30:

  • Jun asks Mirai and Riko to be models so she could paint them for a school project. The catch is that she specifically wants them to pose like ballerinas. Hilarity Ensues.
    • And Jun's finished product? It's painted in the style of Picasso.
  • Kotoha creates costumes for Mirai and Riko so they look like something out of Swan Lake. However, the "swan" part is taken to the literal extreme when the wings on the outfits start to fly on their own. Kotoha tries to undo her magic but is stopped by Jun, Emily, and Kei, who demand a repeat performance. Kotoha can only look and apologize silently as Mirai and Riko fly off into the distance, screaming for help.

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