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Maho Girls will feature background Pretty Cures as students of the magic school the main pair attends.
It is said by the initial press release that, after Mirai becomes Cure Miracle, she starts attending a magic school alongside Riko/Cure Magical.
  • Jossed. In this series, the Pretty Cure is still a legendary group, though they're legendary magicians in this series as opposed to legendary warriors.

Maho Girls will be divisive.
Sure, every season in Pretty Cure has its good and bad sides, but this season looks to especially be the case. Specifically, people will be comparing it to the previous season, which was very well-received. Will it be an Even Better Sequel or will it fail to live up to the expectations of the Tough Act to Follow that was Go! Princess Pretty Cure?
  • Confirmed as the entry's present in the YMMV section.
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  • More like Jossed actually, the general reception to Maho Girls has been pretty positive according to the many fan circles.

This series will follow Futari wa Pretty Cure closely.
Since the two main Cures will have to hold hands to transform.

Riko's going to be a brat.
And take Hime's title as the weakest Pretty Cure ever.
  • She's officially stated to be good at studying but not so good at magic, so it could be that she's not so great in a fight.
  • Jossed, since she's more distant than bratty. Also, she's a pretty decent fighter.

This will be the first season to do away with the hand-to-hand combat.
Even Splash Star, which while having less hand-to-hand combat, still had bursts of it (mainly in the latter part of the season. This show will completely do away with it. Too much controversy.

The Dragon is...
The same age as the Cures, and will serve as a Dark Magical Boy rather than a Dark Magical Girl.

The Emerald Linkle Stone can only be found, or created, by gathering all the other Linkle Stones.
  • Confirmed in Episode 21, where it makes its first physical appearance. Episode 22 demonstrates it to be the Transformation Trinket of Cure Felice.

Each of the Linkle Stones represent Elemental Powers.
Episode 3 introduced the concept of multiple Linkle Stones for alternate, standalone transformations, starting with Ruby, born from the Passion Flame. Assuming Diamond is Non-Elemental, I predict to see the classic elements of Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water as Ruby, Topaz, Peridot, and Sapphire respectively. Or possibly Fire, Ice, Lightning.
  • As an alternate theory, the forms seem to have Elemental Powers as a backdrop, but focus more on Personality Powers. What was shown of the Ruby Style in episode 3, for example, focused more on the passion part of the "Passion Flame", as opposed to the flame part. Furthermore, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz are the only other confirmed transformations that will appear at some point for the time being, where Peridot is one of the silver-rimmed stones, so it won't be used for transformation. The design for Sapphire suggests it's more of a beauty-based style, while the one for Topaz seems to be sweets-based.
    • Where this applies to the gold Linkle Stones, the silver Linkle Stones seem to follow more of an Elemental Powers type setup, with the first one obtained, Aquamarine, representing ice. Based off the designs of the other stones, some have obvious designs (eg. the Pink one is a flower-based Linkle Stone, the Purple one with moons is a moon/night-based one, etc.) while others may have less obvious elemental powers.

Mirai has a natural talent for magic.
It could explain why Riko, a magic novice, was suddenly able to fly a broom expertly: she had Mirai, who has a strong affinity with magic, on the broom with her.
  • As to why Mirai has this special talent, it could be something that runs in the family.
  • Based on Episode 5 and 6, it seems to be more that Mirai quickly understood more of the emotional aspects of using magic but is still very much a novice user of it. Riko actually does have a natural talent for magic (as shown at the end of episode 6 where she performs some difficult magic successfully), but was held back by her stubborn belief that magic is all about theory and effort.

Mirai's grandmother used to be a witch.
Following the above example, it could be that her grandmother used to be a witch. She casually mentions a possibility of witches flying on brooms in the sky as if it is possible, which is unusual considering she's way over the age, where adults usually don't believe in fairytales, as evident by her mother mentioning she's always talking about witches. This has been done before in Heartcatch Precure after all.
  • It could also be that the magic potential skipped one generation and she did not inform the mother of the witches, considering her mother does not believe in them.
  • Another possibility is that her mother is a witch who would rather not have Mirai know. She pretends to not believe in them to protect her daughter.
  • It is, at the very least, impossible that her grandmother could be one, considering her past meeting with the Headmaster. Jury's still out on her mother, but it isn't looking too likely.

The man in the opening is the Big Good of the series.
  • Confirmed as of episode 2. He is the magic school headmaster and "the greatest magician in the whole magical world".

Male Magic Users are Wizards.

Haa-chan is the Emerald Linkle Stone.
It's heavily implied in the opening that Haa-chan is related in some way to the Emerald Linkle Stone.
  • It's her Transformation Trinket in conjunction with the Smartome. This is how she transforms into Cure Felice.

If Glitter Force makes it this far, they may skip this season.
  • Presumably due to the use of the pentagram. Though they may just cut it out of the transformation.
    • You'd have to cut it out of more than just the transformation, as it's used in nearly everything, from the OP, ED, Haa-chan's book, etc.
    • This season might be skipped over entirely for more than pentagram use. The overall story is often seen as a lesbian couple bringing a child to adulthood. And the blatant similarity to Hogwarts in certain settings. The western Moral Guardians can be much more conservative than Japanese ones and have a lot less tolerance to such subtext.

Jun, Emily, and Kei introduced in Episode 4 might become Cures.
  • Their hair/eye colors are Blue, Yellow, and Orange, which match 3 of the 6 colors shown in the rainbow on the logo. The other three are Pink and Purple for Mirai and Riko, and Green for Haa-chan.
    • The three girls wands are shown to be more similar to the Cures' Linkle Sticks than the rest of the Magic World's wands, which look more like brown twigs. Jun's (blue) has a blue diamond on the end, Emily (yellow) has an orange 3-sided clover, and Kei (orange) has a green 4-sided clover.

Linkle Stone names
  • The gold-rimmed ones are confirmed as Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz.
  • The silver rimmed ones are Peridot (green), Aquamarine (light-blue), Onyx (purple with star/moon), Pearl (white), Amethyst (purple), Garnet(orange), Pink Tourmaline (pink).
    • As of Episode 11, the pink and light-blue stones are confirmed to be Pink Tourmaline and Aquamarine, respectively.
    • The stone with the purple star and moon is obtained in Episode 12, though it's Tanzanite rather than Onyx.

There will be a third Precure.
  • Miracle, Magical, Jewelry-le. This phrase appears in both the transformation sequence and the ED song. Mirai is Cure Miracle, Riko is Cure Magical. The only question is who will be Cure Jewelery (if that's even the name of the third Cure).
    • Confirmed, if this is any indication. However, her name is Cure Felice, not Cure Jewelry.

Alternatively, there won't be a third Precure.

Alternatively again, there will be a second pair of Precures.
  • Bonus points if they start off as antagonists but become allies at the end.
  • Jossed. There is only one new cure

Double alternativately, there will be Seven (or Eight) Precure.
The term Precure (purikuya) is a Japanese pun on the term "print club" (purikura) - what they call photo booths. Come episode 16, we have a scene with the two current Precure, their 4 Magic World friends, and 2 Muggle World friends (with Haa photobombing) in a photo booth.

So we have purikuya in a purikura...

The magic world friends already look like Cures who haven't had their first transformation episode (colored hair mostly but other things too), while the muggle world friends have enough backstory to qualify as well (being longtime friends with a cure making one qualified to be a cure herself isn't without precedent). And then we have the "cute fairy who becomes a Cure" in Haa.

While the two main Cures use the gold rimmed gems to transform. The friends are more supportive so use the silver-rimmed spell-centric gems to transform. And Haa may actually be the Emerald Linkle stone so will transform with that.

  • Jossed for most of this WMG. There are only 3 cures. Haa does transform with the Emerald Linkle stone,however. The silver-rimmed linkle stones are used for sub-attacks.

Yamoh IS the Big Bad.
Up until now (Episode 9), Dokurokushe doesn't even utter a single word, only flashes his/her eyes. And Yamoh can totally understand what Dokurokushe is thinking. Sounds very similar to the relationship between Akudaikhan and Gooyan.
  • Given that Yamoh has returned to his original form of a gecko and that this Deusmast guy that Labut mentioned is set up to be the new Big Bad, we can pretty safely call this one Jossed.

The headmaster's sentient crystal ball is the Big Bad.
Because why not?

The pigtails girl who keeps seeing the duo using magic will eventually find out about their Precure identity.
Said girl has been consistently been treated as The Cassandra whenever this happens. When it'll happen is uncertain, but it'll likely also reveal their identities as magicians as well, causing tension with the Magic World.
  • She has, at the very least, learned that magicians are real in episode 46, although the Precure's identities are still safe.

Two things that are sure to happen at final episode....
..ONE: The Magic World and The Non-Magic World get merge back together.......and TWO: And Cure Miracle introduce the main Pretty Cure of the next series after the credits.
  • Second point confirmed.

Fish naming theory
  • Labut: Frilled shark (羅鱶 Rabuka)
  • Shakince: Shark (シャーク Shāku)
  • Benigyo: Red fish (紅魚 Benigyo)
  • Orba: ?

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