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Fridge Logic

  • The Cures are told to conceal their identity despite the fact that the enemy has seen them transform numerous times.
    • They're keeping their identities secret from their families and friends (not enemies), so as to not worry them and to maintain private lives.
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    • Indeed, in episode 42 of Smile Precure, Majorina forces Nao to morph into Cure March in front of her siblings.
  • In every even-numbered continuity of Precure (counting both Futari wa Pretty Cure seasons and both Yes! Pretty Cure 5 seasons as one continuity each), there has been a Heel–Face Turn for at least one female character who either became a Cure herself, befriended the Precures so closely, or fought alongside the Precures as a Cure. The emphasis on "even" is fitting considering that those characters are the ones on the most even terms with the Precures:
  • The fairies always choose teenagers to save the world instead of adults because they want to recruit warriors who are as fit and healthy as possible.

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