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  • In the second episode, the girls get their first Finishing Move, Diamond Eternal, which fires the Monster of the Week into space with a large diamond burst and destroys it. It looks even more impressive than it sounds.
    • The reason why the girls did not use a finisher in its first episode is partially that they delivered a beatdown way beyond the initial estimates of Batty, forcing him to back off with the Monster of the Week in tow to rethink and restrategize.
    • The girls manage to one-up that with their Finishing Move in the Ruby Style, Ruby Passionare, which is essentially a flashier, more fiery version of the Double Pretty Cure Punch.
    • The finisher for the Sapphire Style, Sapphire Smartish, involves the Cures unleashing a humongous torrent of water on the Monster of the Week from the stratosphere in a fashion that screams Starlight Breaker.
    • In spite of having the rather tame theme of sweets, the Topaz Style has probably the most overkill finisher in the form of Topaz Esperanza. After Miracle and Magical charge their Linkle Sticks from balls of electricity generated by Mofurun, they summon two giant versions of their sticks to trap the enemy before blowing them away, creating an explosion so big it causes a volcanic eruption. In other words they create a certain magical Railgun.
  • Sparda's first idea on how to defeat the Cures? Steal Mirai's pendant. Usually, it takes a lot more time for the villains to even get the idea. Though, it doesn't work for too long though as Linkle Stone Ruby appears minutes later.
  • Despite being new to the magic world, Mirai makes her first spell (boiling the water in a magical kettle) work perfectly on her first try. Riko is not happy with this, especially as, earlier, she tried a number of times to cast the spell correctly and kept failing.
    • Riko later makes up for this by creating an ice necklace from water, a feat that, according to her sister, only the most experienced of magicians can accomplish.
  • The fight between the Cures, in their Sapphire Form, and the bee Monster of the Week in Episode 13. A fast-paced, aerial battle reminiscent of the fights in Go! Princess complete with some great animation.
  • The appearance of Cure Felice in Episode 22. In a similar vein to previous Sixth Ranger characters such as Milky Rose, Cure Muse, and Cure Ace, she puts on an impressive display of raw power and makes quick work of the Monster of the Week.
  • Even with next to zero training, Kotoha have a natural mastery of magic way beyond everyone’s imagination. The only response Riko can muster up is “ありえなーい” and a case of empty nest syndrome. This becomes a plot point later.
  • Episode 45. Orba has revealed his Evil Plan was going to use the energy from the newly revived Dark Magic group (Sparda and Gamettsu) with the Precure's power to free Deusmast's remaining generals. When Sparda and Gamettsu are defeated by Orba, he summons a Doyokubal to fight the Precure and build up enough power to accomplish the Evil Plan. What happens instead? Batty shows up with the unrevived Yamoh, his Dokurokusche scarecrow, and the reverted Sparda and Gamattsu, merges all four into a Yokubal, and proceeds to fight AND DEFEAT the Donyokubal! This despite Donyokubals being stronger than Yokubals. Extra awesomeness from being done with some of the best animation since episode 13!
  • The final episode - an honest to God canon crossover with Ichika Usami/Cure Whip showing up!