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Futari wa Pretty Cure

  • When Cure White is captured, Cure Black takes on an army of Zakennas to save her.
  • Also, The Queen has her own moment in mid-season, getting up from her throne (for what may be the first time in history!), shrinking to human size, and channeling all her power through Black and White, complete with kickass background song Shining Star.
    • Which was also foreshaddowing to Max Heart, where she would go on to doing this all the time... as the Third Ranger.
  • The dub accidentally gave the Girls one in episode 5. While finally snatching Mipple from Honoka, in the original, Pissard returned Mipple in order to repair his bruised ego; after he tried every flashy trick he could think of and still got his butt kicked every time, it didn't seem right to him to kill Pretty Cure when they were defenseless, as he'd forever remember that he was a coward. This is all changed in the dub, by having Hanna and Natalie state that they would fight him, even without their powers. This display of courage impresses Pijard so much that he gives Mipple back to them as a sign of respect. And taking acount of not only how they were powerless but how terrified they were of him the first time they met, this is IMPRESSIVE.
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  • Nagisa and Honoka taking down an entire platoon of Zakenna-possessed suits of armor without transforming in the School Play episode.

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star

  • Hope we're not forgetting this series, now. Specifically, after forty-eight episodes of waiting, Michiru and Kaoru transforming into Cure Bright and Cure Windy, then having all four girls fighting all through the Grand Finale and through anything that could be thrown at them: being tossed from a hundred metres up in the air, being sent flying into the ocean, the end of the world...

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

  • In this series, Hadeenya seems to induce these just by being around:
    • After Cure Aqua was thoroughly beaten up by Hadeenya and her latest Kowaina, Hadeenya went on to take out the other four Cures in about thirty seconds... after which Aqua got to her feet, produced a sword from her Aqua Ribbon, and proceeded to take Hadeenya down in a medieval-style swordfight on horseback.
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    • Later on, Hadeenya finally pushed Cure Mint too far. (Beware the Nice Ones, they say, and Komachi's the nicest and quietest girl in the cast.) Mint's response was to convert her Mint Shield into a gigantic Kamehame Hadoken that carved out an interesting new feature in the landscape.
  • "I am not giving in to despair!"
  • The entire Pretty Cure versus Dark Cure sequence in the first movie. Picking one character's confrontation with her Enemy Without would not give the others justice.

Fresh Pretty Cure!

  • This series's characters get theirs in episode 20. The Girls' intense Dance Training regime and general malnutrition have taken a toll on their health, so naturally, they don't fare well in battle against Eas's Second Nakisakebe. After receiving quite a thrashing, they decide to use their Cure Stick Attacks, but the attack stops and banishes midway. The Cures attempt a desperate melee assualt, but the Nakisakebe catches them in its claw. When all seems lost The Cures use their Finishing Move from inside the claw and finish it.
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  • Cure Peach and Eas's DBZ Fight in EP 23.

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

  • Any and all appearences of the mysterious "Tuxudo Megane" count...and in episode 32 it's revealed that it was Coupe-sama all along!
  • Yuri's untransformed fight against Dark Pretty Cure.
  • Cure Sunshine's debut.
    • Followed next episode by her actions in the fight against Dark Precure:
      • First, warning Blossom and Marine away as Dark Precure fires an energy blast at her, and when the smoke clears, being shown to have thrown up a force field to deflect it.
      • Second, reflecting the Dark Forte Wave with her Sunflower Aegis... and then immediately following it up with a Macross Missile Massacre.
      • Third, teleporting the Heart Tree away from Dark Precure.
  • Episode 31 has two in the same scene: When the girls are in a pinch, the fairies immediately go to protect them despite the fact they would very likely be killed. Spurred by this, they break out of their CD binds on their own power, then debut Shining Fortissimo to defeat the Desertrian.
  • The return of Cure Moonlight.
  • The fashion show probably wouldn't been quite as awesome without Aya Ikeda and Mayu Kudo literally singing Heart Goes On in the background.
  • The return of Cure Flower in the Christmas episode, wiping the floor with the Desertrian fused with Kumojacky and Kobraja. Though she lets the quartet finish the job.
  • Episode 47 the fight between Dark Precure and Cure Moonlight. Blossom stopping and nullifying an attack from Dark Precure and giving Yuri her will to fight back, and the ensuing scene set to Moonlight's image song Moon~Gekkou~ATTACK which ends in Dark Precure's ultimate defeat.
  • The second half of episode 48 pretty much consists of Dune getting caught on the receiving end of the most righteous, one-sided ass-whooping four angry Magical Girls could ever deliver.

Suite Pretty Cure ♪

  • Hibiki's father, Dan, in episode 3. While everyone else is suffering from the Melody of Sorrow by the cello Negatone, he is completely unaffected by it because "[his] ears only listen to fabulous tones". After a small fight between the Cures and the Negatone, he demands them to stop, tells them they're playing the song wrong, proceeds to prove himself by playing the piano (while showing Hibiki what it means to play music), then helps everyone escape while the Cures finish off the Negatone. A pretty good example of a Badass Normal right there.
  • The appearances of Cure Melody's Miracle Belltier, then later Rhythm's Fantastic Belltier.

Crossover Compilation

  • All-Stars DX. Seriously, why were these movies only 70 minutes each? There could have been even more ass-kicking!
    • The Zakenna aeroplane. Which Black and White promptly kick into the distance (while said plane is still several hundred feet up)
    • Milky Rose punching the ground and leaving a LARGE crater for the Big Bad to slip in.
      • In the sequel, she briefly goes into mascot form to dodge an attack and roundhouse sucker punch her opponent back!
    • For most of the battle sequences, each team only fought strategically alongside their respective teammates, and "mixed combat" was more of a side-effect... until Cure Dream and Cure Bloom kick an Uzainaa butt TOGETHER! (While Egret and the rest of the Yes-cures are busy surviving.) The power of earth and dreams! UNITED!!
  • Shishiki, the game-original villain from Zenin Shuu~GO! Dream Festival, induces some awesome in the final stage. Kidnapping eleven Extraordinarily Empowered Girls to fight in an unknown arena is pretty normal for a final boss, right? Wait, where exactly are they? Is that the Nightmare Corporation building? Yes, despite this being mainly a one-season game, Shishiki has transcended Eternal and claimed another deposed faction's turf.
  • The scream Hibiki's VA was able to produce at the end of the 3rd movie.

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