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  • Hope we're not forgetting this series, now. Specifically, after forty-eight episodes of waiting, Michiru and Kaoru transforming into Cure Bright and Cure Windy, then having all four girls fighting all through the Grand Finale and through anything that could be thrown at them: being tossed from a hundred metres up in the air, being sent flying into the ocean, the end of the world...
  • The final battle. All of it. But some highlights
    • The heroes haven't had any time to recover from their previous battle, and they're still looking disheveled. Despite this, they still have enough power to challenge the Big Bad.
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    • The fight itself, particularly the first part, which is when the show decides to take a page out of Dragon Ball Z complete with Flash Steps, Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, and energy blasts everywhere.
    • Gohyan initiates his World-Wrecking Wave by throwing a gigantic Unrealistic Black Hole into the ocean.
    • The Kiryuu sisters continuing to fight despite the fact that it will mean their "death".
    • The heroes' Heroic Second Wind, and subsequent beatdown of the Big Bad which is then countered by his initiation of an Earth-Shattering Kaboom...and the heroes manage to get up from that, triumphantly announcing their own hopes for the future.
    • And finally we have the heroes' ultimate attack, "PreCure Spiral Heart Splash Star", and Goyhan’s shocked discovery that it's like the Big Bang.

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